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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 5341

Chapter 5341 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Zmiri, A.; Wax, Y.; Ginzburg, B.Z., 1984:
Electrical sizing of cells of the halophilic alga dunaliella parva

Grover, N.B.; Ben-Sasson, S.A.; Naaman, J., 1982:
Electrical sizing of particles in suspensions 5. high electric fields

Grucza, R., 1983:
Electrical skin resistance and rectal temperature changes in resting human subjects exposed to heat

Ogata, H.; Matsumoto, T.; Tsukahara, H., 1981:
Electrical skin resistance changes during ophthalmic surgery with acupuncture anesthesia

Ogata, H.; Matsumoto, T.; Tsukahara, H., 1983:
Electrical skin resistance changes in meridians during ophthalmic surgery with local anesthesia

Wood, C.C.; Cohen, D.; Cuffin, B.N.; Yarita, M.; Allison, T., 1985:
Electrical sources in human somatosensory cortex: identification by combined magnetic and potential recordings

Vereecken, R.L.; Grisar, P.; Das, J., 1984:
Electrical sphincter stimulation in the treatment of detrusor hyperreflexia of paraplegics

Fleckenstein, P.; Oigaard, A., 1978:
Electrical spike activity in the human small intestine. A multiple electrode study of fasting diurnal variations

Vladimirov YuA.P.chkova, T.V.; Putvinsky, A.V.; Parnev, O.M., 1986:
Electrical stability of artificial membranes

Marzoev, A.I.; Parnev, O.M.; Andryushchenko, A.P.; Narin, O.V.; Vladimirov, Y.A., 1985:
Electrical stability of mitochondrial membranes the role of thyroid hormones and the fatty component of the diet

Kobrin, V.I.; Kositskii, G.I.; Beznosova, M.A., 1985:
Electrical stability of the heart and arrhythmogenic effect of isoptin

DeMarco, P., 1988:
Electrical status epilepticus during slow sleep: one case with sensory aphasia

Gokyigit, A.; Apak, A.; Caliskan, A., 1986:
Electrical status epilepticus lasting for 17 months without behavioural changes

Rutkowski, B.; Henderson Baumgartner, G., 1980:
Electrical stimulation and essential hypertension

Teng, E.L.; McNeal, D.R.; Kralj, A.; Waters, R.L., 1976:
Electrical stimulation and feedback training: effects on the voluntary control of paretic muscles

Contreras, S.; Harrison, D.L., 1981:
Electrical stimulation and hot boning color stability of ground beef in a model system

Contreras, S.; Harrison, D.L.; Kropf, D.H.; Kastner, C.L., 1981:
Electrical stimulation and hot boning cooking losses sensory properties and microbial counts of ground beef

Amir, S.; Stern, M.H., 1978:
Electrical stimulation and lesions of the medial fore brain bundle of the rat changes in voluntary ethanol consumption and brain aldehyde dehydrogenase activity

Gilbert, K.V.; Davey, C.L.; Newton, K.G., 1977:
Electrical stimulation and the hot boning of beef

Durand, D., 1986:
Electrical stimulation can inhibit synchronized neuronal activity

Pachter, B.R.; Eberstein, A.; Goodgold, J., 1982:
Electrical stimulation effect on de nervated skeletal myo fibers in rats a light microscopic and electron microscopic study

Sleeper, P.S.; Hunt, M.C.; Kropf, D.H.; Kastner, C.L.; Dikeman, M.E., 1983:
Electrical stimulation effects on myo globin properties of bovine longissimus muscle

Selvanayagam, P.F.L.; Habibulla, M., 1979:
Electrical stimulation effects on the levels of free amino acids and proteins in peripheral nervous system of frog

Maheswari, S.L.; Balasundaram, K.; Selvarajan, V.R., 1985:
Electrical stimulation effects on the protein in the ventral nerve cord of cockroach periplaneta americana

Stolarz, D.J.; Thomas, J.D.; Ray, E.E.; Cardenas, M., 1984:
Electrical stimulation hot boning and prerigor cookery effects on lamb longissimus tenderness

Srivastava, K.P.; Saxena, A.K., 1977:
Electrical stimulation in delayed union of long bones

Fall, M.; Carlsson, C.A.; Erlandson, B.E., 1980:
Electrical stimulation in interstitial cystitis

Fredriksen, T.A.; Bergmann, S.; Hesselberg, J.P.; Stolt-Nielsen, A.; Ringkjøb, R.; Sjaastad, O., 1986:
Electrical stimulation in multiple sclerosis. Comparison of transcutaneous electrical stimulation and epidural spinal cord stimulation

Bonham, A.C.; Gutterman, D.D.; Arthur, J.M.; Marcus, M.L.; Gebhart, G.F.; Brody, M.J., 1987:
Electrical stimulation in perifornical lateral hypothalamus decreases coronary blood flow in cats

Ferguson, A.V.; Kasting, N.W., 1986:
Electrical stimulation in subfornical organ increases plasma vasopressin concentrations in the conscious rat

Laitinen, L.V.; Eriksson, A.T., 1985:
Electrical stimulation in the measurement of cutaneous sensibility

Long, D.M.; Hagfors, N., 1975:
Electrical stimulation in the nervous system the current status of electrical stimulation of the nervous system for relief of pain

Wilcott, R.C., 1977:
Electrical stimulation in the prefrontal cortex and delayed response in the cat

Katelaris, P.M.; Fletcher, J.P.; Little, J.M.; Mcentyre, R.J.; Jeffcoate, K.W., 1987:
Electrical stimulation in the treatment of chronic venous ulceration

Dunn, A.W.; Rush, G.A., 1984:
Electrical stimulation in treatment of delayed union and nonunion of fractures and osteotomies

Krizaj, D.; Vodovnik, L.; Pohleven, F.; Gogala, N., 1987:
Electrical stimulation its effects on growth and ion accumulation in lactuca sativa l

Ray, C.D., 1978 :
Electrical stimulation: new methods for therapy and rehabilitation

Buchanan, S.; Powell, D.A., 1986:
Electrical stimulation of anteromedial and mediodorsal thalamus elicits differential cardiovascular response patterns from conscious rabbits

Marek, W.; Prabhakar, N.R.; Loeschcke, H.H., 1985:
Electrical stimulation of arterial and central chemosensory afferents at different times in the respiratory cycle of the cat 1. ventilatory responses

Marek, W.; Prabhakar, N.R., 1985:
Electrical stimulation of arterial and central chemosensory afferents at different times in the respiratory cycle of the cat 2. responses of respiratory muscles and their motor nerves

Bouton, P.E.; Weste, R.R.; Shaw, F.D., 1980:
Electrical stimulation of calf carcasses response of various muscles to different waveforms

Nakai, M.; Iadecola, C.; Ruggiero, D.A.; Tucker, L.W.; Reis, D.J., 1983:
Electrical stimulation of cerebellar fastigial nucleus increases cerebral cortical blood flow without change in local metabolism evidence for an intrinsic system brain for primary vaso dilation

Vakolyuk, N.I.; Kosterina, A.V.; Shlumukova, A.R., 1980:
Electrical stimulation of claustrum and conditioned reflex activity

Chrystall, B.B.; Devine, C.E., 1983:
Electrical stimulation of deer cervus elaphus carcasses

Postorino, A.; Serio, R.; Fileccia, R.; Mule, F.; Urso, S.A., 1985:
Electrical stimulation of glossopharyngeal nerve and esophageal electromyographic response in the pigeon

Mao, J.R.; Yin, W.P.; Yin, Q.Z., 1987:
Electrical stimulation of hypothalamic arcuate nucleus (ARC) can change responses to electroacupuncture of neurons of dorsal raphe nucleus (DR) and locus coeruleus (LC)

Powell, D.A.; Buchanan, S.; Hernandez, L., 1985:
Electrical stimulation of insular cortex elicits cardiac inhibition but insular lesions do not abolish conditioned bradycardia in rabbits

Marino, A.A.; Gross, B.D.; Specian, R.D., 1986:
Electrical stimulation of mandibular osteotomies in rabbits

Mckeith, F.K.; Smith, G.C.; Savell, J.W.; Dutson, T.R.; Carpenter, Z.L.; Hammons, D.R., 1980:
Electrical stimulation of mature cow carcasses

Sonaiya, E.B.; Stouffer, J.R.; Beerman, D.H., 1982:
Electrical stimulation of mature cow carcasses and its effect on tenderness myo fibril protein degradation and fragmentation

Breederveld, R.S., 1984:
Electrical stimulation of motor nerves: results of an animal experiment

Bouton, P.E.; Harris, P.V.; Shorthose, W.R., 1984:
Electrical stimulation of mutton

Petersson, C.J.; Johnell, O., 1983:
Electrical stimulation of osteogenesis in delayed union of the rabbit fibula

Porter, J.P., 1988:
Electrical stimulation of paraventricular nucleus increases plasma renin activity

Khayari, A.; Math, F.; Davrainville, J.L., 1988:
Electrical stimulation of primary olfactory nerve induces two types of variations in the extracellular potassium activity within the glomerulus of the rat olfactory bulb in vivo

Virtanen, A.S.J., 1985:
Electrical stimulation of pulp nerves comparison of monopolar and bipolar electrode coupling

Nix, W.A.; Hopf, H.C., 1983:
Electrical stimulation of regenerating nerve and its effect on motor recovery

Clarke, W.P.; Hartner, W.C., 1981:
Electrical stimulation of rewarding hypothalamic sites in the thirteen lined ground squirrel citellus tridecemlineatus during hibernation sensitivity and thermogenic effects

Herbison, G.J.; Jaweed, M.M.; Ditunno, J.F., 1986:
Electrical stimulation of sciatic nerve of rats after partial denervation of soleus muscle

Kume, Y.; Ohzu, H., 1982:
Electrical stimulation of skin for information transmission 3. sequential signal transmission

Van Mastrigt, R.; Glerum, J.J., 1985:
Electrical stimulation of smooth muscle strips from the urinary bladder of the pig

Matthews, B.; Searle, B.N., 1976:
Electrical stimulation of teeth

Närhi, M.; Virtanen, A.; Kuhta, J.; Huopaniemi, T., 1979:
Electrical stimulation of teeth with a pulp tester in the cat

Stjernschantz, J.; Geijer, C.; Bill, A., 1979:
Electrical stimulation of the 5th cranial nerve in rabbits effects on ocular blood flow extravascular albumin content and intra ocular pressure

Gundersen, T., 1987:
Electrical stimulation of the acoustic nerve in the deaf and hard of hearing

Lookingland, K.J.; Gunnet, J.W.; Moore, K.E., 1987:
Electrical stimulation of the arcuate nucleus increases the metabolism of dopamine in terminals of tuberoinfundibular neurons in the median eminence

Bock, G.R.; Horner, K.; Steel, K.P., 1985:
Electrical stimulation of the auditory system in animals profoundly deaf from birth

Magasi, P.; Simon, Z., 1986:
Electrical stimulation of the bladder and gravidity

Young, R.F.; Brechner, T., 1986:
Electrical stimulation of the brain for relief of intractable pain due to cancer

Robinson, T.E., 1978:
Electrical stimulation of the brain stem in freely moving rats part 1 effects on behavior

Robinson, T.E.; Vanderwolf, C.H., 1978:
Electrical stimulation of the brain stem in freely moving rats part 2 effects on hippocampal and neo cortical electrical activity and relations to behavior

Srikantha, K.; Choi, J.J I.; W.W.H., 1986:
Electrical stimulation of the celiac plexus for pain relief in chronic pancreatitis

Velasco, F.; Velasco, M.; Ogarrio, C.; Fanghanel, G., 1987:
Electrical stimulation of the centromedian thalamic nucleus in the treatment of convulsive seizures: a preliminary report

Priimak, A.A.; Ivan'ko T.P.; Zhilin, Y.N.; Galitskii, A.B.; Erokhin, V.V.; Ogurtsov, Y.N.; Kobtsov, A.V., 1982:
Electrical stimulation of the diaphragm in the treatment of acute respiratory insufficiency

Grigorov, S.S.; Votchal, F.B.; Kostyleva, O.V.; Shanaeva, N.S., 1987:
Electrical stimulation of the heart in patients with weak sinus node syndrome

Carpenter, R.H., 1972:
Electrical stimulation of the human eye in different adaptational states

Lee, G.P.; Loring, D.W.; Flanigin, H.F.; Smith, J.R.; Meador, K.J., 1988:
Electrical stimulation of the human hippocampus produces verbal intrusions during memory testing

Olcese, J.; Reuss, S.; Steinlechner, S., 1987:
Electrical stimulation of the hypothalamic nucleus paraventricularis mimics the effects of light on pineal melatonin synthesis

Reuss, S.; Olcese, J.; Vollrath, L., 1985:
Electrical stimulation of the hypothalamic paraventricular nuclei inhibits pineal melatonin synthesis in male rats

Davies, D.T.; Follett, B.K., 1975:
Electrical stimulation of the hypothalamus and luteinizing hormone secretion in Japanese quail

Freude, K.A.; Sandler, L.S.; Zieve, F.J., 1981:
Electrical stimulation of the liver cell: activation of glycogenolysis

Malven, P.V., 1975:
Electrical stimulation of the median eminence in ovariectomized and estradiol treated sheep increased luteinizing hormone release and evidence for neural regulation of spontaneous luteinizing hormone rhythms

Feketete, M.I.K.; Herman, J.P.; Kanyicska, B.; Makara, G.B., 1980:
Electrical stimulation of the median eminence in rats, changes in catecholamine content and in plasma prolactin and growth hormone concentrations

Cottingham, S.L.; Pfaff, D.W., 1987:
Electrical stimulation of the midbrain central gray facilities lateral vestibulospinal activation of back muscle emg in the rat

Abbruzzese, G.; Dall'Agata, D.; Morena, M.; Simonetti, S.; Spadavecchia, L.; Severi, P.; Andrioli, G.C.; Favale, E., 1988:
Electrical stimulation of the motor tracts in cervical spondylosis

Bourgoin, S.; Oliveras, J.L.; Bruxelle, J.; Hamon, M.; Besson, J.M., 1980:
Electrical stimulation of the nucleus raphe magnus in the rat effects on 5 hydroxy tryptamine metabolism in the spinal cord

Namba, S.; Nakao, Y.; Matsumoto, Y.; Ohmoto, T.; Nishimoto, A., 1984:
Electrical stimulation of the posterior limb of the internal capsule for treatment of thalamic pain

Godec, C.; Ayala, G.; Cass, A., 1977:
Electrical stimulation of the rectal ampulla causing reflex voiding

Donaldson, J.; Mitchell, J.; Templeton, D., 1984:
Electrical stimulation of the salivatory nucleus in the rat

Sin, W.K.; Coburn, B., 1983:
Electrical stimulation of the spinal cord a further analysis relating to anatomical factors and tissue properties

Gerken, G.M., 1970:
Electrical stimulation of the subcortical auditory system in behaving cat

Berard, D.R.; Coleman, W.R.; Berger, L.H., 1983:
Electrical stimulation of the superior olivary complex can produce cortical evoked potential and behavioral discrimination correlates of pitch perception in the rat

Nord, S.G., 1976:
Electrical stimulation of the tooth pulp in the study of pain

Roemer, H.; Rheinlaender, J., 1983:
Electrical stimulation of the tympanal nerve as a tool for analyzing the responses of auditory inter neurons in the locust locusta migratoria

De-Lima, V.M.F.; Chatrian, G.E.; Lettich, E.; Canfield, R.C.; Miller, R.C.; Soso, M.J., 1982:
Electrical stimulation of tooth pulp in humans 1. relationships among physical stimulus intensities psychological magnitude estimates and cerebral evoked potentials

Chatrian, G.E.; De-Lima, V.M.F.; Lettich, E.; Canfield, R.C.; Miller, R.C.; Soso, M.J., 1982:
Electrical stimulation of tooth pulp in humans 2. qualities of sensations

Bergen, H.; Leung, P.C., 1987:
Electrical stimulation of ventral versus dorsal mesencephalic tegmental areas in the conscious rat: effects on luteinizing hormone release

Lesser, R.P.; Lüders, H.; Morris, H.H.; Dinner, D.S.; Klem, G.; Hahn, J.; Harrison, M., 1986:
Electrical stimulation of Wernicke's area interferes with comprehension

Buresova, O.; Semenov, L.V.; Bures, J., 1982:
Electrical stimulation or chemical blockade of vestibular nuclei can serve as the unconditioned stimulus in the conditioned taste aversion paradigm

Mills, K.R.; Murray, N.M.F., 1986:
Electrical stimulation over the human vertebral column: which neural elements are excited?

Pubols, L.M.; Foglesong, M.E.; Vahle Hinz, C., 1986:
Electrical stimulation reveals relatively ineffective sural nerve projections to dorsal horn neurons in the cat

Brummer, S.B.; Turner, M.J., 1977:
Electrical stimulation with platinum electrodes part 1 a method for determination of real electrode areas

Brummer, S.B.; Turner, M.J., 1977:
Electrical stimulation with platinum electrodes part 2 estimation of maximum surface redox theoretical nongassing limits

Fonseca, J.C.P.; Da-Silva, O.L., 1977:
Electrical strain gauge method for measurements of in vivo deformations preparation and implantation of the units

Ferguson, I.T., 1978:
Electrical study of jaw and orbicularis oculi reflexes after trigeminal nerve surgery

Kühne, K.J.; Jenkins, W.L.; Kruger, J.M., 1979:
Electrical stunning of Karakul lambs

Hadley, R.D.; Kater, S.B.; Cohan, C.S., 1983:
Electrical synapse formation depends on interaction of mutually growing neurites

Hainsworth, L.B., 1988:
Electrical technology and human evolution

Ingling, A.L.; Kuenzel, W.J., 1978:
Electrical terminology measurements and units associated with the stunning technique in poultry processing plants

L.D.Y.; Leon, M.B.; Bowman, R.L., 1987:
Electrical thermal angioplasty catheter design features in vitro tissue ablation studies and in vivo experimental findings

Kawamura, H.; Maki, M.; Higashi, H.; Tsukamoto, K.; Komatsu, K.; Hara, K.; Mitsubayashi, H.; Frohlich, E.D.; Hatano, M., 1985:
Electrical threshold levels of cardiovascular inhibitory nuclei in normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive rats

Ito, F.; Fujitsuka, N., 1983:
Electrical threshold of the sensory nerve terminal of the frog rana nigromaculata muscle spindle a role of spindle potential for generating afferent impulses

Ohkawa, T.A.; Tsutsui, I., 1988:
Electrical tolerance breakdown of the chara corallina plasmalemma i. necessity of calcium

Gerencser, G.A., 1981:
Electrical transport characteristics of aplysia californica intestinal epithelium

Hasted, J.B.; K.A.Y.; A.B.ker Y.; Kadifachi, S.; Rosen, D., 1985:
Electrical transport in hemoglobin langmuir blodgett films

Ahl, T.; Andersson, G.; Herberts, P.; Kalen, R., 1984:
Electrical treatment of nonunited fractures

Bauer, W., 1983:
Electrical treatment of severe head and neck cancer pain

Fuchs, P.A.; Nagai, T.; Evans, M.G., 1988:
Electrical tuning in hair cells isolated from the chick cochlea

Kléber, A.G.; Riegger, C.B.; Janse, M.J., 1987:
Electrical uncoupling and increase of extracellular resistance after induction of ischemia in isolated, arterially perfused rabbit papillary muscle

Bunyatyan, A.M., 1986:
Electrical unstability of the heart in animals with different resistance to immobilization stress

Hoffmann, D.V.sme G.; Furness, A., 1983:
Electrical waveforms for cardiac de fibrillation which dissipate least heat in the cardiac circuit

Wertheimer, N.; Leeper, E., 1979:
Electrical wiring configurations and childhood cancer

Fulton, J.P.; Cobb, S.; Preble, L.; Leone, L.; Forman, E., 1980:
Electrical wiring configurations and childhood leukemia in rhode island usa

Gyo, K.; Yanagihara, N., 1980:
Electrically and acoustically evoked brain stem responses in guinea pig

Neal, H.; Keane, P.E., 1980:
Electrically and chemically induced spindling and slow waves in the encéphale isolé rat: a possible role for dopamine in the regulation of electrocortical activity

Cohan, C.S.; Connor, J.A.; Kater, S.B., 1987:
Electrically and chemically mediated increases in intracellular calcium in neuronal growth cones

Miller, L.L.; Zinger, B.; Zhou Q X., 1987:
Electrically controlled release of ferrocyanide from polypyrrole

Reynolds, J.C.; Ouyang, A.; Cohen, S., 1982:
Electrically coupled intrinsic responses of feline lower esophageal sphincter

Pilkington, J.B., 1982:
Electrically coupled stomato gastric neurons in the pulmonate snail amphibola crenata

Blank, A.; Ferber, I.; Shapira, Y.; Fast, A., 1983:
Electrically elicited blink reflex in children

Tanaka, J.; Abe, J.; Futagi, Y.; Mimaki, T.; Yabuuchi, H., 1987:
Electrically elicited blink reflex in handicapped children

Ohmura, S.; Tohdoh, Y.; Murakami, S., 1987:
Electrically elicited blink reflexes for prognostic assessment of bell's palsy

Angyán, L., 1988:
Electrically elicited cardiovascular and respiratory responses from the nucleus tractus solitarii in unrestrained cats

Cooke, I.M.; Haylett, B.A.; Weatherby, T.M., 1977:
Electrically elicited neuro secretory and electrical responses of the isolated crab sinus gland in normal and reduced calcium salines

Mccown, T.J.; Greenwood, R.S.; Frye, G.D.; Breese, G.R., 1984:
Electrically elicited seizures from the inferior colliculus a potential site for the genesis of epilepsy

Epro, R.A., 1977:
Electrically elicited vocalization from the brain of the house finch (Carpodacus mexicanus)

Spadaro, J.A., 1982:
Electrically enhanced osteogenesis at various metal cathodes

Davies, C.T.M.; White, M.J.; Young, K., 1983:
Electrically evoked and voluntary maximal isometric tension in relation to dynamic muscle performance in elderly male subjects aged 69 years

Davies, C.T.M.; Rutherford, I.C.; Thomas, D.O., 1987:
Electrically evoked contractions of the triceps surae during and following 21 days of voluntary leg immobilization

Thomas, D.O.; White, M.J.; Sagar, G.; Davies, C.T., 1987:
Electrically evoked isokinetic plantar flexor torque in males

Kondo, T.; Bishop, B., 1987 :
Electrically evoked responses of the human external oblique abdominal muscle

Jacobson, R.D.; Hollyday, M., 1982:
Electrically evoked walking and fictive locomotion in the chick

Massad, L.; Plotkine, M.; Capdeville, C.; Boulu, R.G., 1987:
Electrically induced arterial thrombosis model in the conscious rat

Hallonquist, J.D.; Mrosovsky, N., 1986:
Electrically induced behavior and neural specificity in ground squirrels spermophilus lateralis and dormice glis glis

Vozari, E.; Borisevich, G.P.; Kononenko, A.A.; Rubin, A.B., 1982:
Electrically induced changes in spectral and structural characteristics of purple membranes modified by papain

Rumberger, E., 1969:
Electrically induced contractures on the frogs heart muscle and their dependence on calcium ion concentration and temperature

Snoeckx, L.H.; Bruyneel, K.; De-Clerck, F.; Verheyen, A.; Reneman, R.S., 1978:
Electrically induced coronary artery thrombosis in closed chest anesthetized dogs evaluation of the method

Lee, K.H.; Johnston, R., 1976:
Electrically induced flexion reflex in gait training of hemiplegic patients: induction of the reflex

Neumann, V.; Siegemund, F.; Baessler, B., 1986:
Electrically induced fusion of different human cell types

Leonard, F.; Wade, C.W.R., 1982:
Electrically induced hydrolysis of atp

Lujan, M.; Valencia Flores, G.; Rodriguez, R., 1980:
Electrically induced narcotic-like dependence in the isolated guinea-pig ileum

Almeida, S.P.; Bond, J.D.; Ward, T.C., 1974:
Electrically induced phase transitions via the di pole model in excitable membranes

Andersson, K.E.; Mattiasson, A.; Sjögren, C., 1983:
Electrically induced relaxation of the noradrenaline contracted isolated urethra from rabbit and man

Subramanian, N., 1982:
Electrically induced release of radio labeled histamine from rat hippocampal slices opposing roles for h 1 receptors and h 2 receptors

Orrego, F.; Miranda, R., 1976:
Electrically induced release of tritiated gamma amino butyric acid from neo cortical thin slices effects of stimulus waveform and of aminooxy acetic acid

Sainsbury, R.S.; Bland, B.H.; Buchan, D.H., 1978:
Electrically induced seizure activity in the hippocampus time course for post seizure inhibition of subsequent kindled seizures

Hackney, C.M.; Butler, R.D., 1981:
Electrically induced tentacle retraction in the suctorian protozoan discophrya collini

Mccomb, J.M.; Gold, H.K.; Leinbach, R.C.; Newell, J.B.; Ruskin, J.N.; Garan, H., 1988:
Electrically induced ventricular arrhythmias in acute myocardial infarction treated with thrombolytic agents

Gurich, R.W.; Warnock, D.G., 1986:
Electrically neutral sodium proton exchange in endosomes obtained from rabbit renal cortex

Veselovskii, N.S.; Fedulova, S.A.; Shirokov, R.E., 1986:
Electrically operated sodium channels in the somatic membrane of sympathetic neurons

Yeandle, S., 1979:
Electrically quiet temperature controller

Roth, B.J.; Wikswo, J.P., 1986:
Electrically silent magnetic fields

Chu T C.; Candia, O.A., 1987:
Electrically silent sodium and chlorine fluxes across the rabbit ciliary epithelium

Scheurich, P.; Zimmermann, U.; Schnabl, H., 1981:
Electrically stimulated fusion of different plant cell protoplasts mesophyll cell and guard cell protoplast of vicia faba cultivar hangdown

Sasaki, H.; Inoue, S., 1988:
Electrically stimulated periosteal grafting in the rat

Schulz, R.; Wuester, M.; Simantov, R.; Snyder, S.; Herz, A., 1977:
Electrically stimulated release of opiate-like material from the myenteric plexus of the guinea pig ileum

Home, R.W., 1970:
Electricity and the nervous fluid

Highton, N.H.; Webb, M.G., 1982:
Electricity supply and pollution control

Heard, H.W.; Stephenson, A., 1987:
Electrification of a fence to control the movements of black backed jackals

Hawkins, D.B.; Van Tasell, D.J., 1982:
Electro acoustic characteristics of personal frequency modulation systems

Voll, R., 1981:
Electro acupuncture according to voll diagnostics and treatment results in odontogenous focal events

Gao L D.; H.N.Q.; Jin D F.; Zhou R X.; Xue Z N.; Yang S R., 1983:
Electro acupuncture anesthesia in pituitary adenoma extirpation

Durinyan, R.A.; Meizerov, E.E.; Chuvin, B.T.; Reshetnyak, V.K., 1983:
Electro acupuncture effect on spontaneous and evoked neuronal activity in the parafascicular complex of the cat thalamus

Zheng, M.; Yang, S.; Zou, G., 1988:
Electro acupuncture markedly increases proenkephalin messenger rna in rat striatum and pituitary

Tseng C K.; Tay A A.L.; Pace, N.L.; Westenskow, D.R.; Wong, K.C., 1981:
Electro acupuncture modification of halothane anesthesia in the dog

Toda, K.; Ichioka, M., 1978:
Electro acupuncture relations between fore limb afferent impulses and suppression of jaw opening reflex in the rat

Tseung, Y.K.; Chen, C.P., 1981:
Electro acupuncture therapy in the treatment of adult diabetes

Luo, H.; Jia, Y.; Zhan, L., 1985:
Electro acupuncture vs. amitriptyline in the treatment of depressive states

Gurira, R.C.; Jordan, J., 1981:
Electro analytical chemistry of carbon mon oxy heme

Graftieaux, J.P.; D.B.rgo C.P.; Scherpereel, B.; Rousseaux, P.; Martinet, J.F.; Aribert, E.; Bertault, R.; Rendoing, J., 1981:
Electro anesthesia during neuro surgery

W.D.M.; L.G.L., 1982:
Electro antennogram analysis and field attractant effect of sex pheromone of the striped sugarcane borer proceras venosatus

Nishino, C.; Takayanagi, H.; Kimura, R., 1980:
Electro antennogram and behavioral responses of the american cockroach periplaneta americana to sex pheromone mimics

Nishino, C.; Takayanagi, H., 1979:
Electro antennogram responses from parts of antennae of the american cockroach periplaneta americana

Angst, M.E.; Lanier, G.N., 1979:
Electro antennogram responses of 2 populations of ips pini coleoptera scolytidae to insect produced and host tree compounds

Wohlers, P.; Tjallingii, W.F., 1983:
Electro antennogram responses of aphids to the alarm pheromone e beta farnesene

Nishino, C.; Tobin, T.R.; Bowers, W.S., 1977:
Electro antennogram responses of the american cockroach to germacrene d sex pheromone mimic

Visser, J.H., 1979:
Electro antennogram responses of the colorado beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata to plant volatiles

Nagai, T.; Starratt, A.N.; Mcleod, D.G.R.; Driscoll, G.R., 1977:
Electro antennogram responses of the european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis to cis 11 tetra decenyl acetates and trans 11 tetra decenyl acetates

Baker, T.C.; Roelofs, W.L., 1976:
Electro antennogram responses of the male moth argyrotaenia velutinana to mixtures of sex pheromone components of the female

Ross, R.J.; Lonergan, G.C.; Valenta, Z.; Palaniswamy, P.; Seabrook, W.D.; Darvesh, S.; Oda, T., 1982:
Electro antennograms and trapping with spruce budworm choristoneura fumiferana lepidoptera tortricidae sex pheromone analogs

Nishino, C.; Washio, H., 1976:
Electro antennograms of the american cockroach orthoptera blattidae to odorous straight chain compounds

Wall, C.; Greenway, A.R.; Burt, P.E., 1976:
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