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Electrophoretic variation in acid phosphatases and alcohol dehydrogenases of native greek di ploid species of aegilops aegilops caudata and aegilops comosa poaceae

Tsekos, I.; Symeonidis, L.; Karataglis, S.

Biochemie und Physiologie der Pflanzen (BPP) 176(5): 463-480


Accession: 005349165

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The acid phosphatase and alcohol dehydrogenase patterns in 5 varieties of A. caudata (genome type C) and A. comosa (genome type M) [A. caudata var. caudata, A. caudata var. polyanthera, A. comosa ssp. comosa var. thessalica, A. comosa ssp. heldreichii var. biaristata and A. comosa var. subventricosa] were studied in order to elucidate the phylogenetic relationships within and between the 2 groups. The raw enzyme extracts of the shoot and the root of 4-day-old seedlings were separated by the use of electrostarch horizontal gel electrophoresis, and the surfaces of the zymograms were evaluated by means of a densitometer. Comparing the band patterns of the 2 enzyme systems studied here and of 2 more further on (esterase, peroxidase, Symeonidis et al. 1979) in 5 varieties of Aequilops, the following conclusions were reached. The similarities of the isoenzymes are larger within the species rather than between the species. The 2 varieties of A. caudata (var. polyathera and var. caudata) demonstrate a close phylogenetic relationship. The A. comosa varieties [subventricosa (= s), var. biaristata (= b), var. thessalica = th)] are found with the following relationship existing between them: .**GRAPHIC**.

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