Section 6
Chapter 5,385

Essential oils of the biomass of coniferous woody plants and possibilities for their isolation

Uhrova, H.; Uher, J.

Lesnictvi 26(11): 883-892


Accession: 005384208

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Essential oils, which play a great role in the physiology of coniferous woody plants, are important substances contained in biomass of forest waste material. Effective isolation of these oils from the biomass of conifers discloses great possibilities of their application in many industrial branches, e.g., in the manufacture of soaps and detergents, in perfumery, manufacture of alcoholic liquors, industry of dyes and paints, manufacture of drugs and some branches of chemical technology, where the consumption has been mostly covered by imports. Raw oils isolated by steam distillation must be refined, fractionated, deterpenized or immobilized to produce a suitable polymer carrier. In a similar way cohobation waters obtained in the process of essential oil isolation can be utilized which contain many attractive odoriferous substances and flavors, mostly water-soluble. The residue after steam distillation, green matter of oil-extracted conifers containing besides the nutritive components biochemically active substances such as carotenoids and other vitamins, can be fed to farm animals without any restriction, either directly or as meals and granular feeds.

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