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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5391

Chapter 5391 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

López-Gómez, G.; Martínez-Zurita, F.; Bedolla-Tovar, N.; Cortés-Gallegos, V., 1978:
Estrogen peripheral concentration and the induction of ovulation

Katzenellenbogen, J.A.; Myers, H.N.; Johnson, H.J.Jr ; Kempton, R.J.; Carlson, K.E., 1977:
Estrogen photo affinity labels part 1 chemical and radiochemical synthesis of hexestrol di azo ketone and azide derivatives photochemical studies in solution

Katzenellenbogen, J.A.; Carlson, K.E.; Johnson, H.J.Jr ; Myers, H.N., 1977:
Estrogen photo affinity labels part 2 reversible binding and covalent attachment of photo sensitive hexestrol derivatives to the uterine estrogen receptor

Gooren L.J.G.; Rao B.R.; Van Kessel H.; Harmsen Louman W., 1984:
Estrogen positive feedback on luteinizing hormone secretion in transsexuality

Dickey, R.P.; Chihal, H.J.W.; Peppler, R.D., 1976:
Estrogen potencies of 3 new low dose oral contraceptives

Doggett, N.S.; Bailey, D.J.; Qazi, T., 1977:
Estrogen potentiating activity of 2 spiro compounds having approximately similar molecular dimensions to stilbestrol

Qazi T.U., 1987:
Estrogen potentiating activity of phenyl 2 2 hydroxyl inden 3 yl propiolactone a compound with dearomatization character

Everson, R.B.; Byar, D.P.; Bischoff, A.J., 1982:
Estrogen predisposes to cholecystectomy but not to stones

Inai K.; Ohe K.; Tokuoka S.; Miyachi Y., 1984:
Estrogen producing adrenocortical carcinoma a light microscopic and electron microscopic study

Reed M.J.; Beranek P.A.; James V.H.T., 1986:
Estrogen production and metabolism in peri menopausal women

Stouffer, R.L.; Bennett, L.A.; Hodgen, G.D., 1980:
Estrogen production by luteal cells isolated from rhesus monkeys during the menstrual cycle: correlation with spontaneous luteolysis

Folkerd E.J.; Reed M.J.; James V.H.T., 1982:
Estrogen production in adipose tissue from normal women and women with endometrial cancer in vitro

Suzuki M.; Sekiguchi I.; Tamada T., 1986:
Estrogen production of epithelial ovarian tumors and dermoid cyst

Morgan, R.W.; Vakil, D.V.; Brown, J.B.; Elinson, L., 1978:
Estrogen profiles in young women: effect of maternal history of breast cancer

Cole, P.; Brown, J.B.; Macmahon, B., 1976:
Estrogen profiles of parous and nulliparous women

Ochi, H.; Hayashi, T.; Nakao, K.; Yayoi, E.; Kawahara, T.; Matsumoto, K., 1978:
Estrogen progesterone and androgen receptors in breast cancer in the japanese

Mcrae A.C.; Kennedy T.G., 1981:
Estrogen progesterone and the blood uterine lumen permeability barrier in rats

Anderson, W.A.; Desombre, E.R.; Kang, Y.H., 1977:
Estrogen progesterone antagonism with respect to specific marker protein synthesis and growth by the uterine endometrium

Davidson B.J.; Murray R.D.; Challis J.R.G.; Valenzuela G.J., 1987:
Estrogen progesterone prolactin prostaglandin e 2 prostaglandin f 2 alpha 13 14 dihydro 15 ketoprostaglandin f 2 alpha and 6 ketoprostaglandin f 1 alpha gradients across the uterus in women in labor and not in labor

Belaisch J.; Hommais Loufrani B., 1988:
Estrogen progestin contraception and carbohydrate and water sodium metabolism

Belaisch J.; Hommais Loufrani B., 1988:
Estrogen progestin contraception and lipid metabolism

Notelovitz M.; Gudat J.C.; Ware M.D.; Dougherty M.C., 1982:
Estrogen progestin therapy and the lipid balance of post menopausal women

Belaisch J.; Hommais Loufrani B., 1987:
Estrogen progestogen contraception and cardiovascular risk

Goulding, A.; Mcchesney, R., 1977:
Estrogen progestogen oral contraceptives and urinary calcium excretion

Jensen J.; Christiansen C.; Rodbro P., 1986:
Estrogen progestogen replacement therapy changes body composition in early post menopausal women

Gitsch, E.; Schneider, W.H.F.; Spona, J., 1978:
Estrogen progestogen treatment enhances the ovulatory response to clomiphene in amenorrheic patients

Weichman, B.M.; Notides, A.C., 1980:
Estrogen receptor activation and the dissociation kinetics of estradiol, estriol, and estrone

Müller, R.E.; Traish, A.M.; Wotiz, H.H., 1983:
Estrogen receptor activation precedes transformation. Effects of ionic strength, temperature, and molybdate

Hawkins, R.A.; Hill, A.; Freedman, B.; Killen, E.; Buchan, P.; Miller, W.R.; Forrest, A.P.M., 1977:
Estrogen receptor activity and endocrine status in di methyl benz a anthracene induced rat mammary tumors

Hawkins R.A.; Scott K.M.; Freedman B., 1983:
Estrogen receptor activity and intra nuclear translocation of estradiol in rat and human mammary tumors

Zhang H.; E.A., 1983:
Estrogen receptor activity assay by deae cellulose paper method

Roberts M.M.; Hawkins R.A.; Alexander F.E.; Anderson T.J.; Steele R.J.C., 1987:
Estrogen receptor activity in breast cancer detected at a prevalence screening examination

Hawkins R.A.; Tesdale A.L.; Ferguson W.A.; Going J.J., 1987:
Estrogen receptor activity in intraduct and invasive breast carcinomas

McCarty, K.S.; Miller, L.S.; Cox, E.B.; Konrath, J.; McCarty, K.S., 1985:
Estrogen receptor analyses. Correlation of biochemical and immunohistochemical methods using monoclonal antireceptor antibodies

Van, N.T.; Raber, M.; Barrows, G.H.; Barlogie, B., 1984:
Estrogen receptor analysis by flow cytometry

Rosen, S.T.; Maciorowski, Z.; Wittlin, F.; Epstein, A.L.; Gordon, L.I.; Kies, M.S.; Kucuk, O.; Kwaan, H.C.; Vriesendorp, H.; Winter, J.N., 1983:
Estrogen receptor analysis in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Silfversward C.; Gustafsson J A.; Gustafsson S.A.; Nordenskjold B.; Wallgren A.; Wrange O., 1980:
Estrogen receptor analysis on fine needle aspirates and histologic biopsies from human breast cancer

Nakao, K.; Ochi, H.; Kawashima, M.; Tomino, S.; Sugano, H.; Matsumoto, K., 1978:
Estrogen receptor and alpha feto protein in human breast cancer

Fernö, M.; Borg, A.; Ingvar, C.; Jönsson, P.E., 1987:
Estrogen receptor and binding site for estramustine in metastatic malignant melanoma

Nomura, Y.; Kobayashi, S.; Takatani, O.; Sugano, H.; Matsumoto, K.; Mcguire, W.L., 1977:
Estrogen receptor and endocrine responsiveness in japanese vs american breast cancer patients

Yoshimoto T., 1981:
Estrogen receptor and experimental pancreatic carcinoma

Yang, K.; Pearson, C.E.; Samaan, N.A., 1988:
Estrogen receptor and hormone responsiveness of medullary thyroid carcinoma cells in continuous culture

Holt, J.A.; Lyttle, C.R.; Lorincz, M.A.; Stern, S.D.; Press, M.F.; Herbst, A.L., 1981:
Estrogen receptor and peroxidase ec activity in epithelial ovarian carcinomas

Ikeda, T.; Enomoto, K.; Kubouchi, K.; Shimada, M.; Fujiwara, K.; Abe, O., 1988:
Estrogen receptor and progesterone receptor as a prognostic indicator of breast cancer

Garola, R.E.; McGuire, W.L., 1977:
Estrogen receptor and proteolytic activity in human breast tumor nuclei

Knight, W.A.; Livingston, R.B.; Gregory, E.J.; McGuire, W.L., 1977:
Estrogen receptor as an independent prognostic factor for early recurrence in breast cancer

Roberts A.N.; Hahnel R., 1981:
Estrogen receptor assay and morphology of breast cancer

Poulsen H.S.; Bukh A.; Rytter L.; Orntoft T.; Andersen H.U.; Thomsen K.; Moller N.P.H.; Brunner N., 1984:
Estrogen receptor assay false positive analysis

Furnival C.M.; Hillyard N.C.; Gough I.R., 1982:
Estrogen receptor assay in primary breast cancer clinical validation and prognostic value

Raam S.; Gelman R.; Cohen J.L., 1981:
Estrogen receptor assay inter laboratory and intra laboratory variations in the measurement of receptors using dextran coated charcoal technique a study sponsored by the eastern cooperative oncology group usa

Poulsen H.S., 1981:
Estrogen receptor assay limitation of the method

Underwood J.C.E.; Dangerfield V.J.M.; Parsons M.A., 1983:
Estrogen receptor assay of cryostat sections of human breast carcinomas with simultaneous quantitative histology

Meyer J.S.; Stevens S.C.; Vandillen N.; White W.L., 1979:
Estrogen receptor assay of mammary carcinomas effects of testosterone estradiol binding globulin and serum estradiol 17 beta

Ruenitz P.C.; Bagley J.R.; Mokler C.M., 1983:
Estrogen receptor binding and estrogenic anti estrogenic effects of 2 new metabolites of nitromifene 2 p 2 nitro 1 4 methoxyphenyl 2 phenylvinylphenoxyl n ethyl pyrrolidine

Geier, A.; Lunenfeld, B.; Pariente, C.; Kotev-Emeth, S.; Shadmi, A.; Kokia, E.; Blankstein, J., 1987:
Estrogen receptor binding material in blood of patients after clomiphene citrate administration: determination by a radioreceptor assay

Feenstra, A.; Vaalburg, W.; Nolten, G.M.J.; Reiffers, S.; Talma, A.G.; Wiegman, T.; Van-Der-Molen, H.D.; Woldring, M.G., 1983:
Estrogen receptor binding radio pharmaceuticals 2. tissue distribution of 17 alpha methyl estradiol in normal and tumor bearing rats

Klinge, C.M.; Bambara, R.A.; Zain, S.; Hilf, R., 1987:
Estrogen receptor binding to nuclei from normal and neoplastic rat mammary tissues in vitro

Watson, C.; Medina, D.; Clark, J.H., 1977:
Estrogen receptor characterization in a transplantable mouse mammary tumor

Sherman, M.R.; Tuazon, F.B.; Miller, L.K., 1980:
Estrogen receptor cleavage and plasminogen activation by enzymes in human breast tumor cytosol

Sforza, V.; Santopietro, R.; Lio, R.; Inaudi, P.; Landi, D.; Pasqui, L., 1986:
Estrogen receptor content in breast cancer: correlation between biochemical and immunohistochemical methods

Tani, E.; Nordenskjöld, B.; Humla, S.; Skoog, L., 1988:
Estrogen receptor content in primary breast carcinomas and their metastases

Nenci, I.; Dandliker, W.B.; Meyers, C.Y.; Marchetti, E.; Marzola, A.; Fabris, G., 1980:
Estrogen receptor cytochemistry by fluorescent estrogen

Lozowski, M.S.; Mishriki, Y.; Chao, S.; Grimson, R.; Pai, P.; Harris, M.A.; Lundy, J., 1987:
Estrogen receptor determination in fine needle aspirates of the breast. Correlation with histologic grade and comparison with biochemical analysis

Goussard J.; Lechevrel C.; Martin P.M.; Roussel G., 1985:
Estrogen receptor determination with monoclonal antibodies in 160 breast tumors comparison of the abbotts er eia kit with the dextran coated charcoal method

Poulsen H.S.; Schultz H.; Bichel P., 1979:
Estrogen receptor determinations on fine needle aspirations from malignant tumors of the breast

Welshons, W.V.; Cormier, E.M.; Wolf, M.F.; Williams, P.O.; Jordan, V.C., 1988:
Estrogen receptor distribution in enucleated breast cancer cell lines

Bezwoda, W.R.; Mansoor, N., 1986:
Estrogen receptor from human breast cancer and from normal human uterus: isolation and characterization of similar binding complexes

Straus M.J.; Moran R.; Muller R.E.; Woitz H.H., 1982:
Estrogen receptor heterogeneity and the relationship between estrogen receptor and the tritium labeled thymidine labeling index in human breast cancer

Charpin, C.; Martin, P.M.; Lissitzky, J.C.; Jacquemier, J.; Kopp, F.; Pourreau-Schneider, N.; Lavaut, M.N.; Toga, M., 1986:
Estrogen receptor immunocytochemical assay (ERICA) and laminin detection in 130 breast carcinomas and computerized (Samba 200) multiparametric quantitative analysis on tissue sections

Charpin C.; Martin P.M.; Lavaut M.N.; Pourreau Schneider N.; Toga M., 1986:
Estrogen receptor immunocytochemical assay in human endometrium

Jacquemier J.; Charpin C.; Martin P M., 1986:
Estrogen receptor immunohistochemical assay using monoclonal antibody h 222 sp gamma correlation with radioligand assay in 115 breast carcinomas

Aten, R.F.; Dickson, R.B.; Eisenfeld, A.J., 1978:
Estrogen receptor in adult male rat liver

Nomura, Y., 1976:
Estrogen receptor in breast cancer of the Japanese

Moulton, B.C.; Koenig, B.B., 1981:
Estrogen receptor in deciduoma cells separated by velocity sedimentation

Thornton J.G.; Wells M., 1987:
Estrogen receptor in glands and stroma of normal and neoplastic human endometrium a combined biochemical immunohistochemical and morphometric study

Anderson N.S.IIi; David Y.; Fanestil D.D., 1979:
Estrogen receptor in hamster kidney during estrogen induced renal tumorigenesis

Donnelly, B.J.; Lakey, W.H.; McBlain, W.A., 1983:
Estrogen receptor in human benign prostatic hyperplasia

Paszko, Z.; Padzik, H.; Dabska, M.; Pienkowska, F., 1978:
Estrogen receptor in human breast cancer in relation to tumor morphology and endocrine therapy

Dickson, R.B.; Eisenfeld, A.J., 1979:
Estrogen receptor in liver of male and female rats: endocrine regulation and molecular properties

Yamasaki, S., 1978:
Estrogen receptor in malignant and benign breast tumors and normal breast tissues of japanese patients/

Walker, M.J.; Beattie, C.W.; Patel, M.K.; Ronan, S.M.; Das Gupta, T.K., 1987:
Estrogen receptor in malignant melanoma

Zava D.T.; Goldhirsch A., 1983:
Estrogen receptor in malignant melanoma fact or artifact

Pollow, K.; Pollow, B.; Schmidt-Gollwitzer, M., 1978:
Estrogen receptor in normal human endometrium and in endometrial carcinoma

Camlibel F.T.; Caputo T.A., 1987:
Estrogen receptor in ovarian cancer and patient survival

Cutler, G.B.; Barnes, K.M.; Sauer, M.A.; Loriaux, D.L., 1978:
Estrogen receptor in rat adrenal gland

Dickson, R.B.; Eisenfeld, A.J., 1979:
Estrogen receptor in rat liver: translocation to the nucleus in isolated parenchymal cells

Aten, R.F.; Weinberger, M.J.; Eisenfeld, A.J., 1978:
Estrogen receptor in rat liver: translocation to the nucleus in vivo

Imanishi, Y.; Haruki, Y.; Seiki, K., 1980:
Estrogen receptor in rat thymus cytosol

Weinberger, M.J.; Aten, R.F.; Eisenfeld, A.J., 1978:
Estrogen receptor in the mammalian liver effect of metabolism on the amount and identity of receptor bound estrogen

Seiki K.; Imanishi Y.; Haruki Y.; Enomoto T., 1979:
Estrogen receptor in the thymus of castrated mice

Skoog, L.; Humla, S.; Axelsson, M.; Frost, M.; Norman, A.; Nordenskjöld, B.; Wallgren, A., 1987:
Estrogen receptor levels and survival of breast cancer patients. A study on patients participating in randomized trials of adjuvant therapy

West N.B.; Brenner R.M., 1983:
Estrogen receptor levels in the oviducts and endometria of cynomolgus macaques macaca fascicularis during the menstrual cycle

Hamilton T.C.; Davies P.; Griffiths K. , 1982:
Estrogen receptor like binding in the surface germinal epithelium of the rat ovary

Press, M.F.; Nousek-Goebl, N.A.; Bur, M.; Greene, G.L., 1986:
Estrogen receptor localization in the female genital tract

Zheng, S.; Et-Al, 1986:
Estrogen receptor of breast cancer cells ii. quantitative analysis of breast cancer cells bound with fluoresceinate estrogen receptor

Murayama, A.; Fukai, F.; Hazato, T.; Yamamoto, T., 1980:
Estrogen receptor of cow uterus 1. characterization of native and proteolyzed 4s estrogen receptors

Murayama, A.; Fukai, F.; Hazato, T.; Yamamoto, T., 1980:
Estrogen receptor of cow uterus 2. characterization of a cytoplasmic factor which binds with native 4s estrogen receptor to give 8s estrogen receptor

Murayama, A.; Fukai, F.; Yamamoto, T., 1980:
Estrogen receptor of cow uterus 3. molecular constitution of estrogen receptor binding factors

Drake R.G.; Cook B., 1979:
Estrogen receptor of rabbit corpus luteum binding dissociation and stability characteristics

Lerner H.J.; Marcovitz E., 1981:
Estrogen receptor protein and its correlation to recurrent breast cancer a study of 213 patients at the pennsylvania hospital philadelphia pennsylvania usa

Kapur M.M.; Ali S.B.; Farooq A.; Sarin R., 1983:
Estrogen receptor protein and tumor cell population in human primary breast cancer

Weiss, S.W.; Langloss, J.M.; Shmookler, B.M.; Malawer, M.M.; D'Avis, J.; Enzinger, F.M.; Stanton, R., 1986:
Estrogen receptor protein in bone and soft tissue tumors

Hughes J.M.; Halley J.B.W.; Irving M.G., 1979:
Estrogen receptor protein in breast cancer a local study

Keshgegian A.A.; Wheeler J.E., 1980:
Estrogen receptor protein in malignant carcinoid tumor 2 cases

Rosen, P.P.; Menendez-Botet, C.J.; Urban, J.A.; Fracchia, A.; Schwartz, M.K., 1977:
Estrogen receptor protein in multiple tumor specimens from individual patients with breast cancer

Thompson, J.A.; Haven, M.C.; Langdon, S.M.; Haven, G.T., 1980:
Estrogen receptor protein. Stability of 8S molecular form in frozen cytosols and practical criteria for its confirmation

Stedman, K.E.; Moore, G.E.; Morgan, R.T., 1980:
Estrogen receptor proteins in diverse human tumors

Greenway B.; Iqbal M.J.; Johnson P.J.; Williams R., 1981:
Estrogen receptor proteins in malignant and fetal pancreas

Allegra, J.C.; Lippman, M.E.; Thompson, E.B.; Simon, R.; Barlock, A.; Green, L.; Huff, K.K.; Do, H.M.; Aitken, S.C.; Warren, R., 1980:
Estrogen receptor status: an important variable in predicting response to endocrine therapy in metastatic breast cancer

Jonat W.; Maass H.; Braun M.; Winter G., 1984:
Estrogen receptor status and adjuvant poly chemo therapy of anti estrogen therapy in patients with high risk breast cancer

Leake R.E.; Laing L.; Calman K.C.; Macbeth F.R.; Crawford D.; Smith D.C., 1981:
Estrogen receptor status and endocrine therapy of breast cancer response rates and status stability

Givio, 1988:
Estrogen receptor status and risk factors for breast cancer

Campbell F.C.; Blamey R.W.; Elston C.W.; Nicholson R.I.; Griffiths K.; Haybittle J.L., 1981:
Estrogen receptor status and sites of metastasis in breast cancer

Alagaratnam T.T.; Wei W.I.; Cheung S.Y.; Ong G.B., 1982:
Estrogen receptor status and survival in chinese females with breast cancer

Clarke R.; Van Den Berg H.W.; Kennedy D.G.; Murphy R.F., 1985:
Estrogen receptor status and the response of human breast cancer cell lines to a combination of methotrexate and 17 beta estradiol

Zheng, S.; Et-Al, 1985:
Estrogen receptor status of breast cancer cell i. classification of breast cancer cells bound with fluoresceinate estrogen

Wu, C., 1979:
Estrogen receptor translocation and ornithine amino transferase ec induction by estradiol in rat kidney

Zava, D.T.; McGuire, W.L., 1977:
Estrogen receptor. Unoccupied sites in nuclei of a breast tumor cell line

Thoresen S.; Tangen M.; Stoa K.F.; Hartveit F., 1981:
Estrogen receptor values and histological grade in human breast cancer

Portugalov, S.N., 1977:
Estrogen receptors and acceptors a review of literature

Gapinski, P.V.; Donegan, W.L., 1980:
Estrogen receptors and breast cancer: prognostic and therapeutic implications

Ekka E.; Vanderheyden I.; D.H.rtogh R., 1981:
Estrogen receptors and estrogen induced protein synthesis in the uterus of diabetic rats

Onouchi T.; Kato J., 1983:
Estrogen receptors and estrogen inducible progestin receptors in the sexual skin of the monkey macaca fuscata fuscata

Gulino, A.; Screpanti, I.; Torrisi, M.R.; Frati, L., 1985:
Estrogen receptors and estrogen sensitivity of fetal thymocytes are restricted to blast lymphoid cells

Sarría, J.A.; Spitale, L.; Tobar, C.; Foresi, A.M., 1987:
Estrogen receptors and histopathological evaluation of human breast cancer

Pizzocaro G.; Valente M.; Cataldo I.; Vezzoni P.; D.F.onzo G., 1980:
Estrogen receptors and medroxy progesterone acetate treatment in metastatic renal carcinoma a preliminary report

Wilking N.; Carlstrom K.; Gustafsson S.A.; Skolderfors H.; Tollbom O., 1980:
Estrogen receptors and metabolism of estrone sulfate in human mammary carcinoma

Theve, N.O.; Carlstrom, K.; Gustafsson, J.A.; Gustafsson, S.; Nordenskjold, B.; Skoldefors, H.; Wrange, O., 1978:
Estrogen receptors and peripheral serum levels of estradiol 17 beta in patients with mammary carcinoma

Cocconi G.; V.; Mori P.; Bozzetti C., 1982:
Estrogen receptors and response to chemo therapy in advanced breast cancer

Croton R.; Cooke T.; Holt S.; George W.D.; Nicolson R.; Griffiths K., 1981:
Estrogen receptors and survival in early breast cancer

Qazi, R.; Chuang, J.L.; Drobyski, W., 1984:
Estrogen receptors and the pattern of relapse in breast cancer

Holdaway I.M., 1981:
Estrogen receptors and the response of metastatic breast cancer to amino glutethimide or tamoxifen

Roberts, M.M.; Rubens, R.D.; King, R.J.B.; Hawkins, R.A.; Millis, R.R.; Hayward, J.L.; Forrest, A.P.M., 1978:
Estrogen receptors and the response to endocrine therapy in advanced breast cancer

Nola, E.; Puca, G.A.; Sica, V.; Bresciani, F., 1978:
Estrogen receptors and their interaction with chromatin

Schwartz, M.K., 1979:
Estrogen receptors and tumor associated antigens in breast cancer

Masters, J.R.W.; Hawkins, R.A.; Sangster, K.; Hawkins, W.; Smith, I.I.; Shivas, A.A.; Roberts, M.M.; Forrest, A.P.M., 1978:
Estrogen receptors cellularity elastosis and menstrual status in human breast cancer/

Stewart J.F.; King R.J.B.; Winter P.J.; Tong D.; Hayward J.L.; Rubens R.D., 1982:
Estrogen receptors clinical features and prognosis in stage iii breast cancer

Leclercq, G.; Heuson-Stiennon, J.A.; Nuyens, C.; Deboel, M.C.; Heuson, J.C., 1977:
Estrogen receptors in 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene induced rat mammary tumors before and after ovariectomy

Kasantikul V.; Brown W.J., 1981:
Estrogen receptors in acoustic neurilemomas

Ballard-Barbash, R.; Griffin, M.R.; Fisher, L.D.; Covalciuc, M.A.; Jiang, N.S., 1986 :
Estrogen receptors in breast cancer. Association with epidemiologic risk factors

Reeve T.S.; Smyth C.M., 1981:
Estrogen receptors in breast cancer greater care in collection

Gómez, P.; Luna, G.; Beltrán, M.E.; Hernández, F., 1987:
Estrogen receptors in breast cancer; relationship to age, menstrual status and histological type

Elwood J.M.; Godolphin W., 1980:
Estrogen receptors in breast tumors associations with age menopausal status and epidemiological and clinical features in 735 patients

O'connell M.D.; Said J.W., 1983:
Estrogen receptors in carcinoma of the breast a comparison of the dextran coated charcoal immuno fluorescent and immuno peroxidase techniques

Roy E.J.; Mcewen B.S., 1979:
Estrogen receptors in cell nuclei of the hypothalamus preoptic area amygdala following an injection of estradiol or the anti estrogen ci 628 1 2 p alpha p methylphenyl beta nitrostyrylphenoxyethyl pyrrolidine mono citrate

Kune G.A.; Hunt R.F., 1984:
Estrogen receptors in cystadenocarcinoma of the pancreas

Van-Marle, J.; Lindeman, J.; Ariens, A.T.; Labruyere, W.; Van-Weeren-Kramer, J., 1982:
Estrogen receptors in human breast cancer 1. specificity of the histochemical localization of estrogen receptors using an estrogen albumin fluorescein iso thio cyanate complex

Meijer, C.J.L.M.; Van-Marle, J.; Persijn, J.P.; Van-Niewenhuizen, W.; Baak, J.P.A.; Boon, M.E.; Lindeman, J., 1982:
Estrogen receptors in human breast cancer 2. correlation between the histochemical method and biochemical assay

Poulsen H.S., 1982:
Estrogen receptors in human breast cancer comparative features of the hydroxylapatite coated and dextran coated charcoal assay

Gómez, P.; Rivadeneyra, J.; Rabago, M.; Guzmán-Patraca, C., 1980:
Estrogen receptors in human breast cancer in Mexican patients

Barile, G.; De-Cicco, F.; Bompiani, A., 1977:
Estrogen receptors in human breast cancer nuclei

Poulsen H.S.; Ozzello L.; Andersen J., 1982:
Estrogen receptors in human breast cancer problems of correlation with histo pathological features

Hampl, R.; Nĕmec, J.; Heresová, J.; Kimlová, I.; Stárka, L., 1985:
Estrogen receptors in human goitrous and neoplastic thyroid

Fisher, R.I.; Neifeld, J.P.; Lippman, M.E., 1976:
Estrogen receptors in human malignant melanoma

Jacquemier J.; Gandilhon P.H.; Charpin C.; Pourreau Schneider N.; Hassoun J.; Martin P.M., 1987:
Estrogen receptors in human mammary tissue immunocytochemical and biochemical determination of normal tissue benign disease and carcinoma in situ 86 cases

Pichon, M.F.; Bression, D.; Peillon, F.; Milgrom, E., 1980:
Estrogen receptors in human pituitary adenomas

Ekman, P.; Barrack, E.R.; Greene, G.L.; Jensen, E.V.; Walsh, P.C., 1983:
Estrogen receptors in human prostate: evidence for multiple binding sites

Billiet G.; D.H.rtogh R.; Bonte J.; Ide P.; Vlaemynck G., 1982:
Estrogen receptors in human uterine adeno carcinoma correlation with tissue differentiation vaginal karyopyknotic index and effect of progestogen or anti estrogen treatment

Shida, T., 1976:
Estrogen receptors in japanese female breast cancer tissue

Leclercq, G.; Verhest, A.; Deboel, M.C.; Van-Schoubroeck, F.; Mattheiem, W.H.; Heuson, J.C., 1976:
Estrogen receptors in male breast cancer

Fujimoto, M.; Yoshino, E.; Ueda, S.; Hirakawa, K.; Kusanishi, H.; Ohono, Y.; Tamaya, T., 1982:
Estrogen receptors in meningiomas and neurinomas

Dimery, I.W.; Jones, L.A.; Verjan, R.P.; Raymond, A.K.; Goepfert, H.; Hong, W.K., 1987:
Estrogen receptors in normal salivary gland and salivary gland carcinoma

Schwartz, P.E.; LiVolsi, V.A.; Hildreth, N.; MacLusky, N.J.; Naftolin, F.N.; Eisenfeld, A.J., 1982:
Estrogen receptors in ovarian epithelial carcinoma

Kim, I.; Greenwald, G.S., 1987:
Estrogen receptors in ovary and uterus of immature hamster and rat: effects of estrogens

Williams M.R.; Todd J.H.; Ellis I.O.; Dowle C.S.; Haybittle J.L.; Elston C.W.; Nicholson R.I.; Griffiths K.; Blamey R.W., 1987:
Estrogen receptors in primary and advanced breast cancer an eight year review of 704 cases

Neifeld, J.P.; Lawrence, W.; Brown, P.W.; Banks, W.L.; Terz, J.J., 1982:
Estrogen receptors in primary breast cancer

Blankenstein M.A.; Mulder E.; Broerse J.J.; Van Der Molen H.J., 1981:
Estrogen receptors in rat mammary tissue and plasma concentrations of prolactin during mammary carcinogenesis induced by estrogen and ionizing radiation

Kassis, J.A.; Walent, J.H.; Gorski, J., 1984 :
Estrogen receptors in rat uterine cell cultures: effects of medium on receptor concentration

D.F.onzo, G.; Ronchi, E.; Bertuzzi, A.; Vezzoni, P.; Pizzocaro, G., 1980:
Estrogen receptors in renal carcinoma

Purvis, K.; Mørkås, L.; Rui, H.; Attramadal, A., 1985:
Estrogen receptors in stromal and epithelial fractions of the ventral prostate of rats

Alonso G.E.; Burdman J.A.; Szijan I., 1981:
Estrogen receptors in the cytosol and nuclei of the rat anterior pituitary gland determination of specific sites by tritium labeled estradiol exchange assay

Iosif C.S.; Batra S.; E.A.; Astedt B., 1981:
Estrogen receptors in the human female lower urinary tract

Dickson, R.B.; Clark, C.R., 1981:
Estrogen receptors in the male

Carrillo A.J.; Sheridan P.J., 1980:
Estrogen receptors in the medial basal hypothalamus of the rat following complete hypothalamic de afferentation

Clarke I.J.; Burman K.; Funder J.W.; Findlay J.K., 1981:
Estrogen receptors in the neuro endocrine tissues of the ewe in relation to breed season and stage of the estrous cycle

Alexander, R.B.; Greene, G.L.; Barrack, E.R., 1987:
Estrogen receptors in the nuclear matrix: direct demonstration using monoclonal antireceptor antibody

Calandra, R.S.; Naess, O.; Purvis, K.; Attramadal, A.; Djoseland, O.; Hansson, V., 1978:
Estrogen receptors in the rat adrenal gland

Shyamala, G.; Gorski, J., 1969:
Estrogen receptors in the rat uterus. Studies on the interaction of cytosol and nuclear binding sites

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