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Electrophysiology of oocytes during meiotic maturation and after ovulation in brook trout salvelinus fontinalis

Canadian Journal of Zoology 63(8): 1904-1908

Electrophysiology of oocytes during meiotic maturation and after ovulation in brook trout salvelinus fontinalis

Brook trout oocytes were stripped of their follicular layers and were impaled with both voltage-measuring and current-passing microelectrodes. The membrane resting potential (Vm) was -46 .+-. 1.2 mV (mean .+-. SE, n = 50, bath grounded) in control denuded oocytes with an intact germinal vesicle. Vm was reduced to -38 .+-. 1.8 mV (n = 16) in eggs that had ovulated in vivo. Accompanying the potential drop was a marked increase in membrane resistance (Rm) from 26 .+-. 1.7 in denuded oocytes to 1640 .+-. 150 k.OMEGA. .cntdot. cm2 in ovulated eggs and a reduction in membrane current (Im) from 2380 .+-. 260 to 25 .+-. 2.6 nA .cntdot. cm-2. The increased resistance in ovulated eggs was in part the result of reduced Na+ and K+ membrane conductances; there was no significant change in Cl- conductance. Treatment of denuded oocytes with 17.alpha.-20.beta.-dihydroxyprogesterone produced a germinal vesicle dissolution; in denuded oocytes that had undergone germinal vesicle dissolution in vitro, Rm increased and Im decreased, comparable at least qualitatively to the changes seen after ovulation in vivo. The results indicate that major electrophysiological changes accompany germinal vesicle dissolution and ovulation in brook trout oocytes.

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Accession: 005349904

DOI: 10.1139/z85-283

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