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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5384

Chapter 5384 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Krauss G.; Sindermann H.; Schomburg U.; Maass G., 1981:
Escherichia coli single strand dna binding protein stability specificity and kinetics of complexes with oligo nucleotides and dna

Roemer R.; Schomburg U.; Krauss G.; Maass G., 1984:
Escherichia coli single stranded dna binding protein is mobile on dna proton nmr study of its interaction with oligonucleotides and polynucleotides

Bailone, A.; Bianco, M.; Devoret, R., 1975:
Escherichia coli strain k 12 inf a mutant deficient in pro phage lambda induction and cell filamentation

Mcfall, E., 1975:
Escherichia coli strain k 12 mutant forming a temperature sensitive d serine deaminase

De-Felice, M.; Guardiola, J.; Lamberti, A.; Iaccarino, M., 1973:
Escherichia coli strain k 12 mutants altered in the transport systems for oligo peptides and di peptides

Scaletsky I.C.A.; Silva M.D.L.M.D.; Reis M.H.L.D.; Trabulsi L.R., 1982:
Escherichia coli strains producing heat labile toxin isolated from processed food

Levine, M.M.; Bergquist, E.J.; Nalin, D.R.; Waterman, D.H.; Hornick, R.B.; Young, C.R.; Sotman, S.; Rowe, B., 1978:
Escherichia coli strains that cause diarrhea but do not produce heat labile or heat stable entero toxins and are noninvasive

Sampson B.A.; Benson S.A., 1987:
Escherichia coli strains with defined mutations which alter cellular permeability

Longo, D.; Kwan, C.; Cherrick, H.; Apirion, D., 1971:
Escherichia coli strains with modified rnase ii activity isolation and properties

Weatherford, S.C.; Rosen, L.; Gorelic, L.; Apirion, D., 1972:
Escherichia coli strains with thermolabile rnase ii activity

Thorbjarnardottir S.; Uemura H.; Dingermann T.; Rafnar T.; Thorsteinsdottir S.; Soll D.; Eggertsson G., 1985:
Escherichia coli sup h suppressor temperature sensitive missense suppression caused by an anticodon change in serine transfer rna 2

Rybkin A.I.; Ravin V.K., 1986:
Escherichia coli survival and its dna behaviour in amino acid starvation

Pekhov, A.P.; Reshetnikova, V.N., 1977:
Escherichia coli test strains for detection of chemical mutagens

Mark, D.F.; Richardson, C.C., 1976:
Escherichia coli thio redoxin a subunit of bacterio phage t 7 dna polymerase ec

Tabor, S.; Huber, H.E.; Richardson, C.C., 1987:
Escherichia coli thioredoxin confers processivity on the DNA polymerase activity of the gene 5 protein of bacteriophage T7

Huber, H.E.; Tabor, S.; Richardson, C.C., 1987:
Escherichia coli thioredoxin stabilizes complexes of bacteriophage T7 DNA polymerase and primed templates

Dale, J.W.; Smith, J.T., 1985:
Escherichia coli thymine auxotrophs suppressible by carbon dioxide

Minden J.S.; Marians K.J., 1986:
Escherichia coli topoisomerase i can segregate replication pbr 322 daughter dna molecules in vitro

Bear D.G.; Andrews C.L.; Singer J.D.; Morgan W.D.; Grant R.A.; Von Hippel P.H.; Platt T., 1985:
Escherichia coli transcription termination factor rho has a 2 domain structure in its activated form

Stitt, B.L., 1988:
Escherichia coli transcription termination protein rho has three hydrolytic sites for ATP

Shugart, L.; Chastain, B., 1979:
Escherichia coli transfer rna uracil 5 methyl transferase ec inhibition by analogs of adenosyl homo cysteine

Dekel-Gorodetsky, L.; Schoulaker-Schwarz, R.; Engelberg-Kulka, H., 1986:
Escherichia coli tryptophan operon directs the in vivo synthesis of a leader peptide

Botsford, J.L.; Demoss, R.D., 1972:
Escherichia coli tryptophanase in the enteric environment

Sekiya, T.; Contreras, R.; Kuepper, H.; Landy, A.; Khorana, H.G., 1976:
Escherichia coli tyrosine transfer rna genes nucleotide sequences of their promoters and of the regions adjoining cytidylate cytidylate adenylate ends

Hountondji, C.; Lederer, F.; Dessen, P.; Blanquet, S., 1986:
Escherichia coli tyrosyl transfer rna synthetase and methionyl transfer rna synthetase display sequence similarity at the binding site for the 3' end of transfer rna

Wong, S.S.; Cassim, J.Y.; Frey, P.A., 1978:
Escherichia coli udp galactose 4 epimerase circular dichroism of the protein and protein bound di hydro nad

Richet E.; Nishimura Y.; Hirota Y.; Kohiyama M., 1983:
Escherichia coli uvr d mutants with thermo sensitive dna dependent atpase i helicase ii

Pesti L.; Semjen G., 1980:
Escherichia coli vaccine for prevention of neo natal enteric coli bacillosis in pigs

Guinée, P.; Ugueto, N.; van Leeuwen, N., 1970:
Escherichia coli with resistance factors in vegetarians, babies, and nonvegetarians

Yang Z.; Zhang Z.; Wang X.; Zhang X., 1981:
Escherichia coli with urease production

Van Sluys M A.; Alcantara Gomes R.; Menck C.F.M., 1986:
Escherichia coli xth a mutant is not hypersensitive to ascorbic acid copper treatment an hydrogen peroxide generating reaction

Shamardin V.A.; Omirbaeva S.M., 1986:
Escherichia erythrocyte diagnosticums

Farmer J.J.IIi; Fanning G.R.; Davis B.R.; O'hara C.M.; Riddle C.; Hickman Brenner F.W.; Asbury M.A.; Lowery V.A.IIi; Brenner D.J., 1985:
Escherichia fergusonii new species and enterobacter taylorae new species 2 enterobacteriaceae isolated from clinical specimens

Brenner D.J.; Mcwhorter A.C.; Knutson J.K.L.; Steigerwalt A.G., 1982:
Escherichia vulneris new species of enterobacteriaceae associated with human wounds

Poss S.G.; Springer V.G., 1983:
Eschmeyer nexus new genus new species of scorpaenid fish from fiji

Wendt T.; Mori S.A.; Prance G.T., 1985:
Eschweilera mexicana new species lecythidaceae a new family for the flora of mexico

Aldon E.F.; Barstad J.F., 1987:
Escudilla mountain research natural area a study of an undisturbed montane grassland in arizona

Ueno, K.; Saito, N., 1977:
Esculetin 6 7 di hydroxy coumarin

Hunger W., 1986:
Esculin cellobiose agar for the isolation and bacterial counting of lactobacillus acidophilus

Edberg, S.C.; Pittman, S.; Singer, J.M., 1977:
Esculin hydrolysis by Enterobacteriaceae

Qadri, S.M.; Smith, J.C.; Zubairi, S.; DeSilva, M.I., 1981:
Esculin hydrolysis by Gram positive bacteria. A rapid test and it's comparison with other methods

McDonald, J.S.; McDonald, T.J.; Freeman, B.A., 1976:
Esculin hydrolysis by Streptococcus dysgalactiae

Miskin, A.; Edberg, S.C., 1978:
Esculin hydrolysis reaction by Escherichia coli

Rieger T.T.; Weimer T.A.; Salzano F.M.; Franco M.H.L.P.; Moreira D.M., 1988:
Esd acp and glo frequencies in southern brazil with a note on heterozygosity levels

Kalamkarova M.B.; Kofman E.B.; Nankina V.P., 1981:
Eserine action on magnesium activated atpase of rabbit skeletal muscle myo fibrils and of natural and reconstructed acto myosin

Ershad D., 1985:
Esfandiariomyces a new name in the order of sphaeriales

Ghysdael J.; Neil J.C.; Wallbank A.M.; Vogt P.K., 1981:
Esh avian sarcoma virus codes for a gag linked transformation specific protein with an associated protein kinase activity

Szathmary E.J.E., 1979:
Eskimo and indian contact examination of craniometric anthropometric and genetic evidence

Bloom, J.D.; Gelardin, R.D., 1976:
Eskimo sleep paralysis

Overfield T.; Epstein W.W.; Gaudioso L.A., 1980:
Eskimo uses of artemisia tilesii compositae

Wulf H.C.; Husum B.; Kromann N.; Niebuhr E., 1986:
Eskimos and caucasians have the same sce levels both in greenland and in denmark

Shahein, H.I.H.; Zaky, M.M., 1984:
Esmis a computer based emergency medical services management information system 2. data base design

Jacobs, J.R.; Maier, G.W.; Rankin, J.S.; Reves, J.G., 1988:
Esmolol and left ventricular function in the awake dog

Sidi, A.; Davis, R.F., 1988:
Esmolol decreases the adverse effects of acute coronary artery occlusion on myocardial metabolism and regional myocardial blood flow in dogs

Liu P.L.; Gatt S.; Gugino L.D.; Mallampati S.R.; Covino B.G., 1986:
Esmolol for control of increases in heart rate and blood pressure during tracheal intubation after thiopentone and succinylcholine

Das, G.; Ferris, J., 1988:
Esmolol in the treatment of supraventricular tachyarrhythmias

Schwartz, M.; Michelson, E.L.; Sawin, H.S.; MacVaugh, H., 1988:
Esmolol: safety and efficacy in postoperative cardiothoracic patients with supraventricular tachyarrhythmias

Mishina H.; Okuyama S.; Lin I.S.; Yamagata R.; Taima T.; Ogasawara T.; Yamamoto K., 1982:
Esophagal cancer treated by low dose irradiation crescendo cisplatin and bleomycin poly acrylate paste

Dupin B.; Bory M.; Moro P.; Benichou M.; Dijane P.; Serradimigni A., 1984:
Esophagal spasm a common cause of spontaneous chest pain

D.M.rieux P.; Verity M.A.; Clements P.J.; Paulus H.E., 1983:
Esophageal abnormalities and dysphagia in poly myositis and dermato myositis clinical radiographic and pathologic features

Mcdonald, G.B.; Sullivan, K.M.; Schuffler, M.D.; Shulman, H.M.; Thomas, E.D., 1981:
Esophageal abnormalities in chronic graft vs. host disease in humans

Moody, F.G.; Garrett, J.M., 1969:
Esophageal achalasia following lye ingestion

McCallum, R.W., 1979:
Esophageal achalasia secondary to gastric carcinoma. Report of a case and a review of the literature

Areskog, M.; Tibbling, L.; Wranne, B., 1977:
Esophageal acid perfusion test as a complement to work test in patients with chest pain

Tideman H.; Arvier J.F.; Bosanquet A.G.; Wilson D.F., 1986:
Esophageal adenocarcinoma metastatic to the maxilla

de Lange, E.E.; Shaffer, H.A.; Daniel, T.M.; Kron, I.L., 1987:
Esophageal anastomotic leaks: preliminary results of treatment with balloon dilation

Stacher G.; Kiss A.; Wiesnagrotzki S.; Bergmann H.; Hobart J.; Schneider C., 1986:
Esophageal and gastric motility disorders in patients categorized as having primary anorexia nervosa

Jaskiewicz K.; Marasas W.F.O.; Van Der Walt F.E., 1987:
Esophageal and other main cancer patterns in four districts of transkei south africa 1981 1984

Shiraki, K.; Konda, N.; Sagawa, S., 1986:
Esophageal and tympanic temperature responses to core blood temperature changes during hyperthermia

Davies, H.A.; Jones, D.B.; Rhodes, J., 1982:
'Esophageal angina' as the cause of chest pain

Ducloux G.; Vaksmann G.; Manouvrier J.; Caron C., 1987:
Esophageal angina detection by esophageal manometry with methylergonovine maleate test

Levy A.; Cloez J.L.; Lotte E.; Guidat D.; Didier F.; Pernot C., 1985:
Esophageal atresia and congenital heart disease

Salazar Flores M.; Ambrosius Diener K., 1985:
Esophageal atresia and its association with other malformations

Ziv Y.; Rubin M.; Lombrozo R.; Zer M.; Dintzman M., 1986:
Esophageal atresia and tracheo esophageal fistula

Hicks L.M.; Mansfield P.B., 1981:
Esophageal atresia and tracheo esophageal fistula review of 13 years experience

Whalen, T.V.; Albin, D.M.; Woolley, M.M., 1987:
Esophageal atresia and tracheoesophageal fistula in the twin. Anatomic variants

Johnson A.M.; Rodgers B.M.; Alford B.; Minor G.R.; Shaw A., 1984:
Esophageal atresia with double fistula the missed anomaly

Navitskas R.S.; Kinduris S.Y.; Shileikis V.R., 1986:
Esophageal atrial electrostimulation in the evaluation of coronary bed affection in chronic coronary patients

Winters, C.; Artnak, E.J.; Benjamin, S.B.; Castell, D.O., 1984:
Esophageal bougienage in symptomatic patients with the nutcracker esophagus. A primary esophageal motility disorder

Wyss U.; Robertson W.M.; Trudgill D.L., 1988:
Esophageal bulb function of xiphinema index and associated root cell responses assessed by video enhanced contrast light microscopy

Parisot P.; Robin P.; Huten N.; Vandooren M., 1985:
Esophageal cancer a retrospective study of 225 cases

Lanier A.P.; Kilkenney S.J.; Wilson J.F., 1985:
Esophageal cancer among alaskan natives 1955 1981

Pottern, L.M.; Morris, L.E.; Blot, W.J.; Ziegler, R.G.; Fraumeni, J.F.J., 1981:
Esophageal cancer among black men in washington dc usa 1. alcohol tobacco and other risk factors

Ziegler, R.G.; Morris, L.E.; Blot, W.J.; Pottern, L.M.; Hoover, R.; Fraumeni, J.F.J., 1981:
Esophageal cancer among black men in washington dc usa 2. role of nutrition

Tuyns A.J.; Pequignot G.; Abbatucci J.S., 1979:
Esophageal cancer and alcohol consumption importance of type of beverage

Norell S.; Lipping H.; Ahlbom A.; Osterblom L., 1983:
Esophageal cancer and vulcanization work

Kato H.; IIzuka T.; Watanabe H.; Hirata K.; Saito T.; Hirashima T.; Itabashi M.; Hirota T., 1981:
Esophageal cancer associated with gastric cancer

Maeta M.; Koga S.; Andachi H.; Izumi A., 1983:
Esophageal cancer associated with primary early gastric cancer

Mori H., 1982:
Esophageal cancer at the site of inflammatory stenosis existed for 15 years

Sons, H.U.; Borchard, F., 1984:
Esophageal cancer. Autopsy findings in 171 cases

Maeta, M.; Koga, S.; Andachi, H.; Yoshioka, H.; Wakatsuki, T., 1986:
Esophageal cancer developed after gastrectomy

Bedenne, L.; Faivre, J.; Boutron, M.C.; Hillon, P.; Milan, C.; Riou, F.; Klepping, C., 1986:
Esophageal cancer in cote d'or france

Nielsen N.H.; Mikkelsen F.; Hansen J.P.H., 1979:
Esophageal cancer in greenland denmark selected epidemiological and clinical aspects

Tuyns A.J., 1983:
Esophageal cancer in nonsmoking drinkers and nondrinking smokers

Burch P.R.J., 1984:
Esophageal cancer in relation to cigarette and alcohol consumption

Mcglashan N.D., 1988:
Esophageal cancer in the black peoples of south africa 1980 82

Isono K.; Koide Y.; Sato H., 1982:
Esophageal cancer in the intermediate stage

Nasipov, S.N., 1977:
Esophageal cancer morbidity according to the genealogy of patients registered in the guryev oblast

Kairakbaev M.K.; Nasipov S.N., 1980:
Esophageal cancer morbidity among the population of guryev oblast kazakh ssr ussr

Tuyns, A.J.; Vernhes, J.C., 1981:
Esophageal cancer mortality in the French departments of Calvados and Orne

Lindell, M.M.; Hill, C.A.; Libshitz, H.I., 1979:
Esophageal cancer: radiographic chest findings and their prognostic significance

Halvorsen R.A.Jr; Magruder Habib K.; Foster W.L.Jr; Roberts L.Jr; Postlethwait R.W.; Thompson W.M., 1986:
Esophageal cancer staging by computed tomography long term follow up study

Joint-Iran-Int-Agency-Res-Cancer-Study-Group, 1977:
Esophageal cancer studies in the caspian littoral of iran results of population studies a prodrome

Ghadirian P.; Stein G.F.; Gorodetzky C.; Roberfroid M.B.; Mahon G.A.T.; Bartsch H.; Day N.E., 1985:
Esophageal cancer studies in the caspian littoral of iran some residual results including opium use as a risk factor

Kume H.; Matsumoto S.; Horiba M.; E.A., 1988:
Esophageal candidiasis complicated with mediastinitis and perforation to the pleural cavity

Smith, S.G.; Werner, T.E.; Harland, E.C.; Davis, W.M., 1978:
Esophageal cannulation for intra gastric delivery of fluids to unrestrained dogs

Harland, E.C.; Wilson, M.C.; Bedford, J.A., 1977:
Esophageal cannulation for oral drug administration in the subhuman primate

Romashov B.V., 1983:
Esophageal capillariids of shrews eucoleus oesophagicola and eucoleus bernardi new species nematoda capillariidae

Nicol M.; Daliam A.; Cottencin M.; Ramee M.P.; Savoure N., 1987:
Esophageal carcinogenesis vitamin a status and effect of n nitrosobenzylmethylamine on esophageal epithelium of wistar rats

Funovics J.M.; Roka R.; Niederle B.; Fritsch A., 1982:
Esophageal carcinoma a 1 time procedure with stomach transposition as a therapeutic concept

Adelstein D.J.; Forman W.B.; Beavers B., 1984:
Esophageal carcinoma a 6 year review of the cleveland ohio usa veterans administration hospital experience

Carter R.; Smith J., 1986:
Esophageal carcinoma a comparative study of laser recanalization versus intubation in the palliation of gastro esophageal carcinoma

Okudaira Y.; Sugimachi K.; Mayumi H.; Ikeda M.; Tamada R.; Inokuchi K.; Kuwano H.; Enjoji M., 1981:
Esophageal carcinoma associated with neuro fibromatosis a case report

Quint L.E.; Glazer G.M.; Orringer M.B.; Gross B.H., 1985:
Esophageal carcinoma computed tomographic findings

Smith F.W.; Hutchison J.M.S.; Mallard J.R.; Johnson G.; Redpath T.W.; Selbie R.D.; Reid A.; Smith C.C., 1981:
Esophageal carcinoma demonstrated by whole body nmr imaging

Goffman T.E.; Mckeen E.A.; Curtis R.E.; Schein P.S., 1983:
Esophageal carcinoma following irradiation for breast cancer

Bluett, M.K.; Sawyers, J.L.; Healy, D., 1987:
Esophageal carcinoma. Improved quality of survival with resection

Chin-Acad-Med-Sci-Peking-Inst-Cancer-Res, 1976:
Esophageal carcinoma in a goat from linxian henan province

Mehrotra, M.L.; Lal, H.; Pant, G.C.; Vaidya, M.P.; Gupta, I.M., 1977:
Esophageal carcinoma in india some epidemiologic and morphologic considerations

Hancock, S.L.; Goffinet, D.R.; Carlson, R.W.; Mark, J.B., 1987:
Esophageal carcinoma: modest benefits from combined modality therapy

Takagi, I.; Karasawa, K., 1981:
Esophageal carcinoma observed from early to advanced stage on esophagogram

Marsan, R.E.; Baker, D.A.; Morin, M.E., 1979:
Esophageal carcinoma presenting as a primary renal tumor

Moss, A.A.; Schnyder, P.; Thoeni, R.F.; Margulis, A.R., 1981:
Esophageal carcinoma: pretherapy staging by computed tomography

Cozzi, G.; Bellomi, M.; Gariboldi, M.; Ostinelli, C.; L.G.llo, C.; Ravasi, G.; Severini, A., 1987:
Esophageal carcinoma. Radiologic appearance of minimal lesions

Shi S.; E.A., 1982:
Esophageal carcinoma with polypoid pseudosarcoma 7 cases

Gal A.A.; Martin S.E.; Kernen J.A.; Patterson M.J., 1987:
Esophageal carcinoma with prominent spindle cells

D.B.ulay C.E.H.; Isaacson P., 1981:
Esophageal carcinoma with spindle cell features

Jensen, L.S.; Laurberg, S.; Juhl, C.O.; Andreassen, T.T., 1987:
Esophageal collagen content and mechanical strength after endoscopic sclerotherapy of esophageal varices. An experimental study in rabbits

Umsawasdi T.; Valdivieso M.; Barkley H.T.Jr; Booser D.J.; Chiuten D.F.; Murphy W.K.; Dhingra H.M.; Dixon C.L.; Farha P.; E.A., 1985:
Esophageal complications from combined chemoradiotherapy cyclophosphamide plus adriamycin plus cisplatin plus x ray therapy in the treatment of non small cell lung cancer

Jocu I., 1984:
Esophageal compression of cardiovascular nature a neglected cause of dysphagia

Nelson, J.L.; Richter, J.E.; Johns, D.N.; Castell, D.O.; Centola, G.M., 1984:
Esophageal contraction pressures are not affected by normal menstrual cycles

Dodds, W.J.; Christensen, J.; Dent, J.; Wood, J.D.; Arndorfer, R.C., 1978:
Esophageal contractions induced by vagal stimulation in the opossum

Akiyama S.; Sakamoto J.; Suyama M.; Imaizumi M.; Ichihasi H.; Kondo T., 1980:
Esophageal cyst a case report and a review of the literature

D.Paiva S.M., 1980:
Esophageal de nervation in the acute phase of chagas disease

Parmelee J.T.; Renfro J.L., 1983:
Esophageal de salination of sea water in flounder pseudopleuronectes americanus role of active sodium transport

Stolar, C.J.; Berdon, W.E.; Dillon, P.W.; Reyes, C.; Abramson, S.J.; Amodio, J.B., 1988:
Esophageal dilatation and reflux in neonates supported by ECMO after diaphragmatic hernia repair

Bradpiece, H.A.; Galland, R.B.; Murray, J.; Spencer, J., 1988:
Esophageal dilation as an outpatient procedure

Aste H.; Munizzi F.; Martines H.; Pugliese V., 1985:
Esophageal dilation in malignant dysphagia

Mangla J.C.; Kothari T., 1980:
Esophageal dilation with metal olives under fiber optic endoscopic control

Cronstedt, J.; Carling, L.; Vestergaard, P.; Berglund, J., 1978:
Esophageal disease revealed by endoscopy in 1000 patients referred primarily for gastroscopy

Spears, P.F.; Koch, K.L., 1986:
Esophageal disorders in patients with chest pain and mitral valve prolapse

Borrie J.; Wilson R.L.K., 1980:
Esophageal diverticula principles of management and appraisal of classification

Martini, R.B.; Saliba, J.A.; Halabi, M., 1985:
Esophageal diverticulum pharyngoesophageal zenker's diverticulum it's surgical treatment

Rivera Bautista J.A.; Gimenez Alvira L.; Abreu Garcia L.; Rodriguez Alvarez J.L., 1985:
Esophageal duplication report of one case and review of the literature

Uchida Y.; Shibata O.; Aso R.; Matsumoto K.; Fujishima K.; Yasunaga A.; Furusawa T.; Hattori M., 1986:
Esophageal duplications of tubular type in adult a case report and a review of japanese literature

Tibbling, L.; Wranne, B., 1976:
Esophageal dys function in male patients with angina like pain

Areskog M.; Tibbling L.; Wranne B., 1979:
Esophageal dys function in noninfarction coronary care unit patients

Schey W.L.; Replogle R.; Campbell C.; Meus P.; Levinsky R.A., 1981:
Esophageal dys motility and sudden infant death syndrome clinical experience

Akesson A.; Gustafson T.; Wollheim F.; Brismar J., 1987:
Esophageal dysfunction and radionuclide transit in progressive systemic sclerosis

Clark, E.S.; Morris, D.D.; Whitlock, R.H., 1987:
Esophageal dysfunction in a weanling thoroughbred

Tsianos, E.B.; Chiras, C.D.; Drosos, A.A.; Moutsopoulos, H.M., 1985:
Esophageal dysfunction in patients with primary sjogren's syndrome

Dantas, R.O.; Villanova, M.G.; de Godoy, R.A., 1985:
Esophageal dysfunction in patients with progressive systemic sclerosis and mixed connective tissue diseases

Goran, D.A.; Shields, H.M.; Bates, M.L.; Zuckerman, G.R.; DeSchryver-Kecskemeti, K., 1984:
Esophageal dysplasia. Assessment by light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy

Yagi K.; Kato T.; Saito Y.; Niwa M.; Ogoshi K., 1986:
Esophageal dysplasia report of a case

Hedenstierna, G.; Järnberg, P.O.; Torsell, L.; Gottlieb, I., 1983:
Esophageal elastance in anesthetized humans

Lai, Y.L.; Rodarte, J.R.; Hyatt, R.E., 1976:
Esophageal elastance in awake and anesthetized recumbent dogs

Brandt J.; Pahlm O.; Schueller H., 1985:
Esophageal electrocardiographic recording a valuable diagnostic tool in dual chamber pacing

Schnittger I.; Rodriguez I.M.; Winkle R.A., 1986:
Esophageal electrocardiography a new technology revives an old technique

Ferguson, M.K.; Ryan, J.W.; Little, A.G.; Skinner, D.B., 1985:
Esophageal emptying and acid neutralization in patients with symptoms of esophageal reflux

Stellen, G.P.; Lilly, J.R., 1985:
Esophageal endosclerosis in children

Elias D.; Lasser P.; Kac J.; Spielmann M.; Eschwege F.; Girinsky T.; Bertin F.; Leclercq B.; Nitenberg G.; Rougier P., 1988:
Esophageal epidermoid cancer combined treatment by chemotherapy surgery and radiotherapy preliminary results in 50 cases

Dzhutaliev M.K., 1981:
Esophageal epithelial structure in fishes of various taxonomic groups

Johnson M.K.; Pearson H.A., 1981:
Esophageal fecal and exclosure estimates of cattle diets on a longleaf pine bluestem range pinus palustris andropogon scoparius

Hishikawa, Y.; Tanaka, S.; Miura, T., 1986:
Esophageal fistula associated with intracavitary irradiation for esophageal carcinoma

Lau H.D.; Saueressig M.G.; Costa N.A.D., 1985:
Esophageal fistula in buffaloes

Kozarek, R.A.; Sanowski, R.A., 1980:
Esophageal food impaction: description of a new method for bolus removal

Trenkner, S.W.; Maglinte, D.D.; Lehman, G.A.; Chernish, S.M.; Miller, R.E.; Johnson, C.W., 1983:
Esophageal food impaction: treatment with glucagon

Puig-Abuli, M.; Rodriguez de la Nuez, A.; Arcas-Meca, R.; Villa Elizaga, I., 1980:
Esophageal foreign body as a cause of respiratory symptoms

Okinaka Y.; E.A., 1982:
Esophageal foreign body in a child and statistical survey

Putnam, T.C.; Lawrence, R.A.; Wood, B.P.; Campbell, M.A.; Emmens, R.W.; Brown, M.R.; Klish, W.J., 1984:
Esophageal function after repair of esophageal atresia

Areskog M.; Tibbling L., 1981:
Esophageal function and chest pain in male patients with recent acute myo cardial infarction

Svensson, O.; Stenport, G.; Tibbling, L.; Wranne, B., 1978:
Esophageal function and coronary angiogram in patients with disabling chest pain

Gustafsson P.M.; Kjellman N I.M.; Tibbling L., 1986:
Esophageal function and symptoms in moderate and severe asthma

Baldi F.; Ferrarini F.; Longanesi A.; Angeloni M.; Ragazzini M.; Miglioli M.; Barbara L., 1988:
Esophageal function before during and after healing of erosive esophagitis

Kjellen G.; Brundin A.; Tibbling L.; Wranne B., 1981:
Esophageal function in asthmatics

Silver, L.S.; Worner, T.M.; Korsten, M.A., 1986:
Esophageal function in chronic alcoholics

Ogle, S.J.; Kirk, C.J.C.; Bailey, R.J.; Johnson, A.G.; Williams, R.; Murray-Lyon, I.M., 1978:
Esophageal function in cirrhotic patients undergoing injection sclero therapy for esophageal varices

Hollis, J.B.; Castell, D.O.; Braddom, R.L., 1977:
Esophageal function in diabetes mellitus and its relation to peripheral neuropathy

Murray, F.E.; Lombard, M.G.; Ashe, J.; Lynch, D.; Drury, M.I.; O'Moore, B.; Lennon, J.; Crowe, J., 1987:
Esophageal function in diabetes mellitus with special reference to acid studies and relationship to peripheral neuropathy

Werlin S.L.; Dodds W.J.; Hogan W.J.; Glicklich M.; Arndorfer R., 1981:
Esophageal function in esophageal atresia

Krejs, G.J.; Lobsiger, M.M.; Rau, R.; Bron, B.A.; von Büren, U.S.; Peter, P.; Brändli, H.H.; Pirozynski, W.; Blum, A.L., 1976:
Esophageal function in progressive systemic sclerosis

Kjellen, G.; Fransson, S.G.; Lindstrom, F.; Sokjer, H.; Tibbling, J., 1986:
Esophageal function radiography and dysphagia in sjogren's syndrome

Channer K.S.; Virjee J.P., 1985:
Esophageal function tests are they of value

Eckardt, V.F.; Lecompte, P.M., 1978:
Esophageal ganglia and smooth muscle in the elderly

Kemenes B.; Vadasz P., 1986:
Esophageal gastric and small bowel anastomoses made by the sleeve technique

Goldenberg, I.F.; Campion, B.C.; Siebold, C.M.; McBride, J.W.; Long, L.A., 1986:
Esophageal gastric tube airway vs endotracheal tube in prehospital cardiopulmonary arrest

Riemann, F., 1977:
Esophageal glands in linhomoeidae monhysterida siphonolaimoidea contribution to the classification of free living nematodes

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Ess equation sometimes do not specify an ess

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Essential elements in unprocessed and processed frankfurters

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Essential elements of oysters crassostrea virginica as affected by processing method

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Essential facets of radiological diagnosis of extremity trauma

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Essential factors in the kinetic analysis of RNA synthesis in HeLa cells

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Essential fatty acid deficiency: a suggestion concerning experimental design

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Essential fatty acid deficiency and central nervous system myelin biochemical and morphological observations

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Essential fatty acid deficiency associated with total parenteral nutrition

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Essential fatty acid deficiency during pregnancy in the rat: influence of dietary carbohydrates

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Essential fatty acid deficiency effects of cross fostering mice at birth on brain growth and myelination

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Essential fatty acid deficiency in neo nates inability to reverse deficiency by topical applications of essential fatty acid rich oil

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Essential fatty acid deficiency in rats effects on arachidonate metabolism generation of cyclooxygenase products and functional responses in neutrophils

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Essential fatty acid deficiency in the rabbit as a model of nutritional impairment in cystic fibrosis. In vitro and in vivo effects on lung defense mechanisms

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