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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5350

Chapter 5350 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Brush, A.H.; Power, D.M., 1970:
Electrophoretic studies on hemo globins of brewers blackbird euphagus cyanocephalus

Singhvi N.M.; Khanna N.D., 1987:
Electrophoretic studies on hemoglobin polymorphism in indian horses donkeys and mules

Inoue T.; Agatsuma T.; Habe S., 1986:
Electrophoretic studies on isozymes of two japanese flukes eurytrema pancreaticum and eurytrema coelomaticum

Schwantes, M.L.B.; Schwantes, A.R.; Becak, W., 1977:
Electrophoretic studies on poly ploid amphibians part 1 phospho gluconate dehydrogenase

Schwantes, M.L.B.; Schwantes, A.R., 1977:
Electrophoretic studies on poly ploid amphibians part 2 peptidases

Schwantes, M.L.B.; Schwantes, A.R., 1977:
Electrophoretic studies on poly ploid amphibians part 3 lack of locus duplication evidences through tetra ploidization

Scheibe, F.; Diezel, W.; Haupt, H.; Hache, U., 1976:
Electrophoretic studies on protein distribution in the guinea pigs perilymph

Brown, S.E.; Mazzone, H.M., 1977:
Electrophoretic studies on proteins in the egg and hemolymph of the gypsy moth with reference to iso enzymes

Kubiszyn, J.; Wislinski, M., 1977:
Electrophoretic studies on proteolytic enzymes in the abomasum of lambs

Lesicki A., 1983:
Electrophoretic studies on pyruvate kinase from the hepato pancreas of the crayfish orconectes limosus crustacea decapoda

Mizuoka, S., 1976:
Electrophoretic studies on some gobiid fishes rhinogobius flumineus rhinogobius giurinus and the 6 types of rhinogobius brunneus

Hoyle B.D.; Easterbrook K.B., 1986:
Electrophoretic studies on the cell envelope of a spina producing marine pseudomonad

Yang X.; Deng C.; Chen H., 1984:
Electrophoretic studies on the lactate dehydrogenase and malate dehydrogenase isozymes in tissues of 3 species in genus tilapia

Narasubhai, A.V.; George, C.J.; Rajulu, G.S., 1976:
Electrophoretic studies on the shell proteins of the prawns metapenaeus affinis and penaeus indicus

Gupta R.K.; Talpasayi E.R.S., 1984:
Electrophoretic study of a unicellular blue green alga synechococcus cedrorum

Jaaska, V., 1978:
Electrophoretic study of acid phosphatase ec iso enzymes in the grass genus aegilops

Barbier B.; Ferrand J G., 1981:
Electrophoretic study of acid phosphatases in oocytes of asterina gibbosa and asterias rubens echinoderms asteroids

Masson, P.; Marnot, B.; Lombard, J.Y.; Morelis, P., 1984:
Electrophoretic study of aged soman inhibited butyrylcholinesterase ec

Talyshinskii G.M., 1983:
Electrophoretic study of amylase and alanine dehydrogenase in leaves of high ploid mulberry forms of different sexes

Turbin, N.V.; Palilova, A.N.; Pyko, V.I., 1976:
Electrophoretic study of anther isozymes from cytoplasmic male sterile corn

Balmush I.L.; Sal'kova E.G., 1984:
Electrophoretic study of apple protein components

Thompson H.C.Jr; Contin R.F., 1980:
Electrophoretic study of atlantic bluefin tuna thunnus thynnus from the eastern and western north atlantic ocean

Sidhu, K.S.; Guraya, S.S., 1978:
Electrophoretic study of buffalo Bubalus bubalis semen

Batmanova L.S.; Odintsova T.I.; Egorov T.A.; Kononkov P.F.; Sozinov A.A., 1987:
Electrophoretic study of cabbage seed proteins for the purpose of seed cultivar control

Donath E.; Pastushenko V., 1979:
Electrophoretic study of cell surface properties influence of the surface coat on the electric potential distribution and on general electro kinetic properties of animal cells

Cato, E.P.; Hash, D.E.; Holdeman, L.V.; Moore, W.E., 1982:
Electrophoretic study of Clostridium species

Danilovskii, M.A., 1977:
Electrophoretic study of constitutive proteins of brain structures on the microscale and macroscale

Kasymova G.F.; Kopitsya T.P.; Koryakina N.I.; Burichenko V.K., 1981:
Electrophoretic study of cotton histones in poly acrylamide gel which contains sodium dodecyl sulfate

Martin M.A.; Shiozawa D.K.; Loudenslager E.J.; Jensen J.N., 1985:
Electrophoretic study of cutthroat trout salmo clarki populations in utah usa

Funk, D.H.; Sweeney, B.W.; Vannote, R.L., 1988:
Electrophoretic study of eastern north american eurylophella ephemeroptera ephemerellidae with the discovery of morphologically cryptic species

Loxdale, H.D.; Castanera, P.; Brookes, C.P., 1983:
Electrophoretic study of enzymes from cereal aphid populations 1. electrophoretic techniques and staining systems for characterizing iso enzymes from 6 species of cereal aphids hemiptera homoptera aphididae

Castanera, P.; Loxdale, H.D.; Nowak, K., 1983:
Electrophoretic study of enzymes from cereal aphid populations 2. use of electrophoresis for identifying aphidiid parasitoids hymenoptera of sitobion avenae hemiptera homoptera aphididae

Loxdale, H.D.; Tarr, I.J.; Weber, C.P.; Brookes, C.P.; Digby, P.G.N.; Castanera, P., 1985:
Electrophoretic study of enzymes from cereal aphid populations 3. spatial and temporal genetic variation of populations of sitobion avenae hemiptera homoptera aphididae

Loxdale, H.D.; Brookes, C.P., 1988:
Electrophoretic study of enzymes from cereal aphid populations v. spatial and temporal genetic similarity of holocyclic populations of the bird cherry oat aphid rhopalosiphum padi l. hemiptera aphididae in britain uk

Veerabhadrappa, P.S.; Marcus, S.R.; Shadaksharaswamy, M., 1978:
Electrophoretic study of esterases in different tissues of the beetle haltica caerulea

Mattiucci S.; Villani F., 1983:
Electrophoretic study of gene enzyme systems in oysters classified as crassostrea gigas and crassostrea angulata mollusca ostreidae

Wool, D.; Bunting, S.; Van-Emden, H.F., 1978:
Electrophoretic study of genetic variation in british myzus persicae hemiptera aphididae

Bebyakin V.M.; Kumakov A.V., 1981:
Electrophoretic study of gliadin components in triticum durum hybrid f 2 and their parental forms

Chugunova E.Yu; Odintsova T.I.; Egorov T.A.; Sozinov A.A., 1985:
Electrophoretic study of heterogeneity of the salt soluble fraction of cottonseed proteins

Bucknall, W.E.; Kazazian, H.H.; Clement, L.T.; Childs, B., 1975:
Electrophoretic study of human ribosomal core proteins: evidence for selection against variation

Rusina T.V.; Kasparov S.V.; Zharikova A.V., 1985:
Electrophoretic study of humus substances and proteins in soil solutions

Yumasheva O.P.; Sarapul'tsev B.I.; Aleksakhin R.M., 1988:
Electrophoretic study of isoenzyme systems associated with the determination of hexaploid wheat seed radioresistance

Oriente P.; Patti L.; Farinaro E.; Rubba P., 1979:
Electrophoretic study of lipo protein fractions isolated by preparative ultra centrifugation

Klimenko, A.I.; Khints, R., 1976:
Electrophoretic study of liver histones in post natal ontogenesis in albino rats effect of testosterone propionate and gonadectomy

Grigor'ev G.P., 1981:
Electrophoretic study of membrane proteins from erythrocytes of varying ages

Lebedeva, N.A.; Solov'ev, A.L.; Efimova, L.F.; Ivanov, I.I., 1977 :
Electrophoretic study of muscle extracts of low ionic strength

Kirillina V.P.; Borovikov Y.S.; Chernogryadskaya N.A.; Braun A.D., 1979:
Electrophoretic study of muscle protein composition in the course of zenkers necrosis

Bohatier J.; Bernard F.; Amalric F., 1983:
Electrophoretic study of newly synthesized rna during oral regeneration of the heterotrichous ciliate protozoan stentor coeruleus

Korchagin V.P.; Shukolyukov S.A.; Dikarev V.P., 1979:
Electrophoretic study of papain fragmentation products of walleye pollock and bovine rhod opsins

Cliffe A.J.; Law B.A., 1979:
Electrophoretic study of peptidases in starter streptococci and in cheddar cheese

Tarasenko L.G.; Lis P.I.; Gvardiyan V.N.; Khodasevich E.V., 1984:
Electrophoretic study of pigment protein complexes of thuja occidentalis in relation to light dependent chlorophyll destruction

Alybaev R.A.; Tungatorova D.I.; Polimbetova F.A., 1987:
Electrophoretic study of pigment protein complexes of winter wheat chloroplasts during wintering

Ladyzhenskaya E.P.; Kadyrzhanova D.K.; Lyubimova N.V.; Protsenko M.A.; Korableva N.P.; Metlitskii L.V., 1980:
Electrophoretic study of potato tuber plasmalemmal proteins

Lapina G.P.; Rulin V.S., 1985:
Electrophoretic study of protein fractions of fiber flax stems at different growth stages

Kuzembaeva N.A.; Ryabushkina N.A.; Sarsenbaev B.A., 1987:
Electrophoretic study of protein spectrum characteristics in the apoplast

Kartavtsev Y.F.; Mamontov A.M., 1983:
Electrophoretic study of protein variability and similarity of coregonus autumnalis 2 forms of whitefish coregonidae and grayling thymallidae from baikal lake ussr

Shubin P.N.; Pimenova G.N.; Shubin Y.P., 1984:
Electrophoretic study of proteins and enzymes in the bank vole clethrionomys glareolus

Sahu C.; Bose A., 1982:
Electrophoretic study of proteins in differentiating vitreous body of chick gallus domesticus

Lebedyeva T.S.; Ochkivs'ka M.V., 1980:
Electrophoretic study of proteins in some albiflorous species from the achillea genus growing in the ukrainian ssr ussr

Shtrankfel'd I.G.; Shelud'ko N.S.; Khaitlina S.Y.; Margulis B.A.; Kalamkarova M.B.; Moskalenko I.Y., 1977:
Electrophoretic study of rabbit myo fibrils after de nervation

Novikov, N.N.; Pleshkov, B.P., 1978:
Electrophoretic study of readily soluble proteins in rye seeds in connection with selection for protein content

Yurina N.P.; Dyuryan I.; Odintsova M.S., 1981:
Electrophoretic study of ribosomal proteins in chlamydomonas reinhardii yellow mutants

Kumar S., 1983:
Electrophoretic study of serum protein antigens and its importance in the evolution of animal species

Trifonov, S.; Enchev, S.; Aleksandrov, I., 1976:
Electrophoretic study of serum proteins from sheep with pulmonary adenomatosis jaagsiekte

Peterkova, I., 1977 :
Electrophoretic study of soluble proteins and some enzymes in a tissue culture of tobacco cultivated on media with various additions of parathion

Bubarova, M., 1980:
Electrophoretic study of soluble proteins in new plant forms resulting from remote hybridization of apium graveolens and petroselinum hortense 2. basic proteins

Bubarova M., 1980:
Electrophoretic study of soluble proteins in new plant forms resulting from remote hybridization of apium graveolens and petroselinum hortense acid proteins

Alexandrescu, V.; El-Shouny, F.M., 1984:
Electrophoretic study of soluble rnase ec 3.1.4 in triticum aestivum helianthus annuus and zea mays

Murdy W.H.; Carter M.E.B., 1985:
Electrophoretic study of the allopolyploidal origin of talinum teretifolium and the specific status of talinum appalachianum portulacaceae

Bharathi N.; Ramalingam K., 1983:
Electrophoretic study of the enzyme phenol oxidase from the enzyme gland in the foot of perna viridis

Lucotte G.; Dubouch P., 1980:
Electrophoretic study of the experimental hybrid between papio anubis and papio cynocephalus

Pereira H.G.; Azeredo R.S.; Leite J.P.G.; Candeias J.A.N.; Racz M.L.; Linhares A.C.; Gabbay Y.B.; Trabulsi J.R., 1983:
Electrophoretic study of the genome of human rotaviruses from rio de janeiro sao paulo and para brazil

Tokhver, M.; Priilinn, O., 1976:
Electrophoretic study of the grain proteins of wheat mutants part 2 electrophoretic spectra of gliadins in mutants induced in winter wheat cultivar mironovskaya yubileinaya 50

Alonso Biosca M.E.; Aguado Figueiras E.; Berovides Alvarez V., 1985 :
Electrophoretic study of the hepatic esterases of pseudemys decussata reptilia chelonia from cienaga de zapata cuba

Bouix M.; Leveau J.Y., 1983:
Electrophoretic study of the macro molecular compounds excreted by yeasts application to differentiation between strains of the same species saccharomyces cerevisiae

Arias E.; Morales E., 1981:
Electrophoretic study of the muscular proteins of species of the genus phycis

Perzanowska A.; Smialowska E., 1981:
Electrophoretic study of the myo fibrillar proteins from white blooded and red blooded antarctic fish

Khrolinskii, L.G.; Kadyrmatov, I.N., 1978:
Electrophoretic study of the neuro secretory system of the proto cerebrum of the brain of the colorado potato beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata

Perez Beato O.; Berovides V., 1982:
Electrophoretic study of the plasma proteins of 2 anolis spp sauria iguanidae

Ermolenko L.N., 1985:
Electrophoretic study of three whitefish species from the east siberian sea russian sfsr ussr

Bentz, F.; Girardie, A.; Cazal, M., 1970:
Electrophoretic study of variations in proteinemia in locusta migratoria migratorioides during sexual maturation

Zapruder E.G.; Abidov R.; Rakhmankulov S.; Korovina T.P., 1980:
Electrophoretic study of water soluble proteins in cottonseeds gossypium hirsutum

Rakhmankukov S.; Abidov R.; Zapruder E.G.; Korovina T.P., 1980:
Electrophoretic study of water soluble proteins in seeds of various cotton gossypium spp hybrids

Kurdova R.I.; Mikhov L.D., 1979:
Electrophoretic study of water soluble proteins of free living amoebae of the species group amoeba limax

Rahman H.M.A., 1981:
Electrophoretic study on blood serum proteins of rose ringed parakeet psittacula krameri

Comparini, A.; Rizzotti, M.; Nardella, M.; Rodino, E., 1975:
Electrophoretic study on genetic variability in anguilla anguilla

Pospelov, V.A.; Svetlikova, S.B.; Vorob'ev, V.I., 1977:
Electrophoretic study on heterogeneity of chromatin subunits

Ferrier V.; Jaylet A.; Cayrol C.; Gasser F.; Buisan J J., 1980:
Electrophoretic study on red blood cell peptidases in the newt pleurodeles waltlii evidence for a sex linked locus

Shinohara K.; S.M.; Nonaka M.; Nishiyama K.; Murakami H.; Omura H., 1983:
Electrophoretic study on the dna breaking actions of ascorbic acid and triose reductone in the presence of copper ii ion

Sumida M., 1980:
Electrophoretic study on the hemo globin of japanese pond frogs

Matsuoka N.; Suzuki H., 1987:
Electrophoretic study on the taxonomic relationship of the two morphologically very similar sea urchins echinostrephus aciculatus and echinostrephus molaris

Yamamoto, T.S., 1976:
Electrophoretic study on the water soluble proteins of dog salmon eggs

Sotorres A.M.; Pistola S.E.; Pascuare N.J.; Mulet M.C., 1984:
Electrophoretic study to identify species of cartilaginous fishes in bahia blanca argentina

Howard D.J., 1983:
Electrophoretic survey of eastern north american allonemobius orthoptera gryllidae evolutionary relationships and the discovery of 3 new species

Beaumont A.R.; Beveridge C.M., 1984:
Electrophoretic survey of genetic variation in pecten maximus chlamys opercularis chlamys varia and chlamys distorta from the irish sea

Komaru A.; Wada K.T., 1986:
Electrophoretic survey of genetic variation in the scallop chlamys nobilis

Mishra A.P.; Mishra S.K.; Yadava K., 1988:
Electrophoretic technique in the study of mixed ligand complexes metal nitrilotriacetate adenine system

Hung, A.C.F.; Vinson, S.B., 1977:
Electrophoretic techniques and genetic variability in hymenoptera

Castrovillo P.J.; Stock M.W., 1981:
Electrophoretic techniques for detection of glypta fumiferanae an endo parasitoid of western spruce budworm choristoneura occidentalis

Inman, R.D.; Hamilton, N.C.; Redecha, P.B.; Hochhauser, D.M., 1986:
Electrophoretic transfer blotting analysis of immune complexes in rheumatoid arthritis

Bittner M.; Kupferer P.; Morris C.F., 1980:
Electrophoretic transfer of proteins and nucleic acids from slab gels to di azo benzyloxymethyl cellulose or nitro cellulose sheets

Gershoni J.M.; Palade G.E., 1982:
Electrophoretic transfer of proteins from sodium dodecyl sulfate poly acrylamide gels to a positively charged membrane filter

Skulskii, I.A.; Savina, M.V.; Glasunov, V.V.; Saris, N.E.L., 1978:
Electrophoretic transport of thallium ion in mitochondria

Llanes, D.; Barbancho, M.; Morera, L.; Rodero, A., 1982:
Electrophoretic types of leucine amino peptidase ec in sheep serum

Scott A.C.; Fowler J.C.S., 1982:
Electrophoretic typing of glyoxalase i iso enzymes using a mixed starch agarose gel

Napp, M.; Brncic, D., 1978:
Electrophoretic variability in 2 closely related brazilian species of drosophila flavopilosa group

Gerhard M.; Hermes M., 1987:
Electrophoretic variability in human hair comparative sds polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of body and head hair proteins

Gerhard M., 1987:
Electrophoretic variability in human head hair polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of hair proteins in the presence of sds and urea

Cembella A.D.; Taylor F.J.R., 1986:
Electrophoretic variability within the protonyaulax tamarensis and protogonyaulax catenella species complex pyridine linked dehydrogenases

Kudo, S.; Higashino, K.; Yamamura, Y., 1979:
Electrophoretic variant of fetal intestinal alkaline phosphatase in a patient with cirrhotic liver

Elliott B.M.; Ramasamy R.; Stonard M.D.; Spragg S.P., 1986:
Electrophoretic variants alpha 2u globulin in the livers of adult male rats a possible polymorphism

Mohrenweiser H.; Neel J.V.; Mestriner M.A.; Salzano F.M.; Migilazza E.; Simoes A.L.; Yoshihara C.Y., 1979 :
Electrophoretic variants in 3 amerindian tribes baniwa kanamari and central pano

Torigoe, K., 1978:
Electrophoretic variants of adductor muscle proteins in crassostrea gigas

Jung, K.; Wischke, U.W., 1984:
Electrophoretic variants of alanine amino peptidase ec alkaline phosphatase ec and gamma glutamyl transferase ec in urine

Hung, A.C.F.; Dowler, M.G.; Vinson, S.B., 1979:
Electrophoretic variants of alpha glycero phosphate dehydrogenase ec in the fire ant solenopsis invicta

Satoh, C.; Takahashi, N.; Asakawa, J.I.; Masunari, N.; Fujita, M.; Goriki, K.; Hazama, R.; Iwamoto, K., 1984:
Electrophoretic variants of blood proteins in japanese 1. phosphoglucomutase 2

Satoh, C.; Takahashi, N.; Kaneko, J.; Kimura, Y.; Fujita, M.; Asakawa, J.I.; Kageoka, T.; Goriki, K.; Hazama, R., 1984:
Electrophoretic variants of blood proteins in japanese 2. phosphoglucomutase 1

Asakawa, J.I.; Satoh, C.; Takahashi, N.; Fujita, M.; Kaneko, J.; Goriki, K.; Hazama, R.; Kageoka, T., 1984:
Electrophoretic variants of blood proteins in japanese 3. triosephosphate isomerase ec

Rafinski J.; Krzanowska H., 1985:
Electrophoretic variants of gpi and icd in inbred strains of mice ke kp cba kw and c57bl kw

Ishimoto G.; Tsuge A.; Yamamoto H., 1986:
Electrophoretic variants of seven erythrocyte enzymes delta aminolevulinate dehydrase polymorphism in japanese

Cox T.S.; Worrall W.D., 1987:
Electrophoretic variation among and within strains of kharkof wheat maintained at 11 locations

Kulzer K.E.; Greenbaum I.F., 1986:
Electrophoretic variation among selected samples of the bluegill lepomis macrochirus

Busack C.A.; Halliburton R.; Gall G.A.E., 1979:
Electrophoretic variation and differentiation in 4 strains of domesticated rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

May, B.; Leonard, D.E.; Vadas, R.L., 1977:
Electrophoretic variation and sex linkage in spruce budworm

Arus P.; Orton T.J.; Jones R.A.; Tanksley S.D., 1982:
Electrophoretic variation as a tool for determining seed purity and for breeding hybrid varieties of brassica oleracea

Chapman, V.M.; Kratzer, P.G.; Quarantillo, B.A., 1983:
Electrophoretic variation for x chromosome linked hypo xanthine phospho ribosyl transferase ec in wild derived mice

Nielsen, J.T.; Chapman, V.M., 1977:
Electrophoretic variation for x chromosome linked phospho glycerate kinase ec in the mouse

Case, S.M., 1978:
Electrophoretic variation in 2 species of ranid frogs rana boylei and rana muscosa

Guyomard R., 1981:
Electrophoretic variation in 4 french populations of domesticated rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Guyomard R.; Krieg F., 1983:
Electrophoretic variation in 6 populations of brown trout salmo trutta

Tsekos I.; Symeonidis L.; Karataglis S., 1981:
Electrophoretic variation in acid phosphatases and alcohol dehydrogenases of native greek di ploid species of aegilops aegilops caudata and aegilops comosa poaceae

Tilley S.G.; Schwerdtfeger P.M., 1981:
Electrophoretic variation in appalachian usa populations of the desmognathus fuscus complex amphibia plethodontidae

Staub J.E.; Fredrick L.; Marty T.L., 1987:
Electrophoretic variation in cross compatible wild diploid species of cucumis

Symeonidis L.; Karataglis S.; Tsekos I., 1979:
Electrophoretic variation in esterases and peroxidases of native greek di ploid aegilops species aegilops caudata and aegilops comosa poaceae

Karataglis, S.; Tsekos, I., 1975:
Electrophoretic variation in esterases of native greek aegilops spp aegilops ovata aegilops biuncialis and aegilops triuncialis

Symeonidis L.; Tsekos I., 1984:
Electrophoretic variation in esterases peroxidases and acid phosphatases in some native greek taxa of the genera hordeum and taeniatherum

Allendorf, F.W.; Christiansen, F.B.; Dobson, T.; Eanes, W.F.; Frydenberg, O., 1979:
Electrophoretic variation in large mammals 1. the polar bear thalarctos maritimus

Simonsen, V., 1982:
Electrophoretic variation in large mammals 2. the red fox vulpes vulpes the stoat mustela erminea the weasel mustela nivalis the polecat mustela putorius the pine marten martes martes the beech marten martes foina and the badger meles meles

Simonsen, V.; Allendorf, F.W.; Eanes, W.F.; Kapel, F.O., 1982:
Electrophoretic variation in large mammals 3. the ringed seal pusa hispida the harp seal pagophilus groenlandicus and the hooded seal cystophora cristata

Simonsen, V.; Born, E.W.; Kristensen, T., 1982 :
Electrophoretic variation in large mammals 4. the atlantic walrus odobenus rosmarus rosmarus

Turner K.; Lyerla T.A., 1980:
Electrophoretic variation in sympatric mud crabs from north inlet south carolina usa

Busack C.A., 1988:
Electrophoretic variation in the red swamp procambarus clarkii and white river crayfish procambarus acutus decapoda cambaridae

Lock, L.; Barnett, C.A., 1979:
Electrophoretic variation of aconitase ec and phospho gluco mutase ec detected in microtus californicus

Todd, D.; McNulty, M.S., 1986:
Electrophoretic variation of avian rotavirus RNA in polyacrylamide gels

Shirley, M.W., 1978:
Electrophoretic variation of enzymes a further marker for genetic studies of eimeria

A.H.ssan L.A.J.; Mahdi A.A.; Ibrahim L.I., 1986:
Electrophoretic variation of phosphoglucomutase glucose 6 phosphate hexose 6 phosphate and tetrazolium oxidase enzymes in some fishes from khor al zubair iraq and kuwait

Paaver T.; Lilleorg A., 1984:
Electrophoretic variation of proteins and genetic differentiation in some stocks of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri from estonian ussr fish hatcheries

Kimura M.; Ishikawa K.; Ito S.; Isogai I., 1980:
Electrophoretic variation of yolk and plasma albumins in the japanese quail

Machelon V.; Demar C., 1984:
Electrophoretic variations among the genus euplotes ciliata hypotrichida comparative data for the sibling species complex euplotes vannus and survey of infrageneric variability

Singh, V.P.; Gupta, V.K., 1978:
Electrophoretic variations in brassica with respect to esterase iso enzyme patterns

Chauhan K.P.S.; Gopinathan M.C.; Babu C.R., 1985:
Electrophoretic variations of proteins and enzymes in relation to seed quality

Abe M.; Arai S.; Kato H.; Fujimaki M., 1981:
Electrophoretical analysis of zein and isolation of its components

Branlard G.; Rousset M., 1980:
Electrophoretical characteristics of gliadins and baking value of bread wheat

Malysheva T.A.; Pel'tek S.E.; Sarapul'tsev B.I., 1983:
Electrophoretical composition of h 1 histone under conditions of genome interaction in triticum aestivum x agropyron glaucum amphi di ploids

Tamura, S.; Shimizu, Y.; Koyamaishi, Y.; Takahashi, R.; Oh-Ishi, H.; Yamashita, T., 1976:
Electrophoretical findings of serum proteins and electron microscopic observation of lymphoid cells in peripheral blood of equine infectious anemia

Peterkova, I., 1978:
Electrophoretical investigation of proteins and oxidative enzymes in seedlings of vicia faba under the influence of pyrazone burex

Siciliano M.J.; White B.F.; Humphrey R.M., 1983:
Electrophoretically detectable mutations induced in chinese hamster ovary cells by varying doses of uv radiation

Puukka R.; Leppilampi M., 1982:
Electrophoretically determined hemo globin a 1 concentrations during short term changes in glucose concentration

Vahl U.; Mueller G., 1984 :
Electrophoretically different primary leaf peroxidases as biochemical marker in seedlings of winter wheat

Absil, J.; Tuilie, M.; Roux, J.M., 1980:
Electrophoretically distinct forms of uridine kinase ec in the rat tissue distribution and age dependence

Trump, G.N.; Singer, S.J., 1970:
Electrophoretically homogeneous anti di nitrophenyl antibodies with restricted iso electric points elicited in mice by immunization with the antigen papain s di nitrophenyl lysine

Lehotsky J.; Kaplan P.; Mezesova V.; Uhrik B.; Mezes V., 1986:
Electrophoretically isolated membrane fractions of the rabbit sarcotubular system

Gresser, I.; Aguet, M.; Morel-Maroger, L.; Woodrow, D.; Puvion-Dutilleul, F.; Guillon, J.C.; Maury, C., 1981:
Electrophoretically pure mouse interferon inhibits growth, induces liver and kidney lesions, and kills suckling mice

Puzas J.E.; Jensen J.A., 1982:
Electrophoretically separated bone cell types from the fetal rat calvarium a histochemical and biochemical study

Barrett A.J.; Brown M.A.; Sayers C.A., 1979:
Electrophoretically slow and fast forms of the alpha 2 macro globulin molecule

Bhatty, R.S.; Patel, P.R., 1983:
Electrophoretograms of peas and skim milk proteins hydrolyzed in vitro with pepsin ec and rennin ec

Cartaud, J.; Bon, S.; Massoulie, J., 1978:
Electrophorus acetyl cholin esterase ec biochemical and electron microscope characterization of low ionic strength aggregates/

Johnson, C.D.; Smith, S.P.; Russell, R.L., 1977:
Electrophorus electricus acetyl cholin esterases separation and selective modification by collagenase

Siegel, G.J.; Iyengar, S.; Fogt, S.K., 1980:
Electrophorus electricus sodium potassium atpase ec evidence for simultaneous sodium and potassium binding in the presence of lead

Farkas, D.L.; Malkin, S.; Korenstein, R., 1984:
Electrophotoluminescence and the electrical properties of the photosynthetic membrane 2. electric field induced electrical breakdown of the photosynthetic membrane and its recovery

Moser H., 1987:
Electrophysical evidence for ammonium as a substitute for potassium in activating the sodium pump in a crayfish sensory neuron

Sargaev P.M.; Vekshin G.A.; Sedykh N.V., 1981:
Electrophysical parameters of the growing mycelium of actinomyces nodosus which produce amphotericin b

Sawicki, G.J.; Arnsdorf, M.F., 1985:
Electrophysiologic actions and interactions between lysophosphatidylcholine and lidocaine in the nonsteady state: the match between multiphasic arrhythmogenic mechanisms and multiple drug effects in cardiac Purkinje fibers

Miyakawa, A.; Nishimura, M.; Watanabe, Y., 1986:
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Electrophysiological consideration on the application of prism progressive test in a heterogeneous group of strabismic subjects

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Electrophysiological derangements induced by lipid peroxidation in cardiac tissue

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Electrophysiological effects of alkalosis on the action potential and membrane current systems of the rabbit atrioventricular node cells

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Electrophysiological effects of bunaftine, an antiarrhythmic drug, on action potential characteristics in ventricular muscle preparations

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Electrophysiological effects of bupivacaine on transitional pacemaker cells of the frog heart

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Electrophysiological effects of calcium antagonists tetrodotoxin extra cellular calcium and sodium concentration on myocardium of hibernating chipmunks possible involvement of sodium calcium exchange mechanism

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Electrophysiological effects of contrast media

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Electrophysiological effects of disopyramide on rabbit sinus node cells

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Electrophysiological effects of ethmozin on sinus nodal function in patients with and without sinus node dysfunction

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Electrophysiological effects of flecainide on guinea pig ventricular muscle in high extracellular potassium concentration acidosis and hypoxia

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Electrophysiological effects of intravenous diltiazem. Experimental study in dogs

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Electrophysiological effects of intravenous nicainoprol a new antiarrhythmic agent in 11 patients

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Electrophysiological effects of kw 3049 a novel dihydropyridine type calcium antagonist on isolated rabbit hearts sinus nodal tissues and guinea pig ventricular muscles

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Electrophysiological effects of l palmitylcarnitine on ventricular muscle with special reference to the mode of action

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Electrophysiological effects of labetalol on canine atrial cardiac purkinje fibers and ventricular muscle

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Electrophysiological effects of lithium hydroxybutyrate on dogs with acute myocardial ischemia

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Electrophysiological effects of maprotiline, a tetracyclic antidepressant agent, on isolated cardiac preparations

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Electrophysiological effects of paraoxon on the giant interneurons in the american cockroach periplaneta americana

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Electrophysiological effects of penticainide in the anesthetized dog

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Electrophysiological effects of procaine in rabbit sino-atrial node cells

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Electrophysiological effects of propafenone in untreated and propafenone pretreated guinea pig atrial and ventricular muscle fibers

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Electrophysiological effects of propafenone on fast response action potential of papillary muscle of guinea pig

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Electrophysiological effects of propionate and bicarbonate on gallbladder epithelium

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Electrophysiological effects of propranolol in patients with sinus node dysfunction

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Electrophysiological effects of some antidepressant drugs on canine cardiac purkinje fibers

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Electrophysiological effects of sotalol in supraventricular tachycardias

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Electrophysiological effects of sotalol on sinus node atrium atrioventricular node and his bundle cells in rabbit heart

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Electrophysiological effects of tetracaine on the longitudinal muscle of rat uterus in various ionic environments

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Electrophysiological effects of the enantiomers of 3 3 hydroxyphenyl n n propylpiperidine on neurons in the locus coeruleus of the rat

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Electrophysiological effects of the new cardioactive drug CERM 4205: a comparative study in an animal model and in man

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Electrophysiological effects of the tricyclic antidepressant desipramine on mammalian myocardium

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Electrophysiological effects of transient aortic occlusion in intact canine heart

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Electrophysiological estimation of the intensity of defensive respiratory reflexes

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Electrophysiological evaluation of a partial agonist of dopamine receptors

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Electrophysiological evaluation of athletes with wolff parkinson white induction of supraventricular tachyarrhythmia at rest and during exercise with transesophageal atrial pacing

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Electrophysiological evaluation of mexiletine

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Electrophysiological evaluation of retinal function in carotid occlusive disease

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Electrophysiological evaluation of sinus node function in patients with wolff parkinson white syndrome

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Electrophysiological evaluation of the different degrees of risk of high frequency atrial fibrillation in wpw syndrome

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Electrophysiological evaluation of the kinetics of synaptic acetylcholinesterase inhibition in the rat diaphragm caused by armin

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Electrophysiological evaluation of the stiles crawford effect

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Electrophysiological evidence for a 10 dopamine autoreceptor subsensitivity following chronic dextro amphetamine treatment

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Electrophysiological evidence for an excitatory projection from ventromedial forebrain structures on to raphe spinal and reticulo spinal neurons in the rat

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Electrophysiological evidence for central nervous connections of the pigeons columba livia pineal gland

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Electrophysiological evidence for chloride secretion in shark squalus acanthias renal proximal tubules

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Electrophysiological evidence for right frontal lobe dominance in spatial visuomotor learning

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Electrophysiological evidence for the oblique effect in human infants

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Electrophysiological evidence for the permeability of white clover trifolium repens stolons to nutrient ions

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Electrophysiological evidence from glutamate microapplications for local excitatory circuits in the CA1 area of rat hippocampal slices

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Electrophysiological evidence of peripheral nerve dysfunction in six dogs with botulism type C

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Electrophysiological evidence of relaxation behavior during suckling in lactating female cats

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Electrophysiological evidence suggests a defective calcium control mechanism in a new paramecium mutant

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Electrophysiological expression of quick activation of cat's cortex by acoustic stimuli

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Electrophysiological features in patients with nonprogressive and late progressive weakness after paralytic poliomyelitis conventional electromyography automatic analysis of the electromyogram and single fiber electromyography study

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Electrophysiological findings in a case of stiff man syndrome

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Electrophysiological findings in patients with idiopathic ventricular tachycardia

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Electrophysiological findings in patients with kearns sayre syndrome report of 2 cases

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Electrophysiological findings in patients with lumbar disc prolapse

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Electrophysiological heterogeneity of proximal convoluted tubules in Amphiuma kidney

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Electrophysiological identification of neurons of the substantia innominata

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Electrophysiological identification of serotonergic neurons in the rat nucleus raphe magnus

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Electrophysiological identification of the stimulatory and interactive components of a complex odorant

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Electrophysiological indexes of the degree of grafted neural tissue integration with the host brain

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Electrophysiological indices of central nervous system function in hemodialysis and continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

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Electrophysiological indices of systemic cerebral activity in the mobilization of functional reserves during muscular fatigue

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Electrophysiological interactions of isomers of cyclazocine with the phencyclidine antagonist metaphit in rat cerebellar Purkinje neurons

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Electrophysiological investigation of binaural hearing by auditory brainstem responses localization of sound sources in the horizontal plane

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Electrophysiological investigation of excitation and inhibition evoked by ascending and corticofugal impulses in relay neurons of the thalamic ventral posterolateral nucleus

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Electrophysiological investigation of hypothalamo thalamic connections in rat

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Electrophysiological investigation of peripheral neuromuscular changes in the elderly

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Electrophysiological investigation of the ascending connections of the hippocampus with different zones of the neocortex in rabbit

Otmakhov N.A., 1986:
Electrophysiological investigation of the nonpyramidal neurons of the stratum radiatum in hippocampal slices of guinea pigs

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Electrophysiological investigation of the prolonged vibration effect on the reticulo limbic interrelations

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Electrophysiological investigation of the role of the hippocampus in conditioned reflex activity of the lizard ophisaurus apodus

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Electrophysiological investigations of the red alga griffithsia pacifica

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Electrophysiological investigations on the response to cabbage odor by the cabbage armyworm moth mamestra brassicae lepidoptera noctuidae

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Electrophysiological manifestation of lhrh pulse generator activity in the rhesus monkey macaca mulatta influence of alpha adrenergic and dopaminergic blocking agents

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Electrophysiological measurements of the spectral sensitivity of 3 types of cones in the carp cyprinus carpio retina

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Electrophysiological mechanisms of functional bundle branch block at onset of induced orthodromic tachycardia in wolff parkinson white syndrome role of stimulation method

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Electrophysiological mechanisms of reperfusion arrhythmias endocardial mapping study in isolated coronary perfused dog hearts

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Electrophysiological mechanisms underlying rate dependent changes of refractoriness in normal and segmentally depressed canine purkinje fibers the characteristics of post repolarization refractoriness

Simon M., 1984:
Electrophysiological methods in study of the epithelia

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Electrophysiological methods in the diagnosis of brain death part i value and problems of evoked potentials

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Electrophysiological methods in the diagnosis of dissociated brain death

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Electrophysiological monitoring during acoustic neuroma and other posterior fossa surgery

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Electrophysiological monitoring during basilar aneurysm operation

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Electrophysiological observations in patients with motor neuron disease receiving a trh analogue rx 77368

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Electrophysiological optometry using Scheiner's principle in the pigeon eye

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Electrophysiological parameters of cardiac activity and the intensity of protein synthesis in cardiomyocytes during arousal of ground squirrels from winter hibernation

Zhegunov G.F., 1986:
Electrophysiological parameters of the suslik citellus undulatus heart during awakening from hibernation

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Electrophysiological pattern of development of fatigue during isometric contraction in sportsmen

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Electrophysiological prognosis in facial paralysis

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Electrophysiological projections of pulvinar lateralis posterior complex upon superior colliculus units in the cat

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Electrophysiological properties of abdominal electrocytes in the weakly electric fish gymnotus carapo

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Electrophysiological properties of amphibian late distal tubule in vivo

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Electrophysiological properties of automatic fibers in rabbit atrioventricular valves

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Electrophysiological properties of bulbar respiratory neurons

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Electrophysiological properties of cultured adult rat ventricular cardiac muscle cells

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Electrophysiological properties of dentate granule cells in mouse hippocampal slices maintained in vitro

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Electrophysiological properties of ependymal cells (radial glia) in dorsal cortex of the turtle, Pseudemys scripta

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Electrophysiological properties of in vitro hippocampal pyramidal cells for normal and staggerer mutant mice

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Electrophysiological properties of mechanoreceptors of single sensory unit innervating toad's femoral skin

Kiyatkin E.A., 1986:
Electrophysiological properties of mesencephalic ventral tegmental area neurons in conscious rats

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Electrophysiological properties of neurons in the lateral habenula nucleus: an in vitro study

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Electrophysiological properties of paraventriculo spinal neurons in the rat

Lobov G.I., 1985:
Electrophysiological properties of the membrane of the smooth muscle cells of the lymphatic vessels in the ox

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Electrophysiological properties of the mesenteric artery of the rabbit with perinephritis hypertension

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Electrophysiological recordings from gonadotrophs evidence for calcium channels mediated by gonadotropin releasing hormone

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Electrophysiological research in patients exposed to high environmental concentrations of carbon monoxide

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Electrophysiological responses of hamster suprachiasmatic neurons to neuropeptide y in the hypothalamic slice preparation

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Electrophysiological responses of neurons in the nucleus accumbens to hippocampal stimulation and the attenuation of the excitatory responses by the mesolimbic dopaminergic system

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Electrophysiological responses of the purple stem borer sesamia inferens to sex pheromone and related compounds

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Electrophysiological responses to angiotensin II of isolated rat adrenal glomerulosa cells

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Electrophysiological signs of neurocognitive deficits in long term leukemia survivors

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Electrophysiological studies in acute organophosphate poisoning

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Electrophysiological studies in cultured mouse central nervous system neurons of the actions of an agonist and an inverse agonist at the benzodiazepine receptor

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Electrophysiological studies in myotonic dystrophy 1. potential motor unit parameters and conduction velocity of the motor and sensory peripheral nerve fibers

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Electrophysiological studies in myotonic dystrophy 2. single fiber electromyogram

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Electrophysiological studies in primary biliary cirrhosis

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Electrophysiological studies in principal cells of rat cortical collecting tubules adh increases the apical membrane sodium conductance

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Electrophysiological studies of dorsal column dysfunction in experimental diabetic and 2 5 hexanedione neuropathy rats

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Electrophysiological studies of excitation contraction coupling during activation of alpha adrenoceptors in the vascular smooth muscles

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Electrophysiological studies of nerve conductions in diabetic patients

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Electrophysiological studies of penticainide (CM 7857), a new antiarrhythmic agent, in mammalian myocardium

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Electrophysiological studies of preganglionic neurons in the superior salivatory nucleus of cats

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Electrophysiological studies of primary cultures of rabbit distal tubule cells

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Electrophysiological studies of projections from parietal associative cortex to the cat motor cortex

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Electrophysiological studies of pyridine sensitive units on the crayfish austropotamobius torrentium walking leg 1. characteristics of stimulatory molecules

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Electrophysiological studies of the cardiotropic action of phenothiazine derivatives used as antiarrhythmic agents

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Electrophysiological studies of the cochlea of guinea pigs with experimental renal failure

Hirai T., 1984:
Electrophysiological studies of the effect of rhythmical sound on the central nervous system 1

Hirai T., 1984:
Electrophysiological studies of the effect of rhythmical sound on the central nervous system 2

Hertel W.; Penzlin H., 1986:
Electrophysiological studies of the effect of the neuropeptide proctolin on the hyperneurial muscle of periplaneta americana

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Electrophysiological studies of the effects of the general anesthetic etomidate on frog myelinated nerve fiber

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Electrophysiological studies of the mechanism of action of the yew toxin taxine on the heart

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Electrophysiological studies on bifurcation sites of the dual projection neurons from the cat spinal dorsal horn

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Electrophysiological studies on isolated human eccrine sweat glands

Ikonomov O.; Simon M.; Froemter E., 1985:
Electrophysiological studies on lateral intercellular spaces of necturus maculosus gallbladder epithelium

Meissl H.; George S.R., 1984:
Electrophysiological studies on neuronal transmission in the frogs rana esculenta photosensory pineal organ the effect of amino acids and biogenic amines

Bello-Reuss, E.; Weber, M.R., 1986:
Electrophysiological studies on primary cultures of proximal tubule cells

E.A.a K.S.A.; Ahmed N.A.; Shehata Z.H., 1986:
Electrophysiological studies on the action of glutamic acid on avian hearts

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Electrophysiological studies on the antennal olfactory cells of the onion fly hylemya antiqua meigen diptera anthomyiidae

Kurokawa M.; Kuwasawa K., 1985:
Electrophysiological studies on the branchial ganglion in the opisthobranch mollusks aplysia and dolabella

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Electrophysiological studies on the central control of feeding and drinking under hyperbaric environment

Sawada M., 1986:
Electrophysiological studies on the effect of methylguanidine mg on central nervous system and peripheral nervous system activity

Naito H.; Hirai T.; Takemura K.; Takeda N.; Yamamoto T.; Tachibana W.; Yasuhara M., 1985:
Electrophysiological studies on the effect of rhythmical sound on the recruiting response

Dickenson A.H.; Sullivan A.F., 1986:
Electrophysiological studies on the effects of intrathecal morphine on nociceptive neurons in the rat dorsal horn

Shiba Y., 1986:
Electrophysiological studies on the effects of modified neuroleptanalgesia on the central nervous system using diazepam and pentazocine

Wang S.; Yan K.; Jiang S.; Wang Y.; Wang X., 1985:
Electrophysiological studies on the nucleus isthmi of the lizards gekko gecko and shinisaurus crocodilurus

Gardette, R.; Debono, M.; Dupont, J.L.; Crepel, F., 1985:
Electrophysiological studies on the postnatal development of intracellular nuclei neurons in rat cerebellar slices maintained in vitro 2. membrane conductances

Gardette, R.; Debono, M.; Dupont, J.L.; Crepel, F., 1985:
Electrophysiological studies on the postnatal development of intracerebellar nuclei neurons in rat cerebellar slices maintained in vitro 1. postsynaptic potentials

Yamana K.; Toh Y.; Tateda H., 1986:
Electrophysiological studies on the temporal organ of the japanese house centipede thereuonema hilgendorfi

Lü, G.W.; Zhang, S.; Xia, Y., 1986:
Electrophysiological studies on the termination sites of double projection spinal dorsal horn neurons in the cat

Kayamori R.; Takahashi S.; Orii K.; Ishigaki N.; Sato H., 1988:
Electrophysiological study in congenital facial palsy

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Electrophysiological study in juvenile retinoschisis

Pierelli, F.; Pozzessere, G.; Sanarelli, L.; Valle, E.; Rizzo, P.A.; Morocutti, C., 1985:
Electrophysiological study in patients with chronic hepatic insufficiency

Cruz Martínez, A.; Barbado, F.J.; Ferrer, M.T.; Vázquez, J.J.; Pérez Conde, M.C.; Gil Aquado, A., 1988:
Electrophysiological study in systemic necrotizing vasculitis of the polyarteritis nodosa group

Timour, Q.; Freysz, M.; Lang, J.; Béal, J.L.; Lakhal, M.; Bertrix, L.; Faucon, G., 1987:
Electrophysiological study in the dog of the risk of cardiac toxicity of bupivacaine

Okamoto, M., 1987:
Electrophysiological study in the kindling effect i. influence of the kindling effect on consciousness motor activity and gastric mucosa

Okamoto, M., 1987:
Electrophysiological study in the kindling effect ii. influence of exteroceptive stimulation on the kindling effect

Okamoto, M., 1987:
Electrophysiological study in the kindling effect iii. effects of trh analog dn 1417 on electrical phenomena in the kindled rabbit

Buchner H.; Brueckmann H.; Ferbert H.; Zeumer H.; Hacke W., 1987:
Electrophysiological study in trigeminal nerve tumors

Suzuki S.; Notoya M.; Furukawa M.; Miyazaki T.; Umeda R., 1985:
Electrophysiological study of auditory eye opening response

Brown, D.L.; Guyenet, P.G., 1985 :
Electrophysiological study of cardiovascular neurons in the rostral ventrolateral medulla in rats

Takaoka, K.; Okumura, K.; Horio, Y.; Rokutanda, M.; Hirata, A.; Uchida, H.; Matsuyama, K.; Ito, H.; Kugiyama, K.; Morigami, Y., 1985:
Electrophysiological study of cases with bilateral bundle branch block

Kayamori, R., 1987:
Electrophysiological study of chronic intractable shoulder pain

Bondoux-Jahan, M.; Sebille, A., 1988:
Electrophysiological study of conditioning lesion effects of rat sciatic nerve regeneration following either prior section or freeze ii. blocking by prior tenotomy

Bando, S.; Hashiguchi, T.; Tada, N.; Minezono, K.; Nishimura, N.; Atagi, Y.; Shinomiya, H.; Mori, H., 1986:
Electrophysiological study of conduction system in dilated cardiomyopathy

Johnson, E.C.; Pak, W.L., 1986:
Electrophysiological study of Drosophila rhodopsin mutants

Prokopenko V.F.; Voloshin M.Ya, 1985:
Electrophysiological study of functional interrelationships between ventral posterolateral nucleus and lateral parts of the reticular thalamic nucleus

Valyukh T.P.; Sollertinskaya T.N., 1985:
Electrophysiological study of hippocampo neocortical connections in rabbits

Voloshin M.Ya; Prokopenko V.F.; Gonchar Y.A., 1986:
Electrophysiological study of influences from area 5b of cat associative cortex on neurons of the ventroposterolateral nucleus of the thalamus

Ragot R.; Lesevre N., 1986:
Electrophysiological study of intrahemispheric stimulus response compatibility effects elicited by visual directional cues

Usami M., 1987:
Electrophysiological study of ion permeability on glial cell membrane

Zefirov A.L., 1984:
Electrophysiological study of mediator secretion and pool in an individual point of frog neuromuscular synapse release

Steers, W.D.; Mallory, B.; de Groat, W.C., 1988:
Electrophysiological study of neural activity in penile nerve of the rat

Kan Z., 1984:
Electrophysiological study of reciprocating tachycardia utilizing retrograde accessory pathways especially about the effectiveness and mechanism of action of verapamil and disopyramide

Stalberg E.; Eriksson P O.; Antoni L.; Thornell L E., 1986:
Electrophysiological study of size and fiber distribution of motor units in the human masseter and temporal muscles

Kreitner D., 1985:
Electrophysiological study of the 2 main pacemaker mechanisms in the rabbit sinus node

Danilenko A.M.; Gimrikh E.O.; Chekhov A.M.; Marochkin A.S.; Gushchin I.V.; Savenkova G.M., 1988:
Electrophysiological study of the antiarrhythmic activity of delagil and its blocking effect in patients with paroxysmal atrial arrhythmia

Sarkisyan, D.S., 1987:
Electrophysiological study of the cat's rubro nigral projection

IIzuka S., 1984:
Electrophysiological study of the ciliary body

Tagiev S.K.; Ismailov A.A., 1985:
Electrophysiological study of the functions of the olfactory bulb and telencephalon in cartilaginous ganoids exposed to nonspecific environmental factors

Baklavadzhyan O.G.; Darbinyan A.G.; Taturyan I.Kh, 1984:
Electrophysiological study of the hypothalamic projection of noxious afferents from the dental pulp

Yamamoto, Y., 1987:
Electrophysiological study of the influence of subcortical structures on the photo evoked eyelid microvibration part 1. electrical stimulation and destruction

Yamamoto, Y., 1987:
Electrophysiological study of the influence of subcortical structures on the photo evoked eyelid microvibration part 2. relation with evoked muscular discharge

Girlanda, P.; Roberto, M.L.; Dattola, R.; Morgante, L.; Venuto, C.; Messina, C., 1986:
Electrophysiological study of the snout reflex in normal subjects and in parkinsonian and pseudobulbar patients

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Electrophysiological study of vitis vinifera procyanoside oligomer effects on retinal function in myopic subjects

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Electrophysiological study of white wax disease patients

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Electrophysiological study on animal model of depression single unit activity of locus coeruleus neurons in rats exposed to long term severe stress

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Electrophysiological study on cone rod dystrophy of bull's eye macular lesion type

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Electrophysiological study on hypertrophied and ischemic myocardium of rats

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Electrophysiological study on limb myokymia in three women

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Electrophysiological study on lumbosacral compression radiculopathy

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Electrophysiological study on the effects of the basal ganglia on cephalic circulation and cardiovascular function

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Electrophysiological study on the striato cerebellar projections

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Electrophysiology and metallosis: support for an oxidative (free radical) mechanism in the human eye

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Electrophysiology and morphology of growth hormone producing cells of lymnaea stagnalis

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Electrophysiology and noise analysis of potassium ion depolarized epithelia of frog rana pipiens skin

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Electrophysiology computed tomography correlations in exploration for acoustic neurinoma

Griffith W.H.; Matthews R.T., 1986:
Electrophysiology of acetylcholinesterase positive neurons in basal forebrain slices

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Electrophysiology of basolateral bicarbonate transport in the rabbit proximal tubule

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Electrophysiology of chemosensory systems and analysis of caudata behavior

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Electrophysiology of flounder intestinal mucosa 1. conductance properties of the cellular and paracellular pathways

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Electrophysiology of flounder intestinal mucosa 2. relation of the electrical potential profile to coupled sodium chloride absorption

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Electrophysiology of functional subsidiary pacemakers in canine right atrium

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Electrophysiology of identified neurosecretory and non neurosecretory cells in the cockroach periplaneta americana pars intercerebralis

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Electrophysiology of mammalian tectal neurons in vitro. I. Transient ionic conductances

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Electrophysiology of oocytes during meiotic maturation and after ovulation in brook trout salvelinus fontinalis

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Electrophysiology of phagocytic membranes intracellular potassium activity and potassium equilibrium potential in macrophage polykaryons

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Electrophysiology of potassium transport by midgut epithelium of lepidopteran insect larvae 1. the transbasal electrochemical gradient

Moffett, D.F.; Koch, A.R., 1988:
Electrophysiology of potassium transport by midgut epithelium of lepidopteran insect larvae ii. the transapical electrochemical gradients

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Electrophysiology of rat distal colon after partial nephrectomy implications for potassium transport

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Electrophysiology of renal capillary membranes: gel concept applied and Starling model challenged

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Electrophysiology of salamander proximal tubule. I. Effects of rapid cooling

Sackin, H., 1986:
Electrophysiology of salamander proximal tubule ii. interspace sodium chloride concentrations and solute coupled water transport

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Electrophysiology of smooth muscle of the small intestine of some mammals

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Electrophysiology of succinate transport across rabbit renal brush border membranes

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Electrophysiology of the enantiomers of disopyramide in dogs

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Electrophysiology of the human colon: evidence of segmental heterogeneity

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Electropolymerized thin films part ii. functions and applications of electropolymerized film coated electrodes

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Electroporation mediated improvement of plant regeneration from colt cherry prunus avium x prunus pseudocerasus protoplasts

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Electroporation of mammalian cells with a firefly luciferase expression plasmid: kinetics of transient expression differ markedly among cell types

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Electroradioscanographic diagnosis of tumor metastases to the bone

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Electroreductive cleavage of 2 methylene 9 10 anthraquinone esters of carboxylic acids and n substituted carbamic acids protecting groups for carboxylic acids and primary amines

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Electroreductive cleavage of substituted 9 10 anthraquinones in 50 percent aqueous thf buffers a ph dependent process

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Electroretinal changes in the presence of a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor

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Electroretinogram and visual evoked cortical potential in chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia

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Electroretinogram in hereditary optic atrophies

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Electroretinograms evoked by sinusoidal excitation of human cones

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Electroretinograms in cases of aids retinopathy and aids cytomegalovirus retinitis under ganciclovir therapy

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Electroretinographic effects of chlorpromazine and flunitrazepam repeatedly administered in healthy volunteers

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Electroretinographic intensity response function in retinal disease

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Electroretinographic oscillatory potentials predict progression of diabetic retinopathy. Preliminary report

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Electroretinographic responses of the great horned owl bubo virginianus

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Electroretinographic studies following vitrectomy and intraocular silicone oil injection

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Electroretinography as a tool of investigation on dopaminergic activity in man electroretinographic changes induced by perphenazine and bromocriptine

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Electroretinography following laser irradiation

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Electroroentgenothyrolymphoscanography in the diagnosis of thyroid disease

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Electrorotation of red cells after electroporation

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Electroshock wave treatment eswl of kidney and urolithiasis norwegian experience

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Electrospinograms in dogs

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Electrostatic and electrokinetic potentials in 2 polymer aqueous phase systems

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Electrostatic and hydrophobic effects in chromatography of rabbit immuno globulin g immuno globulins on amino hexyl sepharose substituted with bis p chlorophenyl acetic acid

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Electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions of the intermediate filament protein vimentin and its amino terminus with lipid bilayers

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Electrostatic and non electrostatic free energy contributions to acid dissociation constants in cosolvent water mixtures

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Electrostatic and structural properties of the surface of human erythrocytes 1. cell electrophoretic studies following neuraminidase treatment

Donath, E.; Lerche, D., 1980:
Electrostatic and structural properties of the surface of human erythrocytes 2. cell electrophoretical studies following addition of lanthanum chloride

Donath, E.; Steidel, R., 1980:
Electrostatic and structural properties of the surface of human erythrocytes 3. cell electrophoretic studies following addition of human serum albumin

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Electrostatic application of low volume microbial insecticide spray on broccoli plants brassica oleracea

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Electrostatic attraction governs the dimer assembly of human hemoglobin

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Electrostatic calculations for an ion channel part 1 energy and potential profiles and interactions between ions

Levitt, D.G., 1978:
Electrostatic calculations for an ion channel part 2 kinetic behavior of the gramicidin a channel

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Electrostatic characteristics of corn root plasmalemma effect on the magnesium atpase activity

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Electrostatic charge on decay products of thoron

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Electrostatic components of drug receptor recognition 1. structural and sequence analogs of dna poly nucleotides

Dean, P.M.; Wakelin, L.P.G., 1980:
Electrostatic components of drug receptor recognition 2. the dna binding antibiotic actinomycin

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Electrostatic control by lipids upon the membrane bound sodium potassium atpase ec

Ahrens, M.L., 1983:
Electrostatic control by lipids upon the membrane bound sodium potassium atpase ec 2. the influence of surface potential upon the activating ion equilibria

Telfer A.; Barber J.; Jagendorf A.T., 1980:
Electrostatic control of chloroplast coupling factor binding to thylakoid membranes as indicated by cation effects on electron transport and reconstitution of photo phosphorylation

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