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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5345

Chapter 5345 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Samuelsson, L.; Olin, T.; Berg, N.O., 1980:
Electrolytic destruction of lung tissue in the rabbit

Samuelsson, L.; Jönsson, L., 1981:
Electrolytic destruction of tissue in the normal lung of the pig

Avakyan, M.A.; Melik-Israelyan, S.S.; Barsegyan, L.A., 1978:
Electrolytic exchange in workers of the main dust producing industries in the armenian ssr ussr

Nojiri N.; Tanaka N.; Sato K.; Sakai Y., 1980:
Electrolytic ferrite formation system for heavy metal removal

Lefcort A.M.; Ward D.G.; Gann D.S., 1984:
Electrolytic lesions of the dorsal rostral pons prevent acth increases after hemorrhage

Yan'kova, L.S.; Kurets, V.K.; Vinter, A.K., 1977:
Electrolytic method for the evaluation of the degree of frost injury to plants under field conditions

Bozarth M.A.; Wise R.A., 1980:
Electrolytic micro infusion transducer system an alternative method of intra cranial drug application

Mizumoto S.; Nawaune H.; Kawasaki M., 1979:
Electrolytic recovery of metals from sludges

Lafleur, M.V.; Zahoor, A.; Knight, R.C.; Pluijmackers-Westmijze, E.J.; Loman, H.; Edwards, D.I., 1985:
Electrolytic reduction of nitroheterocyclic drugs leads to biologically important damage in DNA

Ritter E.; Puhan Z.; Robertson P.M., 1980:
Electrolytic separation of copper from hard cheese whey

Phillips D.R.; Moody D.C.; Taylor W.A.; Segura N.J.; Pate B.D., 1987:
Electrolytic separation of selenium isotopes from proton irradiated rubidium bromide targets

Preininger, V.; Bartek, J.; Santavy, F., 1977:
Electrolytic status acid base balance and buffering ability of the ejaculate and semen plasma in man and bull

Magon, D.K., 1983:
Electrolytic studies on the regenerating tails of hemidactylus brooki 1. sodium potassium and water

Childress S.A.; Harris K.F., 1981:
Electrolytic technique for making micro dissection tools

Samuelsson, L.; Lamm, I.L.; Mercke, C.E.; Ståhl, E.; Jönsson, L., 1985:
Electrolytic tissue destruction and external beam irradiation of the lung. An experimental and clinical investigation

Gil, M.C.; Palma, T.; Radicella, R., 1976:
Electrolytical labeling of technetium 99m radio pharmaceuticals

Savelkoul T.J.F.; Oldenburg S.J.; Van Oort W.J.; Duursma S.A., 1984:
Electrolytically technetium 99m labeled methylene diphosphonate chromatographic pattern stability and biodistribution in rats

Patil A A.; Yamanashi W.; Valentine J.; Hill D.; Woosley R.E.; Filip O.F., 1986:
Electromagnetic field focusing probe in aneurysm thrombosis preliminary report

Patil, A.A.; Yamanashi, W.S.; Valentine, J.L.; Hill, D., 1988:
Electromagnetic field focusing system in the treatment of brain tumors

Suarez Cabrera R., 1984:
Electromagnetic fields of radiofrequency

Owen, W.S., 1987:
Electromagnetic flowmetry in bypass shunt during carotid endarterectomy

Srivastava K.P.; Das V.G.; Gupta A.K.; Prasad N.; Kumar A., 1987:
Electromagnetic treatment of delayed union and nonunion of diaphyseal fractures

Yamanashi, W.S.; Patil, A.A.; Valentine, J.L.; Hill, D.L.; LePage, J.R.; Filip, O.F.; Lester, P.D., 1987:
Electromagnetically induced focused heat in the treatment of surgically created aneurysm models

Roman Garcia F.J.; Bortolotti M.; Montes Santiago J.; Roman Garcia F.; Gonzalez Quintela A., 1987:
Electromanometric evaluation of the effects of nifedipine on achalasic patients

Galstyan A.A., 1984:
Electromechanical activity of the heart in children with tonsillogenic cardiopathy

Viitasalo J.T., 1984:
Electromechanical behavior of the knee extensor musculature in maximal isometric and concentric contractions and in jumping

Moritani T.; Muro M.; Kijima A.; Gaffney F.A.; Parsons D., 1985:
Electromechanical changes during electrically induced and maximal voluntary contractions surface and intramuscular electromyographic responses during sustained maximal voluntary contraction

Lathrop, D.A., 1985 :
Electromechanical characterization of the effects of racemic sotalol and its optical isomers on isolated canine ventricular trabecular muscles and Purkinje strands

Fiala P.; Pucelik P.; Bartak F.; Jezek K., 1983:
Electromechanical correlations of the ventricular myocardium in the pattern stimulation of interpolated extrasystole

Frank U.; Mai W., 1984:
Electromechanical dehorning of calf experience from 10 year practice

Lin C I.; Chiu T H.; Chiang B.N.; Cheng K K., 1985:
Electromechanical effects of caffeine in isolated human atrial fibers

Mitchell H.W., 1987:
Electromechanical effects of tetraethylammonium and potassium on histamine induced contraction in pig isolated tracheal smooth muscle

Ferro, G.; Saccà, L.; Piscione, F.; Spinelli, L.; Spadafora, M.; Duilio, C.; Chiariello, M., 1988:
Electromechanical events during spontaneous angina

Galstyan A.A.; Zograbyan O.G.; Ter Voskanyan K.Ya; Galstyan A.A., 1985:
Electromechanocardiographic and echocardiographic studies of the left atrium in healthy children of school age

Steib A.; Freys G.; Wetzel C.; Pottecher T.; Otteni J.C., 1985:
Electromedicamentous anesthesia clinical and hormonal effects of transcranial electrostimulation

Lerner, L.A.; Kakhnovich, Z.N.; Igoshina, E.V., 1982:
Electrometric atomic absorption determination of cobalt extracted from soils using a 1.0 normal nitric acid solution

Tapalov, U.S.; Kalinin, V.I., 1978:
Electrometric determination of the latent period of secretion in different zones of the gastric mucosa

Maisnyer A.D., 1981:
Electrometric determination of the mechanical soil composition

Bourdeau, A.M.; Lenoir, F.; Dechaux, M.; Sachs, C., 1977:
Electrometric estimation of urinary ammonium by an automatic continuous flow method

Yakovleva I.Ya, 1982:
Electrometric examination of the human gustatory analyzer in healthy people and in simulated zero gravity

Prasad S., 1980:
Electrometric investigations of an alkali arsenic acid system and the formation of different arsenates

Antsiferova O.N.; Materova E.A.; Petrova Z.M., 1979:
Electrometric method of determination of sodium calcium and chloride ion activity when studying soil de salination

Borovinskaya L.B.; Voronin A.D.; Shvarov A.P., 1984:
Electrometric methods used for evaluating the structure of soil ground thickness

Banerjee, S.K.; Mukherjee, S.K., 1975:
Electrometric studies of the humic acid and fulvic acid components of the humin fraction

Sasaki Y.; Uyama M.; Shimomura Y.; Matsuda M.; Hamano T.; Manabe R., 1988:
Electromicroscopic examination of superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis

Rosch, F.; Hung, T.K.; Milanov, M.; Lebedev, N.A.; Khalkin, V.A., 1987:
Electromigration of carrier free radionuclides iii. oxalate and tartrate complexes of ytterbium iii in aqueous solution

Kim, J.J.; Mandrell, R.E.; Hu, Z.; Westerink, M.A.; Poolman, J.T.; Griffiss, J.M., 1988:
Electromorphic characterization and description of conserved epitopes of the lipooligosaccharides of group A Neisseria meningitidis

Wuthier U.; Simon W., 1986:
Electromotive behavior of anion selective membranes with triorganotin acetates as ionophores and nucleophiles as additives

Olscamp R.; Mcguire R.A.; Rastatter M., 1986:
Electromyogram activity of the orbicularis oris superior orbicularis oris inferior and masseter muscles of a cleft palate child

Ringelberg J.A., 1985:
Electromyogram and force production of some human shoulder muscles during isometric abduction

Drennen W.T.; Rutledge L.L.; Wattles W.P., 1985:
Electromyogram biofeedback with college student volunteers limitations of effects of independent variables

Solomonow M.; Guzzi A.; Baratta R.; Shoji H.; D'ambrosia R., 1986:
Electromyogram force model of the elbows antagonistic muscle pair

Polyakov A.V., 1987:
Electromyogram force relationship during potentiation

Larson S.G.; Stern J.T.Jr, 1986:
Electromyogram of scapulohumeral muscles in the chimpanzee pan troglodytes during reaching and arboreal locomotion

Mao M.; Qiao D.; Liu X.; J.F., 1987:
Electromyogram of the exercisers of taiji stance

Harba M.I.A.; Ibraheem A.A., 1986:
Electromyogram processor based on the amplitude probability distribution

Viitasalo J.T.; Komi P.V., 1980:
Electromyogram reflex and reaction time components muscle structure and fatigue during intermittent isometric contractions in man

Forsberg C M.; Hellsing E.; Linder Aronson S.; Sheikholeslam A., 1985:
Electromyograph activity in neck and masticatory muscles in relation to extension and flexion of the head

Barlow J.S., 1984:
Electromyograph artifact minimization during clinical electroencephalograph recordings by special analog filtering

Lacquaniti F.; Soechting J.F., 1986:
Electromyograph responses to load perturbations of the upper limb effect of dynamic coupling between shoulder and elbow motion

Mero A., 1987:
Electromyographic activity force and anaerobic energy production in sprint running with special reference to different constant speeds ranging from submaximal to supramaximal

Hnik P.; Vejsada R.; Mackova E.V., 1986:
Electromyographic activity in compensatory muscle hypertrophy

Nomoto S.; Nomoto Kozawa E., 1985:
Electromyographic activity in pectoral and femoral muscles during spinal cord cooling in exercising pigeons

Peláková, A.; Palecek, F., 1985:
Electromyographic activity of expiratory muscles in the rat

Datsov E.; Izmirova N.; Shalash S., 1984:
Electromyographic alterations depending on methylparathion level its metabolites and acetylcholinesterase activity in blood

Yang, J.F.; Winter, D.A., 1984 :
Electromyographic amplitude normalization methods: improving their sensitivity as diagnostic tools in gait analysis

Isaev G.G., 1986:
Electromyographic analysis of control of respiration in muscular work

Nag P.K.; Chintharia S.; Saiyed S.; Nag A., 1986:
Electromyographic analysis of sitting work postures in women

Iwaya, T., 1984:
Electromyographic analysis of the leg muscles in the hemiplegic patients with equinovarus deformity of the foot

de Visser, M.; Ongerboer de Visser, B.W.; Verbeeten, B., 1988:
Electromyographic and computed tomographic findings in five patients with monomelic spinal muscular atrophy

Suzuki Y., 1988:
Electromyographic and dynamic studies in pharyngeal and esophageal stage of deglutition

Strehl E.; Vanasse M.; Brochu P., 1985:
Electromyographic and needle muscle biopsy studies in arthrogryposis multiplex congenita

Ellestad S.M.; Nagle R.V.; Boesler D.R.; Kilmore M.A., 1988:
Electromyographic and skin resistance responses to osteopathic manipulative treatment for low back pain

Gregory, C.R.; Willits, N.H., 1986:
Electromyographic and urethral pressure evaluations: assessment of urethral function in female and ovariohysterectomized female cats

Gregory, C.R.; Holliday, T.A.; Vasseur, P.B.; Bruhl-Day, R.A.; Parker, H.R.; McNeal, D., 1984:
Electromyographic and urethral pressure profilometry: assessment of urethral function before and after perineal urethrostomy in cats

Inglis, J.; Donald, M.W.; Monga, T.N.; Sproule, M.; Young, M.J., 1984:
Electromyographic biofeedback and physical therapy of the hemiplegic upper limb

Peniston E.G.; Hughes R.B.; Kulkosky P.J., 1986:
Electromyographic biofeedback assisted relaxation training in the treatment of reactive depression in chronic pain patients

Ince L.P.; Leon M.S.; Christidis D., 1986:
Electromyographic biofeedback for handwriting disabilities a critical examination of the literature

Borton, T.E.; Clark, S.R., 1988:
Electromyographic biofeedback for treatment of tinnitus

Hamada, K., 1987:
Electromyographic changes in masticatory muscles after injecting pain producing substance with special reference to the dysfunction of masticatory muscles

Somasekhar T.; Ramakrishna T.; Krishnamoorthy R.V., 1986:
Electromyographic changes in the denervated frog muscle

Meng Y.; E.A., 1988:
Electromyographic changes of anterior bundle of temporalis muscle with computer analysis

Lee, K.H.; Matteliano, A.; Medige, J.; Smiehorowski, T., 1987:
Electromyographic changes of leg muscles with heel lift: therapeutic implications

Wittmann, T.; Crenner, F.; Felder, G.; Pousse, A.; Grenier, J.F., 1986:
Electromyographic characteristics of small bowel motility in the rat

Nesmeyanova T.N.; Naidel' A.V.; Egorova L.N., 1985:
Electromyographic characteristics of the restoration of motor functions in patients with lesion of the cervical portion of the spinal cord

Kuzavkova, N.A., 1985:
Electromyographic criteria of assessing the prosthesis operators' activity

Gosmin F.; Meninno V.; Ruggiero G.; Lombardi S., 1985:
Electromyographic evaluation of motor recruitment in a group of trained subjects compared with a group of untrained subjects

Tuler, S.M.; Wallace, C.E.; Bowen, J.M., 1988:
Electromyographic evaluation of the external anal sphincter muscle in rectovaginal constriction in Jersey cattle

Pouget J.; Pellissier J.F.; Serratrice G., 1987:
Electromyographic features of inclusion body myositis a macro emg study

Mulder T.; Hulstijn W.; Van Der Meer J., 1986:
Electromyographic feedback and the restoration of motor control a controlled group study of 12 hemiparetic patients

Turczynski, B.E.; Hartje, W.; Sturm, W., 1984:
Electromyographic feedback treatment of chronic hemiparesis: an attempt to quantify treatment effects

Tang, X.F.; Yang, T.; Yang, B.X.; Liu, X.Z.; Rong, Z.P., 1984:
Electromyographic findings in normal Chinese. Analysis of 310 subjects

Sandrini G.; Bosso A.; Biscaldi G.; Malamani T.; Franco G.; Grampella D.; Alfonsi E.; Moglia A.; Arrigo A., 1983:
Electromyographic investigation in early diagnosis of carbon disulfide neuropathy a study on 216 workers with different degrees of exposure

Haase J.; Kluge A., 1987:
Electromyographic investigations of the masseters at patients with dysfunctional arthropathy

Wawrzinoszek M.; Kramer H., 1985:
Electromyographic investigations on power density distribution of the surface electromyographic spectrum dependent on the force of contraction

Tokuhiro, A.; Nagashima, H.; Takechi, H., 1985:
Electromyographic kinesiology of lower extremity muscles during slope walking

MacHarg, M.A.; Adams, S.B.; Lamar, C.H.; Becht, J.L., 1986:
Electromyographic, myomechanical, and intraluminal pressure changes associated with acute extraluminal obstruction of the jejunum in conscious ponies

Duranti, R.; Galletti, R.; Pantaleo, T., 1985:
Electromyographic observations in patients with foot pain syndromes

Ahlgren J., 1986:
Electromyographic pattern of temporalis in normal occlusion

Bhattacharya, A.; Ramakrishanan, H.K.; Habes, D., 1986:
Electromyographic patterns associated with a carpet installation task

Bathien N.; Koutlidis R.M.; Rondot P., 1984:
Electromyographic patterns in abnormal involuntary movements induced by neuroleptics

Bird E.I., 1984:
Electromyographic quantification of mental rehearsal

Kasai T.; Komiyama T., 1986:
Electromyographic reaction time of the biceps brachii in bilateral simultaneous motions

Blair C.; Smith A., 1986:
Electromyographic recording in human lip muscles can single muscles be isolated

Kraljević, K., 1984:
Electromyographic recording of the action potentials of the masseter and temporal muscles in central occlusion

Wieselmann G.; Permann R., 1987:
Electromyographic records in bruxism

Armstrong, D.M.; Drew, T., 1985:
Electromyographic responses evoked in muscles of the forelimb by intracortical stimulation in the cat

Davies, A.M.; Eccles, R., 1987:
Electromyographic responses of a nasal muscle to stimulation of the nasal vestibule in the cat

Brown, T.C.; Bell, B., 1987:
Electromyographic responses to small doses of suxamethonium in children after burns

Naeije M.; Hansson T.L., 1986:
Electromyographic screening of myogenous and arthrogenous temperomandibular joint dysfunction patients

Shiau Y Y., 1985:
Electromyographic silent periods in patients with temporomandibular joint and muscle pain dysfunction syndrome

Forget, R.; Boghen, D.; Attig, E.; Lamarre, Y., 1986:
Electromyographic studies of congenital mirror movements

Onozawa T., 1986:
Electromyographic studies on the musculature around the knee with osteoarthritis

Nagai, I.; Tsutsumida, R.; Kohama, G.I., 1988:
Electromyographic study during various jaw movements and positions normal discharge patterns of masticatory muscles in humans

Tsubaki H., 1985:
Electromyographic study of acute simple intestinal obstruction

Clark G.T.; Carter M.C., 1985:
Electromyographic study of human jaw closing muscle endurance fatigue and recovery of various isometric force levels

Marchetti M.; Fusillo M.; Menarini C., 1985:
Electromyographic study of long term phosphocreatine treatment in neuromuscular disorders

Sawai K., 1987:
Electromyographic study of masticatory muscle dysfunction in patients with temporomandibular joint arthrosis with special reference to the frequency changes of the electromyogram

Kameyama O., 1984:
Electromyographic study of natural gait of the operatively treated congenital club foot patients

Kawamura K., 1983:
Electromyographic study of the intestinal movement in simple obstruction

Tamura, O.; Mitsui, Y., 1984:
Electromyographic study of the optomotor effect in exotropia under general anesthesia

Kono M., 1986:
Electromyographic study of the prevention mechanism of downward subluxation of the glenohumeral joint

Bankoff, A.D.; Furlani, J., 1984:
Electromyographic study of the rectus abdominis and external oblique muscles during exercises

Bagg, S.D.; Forrest, W.J., 1986:
Electromyographic study of the scapular rotators during arm abduction in the scapular plane

Sousa O.M.D.; Costacurta L., 1984:
Electromyographic study of the serratus anterior muscle during respiration

Bull M.L.; D.F.eitas V.; Vitti M., 1984:
Electromyographic study of the trapezius pars superior and levator scapulae muscles in circumduction and pendular oscillation of the arm

Bull, M.L.; D.F.eitas, V.; Vitti, M., 1984:
Electromyographic study of the trapezius (pars superior) and levator scapulae muscles in the movements of the head

Büll, M.L.; Vitti, M.; de Freitas, V., 1985:
Electromyographic study of the trapezius (upper portion) and levator scapulae muscles in some movements of the shoulders

Sugihara K.; Taba N., 1986:
Electromyographic study on cold shivering in chicks

Aoki, S., 1984:
Electromyographic study on human eye movements 1. simultaneous electromyographic recordings from 4 recti muscles in normal and peripheral oculomotor disturbances

Aoki, S., 1984:
Electromyographic study on human eye movements 2. simultaneous electromyographic recordings from 4 recti muscles in acquired supranuclear oculomotor disturbances

Oka H., 1984:
Electromyographic study on lower limb muscle activities during normal gait cycle

Ishimura K., 1984:
Electromyographic study on rotational movement of the humerus

Fonzo R.; Dipino G.; Rubini F.; Zibetti A., 1985 :
Electromyographic study on use of trazodone in two cases of tetanus

Yoshida, K., 1988:
Electromyographical analysis of function of sternocleidomastoid muscle during occlusal function

Pouyet M.; Denavit M.; Roche M.; Achard F., 1985:
Electromyographical profile of the jejunum after abdominal surgery

Kitahara, S., 1986:
Electromyographical study on motor function of residual intestine after massive resection of small intestine

Fields, R.W., 1987:
Electromyographically triggered electric muscle stimulation for chronic hemiplegia

Hof A.L., 1984:
Electromyography and muscle force an introduction

Hirasawa Y.; Uchiza Y.; Kuesswetter W., 1986:
Electromyography biofeedback therapy for rupture of the extensor pollicis longus tendon

Hnik P.; Vejsada R.; Kasicki S., 1988:
Electromyography in chronic animal experiments

Ender L.A.; Lagutina T.S.; Chernyakov V.L.; Shcherbakova E.O.; Shcherbakov V.A.; Shuster A.M., 1984:
Electromyography in patients with the terminal stage of chronic renal insufficiency treated with regular hemodialysis and hemoperfusion

Tabin V.I.; Danilov A.A., 1984:
Electromyography in the diagnosis and evaluation of the effectiveness of the treatment of the median and ulnar nerves in children

Fel'berbaum R.A. , 1985:
Electromyography of facial nerve function and its value for the diagnosis of auditory nerve neurinoma

Tibbling L.; Ask P.; Pope C.E.II, 1986:
Electromyography of human esophageal smooth muscle

Kalen, V.; Adler, N.; Bleck, E.E., 1986:
Electromyography of idiopathic toe walking

Alford, E.K.; Roy, R.R.; Hodgson, J.A.; Edgerton, V.R., 1987:
Electromyography of rat soleus, medial gastrocnemius, and tibialis anterior during hind limb suspension

Abe, S.; Kawabe, K.; Niijima, T.; Shimada, Y., 1984:
Electromyography of the external urethral sphincter in patients with prostatic hyperplasia

Haruta R.; Hattori M.; Uyama J.; Mimura O.; Kani K.; Shimo Oku M., 1985:
Electromyography of the single neuro muscular units in the human extraocular muscles fixation and saccade

Roberts J.; Farrer J., 1985:
Electromyography signal processing an in service aid

Scholz F.; Millesi W.; Fruehwald F., 1988:
Electromyography with sonographic control of the needle position

Buriak, V.P.; Turkevich, N.M., 1976:
Electron absorption spectra and the quantitative determination of sydnophen

Ogilvie P.D.; Reschl L.A.; Berg S.P., 1983:
Electron acceptance at photosystem ii in an oxygen evolving photosystem ii preparation clear discrimination of 2 sites of electron acceptance for quinones and quinonediamines associated with a photosystem ii preparation

Kozlov V.K.; Markosyan R.A.; Filatova L.V., 1980:
Electron acceptor acid properties of the contents of blood platelet intra cellular granules and their significance for some reactions of these cells

Ashley P.L.; Davis D.K.; Griffin B.W., 1980:
Electron acceptor function of oxygen in radical n demethylation reactions catalyzed by heme proteins

Lukashev E.P.; Kononenko A.A.; Timofeev K.N.; Uspenskaya N.Ya; Rubin A.B., 1979:
Electron acceptors in photosynthetic reaction centers from rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides

Chebotarev L.N.; Shaburova G.V., 1986:
Electron acceptors of anaerobic oxidation in the yeast saccharomyces carlsbergensis under the effect of light

Wraight, C.A., 1979:
Electron acceptors of bacterial photosynthetic reaction centers 2. proton binding coupled to secondary electron transfer in the quinone acceptor complex

Wraight, C.A., 1977:
Electron acceptors of photosynthetic bacterial reaction centers direct observation of oscillatory behavior suggesting 2 closely equivalent ubi quinones

Symons, M.C.R.; Petersen, R.L., 1978:
Electron addition to the active site of cancer magister hemo cyanins an esr study of copper ion centers after gamma radiolysis

Bartlett N.; Symons M.C.R., 1983:
Electron addition to the iron di oxide unit of oxy hemo globin glycera dibranchiata

Wiebe L.I.; Jette D.C.; Chapman J.D., 1984:
Electron affinic compounds for labeling hypoxic cells the synthesis and characterization of 1 2 2 iodophenoxyethyl 2 nitroimidazole

Adams, G.E.; Flockhart, I.R.; Smithen, C.E.; Stratford, I.J.; Wardman, P.; Watts, M.E., 1976:
Electron affinic sensitization part 7 a correlation between structures 1 electron reduction potentials and efficiencies of nitro imidazoles as hypoxic cell radio sensitizers

Heinis T.; Chowdhury S.; Scott S.L.; Kebarle P., 1988:
Electron affinities of benzo naphtho and anthraquinones determined from gas phase equilibria measurements

Gilbert, M.; Penel, A.; Kosikowski, F.V.; Henion, J.D.; Maylin, G.A.; Lisk, D.J., 1977:
Electron affinity gas chromatographic determination of beta nitro propionic acid as its penta fluoro benzyl derivative in cheeses and mold filtrates

Hageman R.V.; Burris R.H., 1980:
Electron allocation to alternative substrates of azotobacter vinelandii nitrogenase is controlled by the electron flux through di nitrogenase

Haaker H.; Wassink H., 1984:
Electron allocation to protons and nitrogen by nitrogenase in rhizobium leguminosarum bacteroids/

Nedukha, E.M., 1978:
Electron and cytochemical studies of glucose 6 phosphatase activity localization in the beta vulgaris cultivated cells

Yasnykov, O.O.; Hryshyn, O.M.; Ponomarenko, S.P.; Pavlova, O.K.; Uziyenko, A.B., 1977:
Electron and hydrogen atom transfer in model and enzymatic reactions of nad and nadp

Huang S N.; Lorenz D.; Gerety R.J., 1979:
Electron and immuno electron microscopic study on liver tissues of marmosets saguinus mystax infected with hepatitis a virus

Cavalier-Smith, T., 1975:
Electron and light microscopy of gametogenesis and gamete fusion in Chlamydomonas reinhardii

Groenewald W.A.; Van Der Merwe E.J., 1980:
Electron and low energy photon contamination of the radiation beam of a theratron 780 cobalt unit

Kulchaev, E.M., 1978:
Electron and oscillation spectra of humic acid absorption

Hofmanova A.; Bienvenue E.; Seta P.; Momentrau M., 1986:
Electron and proton phototransports in a bilayer membrane acidic porphyrin and superoxide ion as delta ph sensitive charge carriers

Bouges Bocquet B., 1980:
Electron and proton transfers from p 430 to ferredoxin nadp reductase in chlorella pyrenoidosa cells

Sarkisov D.S.; Pal'tsyn A.A.; Kolokol'chikova E.G.; Kaem R.I.; Morozov S.S., 1984:
Electron and radioautographic study of the infected wound in humans

Gasyna Z., 1979:
Electron attachment to iron iii nitric oxide center in nitric oxide peroxidase at low temperature rearrangement of the structure of the active site

Lang, E.; Khaidu, F.; Kish, I.; Eliseeva, Z.V., 1977:
Electron auto radiographic analysis of projection i and projection ii of the somato sensory areas of the cortex into the posterior ventral nucleus of the thalamus

Yuzhakov V.V., 1983:
Electron auto radiographic analysis of tritium labeled thymidine distribution in the nuclei of chinese hamster cells

Pal'tsyn A.A.; Kolker I.I.; Chervonskaya N.V.; Pobedina V.G., 1982:
Electron auto radiographic examination of human polymorphonuclear leukocyte staphylococci interaction

Vtyurin, B.V.; Pal'tsyn, A.A.; Moroz, V.Y., 1975:
Electron auto radiographic study of capillaries in malignant tumors

Pal'tsyn, A.A.; Badikova, A.K.; Botsmanov, K.V.; Rubetskoi, L.S., 1978:
Electron auto radiographic study of hepatic cell nuclei in the chronic pathological process

Yudenich V.V.; Pal'tsyn A.A.; Zalugovskii O.G., 1982:
Electron auto radiographic study of keloid cicatrices

Kolokol'chikova E.G., 1981:
Electron auto radiographic study of the rate of biosynthetic processes in fibroblasts during healing of experimental wounds

Tumanov V.P.; Pal'tsyn A.A.; Sanovich E.Ya, 1980:
Electron auto radiographic study of tritium labeled adrenaline distribution in rat central nervous system

Lebkova N.P.; Kolesova O.E.; Gorbunova V.D.; Bobkov Y.I.; Petrovich Y.A.; Bondarenko M.F., 1984:
Electron autoradiographic investigation of intracellular transformation of fatty acids into glycogen in alloxan diabetic rats

Kashirina N.K., 1988:
Electron autoradiographic studies of rna synthesis in dark and light adrenal cells

Baily, N.A., 1980:
Electron backscattering

Lane, R.G.; Lake, D., 1978:
Electron beam calibration constants

Kirby, T.H.; Gastorf, R.J.; Hanson, W.F.; Berkley, L.W.; Gagnon, W.F.; Hazle, J.D.; Shalek, R.J., 1985:
Electron beam central axis depth dose measurements

Nicholson W.A.P., 1981:
Electron beam current measurement in the electron microscope

Datta R.; Datta S.; Mcdavid W.D.; Waggener R.G., 1979:
Electron beam depth dose scaling by means of effective atomic number reconstructed from computed tomography scans

Lax, I.; Brahme, A., 1985:
Electron beam dose planning using Gaussian beams. Energy and spatial scaling with inhomogeneities

Baumeister, W.; Hahn, M.; Fringeli, U.P., 1976:
Electron beam induced conformation changes in poly peptide layers an ir study

Krishnan, L.; Krishnan, E.C., 1986:
Electron beam irradiation after reconstruction with silicone gel implant in breast cancer

Wikjord A.G.; Doern F.E.; Hachkowski L.; Baird J., 1980:
Electron beam micro analysis of radioactive particulates from the disintegration of the russian satellite cosmos 954

Oates K.; Potts W.T.W., 1985:
Electron beam penetration and x ray excitation depth in ice

Yamane K.; Yokote T.; Kajiwara Y.; Ohtsubo M.; Akagawa H.; Ohtake H., 1985:
Electron beam therapy for chest wall recurrence after mastectomy

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Electron capture detection of aromatic hydro carbons

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Electron capture detector gas liquid chromatography technique for estimating tocainide in biological fluids

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Electron capture gas chromatographic determination of residues of anthra quinone bird repellent

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Electron capture gas chromatography determination of benzodiazepines and metabolites

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Electron capture gas chromatography of sulfonamides after extractive alkylation

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Electron capture gas chromatography study of the acid and alcohol products of Clostridium septicum and Clostridium chauvoei

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Electron capture gas liquid chromatographic determination of acetone in butter

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Electron capture gas liquid chromatographic determination of clobazam and demethyl clobazam in plasma

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Electron capture gas liquid chromatography determination of ibuprofen in serum

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Electron carriers of adrenal cortex mitochondria with mammary carcinogenesis under effect of modifying factors

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Electron carriers of cytochrome oxidase ec detectable by epr and their relationship to those traditionally recognized in this enzyme

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Electron carriers of the pulmonary and hepatic detoxifying system in chemical carcinogenesis under conditions of modifying action of influenza virus

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Electron computer modeling of membrane structure and distribution of admixture particles in lipid bi layer/

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Electron conformational interactions of molecular biological systems part 1 quantum chemical aspect of the theory of electron conformational interactions

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Electron contamination from different materials in high energy photon beams

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Electron contamination in cobalt 60 gamma ray beams

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Electron contamination of large cobalt 60 photon beams

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Electron contamination of the photon beam of the cobalt 60 teletherapy unit rokus

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Electron cytochemical assay of neutral phosphatase activity in frog marrow granulocytes

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Electron cytochemical demonstration of 4 hydrolytic enzymes in the rat corpora lutea at 2nd half of gestation

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Electron cytochemical demonstration of acid phosphatase ec in saprophytic claviceps purpurea

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Electron cytochemical detection of 2 dehydrogenase activities in neurospora crassa

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Electron cytochemical detection of adenylate cyclase in embryos of sea urchin

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Electron cytochemical detection of calcium ion activated atpase in various types of root cells of barley seedlings

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Electron cytochemical detection of nickel ions under pathological conditions in the rat heart

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Electron cytochemical determination of adenylate cyclase in bone marrow cells under the action of adrenaline epinephrine

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Electron cytochemical investigation of ribo nucleo protein particles in the cerebral cortex neurons during a post hypoxic period

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Electron cytochemical investigation of the activity of acid phosphatase and exogenous peroxidase in mononuclear phagocytes of mouse bone marrow

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Electron cytochemical investigation of the localization and properties of atpase of isolated nuclei in normal rabbit skeletal muscle and in experimental muscular dystrophy

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Electron cytochemical localization of peroxidase in self and cross pollinated styles of primula acaulis

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Electron cytochemical localization of phosphoenol pyruvate carboxylase ec in fungal claviceps purpurea cells

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Electron cytochemical method for dna detection with ammoniacal silver

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Electron cytochemical methods for calcium detection

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Electron cytochemical osmium ferricyanide staining of cereal chloroplasts

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Electron cytochemical studies on autophagy in the gut epithelial cells of the locust schistocerca gregaria

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Electron cytochemical studies on changes of adenylate cyclase activity following experimental hypoxia and ischemia in perfused rat hearts

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Electron cytochemical studies on the differentiation of mouse lung alveolar epithelial cells with special reference to changes in mitochondria

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Electron cytochemical study of acid phosphatase in the post mortem brain

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Electron cytochemical study of atpase activity in the post mortem brain

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Electron cytochemical study of atpase activity localization in brain tissue of albino rats

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Electron cytochemical study of brain mitochondria at different periods after death

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Electron cytochemical study of cholera toxin uptake by the guinea pig peyers patch epithelium

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Electron cytochemical study of lipid deposit condensation and degradation in ascomycetes self assembly of unit membranes

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Electron cytochemical study of rat brain adenylate cyclase

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Electron cytochemical study of the localization of endogenic peroxidase in the cells of an intact and hyperplastic rat thyroid gland

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Electron cytochemistry and morphometry of neocortical synapses during postmortem autolysis

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Electron cytochemistry of mycobacteria evidence that strongly acidic sulfate groups are present on the surface of h37rv virulent strain of mycobacterium tuberculosis

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Electron cytochemistry of peroxidase activity in bone marrow neutrophils of the frog rana temporaria

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Electron delocalization in pyrimidine dimers and the implantations for enzyme catalyzed dimer cycloversion

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Electron delocalization in thiometallato complexes and clusters with different dithioiron or silver with dithiomolybdenum or tungsten units studied by means of resonance raman spectroscopy

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Electron dense deposits in extraglomerular vascular structures in immunoglobulin a nephropathy a retrospective study

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Electron dense granules and the role of buffers artifacts from fixation with glutaraldehyde and osmium tetr oxide

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Electron dense granules in yoghurt characterization by x ray microanalysis

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Electron dense micro tubules in the animal sperm tail

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Electron dense micro villi in the vomero nasal organ of the tree shrew

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Electron dense mitochondrial inclusions in a pituitary oncocytoma

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Electron dense staining for low magnification pictures from sections of spurr embedded rat cartilages 1 case of application of soloffs triple staining

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Electron dense subepithelial glomerular deposits in henoch schoenlein purpura syndrome

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Electron dense substance in potato leaf mesophyll cells

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Electron densities in neuroleptics by x ray photo electron spectroscopy carbon 13 nmr and quantum calculations on model compounds

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Electron density and atomic number determination by computed tomography part 1 methods and limitations part 2 a study of colloid cysts

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Electron density calculations as an extension of protein structure refinement streptomyces griseus protease a at 1.5 angstrom resolution

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Electron density determination of 3 high density lipo protein subfractions considering poly dispersity and deviation from radial symmetry

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Electron density distribution in crystals of di form hydrazide

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Electron density distribution of dry avian tendon

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Electron density studies of porphyrins and phthalocyanines 5. electronic ground state of iron ii tetraphenylporphyrin bistetrahydrofuran

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Electron diffraction and electron microscopy of crystalline alpha chitin from the grasping spines of the marine worm sagitta

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Electron diffraction and electron probe micro analysis of the mineral phase of bone tissue prepared by anhydrous techniques

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Electron diffraction of mollusk shell organic matrices and their relationship to the mineral phase

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Electron diffraction of thin sectioned biological specimens an efficient but neglected method for lattice assessment

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Electron diffraction study of dental apatites and its relationship to the piezo electricity of the tooth

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Electron diffraction study of single crystals of amylose complexed with n butanol

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Electron diffraction study on single crystals of l type and d l type lecithins

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Electron donation to ferredoxin in heterocysts of the nitrogen fixing alga anabaena cylindrica

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Electron donation to nitrogenase in a cell free system from heterocysts of anabaena variabilis

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Electron donation to photosystem I

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Electron donor acceptor compounds 36. quinones and quinhydrones of the 2.2 and 3.3 metaparacyclophane series

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Electron donor acceptor orbital correlations vii. intermolecular orbital lcmo description of photosensitized charge separation in a 4 center unit

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Electron donor acceptor quenching and photoinduced electron transfer for coumarin dyes

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Electron donor pool of photosystem ii in tris washed chloroplasts in a study of low temperature delayed fluorescence

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Electron donor properties of the antitumor drug amsacrine as studied by fluorescence quenching of dna bound ethidium

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Electron donors and carriers for the reduction of tri methylamine n oxide in escherichia coli

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Electron donors to p 700 in cyanobacteria and algae an instance of unusual genetic variability

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Electron dose from immersion in a semi infinite photon emitting cloud

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Electron dose rate conversion factors for external exposure of the skin

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Electron dose reduction coefficients for 7 radio nuclides and cylindrical geometry

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Electron dosimetry with thermally stimulated exoelectron emission

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Electron effects produced on the biological activity of 1 3 dihydro 2h 1 4 benzdiazepin 2 ones

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Electron electron double resonance and saturation recovery studies of nitroxide electron and nuclear spin lattice relaxation times and heisenberg exchange rates lateral diffusion in di myristoylphosphatidyl choline

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Electron energy loss chemical mapping of low Z elements in biological sections

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Electron energy loss spectroscopical investigations on air filters for the analysis of the air quality

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Electron exchange and photo reduction of nad and nadp

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Electron exchange behaviors of humic substances with iron copper and manganese

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Electron exchange between amphiphilic 4 alkylpyridinepentaammineruthenium ions separated by phospholipid vesicle bilayers

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Electron exchange coupling in a naturally occurring tetramangano cluster in the mineral helvite

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Electron exchange kinetics of tetrakis alkyl thio tetra thio tetra ferrate 2 tetrakis alkyl thio tetra thio tetra ferrate 3 and tetrakis alkyl thio tetra seleno tetra ferrate 2 tetrakis alkyl thio tetra seleno tetra ferrate 3 system estimates of the intrinsic self exchange rate constant of 4 iron sites in oxidized and reduced ferredoxins

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Electron flow at the polarized mercury water interface in the presence of membrane fragments rich in sodium ion potassium ion activated atpase

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Electron flow shift in clostridium acetobutylicum fermentation by electrochemically introduced reducing equivalent

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Electron flow to di methyl sulfoxide or tri methylamine n oxide generates a membrane potential in rhodopseudomonas capsulata

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Electron gain and electron loss radicals stabilized on the purine and pyrimidine of a co crystal exhibiting base base inter stacking esr electron nuclear double resonance of x irradiated adenosine 5 bromo uracil

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Electron histochemical and auto radiographic studies of vascular smooth muscle cell

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Electron histochemical and x ray spectral study of the reaction product to calcium in the cortex and caudate nucleus of rat brain exposed to glypin

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Electron histochemical identification and differentiation of the chemical composition of the supra membrane layer of cells in the kidneys

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Electron histochemical investigation of capillary permeability in the central nervous system in burn shock

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Electron histochemical study of glycogen synthetase in the rabbit cornea

Amemiya T., 1981:
Electron histochemical study of mitochondria with glycogen granules in rat photo receptor cells

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Electron histochemistry of adenylate cyclase and cyclic amp phospho di esterase in hamster eggs during folliculogenesis and early development stages

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Electron histochemistry of phospho hydrolases in normal mucosa and in cells of human gastric adeno carcinoma

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Electron hydration dynamics using the 2 anilinonaphthalene precursor

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Electron immuno cytochemical studies of medullary mononuclears carrying surface antigens common to the brain

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Electron immuno histochemical evidence for the human intestinal i cell as the source of cholecystokinin

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Electron immunocytochemical localization of neuron specific enolase in cytoplasm and on membranes of primary and metastatic cerebral tumors and on glial filaments of glioma cells

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Electron immunocytochemical localization of pepsinogen i in chief cells mucous neck cells and transitional mucous neck chief cells of the human fundic mucosa

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Electron immunocytochemistry of surface immunoglobulins of the bursa of fabricius lymphocytes in prenatal and early postnatal chick embryogenesis

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Electron impact and chemical ionization fragmentation of 5 methoxytryptamine and some 6 methoxy beta carbolines

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Electron impact and chemical ionization mass spectral identification of some derivatives of 7 o 2 amino 2 deoxy alpha d glucopyranosyl l glycero d manno heptose obtained from lipopolysaccharides representative of the vibrionaceae family

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Electron impact and chemical ionization mass spectrometry of some butyrophenones

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Electron impact fragmentation of peptides containing azetidine 2 carboxylic acid residues

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Electron impact fragmentation of some aryl aliphatic nitrones of interest in amphetamine metabolism

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Electron impact induced fragmentation of cholesterol and related carbon 5 unsaturated steroids

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Electron impact mass spectrometric differentiation of 5 6 dihydroxy 7 8 dimethoxyflavones and 5 8 dihydroxy 6 7 dimethoxyflavones

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Electron impact mass spectrometry in a series of methyl 2 pyrimidones/

Jimenez R.; Cortes E., 1982:
Electron impact mass spectrometry of 2 5 bis p r phenyl thiophenes

S.G.orgiev V.; Coomber D.C.; Mullen G.B., 1986:
Electron impact mass spectrometry of substituted 3 4 5 6 tetrahydro 1 4 oxazin 2 one derivatives

Clark, C.C., 1986:
Electron impact mass spectroscopy for identification of phencyclidine

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Electron impact promoted fragmentation of some 4 quinolone alkaloids and related compounds

Kostov J.; Bodurov N.; Todorova J., 1984:
Electron indicators for determining the optimal insemination time with cows and ewes

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Electron induction apparatus for vaccine aerosol dosimetry

Zimmerman A.P., 1981:
Electron intensity the role of humic acids in extracellular electron transport and chemical determination of oxidation reduction potentials in natural waters

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Electron irradiation of the uterine cervix cancer with a new transvaginal tube system attached to the betatron

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Electron micro beam analysis and scanning electron microscopy of soil root interfaces

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Electron micro beam scanning of element distribution zones in soil rhizosphere and plant tissue

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Electron micro probe analyses of salt distribution in the halophyte salicornia pacifica var utahensis

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Electron micro probe analysis of apple fruit tissues affected with bitter pit

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Electron micro probe analysis of calcium solution penetration into milled pine bark particles

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Electron micro probe analysis of elements associated with zinc and copper in an oxidizing and an anaerobic soil environment

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Electron micro probe analysis of minerals in barley and malt tissues

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Electron micro probe analysis of muscles from patients with scoliosis

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Electron micro probe analysis of silica cells in leaf epidermal cells of cyperus alternifolius m

Schrempf M.; Mayer W E., 1980:
Electron micro probe analysis of the circadian changes in potassium and chloride distribution in the laminar pulvinus of phaseolus coccineus

Dengler N.G.; Lin E.Y C., 1980:
Electron micro probe analysis of the distribution of silicon in the leaves of selaginella emmeliana

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Electron micro probe analysis of zinc incorporation into rumen protozoa

Fordham A.W.; Norrish K., 1979:
Electron micro probe and electron microscope studies of soil clay particles

Arteca R.N.; Poovaiah B.W.; Hiller L.K., 1980:
Electron micro probe and neutron activation analysis for the determination of elemental distribution in hollow heart potato solanum tuberosum cultivar russet burbank tubers

Fitzsimons J.T.R.; Kerkut G.A., 1983:
Electron micrographic localization of atpase on micro tubules of isolated cilia from tetrahymena vorax

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Electron micrographs of anomalous performance of yeast cells associated with mutational temperature sensitive lethality

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Electron micrographs of cholesterol mono layers

Talens, L.T.; Miranda, M.; Miller, M.W., 1973:
Electron Micrography of Bud Formation in Metschnikowia krissii

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Electron microprobe analysis and microradiography of some artificial laminated carious lesions

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Electron microprobe analysis of human labial gland secretory granules in cystic fibrosis

Gyoery A.Z.; Beck F.; Rick R.; Thurau K., 1985:
Electron microprobe analysis of proximal tubule cellular sodium chloride and potassium element concentrations during acute mannitol saline volume expansion in rats evidence for inhibition of the sodium pump

Obrant K.J.; Odselius R., 1985:
Electron microprobe investigation of calcium and phosphorus concentration in human bone trabeculae normal and in posttraumatic osteopenia

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Electron microscope analysis of fibrillar elements in lymphocytes during redistribution of surface receptors

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Electron microscope analysis of intracellular electrolytes in resting and isoproterenol stimulated exocrine glands of frog skin

Hsu, M.T., 1974:
Electron microscope analysis of partial denaturation of f factor dna

Dorup J.; Andersen G.K.; Maunsbach A.B., 1983:
Electron microscope analysis of tissue components identified and located by computer assisted 3 dimensional reconstructions ultrastructural segmentation of the developing human proximal tubule/

Vermeulen, C.A.; Venema, G., 1974:
Electron microscope and auto radiographic study of ultrastructural aspects of competence and dna absorption in bacillus subtilis localization of uptake and of transport of transforming dna in competent cells

Vermeulen, C.A.; Venema, G., 1974:
Electron microscope and auto radiographic study of ultrastructural aspects of competence and dna absorption in bacillus subtilis ultrastructure of competent and noncompetent cells and cellular changes during development of competence

Lee H.W.; Cho H.J., 1981:
Electron microscope appearance of hantaan virus the causative agent of korean hemorrhagic fever

Gordon, M.; Dandekar, P.V., 1976:
Electron microscope assessment of fertilization of rabbit ova treated with concanavalin A and wheat germ agglutinin

Goldfine I.D.; Jones A.L.; Hradek G.T.; Wong K.Y., 1981:
Electron microscope auto radiographic analysis of iodine 125 labeled iodo insulin entry into adult rat hepatocytes in vivo evidence for multiple sites of hormone localization

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Electron microscope auto radiographic studies of the erythro blasts of a case of congenital dys erythropoietic anemia type ii

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Electron microscope auto radiographic studies on polytene nuclei of drosophila melanogaster part 3 localization of nonreplicating chromatin in the chromocenter hetero chromatin

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Electron microscope auto radiographic study of tritium labeled stearinic acid absorption in the rat intestine

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Electron microscope auto radiographic study on transcriptional activity of drosophila melanogaster polytene chromosomes

Nishizawa N.; Mori S., 1980:
Electron microscope auto radiographical evidence for the incorporation of exogenous protein into rice root cells

Grilli Caiola M.; Favali M.A., 1982:
Electron microscope auto radiography of anabaena sp akinetes labeled with tritium labeled thymidine

Caiola M.G.; Favali M.A., 1982:
Electron microscope auto radiography of anabaena sp and nostoc sp akinetes labeled with tritium labeled uridine

Spencer Phillips P.T.N.; Gay J.L., 1980:
Electron microscope auto radiography of carbon 14 labeled photosynthate distribution at the haustorium host interface in powdery mildew of pisum sativum cultivar onward

Delain E.; Bouteille M., 1980:
Electron microscope auto radiography of isolated dna molecules

Kurata, N.; Ito, M., 1978:
Electron microscope auto radiography of tritiated thymidine incorporation during the zygotene stage in micro sporocytes of lily

Liaw L H.L.; Berns M.W., 1981:
Electron microscope auto radiography on serial sections of pre selected single living cells

Lin M.; Prescott D.M., 1985:
Electron microscope autoradiography of dna synthesis in the replication band of 2 hypotrichous ciliates

Troitskaya L.P.; Kuz'mina S.N.; Zbarskii I.B.; Bul'dyaeva T.V., 1981:
Electron microscope characterization of the nuclear matrix and its fractions

Hicks, M.L.; Brilliant, J.D.; Foreman, D.W., 1976:
Electron microscope comparison of freeze substitution and conventional chemical fixation of undecalcified human dentin

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Electron microscope cytochemical analysis of chronic myelocytic leukemia a case

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Electron microscope demonstration of tubulin in cilia and basal bodies of rat tracheal epithelium by the use of anti tubulin antibody

Buzancic, A.; Juretic, N., 1977:
Electron microscope evidence of tomato spotted wilt virus in yugoslavia

Tonkin N.; Petkov R.; Popkhristova E., 1981:
Electron microscope examination of skin biopsies from patients with alopecia areata

Ohtsubo, E.; Hsu, M.T., 1978 :
Electron microscope hetero duplex studies of sequence relations among plasmids of escherichia coli isolation of a new f prime factor f 80 and its implication for the mechanism of f integration into the chromosome

Ohtsubo, E.; Hsu, M.T., 1978:
Electron microscope hetero duplex studies of sequence relations among plasmids of escherichia coli structure of f 100 f 152 and f 8 and mapping of the escherichia coli chromosomal region fep supe gal att lambda uvrb/

Mcnicholas, J.M.; Hulett, F.M., 1977:
Electron microscope histochemical localization of alkaline phosphatase ec in bacillus licheniformis

Arai K.; Kobayashi H.; Asano G.; Aihara K., 1981:
Electron microscope histochemical study of keloid scar role of myo fibroblast and blood vessel in keloid formation

Evert, R.F.; Deshpande, B.P., 1969:
Electron microscope investigation of sieve element ontogeny and structure in ulmus americana d

Steffens H., 1982:
Electron microscope investigation of synapses synapse like structures and possible sites of release of neuro secretory material in the buccal ganglia of helix pomatia mollusca

Hildebrand, H.F., 1980:
Electron microscope investigation of the developmental stages of the trophozoite of didymophyes gigantea sporozoa gregarinida 3. the fine structure of the epicyte with emphasis on the contractile elements

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Electron microscope investigations in certain cases of glomerulo nephritis preliminary report

Alfs, B., 1978:
Electron microscope investigations into the ultrastructure of the sensory epithelia in the labyrinth of the tree frog hyla arborea savignyi

Kedves, M.; Stanley, E.A., 1976:
Electron microscope investigations of the form genus pentapollenites and its reestablishment as a valid genus

Burgeff H.; Schneider L., 1979:
Electron microscope investigations on the correlation between color and structure in wing scales of the burnet moth zygaena ephialtes lepidoptera zygaenidae

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Electron microscope investigations on the endo nuclear dna rna bodies of the mid gut epithelial cells of bacillus rossius insecta cheleutoptera

Kies, L., 1971:
Electron microscope investigations on the structure and formation of the zygote wall in micrasterias papillifera desmidiaceae part 2 the structure of the meso spore and the endo spore

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Electron microscope localization of a protein bound near the origin of sv 40 dna replication

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Electron microscope localization of acetyl cholin esterase ec and butyryl cholin esterase ec in the ciliary ganglion of the cat

Davis, R.; Koelle, G.B., 1981:
Electron microscope localization of acetyl cholin esterase ec and butyryl cholin esterase ec in the superior cervical ganglion of the cat 2. preganglionically de nervated ganglion

Davis, R.; Koelle, G.B., 1978:
Electron microscope localization of acetyl cholin esterase ec and butyryl cholin esterase ec in the superior cervical ganglion of the cat part 1 normal ganglion

Hartmann M.A.; Benveniste P.; Roland J.C., 1983:
Electron microscope localization of concanavalin a binding sites in plasma membrane rich and endoplasmic reticulum rich fractions from maize zea mays cultivar lg 11 coleoptiles

Dubový, P.; Malinovský, L., 1988:
Electron microscope localization of some enzymes in the blood microvessels supplying the sensory nerve endings

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Electron microscope methods for the identification of adenoviruses isolated in micro tissue cultures

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Electron microscope observation of Campylobacter jejuni

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Electron microscope observation of micro spore division of wheat in vitro/

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Electron microscope observations in the latex vessels of ficus elastica d

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Electron microscope observations of autographa californica noctuidae nuclear polyhedrosis virus replication in the mid gut of the salt marsh caterpillar estigmene acrea arctiidae

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Electron microscope observations of the sporocyst of postharmostomum gallinum brachylaimidae

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Electron microscope observations on biopsied specimens of cardiac muscle from a patient with hemo chromatosis

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Electron microscope observations on calcium atpase microcrystals in detergent solubilized sarcoplasmic reticulum

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Electron microscope observations on gland cells of poncirus trifoliata d together with a contribution to the effect of essential oils on plant cells and a method for distinguishing between volatile and nonvolatile lipophilic components

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Electron microscope observations on granulosis virus replication in the fruit tree leaf roller archips argyrospila infection of the mid gut

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Electron microscope observations on human fetal striated muscle

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Electron microscope observations on larvae of blepharita solieri lepidoptera noctuidae infected by cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus

Becker M.I.; Izquierdo L., 1982:
Electron microscope observations on pre implantation mouse embryos cultured with lithium chloride

Hori T.; Kobara T.; Chihara M., 1979:
Electron microscope observations on pseudodichotomosiphon constrictus with special reference to the systematic position of the genus

Ajiri, T.; Ueda, R., 1976:
Electron microscope observations on sporogenesis in the hornwort anthoceros punctatus

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Electron microscope observations on the biopsied cardiac muscle cells in hypo thyroidism

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Electron microscope observations on the changing relationships between unmyelinated axons and Schwann cells in human fetal nerves

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Electron microscope observations on the cytoplasmic granules of a freshwater teleost pimelodus maculatus leukocyte

Lipa, J.J., 1977:
Electron microscope observations on the development of cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus in scotogramma trifolii lepidoptera noctuidae

Simola L.K., 1982:
Electron microscope observations on the differentiation of proto corm cells of dactylorhiza maculata

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Electron microscope observations on the effects of polymixin B sulfate on cell walls of Chlamydia psittaci

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Electron microscope observations on the micro sporogenesis in male sterile and its maintainer lines of wheat

Ferri S.; Stipp A.C.M., 1984:
Electron microscope observations on the nuclear envelope limited monolayers of chromatin in teleost pimelodus maculatus pancreatic endocrine cells

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Electron microscope observations on the ovarian follicle of the domestic fowl during the rapid growth phase

Pais V., 1981:
Electron microscope observations on viral multiplication in skin lesions of molluscum contagiosum

Salpeter, M.M., 1969:
Electron microscope radio autography as a quantitative tool in enzyme cytochemistry part 2 the distribution of dfp reactive sites at motor endplates of a vertebrate twitch muscle

Saio, K.; Gallant, D.; Petit, L. , 1977:
Electron microscope research on sunflower protein bodies

Labhart, P.; Koller, T., 1981:
Electron microscope specimen preparation of rat liver chromatin by a modified Miller spreading technique

Savova M.; Bozhkov S., 1985:
Electron microscope studies in experimental infectious bursal disease in birds

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Electron microscope studies of Anaplasma marginale in an Aedes albopictus culture system

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Electron microscope studies of attachment to human fallopian tube mucosa by a gonococcal immunoglobulin a 1 protease deficient mutant and wild type parent

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Electron microscope studies of cells of listeria monocytogenes treated with enterocin

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Electron microscope studies of conditional spore cortexless mutants of Bacillus sphaericus

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Electron microscope studies of experimental entamoeba histolytica infection in the guinea pig part 2 early cellular and vascular changes accompanying invasion of the lamina propria

Takeuchi, A.; Jervis, H.R.; Phillips, B.P., 1977:
Electron microscope studies of experimental entamoeba histolytica infection in the guinea pig part 3 histolysis of the cecum

Semczuk, M., 1977:
Electron microscope studies of human spermatozoa

Biliński, S., 1978:
Electron microscope studies of Melasoma embryos during the formation of the cellular blastoderm

Rassel, A., 1974:
Electron microscope studies of mycelian cells of cercosporella herpotrichoides inside foliar sheath cells of wheat

H.H.H., 1979:
Electron microscope studies of oogonial wall and elemental composition of oogonia in phytophthora

Sato S.; Nagano Baba M., 1985:
Electron microscope studies of spermatids in conocephalum conicum by freeze fracture replicas and ultrathin sections

Bondi, C.; Farnesi, R.M., 1976:
Electron microscope studies of spermatogenesis in branchiobdella pentodonta annelida oligochaeta

Lee Y.C.; Fang B.H.; Hwang S.M., 1988:
Electron microscope studies of the absorption of natural zeolite to the pathogenic bacteria

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Electron microscope studies of the effect of subinhibitory concentrations of phenyl ethanol and poly sorbate 80 on pseudomonas aeruginosa sensitive and resilient to benzalkonium chloride

Semendyaeva N.V., 1979:
Electron microscope studies of the silty fraction of improved solonetz

Osafune, T.; Mihara, S.; Hase, E.; Ohkuro, I., 1975:
Electron microscope studies of the vegetative cellular life cycle of chlamydomonas reinhardi in synchronous culture part 3 3 dimensional structures of mitochondria in the cells at intermediate stages of the growth phase of the cell cycle

Osafune, T.; Mihara, S.; Hase, E.; Ohkuro, I., 1976:
Electron microscope studies of the vegetative cellular life cycle of chlamydomonas reinhardi in synchronous culture part 5 mitochondria in dividing cells

Williams, R.C.; Chamberlin, M.J., 1977:
Electron microscope studies of transient complexes formed between escherichia coli rna polymerase ec holo enzyme and phage t 7 dna

Mehlhorn, H.; Weber, G.; Schein, E.; Buescher, G., 1975:
Electron microscope studies on developmental stages of theileria annulata in the intestine and hemolymph of hyalomma anatolicum excavatum

Mehlhorn, H.; Schein, E., 1976:
Electron microscope studies on developmental stages of theileria parva in the intestine of the tick hyalomma anatolicum excavatum

Farah Z., 1979:
Electron microscope studies on gelatin by ultra high temperature treated milk during storage

Yazawa I., 1981:
Electron microscope studies on mitochondria and pro plastids in bleached cells of euglena gracilis

Granzow, H.; Pett, B.; Bartsch, G., 1977:
Electron microscope studies on spread of fusarium sulphureum in potato tuber tissue

Sharpe, V.; Denny, P., 1976:
Electron microscope studies on the absorption and localization of lead in the leaf tissue potamogeton pectinatus

Miya, K., 1978:
Electron microscope studies on the early embryonic development of the silkworm bombyx mori part 1 architecture of the newly laid egg and the changes by sperm entry

Jones B.R.; Prince J.R.; Bulls S.A., 1981:
Electron microscope studies on the effects of di methyl sulfoxide in mammary glands of long evans rats during fetalogenesis

Hatae, T., 1978:
Electron microscope studies on the ellipsoid of the cat spleen with special reference to the filaments in the endothelial cells

Suzuki, T.; Tominaga, K.; Yamada, K.; Sawatari, M., 1975:
Electron microscope studies on the hypertrophied hearts of the spontaneously hypertensive rats

Gorchilova L.; Polyakova Kr"steva O., 1983:
Electron microscope studies on the in vitro effect of dertil on the tegument of mature fasciola hepatica

Toyama, S., 1980:
Electron microscope studies on the morphogenesis of plastids 10. ultrastructural changes of chloroplasts in morning glory leaves pharbitis nil cultivar scarlet o'hara exposed to ethylene

Fukuda, K.; Toyama, S., 1982:
Electron microscope studies on the morphogenesis of plastids 11. ultrastructural changes of the chloroplasts in tomato lycopersicon esculentum leaves treated with ethylene and kinetin

Toyama, S., 1980:
Electron microscope studies on the morphogenesis of plastids 8. further studies on the fine structure of cyanidium caldarium with special regard to the photosynthetic apparatus

Yamauchi, H.; Kurihara, M.; Miya, K., 1981:
Electron microscope studies on the oogenesis of the silkworm bombyx mori 4. ultrastructural changes of the nurse chamber

Schulte, E.; Riehl, R., 1977:
Electron microscope studies on the preoral tentacles and skin of branchiostoma lanceolatum

Suwa, K., 1977:
Electron microscope studies on the relationship between mitochondria and inclusion body in spheroid alveolar epithelial cell after vital staining with acidic and basic dyes

Schulte, E.; Riehl, R., 1976:
Electron microscope studies on the tentacles of lanice conchilega polychaeta sedentaria

Duerr, G., 1979:
Electron microscope studies on the theca of dinoflagellates 1. gonyaulax polyedra

Duerr, G., 1979:
Electron microscope studies on the theca of dinoflagellates 2. peridinium cinctum

Duerr, G., 1979:
Electron microscope studies on the theca of dinoflagellates 3. the cyst of peridinium cinctum

Aickin, R.M.; Dean, A.C.R.; Cheetham, A.K.; Skarnulis, A.J., 1978:
Electron microscope studies on the uptake of lead by a citrobacter sp

Nishi, Y.; Takesue, Y., 1978:
Electron microscope studies on triton solubilized sucrase from rabbit small intestine

Hagel, E.U., 1976:
Electron microscope study concerning the influence of chondroitin sulfate on experimental athero sclerosis in rabbits

Harrisson, F., 1977:
Electron microscope study of 2 types of cells in the anterior lobe of the chinese quail adeno hypophysis with special reference to their cytological features after photo stimulation

Guyer, M.S.; Figurski, D.; Davidson, N., 1976:
Electron microscope study of a plasmid chimera containing the replication region of the Escherichia coli F plasmid

Ferri S.; Blazquez F.J.H., 1984:
Electron microscope study of a teleost prochilodus scrofa neutrophil

Reunov A.V.; Lapshina L.A., 1983:
Electron microscope study of actinomycin d influence on the multiplication of potato virus x in mesophyll cells of datura stramonium leaves

Sutakova G., 1987:
Electron microscope study of ash tree diseases of unclear etiology

Kerebel, B.; Clergeau-Guerithault, S., 1975:
Electron microscope study of bacteria in dental plaques following the application of fluorides

Bykov A.S.; Pashkov E.N.; Lazurenko I.S.; Osenina G.S.; Seleznev A.S.; Taranov V.A., 1981:
Electron microscope study of bacterial immuno adhesion to red blood cells

Delektorskii V.V.; Serednyakova N.I.; Vavilov A.M.; Ryzhkova E.I., 1981:
Electron microscope study of capillaries in the papillary layer of the dermis in patients with the cystic form of rosacea at various intervals after dermabrasion

Garrone R.; Rozenfeld F., 1981:
Electron microscope study of cell differentiation and collagen synthesis in hydroxy urea treated fresh water sponges

Zhvaniya M.G., 1980:
Electron microscope study of collicular afferents in some association areas of the cat cerebral cortex

Abbey, S.D.; Stretton, R.J., 1978:
Electron microscope study of Cryptostroma corticale

Marconi Stipp A.C.; Ferri S., 1984:
Electron microscope study of cytoplasmic inclusions in acinar cells of teleost pimelodus maculatus pancreas

Mikhailov, V.M.; Markozashvili, M.I., 1984:
Electron microscope study of decidual cell differentiation 1. ultrastructure of large decidual cells of the anti mesometrial part of rat decidua

Komarov S.A., 1987:
Electron microscope study of developing muscle fibers of the silkworm bombyx mori l

Reymond C.; Agliano A.M.; Nacci A.; Spohr G., 1980:
Electron microscope study of duck globin messenger rna precursor cross linked in situ

Takeuchi, A.; Hashimoto, K., 1976:
Electron microscope study of experimental enteric adenovirus infection in mice

Entzeroth R.; Chobotar B.; Scholtyseck E., 1985:
Electron microscope study of gamogony of sarcocystis muris protozoa apicomplexa in the small intestine of cats felis catus

Thomas, P.; Chambost, J.P., 1978:
Electron microscope study of glycogen and amylose extracted from escherichia coli localization in membrane area of their neosynthesis

Beyer, T.V., 1977:
Electron microscope study of karyolysus sp sporozoa adeleida haemogregarinidae and of changes induced in the infected host cell

Da-Cruz-Landim, C.; Da-Cruz-Hofling, M.A., 1977:
Electron microscope study of lizard spermiogenesis in tropidurus torquatus lacertilia

Takahashi, T.; Suzuki, K.; Okuda, K.; Tadokoro, I.; Saburi, Y., 1976:
Electron microscope study of lymphocyte adsorption in tissue cultures infected with vaccinia virus

Hasan M.; Ali S.F.; Maitra S.C., 1979:
Electron microscope study of organo phosphate dichlorvos induced alterations in the rat hypothalamus and hippocampus

Svanidze E.S.; Dolidze M.G.; Natenadze K.I.; Tsulukidze M.G.; Grigor'eva L.S.; Stefanenko G.A.; Zaalishvili M.M., 1986:
Electron microscope study of protein p 55 and myosin interaction

Stossel P.; Lazarovits G.; Ward E.W.B., 1981:
Electron microscope study of race specific and age related resistant and susceptible reactions of soybeans glycine max cultivar altona to phytophthora megasperma var sojae

Khasanov S.A.; Aronova M.Z., 1981:
Electron microscope study of rat spiral organ hair cells in experimental latent and apparent diabetes mellitus

Li, K.K.; Seto, J.T., 1971:
Electron microscope study of rna of myxoviruses

Acosta Garcia I.; Hernandez Rodriguez S.; Gutierrez Palomino P.; Navarrete I., 1985:
Electron microscope study of spermatids of protostrongylus rufescens nematoda metastrongyloidea

Bechtel, D.B.; Bulla, L.A., 1976:
Electron microscope study of sporulation and parasporal crystal formation in Bacillus thuringiensis

Vishnyakova I.A.; Krasnook N.P.; Bukhtoyarova Z.T., 1979:
Electron microscope study of structural organization of storage substances in rice grain embryos during loss of viability

Simov S.; Simova E.; Davidkov B., 1985:
Electron microscope study of surface topography by geometrical determination of metric characteristics of surface elements

Hijiya, K., 1978:
Electron microscope study of the alveolar brush cell

Newell, N.; Lai, C.J.; Khoury, G.; Kelly, T.J.J., 1978:
Electron microscope study of the base sequence homology between sv 40 and human papovavirus bk

Tacke L.; Grunz H., 1986:
Electron microscope study of the binding of concanavalin a gold to superficial and inner ectoderm layers of xenopus laevis and its relation to the neural inducing activity of this lectin

Guttekova A., 1985:
Electron microscope study of the body wall of the nematode dictyocaulus viviparus

Komarek, J.; Ludvik, J.; Pelicaric, S., 1977:
Electron microscope study of the cell wall of scenedesmus opoliensis

Kazakauskaite Y.S., 1980:
Electron microscope study of the division processes in the cyst stages of the sarcosporidian sarcocystis ovifelis

Seleznev A.S.; Bykov A.S., 1981:
Electron microscope study of the effect of methicillin on phagocytized staphylococcus aureus cells

Zybina, E.V., 1981:
Electron microscope study of the endo ploid nuclei in the giant cells of the rat tropho blast 3. nucleolus and its fibrillar center at various stages of the endo replication cycle

Zybina, E.V., 1981:
Electron microscope study of the endo ploid nuclei in the giant cells of the rat tropho blast 4. changes in the fine structure of the nucleolus during cell differentiation

Lewis, J.W.; Ball, S.J., 1981 :
Electron microscope study of the epimastigotes of a fish trypanosome, Trypanosoma cobitis, in culture

Molon-Noblot, S., 1978:
Electron microscope study of the gametogenesis of grebnickiella gracilis sporozoa parasite of scolopendra cingulata

Watanabe, I.; Usukura, J.; Yamada, E., 1985:
Electron microscope study of the Grandry and Herbst corpuscles in the palatine mucosa, gingival mucosa and beak skin of the duck

Juberthie, C.; Bouvet, Y., 1978:
Electron microscope study of the granules in the intrinsic cells of the corpus cardiacum of micropterna nycterobia trichoptera

Schlecht F., 1979:
Electron microscope study of the gut and of the peritrophic membrane in cladocera and conchostraca phyllopoda crustacea

Skarlato S.O., 1983:
Electron microscope study of the micro nuclei of the ciliate stentor coeruleus during meiosis

Kamardin N.N.; Tsirulis T.P., 1980:
Electron microscope study of the osphradium of lymnaea stagnalis

Schlecht, F., 1977:
Electron microscope study of the peritrophic membrane in phyllopoda crustacea

Burdett I.D.J., 1979:
Electron microscope study of the rod to coccus shape change in a temperature sensitive rod negative mutant of bacillus subtilis

Marques A., 1983:
Electron microscope study of the sexual fusion and early stages of the sporogenesis in actinomyxidia

Kaganovskaya E.A., 1983:
Electron microscope study of the stomach and mid gut epithelium with the polychaete arenicola marina in the course of horseradish peroxidase and carmine uptake from the gut lumen

Korolev E.V.; Komissarchik Y.Y.; Filatov S.E., 1982:
Electron microscope study of the structural and chemical asymmetry of myelin membranes

Snigirevskaya E.S.; Komissarchik Y.Y.; Natochin Y.V.; Shakhmatova E.I., 1982:
Electron microscope study of the vacuolar system of the frog urinary bladder granular cells under the influence of an anti diuretic hormone

Jalouzot M F., 1979:
Electron microscope study of twin embryo sacs derived from 1 oenothera erythrosepala tetrad

Fowke, L.C.; Pickett-Heaps, J.D., 1978:
Electron microscope study of vegetative cell division in 2 species of marchantia

Tsuneki, K.; Ichihara, K., 1981:
Electron microscope study of vertebrate liver innervation

Hosokawa D.; Mori K., 1983:
Electron microscope study of virus distribution in floral organ and seed of petunia petunia hybrida infected with tobacco mosaic virus

Swiderski, Z.; Mackiewicz, J.S., 1976:
Electron microscope study of vitellogenesis in Glaridacris catostomi (Cestoidea: Caryophyllidea)

Ikui, H.; Uga, S.; Kahno, T., 1976:
Electron microscope study on astrocytes in the human retina using ruthenium red

Pryanishnikov, V.A.; Nevorotin, A.I., 1976 :
Electron microscope study on glycogen particles in human endometrial glandular epithelium cells

Imayama S.; Urabe H., 1981:
Electron microscope study on human psoriatic skin following local hyper thermia

Castano, P.; Scaricabarozzi, I.; Gioia, M., 1984:
Electron microscope study on neurons occurring in the common peroneal nerve of rat and pigeon

Kubo, M.; Sawada, N., 1977:
Electron microscope study on sperm differentiation in perinereis brevicirris polychaeta

Ochi, O.; Kubo, M.; Sawada, N., 1977:
Electron microscope study on sperm differentiation in travisia japonica polychaeta

Juberthie, C.; Manier, J.F., 1977:
Electron microscope study on spermiogenesis in the 2 harvestmen dyspnoi nemastomatidae mitostoma pyrenaeum and nemastoma bimaculatum

Ohata, M., 1979:
Electron microscope study on the bat testicular interstitial cell with special reference to the cytoplasmic crystalloid

Matsui M., 1985:
Electron microscope study on the chediak higashi syndrome mouse age related alteration in tongue mast cells

Takahashi H.; Yamadori T., 1979:
Electron microscope study on the contact of neural crest cells in the early stage of migration in bantam gallus gallus domesticus embryos

Imayama, S.; Urabe, H., 1984:
Electron microscope study on the hemangiomas in POEMS syndrome

Stanka, P., 1974:
Electron microscope study on the occurrence of electron dense deposits at the cell membrane of chicken erythrocytes

Suwa, K., 1977:
Electron microscope study on the relationship between macrophages of the alveolar space and spheroid alveolar epithelial cells of mice after injection of squid ink sepia melanin solution into the trachea

Falcon, L.A.; Hess, R.T., 1977:
Electron microscope study on the replication of autographa nuclear polyhedrosis virus and spodoptera nuclear polyhedrosis virus in spodoptera exigua

Whiteley A.H.; Mizuno S., 1981:
Electron microscope visualization of giant polysomes in sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus embryos

Panova L.A., 1980:
Electron microscopic adsorption auto radiography in the study of bacterial metabolism

Sims M.R., 1983:
Electron microscopic affiliations of oxytalan fibers nerves and the micro vascular bed in the mouse periodontal ligament

Kashiba A.; Hashimoto H.; Kimura H., 1983:
Electron microscopic alterations in noradrenaline nerve terminals in vas deferens of the rat following chronic administration of reserpine and chlorpromazine

Baleydier, C., 1972:
Electron microscopic alterations of the cerebral cortex of the cat in the vicinity of epileptogenic alumina cream focus

Matsuda T.; Kishigami N., 1981:
Electron microscopic ammoniacal silver reaction for basic nuclear proteins of the liverwort dumortiera hirsuta

Arima, T.; Kusanagi, A., 1977:
Electron microscopic ammoniacal silver reaction for tradescantia pollen grain brief report

Zaslavskaya, P.L.; Teteryatnik, A.F.; Zhukov, V.G.; Dzegilenko, N.B., 1978:
Electron microscopic analysis of active and inactive variants of proactinomyces mediterranei nocardia mediterranei producing rifamycin b/

Archakova L.I., 1980:
Electron microscopic analysis of adrenergic nerve endings in the inferior mesenteric ganglion of the cat

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Electron microscopic analysis of female sex cell nuclei from prefollicular developmental stages in a human

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Electron microscopic analysis of fibroblast differentiation of amoebocytes in the common pond snail lymnaea stagnalis mollusca gastropoda at the injury site

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Electron microscopic analysis of sugar residues of glyco proteins in the acrosomes of spermatids using various lectins

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Electron microscopic analysis of the banding pattern in the salivary gland chromosomes of drosophila melanogaster divisions 6 10 of x

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Electron microscopic analysis of the cytopathological effect of pesticides in the liver kidney and gill tissues of carp

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Electron microscopic analysis of the partial dissociation of nuclear pre messenger ribo nucleo protein particles

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Electron microscopic analysis of the pattern in the antheridium formation of polypodiaceous ferns

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Electron microscopic analysis of the uptake of heavy metals into root cells of plants

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Electron microscopic analysis of tyrosine hydroxylase dopamine beta hydroxylase and phenylethanolamine n methyltransferase immunoreactive innervation of the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus in the rat

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Electron microscopic analysis of yeast like cell formation from the conidia of sporothrix schenckii

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Electron microscopic and cytochemical observations on the membrane systems of the chicken thrombocyte

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Electron microscopic and cytochemical study of the primary reactions of lysosomes and golgi complex on the effect of small doses of specific antibodies

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Electron microscopic and cytochemical study on development of the paraboloid of the accessory cone of the chick retina

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Electron microscopic and electro physiological study of the effect of the anti malarial preparations dabequine and chloroquine on white rat retina

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Electron microscopic and energetic aspects in 4 pentenoic acid induced fatty liver model of reyes syndrome

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Electron microscopic and enzyme histochemical changes in the rat myo cardium during prolonged autolysis

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Electron microscopic and histochemical studies on the epiphyseal zone of the human fetus with reference to the functional participation of the muco poly saccharide and the lamina limitans in the enchondral ossification

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Electron microscopic and histochemical study of developing lily lilium hybridum cultivar enchantment anther in connection with the metabolism of reserve nutrients

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Electron microscopic and immuno electron microscopic study of thyroidal medullary carcinoma

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Electron microscopic and immunohistochemical examinations of the role of repeated intimal injury in the development of coronary arteriosclerosis in dogs

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Electron microscopic and immunohistochemical studies of myelofibrosis

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Electron microscopic and immunohistochemical studies on the parathyroid and thyroid glands in race horses

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Electron microscopic and immunohistochemical study of human endometrial carcinoma with special reference to localization of estrogen receptor and carcinoembryonic antigen

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Electron microscopic and immunological investigation of interactions between influenza virus and mouse peritoneal macrophages

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Electron microscopic and micro spectrophotometric observations in scirrhous carcinoma of the stomach

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Electron microscopic and morphometric analyses of the cellular composition of some forms of human goiter

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Electron microscopic and morphometric investigation of bone regeneration by combined magnetic and laser stimulation

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Electron microscopic and morphometric investigation on the in vitro differentiation of mitochondria of the neurons within hippocampus explant cultures under treatment with orotic acid and sodium orotate

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Electron microscopic and morphometric investigations of the integument of Acanthocephala (Aschelminthes)

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Electron microscopic and morphometric quantitative study of blood capillaries in a secreting salivary gland

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Electron microscopic and morphometric studies on the hippocampus of the nzb mouse

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Electron microscopic and morphometric studies on the synapses of the hippocampus after learning experiments in the rat

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Electron microscopic and morphometric study of gastric parietal cells of rats after administration of gastrin histamine and cyclic amp

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Electron microscopic and morphometric study on the renal proximal tubule of male and female rats following castration and substitution with testosterone

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Electron microscopic and optical diffraction analyses of crystalline inclusions in human osteosarcoma cells

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Electron microscopic and radioautographic analysis of foreign body giant cells in the focus of aseptic inflammation

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Electron microscopic and radioautographic investigation of dna synthesis in kidney tubule epithelial cells of white rats with sublimate necrotic nephrosis

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Electron microscopic and radioautographic study of bronchoalveolar lavage cells in nonspecific pulmonary inflammatory diseases

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Electron microscopic and radioautographic study of the bronchi in chronic inflammation exposed helium neon laser treatment

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Electron microscopic and scanning cyto photometric study of chromatin structure and distribution in nuclei of cartilaginous cells of aged triturus cristatus during regeneration

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Electron microscopic and serological investigations on indian chili mosaic virus

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Electron microscopic and ultra cytochemical studies of black baikal grayling thymallus arcticus baicalensis skeletal muscles under normal conditions and physical loads

O.I.T., 1979:
Electron microscopic and x ray micro analytical study on michaelis gutmann body

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Electron microscopic appearance of degenerating synapses after dorsal rhizotomy of the dog

Hiraide F., 1984:
Electron microscopic appearance of human middle ear mucosa in normal and pathological conditions