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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 5360

Chapter 5360 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ross, A.C.; Sneath, R.S.; Scales, J.T., 1987:
Endoprosthetic replacement of the humerus and elbow joint

Ross, A.C.; Wilson, J.N.; Scales, J.T., 1987:
Endoprosthetic replacement of the proximal humerus

Mccune, J.M.; Rabin, L.B.; Feinberg, M.B.; Lieberman, M.; Kosek, J.C.; Reyes, G.R.; Weissmann, I.L., 1988:
Endoproteolytic cleavage of gp160 is required for the activation of human immunodeficiency virus

Reichart, E.; Boerkmann, P., 1987:
Endopulmonary deposition of dry powdered substances a low cost technique for use on medium sized mammals

Brannen, G.E.; Bush, W.H.; Lewis, G.P., 1988:
Endopyelotomy for primary repair of ureteropelvic junction obstruction

Chandrashekar, T.K.; O'malley P.J.; Rodriguez, I.; Babcock, G.T., 1986:
Endor characterization and deuterated water exchange in the z d radical in photosystem ii

Shemesh, E.I.; Kodner, I.J.; Fry, R.D.; Neufeld, D.M., 1988:
Endorectal sliding flap repair of complicated anterior anoperineal fistulas

Boyle, C.D.; Patriquin, D.G., 1980:
Endorhizal and exorhizal acetylene reducing activity in a grass spartina alterniflora diazotroph association

LaBella, F.; Downey, G.; Queen, G.; Pinsky, C., 1976:
Endorphin activity in anterior, intermediate, and posterior pituitary

Lyrenäs, S.; Nyberg, F.; Willdeck-Lund, G.; Lindström, L.; Lindberg, B.; Terenius, L., 1987:
Endorphin activity in cerebrospinal fluid prior to elective cesarean section and in early puerperium

Gillberg, C.; Terenius, L.; Lönnerholm, G., 1985:
Endorphin activity in childhood psychosis. Spinal fluid levels in 24 cases

Aruin, L.I.; Zverkov, I.V.; Vinogradov, V.A., 1986:
Endorphin gastrin and somatostatin containing cells of the gastroduodenal zone in gastric ulcer and chronic gastritis

Baizman, E.R.; Cox, B.M., 1978:
Endorphin in rat pituitary glands: its distribution within the gland, and age related changes in gland content in male and female rats

Blaesig, J.; Baeuerle, U.; Herz, A., 1979:
Endorphin induced hyper thermia characterization of the exogenously and endogenously induced effects

Van-Loon, G.R.; Kim, C., 1978:
Endorphin induced increase in striatal dopamine turnover

Gawel, M.; Fettes, I.; Kuzniak, S.; Edmeads, J., 1985:
Endorphin levels in headache syndromes

Faden, A.I.; Jacobs, T.P.; Holaday, J.W., 1980:
Endorphin-parasympathetic interactions in spinal shock

Ehrlich, Y.H.; Davis, L.G.; Brunngraber, E.G.; Keen, P., 1980:
Endorphin-regulated protein phosphorylation in brain membranes

Peng, C.H.; Yang, M.M.; Kok, S.H.; Woo, Y.K., 1978:
Endorphin release: a possible mechanism of acupuncture analgesia

Puig, M.M.; Gascon, P.; Musacchio, J.M., 1977:
Endorphin release: cross tolerance to morphine

Sandor, P.; De-Jong, W.; De-Wied, D., 1986:
Endorphinergic mechanisms in cerebral blood flow autoregulation

Dum, J.; Herz, A., 1984:
Endorphinergic modulation of neural reward systems indicated by behavioral changes

Morel, G.; Pelletier, G., 1986:
Endorphinic neurons are contacting the tuberoinfundibular dopaminergic neurons in the rat brain

Ellenwood, S.; Wilson, R.W., 1980:
Endorphins and ethics

L.M.al M.; Koob, G.F.; Bloom, F.E., 1979:
Endorphins and extinction: differential actions on appetitive and adversive tasks

Detrick, J.M.; Pearson, J.W.; Frederickson, R.C., 1985:
Endorphins and parturition

Paulman, R.; Rimm, D.C.; Kooken, R.; Toledo, J.R., 1982:
Endorphins and placebo fear reduction

Riss, P., 1985:
Endorphins and the materno fetal unit

Herz, A., 1981:
Endorphins and the problem of pain

Faiman, C.; Blankstein, J.; Reyes, F.I.; Winter, J.S.D., 1981:
Endorphins and the regulation of the human menstrual cycle

Bloom, F.; Battenberg, E.; Rossier, J.; Ling, N.; Leppaluoto, J.; Vargo, T.M.; Guillemin, R., 1977:
Endorphins are located in the intermediate and anterior lobes of the pituitary gland, not in the neurohypophysis

Sheps, D.S.; Adams, K.F.; Hinderliter, A.; Price, C.; Bissette, J.; Orlando, G.; Margolis, B.; Koch, G., 1987:
Endorphins are related to pain perception in coronary artery disease

Kolb, E., 1984:
Endorphins enkephalins and dynorphins peptides of morphinoid action recent findings on their occurrence in animals and their relevance to regulation of nociception and other functions

Cheung, A.L.; Stavinoha, W.B.; Goldstein, A., 1977:
Endorphins in brains of decapitated and microwave-killed mice

Bone, R.C.; Jacobs, E.R.; Potter, D.M.; Hiller, F.C.; Wilson, F.J.Jr, 1981:
Endorphins in endo toxin shock

Verhoeven, W.M.A.; Van Praag, H.M., 1980:
Endorphins in mental diseases and especially in schizophrenia

Mcintosh, T.K.; Palter, M.; Grasberger, R.; Vezina, R.; Gerstein, L.; Yeston, N.; Egdahl, R.H., 1986:
Endorphins in primate hemorrhagic shock beneficial action of opiate antagonists

van Ree, J.M.; D.W.ed, D., 1981:
Endorphins in schizophrenia

Hoellt, V.; Hillebrand, G.; Schmidt, B.; Gurland, H.J., 1979:
Endorphins in schizophrenia hemo dialysis hemo perfusion are ineffective in clearing 5 leucine beta endorphin and beta endorphin from human plasma

Gahhos, F.N.; Chiu, R.C.; Hinchey, E.J.; Richards, G.K., 1982:
Endorphins in septic shock: hemodynamic and endocrine effects of an opiate receptor antagonist and agonist

Llorens-Cortes, C.; Pollard, H.; Schwartz, J.C.; Pradelles, P.; Gros, C.; Dray, F., 1977:
Endorphins in several regions of rat brain large differences between radio immunoassay and radio receptor assay

Holaday, J.W.; Wei, E.; Loh, H.H.; Li, C.H., 1978:
Endorphins may function in heat adaptation

Sodipo, J.O.; Gilly, H.; Pauser, G., 1981:
Endorphins: mechanism of acupuncture analgesia

Grevert, P.; Goldstein, A., 1978:
Endorphins: naloxone fails to alter experimental pain or mood in humans

Bloom, F.; Segal, D.; Ling, N.; Guillemin, R., 1976:
Endorphins: profound behavioral effects in rats suggest new etiological factors in mental illness

Chrétien, M.; Seidah, N.G.; Scherrer, H., 1981:
Endorphins: structure, roles and biogenesis

Novales, R.R.; Novales, B.J., 1979:
Endorphins super sensitize frog skin melanophores to isoproterenol but subsensitize them to alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone

Kuich, T.E.; Zimmerman, D., 1981:
Endorphins ventilatory control and sudden infant death syndrome a review and synthesis

Smith, T.W.; Boaz, T.L.; Denney, D.R., 1984:
Endorsement of irrational beliefs as a moderator of the effects of stressful life events

Holmes, M.D.; Levin, H.S.; Ballard, L.A., 1981:

Sidawy, M.K.; Silverberg, S.G., 1987:
Endosalpingiosis in female peritoneal washings: a diagnostic pitfall

Zinsser, K.R.; Wheeler, J.E., 1982:
Endosalpingosis in the omentum a study of autopsy and surgical material

Hansen, P.K.; Junge, J.; Roed, H.; Fischer-Rasmussen, W.; Højgaard, K., 1986:
Endoscann cell sampling for cytological assessment of endometrial pathology

Yamamoto, S.; Takeshige, K.; Arakawa, T., 1984:
Endoscope assisted surgery for the treatment of bleeding esophageal varices

W.L.; E.A., 1987:
Endoscopic analysis on 165 remnant stomachs

Eleftheriadis, E.; Harlaftis, N.; Kotzampassi, K.; Aletras, H., 1986:
Endoscopic anatomy of choledochoduodenostomy in relation to clinical observations

Sanchez, D.B.dajoz Chamorro, E.; Diaz Ramirez, F.; Marin Martin, J., 1988:
Endoscopic anchoring of the vesical neck new treatment for urinary stress incontinence

Zamora Rodriguez, J.; Duarte Vilarino, A.; Delgado Moya, R., 1987:
Endoscopic and anatomopathologic correlation in chronic gastritis and duodenitis

Tarpila, S.; Samloff, I.M.; Pikkarainen, P.; Vuoristo, M.; Ihamaki, T., 1982:
Endoscopic and clinical findings in first degree relatives of duodenal ulcer patients and control subjects

D.S.verio G.; Cecchini, A.; Gatti, G.; Rapani, C.; Pierantozzi, E., 1985:
Endoscopic and clinicopathological aspects of duodenitis study of 364 cases

Mccallum, R.W.; Singh, D.; Wollman, J., 1979:
Endoscopic and histologic correlations of the duodenal bulb the spectrum of duodenitis

Aita, S.; Ikeda, C.; Narimatsu, H.; Noguchi, H.; Yokokawa, T.; Nakajima, H.; Ide, H.; Sugisaki, T.; Takahasi, T., 1983:
Endoscopic and histologic studies on bronchi in patients with bronchial asthma by fiber optic bronchoscopic challenge with house dust allergens

Kryuchkova, G.S.; Romanov, G.A.; Finkel'berg E.I.; Tatanov, Y.A.; Mal'tseva L.M., 1981:
Endoscopic and histological characteristics of bronchi in dust bronchitis

Karita, M.; Tada, M.; Yanai, H.; Kawano, H.; Hirota, K.; Shigeeda, M.; Okazaki, Y.; Takemoto, T., 1988:
Endoscopic and histological evaluation of group iii lesions by strip biopsy

Karita, M.; Tada, M.; Kouchiyama, T.; Murakami, A.; Yanai, H.; Takemoto, T., 1988:
Endoscopic and histological evaluation of healing process of strip biopsy induced human gastric ulcer

Muto, T.; E.A., 1987:
Endoscopic and histological features of small early carcinomas of the colon with special reference to flat elevation and iia type carcinoma

Kato, K., 1987:
Endoscopic and histological study of gastric mucosa in liver cirrhosis with special reference to cases treated with endoscopic injection sclerotherapy for esophageal varices

Satake, Y.; Takahashi, H.; Yamamura, M.; Fujita, R.; Okamoto, H., 1985:
Endoscopic and histopathological differences between antibiotic associated hemorrhagic colitis and ischemic colitis

Okamoto, H.; Satake, Y.; Tsubomizu, Y.; Fujita, R.; Sagawa, F., 1987:
Endoscopic and histopathological study of diminutive carcinomas 5mm or less in diameter of the large bowel

Filimonov, R.M.; Shalygina, N.B., 1980:
Endoscopic and morphological examinations of the gastric mucosa in adolescents suffering from chronic gastritis

Yoshida, T., 1984:
Endoscopic and pathologic studies on the development courses of rat colonic carcinoma induced by intrarectal n methyl n nitrosourea administration

Yoshioka, H.; E.A., 1987:
Endoscopic and surgical management of pyriform sinus fistula

Montori, A.; Messinetti, S.; Viceconte, G.; Di Curzio, B., 1976:
Endoscopic and surgical treatment of the colonic polyps

Burrell, M.H., 1985:
Endoscopic and virological observations on respiratory disease in a group of young Thoroughbred horses in training

Maksimov, I.A.; Lebedev, V.A.; Svekotkina, L.S.; Pitskhelauri, V.G.; Dar'ualov, S.L.; Lebedev, A.V., 1977:
Endoscopic and x ray assessment of the efficacy of gamma therapy of patients with lung cancer under the conditions of hyperbaric oxygenation/

Burbige, E.J.; Sobky, R.Z., 1977:
Endoscopic appearance of colonic lymphoid nodules: a normal variant

Strekalovskii, V.P.; Levitan, M.Kh; Svirchev, V.V., 1980:
Endoscopic appearance of crohns disease of the large intestine

Makiyama, K.; Bennett, M.K.; Jewell, D.P., 1984:
Endoscopic appearances of the rectal mucosa of patients with crohns disease visualized with a magnifying colonoscope

Kuehner, W., 1985:
Endoscopic application of high frequency diathermy polypectomy and papillotomy

Shimakura, S.; Fukutomi, H.; Miyamoto, J.; Nakahara, A.; Osuga, T.; Sakita, T., 1987:
Endoscopic application of thermal diffusion method for continuous measuring gastric mucosal blood flow in dogs

Tsuchiya, R.; Henmi, T.; Kondo, N.; Akashi, M.; Harada, N., 1977:
Endoscopic aspiration biopsy of the pancreas

Taniguchi, T., 1985:
Endoscopic assessment of the effect of the pre operative combined therapy in the esophageal cancer

Ikeda, S.; Matsumoto, S.; Yoshimoto, H.; Tanaka, M.; Yamaguchi, K., 1984:
Endoscopic balloon catheter pancreatography using catheter retaining technique usefulness of supine spot films by compression for complete evaluation of pancreatic ducts and branches

Kano, T.; Kurimoto, K.; Sugiura, H.; Ito, Y.; Kasugai, T., 1984:
Endoscopic balloon dilation for post operative stricture of upper gastro intestinal tract

Kon, Y.; Higuchi, T., 1987 :
Endoscopic biliary drainage efficiency on biliary decompression and drainage duration

Van Poppel, H.; Stessens, R.; Baert, L.; Van Damme, B.; Carton, H., 1988:
Endoscopic biopsies for quantitative nerve density evaluation of the urinary bladder

Hagègè, F.; Besançon, F., 1982:
Endoscopic biopsies of fundic mucosa performed in the absence of localized or acute lesions: unequal value of their usual indications

Degollado, G.J.R.; Torre, L.G.R.; Marquez, J.J.A.; Esquivel, A., 1979:
Endoscopic biopsy and cytology in digestive tract carcinoma

Baev, V.A., 1981:
Endoscopic biopsy of iliac lymph nodes in malignant tumors of pelvic organs

Hajiro, K.; Matsui, H.; Tsujimura, D.; Yamamoto, T., 1985:
Endoscopic bipolar electrocoagulation in massive upper gastrointestinal bleeding

Gaum, L.; Ricciotti, N.A.; Fair, W.R., 1984:
Endoscopic bladder neck suspension for stress urinary incontinence

Parsons, K.F.; Machin, D.G.; Woolfenden, K.A.; Walmsley, B.; Abercombie, G.F.; Vinnicombe, J., 1984:
Endoscopic bladder transection

Lucas, M.G.; Thomas, D.G., 1987:
Endoscopic bladder transection for detrusor instability

Shroff, C.P.; Nanivadekar, S.A., 1988:
Endoscopic brushing cytology and biopsy in the diagnosis of upper gastrointestinal tract lesions. A study of 350 cases

Marti, J.; Agusti, A.; Linacisoro, L.; Ayerdi, M.C.; Aramburu, E.; Dominguez, F.J., 1986:
Endoscopic characteristics of bronchopulmonary carcinoma a study of 226 endoscopies

Guelrud, M.; Jaen, D.; Torres, P.; Mujica, C.; Mendoza, S.; Rivero, E.; Romer, H.; Avila, B.; Viera, L., 1987:
Endoscopic cholangiopancreatography in the infant evaluation of a new prototype pediatric duodenoscope

Kohyama, M., 1982:
Endoscopic cinematographic observation and analysis of gastric motility a clinical trial

Endo, M.; E.A., 1987:
Endoscopic classification of superficial esophageal cancer

Suzuki, S.; Sugaro, M.; Hasegawa, T.; E.A., 1981:
Endoscopic classification of type iib early gastric cancer

Chonan, A.; Mochizuki, F.; E.A., 1987:
Endoscopic clinical follow up study of gastric adenomas

Garza Trasobares, E.; Suaarez, D.P.rga J.M.; Mora Sanz, P.; Gonzalez Sanz Agero, P.; Segura Cabral, J.M.; Del Rey Sanz, R.; Cano Lopez, J.M.; Muro Gonzalez, J.; Santamaria Blanco, P., 1986:
Endoscopic colorectal polypectomies realized in a year

Miyake, T., 1984:
Endoscopic confirmation of the complete healing of gastric ulcer with special reference to its pathophysiological background

Kisbenedek, L.; Hazay, L.; Balogh, F., 1982:
Endoscopic control of post adenomectomy bleedings

Donahue, P.E.; Mobarhan, S.; Layden, T.J.; Nyhus, L.M., 1984:
Endoscopic control of upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage with a bipolar coagulation device

Sahel, J.; Bastid, C.; Pellat, B.; Schurgers, P.; Sarles, H., 1987:
Endoscopic cystoduodenostomy of cysts of chronic calcifying pancreatitis: a report of 20 cases

Kasugai, T.; Kobayashi, S.; Kuno, N., 1978:
Endoscopic cytology of the esophagus, stomach and pancreas

Ronský, R.; Kulhánková, J.; Fric, P.; Huslarová, A.; Dvorák, M.; Dvoráková, H.; Jirásek, A.; Kotrlík, J.; Slabý, J., 1986:
Endoscopic cytology of the upper part of the digestive tract

Leung, F.W.; Jensen, D.M.; Guth, P.H., 1988:
Endoscopic demonstration that vasopressin but not propranolol produces gastric mucosal ischemia in dogs with portal hypertension

Smoczynski, M.; Jaskiewicz, K.; Kryszewski, A., 1979:
Endoscopic detectability of early gastric carcinoma

Perez, R.; Kriedemann, W.L.; O'Donnell, R.W.; Cockerell, G.L., 1980:
Endoscopic detection of experimentally induced colonic neoplasms in guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus)

Hiramatsu, A.; Watanabe, T.; Okuhira, M.; Uchiyama, S.; Mizuno, T.; Sameshima, Y., 1984:
Endoscopic determination of gastric mucosal blood flow by the crossed thermocouple method

Tatsuta, M.; Okuda, S.; Tamura, H.; Taniguchi, H., 1982:
Endoscopic determination of the extent of early ulcerated gastric cancer by the Congo red test

Strizhova, N.V.; Petrikovsky, B.M., 1981:
Endoscopic determination of umbilical cord complications in labor

IIshi, H.; Tatsuta, M.; Sano, M.; Okuda, S.; Taniguchi, K.; Ishiguro, S., 1984:
Endoscopic diagnosis and a trial of chemotherapy of small cell carcinoma of the esophagus

Poddubnyi, B.K., 1985:
Endoscopic diagnosis and evaluation of the efficacy of combined chemotherapy of patients with small cell carcinoma of the lung

Romanov, G.A.; Chernyakov, V.L.; Shcherbakov, V.A.; Koval'kov A.I., 1981:
Endoscopic diagnosis and stopping of bleeding from the upper divisions of the gastro intestinal tract in patients with acute and chronic renal insufficiency

Sotnikov, V.N.; Pinchuk, T.P., 1988:
Endoscopic diagnosis and treatment of cardiospasm

Asaki, S.; Sato, H.; Nishimura, T.; Ohkubo, S.; Yamagata, R.; Ito, S.; Saito, Y.; Miyazaki, S.; Yaginuma, N., 1988:
Endoscopic diagnosis and treatment of Dieulafoy's ulcer

Yoshii, S.K.; Kasugai, T., 1981:
Endoscopic diagnosis of benign lymphoma of the stomach

Okada, K., 1980:
Endoscopic diagnosis of bladder neck contracture

Sasaki, H.; Mizutani, M.; Tamiya, M.; Kuboi, H.; Shindo, H.; Nagasako, K., 1987:
Endoscopic diagnosis of campylobacter colitis

Merz, R.; Wagner, I.; Habs, M.; Schmähl, D.; Amberger, H.; Bachmann, U., 1981:
Endoscopic diagnosis of chemically induced autochthonous colonic tumors in rats

Makino, E.; Yoshida, S.; Hirashima, T.; Oka, Y.; Yoshimori, M.; Pedrozo, O.; Oguro, Y.; Moriya, Y.; Hojo, K.; E.A., 1980 :
Endoscopic diagnosis of colo rectal villous adenoma

Hayakawa, K.; E.A., 1987:
Endoscopic diagnosis of depth invasion in depressed type early gastric cancer including comparative study with roentgenography

Rubio, H.H.; Fontan, A.N.; Nasif, H., 1986:
Endoscopic diagnosis of duodenal and jejunal pathologies

Jirasek, V.; Chmel, J.; Balas, V.; Dvorakova, H.; Setka, J., 1976:
Endoscopic diagnosis of duodenal tumors

Masumitu, H.; Yoshida, S.; Tsubomizu, Y.; Okamoto, H.; Satake, Y.; Fujita, R., 1987:
Endoscopic diagnosis of early colorectal cancer before polypectomy with special reference to the depth of cancer

IIshi, H.; Tatsuta, M.; Okuda, S.; Taniguchi, H., 1986:
Endoscopic diagnosis of early gastric cancer with benign appearance

Pavlov, K.A.; Stolyarov, V.I.; Volkov, O.N.; Stefanenko-Yu, F.; Malaret, P.P., 1977:
Endoscopic diagnosis of esophageal tumors

Tatsuta, M.; Okuda, S.; Taniguchi, H., 1982:
Endoscopic diagnosis of gastric cancer in the remnant stomach

IIshi, H.; Tatsuta, M.; Okuda, S.; Taniguchi, H., 1984:
Endoscopic diagnosis of gastric cancer smaller than 10 millimeters in diameter by the endoscopic congo red methylene blue test

Tada, M.; Karita, M.; Hirota, K.; Kawano, H.; Sigeeda, M.; Kochiyama, T.; Yanai, H.; Okazaki, Y.; Takemoto, T., 1987:
Endoscopic diagnosis of gastric intestinal metaplasia reevaluation of the endoscopic methylene blue staining method

Spinelli, P.; Lo Gullo, C.; Pizzetti, P., 1980:
Endoscopic diagnosis of gastric lymphomas

Gonzalez Cansino, J.R.; Haedo Quinones, W.; Gra Oramas, B., 1987:
Endoscopic diagnosis of giardiasis

Nazarov, L.U.; Davtyan, A.G.; Kaaryan, G.A.; Enfendzhyan, A.K.; Akopyan, E.B., 1982:
Endoscopic diagnosis of large intestinal polyps

Fujino, M.A., 1985:
Endoscopic diagnosis of malignant lymphoma of the stomach a statistical consideration on the differential diagnosis from carcinoma

Strekalovskii, V.P.; Kolesnikova, G.D., 1981:
Endoscopic diagnosis of metastases to the large intestine

Maksimov, I.A.; Savinkin-Yu, N.; Zolotarevskaya, E.E., 1976:
Endoscopic diagnosis of operated stomach cancer

IIshi, H.; Tatsuta, M.; Okuda, S.; Taniguchi, H., 1984:
Endoscopic diagnosis of scirrhous carcinoma of the stomach

Kohli, Y.; Kato, T.; Suzuki, K.; Taka, T.; Kinoshita, H.; Fujiki, N.; Fujita, K., 1987:
Endoscopic diagnosis of small gastric cancer with special reference to its histological type

Chechulina, A.P.; Nesvetov, A.M., 1981:
Endoscopic diagnosis of the early forms of stomach cancer

Koizumi, W.; Ohida, M.; Saigenji, K.; Okabe, H.; Atari, E., 1986:
Endoscopic diagnosis of the extent of mucosal infiltration of depressed early gastric cancer by pharmacoendoscopy with special reference to endoscopic color and vascular beds in cancerous mucosa by image analysis

Sakai, Y.; Nishikawa, K.; Igarashi, Y.; Fujinuma, S., 1987:
Endoscopic diagnosis of the lower rectum and anal canal

Tatsuta, M.; Okuda, S.; Taniguchi, H., 1981:
Endoscopic diagnosis of type iib early gastric cancer by the endoscopic congo red methylene blue test

Suzuki, S.; Suguro, M.; Anko, H.; E.A., 1987:
Endoscopic diagnosis of type iic early gastric cancer located in the fundic gland mucosa

Batovsky, M.; Vavrecka, A.; Jozefakova, J., 1985:
Endoscopic diathermocoagulation polypectomy in the gastroduodenum

Hayakawa, K.; Takeuchi, K.; Yamada, N.; Fukuchi, S.; Nishikage, S., 1980:
Endoscopic differential diagnosis of giant folds

Sano, M., 1983:
Endoscopic differential diagnosis of reflux esophagitis

Mauer, H.G.; Goodale, R.L., 1977:
Endoscopic dilation of a gastric anastomotic stricture

Wolper, J.C.; Messmer, J.M.; Turner, M.A.; Sugerman, H.J., 1984:
Endoscopic dilation of late stomal stenosis. Its use following gastric surgery for morbid obesity

Ichikawa, H.; Kogawa, T.; Kitazumi, K.; Yoshitomi, T.; Nishida, K.; Kishi, Y.; Sasabe, T.; Yoshikawa, T.; Kondo, M., 1988:
Endoscopic discovery of ancylostoma duodenale in the duodenum report of a case

Holdstock, G.; Eade, O.E.; Isaacson, P.; Smith, C.L., 1979:
Endoscopic duodenal biopsies in celiac disease and duodenitis

Gillberg, R.; Kastrup, W.; Mobacken, H.; Stockbrügger, R.; Ahrén, C., 1982:
Endoscopic duodenal biopsy compared with biopsy with the Watson capsule from the upper jejunum in patients with dermatitis herpetiformis

Nakazawa, Y.; Okazaki, K.; Yamamoto, Y.; Ito, K., 1986:
Endoscopic duodeno choledochal fistulization edcf using microwave technique a trial of a new endoscopic therapy for choledocholithiasis

Nakazawa, Y.; Iwamura, S.; Tamura, S.; Sakamoto, Y.; Matsumoto, K.; Morita, M.; Miyano, M.; Okazaki, K.; Yamamoto, Y.; Yamamoto, Y., 1986:
Endoscopic duodeno choledochal fistulization utilizing microwave system as a new treatment of choledocholithiasis a case followed by successful discharge of stones

Tada, M.; Ida, K.; Kawai, K., 1986:
Endoscopic dye spraying method and magnified observation in gastroscopy and colonoscopy

Kinoshita, Z., 1986:
Endoscopic dyeing method for duodenal ulcer scar correlation between dyeing pattern and the recurrence

Wu, K.L.; Cheng, T.C., 1985:
Endoscopic electrocoagulation for upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage

Hagiwara, H.; Higuchi, T.; Kon Y I.; Aoki, T.; Kosugi, H.; Yoshihama, Y.; Uehara, M.; Yoshinaga, T.; Kanamaru, M.; Masuda, J., 1987:
Endoscopic emergency biliary decompression as treatment for acute obstructive suppurative cholangitis

Van Stiegmann, G.; Goff, J.S., 1988:
Endoscopic esophageal varix ligation preliminary clinical experience

Hajiro, K.; Matsui, H.; Tsujimura, D.; Abe, H.; Kagen, H.; Sakamoto, H.; Sakai, K.; Osugi, M.; Ishii, M.; E.A., 1984:
Endoscopic ethanol injection for the control of upper gastrointestinal bleeding

Hata, M.; Nakajima, F.; Takao, M.; Odajima, K.; Ieda, K.; Fujioka, T.; Nakamura, H., 1987:
Endoscopic ethanol injection treatment for bladder cancer

Ritschl, E.; Auer, L.M., 1987:
Endoscopic evacuation of an intracerebral and intraventricular haemorrhage

Tommerup, B.; Borgeskov, S., 1983:
Endoscopic evaluation at follow up after bjork tracheostoma

Webb, W.A.; Mcdaniel, L.; Jones, L., 1984:
Endoscopic evaluation of dysphagia in 293 patients with benign disease

Gupta, S.D.; Petrus, L.V.; Gibbins, F.J.; Dellipiani, A.W., 1987:
Endoscopic evaluation of dysphagia in the elderly

Hasegawa, K.; IIzuka, B.; Yashiro, K.; Nagasako, K., 1986:
Endoscopic evaluation of healed ulcerative colitis

Wasser, A.H.; Spector, J.I., 1977:
Endoscopic evaluation of small bowel leukemia

Marini, G.; Guidoni, G.; Schiaroli, G.; Camarri, E.; Magni, E.; Fornara, C.F., 1981:
Endoscopic evaluation of sulglycotide on healing duodenal ulcer a controlled double blind trial with 2 dosage levels

Hradsky, M.; Bruce, L., 1978:
Endoscopic evaluation of the effect of azapropazone on the gastric mucosa

Hansen, T.M.; Matzen, P.; Madsen, P., 1984:
Endoscopic evaluation of the effect of indomethacin capsules and suppositories on the gastric mucosa in rheumatic patients

Miyake, T.; Ariyoshi, J.; Suzaki, T.; Oishi, M.; Sakai, M.; Ueda, S., 1980:
Endoscopic evaluation of the effect of sucralfate therapy and other clinical parameters on the recurrence rate of gastric ulcers

Oshitani, N.; Kitano, A.; Obata, A.; Yoshiyasu, K.; Matsumoto, T.; Hiki, M.; Hashimura, H.; Okawa, K.; Kuwajima, S.; Kobayashi, K., 1986:
Endoscopic evaluation of ulcerative colitis investigation of mucosal changes in long standing ulcerative colitis

Hey, H.; Wamberg, T.; Rasmussen, M.; Jørgensen, F., 1987:
Endoscopic evaluations of potentially ulcerogenic drugs. A new in vivo porcine test model

Asaki, S.; Sato, A.; Nishimura, T.; Shibuya, D.; Ohara, S.; Yamagata, R.; Tamura, T.; Yamaguchi, N., 1986:
Endoscopic examination and treatment of upper gastrointestinal diseases in children

Yokota, K.; Shida, S.; Nanba, M.; Tajima, N.; Tani, T.; Muto, K.; Ikeguchi, S.; Azuma, M.; Maruya, I.; E.A., 1985:
Endoscopic examination by using the guiding tube for various upper gastro intestinal diseases

Oproiu, A.C.; Oproiu, C.; Aposteanu, G.; Constantinescu, M.; Stanescu, D.; Cociasu, S.; Pop, A.; Petrescu, R., 1981:
Endoscopic examination in the early diagnosis of high morbidity digestive cancer gastric and colon

Garmanova, N.V.; Dekster, L.I.; Urmancheeva, A.F.; Yudkovskaya, I.L.; Bokhman, Y.V., 1981:
Endoscopic examination methods in the diagnosis of incipient cervical cancer in pregnancy

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