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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5362

Chapter 5362 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Canfield, P.; Lebacq, J.; Marechal, G., 1973:
Energy balance in frog sartorius muscle during an isometric tetanus at 20 celsius

Laudenslager, M.L.; Wilkinson, C.W.; Carlisle, H.J.; Hammel, H.T., 1980:
Energy balance in ovariectomized rats with and without estrogen replacement

Marian M.P.; Pandian T.J.; Muthukrishnan J., 1982:
Energy balance in speliphron violaceum hymenoptera and use of meconium weight as an index of bio energetics components

Nestel, D.; Galun, R.; Friedman, S., 1986:
Energy balance in the irradiated adult of ceratitis capitata wied. diptera tephritidae

Brooke O.G.; Wood C.; Barley J., 1982:
Energy balance nitrogen balance and growth in preterm infants fed expressed breast milk a premature infant formula and 2 low solute adapted formulae

Razouls, S.; Apostolopoulou, M., 1977:
Energy balance of 2 pelagic copepod populations temora stylifera and centropages typicus in relation to the presence of a thermocline

Novikov Y.F., 1984:
Energy balance of an agrarian industrial complex and the bioenergetics of an agrosystem

Viswanadham Y.; Andre R.G.B., 1983:
Energy balance of soybeans glycine max grown in brazil

Kopylov A.I.; Mamaeva T.I.; Batsanin S.F., 1980:
Energy balance of the colorless flagellate parabodo attenuatus zoomastigophora protozoa

Rembialkowska E., 1983:
Energy balance of the developmental period of geotrupes stercorosus scarabaeidae coleoptera

Freymond, D.; Schutz, Y.; Decombaz, J.; Micheli, J.L.; Jéquier, E., 1986:
Energy balance, physical activity, and thermogenic effect of feeding in premature infants

Mccaughey J.H., 1985:
Energy balance storage terms in a mature mixed forest at petawawa ontario canada a case study

Homsher E.; Yamada T.; Wallner A.; Tsai J., 1984:
Energy balance studies in frog rana pipiens skeletal muscles shortening at one half maximal velocity

Rao G.R.; Maniyar V.G.; Vaidya J.G.; Ghonsikar C.P., 1983:
Energy balance studies in sorghum sorghum bicolor

Wolfram G.; Kirchgessner M.; Mueller H.L.; Hollomey S., 1985:
Energy balance trials with fat rich diet in humans

Geerken, C.M., 1978:
Energy balance with high molasses diets calorimetric studies in a sheep

D.Camara Smeets M., 1981:
Energy balances during ploceus cucullatus reproduction the types and amounts of food taken from the environment

Wiley M.J.; Wike L.D., 1986:
Energy balances of diploid triploid and hybrid grass carp

Fleay, R.F., 1980:
Energy band selection in radiology by K absorption edge filtration

Jordan P.C., 1981:
Energy barriers for passage of ions through channels exact solution of 2 electrostatic problems

Tetreau C.; Lavalette D.; Momenteau M.; Lhoste J M., 1987:
Energy barriers in binding of carbon monoxide and oxygen to heme model compounds

Van Epps G.A.; Barker J.R.; Mickell C.M., 1982:
Energy biomass from large rangeland shrubs of the intermountain usa

Gjessing, Y.T.; Ovstedal, D.O., 1975:
Energy budget and ecology of 2 vegetation types in svalbard norway

Custer T.W.; Osborn R.G.; Pitelka F.A.; Gessaman J.A., 1986:
Energy budget and prey requirements of breeding lapland longspurs calcarius lapponicus near barrow alaska usa

Terjung W.H.; O'rourke P.A., 1983:
Energy budget changes caused by varying solar angles cloud scenarios and air temperatures in contrasting landscapes

Horn-Mrozowska, E., 1976:
Energy budget elements of an experimental nest of formica pratensis hymenoptera formicidae

Tajchman S.; Haedric F.; Lee R., 1979:
Energy budget evaluation of the transpiration pf relationship in a young pine forest

Hornbach D.J.; Wissing T.E.; Burky A.J., 1984:
Energy budget for a stream population of the freshwater clam sphaerium striatinum bivalvia pisidiidae

Levit H.J.; Gaspar R., 1988:
Energy budget for greenhouses in humid temperate climate

Harms J., 1987:
Energy budget for the larval development of elminius modestus crustacea cirripedia

Yasui W.Y.; Gaskin D.E., 1986:
Energy budget of a small cetacean the harbour porpoise phocoena phocoena l

Pederson J.B.; Capuzzo J.M., 1984:
Energy budget of an omnivorous rocky shore amphipod calliopius laeviusculus

Magnusson K.; Berggren M.; Granmo A., 1988:
Energy budget of caged common mussels mytilus edulis in the vicinity of an industrial center on the swedish west coast

Dabrowski K.R., 1985:
Energy budget of coregonid coregonus spp fish growth metabolism and reproduction

Lei C H.; Armitage K.B., 1980:
Energy budget of daphnia ambigua

Kaushal B.R.; Vats L.K., 1983:
Energy budget of pieris brassicae larvae lepidoptera pieridae fed on 4 host plant species

Fischer Z., 1981:
Energy budget of the grasshopper chorthippus sp in an industrial environment

Evans S., 1984:
Energy budgets and predation impact of dominant epi benthic carnivores on a shallow soft bottom community at the swedish west coast

Kooijman S.A.L.M., 1986:
Energy budgets can explain body size relations

Salzwedel H., 1980:
Energy budgets for 2 populations of the bivalve tellina fabula in the german bight

Pedersen C.L., 1987:
Energy budgets for juvenile rainbow trout at various oxygen concentrations

Kaul O.N.; Srivastava V.K., 1985:
Energy budgets in slash pine pinus elliottii plantations at dehra dun india

Puttick G.M., 1980:
Energy budgets of curlew sandpipers calidris ferruginea at langebaan lagoon south africa

Anderson, D.W.; Swift, S.C., 1970:
Energy calibration points for clinical electron accelerators

Tret'yakov N.N.; Motorina M.V.; Posypanov G.S.; Koshkin E.I.; Dzhamro G.Kh, 1982:
Energy capacity of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in the soybean glycine hispida at different illumination levels

Accorsi A.; Fazi A.; Bechi G.; Clini E.; Stocchi V., 1984:
Energy change determination in the erythrocytes of athletes

Estevez, J.I.; Chesney, E.J.Jr, 1976:
Energy changes in the flatfish winter flounder pseudopleuronectes americanus fed with the polychaete nereis virens under experimental conditions

Pirogov V.A.; Zav'yalov V.I.; Bushmakina V.I., 1979:
Energy changes in the kidney under conditions of normal and limited blood circulation

Tseitlin V.B., 1981:
Energy characteristics and size distribution of pelagic organisms in the tropical regions of the ocean

Atakhanov S.E., 1981:
Energy characteristics of circulating lymphocytes in angina pectoris patients

Samedov P.A., 1981:
Energy characteristics of the role of earthworms allolobophora caliginosa in decomposition of litterfall of licorice alfalfa wormwood grape and cotton

Plichta, W., 1975:
Energy characterization of forest soils humus by differential thermal analysis

Ledvanov M.Yu; Anisimova T.I.; Adamov A.K.; Tikhonov N.G.; Tikhomirova L.A.; Korsukov V.N.; Volosivets A.I., 1986:
Energy charge of the adenylic system as an index of blood lymphocyte nonspecific metabolic activity after administration of cholera vaccine and o antigen of vibrio cholerae

Giersch C.; Heber U.; Kobayashi Y.; Inoue Y.; Shibata K.; Heldt H.W., 1980:
Energy charge phosphorylation potential and proton motive force in chloroplasts

Kozhura, V.L., 1977:
Energy charge potential in the cerebral cortex of the preagonal and post resuscitation period after acute bleeding

Garza C.; Butte N.F., 1986:
Energy concentration of human milk estimated from 24 hour pools and various abbreviated sampling schemes

Zea, J.; Galvez, J.F., 1979:
Energy concentration of rations for growth and fattening of bovine cattle 1. effect on digestibility and on the characteristics of ruminal fermentation

Zea, J.; Galvez, J.F., 1979:
Energy concentration of rations for growth and fattening of bovine cattle 2. effect on voluntary ingestion speed of growth and energy efficiency

Loew, G.H.; Burt, S.K., 1978:
Energy conformation study of methionine enkephalin and its d 2 alanine analog and their resemblance to rigid opiates

Thompson, J.K.; Blanton, P., 1987:
Energy conservation and exercise dependence: a sympathetic arousal hypothesis

Wheelis M., 1984:
Energy conservation and pyridine nucleotide reduction in chemo autotrophic bacteria a thermodynamic analysis J.W.; Huizer T.; Tijssen J.G.P., 1984:
Energy conservation by nisoldipine in the ischemic heart

Jorgensen E.; Blix A.S., 1988:
Energy conservation by restricted body cooling in cold exposed willow ptarmigan chicks?

Buxton J.W.; Walker J.N.; Collins L.; Knavel D.; Hartman J.R., 1979:
Energy conservation by ventilating a greenhouse with deep mine air

Bradford D.F.; Seymour R.S., 1985:
Energy conservation during the delayed hatching period in the frog pseudophryne bibroni

Mcnab B.K., 1988:
Energy conservation in a tree kangaroo dendrolagus matschiei and the red panda ailurus fulgens

Downs, A.J.; Jones, C.W., 1975:
Energy conservation in bacillus megaterium

Metzner, H.; Gerster, R., 1976:
Energy conservation in photosynthesis models part 3 role of bi carbonate anions in oxygen evolution

Mckay A.; Quilter J.; Jones C.W., 1982:
Energy conservation in the extreme thermophile thermus thermophilus hb 8

Drozd, J.W., 1977:
Energy conservation in thiobacillus neapolitanus c sulfide and sulfite oxidation

Adin A.; Kadar Y., 1987:
Energy conservation in wastewater treatment for agricultural reuse

Patchett R.A.; Quilter J.A.; Jones C.W., 1985:
Energy conservation in whole cells of the methylotrophic bacterium methylophilus methylotrophus

Bajpai P.K., 1987:
Energy conservation through biochemical route

Bisht N.S., 1986:
Energy conserving efficiency of brachiaria distachya

Blomberg C.; Ehrenberg M., 1981:
Energy considerations for kinetic proofreading in biosynthesis

Zentner R.P.; Campbell D.W.; Campbell C.A.; Reid D.W., 1984:
Energy considerations of crop rotations in southwestern saskatchewan canada

Root T., 1988:
Energy constraints on avian distributions and abundances

Freedman S., 1982:
Energy constraints on rice production in the developing world an environmental perspective

Amsen M.G.; Nielsen O.F., 1987:
Energy consumption and environmental parameters in different types of greenhouses seasons august 15 30 april 30 1983 1984 and 1984 1985

Sadleir R.M.F.S., 1982:
Energy consumption and subsequent partitioning in lactating black tailed deer odocoileus hemionus columbianus

Okada, M.; Rao, M.A.; Lima, J.E.; Torloni, M., 1980:
Energy consumption and the potential for conservation in a spray dried coffee plant

Kilborn R.H.; Black H.C.; Dexter J.E.; Martin D.G., 1982:
Energy consumption during flour milling description of 2 measuring systems and the influence of wheat hardness on energy requirements

Gladkowski J.; Sroczynski A.; Bielarz H., 1982:
Energy consumption for de watering and drying of potato starch and pulp

Ohtani, T.; Hoshino, C.; Nabetani, H.; Watanabe, A., 1985:
Energy consumption for waste and wastewater treatment in food processing 1. potato starch processing

Ohtani, T.; Nikkuni, S.; Hoshino, C.; Nabetani, H.; Watanabe, A., 1985:
Energy consumption for waste and wastewater treatment in food processing 2. miso soybean paste processing

Ohtani, T.; Nabetani, H.; Watanabe, A.; Horikita, H., 1985:
Energy consumption for waste and wastewater treatment in food processing 3. natto fermented soybean processing

Watanabe, A.; Ohtani, T.; Nabetani, H.; Shinano, H.; Umeda, K., 1985:
Energy consumption for waste and wastewater treatment in food processing 4. saki ika split dried cuttlefish and salted cuttlefish gut processing

Watanabe, A.; Ohtani, T.; Nabetani, H.; Horikita, H., 1985:
Energy consumption for waste and wastewater treatment in food processing 5. mandarin orange juice processing

Wielicki W., 1986:
Energy consumption in agricultural production energy balance of a farm

Wielicki W.; Blazek M., 1987:
Energy consumption in the dry fodder production from maize

Rumsey T.R.; Scott E.P.; Carroad P.A., 1982:
Energy consumption in water blanching

Vogel, P., 1976:
Energy consumption of european and african shrews

Wielicki W.; Blazek M., 1987:
Energy consumption of maize cultivation in the ccm system

Wojcicki Z., 1981:
Energy consumption of plant production

Smal C.M.; Fairley J.S., 1981:
Energy consumption of small rodent populations in 2 irish woodland ecosystems

Handoo, J.K.; Saraf, N.; Kaul, V., 1988:
Energy content and ecological efficiency of macrophytes in dal lake kashmir

Grabherr G.; Brzoska W.; Hofer H.; Reisigl H., 1980:
Energy content and efficiency of net primary production of the alpine grass heath community caricetum curvulae

Loumbourdis N.S., 1987:
Energy content of eggs and bodies and the measurement of relative clutch mass in the lizard agama stellio stellio

Calder, W.A.I.i ; Parr, C.R.; Karl, D.P., 1978:
Energy content of eggs of the brown kiwi apteryx australis an extreme in avian evolution

Brey T.; Rumohr H.; Ankar S., 1988:
Energy content of macrobenthic invertebrates general conversion factors from weight to energy

Norberg, R.A., 1978:
Energy content of some spiders and insects on branches of spruce picea abies in winter prey of certain passerine birds

Anderson, J.F., 1978:
Energy content of spider eggs

Steubing L.; Ramirez C.; Alberdi M., 1980:
Energy content of water and bog plant associations in the region of valdivia chile

Norrbin F.; Bamstedt U., 1984:
Energy contents in benthic and planktonic invertebrates of kosterfjorden sweden a comparison of energetic strategies in marine organism groups

Zachhuber, K.; Larcher, W., 1978:
Energy contents of different alpine species of saxifraga and primula depending on their altitudinal distribution

Leonardi, S.; Linser-Bourdellon, A., 1978:
Energy contents of quercus ilex from monte minardo mount etna sicily italy

Ryan P.A., 1982:
Energy contents of some new zealand fresh water animals

Davies, P.M.C.; Massey, S.M., 1977:
Energy conversion efficiency in fish the influence of food intake and temperature of food conversion efficiency lines at rations close to maintenance

Rikmenspoel, R.; Sinton, S.; Janick, J.J., 1969:
Energy conversion in bull sperm flagella

Dabrowski K., 1979:
Energy conversion in carp given feed with various protein contents

Naman S.A., 1988:
Energy conversion in the decay of triplet lumiflavin in the presence of ferricyanide and ferrocyanide

Thomas M.M.; Easterson D.C.V.; Kathirvel M., 1984:
Energy conversion in the prawn metapenaeus dobsoni fed on artificial feed

Tien H.T., 1980:
Energy conversion via pigmented bi layer lipid membranes

Mundstock, C.M.; Farias-Filho, D.; Mundstock, E.C., 1986:
Energy cost analysis of sugarcane production systems mechanized vs. nonmechanized farms

Danoff, P.L.; Danoff, J.V., 1982:
Energy cost and heart rate response to static and dynamic leg exercise

Spriet L.L.; Soderlund K.; Hultman E., 1988:
Energy cost and metabolic regulation during intermittent and continuous tetanic contractions in human skeletal muscle

Maltz E.; Silanikove N.; Shkolnik A., 1982:
Energy cost and water requirement of black bedouin goats at different levels of production

Kautz M.A.; Van Dyne G.M.; Carpenter L.H.; Mautz W.W., 1982:
Energy cost for activities of mule deer odocoileus hemionus fawns

Burke E.J.; Keenan T.J., 1984:
Energy cost heart rate and perceived exertion during the elementary backstroke

Fisher, S.V.; Gullickson, G., 1978:
Energy cost of ambulation in health and disability: a literature review

Fisher, S.V.; Patterson, R.P., 1981:
Energy cost of ambulation with crutches

Veicsteinas, A.; Ferretti, G.; Margonato, V.; Rosa, G.; Tagliabue, D., 1984:
Energy cost of and energy sources for alpine skiing in top athletes

Legg, S.J.; Mahanty, A., 1986:
Energy cost of backpacking in heavy boots

Maruyama, H.; Nakamura, R.; Nagasaki, H.; Ito, H.; Hashizume, K., 1987:
Energy cost of bimanual cranking; difference between two motion patterns

Wilmore, J.H.; Parr, R.B.; Ward, P.; Vodak, P.A.; Barstow, T.J.; Pipes, T.V.; Grimditch, G.; Leslie, P., 1978:
Energy cost of circuit weight training

Altringham J.D.; Johnston I.A., 1986:
Energy cost of contraction in fast and slow muscle fibers isolated from an elasmobranch scyliorhinus canicula and an antarctic teleost fish notothenia neglecta

Léger, L.A., 1982:
Energy cost of disco dancing

Chappel, R.W.; Hudson, R.J., 1978:
Energy cost of feeding in rocky mountain bighorn sheep

Purdy, D.R.; Koch, A.L., 1976:
Energy cost of galactoside transport to Escherichia coli

Di-Prampero, P.E.; Cerretelli, P.; Piiper, J., 1969:
Energy cost of isotonic tetanic contractions of varied force and duration in mammalian skeletal muscle morphine cent depress chloralose cent depress urethane cent depress dog

Duggan, M.B.; Milner, R.D., 1986:
Energy cost of measles infection

Waters, R.L.; Lunsford, B.R., 1985:
Energy cost of paraplegic locomotion

Savageau M.A.; Freter R.R., 1979:
Energy cost of proofreading to increase fidelity of transfer rna amino acylation

Falls, H.B.; Humphrey, L.D., 1976:
Energy cost of running and walking in young women

Di-Prampero, P.E.; Cortili, G.; Mognoni, P.; Saibene, F., 1976:
Energy cost of speed skating and efficiency of work against air resistance

Sawka M.N.; Petrofsky J.S.; Phillips C.A., 1981:
Energy cost of submaximal isometric contractions in cat fast and slow twitch muscles

Baguet, F.; Gillis, J.M., 1968:
Energy cost of tonic contraction in a lamellibranch catch muscle mytilus edulis inst oxygen electrode

Olgiati, R.; Jacquet, J.; D.P.ampero, P.E., 1986:
Energy cost of walking and exertional dyspnea in multiple sclerosis

Waters R.L.; Hislop H.J.; Thomas L.; Campbell J., 1983:
Energy cost of walking in normal children and teenagers

Veicsteinas, A.; Aghemo, P.; Margaria, R.; Cova, P.; Pozzolini, M., 1979:
Energy cost of walking with lesions of the foot

Burke E.J.; Auchinachie J.A.; Hayden R.; Loftin J.M., 1985:
Energy cost of wheelchair basketball

Gabrielsen G.W.; Unander S., 1987:
Energy costs during incubation in svalbard norway and willow ptarmigan hens

Wooley, J.B.J. ; Owen, R.B.J., 1978:
Energy costs of activity and daily energy expenditure in the black duck

Cummings V.; March H.; Steve L.; Robinson K.G., 1979:
Energy costs of below knee prostheses using 2 types of suspension

Croxall J.P., 1982:
Energy costs of incubation and molt in petrels and penguins

Croxall J.P.; Ricketts C., 1983:
Energy costs of incubation in the wandering albatross diomedea exulans

Gates, C.; Hudson, R.J., 1978:
Energy costs of loco motion in wapiti

Randolph, P.A.; Randolph, J.C.; Mattingly, K.; Foster, M.M., 1977:
Energy costs of reproduction in the cotton rat sigmodon hispidus

Schierwater B.; Klingel H., 1986:
Energy costs of reproduction in the djungarian hamster phodopus sungorus under laboratory and seminatural conditions

Prinzinger R., 1982:
Energy costs of temperature regulation in birds influence of quick sinusoidal temperature fluctuations on gaseous metabolism of the japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Ford, M.J., 1977:
Energy costs of the predation strategy of the web spinning spider lepthyphantes zimmermanni linyphiidae

Marsolais, E.B.; Edwards, B.G., 1988:
Energy costs of walking and standing with functional neuromuscular stimulation and long leg braces

Drozd, J.W., 1976:
Energy coupling and respiration in Nitrosomonas europaea

Loppert H., 1983:
Energy coupling for membrane hyper polarization in lemna aequinoctales respiration rate atp level and membrane potential at low oxygen concentrations

Loeppert H., 1981:
Energy coupling for membrane hyper polarization in lemna paucicostata strain 6746 evidence against an atp fueled electrogenic pump as the exclusive mechanism

Kadner, R.J.; Winkler, H.H., 1975:
Energy coupling for methionine transport in Escherichia coli

Heber, U., 1976:
Energy coupling in chloroplasts

Katyare, S.S.; Challberg, M.D.; Howland, J.L., 1978:
Energy coupling in liver mitochondria from dystrophic mice differential sensitivity of oxidative phosphorylation and calcium ion uptake to potassium ion

Komai, H.; Hunter, D.R.; Southard, J.H.; Haworth, R.A.; Green, D.E., 1976:
Energy coupling in lyso lecithin treated sub mitochondrial particles

Hirata, H.; Altendorf, K.; Harold, F.M., 1974:
Energy coupling in membrane vesicles of escherichia coli part 1 accumulation of metabolites in response to an electrical potential

Tonge, G.M.; Drozd, J.W.; Higgins, I.J., 1977:
Energy coupling in methylosinus trichosporium

Kinraide T.B.; Etherton B., 1982:
Energy coupling in proton amino acid co transport atp dependence of the spontaneous electrical re polarization of the cell membranes in oat avena sativa cultivar victory coleoptiles

Rinehart, C.A.; Hubbard, J.S., 1976:
Energy coupling in the active transport of proline and glutamate by the photosynthetic halophile Ectothiorhodospira halophila

Wong, P.T.S.; Kashket, E.R.; Wilson, T.H., 1970:
Energy coupling in the lactose transport system of escherichia coli

Pavlasova, E.; Harold, F.M., 1969:
Energy coupling in the transport of beta galactosides by escherichia coli effect of proton conductors carbonyl cyanide m chlorophenyl hydrazone tetra chloro salicylanilide 2 4 di nitro phenol

Essenberg, R.C.; Kornberg, H.L., 1975:
Energy coupling in the uptake of hexose phosphates by Escherichia coli

Hellingwerf, K.J.; Friedberg, I.; Lolkema, J.S.; Michels, P.A.; Konings, W.N., 1982:
Energy coupling of facilitated transport of inorganic ions in Rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides

Parnes, J.R.; Boos, W., 1973:
Energy coupling of the beta methyl galactoside transport system of escherichia coli

Winkler, H.H., 1973:
Energy coupling of the hexose phosphate transport system in Escherichia coli

Kitada, M.; Horikoshi, K., 1982:
Energy coupling reactions of the active transport system for alpha amino iso butyric acid in alkalophilic bacillus no. 8 1

Gutowski, S.J.; Rosenberg, H., 1976:
Energy coupling to active transport in anaerobically grown mutants of escherichia coli strain k 12

Rhoads, D.B.; Epstein, W., 1977:
Energy coupling to net potassium ion transport in escherichia coli k 12

Sedgwick E.G.; Macleod R.A., 1980:
Energy coupling to potassium ion transport in a marine bacterium alteromonas haloplanktis

Erecinska M.; Deutsch C.J.; Davis J.S., 1981:
Energy coupling to potassium transport in paracoccus denitrificans

Bakker, E.P.; Harold, F.M., 1980:
Energy coupling to potassium transport in Streptococcus faecalis. Interplay of ATP and the protonmotive force

Stewart L.M.D.; Bakker E.P.; Booth I.R., 1985:
Energy coupling to potassium uptake via the trk system in escherichia coli the role of atp

Connett, R.J.; Hays, E.T., 1978:
Energy coupling to sodium transport in frog skeletal muscle

Patten B.C., 1985:
Energy cycling in the ecosystem

Gladkowski J.; Sroczynski A.; Bielarz H., 1980:
Energy demand for extraction and raffination step in production of potato starch

Preusse, C.J.; Winter, J.; Schulte, H.D.; Bircks, W., 1985:
Energy demand of cardioplegically perfused human hearts

Pak N.; Vera G.; Araya H., 1983:
Energy density of diets analysis of the dietary variables that allow its prediction

Plomp P.J.A.M.; Wolvetang E.J.; Groen A.K.; Meijer A.J.; Gordon P.B.; Seglen P.O., 1987:
Energy dependence of autophagic protein degradation in isolated rat hepatocytes

Vander Heide, R.S.; Angelo, J.P.; Altschuld, R.A.; Ganote, C.E., 1986:
Energy dependence of contraction band formation in perfused hearts and isolated adult myocytes

Wagner L.K.; Cohen G., 1982:
Energy dependence of contrast detail dose and object detectability dose curves for computed tomography scanners

Morgan, T.J.; Brateman, L.; Dirkse, J., 1978:
Energy dependence of correction factors for 2 models of keithley diagnostic ion chambers

Morgan Brateman, L.; Dirkse, J., 1977:
Energy dependence of correction factors for the Victoreen Model 666 Portable Radiographic Health Survey System

Seppet Z.K.; Kallikorm A.P.; Dzhavadov S.A.; Preobrazhenskii A.N.; Lakomkin V.A.; Saks V.A., 1987:
Energy dependence of heart contractility impairment under conditions of calcium overload

Marino, P.A.; Phan, K.A.; Osborn, M.J., 1985:
Energy dependence of lipopolysaccharide translocation in Salmonella typhimurium

Fisher A.B.; Dodia C.; Chander A., 1985:
Energy dependence of lung phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis studied with carbon monoxide hypoxia

Choudary, P.V.; Rao, G.R., 1982:
Energy dependence of nitrate reductase ec induction in candida utilis

Rymar, S.Yu, 1977:
Energy dependence of phage ms 2 rna penetration into spheroplasts of escherichia coli

Aronson, P.S., 1978:
Energy dependence of phlorizin binding to isolated renal micro villus membranes evidence concerning the mechanism of coupling between the electrochemical sodium ion gradient and sugar transport

Fluegge U.I.; Hinz G., 1986:
Energy dependence of protein translocation into chloroplasts

Park, E.A.; Morgan, H.E., 1984:
Energy dependence of RNA degradation in rabbit reticulocytes

Revilla E.; Llobell A.; Paneque A., 1986:
Energy dependence of the assimilatory nitrate uptake in azotobacter chroococcum

Ruigrok, T.J.C.; Boink, A.B.T.J.; Spies, F.; Blok, F.J.; Maas, A.H.J.; Zimmerman, A.N.E., 1978:
Energy dependence of the calcium paradox

Waterman F.M.; Kuchnir F.T.; Skaggs L.S.; Kouzes R.T.; Moore W.H., 1979:
Energy dependence of the neutron sensitivity of carbon carbon di oxide magnesium arsenic and tissue equivalent tissue equivalent ionization chambers

Fomenko, B.S.; Leont'eva, G.A., 1976:
Energy dependent accumulation of an artificial di benzyldimethyl ammonium cation in gamma irradiated cells

Pedersen, P.L.; Coty, W.A., 1972:
Energy dependent accumulation of calcium and phosphate by purified inner membrane vesicles of rat liver mitochondria

Garnett H.M., 1979:
Energy dependent accumulation of calcium ion by human embryonic lung fibroblasts

Flatmark, T.; Romslo, I., 1975:
Energy dependent accumulation of iron by isolated rat liver mitochondria requirement of reducing equivalents and evidence for a uni directional flux of iron ii across the inner membrane

Hanstein W.G.; Kiehl R., 1981:
Energy dependent accumulation of the uncoupler picrate and proton flux in sub mitochondrial particles

Schapendonk A.H.C.M.; Hemrika Wagner A.M.; Theuvenet A.P.R.; Wong Fong Sang H.W.; Vredenberg W.J.; Kraayenhof R., 1980:
Energy dependent changes of the electro kinetic properties of chloroplasts

Krause G.H.; Laasch H., 1987:
Energy dependent chlorophyll fluorescence quenching in chloroplasts correlated with quantum yield of photosynthesis

Brierley, G.P.; Jurkowitz, M.; Chavez, E.; Jung, D.W., 1977:
Energy dependent contraction of swollen heart mitochondria

Jung D.W.; Brierley G.P., 1979:
Energy dependent contraction of swollen heart mitochondria activation by butacaine

Brierley, G.P.; Jurkowitz, M.; Chavez, E., 1977:
Energy dependent contraction of swollen mitochondria activation by nigericin

Penefsky H.S., 1985:
Energy dependent dissociation of atp from high affinity catalytic sites of beef heart mitochondrial atpase

Chavez, E.; Jung, D.W.; Brierley, G.P., 1977:
Energy dependent efflux of potassium from heart mitochondria

Chang, T.M.; Penefsky, H.S., 1974:
Energy dependent enhancement of aurovertin fluorescence an indicator of conformational changes in beef heart mitochondrial atpase

Chavez, E.; Jung, D.W.; Brierley, G.P., 1977:
Energy dependent exchange of potassium in heart mitochondria potassium efflux

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Energy dependent exchange of potassium in heart mitochondria potassium influx

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Energy requirement for maintenance in growing chicks

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