Ensiled pressed sugar beet pulp mixed with gluten feed as a diet for fattening bulls i. chemical composition feeding value and fermentation characteristics

Van-Eenaeme, C.; Baldwin, P.; Istasse, L.; Lambot, O.; Gielen, M.; Bienfait, J.M.

Annales de Medecine Veterinaire 130(5): 359-372


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-4118
Accession: 005366643

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A silage made of a 0.85:0.15 mixture of pressed sugar beet pulp (22% dry matter) and glutenfeed was studied with regard to chemical composition, temperature evolution and fermentation characteristics. The incorporation of glutenfeed improved the feeding value, dry matter and crude protein contents (resp. 31.3% and 16.1%) and the Ca to P ratio (1.8) with respect to non complemented pressed sugar beet pulp silage. Conserving quality was excellent as judged by pH (mean 4.1), ammonia-N to total-N ratio (5.2%) and by the absence of butyric acid. The soluble-N to total-N ratio of 25.4% indicates an adequate nitrogen value while the rather low acetic acid concentration (15.6 g/kg D.M.) should normally result in a good intake value. Eventually this silage could be regarded as a good complete diet for fattening cattle since it only needs to be supplemented with trace minerals and vitamins provided that some roughage is available.