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Establishment of nursery raised indigenous seedlings in selectively logged forest in pureora forest park new zealand

Guest, R.

New Zealand Journal of Forestry 30(1): 159-166


ISSN/ISBN: 1174-7986
Accession: 005385199

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Nursery-raised seedlings of four podocarp species were established in selectively logged forest at Pureora in in 1976-8. Fertilizer applied at time of planting was not shown to be advantageous. Survival after 6 to 8 years was high .sbd. exceeding 90% for all species on most sites. Mean annual height growth varied between species with matai demonstrating the slowest growth, totara slightly better although form was poor, whilst kahikatea and rimu showing strong apical dominance and grew well at rates approaching 20 cm/yr. The implications of these results for operational planting in logged areas are discussed.

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