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Electrophoretic mobility test with myelin basic protein binding of iodine 125 labeled myelin basic protein to lymphocytes and gel electrophoresis pattern of supernatant during incubation

Mross, K.; Mross, B.; Wolfrum, D.I.; Kohlschuetter, A.

Research in Experimental Medicine 177(3): 245-254


Accession: 005348756

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Lymphocytes from 7 patients with malignancies, from 7 patients with non-malignancies and from 5 healthy persons were incubated with 125I-labeled MBP [myelin basic protein]. Binding of MBP to lymphocytes was monitored from 0.5-20 h. The binding ranged from 4-7% of the total MBP present and remained fairly constant during the 1st 4 h of incubation. It dropped considerably at 20 h. Mean percentages of MBP binding were lower in cancer patients than in persons without malignancies. After incubation, the supernates were examined by gel electrophoresis. The electrophoretic pattern was similar in groups with different diagnoses. A considerable loss of MBP in the terminal supernatant (20 h) was found. When tested in the electrophoretic mobility test (EM test) with stabilized erythrocytes, supernatant derived from cancer patients produced a somewhat higher mean slowing effect than did supernates from other patients and controls. [The EM test has been proposed for diagnosis and monitoring of cancer.].

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