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Essential oils of the pakistani species of the family umbelliferae 47. angelica archangelica var himalaica seed oil

Ashraf, M.; Ahmad, R.; Mahmood, S.; Bhatty, M.K.

Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research 23(1-2): 73-74


ISSN/ISBN: 0030-9885
Accession: 005384213

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The physicochemical characteristics and chemical composition of the essential oil distilled from the A. archangelica [used in various food products] were determined. The percentage yield of the oil was 0.4% and its constituents were .alpha.-pinene (11.4%), camphene (1.9%), limonene (0.8%), .alpha.-phellandrene (0.6%), .beta.-phellandrene (2.1%), p-cymene (1.4%). .beta.-caryophyllene (2.4%), .beta.-bisabolene (1.5%), hexyl methyl phthalate (36.0%), an unknown acid (1.6%), a mixture of coumarins (18.1%), bergaptene (19.6%) and oxypeucedanin (2.6%). The major oxygenated component of the oil, hexyl methyl phthalate, was a new find in the essential oil of the Pakistani A. archangelica seed.

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