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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5355

Chapter 5355 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bagge P.; Ilus E.; Paasivirta L., 1980: Emergence of insects especially diptera chironomidae at different depths in the archipelago of lovisa gulf of finland in 1971

Helderman, J.H.; Strom, T.B., 1977: Emergence of insulin receptors upon allo immune thymus dependent cells in the rat

Duplenko Y.K., 1984: Emergence of modern physiology of aging in the ukrainian ssr ussr

Glass R.I.; Huq I.; Alim A.R.M.A.; Yunus M., 1980: Emergence of multiple antibiotic resistant vibrio cholerae in bangladesh

Jacobs, M.R.; Koornhof, H.J.; Robins-Browne, R.M.; Stevenson, C.M.; Vermaak, Z.A.; Freiman, I.; Miller, G.B.; Witcomb, M.A.; Isaäcson, M.; Ward, J.I.; Austrian, R., 1978: Emergence of multiply resistant pneumococci

Stephens T.C.; Adams K.; Peacock J.H., 1986: Emergence of nitrosourea resistant sublines of lewis lung tumor following 1 2 chloroethyl 3 4 methylcyclohexyl 1 nitrosourea treatment in vivo

Shehabi A.A.; Abu Rajab A.B.; Shaker A.S., 1980: Emergence of noncholera vibrios during an outbreak of cholera

Roach S.H., 1981: Emergence of over wintered heliothis spp moths from 3 different tillage systems

Augeron, C.; Laboisse, C.L., 1984: Emergence of permanently differentiated cell clones in a human colonic cancer cell line in culture after treatment with sodium butyrate

Orphanos, P.I., 1977: Emergence of phaseolus vulgaris seedlings from wet soil

Pill W.G.; Fieldhouse D.J., 1982: Emergence of pre germinated tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar marglobe seed stored in gels up to 20 days at low temperatures

Quinn, J.P.; DiVincenzo, C.A.; Foster, J., 1987: Emergence of resistance to ceftazidime during therapy for Enterobacter cloacae infections

Cherubin, C.E.; Neu, H.C.; Rahal, J.J.; Sabath, L.D., 1977: Emergence of resistance to chloramphenicol in salmonella

Lynch, M.J.; Drusano, G.L.; Mobley, H.L., 1987: Emergence of resistance to imipenem in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Haag R.W., 1983: Emergence of seedlings of aquatic macrophytes from lake sediments

Chaudhri, K.G.; Das, D.K., 1978: Emergence of soybean cotton and maize seedlings as influenced by crust formation in salt affected soils

Frederickson, C.J.; Frederickson, M.H., 1979: Emergence of spontaneous alternation in the kitten

Goos, R.D., 1976: Emergence of sporophores from the split eggs of phalloid fungi

Saland L.C.; Munger A.T., 1981: Emergence of supraependymal cells in rat 3rd ventricle after administration of p chloro amphetamine

Norkin L.C.; Tirrell S.M., 1982: Emergence of sv 40 variants during serial passage of plaque isolates

Cossu G.; Cicinelli P.; Fieri C.; Coletta M.; Molinaro M., 1985: Emergence of tetradecanoylphorbol 12 acetate resistant satellite cells during muscle histogenesis of human limb

Maurer D.; Adams R.J., 1987: Emergence of the ability to discriminate a blue from gray at one month of age

Yamagishi H.; Kunisada T.; Iwakura Y.; Nishimune Y.; Ogiso Y.; Matsushiro A., 1983: Emergence of the extrachromosomal circular dna complexes as 1 of the earliest signals of cellular differentiation in the early development of mouse embryo

Barak A.V.; Dunkel F.V.; Harein P.K., 1981: Emergence of the larger black flour beetle cynaeus angustus as a major pest of farm stored grain in minnesota usa

Wentsel, R.; Mcintosh, A.; Mccafferty, W.P., 1978: Emergence of the midge chironomus tentans when exposed to heavy metal contaminated sediment

Koyoumdjisky-Kaye, E.; Baras, M.; Grover, N.B., 1981: Emergence of the permanent dentition: ethnic variability among Israeli children

Kondo T.; Matsumura N.; Hashimoto M.; Nagata Y., 1987: Emergence of the rose bitterling larvae from the host mussel

Dubois Dalcq M.; Behar T.; Hudson L.; Lazzarini R.A., 1986: Emergence of three myelin proteins in oligodendrocytes cultured without neurons

Smits A.W.; Crawford D.L., 1984: Emergence of toads bufo boreas halophilus to activity a statistical analysis of contributing cues

Malicky, H., 1976: Emergence of trichoptera in 1972 1974 from 2 streams near lunz austria

Huovinen, P.; Pulkkinen, L.; Helin, H.L.; Mäkilä, M.; Toivanen, P., 1986: Emergence of trimethoprim resistance in relation to drug consumption in a Finnish hospital from 1971 through 1984

Mykel N.; Daves W.F., 1979: Emergence of unreported stimuli into imagery as a function of laterality of presentation a replication and extension of research by henley and dixon 1974

Musher, D.M.; Baughn, R.E.; Templeton, G.B.; Minuth, J.N., 1977: Emergence of variant forms of Staphylococcus aureus after exposure to gentamicin and infectivity of the variants in experimental animals

Henriksen K., 1979: Emergence of vegetables influenced by increasing nitrogen fertilizer emergence of leeks with 3 sowing depths

Williams D.D., 1982: Emergence pathways of adult insects in the upper reaches of a stream

Arakaki N.; Ganaha Y., 1986: Emergence pattern and mating behavior of apanteles flavipes hymenoptera braconidae

Lopez J.D.Jr, 1982: Emergence pattern of an over wintering population of cardiochiles nigriceps in central texas usa

Bengtsson J., 1979: Emergence pattern of nemoura cinerea plecoptera

Legner E.F., 1979: Emergence patterns and dispersal in chelonus spp near chelonus curvimaculatus and pristomerus hawaiiensis parasitic on pectinophora gossypiella

Cothran M.L.; Thorp J.H., 1982: Emergence patterns and size variation of odonata in a thermal reservoir

Iwasa Y.; Odendaal F.J.; Murphy D.D.; Ehrlich P.R.; Launer A.E., 1983: Emergence patterns in male butterflies a hypothesis and a test

Baughman J.F.; Murphy D.D.; Ehrlich P.R., 1988: Emergence patterns in male checkerspot butterflies testing theory in the field

Mackey, A.P., 1978: Emergence patterns of 3 species of caenis ephemeroptera caenidae

Drake C.M., 1985: Emergence patterns of diptera in a chalk stream

White T.R.; Carlson P.H.; Fox R.C., 1979: Emergence patterns of fall and winter stone flies plecoptera filipalpia in northwestern south carolina usa

Wright L.L.; Mattice J.S., 1985: Emergence patterns of hexagenia bilineata integration of laboratory and field data

Paasivirta L.; Lahti T.; Peratie T., 1988: Emergence phenology and ecology of aquatic and semi terrestrial insects on a boreal raised bog in central finland

Masteller E.C., 1983: Emergence phenology of plecoptera from six mile creek erie county pennsylvania usa

Masteller E.C.; Flint O.S.Jr, 1980: Emergence phenology of trichoptera from six mile creek erie county pennsylvania usa

Randall R.G., 1982: Emergence population densities and growth of salmon and trout fry in 2 new brunswick canada streams

Macmahon B.R.; Wilkes P.R.H., 1983: Emergence responses and aerial ventilation in normoxic and hypoxic crayfish orconectes rusticus

Beutler H., 1985: Emergence rhythm and sex ratio in the dragonfly anax imperator

D.N.ira L.E.F.; Roe J.H., 1984: Emergence success of tortoise geochelone elephantopus vandenburghi nests and the effect of feral burros on nest success on volcan alcedo galapagos ecuador

Saxton W.L., 1987: Emergence temperature indices and relative retention times of pesticides and industrial chemicals determined by linear programmed temperature gas chromatography

Archer, J., 1976: Emergence tests in testosterone treated chicks

Sterling W.L.; Hartstack A.W., 1979: Emergence threshold with validations for forecasting the spring emergence of cotton fleahoppers psuedatomoscelis seriatus

Kou R.; Chow Y S., 1987: Emergence time and mating related behavior of the cotton bollworm heliothis armigera lepidoptera noctuidae in reversed photoperiod

Adloff M.; Arnaud J.P.; Ollier J.C., 1984: Emergency 1 stage subtotal colectomy with anastomosis for obstructing carcinoma of the left colon

Terry B.G.; Beart R.W.Jr, 1981: Emergency abdominal colectomy with primary anastomosis

Reiss, R.; Deutsch, A.A., 1985: Emergency abdominal procedures in patients above 70

Voyles, C.R.; Richardson, J.D.; Bland, K.I.; Tobin, G.R.; Flint, L.M.; Polk, H.C.J., 1981: Emergency abdominal wall reconstruction with poly propylene mesh short term benefits vs. long term complications

Hempel E.; Jakobsen J.P.; Tingsgard P., 1987: Emergency admissions to a department of child psychiatry review of emergency admissions during a period of ten years to the department of child psychiatry vejle hospital denmark

Boyd C.E.; Tucker C.S., 1979: Emergency aeration of fish ponds

Huguenard P.; Desfemmes C., 1986: Emergency aid disaster medicine applied to the technological field

Low R.B.; Martin D.; Brown C., 1988: Emergency air transport of pregnant patients the national experience

Keller, S.M.; Markovitz, L.J.; Wilder, J.R.; Aufses, A.H., 1987: Emergency and elective surgery in patients over age 70

Jannin Bouin N., 1987: Emergency and evacuation card using progressive nibble in case of disaster

Alwmark A.; Bengmark S.; Borjesson B.; Gullstrand P.; Joelsson B., 1982: Emergency and long term trans esophageal sclero therapy of bleeding esophageal varices a prospective study of 50 cases

Moskvichev V.G.; Sipukhin Y.M., 1982: Emergency angiography in the diagnosis of closed injury of the abdominal organs in children

Makuuchi H.; Fuse K.; Konishi T.; Seki A.; Nakanishi S., 1985: Emergency aortocoronary bypass operation after trial of percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty on a chronic hemodialysis patient

Mcnamara R.M.; Spivey W.H.; Unger H.D.; Malone D.R., 1987: Emergency applications of intraosseous infusion

Smith, P.L.; Lim, W.N.; Ferris, E.J.; Casali, R.E., 1981: Emergency arteriography in extremity trauma: assessment of indications

Danne, P.D.; Finelli, F.; Champion, H.R., 1984: Emergency bay thoracotomy

Ikeda S., 1982: Emergency bile duct decompression by endoscopic cannulation in acute obstructive suppurative cholangitis

Sacco E.; T.; Buzzone D., 1985: Emergency bronchofiberscopy

Striebel J.P.; Pantle W.; Ellinger K., 1987: Emergency call and rescue missions a critical prospective six months system analysis in the mannheim area west germany

Eisenberg M.S.; Hallstrom A.P.; Carter W.B.; Cummins R.O.; Bergner L.; Pierce J., 1985: Emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation instruction via telephone

Takanashi, Y.; Imai, Y.; Nakae, S.; Ishihara, S.; Takamizawa, K.; Nakazawa, M.; Takao, A.; Takada, K.; Shirai, K.; Fujita, M., 1985: Emergency cardiovascular surgery on 101 infants under 12 months of age

Olsson M.; Edhag O.; Rosenqvist U., 1986: Emergency care identifications of psychosocial problems

Christie D., 1980: Emergency care in melbourne australia a study of help seeking behavior

Meyer, F.B.; Sundt, T.M.; Piepgras, D.G.; Sandok, B.A.; Forbes, G., 1986: Emergency carotid endarterectomy for patients with acute carotid occlusion and profound neurological deficits

Simonowitz, D.; Block, G.E.; Moossa, A.R.; Hassan, S.Z., 1977: Emergency colectomy for inflammatory bowel disease

Sasaki E.; Ikeda H.; Hidaka R.; Maekawa R.; Kamoi S.; Inumaru M.; Ueta T.; Ikezomo H.; Shimokobe M.; E.A., 1986: Emergency colonofiberscopy for lower gastrointestinal bleeding

Sondag, D.; Baumann, R.; Brunet, B.; Lacroute, J.M.; Schutz, J.F.; Weill, J.P., 1982: Emergency colonoscopy for rectal bleeding and acute diarrhea

Cassigneul J.; Vinel J P.; Carballido M.; Pascal J P., 1984: Emergency colonoscopy in colonic obstruction

Miller, P.F.; Brodie, B.R.; Weintraub, R.A.; LeBauer, E.J.; Katz, J.D.; Stuckey, T.D.; Hansen, C.J., 1987: Emergency coronary angioplasty for acute myocardial infarction. Results from a community hospital

de Feyter, P.J.; Serruys, P.W.; van den Brand, M.; Balakumaran, K.; Mochtar, B.; Soward, A.L.; Arnold, A.E.; Hugenholtz, P.G., 1985: Emergency coronary angioplasty in refractory unstable angina

Clavey M.; Hubert T.; Dagrenat P.; Retournard J.L.; Hottier E.; Guirlet J.L.; Villemot J.P.; Amrein D.; Cherrier F.; Mathieu P., 1986: Emergency coronary arterial surgery after transluminal coronary angioplasty

Milgalter, E.; Mosseri, M.; Uretzky, G.; Appelbaum, A.; Borman, J.B., 1986: Emergency coronary artery bypass for acute myocardial ischemia following percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

Roberts A.J.; Faro R.S.; Rubin M.R.; Pepine C.J.; Feldman R.L.; Ellison D.W.; L.P.esti J.; Staples E.D.; Knauf D.G.; Alexander J.A., 1985: Emergency coronary artery bypass graft surgery for threatened acute myocardial infarction related to coronary artery catheterization

Kay, P.; Ahmad, A.; Floten, S.; Starr, A., 1985: Emergency coronary artery bypass surgery after intracoronary thrombolysis for evolving myocardial infarction

Kereiakes, D.J.; Topol, E.J.; George, B.S.; Abbottsmith, C.W.; Stack, R.S.; Candela, R.J.; O'Neill, W.W.; Martin, L.H.; Califf, R.M., 1988: Emergency coronary artery bypass surgery preserves global and regional left ventricular function after intravenous tissue plasminogen activator therapy for acute myocardial infarction

Flameng, W.; Sergeant, P.; Vanhaecke, J.; Suy, R., 1987: Emergency coronary bypass grafting for evolving myocardial infarction. Effects on infarct size and left ventricular function

Fabian, I.; Belan, A.; Firt, P., 1983: Emergency coronary surgery

Knyazev M.D.; Stegailov R.A.; Lindenau K.; Bom I.; Varnke G.; Bem M.; David G.; Zaikevich K.; Khekht A., 1979: Emergency coronary surgery in acute myo cardial ischemia clinical and experimental study

Shabalova I.P., 1985: Emergency cytological diagnosis of cancer of the lung esophagus and stomach

Donatsky O.; Frederiksen F.H.; Fulling H.J.; Rasmussen O.C.; Vedtofte P.; Hansen O.M., 1980: Emergency dentistry in a copenhagen denmark hospital casualty department

Ferguson, M.; Max, M.H.; Marshall, W., 1988: Emergency department infraclavicular subclavian vein catheterization in patients with multiple injuries and burns

Turnbull T.L.; Hart R.G.; Strange G.R.; Cooper M.A.; Lindblad R.; Watkins J.M.; Ferraro C.M., 1988: Emergency department screening for unsuspected carbon monoxide exposure

Meola, J.M., 1978: Emergency determination of acetaminophen

Zenker G.; Gombotz H.; Kandlhofer B.; Stenzl W.; Harnoncourt K., 1985: Emergency diagnosis and treatment of a right sided intracardiac thromboembolus in a patient with massive pulmonary embolism an echocardiographic study

Gardellin G.; Perin B.; Celi D.; Battocchio F.; Cocuzza G.; Giacometti F., 1986: Emergency diagnostic approach to the icteric patient the value of ultrasonography

Reina G.; Zelli G.P., 1981: Emergency digestive endoscopy in hemorrhages of the upper gastro intestinal tract in aged patients

Fujii H.; Saito K.; Kinoshita T.; Niinomi F.; Watabe S.; Uwadoko M., 1983: Emergency double valve replacement in the active stage of bacterial endo carditis

Duncan B.; Banner W.; Ruggill J., 1983: Emergency drills in a pediatric residency training program

Odes H.S.; Sukenik S.; Krawiec J., 1980: Emergency endoscopy for acute upper gastro intestinal bleeding

Reissigl H.; Aigner F.; Stross F., 1984: Emergency endoscopy in cases of acute gastrointestinal hemorrhage

Sokolov L.K.; Brekhov E.I.; Bashilov V.P.; Sabel'nikov G.I.; Shugurov V.A.; Shcherbakova N.V.; Utkin V.V.; Chegin V.M., 1980: Emergency endoscopy in diagnosing and treating acute surgical conditions of the gastro intestinal tract organs

Steedman D.J.; Robertson C.E., 1987: Emergency endotracheal drug administration using aerosol

Stewart M.J.; Levitt T.; Jarvie D.R., 1979: Emergency estimations of paraquat in plasma a comparison of the radio immunoassay and ion pair colorimetric methods

Mace, S.E., 1985: Emergency evaluation of cervical spine injuries computed tomography vs. plain radiographs

Kloster, R., 1986: Emergency examinations in a neurological outpatient department

Baker D.L.; Hobbs N.T., 1985: Emergency feeding of mule deer odocoileus hemionus hemionus during winter tests of a supplemental ration

Nuzzo G.; Magistrelli P.; Costamagna G.; Netri G., 1979: Emergency fiber optic endoscopy in upper gastro intestinal bleeding

Holme J.B., 1987: Emergency flares pyrotechnics

Lister G.; Scheker L., 1988: Emergency free flaps to the upper extremity

Sine, H.E.; Mckenna, M.J.; Rejent, T.A.; Murray, M.H., 1970: Emergency gas liquid chromatographic determination of barbiturates and glutethimide in serum

Demetriou D.; Fiedler H.; Buerkmann I.; Thiele G., 1988: Emergency gastroscopy in case of gastrointestinal bleeding an empirical report from the endoscopic department of a county hospital over the period 1976 1984

Louw J.W.K.; Kinsley R.H.; Dion R.A.E.; Colsen P.R.; Girdwood R.W., 1980: Emergency heart valve replacement an analysis of 170 patients

Defraigne J.O.; Wetz P.; Meurisse M.; Bonnet P.; Honore P., 1987: Emergency highly selective vagotomy

Kirk H.; Dalgaard O.Z., 1980: Emergency home care as an alternative to admission for social reasons

Buanes T.; Andersen G.P.; Graadal O.; Karesen R.; Fjellskaalnes E., 1985: Emergency hospitalizations in the surgical department ulleval hospital a prospective study of treatment routines and disposal resources in the department

Clark, S.L.; Yeh, S.Y.; Phelan, J.P.; Bruce, S.; Paul, R.H., 1984: Emergency hysterectomy for obstetric hemorrhage

Aboelmagd M.S.; Kasrawi R.; Hathout H., 1987: Emergency hysterectomy in obstetric practice five year review

Fontaine B.; Vigreux J.M.; Schahmaneche L.; Bensasson D.; Passelecq J., 1981: Emergency in neo natal surgery high risks in 41 cases

Wagner H., 1986: Emergency indications of cesarean section

Gieseker D.R.; Troutman W.G., 1981: Emergency induction of emesis using liquid detergent products 15 cases

Berg, R.A., 1984: Emergency infusion of catecholamines into bone marrow

Sil'chenko S.A.; Mel'nik A.N., 1983: Emergency intra operative cytological identification of ovarian tumors

Opalak M.E.; Chehrazi B.B.; Boggan J.E., 1988: Emergency intracranial thromboendarterectomy for acute middle cerebral artery embolus

Fortune, J.B.; Brahme, J.; Mulligan, M.; Wachtel, T.L., 1985: Emergency intravenous pyelography in the trauma patient. A reexamination of the indications

Carnie, J.C.; Street, M.K.; Kumar, B., 1986: Emergency intubation of the trachea facilitated by suxamethonium. Observations in obstetric and general surgical patients

Llanio N.R., 1986: Emergency laparoscopy in diagnosis of acute abdominal conditions

Torosian, M.H.; Turnbull, A.D., 1988: Emergency laparotomy for spontaneous intestinal and colonic perforations in cancer patients receiving corticosteroids and chemotherapy

Lucas, A.; Max, M.H., 1980: Emergency laparotomy immediately after coronary bypass

Chakravarty B.N.; Dutta D.C., 1979: Emergency laparotomy in the post operative period

Thow G.B., 1980: Emergency left colon resection with primary anastomosis

Blohmé, I.; Brynger, H., 1985: Emergency ligation of the external iliac artery

Bismuth, H.; Samuel, D.; Gugenheim, J.; Castaing, D.; Bernuau, J.; Rueff, B.; Benhamou, J.P., 1987: Emergency liver transplantation for fulminant hepatitis

Porter, D.K.; Van Every, M.J.; Mack, J.W., 1983: Emergency lobectomy for massive hemoptysis in cystic fibrosis

Larsson, E.M.; Holtås, S.; Cronqvist, S., 1988: Emergency magnetic resonance examination of patients with spinal cord symptoms

Lulla S.; Newcomb R., 1980: Emergency management of asthma in children

Monstrey, S.J.; van der Werken, C.; Debruyne, F.M.; Goris, R.J., 1987: Emergency management of lower urinary tract injuries

Sowton, E.; Barr, I., 1970: Emergency management of patients with missed pacing

Orr, D.P.; Prietto, S.V., 1979: Emergency management of sexually abused children. The role of the pediatric resident

Boillat M A.; Valley J F., 1981: Emergency measures in case of accidental exposure to ionizing radiations teamwork between occupational medicine and radiation protection

Middleton D.C.; Trent R.B., 1988: Emergency medical response to occupational locations in west virginia usa

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Duffy, J.C., 1978: Emergency mental health services during and after a major aircraft accident

Gallotti R.; Semeraro F.; Mamolo G.; Casucci R.; Grossi C.; Ornaghi D.; Panisi P.; Tarelli G.; Respighi E., 1987: Emergency myocardial revascularization in acute evolving myocardial infarction

Clinton J.E.; Zoll P.M.; Zoll R.; Ruiz E., 1985: Emergency noninvasive external cardiac pacing

Schoenfeld, A.; Joel-Cohen, S.J.; Duparc, H.; Levy, E., 1978: Emergency obstetric anesthesia and the use of beta 2 sympathomimetic drugs

White S.M.; Thorpe R.G.; Maine D., 1987: Emergency obstetric surgery performed by nurses in zaire

Wells F.C.; Cooper D.K.C.; Milstein B.B.; English T.A.H., 1982: Emergency open heart surgery experience with 100 cases

Kazui T.; Komatsu S.; Ueda M.; Watanabe N.; Maekawa K.; Tanaka A., 1985: Emergency operations for abdominal aortic lesions in dissecting aneurysms of the thoracic aorta

Bedrossian, R.H., 1985: Emergency orbital decompression

Krausen, A.S.; Ogura, J.H.; Burde, R.M.; Ostrow, D.E., 1981: Emergency orbital decompression: a reprieve from blindness

Mclaughlin J.; Iserson K.V., 1986: Emergency pediatric tracheostomy a usable technique and model for instruction

Uzel N.; Neyzi O., 1981: Emergency pediatric units

Shved S.I.; Dyakin V.M., 1982: Emergency per osseous osteosynthesis of long tubular bone fractures in patients over 60 years of age

Rothbaum D.A.; Linnemeier T.J.; Landin R.J.; Steinmetz E.F.; Hillis J.S.; Hallam C.C.; Noble R.J.; See M.R., 1987: Emergency percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty in acute myocardial infarction a 3 year experience

Marco J.; Caster L.; Szatmary L.J.; Fajadet J., 1987: Emergency percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty without thrombolysis as initial therapy in acute myocardial infarction

Appelqvist P.; Maamies T.; Grohn P., 1982: Emergency peri cardiotomy as primary diagnostic and therapeutic procedure in malignant peri cardial tamponade report of 3 cases and review of the literature

Carducci B.; Hedges J.R.; Beal J.C.; Levy R.C.; Martin M., 1984: Emergency phenytoin loading by constant intravenous infusion

Erdag A.; Aktan K.; Karaozbek Y.; Ozer M.; Ozbal A.; Buyukunal C.; Sayin A., 1980: Emergency pneumonectomy 3 cases

Steegmueller K.W.; Fischer R., 1980: Emergency porta caval shunt in the treatment of persistent hemorrhage from gastro esophageal varices

Villeneuve, J.P.; Pomier-Layrargues, G.; Duguay, L.; Lapointe, R.; Tanguay, S.; Marleau, D.; Willems, B.; Huet, P.M.; Infante-Rivard, C.; Lavoie, P., 1987: Emergency portacaval shunt for variceal hemorrhage. A prospective study

Mayo, Z.B., 1976: Emergency post planting applications of insecticides to control larvae of the western corn rootworm and northern corn rootworm in nebraska usa

Loeffler, J.S.; Leopold, K.A.; Recht, A.; Weinstein, H.J.; Tarbell, N.J., 1986: Emergency prebiopsy radiation for mediastinal masses: impact on subsequent pathologic diagnosis and outcome

Morris, R.J.; Kirkness, C.M., 1988: Emergency presentation of corneal graft patients

Hamdy M.H.; Lister J., 1980: Emergency presentation of pelvic rhabdo myo sarcoma in children

Yarington, C.T., 1979: Emergency problems involving sinusitis

Chen, I.W.; Sperling, M.; Volle, C.; Maxon, H.R., 1978: Emergency procedure for digoxin radioassay

West D.A.; Litwok E.; Oberlander K.; Martin D.A., 1980: Emergency psychiatric home visiting report of 4 years experience

Bauer, S.F.; Balter, L., 1971: Emergency psychiatric patients in a municipal hospital demographic clinical and dispositional characteristics

Ding, J.N., 1986: Emergency pulmonary resection for massive hemoptysis

Vigneul J.C.; Katz P., 1982: Emergency radiography of facial injuries

Gallon M.; Petit P., 1988: Emergency radiosystems in the event of a disaster

Cingolo C.; Cappelletti F., 1981: Emergency reconstruction of the axillary artery by a saphenous auto graft

Seifi, A.E., 1976: Emergency repair of traumatic drum tears

Cooper D.W.; Hinds W.C.; Price J.M., 1983: Emergency respiratory protection with common materials

Smithers B.M.; Theile D.E.; Cohen J.R.; Evans E.B.; Davis N.C., 1986: Emergency right hemicolectomy in colon carcinoma a prospective study

Craig R.J., 1979: Emergency room admissions for acute drug reactions in a veterans administration hospital

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Ewin, D.M., 1986: Emergency room hypnosis for the burned patient

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Demetriades, D.; Rabinowitz, B.; Sofianos, C., 1987: Emergency room thoracotomy for stab wounds to the chest and neck

Ivatury R.R.; Shah P.M.; Ito K.; Ramirez Schon G.; Suarez F.; Rohman M., 1981: Emergency room thoracotomy for the resuscitation of patients with fatal penetrating injuries of the heart

Fanta C.H.; Rossing T.H.; Mcfadden E.R.Jr, 1982: Emergency room treatment of asthma relationships among therapeutic combinations severity of obstruction and time course of response

Edhag, O.; Olsson, M.; Rosenqvist, M.; Rosenqvist, U., 1986: Emergency room triage by a medical specialist

Fries, B.E.; Gutkin, C.E.; Ginsberg, A.S., 1977: Emergency room utilization data reconstruction using a deterministic simulation model

Ryder, K.W.; Glick, M.R.; Jackson, S.A., 1986: Emergency screening for ethylene glycol in serum

Tsokos, N.; Masters, A.M.; Boyne, P., 1986: Emergency serum and urine HCG analyses with the 'Tandem ICON' procedure

Pena J.R., 1987: Emergency service and the critically injured

Morisi F.; Pallotti G.; Parra M.; Pettazzoni P.; Vinelli S., 1984: Emergency service in a city of 30000 people

Jacobson, G.F., 1974: Emergency services in community mental health: problems and promise

Garrison, J.H., 1982: Emergency signaling for a person with quadriplegia and extraordinary respiratory risk

Baker S.R.; Gaylord G.M.; Lantos G.; Tabaddor K.; Gallagher E.J., 1985: Emergency skull radiography the effect of restrictive criteria on skull radiography and computed tomography use

Falileev G.V.; Poddubnaya I.V.; Komov D.V.; Gubina G.I.; Samoilenko V.M., 1981: Emergency states in certain tumors of the gastro intestinal tract

Thieme V., 1987: Emergency support in the traumatology

Jacobs, P.; Wood, L., 1986: Emergency surgery and refractory immune thrombocytopenic purpura. A case report

Bozer Y.; Boke E.; Cinar M.; Yuecel E.; Gunay I.; Hicsonmez A., 1979: Emergency surgery for pulmonary emboli which occurred during surgical extirpation of wilms tumor

Reece, I.J.; Davidson, K.G., 1983: Emergency surgery for stab wounds to the heart

Pillay, S.P.; Hardie, I.R.; Burnett, W., 1981: Emergency surgery for the complications of peptic ulcer in the elderly

Hawley P.R., 1988: Emergency surgery for ulcerative colitis

Moro E.; Pravettoni A.; Panzera M.; Rona P., 1980: Emergency surgery in complications of crohns disease

Deriu G.P.; Ballotta E.; Grego F., 1985: Emergency surgery in late occlusion of aortobifemoral bypass reconstructions

Coman C.; Scurei A.; Micu V.; Coman B.C.; Barbulescu C.; Dumitriu M.; Zara D., 1987: Emergency surgery in some clinical forms of toxicoseptic shock in pleuropulmonary pathology

Labauge, R.; Tannier, C.; Blard, J.M.; Boukobza, M.; Marty, C., 1978: Emergency surgical clearance of carotid artery obstructions in the prepolygonal segment a personal experience on 76 cases

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