Establishing classical localities of nomenclature types of some species of flora from the georgian ssr ussr

Magalashvili-Kanchaveli, T.D.

Soobshcheniya Akademii Nauk Gruzinskoi SSR 87(2): 441-444


Accession: 005384356

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The specimens received from the National Museum of Natural History in Paris were studied. Photos were taken of some nomenclature types of species found by Tournefort during his journey in Georgia [USSR]. A list was made of plants gathered by that traveller in Oriental countries. As a result, the classical provenance of 6 spp. [Scutellaria orientalis, S. altissima, Geranium ibericum, Stizolophus coronopifolius, Centaurea reflexa and Achillea filipendolina] was found to be in Lower Kartli [USSR].