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Electrophoretic study on the hemo globin of japanese pond frogs

Scientific Report of the Laboratory for Amphibian Biology Hiroshima University 4: 239-248
Electrophoretic study on the hemo globin of japanese pond frogs
The Hb of the following specimens was analyzed by starch gel electrophoresis in order to elucidate biochemically the phylogenic relationship among the 3 forms of Japanese pond frog: Rana nigromaculata, R. brevipoda brevipoda, R. b. porosa and reciprocal hybrids between the former 2 forms at various developmental stages from early tadpole to adult frog; and autotriploids and reciprocal allotriploids of R. nigromaculata and R. b. brevipoda. The Hb pattern of R. nigromaculata remarkably differed from those of R. b. brevipoda and R. b. porosa; there was little difference between those of the 2 ssp. Reciprocal hybrids between R. nigromaculata and R. b. brevipoda showed the same Hb pattern, in which the electrophoretic bands consisted of the total of those of the 2 spp. The Hb of auto- and allotriploid frogs showed electrophoretic patterns which were in accord with the constitution of their genomes. The Hb patterns of R. nigromaculata, R. b. brevipoda and R. b. porosa at the tadpole stage differed from those at the frog stage. The transition from tadpole Hb to frog Hb occurred during metamorphosis. The Hb patterns of reciprocal hybrids at various developmental stages consisted of the total of the electrophoretic bands of the parental species, except those just at the completion of metamorphosis.

Accession: 005349105

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