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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5340

Chapter 5340 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Spetzler R.F.; Selman W.; Carter L.P., 1984:
Elective extracranial intracranial bypass for unclippable intracranial aneurysms

Weiner, J.P.; Steinwachs, D.M.; Frank, R.G.; Schwartz, K.J., 1987:
Elective foot surgery: relative roles of doctors of podiatric medicine and orthopedic surgeons

Cole, P.; Berlin, J., 1977:
Elective hysterectomy

Vierhout, M.E.; Out, J.J.; Wallenburg, H.C., 1985:
Elective induction of labor: a prospective clinical study, I: Obstetric and neonatal effects

Out, J.J.; Vierhout, M.E.; Verhage, F.; Duivenvoorden, H.J.; Wallenburg, H.C., 1985:
Elective induction of labor: a prospective clinical study, II: Psychological effects

Vroman, S.; Sian, A.Y.L.; Thiery, M.; De-Hemptinne, D.; Vanderheyden, K.; Van-Kets, H.; Martens, G.; Derom, R.; Rolly, G., 1977:
Elective induction of labor conducted under lumbar epidural block part 1 labor induction by amniotomy and intra venous oxytocin

Thiery, M.; Vroman, S.; De-Hemptinne, D.; Sian, A.Y.L.; Vanderheyden, K.; Van-Kets, H.; Martens, G.; Derom, R.; Rolly, G., 1977:
Elective induction of labor conducted under lumbar epidural block part 2 labor induction by amniotomy and intra venous prostaglandin

Merveille J.J.; Godefroid L.; Pestiau J., 1982:
Elective induction of labor using oral prostaglandin e 2

Tong, D.; Moss, W.T.; Stevens, K.R., 1977:
Elective irradiation of the lower cervical region in patients at high risk for recurrent cancer at the tracheal stoma

Van-Palenstein-Helderman, W.H.; Winkler, K.C., 1975:
Elective medium for the direct count of vibrio sputorum campylobacter sputorum fusobacteria bacteroides ochraceus selenomonas sputigena and veillonella spp in the gingival crevice flora

Wergeland, H., 1979:
Elective mutism

Croghan, L.M.; Craven, R., 1982:
Elective mutism: learning from the analysis of a successful case history

Mendenhall W.M.; Million R.R., 1986:
Elective neck irradiation for squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck analysis of the time dose factors and causes of failure

Kiviluoto, T.; Schröder, T.; Lempinen, M., 1984:
Elective operations in chronic alcohol induced pancreatitis

Cass, A.S., 1982:
Elective orchiopexy for recurrent testicular torsion

Ciaglia, P.; Firsching, R.; Syniec, C., 1985:
Elective percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy. A new simple bedside procedure; preliminary report

Ochoa, E.; Pacheco, L.; Portillo, S., 1981:
Elective permanent exteriorization of cardiac pacemakers

Barnes, B.A.; Ackroyd, F.W.; Battit, G.E.; Kantrowitz, P.A.; Schapiro, R.H.; Strole, W.E.J. ; Todd, D.P.; Mcdermott, W.V.J., 1971 :
Elective porta systemic shunts morbidity and survival data

Alwmark, A.; Edwards, B.; Holmin, T.; Kullendorff, C.M., 1982:
Elective splenectomy - a comparison of management in children and adults

Benjamin, L.; Rubinstein, L.M.; Kleinkopf, V., 1980:
Elective sterilization in childless women

Coker, N.J.; Milner, P.F., 1982:
Elective surgery in patients with sickle cell anemia

Eerola, S.; Mattila, S.; Ketonen, P.; Luosto, R.; Sairanen, H., 1984:
Elective surgery of abdominal aortic aneurysms. Experience with 174 patients

Pui C H.; Dahl G.V.; Bowman W.P.; Rao B.N.; Abromowitch M.; Ochs J.; Rivera G., 1985:
Elective testicular biopsy during chemotherapy for childhood leukemia is of no clinical value

Hietanen, T.; Nieminen, S.; Ekfors, T.; Nordman, E., 1985:
Elective treatment of regional lymph nodes in malignant melanoma

Carini, M.; Selli, C.; Fiorelli, C., 1987:
Elective treatment of ureteral stones with extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy

Engel D.; Benes I., 1981:
Elective vital staining of mouse tumors with labeled dyes

Vandenbrouck, C.; Sancho-Garnier, H.; Chassagne, D.; Saravane, D.; Cachin, Y.; Micheau, C., 1980:
Elective vs. therapeutic radical neck dissection in epidermoid carcinoma of the oral cavity results of a randomized clinical trial

Caldwell, W.L., 1976:
Elective whole lung irradiation

Kaplan, R.W., 1978:
Electiveness of photo repair influence of dark repair on shape of dose response curves and high dose decline in uv induced color mutations of serratia marcescens/

Ivanova Z.A., 1980:
Electivity in the nutrition of current year carp cyprinus carpio and degree of consumption of combined food mixtures in pond fish farms in siberia russian sfsr ussr

Gouault-Heilmann, M.; Dumont, M.D.; Caron, N.; Guiard, A.M., 1978:
Electra 600 d results of a 3 year study

Kotrappa P.; Dua S.K.; Gupta P.C.; Mayya Y.S., 1981:
Electret a new tool for measuring concentrations of radon and thoron in air

Bilz H.; Buettner H.; Froehlich H., 1981:
Electret model for the collective behavior of biological systems

Pekeva V., 1986:
Electretic behavior of lyophilized erythrocytes investigated by the method of isothermic depolarization

Roulleau, J.; Bui, A.; Lisbona, A.; Morucci, J.P.; Ricard, M.; Segui, Y., 1981:
Electrets for use as dosimeters in radiography

Dunin Barkovskii V.L.; Zhukovskaya N.M.; Larionova N.P.; Chailakhyan L.M.; Chudakov L.I., 1981:
Electric activity of granular cells in the isolated frog rana temporaria cerebellum

Lebedev N.N.; Bogdanova T.B., 1984:
Electric activity of the brain cortex in hungry dogs with preserved and upset gastric innervation

Zaitseva L.M.; Dadiomova M.A., 1981:
Electric activity of the brain in children with serous meningitis

Pokrovskaya Z.A.; Ivanova Smolenskaya I.A., 1981:
Electric activity of the brain in patients with hereditary essential tremor

Bartel's V.I.; Uryvaev Y.V., 1980:
Electric activity of the hippocampus in instrumental choice conditioning

Gogava, M.V.; Gurtskaya, G.P., 1976:
Electric activity of the peripheral nerve of the snail helix pomatia

Kotel'nikova, V.I.; Nikolov, N.A., 1977:
Electric activity of the smooth muscles of the digestive tract under the effect of lysergamide

Sin Y.M.; Gwee A.H.; Loh M.S., 1984:
Electric acupuncture on carrageenan pleurisy comparative study using various body regions for stimulation

Hsueh P.J., 1979:
Electric acupuncture stimulation in the treatment of insomnia

Novak P.; Ruge I., 1985:
Electric analog model of the single needle extracorporal blood circulatory system of an artificial kidney

Takezoe H.; Y.H., 1981:
Electric and optical anisotropy and their osmotically induced changes of photo receptor disc membrane vesicles

Ruderman G.; Jennings B.R.; Dean R.T., 1984:
Electric birefringence as a means of studying the effect of anesthetics on liposomes

Cardinaud R.; Bernengo J.C., 1985:
Electric birefringence study of rabbit skeletal myosin subfragments heavy meromyosin light meromyosin and rod in solution

Jenkner F.L., 1980:
Electric blockade of sympathetic and somatic nerves through the skin

Puchkova T.V.; Putvinskii A.V.; Vladimirov Y.A.; Parnev O.M., 1981:
Electric breakdown of phospho lipid vesicle membranes by the diffusion potential

Lazarus, H.M.; Hutto, W., 1982:
Electric burns and frostbite: patterns of vascular injury

Dahl E.; Fogh Andersen P., 1980:
Electric burns of the mouth long term effects on the dentition surgical and orthodontic considerations

Jerjes Sanchez Diaz C.; Gonzalez Carmona V.M.; Ruesga Zamora E.; Monteverde Grether C.A., 1987:
Electric cardioversion the experience with 1000 cases

Currie, D.M.; Ysla, R., 1982:
Electric cart modification for boy with hip extension contractures

Michalov J., 1988:
Electric character of driving forces of ionic transport

Tazawa, M.; Kikuyama, M.; Shimmen, T., 1976:
Electric characteristics and cytoplasmic streaming of characeae cells lacking tonoplast

Steinberg, R.; Grangetto, A., 1976:
Electric characteristics of precision etched tungsten micro electrodes

Moriyasu Y.; Shimmen T.; Tazawa M., 1984:
Electric characteristics of the vacuolar membrane of chara australis in relation to vacuolar ph v regulation

Mccartney H.A.M.; Bainbridge A.; Legg B.J.; Jones C.D., 1982:
Electric charge and the deposition of spores of barley mildew erysiphe graminis

Wada K.; Okamura Y., 1980:
Electric charge characteristics of ando a 1 and buried a 1 horizon soils

Mccartney H.A.; Woodhead T., 1983:
Electric charge image charge forces and the deposition of pesticide drops

Shkarina T.N.; Zatsepina G.N.; Kasatkina V.V.; Kozinets G.I.; Tarasova I.M., 1984:
Electric charge of the surface of lymphocytes and their ability for mitotic division during induced cancerogenesis

Fiskum G.; Reynafarje B.; Lehninger A.L., 1979:
Electric charge stoichiometry of respiration dependent calcium uptake by mitochondria

Fey, M.V.; Le-Roux, J., 1976:
Electric charges on sesqui oxidic soil clays

Kuznetzov, I.A.; Apolonnik, N.V.; Maznikova, L.F., 1978:
Electric conductance of iso ionic dna solutions

Nakagaki, M.; Naito, Y., 1976:
Electric conduction in the mixture of cholesteryl n propionate and cholesterol

Marquis, R.E.; Carstensen, E.L., 1973:
Electric conductivity and internal osmolality of intact bacterial cells

Lyalin, O.O.; Akhmedov, I.S., 1978:
Electric conductivity of root hair plasmalemma and the rate of protein biosynthesis

Neborskii A.T.; Belkaniya G.S., 1986:
Electric conductivity of the skin in men and monkeys

Zatsepina, G.N.; Tul'skii, S.V.; Tsaplev-Yu, B., 1978:
Electric conductivity of tissue measured in physiological potential gradient

Selikowitz, S.M.; LaCourse, J.R., 1987:
Electric current and voltage recordings on the myocardium during electrosurgical procedures in canines

Metzger P.; Weingart R., 1984:
Electric current flow in a 2 cell preparation from chironomus nuditarsis salivary glands

Metzger, P.; Weingart, R., 1985:
Electric current flow in cell pairs isolated from adult rat hearts

Mallart, A., 1985:
Electric current flow inside perineurial sheaths of mouse motor nerves

Morisaki H., 1982:
Electric current from escherichia coli and the effect of resin on it

Abercrombie, R.F.; De-Weer, P., 1978:
Electric current generated by squid giant axon sodium pump external potassium and internal adp effects

Horwitz B.A.; Weisenseel M.H.; Dorn A.; Gressel J., 1984:
Electric currents around growing trichoderma harzianum hyphae before and after photo induction of conidiation

Ionescu Tirgoviste C.; Bajenaru O., 1984:
Electric diagnosis in acupuncture

Chen, H.H.; Charney, E., 1980:
Electric dichroism and birefringence of poly ribo cytidylic acid 1. optical properties and stability

Ding D.; Allen F.S., 1980:
Electric dichroism and sedimentation velocity studies of dna mercury ii and dna silver i complexes

Charney, E.; Milstien, J.B., 1978:
Electric dichroism of poly ribo adenylic acid/

Yamagishi A.; Watanabe F., 1982:
Electric dichroism studies on ferri heme poly l lysine and ferro heme poly l lysine complexes at ph 9 12

Uchida, M.; Kondoh, K.; Saitoh, M.; Watanabe, H., 1985:
Electric drill nephroscope for percutaneous nephroureterolithotomy

Lokemoen J.T.; Doty H.A.; Sharp D.E.; Neaville J.E., 1982:
Electric fences to reduce mammalian predation on waterfowl nests

Linhart S.B.; Roberts J.D.; Dasch G.J., 1982:
Electric fencing reduces coyote canis latrans predation on pastured sheep

Karube, I.; Yugeta, Y.; Suzuki, S., 1977:
Electric field control of lipase ec membrane activity

Bhaumik D.; Duatta Roy B.; Chaki T.K.; Lahri A., 1983:
Electric field dependence of phase transitions in bi layer lipid membranes and possible biological implications

Popovic Z.D.; Kovacs G.J.; Vincett P.S.; Alegria G.; Dutton P.L., 1986:
Electric field dependence of the quantum yield in reaction centers of photosynthetic bacteria

Natarajan, R.; Seshadri, V., 1976:
Electric field distribution in the human body using finite element method

Fujimori M.; Kikuchi K.; Yoshioka K.; Kubota S., 1979:
Electric field effect on the helix coil transition of poly l alpha gamma di amino butyric acid hydro chloride in methanol water mixtures

Vetterl V.; Jancar J.; Zaludova R., 1987:
Electric field effects in nucleic acids adsorption of adenine at the negatively charged electrode

Vallin, D.; Tran-Minh, C., 1979:
Electric field effects on immobilized urease ec activity

Kula, B., 1987:
Electric field effects on the living organism

Vienken J.; Ganser R.; Hampp R.; Zimmermann U., 1981:
Electric field induced fusion of isolated vacuoles and protoplasts of different developmental and metabolic provenience

Richter H P.; Scheurich P.; Zimmermann U., 1981:
Electric field induced fusion of sea urchin paracentrotus lividus eggs

Symons M.; Malkin S.; Farkas D.L., 1987:
Electric field induced luminescence emission spectra of photosystem i and photosystem ii from chloroplasts

Teissie J.; Reynaud J.A.; Nicolau C., 1987:
Electric field induced morphological alterations and fusion of hepatocytes

Zimmermann U.; Pilwat G.; Pohl H.A., 1982:
Electric field mediated cell fusion

Damiani, F.; Pezzotti, M.; Arcioni, S., 1988:
Electric field mediated fusion of protoplasts of medicago sativa l. and medicago arborea l

Toneguzzo F.; Keating A.; Glynn S.; Mcdonald K., 1988:
Electric field mediated gene transfer characterization of dna transfer and patterns of integration in lymphoid genes

Zerbib D.; Amalric F.; Teissie J., 1985:
Electric field mediated transformation isolation and characterization of a tk positive subclone

Tsumuraya, Y.; Yamagata, K.; Ihara, M.; Hasegawa, S.; Ishii, K., 1979:
Electric field of a nerve fiber impulse 2. a contribution to the theory of the volume conductor

Shimura, T.; Nasuno, S.; Tsumuraya, Y., 1980:
Electric field of a nerve fiber impulse 3. a contribution to the theory of nerve fiber conduction

Bessonov, B.I.; Butsuk, S.V.; Fedorov, A.I., 1975:
Electric field of fish skin

Yoshioka K.; Takakusaki K., 1982:
Electric field orientation of sodium poly l glutamate in methanol water and ethylene glycol water mixtures

Lukashev E.P.; Vozari E.; Kononenko A.A.; Rubin A.B.; Abdulaev N.G., 1982:
Electric field regulation of bacterio rhod opsin photochromic cycle

Ortoidze T.V.; Borisevitch G.P.; Venediktov P.S.; Kononenko A.A.; Matorin D.N.; Rubin A.B., 1979 :
Electric field stimulation of delayed fluorescence in dry films of chloroplasts and sub chloroplast particles enriched in photosystem ii

Smith L.B., 1984:
Electric field therapy for equine stereotypic behaviors

McCaig, C.D., 1986:
Electric fields, contact guidance and the direction of nerve growth

Schluger, J.H.; Hopkins, C.D., 1987:
Electric fish approach stationary signal sources by following electric current lines

Shapiro M.; Laufer G.; Gutfinger C., 1983:
Electric forces in aerosol filtration in fibrous and granular filters a parametric study

Galzigna L.; Garbin L., 1978:
Electric hysteresis and mitochondrial incorporation of rna from different sources

Cardús, D.; McTaggart, W.G., 1988:
Electric impedance measurements in quadriplegia

Ogata K.; Toko K.; Fujiyoshi T.; Yamafuji K., 1987:
Electric inhomogeneity in membranes of characean internode influenced by light dark transition oxygen nitrogen carbon dioxide free air and extracellular ph

Tabin V.I., 1979:
Electric interaction between muscle fibers

Aleksandrov V.V., 1980:
Electric interaction of polarized water masses and zoo plankton in water bodies

Gagliano A.G.; Breton J.; Geacintov N.W., 1986:
Electric linear dichroism of chromatophores pigment protein and reaction center complexes derived from rhodopseudomonas spheroides

Gagliano A.G.; Geacintov N.E.; Breton J.; Acker S.; Remy R., 1979:
Electric linear dichroism of p 700 chlorophyll a protein complexes

Geactinov, N.E.; Gagliano, A.; Ivanovic, V.; Weinsten, I.B., 1978:
Electric linear dichroism study on the orientation of benzo a pyrene 7 8 di hydrodiol 9 10 oxide covalently bound to dna

Scott, B.S.; Edwards, B.A.V., 1980:
Electric membrane properties of adult mouse dorsal root ganglion neurons and the effect of culture duration

Scott B.S.; Petit T.L.; Becker L.E.; Edwards B.A.A., 1979:
Electric membrane properties of human dorsal root ganglia neurons in cell culture and the effect of high potassium medium

Iwai H.; Akihama S., 1986:
Electric microassays of glucose uric acid and cholesterol using peroxidase adsorbed on carbon electrode

Tsaplev Y.B.; Zatsepina G.N., 1980:
Electric nature of variable potential propagation in tradescantia multi color

Martynenko O.A., 1987:
Electric neuronal activity of pond snails of various ages and the effect of 2 aminopyridine and tetrodotoxin on it

Pörschke, D., 1987:
Electric, optical and hydrodynamic parameters of lac repressor from measurements of the electric dichroism. High permanent dipole moment associated with the protein

Bratel, J.; Berggren, U.; Hirsch, J.M., 1988:
Electric or manual toothbrush? A comparison of the effects on the oral health of mentally handicapped adults

Fogh-Andersen, P.; Sørensen, B., 1984:
Electric oral burns in Danish children with special reference to prevention

Kramer, B., 1974:
Electric organ discharge interaction during interspecific agonistic behavior in freely swimming mormyrid fish a method to evaluate 2 or more simultaneous time series of events with a digital analyzer

Pimentel-Souza, F.; Fernandes-Souza, N., 1987:
Electric organ discharge rhythms and social interactions in a weakly electric fish, Rhamphichthys rostratus, (Rhamphichthyidae, Gymnotiformes) in an aquarium

Rogatykh, N.P.; Melkumyan, V.G.; Yasinovskii, V.G.; Zubarev, T.N., 1976:
Electric parameters and equivalent scheme of the acetabularia mediterranea cell

Teague, C.T.; Merrill, D.C., 1977:
Electric pelvic floor stimulation. Mechanism of action

Ohshima H., 1987:
Electric phenomena at membrane surfaces

Grozinger, B., 1967:
Electric potential after sound stimulation in fish brain lota vulgaris

Ebeling W.; Feudel U., 1982:
Electric potential and charge distribution in the cell surface coat

Ando, T.; Fujisaki, H.; Asai, H., 1980:
Electric potential at regions near the 2 specific thiols of heavy mero myosin determined by the fluorescence quenching technique 1. effect of atp

Gadzhi Zade K.A., 1983:
Electric potential at the entrance of amphotericin channel/

Gadzhi Zade K.A.; Zil'bershtein A.Ya, 1983:
Electric potential at the entrance of the amphotericin channel channel conductivity

Gadzhi Zade K.A.; Zil'bershtein A.Ya, 1983:
Electric potential at the entrance of the amphotericin channel channel selectivity

Stolarek J.; Pazurkiewicz Kocot K.; Krol H., 1980:
Electric potential changes in phaseolus vulgaris induced by the herbicide treflan

Zatsepina G.N.; Lazarev A.O.; Tul'skii S.V., 1980:
Electric potential difference between points of human skin as characteristics of the physiological state of the body

Stawinski J., 1981:
Electric potentials at interface and their relations to sorption properties of soils

Comper, W.D., 1977:
Electric potentials generated by connective tissue poly saccharides in glass capillaries

Musin, R.F.; Morozov, V.A.; Godik, E.E.; Gulyaev-Yu, V., 1986:
Electric properties of man's epidermis horny layer and water transport in it

Ivanov A.; Kirkova J., 1985:
Electric properties of soil moisture sensors constructed on a sorption principle

Singh S., 1987:
Electric properties of wet whole bone

Molchanov A.G., 1985:
Electric psychrometer and its use for measuring transpiration in the field

Parin N.V.; Kotlyar A.N., 1985:
Electric rays of the genus torpedo in the open waters of the southeastern pacific ocean

Lenarz T., 1988:
Electric response audiometry era in retrocochlear hearing loss

Zoellner, C.; Karnahl, T.; Pedersen, P., 1977:
Electric response audiometry findings by cortical hearing disorder

Rokyta, R.; Zalud, V.; Klepsova, M.; Dallinger, B.; Kasl, Z.; Pesta, J., 1975:
Electric response audiometry in clinical practice

Fialkowska D.; Janczewski G.; Kochanek K.; Dobrzynski P., 1981:
Electric response audiometry investigations in deaf children

Serdyuchenko I.Ya; Syabro P.I.; Makii E.A., 1983:
Electric responses of anterior roots to bulbar pyramid and labyrinth stimulation in rats with the de nervated limb

Yanchyk, H.V., 1976:
Electric responses of cerebellum cortex with red nuclei stimulation

Joerg, J., 1976:
Electric sensoric examination and electro encephalography to localize the focus of symptomatic epilepsy

Nabeshima T.; Matsuno K.; Yamada K.; Kameyama T., 1985:
Electric shock induced behavioral changes and brain multiple opioid receptors

Singh, H.C.; Singh, R.H.; Udupa, K.N., 1979:
Electric shock induced changes in free bound and total acetyl choline and acetyl cholin esterase ec in different brain regions of rats

Hutchinson, R.R.; Emley, G.S., 1977:
Electric shock produced drinking in the squirrel monkey

Dykstra, L.A.; Mcmillan, D.E., 1977:
Electric shock titration effects of morphine methadone pentazocine nalorphine naloxone diazepam and amphetamine

Dykstra L.A., 1983:
Electric shock titration in squirrel monkeys saimiri sciureus following administration of nantradol levo nantradol or n methyl levo nantradol

Solti, F.; Juhász-Nagy, A.; Czakó, E., 1982:
Electric sign of the activity of the sinus node in the dog heart

Moller, P., 1976:
Electric signals and schooling behavior in a weakly electric fish marcusenius cyprinoides mormyriformes

Bourguignon G.J.; Bourguignon L.Y.W., 1987:
Electric simulation of protein and dna synthesis in human fibroblasts

Patyakina O.K.; Antonyan R.G.; Tokarev O.P., 1985:
Electric stimulation of the auditory tube muscles as a method of its controlled opening

Podgurskii, V.V.; Zabolotnykh, V.A.; Fedyuk, A.N.; Emel'yanova, L.A.; Litvinenko, R.A., 1977:
Electric systole in normal subjects/

Leiberman, J.R.; Mazor, M.; Molcho, J.; Haiam, E.; Maor, E.; Insler, V., 1986:
Electrical accidents during pregnancy

Rick, J.H.; Marczynski, T.J., 1978:
Electrical activation of visual pathways substitutes for tonic light input in triggering electro encephalograms correlates of food reward during conditioned behavior in cats

Kohzoh O., 1980:
Electrical activities in the subtentacular region of the anthomedusan spirocodon saltatrix

Haji A.; Watanabe M.; Kudo Y., 1983:
Electrical activities of the frog rana catesbeiana spinal cord are resistant to perfusion with hypoxic medium

El-Sharkawy, T.Y., 1983:
Electrical activities of the muscle layers of the canine colon

Ichihashi K., 1986:
Electrical activities of the superior colliculus neurons responded to visual stimuli and passive eye movement in the cat

Takamatsu, H.; Albert, A.; Mulvihill, S.J.; Snape, W.J.; Fonkalsrud, E.W., 1985:
Electrical activity and motility in the isoperistaltic side to side ileal reservoir

Goslow, G.E.; Seeherman, H.J.; Taylor, C.R.; McCutchin, M.N.; Heglund, N.C., 1981:
Electrical activity and relative length changes of dog limb muscles as a function of speed and gait

Rekhtman M.B.; Samsonova N.A.; Kryzhanovskii G.N., 1980:
Electrical activity and sodium potassium atpase level in penicillin induced epileptogenic focus in rat cerebral cortex and diazepam effect on them

Jacklet, J.W.; Rolerson, C., 1982:
Electrical activity and structure of retinal cells of aplysia eye 2. photo receptors

Jacklet, J.W.; Schuster, L.; Rolerson, C., 1982:
Electrical activity and structure of retinal cells of the aplysia eye 1. secondary neurons

Jacklet, J.W.; Rolerson, C., 1982:
Electrical activity and structure of retinal cells of the aplysia eye 2. photo receptors

Mallart, A.; Brigant, J.L., 1982:
Electrical activity at motor nerve terminals of the mouse

Eddlestone G.T.; Oldham S.B.; Lipson L.G.; Premdas F.H.; Beigelman P.M., 1985:
Electrical activity cyclic amp concentration and insulin release in mouse islets of langerhans

Bol'shakov M.A.; Alekseev S.I., 1986:
Electrical activity dependence of the snail lymnaea stagnalis pacemakers on heating rate

Peters B.H.; Shelton G.A.B., 1981:
Electrical activity during a simple behavior spine pointing in a sea urchin echinus esculentus

Boyd, W.H., 1984:
Electrical activity from cells in the whole isolated intact bovine pituitary gland 1. changes induced by injection of hypothalamic pineal and intra glandular colloid material

Boyd, W.H., 1984:
Electrical activity from cells in the whole isolated intact bovine pituitary gland 2. changes induced by injection of pento barbital and morphine

Bouvier, M.; Gonella, J., 1981:
Electrical activity from smooth muscle of the anal sphincteric area of the cat

Hariman R.J.; Hoffman B.F.; Naylor R.E., 1980:
Electrical activity from the sinus node region of conscious dogs

Epstein M.L.; Lemanski L.F., 1980:
Electrical activity in cardiac mutant axolotl ambystoma mexicanum hearts

Nassar-Gentina, V.; Pollard, H.B.; Rojas, E., 1988:
Electrical activity in chromaffin cells of intact mouse adrenal gland

Zefirov A.L.; Khalilov I.A., 1985:
Electrical activity in different areas of frog nerve endings

Khomutetskaya O.E., 1983:
Electrical activity in different fore brain structures during sleep and wakefulness in hen

McDonald, T.; Sachs, H.G., 1975:
Electrical activity in embryonic heart cell aggregates. Pacemaker oscillations

Honda, K.; Tomita, T., 1987:
Electrical activity in isolated human tracheal muscle

Szabuniewicz, B., 1977:
Electrical activity in pancreatic islet beta cells

Dean, P.M.; Matthews, E.K., 1970:
Electrical activity in pancreatic islet cells: effect of ions

Lopes, O.U.; Palmer, J.F., 1977:
Electrical activity in sympathetic fibers to hind limb muscles of the cat produced by hypothalamic stimulation

Chuiko, V.A.; Ganzii, T.V.; Lemeshko, V.V.; Kal'ko, A.I., 1977:
Electrical activity in the heart of the fish hypophthalmichthys molitrix during cooling and warming

Talo, A.; Pulkkinen, M.O., 1982:
Electrical activity in the human oviduct during the menstrual cycle

Bogoslovskii, M.M.; Al'bertin, S.V., 1976:
Electrical activity in the layers of the isolated cortex during drowsiness and various stages of sleep

Neshumova T.V.; Cherepanova V.A.; Zhuzhgin S.M., 1986:
Electrical activity in the muscles of the seal pusa sibirica during locomotion in water and on land

Sasaki K.; Gemba H., 1986:
Electrical activity in the prefrontal cortex specific to no go reaction of conditioned hand movement in color discrimination in the monkey

Dyball, R.E.J.; Koizumi, K., 1969:
Electrical activity in the supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei associated with neuro hypophysial hormone release rat carbachol autonomic

Kimura, J., 1977:
Electrical activity in voluntarily contracting muscle

Yada T.; Okada Y., 1984:
Electrical activity of an intestinal epithelial cell line hyper polarizing response to intestinal secretagogues

Barinov E.F., 1980:
Electrical activity of an isolated heart in the process of biological conservation

Pavlygina R.A.; Rusinov V.S.; Sokolov S.S., 1983:
Electrical activity of brain during behavior directed to the disruption of the dominant

Anand M.; Khanna R.N.; Misra D., 1980:
Electrical activity of brain in endosulfan toxicity

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Electrical activity of neurons cultured in vivo

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Electrical activity of striated muscles in the esophageal abdominal part of a rabbit

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Electrical activity of thalamo cortical associative systems in post natal ontogenesis of cats

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Electrical activity of the action potentials of motor units following spinal cord trauma

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Electrical activity of the brain in chick embryos during formation of stable rearrangements of movements in a so called controlled experiment

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Electrical activity of the brain in children with cerebral paralyses during the formation of motor skills by means of functional bioregulation

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Electrical activity of the cat hippocampus during the species typical gape response evidence against the voluntary movement hypothesis

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Electrical activity of the cerebellum in the sleep wakefulness cycle

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Electrical activity of the cerebral cortex during induced hypotension with sodium nitroprusside and trimetaphan in the cat

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Electrical activity of the cortex and subcortical structures in the development of hypoxia due to blood loss

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Electrical activity of the digestive tract during gastric development of Walker carcinoma in the conscious rat

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Electrical activity of the hypothalamus in stress

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Electrical activity of the limbic cortical neurons in asphyxia

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Electrical activity of the moto neurons in kitten spinal cord during intra arterial perfusion

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Electrical activity of the myo cardium at rest and during work in hyperbaric conditions of several days duration

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Electrical activity of the opossum lower esophageal sphincter in vivo. Its role in the basal sphincter pressure

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Electrical activity of the pregnant uterus in the cynomolgus monkey

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Electrical activity of the rat brain after prenatal hypoxia

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Electrical activity of the rectus femoris in supramaximal running

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Electrical activity of the sinus gland of the terrestrial isopod, Oniscus asellus: characteristics of identified potentials recorded extracellularly from neurosecretory terminals

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Electrical activity of the vagal and sympathetic gastric nerves during conditioning

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Electrical activity of vascular smooth muscle cells of young mature and older rats

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Electrical activity recorded from thin sections of the lateral geniculate body and the effects of 5 hydroxy tryptamine

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Electrical activity synchronous to inspiration in the vastus lateralis muscle of the anesthetized dog breathing spontaneously

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Electrical acupuncture for incurable chronic prostatitis

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Electrical acupuncture point conductance in the living compared to that in the dead

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Electrical aerosol analyzer data reduction for high altitude or reduced pressure

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Electrical aggregometry in whole blood from human, pig and rabbit

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Electrical alternans associated with peri cardial effusion in the dog

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Electrical anal stimulation and the prediction of bladder stability after surgical relief of male outflow obstruction

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Electrical and adaptive properties of rod photo receptors in bufo marinus part 1 effects of altered extracellular calcium ion levels

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Electrical and adaptive properties of rod photo receptors in bufo marinus part 2 effects of cyclic nucleotides and prostaglandins

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Electrical and anatomic characteristics of cells of ferret paratracheal ganglion

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Electrical and chemical stimulation of cervical sympathetic nerves in the dog does not affect secretion of parathyroid hormone

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Electrical and chemical synapses between giant interneurons and giant flexor motor neurons of the hermit crab pagurus pollicaris

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Electrical and contractile activities of the normal canine stomach

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Electrical and contractile consequences of sodium and calcium gradient reduction in cultured heart cells

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Electrical and contractile properties of smooth muscle cells of the cerebral arteries

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Electrical and contractile properties of the smooth muscle of rabbit femoral artery

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Electrical and contractile reactions to vasopressin in the vascular smooth muscle of animals of varying age

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Electrical and contractile responses of smooth muscles of the portal vein of the rat to increases in extracellular medium osmolarity

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Electrical and electro osmotic transport behavior of asymmetric cellulose acetate membranes 1. transport behavior in dialysis osmosis experiments

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Electrical and electro osmotic transport behavior of asymmetric cellulose acetate membranes 2. transport behavior in hyper filtration experiments

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Electrical and functional study of peroneus muscles

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Electrical and mechanical activities recorded from smooth muscle cells of the human fallopian tube

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Electrical and mechanical activity in the ex vivo perfused total canine colon

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Electrical and mechanical activity in the human lower esophageal sphincter during diaphragmatic contraction

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Electrical and mechanical activity in the lower esophageal sphincter of the cat

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Electrical and mechanical activity of isoproterenol damaged frog rana pipiens heart

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Electrical and mechanical activity of mammalian heart muscle fibers treated with papaverine interaction with isoprenaline and di butyryl cyclic amp

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Electrical and mechanical activity of respiratory muscles during hypercapnia

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Electrical and mechanical activity of the diaphragm accompanying body position in severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Electrical and mechanical cardiac hyper function of persons with ischemic heart disease and hypertension

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Electrical and mechanical events in de polarized cardiac muscle fibers during low sodium perfusion

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Electrical and mechanical Muscle Reaction in Adynamia episodica and Paramyotonia congenita after Cooling and Administration of Potassium

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Electrical and mechanical properties of smooth muscle cells of the guinea pig biliary system

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Electrical and mechanical responses after neuromuscular blockade with vecuronium, and subsequent antagonism with neostigmine or edrophonium

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Electrical and mechanical responses in the platysma and in the adductor pollicis muscle: in normal subjects

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Electrical and mechanical responses in the platysma and in the adductor pollicis muscle: in patients with myasthenia gravis

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Electrical and mechanical responses of the bovine retractor penis to nerve stimulation and drugs

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Electrical and mechanical sustained automaticity of the isolated heart of the thirteen lined ground squirrel both circannually and arousing from hibernation

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Electrical and morphological responses of the lobster homarus gammarus egg to fertilization

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Electrical and motor activity of the rectum following low anastomosis

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Electrical and proton gradients in the sensory transduction of photophobic responses in the blue green alga phormidium uncinatum

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Electrical and structural properties of crayfish claw moto neurons in an isolated claw ganglion preparation

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Electrical arrhythmias in the human stomach

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Electrical capacitance of dark cutting beef

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Electrical cardioversion for persistent atrial fibrillation after treatment of thyro toxicosis

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Electrical characteristics of stomatal guard cells the ionic basis of the membrane potential and the consequence of potassium chloride leakage from microelectrodes

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Electrical charge of the antigen determines its localization in the mouse knee joint deep penetration of cationic bovine serum albumin in hyaline articular cartilage

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Electrical conduction in bone in frequency range 0.4 1.3 gigahertz

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Electrical conductivity and its use in estimating and equivalent pore size for arterial endothelium

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Electrical conductivity determination of movement of salt when washing the soils

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Electrical conductivity test used for measuring seed viability

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Electrical connection between 2 bursting neurons in Helix pomatia

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Electrical connexions between horizontal cells in the dogfish retina

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Electrical constancy check for remote reading operational amplifier radiation dosimeters

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Electrical constants of trabecular muscle from mammalian heart

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Electrical coupling between cones in turtle pseudemys scripta elegans retina

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Electrical coupling between fiber cells in amphibian and cephalopod lenses

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Electrical coupling between primary afferent fibers and moto neurons of the isolated spinal cord in various species of amphibians

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Electrical coupling between supernumerary motor neurons in the locust schistocerca americana gregaria

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Electrical coupling of cells without highly permeable cell contacts

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Electrical coupling of longitudinal and circular intestinal muscle

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Electrical coupling potentials and resistances in oat coleoptiles avena sativa cultivar victory effects of azide and cyanide

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Electrical current and cyclic amp induce lateral branching in the stolon of hydroids

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Electrical current leakage transmitted to an infant via an intra venous controller an unusual electro cardiogram artifact

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Electrical currents at the leaf surface of commelina communis and their relationship to stomatal activity

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Electrical decoupling by strontium action potentials in guinea pig papillary muscle

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Electrical duodenal activity in the rat atropine and penta gastrin effects

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Electrical electromechanical ventricular systole ratio in acute myocardial infarction and its value for long term prognosis of sudden death

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Electrical energy requirements for ventricular de fibrillation

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Electrical evidence for rhythmic changes in the co transport of sucrose and hydrogen ions in samanea saman pulvini

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Electrical evidence from perfused and intact cells for voltage dependent potassium channels in the plasmalemma of chara australis

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Electrical excitability in the egg cell membrane of the tunicate

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Electrical excitability in the rat clonal pituitary cell and its relation to hormone secretion

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Electrical excitability of artificial enzyme membranes 1. ion exchange properties of synthetic proteinic films

Friboulet, A.; Thomas, D., 1982:
Electrical excitability of artificial enzyme membranes 2. electrochemical and enzyme properties of immobilized acetyl cholin esterase ec membranes

Friboulet, A.; Thomas, D., 1982:
Electrical excitability of artificial enzyme membranes 3. hysteresis and oscillations observed with immobilized acetyl cholin esterase membranes

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Barber, A., 1982:
Electrical responses of salivary gland cells of the gastropod mollusk philine aperta to putative neuro transmitters 2. octopamine 5 hydroxy tryptamine and other biogenic amines

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Electrical responses of salivary gland cells of the gastropod mollusk philine aperta to putative neuro transmitters 3. amino acids and peptides

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Electrical safety in the use of bio feedback instruments

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Electrical signs of new membrane production during cleavage of Rana pipiens eggs