Endosperm protein formation during kernel development of wild type and high lysine barley mutant

Brandt, A.

Cereal Chemistry 53(6): 890-901


ISSN/ISBN: 0009-0352
Accession: 005359818

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The formation of barley -polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis during kernel development of wild type barley and the high-lysine mutant, Ris.vphi. No. 1508. In the mutant, only minor differences in the amino acid composition and electrophoretic patterns of the albumins and the globulins, respectively, were observed, but 3 times more free amino acids were present at all stages of endosperm development compared to the wild type. Hordein formation was severely impaired and the synthesis of 2 components of the fraction was inhibited in the mutant. The high-lysine content of the mutant endosperm is due to this reduction in the lysine-poor hordeins, a reduction of lysine-poor components of the glutelin fraction, and a compensating increase in the amount of lysine-rich glutelins as well as free lysine.