Erytenna consputa coleoptera curculionidae as the main mortality factor of developing fruits of the weed hakea sericea in south africa

Kluge, R.L.; Siebert, M.W.

Journal of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa 48(2): 241-246


ISSN/ISBN: 0013-8789
Accession: 005381170

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The contribution of the newly-established hakea fruit weevil, Erytenna consputa, to the mortality of seeds of the weed Hakea sericea in South Africa was measured at weekly intervals, each fruiting season, for three years. Fruit (= seed) survival decreased from 53,0% to 16,2% over this period, mostly due to mortality caused by E. consputa larvae. Natural abortion and other causes, such as rodent and insect feeding, were insignificant. The incidence of natural abortion was similar in the presence and absence of E. consputa.