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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5348

Chapter 5348 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kobayashi T.; Kawai S.; Kainuma S.; Konishi M.; Kuto M.; Deguchi K.; Kusunose K.; Izuchi Y.; Yamada S., 1980:
Electron microscopy of giant cavernous hem angioma of the liver associated with consumption coagulopathy and acquired storage pool syndrome

Villegas, G.M., 1988:
Electron microscopy of giant nerve fibers

Mariani A.P.; Caserta M.T., 1986:
Electron microscopy of glutamate decarboxylase immunoreactivity in the inner plexiform layer of the rhesus monkey macaca mulatta retina

Tsuprun, V.L.; Samsonidze, T.G.; Radukina, N.A.; Pushkin, A.V.; Evstigneeva, Z.G.; Kretovich, W.L., 1980:
Electron microscopy of glutamine synthetase ec from pea leaf chloroplasts

Geuskens, M.; Alexandre, H., 1984:
Electron microscopy of glycogen in mouse cleaving embryos

Dobritsa, V.P.; Sukhodoeva, G.S.; Maskeev, K.M.; Rys-Uly, M.R.; Iasutis, I.M., 1987:
Electron microscopy of Haemophilus influenzae

Van Bruggen E.F.J., 1986:
Electron microscopy of hemocyanins 1942 1986

D.V.s, R.; Ray, M.B.; Desmet, V.J., 1979:
Electron microscopy of hepatitis B virus components in chronic active liver disease

Friedmann, A.; Shlomai, J.; Becker, Y., 1977:
Electron microscopy of herpes simplex virus dna molecules isolated from infected cells by centrifugation in cesium chloride density gradients

Oliveira, L.H.; Fonseca, M.E.; Leandro, S.V.; Dias, L.M., 1987:
Electron microscopy of Hofbauer cells after embedding with placental erythrocytes

Kaganovskaya E.A., 1981:
Electron microscopy of human cerebral cortex in the peri focal zone of contusion

Moran D.T.; Rowley J.C.IIi; Jafek B.W., 1982:
Electron microscopy of human olfactory epithelium reveals a new cell nerve type the micro villar cell

Shimizu, T.; Ishida, Y.; Takeda, F., 1978:
Electron microscopy of human pituitary adenomas. Correlation of the secretory granules with the experimentally and clinically evaluated hormone synthesis function of the adenoma tissue

Kerkis A.Yu; Zhdanova N.S.; Khristolyubova N.B., 1984:
Electron microscopy of hybrid clones of chinese hamster and human fibroblasts

Nozu M., 1982:
Electron microscopy of hypertrophied tissue of pueraria thunbergiana infected with synchytrium minutum

Van-Ewijk, W.; Hosli, P., 1975:
Electron microscopy of in vitro cultured cells a new method based on the use of a teflon film as cell support

Nakata, T.; Tsuji, Y.; Fujiwara, J.; Yamamoto, K.; Miyoshi, S., 1976:
Electron microscopy of ion sputtered human enamel

Jimenez Cardoso J.M.; Scheleib R.; Chousleb A.; Martinez H.; Wusterhaus A.H., 1985:
Electron microscopy of ischemic and protected myocardium study in rats

Pfeiffer G.L.; Brimijoin W.S.; Studelska D.R.; Carmichael S.W., 1987:
Electron microscopy of isolated mitochondrion chromaffin vesicle complexes

Dabek, A.J., 1977:
Electron microscopy of kaincope and cape st paul wilt diseased coconut tissue from west africa

Meyer, J.; Neuwald, P.D.; Lai, S.P.; Maizel, J.V.Jr ; Westphal, H., 1977:
Electron microscopy of late adenovirus type 2 messenger rna hybridized to double stranded viral dna

Chulay, J.D.; Fawcett, D.W.; Chunge, C.N., 1985:
Electron microscopy of Leishmania donovani in splenic aspirates from patients with visceral leishmaniasis during treatment with sodium stibogluconate

Kiselev, N.A.; Stel'mashchuk, V.Y.; Tsuprun, V.L.; Ludewig, M.; Hanson, H., 1977:
Electron microscopy of leucine amino peptidase ec

Daroczy, J.; Torok, E., 1974:
Electron microscopy of lichen sclerosus et atrophicus

Tobe, K., 1982:
Electron microscopy of liver lesions in primary biliary cirrhosis 1. intra hepatic bile duct oncocytes

Tobe, K., 1982:
Electron microscopy of liver lesions in primary biliary cirrhosis 2. a bile duct with chronic nonsuppurative destructive cholangitis

Schatzki, P.F., 1978:
Electron microscopy of lymphatics of the porta hepatis

Kitajima E.W.; Gamez R., 1983:
Electron microscopy of maize rayado fino virus in the internal organs of its leafhopper dalbulus maidis vector

Kushnaryov V.M.; Dunne W.M.Jr; Buckmire F.L.A., 1979:
Electron microscopy of malachite green glutaraldehyde fixed bacteria

Carpenter, A.T.C., 1975:
Electron microscopy of meiosis in drosophila melanogaster females part 1 structure arrangement and temporal change of the synaptonemal complex in wild type

Carpenter, A.T.C., 1975:
Electron microscopy of meiosis in drosophila melanogaster females part 2 the recombination nodule a recombination associated structure at pachytene

Bachhuber K.; Frosch D., 1984:
Electron microscopy of melamine embedded frog rana pipiens retina evidence for the overall crystalline organization of photo receptor outer segments

Tripodi G.; Gargiulo G.M.; F., 1986:
Electron microscopy of membranous bodies and genophore in chloroplasts of botryocladia botryoides rhodymeniales rhodophyta

Mosesson M.W.; Escaig J.; Feldmann G., 1979:
Electron microscopy of metal shadowed fibrinogen molecules deposited at different concentrations

Tsuprun V.L.; Akent'eva N.P.; Tagunova I.V.; Orlova E.V.; Grigoryan A.N.; Gvozdev R.I.; Kiselev N.A., 1987:
Electron microscopy of methane monooxygenase from the methane oxidizing bacterium methylococcus capsulatus

Voter W.A.; Erickson H.P., 1982:
Electron microscopy of micro tubule associated protein 2

Schmidt D.G., 1982:
Electron microscopy of milk and milk products problems and possibilities

Oh, T.; Shimizu, N.; Tajima, Y.; Utsumi, N., 1978:
Electron microscopy of mineralization in the sub cutaneously transplanted incisor pulps of the rat

Czajkowski, J.; Heneen, W.K., 1976:
Electron microscopy of mitotic cells in a measles carrier human cell line

Tsuprun V.L.; Orlova E.V.; Zograf O.N.; Kiselev N.A.; Puhskin A.V.; Shiffelova G.E.; Solov'eva N.A.; Evstigneeva Z.G.; Kretovich V.L., 1987:
Electron microscopy of multiple forms of glutamine synthetase from bacteroids and the vegetative parts of nitrogen fixing root nodules of lupine

Imaeda, T.; Imaeda, H., 1986:
Electron microscopy of Mycobacterium leprae in cutaneous nerve components

Nasu, S.; Jensen, D.D.; Richardson, J., 1970:
Electron microscopy of mycoplasma like bodies associated with insect and plant hosts of peach western x disease

Koretz, J.F.; Augusteyn, R.C., 1988:
Electron microscopy of native and reconstituted alpha crystallin aggregates

Fishbein, W.N.; Engler, W.F.; Griffin, J.L.; Scurzi, W.; Bahr, G.F., 1977:
Electron microscopy of negatively stained jack bean urease at 3 levels of quaternary structure and comparison with hydrodynamic studies

Collan, Y.; Lähdevirta, J.; Jokinen, E.J., 1978:
Electron Microscopy of Nephropathia Epidemica. Glomerular changes

Collan, Y.; Lähdevirta, J.; Jokinen, E.J., 1978 :
Electron microscopy of nephropathia epidemica. Renal tubular basement membrane

Hopwood, D.; Logan, K.R.; Bouchier, I.A.D., 1978:
Electron microscopy of normal human esophageal epithelium

Chaly, N., 1988:
Electron microscopy of nuclear matrices prepared in situ under oxidizing conditions

Girardi E.; Pellegrino D.I.aldi A.; Rodriquez D.L.res Arnaiz G., 1988:
Electron microscopy of nuclear subfractions isolated from rat cerebral cortex

Qiao, B.; Hao, X.; Ruzhen, L., 1976:
Electron microscopy of nucleic acids released from phages and fungal virus

Harris, J.R., 1983:
Electron microscopy of papain ec crystals

Gill G.W.; Owsley D.W., 1985:
Electron microscopy of parasite remains on the pitchfork mummy and possible social implications

Imrei, L., 1985:
Electron microscopy of pathological alterations of nasal and laryngeal mucous membranes in infants and children

Boissiere, M.C., 1978:
Electron microscopy of peltigera canina the vegetative state of the mycobiont

Chang C W.; Lin S H.; Leu L S., 1987:
Electron microscopy of penetration and colonization process of colletotrichum musae on ripe banana fruit

Engelhardt H.; Saxton W.O.; Baumeister W., 1983:
Electron microscopy of photosynthetic membranes containing bacterio chlorophyll b

Shtein Margolina V.A.; Sapotskii M.V.; Krylov A.V., 1988:
Electron microscopy of plants infected with radish mosaic virus

Balazs, M., 1981:
Electron microscopy of polyps of the colon 1. comparative study of the epithelial cells of adenomatous and adeno papillary polyps

Burchardt, P., 1980:
Electron microscopy of prostatic carcinoma cells

Olsen, B.R.; Jimenez, S.A.; Kivirikko, K.I.; Prockop, D.J., 1970:
Electron microscopy of proto collagen proline hydroxylase from chick embryos

Aonuma, S.; Ariji, F.; Oizumi, K.; Konno, K., 1987:
Electron microscopy of Pseudomonas aeruginosa treated with sulbenicillin and dibekacin

Ellis, L.F.; Schlegel, R.A., 1974:
Electron microscopy of pseudomonas phi 6 bacterio phage

Ciampor, F.; Stanceková, M.; Blaskovic, D., 1981:
Electron microscopy of rabbit embryo fibroblasts infected with herpesvirus isolates from Clethrionomys glareolus and Apodemus flavicollis

Weibel, E.R.; Limacher, W.; Bachofen, H., 1982:
Electron microscopy of rapidly frozen lungs: evaluation on the basis of standard criteria

Erenpreisa J., 1983:
Electron microscopy of rat thymus chromatin in hypotonic and isotonic nuclear spreads

Lundsgaard, T.; Albrechtsen, S.E., 1976 :
Electron microscopy of rhabdovirus like particles in festuca gigantea with leaf streak mosaic

Flicker P.F.; Wallimann T.; Vibert P., 1983:
Electron microscopy of scallop aequipecten irradians myosin location of regulatory light chains

Mitsumori K.; Maita K.; Nakashima N.; Shirasu Y., 1986:
Electron microscopy of sciatic nerves in aging rats with spontaneous radiculoneuropathy

Klein B.K.; Forman P.; Shiomi Y.; Schlessinger D., 1984:
Electron microscopy of secondary structure in partially denatured escherichia coli 16s ribosomal rna and 30s subunits

Klein B.K.; Staden A.; Schlessinger D., 1985:
Electron microscopy of secondary structure in partially denatured precursor and mature escherichia coli 16s and 23 ribosomal rna

Leitner E.; Sleytr U.B.; Stindl W., 1985:
Electron microscopy of semi solids after freeze fracture replication

Tsukada M.; Saitoh H.; Hara T.; Komiyama A.; Akabane T., 1981:
Electron microscopy of sheep erythrocyte rosette forming leukemic monocytes in a child with acute monocytic leukemia

Thach, S.S.; Collins, M.L.; Thach, R.E., 1976:
Electron microscopy of single stranded and double stranded nucleic acid a new technique

Goyanes, V.J.; Schvartzman, J.B., 1983:
Electron microscopy of sister chromatid exchanges

Shmerling M.D.; Filyushina E.E.; Buzueva I.I., 1982:
Electron microscopy of skeletal muscle fibers of rats exposed to exercise under high altitude hypoxia conditions

Haynes, M.E.; Manson, J.I.; Carter, R.F.; Robertson, E., 1979:
Electron microscopy of skin and peripheral blood lymphocytes in infantile (Santavuori) neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis

Carstens, P.H., 1983:
Electron microscopy of small cell carcinoma of the lung with special reference to the crush phenomenon

Peterson, J.F., 1970:
Electron microscopy of soil borne wheat mosaic virus in host cells

Zhang G W.; Xing G X.; Yan X C., 1979:
Electron microscopy of spore morphology of some streptomyces species

Kreger-van Rij, N.J., 1977:
Electron microscopy of sporulation in Schwanniomyces alluvius

Mehlhorn, H.; Markus, M.B., 1976:
Electron microscopy of stages of Isospora felis of the cat in the mesenteric lymph node of the mouse

Krasilov, V.A., 1978:
Electron microscopy of stomatal guard cells

Chen T.A.; Wen G.Y., 1980:
Electron microscopy of stomato stylet and esophagus of criconemoides curvatum

Moussavi-Jahed, Z.; Douglas, J., 1982:
Electron microscopy of Streptococcus lactis phage plaque margins

Nomizu T.; Nozue T.; Mizuike A., 1987:
Electron microscopy of submicron particles in natural waters morphology and elemental analysis of particles in fresh waters

Wisniewski S.; Knowles J.C.; Cooper E.H., 1982:
Electron microscopy of superficial bladder tumors and urothelium after intra vesical doxorubicin

Popov, V.L.; Ignatovich, V.F., 1976:
Electron microscopy of surface structures of rickettsia prowazekii stained with ruthenium red

Harder, D.E.; Rohringer, R.; Samborski, D.J.; Kim, W.K.; Chong, J., 1978:
Electron microscopy of susceptible and resistant near isogenic sr 6 sr 6 lines of wheat infected by puccinia graminis tritici part 1 the host pathogen interface in the compatible sr 6 p 6 interaction

Harder, D.E.; Rohringer, R.; Samborski, D.J.; Rimmer, S.R.; Kim, W.K.; Chong, J., 1979:
Electron microscopy of susceptible and resistant near isogenic sr 6 sr 6 lines of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar chinese spring infected by puccinia graminis tritici 2. expression of incompatibility in mesophyll and epidermal cells and the effect of temperature on host parasite interactions in these cells

Harder, D.E.; Samborski, D.J.; Rohringer, R.; Rimmer, S.R.; Kim, W.K.; Chong, J., 1979:
Electron microscopy of susceptible and resistant near isogenic sr 6 sr 6 lines of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar chinese spring infected by puccinia graminis tritici 3. ultrastructure of incompatible interactions

Mayer, F.; Mazaitis, A.J.; Puhler, A., 1975:
Electron microscopy of sv 40 dna configuration under denaturation conditions

Hagen F.K.; Zarling D.A.; Jovin T.M., 1985:
Electron microscopy of sv 40 dna cross linked by anti z dna immunoglobulin g

Harder, D.E., 1977:
Electron microscopy of telio spore formation in puccinia coronata avenae

Ptashekas R.S.; Vaitkene D.I., 1984:
Electron microscopy of the abnormal collagen fibril formation in systemic scleroderma

Goosen-De-Roo, L.; Van-Spronsen, P.C., 1978:
Electron microscopy of the active cambial zone of fraxinus excelsior

Anantaphruti M.; Setasubun P.; Daengsvang S.; Vajrasthira S., 1982:
Electron microscopy of the advanced 3 stage larvae of gnathostoma spinigerum

Korch, C.T.; Doi, R.H., 1971:
Electron microscopy of the altered spore morphology of a rna polymerase mutant of bacillus subtilis

Morozov I.A., 1985:
Electron microscopy of the antioxidant effect of alpha tocopherol on the gastric mucosa

Soret, M.G.; Peterson, T.; Block, E.M., 1976:
Electron microscopy of the aorta in young and adult chinese hamsters

Camargo, I.J.B.; Kitajima, E.W.; Costa, A.S., 1976:
Electron microscopy of the bean line pattern mosaic virus in situ

Shively, J.M.; Ball, F.L.; Kline, B.W., 1973:
Electron microscopy of the carboxysomes (polyhedral bodies) of Thiobacillus neapolitanus

Jeffries, P.; Wilkinson, J.F., 1978:
Electron microscopy of the cell wall complex of methylomonas albus

Hesse M., 1980:
Electron microscopy of the chloroplast fine structure of the physiologically active vegetative cells of bumilleriopsis filiformis

Shalimov A.A.; Keisevich L.V.; Medvetskii E.B., 1980:
Electron microscopy of the compensatory adaptive processes in the small intestine in pancreatic allo transplantation and chronic pancreatitis

Burakova O.V.; Mazokhin Porshnyakov G.A., 1982:
Electron microscopy of the compound eye in haematopota pluvialis diptera tabanidae

Cao, T.; Luo, Z.; Chen, Y., 1984:
Electron microscopy of the conjugation of tetrahymena pyriformis 2. formation of conjugation membrane and exchange of gamete nuclei

Cao, T.; Luo, Z.; Chen, Y.Z., 1983:
Electron microscopy of the conjugation of tetrahymena pyriformis s 1 1. pre zygotic division and endo micro nuclear micro tubular system

Kalyuzhnaya A.P.; Strizhov N.I.; Matvienko N.I.; Shchipkov V.P., 1979:
Electron microscopy of the conjugative plasmids of serologically typed escherichia coli ap 1

Westafer, J.M.; Brown, R.M.J., 1976:
Electron microscopy of the cotton fiber new observations on cell wall formation

Hiura, M.; Fujita, H., 1977:
Electron microscopy of the cyto differentiation of the theca cell in the mouse ovary

Ryabova L.V., 1982:
Electron microscopy of the development of cortex contractility in rana temporaria oocytes

Petrova V.G., 1981:
Electron microscopy of the epithelium of the distal segment of the nephron and renal receiving tubes in fresh water teleosts

Fujimaki Y., 1981:
Electron microscopy of the ganglion trunci nervi vagi in the turtle pseudemys scripta elegans

Hendley, J.O.; Powell, K.R.; Salomonsky, N.L.; Rodewald, R.R., 1981:
Electron microscopy of the gonococcal capsule

Valovaya M.A., 1984:
Electron microscopy of the head of cucullanus cirratus nematoda cucullanata

Pavlova M.N., 1979:
Electron microscopy of the human articular cartilage

Whittaker, D.K., 1978:
Electron microscopy of the ice crystals formed during cryo surgery relationship to duration of freeze

Sasaki, T.; Nakagawa, T.; Tominaga, H.; Kawahara, T.; Higashi, S., 1981:
Electron microscopy of the junctional epithelium of kitten gingiva

Wrigley, N.G.; Chiao, J.P.; Wood, H.G., 1977:
Electron microscopy of the large form of trans carboxylase with 6 attached subunits

Trevisan, M.A.; de Magalhães, A.F., 1979:
Electron microscopy of the liver in Gilbert's syndrome

Ruigrok R.W.H.; Wrigley N.G.; Calder L.J.; Cusack S.; Wharton S.A.; Brown E.B.; Skehel J.J., 1986:
Electron microscopy of the low ph structure of influenza virus hemagglutinin

Böger, A.; Rösner, N., 1980:
Electron microscopy of the lymphatics of the ureter

Davila J.C.; Guirado S.; D.L.C.lle A.; Marin Giron F., 1985:
Electron microscopy of the medical cortex in the lizard psammodromus algirus

Kempf, E.K., 1970:
Electron microscopy of the mega spore sporoderm of the genus selaginella p pteridophyta

Takaya K., 1982:
Electron microscopy of the mouse cerebral cortex in unstained fresh air dried spreads and fresh frozen dried ultra thin sections

Honjin, R.; Sakato, S.; Yamashita, T., 1977:
Electron microscopy of the mouse optic nerve: a quantitative study of the total optic nerve fibers

Schuster M.L.; Estes L.W.; Tolin S.A., 1979:
Electron microscopy of the nebraska root galling nematode nacobbus batatiformis and syncytia in sugarbeet beta vulgaris roots

Lopes P.; Lhermitte A.; Lerat M F., 1981:
Electron microscopy of the nerve structures in human myometrium at term

Sarkar, N.H.; Moore, D.H., 1970:
Electron microscopy of the nucleic acid of mouse mammary tumor virus

Shigihara S.; Tomita H., 1986:
Electron microscopy of the olfactory epithelium in zinc deficient rats

Lemire, M., 1977:
Electron microscopy of the parenchyma of the postanal gland in latimeria chalumnae

Martyn R.D.; Samuelson D.A.; Freeman T.E., 1983:
Electron microscopy of the penetration and colonization of water hyacinth eichhornia crassipes by acremonium zonatum

Wynn, R.M.; Richards, S.C.; Harris, J.A., 1975:
Electron microscopy of the placenta and related structures of the marmoset

Smith, P.; Heath, D., 1979:
Electron microscopy of the plexiform lesion

Huang C N.; X.M.Y.; Zhuang Y Z., 1981:
Electron microscopy of the pollen development of ethrel induced male sterile wheat

Branny, J.; Bigaj, J., 1977:
Electron microscopy of the replication of the isu 2 strain of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis infectious pustular vulvovaginitis herpesvirus in inoculated cultures of bovine embryo kidney cells

Nicolaieff, A.; Koenig-Nikes, A.M.; Pinck, L.; Hirth, L., 1970:
Electron microscopy of the replicative rna from tobacco mosaic virus and alfalfa mosaic virus morphology and association of the double stranded rna

Gogiashvili L.E., 1980:
Electron microscopy of the respiratory section of rat lungs during induced hypoxia

Dempsey, G.P.; Beever, R.E., 1979:
Electron microscopy of the rodlet layer of Neurospora crassa conidia

Kikuchi, S.; Sawai, Y.; Toshioka, S.; Matsu, T.; Okuyama, Y., 1981:
Electron microscopy of the scale of 2 japanese snakes 1. trimeresurus flavoviridis flavoviridis and trimeresurus okinavensis

Klein B.K.; Romero J.; Schlessinger D., 1985:
Electron microscopy of the secondary structure in partially denatured ribosomal rna of escherichia coli and bacillus stearothermophilus

Forge A., 1981:
Electron microscopy of the stria vascularis and its response to ethacrynic acid a study using electron dense tracers and extracellular surface markers

Thiriot-Hebert, M.; Panigel, M., 1977:
Electron microscopy of the surface of placental villi at the beginning and at the end of gestation

Abou-Gabal, M.; Fagerland, J., 1981:
Electron microscopy of the tissue phase formation of Blastomyces dermatitidis in vitro and in naturally infected canine lung

Sakuragawa, M.; Iwata, K.; Kuwabara, T., 1980:
Electron microscopy of the trabecular meshwork in primary congenital glaucoma

Tedesco J.L.; Coggins J.R., 1980:
Electron microscopy of the tumulus and origin of associated structures within the tegument of eubothrium salvelini cestoidea pseudophyllidea

Loseva, M.I.; Shkurupii, V.A., 1976:
Electron microscopy of the virus like structures in the lymph node cells of patients with lympho granulomatosis and chronic lympho leukemia

Craig R.; Szent Gyorgyi A.G.; Beese L.; Flicker P.; Vibert P.; Cohen C., 1980:
Electron microscopy of thin filaments decorated with a calcium ii regulated myosin

Komiyama A.; Saitoh H.; Kuroda I.; Tsukada M.; Akabane T., 1980:
Electron microscopy of thymus derived bone marrow derived and null cell acute lympho blastic leukemias in children

Fujiyoshi, Y.; Morikawa, K.; Uyeda, N.; Ozeki, H.; Yamagishi, H., 1983:
Electron microscopy of transfer rna crystals 1. thin crystals negatively stained with uranyl acetate

Konishi H.; Yoshii Z.; Cox D.L., 1986:
Electron microscopy of treponema pallidum nichols cultivated tissue cultures of sf 1ep cells

Hovind-Hougen, K.; Nielsen, H.A.; Birch-Andersen, A., 1979:
Electron microscopy of treponemes subjected to the treponema pallidum immobilization test 1. comparison of immuno immobilized cells and control cells

Hovind-Hougen, K.; Birch-Anderson, A.; Nielsen, H.A., 1979:
Electron microscopy of treponemes subjected to the treponema pallidum immobilization test 2. immuno electron microscopy

Dodds, R.A.; Shore, I.; Moss, J., 1988:
Electron microscopy of undecalcified human bone

Rachel R.; Jakubowski U.; Baumeister W., 1986:
Electron microscopy of unstained freeze dried macromolecular assemblies

Takaya, K., 1976:
Electron microscopy of unstained fresh air dried spreads of mouse pancreas acinar cells and energy dispersive x ray micro analysis of zymogen granules

Harder, D.E., 1976:
Electron microscopy of uredio spore formation in puccinia coronata f sp avenae and puccinia graminis f sp avenae

Shokeir A.A.; Shouman O.M.I.; Shalaby M.A.; Abdounnaby L.; Mahmoud A.A., 1979:
Electron microscopy of urinary bladder carcinoma a histo cytological study

Crawford D., 1984:
Electron microscopy of urinary calculi some facts and artifacts

Crosby, P.; Marsden, J.C.; Robards, A.W., 1971:
Electron microscopy of urinary glyco protein and its relation to cystic fibrosis

Kinden, D.A.; Brown, M.F., 1976:
Electron microscopy of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae of yellow poplar part 4 host endophyte interactions during arbuscular deterioration

Franke W.W.; Zerban H.; Grund C.; Schmid E., 1981:
Electron microscopy of vimentin filaments and associated whisker structures in thin sections and freeze fractures

Leu L.S.; Chang C.W., 1982:
Electron microscopy of water shoot a gall induced by ustilago esculenta in zizania latifolia

Katsumoto, T.; Inoué, T.; Inaga, S., 1983:
Electron microscopy of whole mounted culture cells extracted with saponin

Cavalier-Smith, T., 1976:
Electron microscopy of zygo spore formation in chlamydomonas reinhardii

Saikawa M.; Morikawa C., 1985:
Electron microscopy on a nematode trapping fungus acaulopage pectospora

Okada, H.M.; Okada, K.; Numakunai, S.; Ohshima, K., 1984:
Electron microscopy on mucosal and cutaneous lesions in contagious papular dermatitis of Japanese Serow (Capricornis crispus)

Saikawa M.; Hoshino J., 1986:
Electron microscopy on sommerstorffia spinosa a watermold parasitic on rotifers

Hull, R.; Plaskitt, A., 1970:
Electron microscopy on the behavior of 2 strains of alfalfa mosaic virus in mixed infections

Takeuchi, I.K.; Takeuchi, Y.K.; Murakami, U., 1977:
Electron microscopy on the effect of vinblastine on the telencephalic wall of the rat fetus

Matsuno, A., 1977:
Electron microscopy on the myoneme of a ciliate epistylis sp

Matsuno, A., 1976:
Electron microscopy on the myoneme of the ciliate zoothamnium sp

Saikawa M.; Arai K., 1986:
Electron microscopy on the nematode endoparasitic fungus nematoctonus pachysporus

Georgiev Ch, 1984:
Electron microscopy potentialities in diagnosing somatotropic adenomas and prolactinomas of the hypophysis

Nakata, S.; Petrie, B.L.; Calomeni, E.P.; Estes, M.K., 1987:
Electron microscopy procedure influences detection of rotaviruses

Lange K.; Carson R., 1984:
Electron microscopy reconstruction algorithms for emission and transmission tomography

Burgos M.H.; Cavicchia J.C.; Einer Jensen N., 1979:
Electron microscopy scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy of the rete testis in the monkey macaca mulatta

Watari, N., 1975:
Electron microscopy studies of mouse liver injury after poly chlorinated bi phenyl administrations and the effect of glycyrrhizin

Mandal, A.K.; Nordquist, J.A.; Thigpen, M.W.; James, T.M., 1979:
Electron microscopy studies of papillary interstitial granules in normal human kidneys

Belloncik, S.; Devauchelle, G., 1976:
Electron microscopy studies of the early stages of mosquito cells infection in vitro by the chilo iridescent virus and the infectious bovine rhino tracheitis

Friis, E.M., 1977:
Electron microscopy studies on salviniaceae mega spores from the middle miocene fasterholt flora denmark

Kozlov I.A.; Mesyanzhinova I.V.; Mil'grom Y.M.; Tsuprun V.L., 1985:
Electron microscopy studies on the location of sulfhydryl groups in mitochondrial f 1 atpase using a ferritin label

Dougbag, A.E.S., 1988:
Electron microscopy studies on the morphogenesis of the lingual gustatory papillae of camel camelus dromedarius ii. morphogenesis of the circumvallate papillae

Medvedev D.I.; Bonartsev P.D.; Babichenko I.I.; Kravtsova A.I.; Eremina I.Z., 1983:
Electron microscopy study of changes in mouse cerebellar pyriform neurocytes developing under protein calorie deficiency

Weinstein, T.; Mittelman, M.; Djaldetti, M., 1987:
Electron microscopy study of Mott and Russell bodies in myeloma cells

Bartlett, N.M.; Gillies, S.C.; Bullivant, S.; Bellamy, A.R., 1974:
Electron microscopy study of reovirus reaction cores

Gulik A.; Orsini G., 1984:
Electron microscopy study of the aminoacyl transfer rna synthetase multienzymatic complex purified from rabbit reticulocytes

Volkova, R.I., 1978:
Electron microscopy study of the developmental dynamics of peri somatic processes of pear shaped cerebellar cortex neurons in pre natal human ontogenesis/

Yudkin, L.Y. ; Reiter, B.G., 1978:
Electron microscopy study of the haustorial apparatus of the causal agent of brown rust in wheat

Agafonov A.V.; Maistrenko A.G., 1979:
Electron microscopy study of the synaptonemal complex of desynaptic mutant in maize dsy a 344

Roche E.; Chanzy H., 1981:
Electron microscopy study of the transformation of cellulose i into cellulose iii i in valonia macrophysa

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Electron therapy

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Electroneuronography for prognostic evaluation of facial paralysis

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Electronic and utermohl comparative techniques in quantitative analysis of fresh water particulates

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Electronic coupling and afterdischarges in the light green cells a comparison with 2 other cerebral ganglia neuro secretory cell types in the pond snail lymnaea stagnalis

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Electronic data processing in the work of a herbarium and floristics

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Electronic data processing of taxonomic information

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Electronic factors in the properties of peroxidase and the mechanism of dioxygen activation by hemoproteins

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Electronic fetal monitoring by micro computer a working clinical application

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Electronic fetal monitoring during labor

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Electronic fingerprinting of RNA

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Electronic flash unit for endoscopy with autodynamic controlled flash energy for automatic exposure of endo photographs a new method

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Electronic fraction collector used for insect sampling in the photoperiod induced diel emergence of bark beetles

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Electronic histochemical investigation of localization of adenylate cyclase and acetyl cholin esterase in synapses of the cerebral cortex and basal ganglia of the rat

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Electronic image analysis in retinal fluoro angiography

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Electronic image formation in high voltage transmission electron microscopy by sequential pixel acquisition

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Electronic interactions of spontaneous and induced activities among the cardiac ganglion cells of the lobster panulirus japonicus

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Electronic light intensity control to stimulate dusk and dawn conditions

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Electronic measurement and recording of evaporation loss

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Electronic measuring apparatus for archaeological zoological use

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Electronic micro relief meter for seedbed characterization

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Electronic model of gating current in sodium channels part 2 nature of gating current carriers

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Electronic monitoring of feeding behavior of nilaparvata lugens homoptera delphacidae on resistant and susceptible rice cultivars

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Electronic monitoring of temperatures in air a termite mound trees and soil

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Electronic monitoring of the fetal heart rate and uterine contractions during cesarean section under balanced anesthesia

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Electronic processes in biology

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Electronic processing of cardiac rehabilitation data

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Electronic radon daughter dosimetry

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Electronic readout for 3 channel thrombo elastograph

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Electronic sector scanning ultrasonography for diagnosis and guidance in surgery of brain and spinal cord

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Electronic selection and sorting of leaf protoplasts from nicotiana tabacum cultivar wisconsin by autofluorescence using a closed sorting device and regeneration of entire plants

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Electronic somatic cell count chemical method direct microscopic somatic cell count and wisconsin mastitis test for raw milk

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Electronic spectroscopy and electronic structure of molecules

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Electronic speed regulator for operator propelled plot sprayers

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Electronic state of heme in cytochrome oxidase part 3 the magnetic susceptibility of beef heart cytochrome oxidase and some of its derivatives from 7 200 kelvin direct evidence for an anti ferro magnetically coupled iron iii copper ii pair

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Electronic stethoscope with frequency shaping and infrasonic recording capabilities

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Electronic structure and bonding of the amino acids containing 1st row atoms

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Electronic structure of biopolymers solid state aspects

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Electronic structure of low spin ferric porphyrins single crystal epr evidence for pseudo jahn teller distortion in tetraphenylporphinatoiron iii bisimidazole cations

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