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Chapter 5,337

Efficiency of drug sympathicolysis on the survival in experimental intestinal occlusion of rats

Acalovschi, I.; Rondon, E.; Ban, A.; Toader, S.

Revista de Chirurgie Oncologie Radiologie O R L Oftalmologie Stomatologie Seria Chirurgie 32(5): 385-391


Accession: 005336779

Significantly prolonged survival was obtained in rats with mechanically-induced intestinal occlusion through surgical volvulus following administration of sympaticolytic drugs blocking the .alpha.- or .beta.-adrenergic receptors (chlorpromazine, dehydrobenzperidol and propranolol). The results were compared with those noted in a comparative but non-protected lot of animals. The histologic examination of the occluded loop showed severe dystrophic lesions, up to total necrosis in all the animals. Study of the liver revealed normal histology in anmals in which there was associated adreno-blocking drug therapy, and advanced dystrophic lesions in the non-protected animals. One of the factors which influence the survival of rats with intestinal occlusion is apparently the morphofunctional status of the liver which assures neutralization of endotoxins originating in the intestine, especially in the occluded loop.

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