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Electrophoretic variation in esterases and peroxidases of native greek di ploid aegilops species aegilops caudata and aegilops comosa poaceae

Symeonidis, L.; Karataglis, S.; Tsekos, I.

Plant Systematics and Evolution 131(1-2): 1-16


ISSN/ISBN: 0378-2697
Accession: 005349168

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The esterase and peroxidase patterns in 5 varieties of A. caudata (genome type C) and A. comosa (genome type M) [A. caudata var. caudata, A. caudata var. polyathera, A. comosa spp. comosa var. thessalica, A. comosa ssp. heldreichii var. biaristata and A. comosa spp. heldreichii var. subventricosa] were studied in order to elucidate the phylogenetic relationships within and between the 2 groups. The electrostarch gel electrophoresis technique was applied to extracts of shoot and root of 4 day old seedlings, and the electropherograms were evaluated by gel densitometer traces. Inspite of considerable isozyme polymorphism, closer relationships in the banding patterns were found between different varieties of a single species than between varieties of the two different species. Esterase and peroxidase patterns of the 2 A. caudata varieties (caudata and polyathera) are very similar and prove their close phylogenetic relationship. The isozyme affinities within A. comosa varieties are illustrated by the series subventricosa-biaristata-thessalica. The latter endemic variety has quite a number of characteristic bands and is relatively isolated. The electrophoretic data agree well with morphological and cytological similarities.

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