Energy balance and energy utilization of dairy cows during and after excess of energy supply 3. communication on the influence of excessive energy supply of lactating cows and its consequences

Kaufmann, T.E.G.; Kirchgessner, M.; Mueller, H.L.

Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition 58(1-2): 75-88


ISSN/ISBN: 0931-2439
Accession: 005360969

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A respiration trial with four pigs of monozygotic twin cows (second lactation each) was conducted to study the effects of a 11% surplus of gross energy for four weeks caused by an increased concentrate supply on total energy balance and utilization of energy. Changes were measured in comparison with a control group, consisting of the respective twin partners. Energy surplus resulted in relatively higher energy losses as faeces, 75% of which were compensated by decreased energy losses as urine and methane. The metabolizibility of energy and heat production were not affected significantly. Energy available for retention was increased by 15.5 MJ/d. The average excretion of milk energy of the energetically overfed cows was only 0.9, MJ/d higher, but energy retention by body tissues gained by 14,6 MJ/d. Consistently, the overwhelming part of the excess energy was partitioned on body tissues. Depending on the regard of body tissue gain or loss the partial efficiency of utilization of metabolizable energy for lactation was affected differently. Being standard fed for four weeks, the previous energetically overfed cows showed no relevant residual effects on all the criteria.