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Epidemiological study of childrens accidents in the choon chon area korea object out patient department patient

Ja, B.H.

Korean Central Journal of Medicine 28(6): 681-692


Accession: 005375549

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An epidemiological study was conducted of 30 children's accident cases during the period Jan. 1, 1973-Feb. 28, 1974 in the Choon Chun Area [Korea]. The principal causes of each accident type were falls, 48.3%; bicycle, 70.2%; boiling water burns, 74.4%; dog bites, 62.9%; esophageal foreign body, especially coins, 53.3%; and CO poisoning, 33.3%-37%. Home accidents comprised the highest rate (43.3%) with the highest level (23.3%) in the period 12 noon-3 p.m. The majority of accidents were in the age group 2-5 yr (52.9%); boy's accident rates were higher (70.7%) than girls. The head was the most common site of injury (42.1%).

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