Electro cardiographic gated single photon emission computed tomography for thallium 201 myo cardial imaging in patients with hypertrophic cardio myopathy

Futagami, Y.; Hamada, M.; Ichikawa, T.; Konishi, T.; Nakano, T.; Takezawa, H.; Takeda, K.; Maeda, H.

Kaku Igaku 20(5): 633-640


Accession: 005340531

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The clinical usefulness of ECG-gated single photon emission computed tomography for 201Tl myocardial imaging (SPECT) in the diagnosis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathies was evaluated. Using a rotating dual-gamma camera system (TOSHIBA GCA-7-A-S), SPECT was performed in 23 HCM long axis was also carried out according to Borrello's method. Location and extent of localized LV wall thickening were clearly visible, especially by gated SPECT. LV cavity form is gated SPECT image was highly coincident with that of LVG. LV wall thickness measured by oblique angle tomographic image of gated SPECT was well correlated with that by UCG. (r = 0.812, P < 0.001). Despite rather long acquisition time (45-60 min), the gated SPECT method was available for clinical use to diagnose hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.