Essential oil of ocimum sanctum and its antimicrobial activity

Dey, B.B.; Choudhuri, M.A.

Indian Perfumer 28(2): 82-87


Accession: 005384158

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Estimation of essential oil from different plant parts of O. sanctum L. revealed that leaf contained the highest percentage of oil, followed by inflorescence and stem, but root was devoid of essential oil. Gas chromatographic analysis of the oils from leaf, inflorescence and stem showed the presence of 10 components, of which 3, identified as eugenol, methyleugenol and caryophyllene, were the major components. The leaf oil contained the highest percentage of eugenol followed by the inflorescence. The essential oil showed considerable antifungal and antibacterial activity when tested against 6 fungal and 4 bacterial strains. Both eugenol and methyleugenol had antimicrobial activity; caryophyllene lacked such activity.