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Electrophoretic study of acid phosphatase ec iso enzymes in the grass genus aegilops

Biochemie und Physiologie der Pflanzen (BPP) 172(1-2): 133-154

Electrophoretic study of acid phosphatase ec iso enzymes in the grass genus aegilops

Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis was applied to study acid phosphatase (EC isoenzyme (isophosphatase) variation and inheritance in the species of the goatgrass genus Aegilops L. Three genetically independent and electrophoretically distinguishable acid phosphatases of different tissue distribution and activity dynamics during germination were specified. Two of them designated as Ph-1 and Ph-3 to specify acid phosphatases characteristic of the embryo and the leaf tissue, respectively, showed limited electrophoretic variation of no diagnostic value in species comparison. The third one designated as Ph-2 revealed characteristic pattern of inter- and intraspecific variation in Aegilops and was studied in more detail. In diploid goatgrass species, the Ph-2 locus controls the formation of 2 electrophoretically separable isophosphatases, the relative activity of which varies depending on the species, the kind and age of seedling tissue. In coleoptile and root tissues of polyploid species, co-dominant expression of the Ph-2 homoeoalleles of the composite genomes was observed. Only in some accessions of the allotetraploid species A. biuncialis individuals with only 1 of the 2 Ph-2 homoeoalleles active were found along with individuals revealing co-dominant inheritance of both homoeoalleles. In most cases the Ph-2 electrophoretic pattern of the coleoptile tissue of polyploid goatgrass species comprises the sum of isophosphatases characteristic of the contemporary diploid species presumed to be genome donors to the polyploids on the basis of cytogenetic and karyomorphologic evidence. The isophosphatase doublet specific for the diploid A. tauschii is observed on the enzymograms of all polyploids of the D genome group, while the isophosphatases characteristic of the diploid A. umbellulata are expressed in the polyploids of the Cu genome group. The isophosphatases of the diploid A. caudata coincide electrophoretically with those controlled by second genomes of A. cylindrica and A. triuncialis, but not with those of A. kotschyi. The isophosphatases of the diploid A. comosa (incl. A. heldreichii) correspond electrophoretically to those found in A. biuncialis and in a group of accessions of A. ovata, but differ distinctly from any characteristic of A. crassa. No diploid goatgrass species was found with isophosphatases corresponding to those controlled by second genomes of A. crassa and A. columnaris. The allotetraploids A. cylindrica, A. triuncialis, A. columnaris and A. biuncialis from sympatic natural populations in Transcaucasia always showed characteristic species-specific isophosphatase electrophoretic patterns with no evidence of wide-spread inter-specific introgression of genetic information for the Ph-2 isoenzymes.

Accession: 005349021

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