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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5372

Chapter 5372 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chiba S.; Yamana O., 1980:
Enzymatic synthesis of a new di saccharide 6 o alpha gluco pyranosyl 2 deoxy d glucose by trans glucosylation of schizosaccharomyces pombe alpha glucosidase

Basu, M.; Basu, S., 1972:
Enzymatic synthesis of a tetra glycosyl ceramide by a galactosyl transferase from rabbit bone marrow

Eckstein, F., 1977:
Enzymatic synthesis of adenosine 5 o 3 sulfur 35 thio tri phosphate

Kihara, K.; Nomiyama, H.; Yukuhiro, M.; Mukai, J.I., 1976:
Enzymatic synthesis of alpha phosphorus 32 atp of high specific activity

Kato K.; Kawahara K.; Takahashi T.; Igarasi S., 1980:
Enzymatic synthesis of amoxicillin by the cell bound alpha amino acid ester hydrolase of xanthomonas citri

Kikuchi, Y.; Someno, K.; Sakaguchi, K., 1977:
Enzymatic synthesis of an oligo ribo nucleotide adenylyl 3 5 adenylyl 3 5 cytidylyl 3 5 cytidylyl 3 5 guanosine 3 phosphate

Klesov, A.A.; Margolin, A.L.; Shvyadas, V.Y., K., 1977:
Enzymatic synthesis of antibiotics the kinetics of acyl group transfer onto 6 amino penicillanic acid catalyzed by penicillin amidase from escherichia coli

Adisson L.; Bolte J.; Demuynck C.; Mani J C., 1988:
Enzymatic synthesis of aspartyl containing dipeptides

Svedas V.K.; Margolin A.L.; Berezin I.V., 1980:
Enzymatic synthesis of beta lactam antibiotics a thermodynamic background

Dawson J.M.; Cook N.D.; Peters T.J., 1985:
Enzymatic synthesis of beta phosphorus 32 adp using adenylate kinase and gamma phosphorus 32 atp

Seino, H.; Uchibori, T.; Nishitani, T.; Inamasu, S., 1984:
Enzymatic synthesis of carbohydrate esters of fatty acid 1. esterification of sucrose glucose fructose and sorbitol

Mannens G.; Slegers G.; Lambrecht R.; Goethals P., 1988:
Enzymatic synthesis of carbon 11 acetyl coenzyme a

Slegers G.; Lambrecht R.H.D.; Vandewalle T.; Meulewaeter L.; Vandecasteele C., 1984:
Enzymatic synthesis of carbon 11 labeled formaldehyde concise communication

Soussain R.; Gueguen P.; Morgat J L.; Maziere M.; Berger G.; Comar D., 1984:
Enzymatic synthesis of carbon 11 labeled levo epinephrine

Ropchan J.R.; Barrio J.R., 1984:
Enzymatic synthesis of carbon 11 labeled pyruvic acid carbon 11 labeled l lactic acid and carbon 11 labeled l alanine via carbon 11 labeled d l alanine

Gueguen P.; Morgat J L.; Maziere M.; Berger G.; Comar D.; Maman M., 1982:
Enzymatic synthesis of carbon 11 labeled s adenosyl methionine

Cronan J.E.Jr, 1980:
Enzymatic synthesis of carbon 14 labeled beta alanine and carbon 14 labeled d pantothenate of high specific radioactivity

Wals, P.A.; Golden, S.; Rognstad, R.; Katz, J.; Ebner, K.E., 1976 :
Enzymatic synthesis of carbon 14 labeled galactose and tritium labeled galactose

Rubenstein, P.A.; Strominger, J.L., 1974:
Enzymatic synthesis of cdp 3 6 di deoxy hexoses part 10 purification and properties of the cdp d glucose pyro phosphorylase from pasteurella pseudotuberculosis type v

Rubenstein, P.A.; Strominger, J.L., 1974:
Enzymatic synthesis of cdp 3 6 di deoxy hexoses part 7 mechanistic roles of enzyme e 1 and pyridoxamine 5 phosphate in the formation of cdp 4 keto 3 6 di deoxy d glucose from cdp 4 keto 6 deoxy d glucose

Rubenstein, P.A.; Strominger, J.L., 1974:
Enzymatic synthesis of cdp 3 6 di deoxy hexoses part 8 studies of the properties of enzyme e 3 and its role in the formation of cdp 4 keto 3 6 di deoxy glucose

Pape, H.; Strominger, J.L., 1969:
Enzymatic synthesis of cdp 3 6 di deoxy hexoses v partial purification of the 2 protein components required for introduction of the 3 deoxy group

Gonzalez-Porque, P.; Strominger, J.L., 1972:
Enzymatic synthesis of cdp 3 6 dideoxy hexoses part 6 purification to homogeneity and some properties of cdp d glucose oxido reductase enzyme e 1 and enzyme e 3

Wang Z.; Kou X.; Han W.; Zhang Q., 1985:
Enzymatic synthesis of cefadroxil by escherichia coli pn 66

Basu, S.; Kaufman, B.; Roseman, S., 1968:
Enzymatic synthesis of ceramide glucose and ceramide lactose by enz glycosyl transferases from embryonic chicken brain

Ryskov A.P.; Prosnyak M.I.; Korneev S.A.; Limborskaya S.A., 1981:
Enzymatic synthesis of complementary dna from the template of pro collagen messenger rna isolated from human fibroblasts

Bellalou J.; Sarfati R.S.; Predeleanu R.; Ladant D.; Barzu O., 1988:
Enzymatic synthesis of cyclic amp using bordetella pertussis adenylate cyclase co immobilized with calmodulin on agarose beads

Billich, A.; Zocher, R., 1987:
Enzymatic synthesis of cyclosporin A

Nagasawa T.; Yamano H.; Ohkishi H.; Hosono H.; Tani Y.; Yamada H., 1982:
Enzymatic synthesis of d cysteine by 3 chloro d alanine resistant pseudomonas putida cr 1 1

Ladner W.E.; Whitesides G.M., 1985:
Enzymatic synthesis of deoxy atp using dna as starting material

Cui D.; Cao Q.; Zhu S.; Zhang X.; Zhang Y., 1983:
Enzymatic synthesis of deshexa peptide insulin and its analogs

Nordlov H.; Gatenbeck S., 1982:
Enzymatic synthesis of dextro bis dechlorogeodin and levo bis dechlorogeodin with sulochrin oxidase from penicillium frequentans and oospora sulphurea ochracea

Kaufman, B.; Basu, S.; Roseman, S., 1968:
Enzymatic synthesis of di sialo gangliosides from mono sialo gangliosides by enz sialyl transferases from embryonic chicken brain

Retzel E.F.; Collett M.S.; Faras A.J., 1980:
Enzymatic synthesis of dna by the avian retrovirus reverse transcriptase in vitro optimum conditions required for transcription of large rna templates

Kelly, R.B.; Cozzarelli, N.R.; Deutscher, M.P.; Lehman, I.R.; Kornberg, A., 1970:
Enzymatic synthesis of dna part 32 replication of duplex dna by polymerase at a single strand break

Huberman, J.A.; Kornberg, A., 1970:
Enzymatic synthesis of dna part 35 a 3 hydroxyl ribo nucleotide binding site of escherichia coli dna polymerase

Brutlag, D.; Kornberg, A., 1972:
Enzymatic synthesis of dna part 36 a proof reading function of the 3 5 exo nuclease activity in dna polymerases

Deutscher, M.P.; Kornberg, A., 1969:
Enzymatic synthesis of dna xxix hydrolysis of dna from the 5 terminus by an enz exo nuclease function of enz dna polymerase escherichia coli

Jovin, T.M.; Englund, P.T.; Bertsch, L.L., 1969:
Enzymatic synthesis of dna xxvi physical and chemical studies of a homogeneous enz dna polymerase escherichia coli

Jovin, T.M.; Englund, P.T.; Kornberg, A., 1969:
Enzymatic synthesis of dna xxvii chemical modifications of enz dna polymerase escherichia coli

Deutscher, M.P.; Kornberg, A., 1969:
Enzymatic synthesis of dna xxviii the pyro phosphate exchange and pyro phosphorolysis reactions of enz dna polymerase escherichia coli

Englund, P.T.; Huberman, J.A.; Jovin, T.M.; Kornberg, A., 1969:
Enzymatic synthesis of dna xxx binding of tri phosphates to enz dna polymerase escherichia coli

Englund, P.T.; Kelly, R.B.; Kornberg, A., 1969:
Enzymatic synthesis of dna xxxi binding of dna to enz dna polymerase escherichia coli

Kullmann W., 1982:
Enzymatic synthesis of dynorphin 1 8

Molotkovskii Y.G.; Unkovskii V.I.; Bergel'son L.D., 1980:
Enzymatic synthesis of fluorescent phosphatidyl ethanolamine

Klibanov A.M.; Alberti B.N.; Zale S.E., 1982:
Enzymatic synthesis of formic acid from hydrogen and carbon di oxide and production of hydrogen from formic acid

Basu, S.; Schultz, A.M.; Basu, M.; Roseman, S., 1971:
Enzymatic synthesis of galacto cerebroside by a galactosyl transferase from embryonic chicken brain

Basu, S.; Kaufman, B.; Roseman, S., 1973:
Enzymatic synthesis of gluco cerebroside by a glucosyl transferase from embryonic chicken brain

Vandecasteele J P., 1980:
Enzymatic synthesis of l carnitine by reduction of an achiral precursor the problem of nadh re cycling

Nagasawa T.; Dhillon G.S.; Ishii T.; Yamada H., 1985:
Enzymatic synthesis of l cysteine by o acetylserine sulfhydrylase of 3 chloro l alanine resistant bacillus sphaericus l 118

Verevkin A.N.; Zueva N.N.; Yakovleva V.I.; Sokolova E.N.; Golovkina G.P.; Grigoryan A.N.; Berezin I.V., 1988:
Enzymatic synthesis of l malic acid from fumaric acid using immobilized escherichia coli 85 cells

Frank Kamenetskaya M.D.; Knizhnikova G.V.; Myasoedov N.F., 1984:
Enzymatic synthesis of labeled nucleotides of high molar radioactivity

Dreyfus, H.; Edel-Harth, S.; Urban, P.F.; Neskovic, N.; Mandel, P., 1977:
Enzymatic synthesis of lactosyl ceramide by a galactosyl transferase from developing chicken retina

Kullmann W., 1979:
Enzymatic synthesis of leucine enkephalin and methionine enkephalin

Murakoshi, I.; Ikegami, F.; Ookawa, N.; Haginiwa, J.; Letham, D.S., 1977:
Enzymatic synthesis of lupinic acid a novel metabolite of zeatin in higher plants

Rosso, G.C.; De-Luca, L.; Warren, C.D.; Wolf, G., 1975:
Enzymatic synthesis of mannosyl retinyl phosphate from retinyl phosphate and gdp mannose

Zielenski, J.; Koscielak, J., 1982:
Enzymatic synthesis of neo lactotetraosyl ceramide by the n acetyl lactosamine synthase ec of human serum

Zhenodarova S.M.; Klyagina V.P.; Sedel'nikova E.A.; Smolyaninova O.A.; Antonovich E.G.; Man'kin A.S.; Prokof'ev M.A.; Zagrebel'nyi S.N.; Maistrenko V.F.; E.A., 1980:
Enzymatic synthesis of nona nucleotide an analog of the t psi loop of yeast valyl transfer rna

Kalinowska M.; Wojciechowski Z.A., 1986:
Enzymatic synthesis of nuatigenin 3 beta d glucoside in oat avena sativa leaves

Yamazaki Y.; Maeda H., 1986:
Enzymatic synthesis of optically pure r levo mandelic acid and other 2 hydroxycarboxylic acids screening for the enzyme and its purification characterization and use

Lyublinskaya L.A.; Voyushina T.L.; Stepanov V.M., 1982:
Enzymatic synthesis of peptide substrates for serine proteinases

Nam, D.H.; Ryu, D.D., 1984:
Enzymatic synthesis of phenoxymethylpenicillin using Erwinia aroideae enzyme

Reem, G.H., 1974:
Enzymatic synthesis of phospho ribosyl amine in human cells

De-Luca, V.; Ibrahim, R.K., 1985:
Enzymatic synthesis of polymethylated flavonols in chrysosplenium americanum 1. partial purification and some properties of s adenosyl l methionine flavonol 3 6 7 and 4' o methyltransferases

De-Luca, V.; Ibrahim, R.K., 1985:
Enzymatic synthesis of polymethylated flavonols in chrysosplenium americanum 2. substrate interaction and product inhibition studies of flavonol 3 6 and 4' o methyltransferases

Druzhinina T.N.; Rozal'eva V.V.; Shibaev V.N.; Rozhnova S.Sh; Kilesso V.A., 1986:
Enzymatic synthesis of polyprenyl phosphosugars in salmonella serogroup c 1

Wink M.; Hartmann T., 1982:
Enzymatic synthesis of quinolizidine alkaloid esters a tigloyl coenzyme a 13 hydroxy lupanine o tigloyl transferase from lupinus albus

Wink, M.; Hartmann, T.; Witte, L., 1980:
Enzymatic synthesis of quinolizidine alkaloids in lupine chloroplasts

Dilwoth G.L., 1982:
Enzymatic synthesis of radio labeled seleno cystine from labeled serine and selenide

Daveluy A.; Parvin R.; Pande S.V., 1982:
Enzymatic synthesis of radioactive levo carnitine from gamma butyro betaine prepared by the methylation of gamma amino butyric acid

Sedlmaier H.; Muller F.; Keller P.J.; Bacher A., 1987:
Enzymatic synthesis of riboflavin and fmn specifically labeled with carbon 13 in the xylene ring

Rao N.N.; Roth H.J., 1988:
Enzymatic synthesis of s levo 3 3 4 dihydroxyphenyllactic acid

Esaki, N.; Tanaka, H.; Miles, E.W.; Soda, K., 1983:
Enzymatic synthesis of s substituted l cysteines with tryptophan synthase ec of escherichia coli

Tanaka K.; Akino M.; Hagi Y.; Doi M.; Shiota T., 1981 :
Enzymatic synthesis of sepiapterin by chicken kidney preparations

Strack D.; Dahlbender B.; Knogge W., 1983:
Enzymatic synthesis of sinapine from 1 o sinapoyl beta d glucose and choline by a cell free system from developing seeds of red radish raphanus sativus var sativus

Tkotz N.; Strack D., 1980:
Enzymatic synthesis of sinapoyl l malate from 1 sinapoyl glucose and l malate by a protein preparation from raphanus sativus cotyledons

Myers D.E.; Utter M.F., 1981:
Enzymatic synthesis of some potential photo affinity analogs of benzoyl coenzyme a

Wojciechowski, Z.A.; Zimowski, J.; Tyski, S., 1977:
Enzymatic synthesis of steryl 3 beta d mono glucosides in the slime mold physarum polycephalum

Zimowski, J.G.; Wojciechowski, Z.A., 1983:
Enzymatic synthesis of steryl 6' o acyl beta d glucosides in sinapis alba and some other plants

Varin L.; Barron D.; Ibrahim R.K., 1987:
Enzymatic synthesis of sulfated flavonols in flaveria

Tahara, Y.; Shinmoto, K.; Yamada, Y.; Kondo, K., 1978:
Enzymatic synthesis of tauro ornithine lipid in gluconobacter cerinus

Suhadolnik, R.J.; Devash, Y.; Reichenbach, N.L.; Flick, M.B.; Wu, J.M., 1983:
Enzymatic synthesis of the 2' 5' oligo adenylate tetramer analog 2' 5' oligo 3' deoxy adenylate 5' tri phosphate by rabbit reticulocyte lysates binding and activation of the 2' 5' oligo adenylate dependent nuclease hydrolysis of messenger rna and inhibition of protein synthesis

Christenson, J.G.; Gross, S.K.; Robbins, P.W., 1969:
Enzymatic synthesis of the antigen carrier lipid

Egan, A.; Lawrence, P.; Strominger, J.L., 1973:
Enzymatic synthesis of the peptide in bacterial uridine nucleotides part 5 cobalt ion dependent reversal of peptide bond formation

Ito, E.; Strominger, J.L., 1973:
Enzymatic synthesis of the peptide in bacterial uridine nucleotides part 7 comparative biochemistry

Murao S.; Nagano H.; Ogura S.; Nishino T., 1985:
Enzymatic synthesis of trehalose from maltose

Myasoedov N.F.; Kuznetsova O.B.; Lazurkina T.Yu; Frank Kamenetskaya M.D., 1981:
Enzymatic synthesis of tritium labeled atp from adenine

Michalczuk L.; Chisnell J.R., 1982:
Enzymatic synthesis of tritium labeled iaa and tritium labeled indole 3 acetyl myo inositol from tritium labeled l tryptophan

Dukat L.P.; Vrzheshch P.V.; Shevchenko V.P.; Lys Y.I.; Myagkova G.I.; Yakusheva L.A.; Mevkh A.T.; Varfolomeev S.D.; Fedoseev V.M.; Myasoedov N.F., 1984:
Enzymatic synthesis of tritium labeled prostaglandins from tritium labeled eicosatrienoic acid

Latif S.A.; Camara P.; Rosen M.P.; Morris D.J., 1988:
Enzymatic synthesis of tritium labeled ring a reduced metabolites of aldosterone and their separation by high pressure liquid chromatography

Kawamura T.; Ishimoto N.; Ito E., 1979:
Enzymatic synthesis of udp n acetyl d mannosaminuronic acid

Mura, U.; Sgarrella, F.; Ipata, P.L., 1978:
Enzymatic synthesis of uniformly labeled carbon 14 ribose labeled inosine/

Kang, C.; Cantor, C.R., 1985:
Enzymatic synthesis of uniformly phosphorus 32 labeled polyribonucleotides and high specific activity ribonucleoside 5' alpha phosphorus 32 labeled diphosphates

Singh, A.N.; Newborn, J.S.; Raushel, F.M., 1988:
Enzymatic synthesis of uridine 5' o 2 thiodiphosphoglucose and related sugar phosphorothioates

Utagawa T.; Morisawa H.; Yamanaka S.; Yamazaki A.; Hirose Y., 1986:
Enzymatic synthesis of virazole by purine nucleoside phosphorylase of enterobacter aerogenes

Zimowski J.; Paterczyk J.; Wojciechowski Z.A., 1982:
Enzymatic synthesis of wax esters by cell free preparations from sinapis alba roots

Tsukiji, M.; Okamoto, M.; Kuhara, S.; Aso, Y.; Hayashi, K., 1978:
Enzymatic system realizing the 2 factor model

Antonenkov V.D.; Kornev A.V.; Popova S.V., 1983:
Enzymatic systems of liver lipid catabolism during clofibrate administration and rat adaptation to cold

Bawa A.S.; Orr H.L.; Usborne W.R., 1981:
Enzymatic tenderization of spent white leghorn hens

Foeldes Papp Z.; Maretzki D., 1984:
Enzymatic tert butylhydroperoxide reduction on human erythrocyte membranes nadph and glutathione dependent activities

Pavliv B.A., 1986:
Enzymatic test for predicting productive trials of pigs

Dallüge, K.H.; Ziegenbein, R., 1982:
Enzymatic tests in the prognosis and course controls in bronchial carcinoma patients

Dobrolyubov A.G.; Itsygin S.B.; Levadnaya T.P., 1986:
Enzymatic titrimetric method for determination of penicillin concentration in fermentation broth samples

Ronin, C.; Granier, C.; Van-Rietschoten, J.; Bouchilloux, S., 1978:
Enzymatic transfer of oligo saccharide from oligo saccharide lipids to an asparaginylalanyl threonyl containing hepta peptide

Sullivan J.J.; Iwaoka W.T.; Liston J., 1983:
Enzymatic transformation of paralytic shellfish poisoning toxins in the littleneck clam protothaca staminea

Steffen C.; Smolen J.; Miehlke K.; Hoerger I.; Menzel J., 1985:
Enzymatic treatment in comparison with the determination of immune complexes in rheumatoid arthritis

Wieg A.J., 1984:
Enzymatic treatment of waste water from wheat starch industry

Abdel-Monem, M.; Lauppe, H.F.; Kartenbeck, J.; Duerwald, H.; Hoffmann-Berling, H., 1977:
Enzymatic unwinding of dna part 3 mode of action of escherichia coli dna unwinding enzyme

Feuillu A.; Herve J.P.; L.P.gamp P.; Garre M.; Chevet D., 1979:
Enzymatic uricolysis for hyper uricemia in chronic renal patients

Kleyn D.H.; Trout J.R., 1984:
Enzymatic uv method for measuring lactose in milk collaborative study

Esnault M A.; Huon A., 1985:
Enzymatic variability in the cattail typha angustifolia and typha latifolia typhaceae

Girard, P.; Palabost, L.; Petit, C., 1977:
Enzymatic variation at 7 loci in 9 natural populations of drosophila melanogaster

Valdez-Forsans, M., 1983:
Enzymatic variation in populations of the mollusk cepaea nemoralis in the vallee de l'ariege french pyrenees

Graf, J.D.; Scholl, A., 1975:
Enzymatic variations and phylogenetic relationships between 9 species of microtinae mammalia rodentia

Persson, M.; Bilgrav, K.; Jensen, L.; Gottrup, F., 1986:
Enzymatic wound cleaning and absorbable sutures. An experimental study on Varidase and Dexon sutures

Unger, W., 1977:
Enzymatical in vitro synthesis of gamma coniceine by an aldehyde amino acid trans aminase isolated from spinach leaves

Le-Maire, M.; Lind, K.E.; Jorgensen, K.E.; Roigaard, H.; Moller, J.V., 1978:
Enzymatically active calcium ion atpase from sarcoplasmic reticulum membranes solubilized by nonionic detergents role of lipid for aggregation of the protein

Kitto, G.B.; Wassarman, P.M.; Kaplan, N.O., 1966:
Enzymatically active conformers of mitochondrial enz malate dehydrogenase chicken heart liver spleen brain muscle inst ion exchange chromatography inst optical rotatory dispersion

Bayne, S.J.; Ottesen, M., 1976:
Enzymatically active cross linked pig heart lactate dehydrogenase ec crystals

Chung, D.W.; Collier, R.J., 1977:
Enzymatically active peptide from the adp ribosylating toxin of pseudomonas aeruginosa

Beck J.L.; Keough D.T.; D.J.rsey J.; Zerner B., 1984:
Enzymatically active zinc copper and mercury derivatives of the 1 iron form of pig allantoic fluid acid phosphatase

Herlitz, J.; Hjalmarson, A.; Holmberg, S.; Swedberg, K.; Waagstein, F.; Waldenström, A.; Waldenström, J., 1984:
Enzymatically and electrocardiographically estimated infarct size in relation to pain in acute myocardial infarction

Van-Wart, H.E.; Vallee, B.L., 1978:
Enzymatically inactive exchange inert cobalt iii carboxy peptidase a role of inner sphere coordination in peptide and ester catalysis

Allred J.B.; Roman Lopez C.R., 1988:
Enzymatically inactive forms of acetyl coenzyme a carboxylase in rat liver mitochondria

Shapira, E.; Ben-Yoseph, Y.; Eyal, F.G.; Russell, A., 1974:
Enzymatically inactive red cell carbonic anhydrase B in a family with renal tubular acidosis

Swaney, J.B.; Orishimo, M.W.; Girard, A., 1987:
Enzymatically induced alterations in the structure of rat serum lipoproteins

Belzile, R.J.; Dauphin, F.; Roberge, A.G., 1986:
Enzymatically prehydrolyzed soybean meal for mink mustela vison i. nutritive value for growth and furring

Roberge, A.G.; Belzile, R.J., 1986:
Enzymatically prehydrolyzed soybean meal for mink mustela vison ii. effects on blood amino acids and on brain neurotransmitters

Fernandez Garcia E.; Ramos M.; Polo C.; Juarez M.; Olano A., 1988:
Enzyme accelerated ripening of spanish hard cheese

Harvala C.; Alkofahi A.; Philianos S., 1982:
Enzyme action of a product extracted from seeds of opuntia ficus indica

Workman, P.; Double, J.A.; Wilman, D.E.V., 1976:
Enzyme activated anti tumor agents part 3 hydrolysis of conjugates of p hydroxy aniline mustard in aqueous solution

Workman, P.; Double, J.A., 1978:
Enzyme activated anti tumor agents part 4 comparative kinetics of n n p di 2 chloroethylaminophenyl phosphate hydrolysis catalyzed by phosphatases of normal and neoplastic tissues

Ueno, H.; Soper, T.S.; Manning, J.M., 1984:
Enzyme activated inhibition of bacterial d amino acid trans aminase ec by beta cyano d alanine

Frerman F.E.; Miziorko H.M.; Beckmann J.D., 1980:
Enzyme activated inhibitors alternate substrates and a dead end inhibitor of the general acyl coenzyme a dehydrogenase

Lippert, B.; Metcalf, B.W.; Resvick, R.J., 1982:
Enzyme activated irreversible inhibition of rat and mouse brain 4 amino butyric acid alpha keto glutarate trans aminase ec by 5 fluoro 4 oxo pentanoic acid

Jung, M.J.; Seiler, N., 1978:
Enzyme activated irreversible inhibitors of l ornithine 2 oxo acid amino transferase ec demonstration of mechanistic features of the inhibition of ornithine amino transferase by 4 amino hex 5 ynoic acid and gabaculine and correlation with in vivo activity

Mcdonald, I.A.; Lacoste, J.M.; Bey, P.; Palfreyman, M.G.; Zreika, M., 1985:
Enzyme activated irreversible inhibitors of monoamine oxidase ec phenylallylamine structure activity relationships

Martens, P.M.; Berrens, L., 1975:
Enzyme activation and inhibition induced by cold provocation in a patient with cold urticaria

Ellinger, C., 1985:
Enzyme activities after in vitro and in vivo application of dichlorvos

Krog M.; Ejerblad S.; Agren A., 1986:
Enzyme activities and adenine nucleotide content in aorta heart muscle and skeletal muscle from uremic rats

Graf, F.; Furtmayr, L.; Kraeusslich, H.; Osterkorn, K., 1978:
Enzyme activities and concentration metabolites in blood serum as indicators of performance in dairy cows part 1 correlations between serum levels and milk yield

Graf F.; Furtmayr L.; Kraeusslich H.; Osterkorn K., 1979:
Enzyme activities and concentration of metabolites in serum as indicators of lactation stress part 2 influences on serum values repeatabilities of serum values from lactation to lactation

Furtmayr L.; Osterkorn K.; Frahm K.; Graf F.; Kraeusslich H., 1979:
Enzyme activities and concentration of metabolites in serum as indicators of performance in dairy cows part 3 factor analysis of serum levels and the relationship between the factors and milk yield

Sheppard, J.R.; Albersheim, P.; Mcclearn, G.E., 1968:
Enzyme activities and ethanol preference in mice enz alcohol dehydrogenase enz aldehyde dehydrogenase

Bufler G.; Bangerth F., 1981:
Enzyme activities and fruit ripening of differently stored apple fruits

Major, F.; Tawfik, E.S., 1979:
Enzyme activities and genetic polymorphism in mice as model animal under the effect of selection for endurance and protein deposition 4. studies of enzyme activities in the tissues heart muscle and liver in the 10 and 13 selection generation

Major F.; Tawfik E.S., 1979:
Enzyme activities and genetic polymorphism in mice as model animal under the effect of selection for endurance and protein deposition part 2 studies of enzyme activities in blood plasma up to the 13th selection generation

Major F., 1979 :
Enzyme activities and genetic polymorphism in mice as model animal under the effect of selection for endurance and protein deposition part 3 studies on genetic polymorphism of enzyme plasma protein and hemo globin

Major, V.F.; Tawfik, E.S., 1977:
Enzyme activities and genetic polymorphism in mice as model animal under the influence of selection for endurance and protein deposition study of enzyme activities in the 6th and 8th selection generations

Major, F.; Tawfik, E.S., 1981:
Enzyme activities and genetic polymorphism in the mouse as a model animal under the effect of selection for endurance and protein deposition 5. heritabilities and correlations between enzyme activities in blood plasma heart muscle and liver

Pasdar M.; Philipp D.P.; Whitt G.S., 1984:
Enzyme activities and growth rates in 2 sunfish species and their hybrids

Balinsky, D.; Greengard, O.; Cayanis, E.; Head, J.F., 1984:
Enzyme activities and isozyme patterns in human lung tumors

Hayashi, T.; Tanaka, T., 1984:
Enzyme activities and lactate dehydrogenase isozymes and creatine kinase isozymes of heart muscles in hypoxic states 2. findings on blood in comparison with heart muscle during hypoxia

Fritsch H.; Jung J., 1984:
Enzyme activities and leaf constituents in barley hordeum vulgare cultivar union seedlings at different nutrient levels

Van Lelyveld L.J.; Gerrish C.; Dixon R.A., 1984:
Enzyme activities and polyphenols related to mesocarp discoloration of avocado fruit persea americana

Wirth, E.; Kelly, G.J.; Fischbeck, G.; Latzko, E., 1977:
Enzyme activities and products of carbon di oxide fixation in various photosynthetic organs of wheat and oat

Wurster U.; Riese K.; Hoffmann K., 1982:
Enzyme activities and protein concentration in the intra ocular fluids of 10 mammals

Lange, H.; Kahl, G.; Rosenstock, G., 1970:
Enzyme activities and substrate levels of carbohydrate metabolism in proliferating and suberin synthesizing tuber parenchyma cells of solanum tuberosum d

Monnier, C.; Devauchelle, G., 1980:
Enzyme activities associated with an invertebrate iridovirus: protein kinase activity associated with iridescent virus type 6 (chilo iridescent virus)

Tsumuki H.; Kanehisa K., 1980:
Enzyme activities associated with glycogen metabolism in diapausing and developing larvae of the rice stem borer chilo suppressalis

Mc-Martin, D.N.; Koestner, A.; Long, J.F., 1972:
Enzyme activities associated with the de myelinating phase of canine distemper part 1 beta glucuronidase acid proteinases and neutral proteinases

Henriksson, J.; Nygaard, E.; Andersson, J.; Eklof, B., 1980:
Enzyme activities fiber types and capillarization in calf muscles of patients with intermittent claudication

Chambers, J.E.; Heitz, J.R.; Mccorkle, F.M.; Yarbrough, J.D., 1979:
Enzyme activities following chronic exposure to crude oil in a simulated ecosystem 1. american oysters crassostrea virginica and brown shrimp penaeus sp

Perucci P.; Scarponi L.; Businelli M., 1984:
Enzyme activities in a clay loam soil amended with various crop residues

Becciolini A.; Benucci A.; Nardino A.; Giannardi G.; Balzi M., 1983:
Enzyme activities in aging small intestine and modifications after irradiation

Kaiser, W.M.; Schröppel-Meier, G.; Wirth, E., 1986:
Enzyme activities in an artificial stroma medium : An experimental model for studying effects of dehydration on photosynthesis

Børkje, B.; Odegaard, S.; Skagen, D.W.; Andersen, K.J.; Schrumpf, E., 1986:
Enzyme activities in biopsy specimens from human gastric mucosa

Lindena, J.; Sommerfeld, U.; Höpfel, C.; Wolkersdorfer, R.; Trautschold, I., 1983:
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Enzyme and protein composition of myelin isolated in the presence of ethylene glycol bis beta aminoethyl ether n n n' n' tetra acetic acid

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Enzyme assay by fluorescence quenching release a novel fluorometric method

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Enzyme assay in microsomes below zero celsius

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Enzyme bound copper of dopamine beta mono oxygenase ec activation of the holo enzyme by added copper and uncoupling of electron transfer from hydroxylation by copper salicylate

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Enzyme catalyzed condensation reactions which initiate rapid peptic cleavage of substrates 2. proof of mechanism for 3 examples

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Enzyme catalyzed hydrolysis of chlorophenoxypropionates

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Enzyme catalyzed hydrolysis of some functionalized dimethyl malonates

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Enzyme catalyzed irreversible formation of peptides containing d amino acids

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Enzyme catalyzed organic synthesis a comparison of strategies for in situ regeneration of nad from nadh

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Enzyme catalyzed organic synthesis regeneration of deuterated nicotinamide cofactors for use in large scale enzymatic synthesis of deuterated substances

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Enzyme catalyzed peptide amidation isolation of a stable intermediate formed by reaction of the amidating enzyme with an imino acid

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Enzyme catalyzed peptide bond formation elastase assisted and delta chymotrypsin assisted synthesis of oligopeptides

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Enzyme catalyzed positional isotope exchange by phosphorus 31 nmr spectroscopy using either oxygen 18 beta gamma bridge or oxygen 17 beta gamma bridge labeled atp

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Enzyme catalyzed reaction in a water organic solvent heterogeneous system

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Enzyme catalyzed reaction rate method for determination of arsenic in water

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Enzyme catalyzed reactions

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Enzyme catalyzed redox reactions with the flavine analog 5 deaza riboflavine 5 deaza riboflavine 5 phosphate and 5 deaza riboflavine 5 di phosphate 5 5 adenosine ester

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Enzyme changes and chlorophyll content at different growth stages of paddy in relation to iron supply

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Enzyme histochemical study in early lesions and adeno carcinomas induced in rat small intestine by n ethyl n' nitro n nitroso guanidine

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Enzyme histochemical study in gingivitis induced by injection of horseradish peroxidase disappearance of antigen and acid phosphatase

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Enzyme histochemical study of experimental periodontitis in rhesus monkeys investigation of various hydrolases

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Enzyme histochemical study of human and experimental pyelo nephritis

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Enzyme histochemical study of the portal vein

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Enzyme histochemistry a laboratory manual

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Enzyme histochemistry of normal and neoplastic transitional epithelium

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Enzyme histochemistry of ovarian lipoid cell hyperplasia in a masculinized patient

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Enzyme histochemistry of rat alveolar macrophages with special reference to their origin and function

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Enzyme histochemistry of the adult human female prostate acid phosphatase ec distribution

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Enzyme histochemistry of the adult human female prostate: hydrolase and dehydrogenase distribution

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Enzyme histochemistry of the mid gut gland of some species of mussels

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Enzyme histochemistry of the normal human gastric mucosa using the technique of the semi permeable membranes and the other methods

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Enzyme histochemistry of the small intestine in inherited ichthyosis

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Enzyme histochemistry of the ventricular choroid plexus 6. the catecholamine nerve fibers and the localization of mono amine oxidase activity

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Enzyme histochemistry of ventricular choroid plexus 1. localization of alkaline phosphatase and acid phosphatase activity

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Enzyme histochemistry of ventricular choroid plexus 2. localization of carbonic anhydrase activity

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