Estimation of the contribution of thiophosphamide-induced chromosomal aberrations to perimplantation embryonic mortality in mice

Semenov, K.Kh.; Malashenko, A.M.

Biulleten' Eksperimental'noi Biologii i Meditsiny 88(9): 353-355


ISSN/ISBN: 0365-9615
PMID: 117855
Accession: 005388523

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Thiophosphamide-induced preimplantation mortality in mice was analyzed cytologically. The contribution of induced chromosomal aberrations to preimplantation embryonic death was studied. Embryos derived from spermatids treated with 1.25 mg/kg thiophosphamide showed stopped cleavage divisions at the 2-16 cell stage in 27% of the cases and at the 17-22 cell stage in 11.9% of the cases as compared to 6% in the controls. The cytogenetic analysis of embryos consisting of 2-16 cells revealed gross structural chromosomal aberrations in 75% of the metaphases suitable for analysis.