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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5339

Chapter 5339 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Akimov I.A.; Piletskaya I.V., 1985:
Egg viability in oviposition in the mite varroa jacobsoni

Yakubovich V.Ya, 1983:
Egg viability of some aedes mosquito species under experimental conditions

Nolan, V.J. ; Thompson, C.F., 1978:
Egg volume as a predictor of hatchling weight in the brown headed cowbird

Moats, W.A., 1978:
Egg washing a review

Hauser J.R.; Hills D.J., 1981:
Egg washing waste water characterization and treatability

Whittow G.C.; Grant G.S.; Flint E.N., 1985:
Egg water loss shell water vapor conductance and the incubation period of the gray backed tern sterna lunata

Harvey G.T., 1985:
Egg weight as a factor in the overwintering survival of spruce budworm choristoneura fumiferana lepidoptera tortricidae larvae

Morgan, K.R.; Paganelli, C.V.; Rahn, H., 1978:
Egg weight loss and nest humidity during incubation in 2 alaskan usa gulls

Ankney C.D., 1980:
Egg weight survival and growth of lesser snow goose chen caerulescens caerulescens goslings

Karlsson B.; Wiklund C., 1984:
Egg weight variation and lack of correlation between egg weight and offspring fitness in the wall brown butterfly lasiommata megera

Karlsson B.; Wiklund C., 1985:
Egg weight variation in relation to egg mortality and starvation endurance of newly hatched larvae in some satyrid butterflies

Delange, R.J., 1970:
Egg white avidin part 1 amino acid composition sequence of the amino terminal and carboxyl terminal cyanogen bromide peptides

Huang, T.S.; De-Lange, R.J., 1971:
Egg white avidin part 2 isolation composition and amino acid sequences of the tryptic peptides

De-Lange, R.J.; Huang, T.S., 1971:
Egg white avidin part 3 sequence of the 78 residue middle cyanogen bromide peptide complete amino acid sequence of the protein subunit

Ermenkova L., 1979:
Egg white genetic polymorphism of hens of 2 plymouth rock lines and its connection with some egg morphologic indices

Nakagawa T.; Mukoyama T.; Baba M.; Sakai Y.; Yamashita N.; Miyamoto T., 1986:
Egg white specific immunoglobulin e and immunoglobulin g 4 antibodies in atopic children

Vieira J.G.H.; Oliveira M.A.D.; Russo E.M.K.; Maciel R.M.B.; Pereira A.B., 1984:
Egg yolk as a source of antibodies for human parathyroid hormone radio immunoassay

Imai, C.; Nakamaru, E.; Mita, M.; Uesugi, I.; Saito, J., 1988:
Egg yolk paste for determining some food poisoning bacteria

Fletcher D.L.; Halloran H.R., 1983:
Egg yolk pigmenting properties of a marigold tagetes erecta extract and paprika capsicum annuum oleo resin in a practical type diet

Orensanz, L.M.; Ribera, A.; Corzo, F.J., 1978:
Egg yolk tri glycerides during development of the domestic chicken

Sugimoto Y.; Hanada S.; Koga K.; Sakaguchi B., 1984:
Egg yolk trypsin inhibitor identical to albumin ovo mucoid

Wells, H.D., 1978:
Eggplant may provide primary inoculum for rust of pearl millet caused by puccinia substriata var indica

Roudsari M.H.; Signoret A.; Crouzet J., 1981:
Eggplant solanum melongena poly phenol oxidase purification characterization and properties

Olney J.E., 1983:
Eggs and early larvae of the bay anchovy anchoa mitchilli and the weakfish cynoscion regalis in lower chesapeake bay usa with notes on associated ichthyo plankton

Ahmad I.; Moizuddin M., 1986:
Eggs and immature characters of sastragala murreeana distant pentatomoidea acanthosomatidae of pakistan with reference to phylogeny

Ahmad I.; Mohammad F.A., 1984:
Eggs and immature stages of pyrrhocoris sp hemiptera heteroptera pyrrhocoridae with reference to their relationships

Ahmad I.; Abbas N., 1983:
Eggs and immature stages of rice euryphagous bug eysarcoris inconspicuus heteroptera pentatominae eysarcorini with a note on its relationships

Munekiyo M.; Kuwahara A., 1986 :
Eggs and larvae distribution of ribbon fish trichiurus lepturus in the western wakasa bay japan

Richardson S.L.; Dunn J.R.; Naplin N.A., 1980:
Eggs and larvae of butter sole isopsetta isolepis pleuronectidae off oregon and washington usa

Hubold G., 1982:
Eggs and larvae of engraulis anchoita in the southwest atlantic between 25 degrees south and 40 degrees south

Utsunomiya Y.; Utsunomiya T., 1983:
Eggs and larvae of frog species occurring in the ryukyu archipelago japan

Weiss G.; Hubold G.; Bonecker A.C.T., 1988:
Eggs and larvae of maurolicus muelleri gmelin 1789 teleostei sternoptychidae in the southwest atlantic

Loped P.D.C., 1979:
Eggs and larvae of maurolicus muelleri gonostomatidae and other fish eggs and larvae from 2 fjords in western norway

Berrien, P.L., 1978:
Eggs and larvae of scomber scombrus and scomber japonicus in continental shelf waters between massachusetts and florida

Conand, F., 1977:
Eggs and larvae of the alasha sardinella aurita in senegal distribution growth death rate quantitative variations 1971 1976

Nesterov, A.A.; Shiganova, T.A., 1976:
Eggs and larvae of the atlantic saury scomberesox saurus of the northern atlantic

Cooper, J.E., 1978:
Eggs and larvae of the log perch percina caprodes

James, G.D., 1976:
Eggs and larvae of the trevally caranx georgianus teleostei carangidae

Aboussouan, A., 1975:
Eggs and larvae of west african teleosts part 13 contribution to the identification of larvae of carangidae

Ahmad, I.; Moizuddin, M., 1978:
Eggs and nymphal systematics of 2 species of shield bugs pentatomoidea scutelleridae of pakistan with reference to phylogeny

Moizuddin, M.; Ahmad, I., 1975:
Eggs and nymphal systematics of coptosoma cribrarium pentatomoidea plataspidae with a note on other plataspids and their phylogeny

Siman, H.Y.; Bunni, M.K., 1976:
Eggs and their care in gray hypocolius hypocolius ampelinus

Mccrystal H.K.; Dixon J.R., 1983:
Eggs and young of schotts whipsnake masticophis taeniatus schotti

Jensenius J.C.; Andersen I.; Hau J.; Crone M.; Koch C., 1981:
Eggs conveniently packaged antibodies methods for purification of yolk immuno globulin g

Kim Y U.; Myoung J G.; Choi S O., 1984:
Eggs development and larvae of the horn fish hemiramphus sajori

Bandel, K., 1976:
Eggs laid by caribbean representatives of the superfamilies strombacea naticacea and tonnacea mesogastropoda as well as sea and aquarium observations

Yuschak P.; Lund W.A., 1984:
Eggs larvae and osteological development of the northern sea robin prionotus carolinus pisces triglidae

Novak, R.J.; Shroyer, D.A., 1978:
Eggs of aedes triseriatus and aedes hendersoni a method to stimulate optimal hatch

Fisher, W.S.; Wallis, C.H.Jr, 1983:
Eggs of palaemon macrodactylus 1. attachment to the pleopods and formation of the outer investment coat

Fisher, W.S., 1983:
Eggs of palaemon macrodactylus 2. association with aquatic bacteria

Fisher, W.S., 1983:
Eggs of palaemon macrodactylus 3. infection by the fungus lagenidium callinectes

Downey J.C.; Allyn A.C., 1980:
Eggs of riodinidae

Freedman, D.O.; Ottesen, E.A., 1988:
Eggs of Schistosoma mansoni stimulate endothelial cell proliferation in vitro

Canterbury L.E.; Neff S.E., 1980:
Eggs of sialis sialidae megaloptera in eastern north america

Krampl F.; Novak I., 1979:
Eggs of the central european species of thera lepidoptera geometridae

Takara J.; Nishida T., 1981:
Eggs of the oriental fruit fly dacus dorsalis for rearing the predaceous anthocorid orius insidiosus

Hawkins, D.J.; Brash, A.R., 1987:
Eggs of the sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus, contain a prominent (11R) and (12R) lipoxygenase activity

Okazawa T.; Horio M.; Miyagi I.; Mogi M.; Sucharit S., 1986:
Eggs of tripteroides aranoides theobald and topomyia yanbarensis miyagi

Kay, B.H.; Jorgensen, W.K., 1986:
Eggs on aedes vigilax and their distribution on plants and soil in south east queensland australia saltmarsh

Haegele C.W.; Hourston A.S.; Humphreys R.D.; Miller D.C., 1979:
Eggs per unit area in british columbia canada herring clupea harengus pallasi spawn depositions

Flynn, M.A.; Anderson, A.; Rutledge, M.; Nolph, G.B.; Krause, G.; Ellersieck, M.R., 1984:
Eggs, serum lipids, emotional stress, and blood pressure in medical students

Goodson Williams R.; Roland D.A.Sr; Mcguire J.A., 1987:
Eggshell pimpling in young hens as influenced by dietary vitamin d 3

Becker D.M.; Sieg C.H., 1987:
Eggshell quality and organochlorine residues in eggs of merlins falco columbarius in southeastern montana usa

Makled, M.N.; Charles, O.W., 1987:
Eggshell quality as influenced by sodium bicarbonate, calcium source, and photoperiod

Roland D.A.Sr, 1986:
Eggshell quality iv oystershell versus limestone and the importance of particle size or solubility of calcium source

Schwarzbach, S.E.; Shull, L.; Grau, C.R., 1988:
Eggshell thinning in ring doves exposed to p p' dicofol

Witalinski W., 1987:
Eggshells in mites cytological aspects of vitelline envelope and chorion formation in pergamasus barbarus berlese gamasida pergamasidae

Finnlund M.; Hissa R.; Koivussari J.; Merila E.; Nuuja I., 1985:
Eggshells of arctic terns sterna paradisaea from finland effects of incubation and geography

Berio E., 1981:
Egira servadeii new species from the pamirs asia lepidoptera noctuidae hadeninae

Snider G.L.; Stone P.J.; Lucey E.C.; Breuer R.; Calore J.D.; Seshadri T.; Catanese A.; Maschler R.; Schnebli H P., 1985:
Eglin c a polypeptide derived from the medicinal leech hirudo medicinalis prevents human neutrophil elastase induced emphysema and bronchial secretory cell metaplasia in the hamster

Liu J P., 1983:
Egnatioides xinjiangensis new species from china orthoptera acrididae egnatiinae

Liberman D.; Gaa J.P.; Frankiewicz R.G., 1983:
Ego and moral development in an adult population

Scott R.; Thoner G., 1986:
Ego deficits in anorexia nervosa patients and incest victims minnesota multiphasic personality inventory comparative analysis

Vincent K.R.; Castillo I.M., 1984:
Ego development and diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders iii axis ii personality disorders

Browning, D.L.; Quinlan, D.M., 1985:
Ego development and intelligence in a psychiatric population: Wechsler subtest scores

Spotts, J.V.; Shontz, F.C., 1982:
Ego development, dragon fights, and chronic drug abusers

Swift W.J.; Camp B.W.; Bushnell N.J.; Bargman G.J., 1984:
Ego development in anorexia in patients

Redmore C.D., 1983:
Ego development in the college years 2 longitudinal studies

Sørensen, A.S.; Hansen, H.; Høgenhaven, H.; Bolwig, T.G., 1988:
Ego functions in epilepsy

Hanly, C., 1984:
Ego ideal and ideal ego

Sperling, M.B., 1987:
Ego identity and desperate love

Kendis, R.J.; Tan, A.L., 1978:
Ego identity and perception of parents among female college students

Gavaghan M.P.; Roach J.E., 1987:
Ego identity development of adolescent with cancer

Carlson R.; Carlson L., 1985:
Ego identity in a cohort of young adults of voting age

Schiedel D.G.; Marcia J.E., 1985:
Ego identity intimacy sex role orientation and gender

Twemlow S.W.; Hendren R.L.; Gabbard G.O.; Jones F.C.; Norris P.A., 1982:
Ego integrating function of psi states

M.S.S.; Kersey R., 1982:
Ego regression and prior time information effect in schizophrenia

Cernovsky, Z., 1984:
Ego strength scale level and correlates of minnesota multiphasic personality inventory elevation alcohol abuse vs. minnesota multiphasic personality inventory scores in treated alcoholics

Ammon G., 1982:
Ego structuring group psycho therapy

Moidell, B.; Steinbach, M.J.; Ono, H., 1988:
Egocenter location in children enucleated at an early age

Umilta C.; Liotti M., 1987:
Egocentric and relative spatial codes in s r compatibility

Bremner, J.G., 1978:
Egocentric vs allocentric spatial coding in 9 month old infants factors influencing the choice of code

Macaskill A., 1982:
Egocentricity in the child and its effect on the childs comprehension of kin terms

Fehr, L.A., 1978:
Egocentrism a percentage of what

Deschamps J C.; Lorenzi Cioldi F., 1981:
Egocentrism and sociocentrism in relations between groups

Aboud F.E., 1981:
Egocentrism conformity and agreeing to disagree

Buckley N.; Siegel L.S.; Ness S., 1979:
Egocentrism empathy and altruistic behavior in young children

Champion D.W.; Lowe R.C.; Cavior N., 1981:
Egocentrism in elementary school children validity and application of assessment techniques

Page, I.H., 1976:
Egregious errors in the management of hypertension

Belyaeva I.D.; Rodionov V.M., 1980:
Egress from g 2 period into the resting state at various stage of ascites hepatoma ah 22a development in mice

Tsakadze L.G.; Kutaliya K.D.; Kometiani Z.P., 1987:
Egta dependent effect of neurotransmitters on sodium potassium atpase

Igbavboa U.; Pfeiffer D.R., 1988:
Egta inhibits reverse uniport dependent calcium release from uncoupled mitochondria possible regulation of the calcium uniporter by a calcium binding site on the cytoplasmic side of the inner membrane

Sulakhe P.V., 1985:
Egta sensitive and insensitive forms of particular adenylate cyclase in rat cerebral cortex regulation by divalent cations and gtp

Dorson, M.; Barde, A.; de Kinkelin, P., 1975:
Egtved virus induced rainbow trout serum interferon: some physicochemical properties

Ahne W.; Jorgensen P.E.V.; Olesen N.J.; Schafer W.; Steinhagen P., 1986:
Egtved virus occurrence of strains not clearly identifiable by means of virus neutralization tests

Jorgensen P.E.V., 1982:
Egtved virus temperature dependent immune response of trout to infection with low virulence virus

Bailey L.; Carpenter J.M.; Woods R.D., 1979:
Egypt bee virus and australian isolates of kashmir bee virus

Sanders, J.L., 1986:
Egyptian and american university students' attitudes toward parents and family

Iskander, F.Y., 1985:
Egyptian and foreign cigarettes i. determination of trace elements in cigarette filter before and after smoking

Iskander, F.Y., 1986:
Egyptian and foreign cigarettes ii. determination of trace elements in tobacco ash and wrapping paper

Jarvis M.J.F., 1985:
Egyptian fruit bats rousettus aegyptiacus in an apple orchard a preliminary investigation

Naguib, M.I.; Mohamed, Z.K.; Sobhy, M., 1979:
Egyptian soil actinomycetes 3. role of some micro elements in initiating the proteolytic and amylolytic potentialities of streptomyces argenteolus

Nigro F.; D'apice A.; Gironda A.; Schiattarella F.; Sorgente S.; Caggiano E.; Sena R., 1985:
Ehlers danlos syndrome a clinical contribution

Sevenich M.; Schultz Ehrenburg U.; Orfanos C.E., 1980:
Ehlers danlos syndrome a disease of fibroblasts and collagen fibrils classification and electron microscopic findings in 5 patients

Sanchez G.F.; Magnin P.H.; Lenczner J.M., 1988:
Ehlers danlos syndrome electron microscope study

Barnett K.C.; Cottrell B.D., 1987:
Ehlers danlos syndrome in a dog ocular cutaneous and articular abnormalities

Jayasekara M.U.; Leipold H.W.; Phillips R., 1979:
Ehlers danlos syndrome in cattle

Beltran J.; Florit J.M.; Martinez A.C.; Mestre J.; Marcos J., 1980:
Ehlers danlos syndrome radiological signs on the hands

Boullie M C.; Venencie P.Y.; Thomine E.; Ogier H.; Puissant A.; Lauret P., 1986:
Ehlers danlos syndrome type iv mimicking acrogeria

Lodolo J.C.; Diaz Baltar O.R.; Cabrera M.E.; Campo A.T.; Klim H.A., 1979:
Ehlers ecthyma skin manifestation of sepsis by pseudomonas aeruginosa

Litinskay, L.L.; Kostenko, G.A.; Veksler, A.M.; Eidus, L.K., 1978:
Ehrlich ascites carcinoma synchronized ultradian rhythms in certain cell parameters

Nakai G.S.; Gergely H., 1980:
Ehrlich ascites cell chalone assay using purified calf thymus dna polymerase alpha

Friedberg, S.J.; Halpert, M., 1978:
Ehrlich ascites tumor cell surface membranes: an abnormality in ether lipid content

Nakai, G.S., 1976:
Ehrlich ascites tumor chalone effects on nascent dna synthesis and dna polymerase alpha and dna polymerase beta

Cassel, W.A.; Mccaskill, K.M., 1974:
Ehrlich ascites tumor preservation of 15 years a simple method

Zajchowski D.A.; Jalinot P.; Kedinger C., 1988:
Eia mediated stimulation of the adenovirus eiii promoter involves an enhancer element with the nearby eiia promoter

Ball J.M.; Payne S.L.; Issel C.J.; Montelaro R.C., 1988:
Eiav genomic organization further characterization by sequencing of purified glycoproteins and complementary dna

Jamil K.; Jamil M.Z.; Rao P.V.R.; Thyagarajan G., 1985:
Eichhornia crassipes in relation to ph

Worthington R.E.; Brady U.E.; Hitchcock H.L., 1980:
Eicosa 5 11 14 trienoic acid and octadec 5 enoic acid of the reproductive tract of the male house cricket acheta domesticus and field cricket gryllus spp

Moore, S.A.; Spector, A.A.; Hart, M.N., 1988:
Eicosanoid metabolism in cerebromicrovascular endothelium

Shibata Y.; Bautista A.P.; Pennington S.N.; Humes J.L.; Volkman A., 1987:
Eicosanoid production by peritoneal and splenic macrophages in mice depleted of bone marrow by strontium 89

Laposato, M.; Kaiser, S.L.; Capriotti, A.M., 1988:
Eicosanoid production can be decreased without alterations in cellular arachidonate content or enzyme activities required for arachidonate release and eicosanoid synthesis

Danon, A.; Zenser, T.V.; Thomasson, D.L.; Davis, B.B., 1986:
Eicosanoid synthesis by cultured human urothelial cells: potential role in bladder cancer

Danon, A.; Zenser, T.V.; Thomasson, D.L.; Palmier, M.O.; Davis, B.B., 1986:
Eicosanoid synthesis by rabbit hydronephrotic cortical interstitial cells in culture

Mangino, M.J.; Jendrisak, M.D.; Brunt, E.; Anderson, C.B., 1988:
Eicosanoid synthesis inhibition and renal allograft function during acute rejection

Mené, P.; Dunn, M.J., 1988:
Eicosanoids and control of mesangial cell contraction

Pawlikowski M., 1985:
Eicosanoids and neoplasms

Morganroth, M.L.; Till, G.O.; Schoeneich, S.; Ward, P.A., 1988:
Eicosanoids are involved in the permeability changes but not the pulmonary hypertension after systemic activation of complement

Hayashi, M.; Yablonski, M.E.; Bito, L.Z., 1987:
Eicosanoids as a new class of ocular hypotensive agents. 2. Comparison of the apparent mechanism of the ocular hypotensive effects of A and F type prostaglandins

Ozeretskovskaya O.L.; Chaleva L.I.; Avdyushko S.A.; Chalenko G.I.; Karavaeva K.A., 1988:
Eicosanoids as inducers increasing potato resistance to late blight

Davi G.; Catalano I.; Abruzzese G.; Strano A., 1987:
Eicosanoids in peripheral vascular disease

Sinzinger, H.; Leithner, C., 1987:
Eicosanoids of platelets and vascular wall in chronic renal insufficiency

Clare A.S.; Van Elk R.; Feyen J.H.M., 1986:
Eicosanoids their biosynthesis in accessory sex organs of lymnaea stagnalis

Bostock R.M.; Kuc J.A.; Laine R.A., 1981:
Eicosapentaenoic acid and arachidonic acid from phytophthora infestans elicit fungi toxic sesqui terpenes in the potato

Spector, A.A.; Kaduce, T.L.; Figard, P.H.; Norton, K.C.; Hoak, J.C.; Czervionke, R.L., 1983:
Eicosapentaenoic acid and prostacyclin production by cultured human endothelial cells

Rustan, A.C.; Nossen, J.O.; Osmundsen, H.; Drevon, C.A., 1988:
Eicosapentaenoic acid inhibits cholesterol esterification in cultured parenchymal cells and isolated microsomes from rat liver

Juan H.; Sametz W., 1985:
Eicosapentaenoic acid inhibits the release of carbon 14 prostacyclin from a perfused tissue after incorporation of carbon 14 prostaglandin precursors

Juan H.; Sametz W.; Saria A.; Poch G., 1988:
Eicosapentaenoic acid inhibits vasoconstrictor potentiating and noradrenaline potentiating effects of neuropeptide y in the isolated rabbit ear

Kristensen S.D.; Arnfred T.; Dyerberg J., 1984:
Eicosapentanoic acid potentiates the production of prostacyclin like material in the arachidonic acid perfused human umbilical vein

Szlam, F.; Sgoutas, D.S., 1978:
Eicosenoic acid and docosenoic acid incorporation in serum lipo proteins in rats fed rapeseed oil/

Rubanyi G.; Galvas P.; Disalvo J.; Paul R.J., 1986:
Eicosonoid metabolism and beta adrenergic mechanisms in coronary arterial smooth muscle potential compartmentation of cyclic amp

Bergman, G., 1978:
Eiders somateria mollissima can learn that boats occupied by humans afford protection against great black backed gulls larus marinus preying on their young

Ouweneel, G.L., 1978:
Eiders somateria mollissima on the hollandsch diep netherlands

Zelhart, P.F.; Markley, R.P.; Bieker, L., 1985:
Eidetic imagery in elderly persons

Schulte F., 1985:
Eidonomy ethoecology and larval systematics of dung inhabiting cercyon species coleoptera hydrophilidae

Comolli R.; Bardella L., 1982:
Eif 2 initiation factor activity in yoshida ascites hepatoma ah 130 cells and 4 di methylamino azo benzene induced liver tumor tissue during growth

Harwell M.A.; Hagsdale H.L., 1979:
Eigen group analysis of linear ecosystem models

Forina M.; Armanino C., 1982:
Eigen vector projection and simplified nonlinear mapping of fatty acid content of italian olive oils

Burke, M.W.; Windham, J.P.; Thrall, J.H.; Shetty, P.C.; Brymer, J.F., 1987:
Eigenimage filtration of intravenous digital subtraction angiograms of the heart. Work in progress

Takano S.; Kawaminami S., 1987:
Eight aliphatic aldehydes from cirsium dipsacolepis and their stereoselective synthesis

Sakai Y.; Yamanouchi U.; Abe F.; Kageyama M., 1988:
Eight cases of angioid streaks

Arlet G.; Sanson M.J.; Ortenberg M.; Felten A.; Perol Y., 1986:
Eight cases of capnocytophaga infection

Akaki Y.; Haruta Y.; Nakagawa Y.; Yuasa T., 1986:
Eight cases of chronic recurrent uveitis with hypopyon

Takagi S.; Yoshimura T.; Tanaka K., 1988:
Eight cases of parapharyngeal space tumor case reports and mri diagnosis

Teramoto J., 1987:
Eight cases of parkinsonism in hemodialysis patients

Ikeda Y.; Ogiwara H.; Yaguchi S.; Fukado Y., 1987:
Eight cases of pigmentary glaucoma after posterior chamber intraocular lens implantation

Bernard J.; Ribot C.L.; Pouilles J.M.; Blasco A.; D.L.squen P., 1986:
Eight cases of prefracture syndrome and fatigue fracture of the neck of the femur value of bone density assessment by biphotonic absorptiometry

Pendergrass, T.W.; Milstein, J.M.; Geyer, J.R.; Mulne, A.F.; Kosnik, E.J.; Morris, J.D.; Heideman, R.L.; Ruymann, F.B.; Stuntz, J.T.; Bleyer, W.A., 1987:
Eight drugs in one day chemotherapy for brain tumors: experience in 107 children and rationale for preradiation chemotherapy

Geyer, J.R.; Pendergrass, T.W.; Milstein, J.M.; Bleyer, W.A., 1988:
Eight drugs in one day chemotherapy in children with brain tumors: a critical toxicity appraisal

Averett J.E.; Bohm B.A., 1986:
Eight flavonol glycosides in pyrola pyrolaceae

Gentry S.J.; Walsh P.T., 1987:
Eight hour twa personal monitoring using a diffusive sampler and short term stain tube

Rivas Ponce M.A.; Soriano C.; Fernandez Casas J., 1985:
Eight narcissi in one locality of comenar viego spain

Shao K T.; Chen L W.; Lee S C., 1987:
Eight new records of groupers percoidei serranidae from taiwan

Van Der Werff H., 1988:
Eight new species and one new combination of neotropical lauraceae

Clark L.G., 1986:
Eight new species of chusquea poaceae bambusoideae

L.G.X.; Huang F S., 1986:
Eight new species of termites from fujian china isoptera

Ping Z., 1985:
Eight new species of the genus coptotermes and reticulitermes from guangdong province china isoptera rhinotermitidae

Rozkosny R., 1987:
Eight new synonyms of palearctic sciomyzidae diptera

Imajima M., 1986:
Eight species of onuphidae polychaeta in and offshore of otsuchi bay northeastern japan

Greve L., 1987:
Eight species of tephritidae diptera new to norway with a note on the distribution of vidalia superciliata new record frey 1935

Sun S.; E.A., 1985:
Eight year follow up of sputum cytology screening in tin miners and chemopreventive treatment of the precancerous lesion

Res Group Rome Project Coron Heart Dis Prev, 1986:
Eight year follow up results from the rome project of coronary heart disease prevention

Lenz H., 1985:
Eight years experience of laser surgery of the inferior turbinate in vasomotor rhinitis using a laser strip carbonization

Ahlberg, B.; Brattberg, A.; Norlen, B.J., 1986:
Eight years of clinical experience with inflatable and semirigid penile implants

Barker S., 1987:
Eighteen new species of stigmodera castiarina coleoptera buprestidae

Nel J., 1988:
Eighth contribution to the knowledge of the biology of the pterophoridae from southern france on the first stages of the french oxyptilus zeller 1841 lepidoptera pterophoridae

Hacker H.; Huber K.; Kuhna P., 1988:
Eighth contribution to the systematic description of the noctuidae of turkey description of 6 new taxa and notes on noteworthy finds from recent collections lepidoptera

Jain H.K., 1986:
Eighty years of post mendelian breeding for crop yield nature of selection pressures and future potential

Yamazaki, Y.; Ebisu, S.; Okada, H., 1981:
Eikenella corrodens adherence to human buccal epithelial cells

Garcia Martin J.C.; Pallares R.; Gudiol F.; Rufi G.; Murgui L.; Fernandez Viladrich P.; Ariza X., 1985:
Eikenella corrodens bacteremia a report of 3 cases

Canton P.; Schaefer J L.; May T.; Gerard A.; Voiriot P.; Mory F.; Dureux J B., 1987:
Eikenella corrodens brain abscess, M.A.; Belda, A.A.; Matlow, A.; Prober, C.G., 1981:
Eikenella corrodens empyema in children

Schmidt, D.R.; Heckman, J.D., 1983:
Eikenella corrodens in human bite infections of the hand

Weisert, F., 1978:
Eilema pseudocomplana new record for austria lepidoptera arctiidae

Von Mentzer E., 1980:
Eilema torstenii new species and eilema iberica new species from spain with notes on eilema pseudocomplana lepidoptera arctiidae

Rasmussen T.E.; Callison G., 1981:
Eilenodon robustus new genus new species herbivorous sphenodontid rhynchocephalia reptilia from the jurassic of colorado usa

Norton C.C.; Joyner L.P., 1981:
Eimeria acervulina and eimeria mivati oocysts life cycle and ability to develop in the chicken embryo

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Elaphomyces aculeatus new record found in sweden

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Elaphostrongylosis a new parasitic disease of cervids in poland

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Elasmobranch and teleost fish remains from the korytnica clays middle miocene holy cross mountains poland

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Elasmosaurid skull from the lower cretaceous of queensland australia reptilia sauropterygia

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Elastin lipid interaction in the arterial wall 2. in vitro binding of lipo protein lipids to arterial elastin and the inhibitory effect of high density lipo proteins on the process

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