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Electron transport reactions in cytoplasmic and thylakoid membranes prepared from the cyanobacteria blue green algae anacystis nidulans and synechocystis pcc 6714

Omata, T.; Murata, N.

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 810(3): 354-361


ISSN/ISBN: 0005-2728
DOI: 10.1016/0005-2728(85)90221-x
Accession: 005347667

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Cytoplasmic and thylakoid membranes prepared from the cyanobacteria Anacystis nidulans and Synechocystis PCC 6714 were compared for their electron-transport activities. High cytochrome oxidase activity, which was sensitive to cyanide and azide, was found only in the thylakoid membranes of both strains. Activities of NAD(P)H-cytochrome c and succinate-cytochrome c oxidoreductase were low in both membranes from both strains. The NADH-cytochrome c oxidoreductase activity of the cytoplasmic membranes from Synechocystis was markedly stimulated by quinones, among which 2,5-dibromo-3-methyl-6-isopropyl-p-benzoquinone (DBMIB) as the most effective. High NADH-DBMIB oxodoreductase activity, which was relatively resistant to salt washing, was found in the cytoplasmic membranes from Synechocystis.

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