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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5392

Chapter 5392 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lanefelt F.; Martinsson A., 1985:
Ethanol dependent interaction between prostaglandins and lipoxygenase products in human peripheral lymphocytes

Harris D.P.; Sinclair J.G., 1984:
Ethanol depresses inferior olive neurons and reduces purkinje cell complex spike activity evoked by cerebral cortical stimulation

Mason M., 1983:
Ethanol determination in wine with an immobilized enzyme electrode

Murono E.P.; Fisher Simpson V., 1984:
Ethanol directly increases di hydro testosterone conversion to 5 alpha androstane 3 beta 17 beta diol and 5 alpha androstane 3 alpha 17 beta diol in rat leydig cells

Murono E.P.; Fisher Simpson V., 1985:
Ethanol directly increases dihydrotestosterone conversion primarily to 5 alpha androstane 3 beta 17 beta diol in rat leydig cells

Murono E.P.; Fisher Simspon V., 1985:
Ethanol directly stimulates dihydrotestosterone conversion to 5 alpha androstane 3 alpha 17 beta diol and 5 alpha androstane 3 beta 17 beta diol in rat liver

Burczynski F.J.; Sitar D.S.; Wilson A., 1985:
Ethanol disposition in man comparison of breathalyzer and 2 methods of gas liquid chromatography

Cumming, M.E.; Ong, B.Y.; Wade, J.G.; Sitar, D.S., 1985:
Ethanol disposition in newborn lambs and comparison of alcohol dehydrogenase activity in placenta and maternal sheep, fetal and neonatal lamb liver

Cartwright C.P.; Juroszek J R.; Beavan M.J.; Ruby F.M.S.; D.M.rais S.M.F.; Rose A.H., 1986:
Ethanol dissipates the proton motive force across the plasma membrane of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Gurochkin Y.D., 1987:
Ethanol distribution in animal organs depending on the conditions of their storage

Tyring S.; Klager K.; Luk A.; Messiha F.; Lefkowitz S., 1979:
Ethanol disulfiram and pyrazole effects on interferon production in mice

Henningfield, J.E.; Meisch, R.A., 1978:
Ethanol drinking by rhesus monkeys as a function of concentration/

Henningfield J.E.; Meisch R.A., 1979:
Ethanol drinking by rhesus monkeys with concurrent access to water

Fincham J.E.; Jooste P.L.; Seier J.V.; Taljaard J.J.F.; Weight M.J.; Tichelaar H.Y., 1986:
Ethanol drinking by vervet monkeys cercopithecus pygerythrus individual responses of juvenile and adult males

Okamoto, M.; Rao, S.N.; Aaronson, L.M.; Walewski, J.L., 1985:
Ethanol drug interaction with chlordiazepoxide and pentobarbital

Schreiber, R.A.; Lehmann, A., 1981:
Ethanol during weaning induces a transient susceptibility to audiogenic seizures in Rb mice

Dupuy B.; Angibeau R.; Mendoza N.; Rouais F.; Blanquet P., 1981:
Ethanol effect on calcitonin secretion in the rat

Morais S.M.F.D.; Aquarone E.; Rose A.H.; Beavan M.J., 1986:
Ethanol effect on fermentative activity of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Chirkova T.V.; Khoang K.L.; Sinyutina N.F., 1980:
Ethanol effect on lipid metabolism in wheat and rice seedling roots under various gas conditions

Shoemaker W.J.; Koda L.Y.; Shoemaker C.A.; Bloom F.E., 1980:
Ethanol effects in chick embryos cerebellar purkinje neurons

Amaranath, L.; Anton, A.H., 1977:
Ethanol effects on active and passive sodium ion flux in toad bladder

Blanchard R.J.; Hori K.; Blanchard D.C.; Hall J., 1987:
Ethanol effects on aggression of rats selected for different levels of aggressiveness

Blanchard D.C.; Flannelly K.; Hori K.; Blanchard R.J.; Hall J., 1987:
Ethanol effects on female aggression vary with opponent size and time within session

Blanchard, R.J.; Blanchard, D.C.; Flannelly, K.J.; Hori, K., 1988:
Ethanol effects on freezing and conspecific attack in rats previously exposed to a cat

Bruno C.; Cuppini R.; Cuppini C., 1986:
Ethanol effects on motor regeneration

Lathers, C.M.; Smith, C.M., 1976:
Ethanol effects on muscle spindle afferent activity and spinal reflexes

Bengtsson, G.; Smith-Kielland, A.; Mørland, J., 1984:
Ethanol effects on protein synthesis in nonparenchymal liver cells, hepatocytes, and density populations of hepatocytes

Bammer G.; Eichelman B., 1983:
Ethanol effects on shock induced fighting and muricide by rats

Schoener, E.P., 1984:
Ethanol effects on striatal neuron activity

Norris B.; Concha J., 1982:
Ethanol effects on the bio electric activity of the toad skin

Marshall A.W.; Kingston D.; Boss M.; Morgan M.Y., 1983:
Ethanol elimination in males and females relationship to menstrual cycle and body composition

Dittmann V.; Pribilla O.; Wagner T., 1985:
Ethanol elimination in man under influence of frequently prescribed beta receptor blockers

Poso, A.R.; Poso, H., 1979:
Ethanol elimination in regenerating rat liver the roles of alcohol dehydrogenase ec and acetaldehyde

Tzamaloukas A.H.; Jackson J.E.; Hermann J.J.; Gallegos J.C.; Long D.A.; Mclane M.M., 1988:
Ethanol elimination in the anesthetized dog intragastric versus intravenous administration

Allen D.L.; Little R.G.II.; Theotokatos J.E.; Petersen D.R., 1982:
Ethanol elimination rates in mice effects of gender nutrition and chronic ethanol treatment

Samson, H.H.; Morgan, D.C.; Price, C.M.; Tang, M.; Falk, J.L., 1976:
Ethanol elimination rates in normal and ethanol dependent animals

Teertstra, H.J.; Winter, W.A.; Frensdorf, E.L., 1984:
Ethanol embolization of a renal tumor, complicated by colonic infarction

Silva V.A.D.; Riul T.R.; Golovattei M.A.R.; Paumgartten F.J.R., 1987:
Ethanol embryo fetotoxicity in malnourished rats

Smith A.C.; Freeman R.W.; Harbison R.D., 1981:
Ethanol enhancement of cocaine induced hepato toxicity

Ticku M.K.; Lowrimore P.; Lehoullier P., 1986:
Ethanol enhances gamma aminobutyric acid induced chlorine 36 influx in primary spinal cord cultured neurons

Wiesner J.B.; Henriksen S.J.; Bloom F.E., 1987:
Ethanol enhances recurrent inhibition in the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus

Davis W.C.; Ticku M.K., 1981:
Ethanol enhances tritium labeled diazepam binding at the benzodiazepine gamma amino butyric acid receptor ionophore complex

Wahlstrom G., 1987:
Ethanol exposure as inducer of stable voluntary ethanol drinking in the male rat

Orona E.; Hunter B.E.; Walker D.W., 1988:
Ethanol exposure following unilateral entorhinal deafferentation alters synaptic reorganization in the rat dentate gyrus a quantitative analysis of acetylcholinesterase histochemistry

French, P., 1979:
Ethanol extraction of basic proteins from ejaculated human spermatozoa

Hoff J.E.; Nielsen S.S.; Peng I.C.; Chambers J.V., 1987:
Ethanol extraction of lactose from nonfat dry milk production of protein raffinate

Aguilera J.M.; Escobar G.A.; Del Valle J.M.; San Martin R., 1987:
Ethanol extraction of red peppers kinetic studies and microstructure

Mescle J.F.; Pesche D., 1986:
Ethanol fed batch process by zymomonas mobilis with continuous feeding and distillation

Nellaiah H.; Karunakaran T.; Gunasekaran P., 1988:
Ethanol fermentation by an efficient strain nrrl b 4286 of zymomonas mobilis

Netto C.B.; Destruhaut A.; Goma G., 1985:
Ethanol fermentation by flocculating yeast performance and stability dependence on a critical fermentation rate

Kannan V.; Mutharasan R., 1985:
Ethanol fermentation characteristics of thermoanaerobacter ethanolicus

Jones, S.T.; Korus, R.A.; Admassu, W.; Heimsch, R.C., 1984:
Ethanol fermentation in a continuous tower fermentor

Gencer M.A.; Mutharasan R., 1983:
Ethanol fermentation in a yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae immobilized tubular fermentor

Dos Anjos Magalhaes M.M.; Vairo M.L.R.; Borzani W., 1979:
Ethanol fermentation of blackstrap molasses influence of nitrogen source addition on the amino acids content of the residual yeast

Nellaiah H.; Karunakaran T.; Gunasekaran P., 1988:
Ethanol fermentation of cassava starch by zymomonas mobilis nrrl b 4286

Saddler J.N.; Hogan C.; Chan M.K.H.; Louis Seize G., 1982:
Ethanol fermentation of enzymatically hydrolyzed pre treated wood fractions using trichoderma cellulases zymomonas mobilis and saccharomyces cerevisiae

Chung I S.; Hahn T R., 1987:
Ethanol fermentation of hemicellulose hydrolysate using high level inocula of a pachysolen tannophilus nrrl y 2460

Murray W.D.; Asther M., 1984:
Ethanol fermentation of hexose and pentose wood sugars produced by hydrogen fluoride solvolysis of aspen chips

Poncet S.; Jacob F.H.; Berton M C.; Couble A., 1985:
Ethanol fermentation of inulin by some yeasts

Tran A.V.; Chambers R.P., 1986:
Ethanol fermentation of red oak acid prehydrolysate by the yeast pichia stipitis cbs 5776

Lee S.Y.; Shin Y.C.; Kim H.S.; Byun S.M., 1985:
Ethanol fermentation of uncooked cassava starch

Svendsby O.; Kakutani K.; Matsumura Y.; IIzuka M.; Yamamoto T., 1981:
Ethanol fermentation of uncooked sweet potato with the application of enzymes

King V.A.E.; Zall R.R., 1983:
Ethanol fermentation of whey using poly acrylamide and kappa carrageenan entrapped yeasts

Matsumoto K.; Sugiyama T.; Ohya H., 1986:
Ethanol fermentation system combined with membrane separator of pervaporation

Legmann R.; Margalith P., 1986:
Ethanol formation by hybrid yeasts

Coloe, P.J., 1978:
Ethanol formed from arabinose: a rapid method for detecting Escherichia coli

Wang D.I.C.; Avegerinos G.C.; Biocic I.; Wang S D.; Fang H Y., 1982:
Ethanol from cellulosic biomass

Harris D.P.; Sinclair J.G., 1984:
Ethanol gamma aminobutyric acid interactions at the rat purkinje cell

Gurewich, V., 1973:
Ethanol gelation and protamine sulfate comparison and critique

Hull, E.W.; Paseman, F.H., 1977:
Ethanol host interactions determined by radio respirometry of carbon 14 glucoses

Fitts D.A., 1986:
Ethanol in cardiomyopathic hamsters sodium and water excretion and righting response

Ohnishi S.T.; Flick J.L.; Rubin E., 1984:
Ethanol increases calcium permeability of heavy sarcoplasmic reticulum of skeletal muscle

Rogers J.; Madamba S.G.; Staunton D.A.; Siggins G.R., 1986:
Ethanol increases single unit activity in the inferior olivary nucleus

Davidson M.; Wilce P.; Shanley B., 1988:
Ethanol increases synaptosomal free calcium concentration

Zgombick J.M.; Erwin V.G.; Cornell K., 1986:
Ethanol induced adrenomedullary catecholamine secretion in ls lbg and ss lbs mice

Tank A.W.; Weiner H., 1979:
Ethanol induced alteration of dopamine metabolism in rat liver

Doyle K.; Cluette Brown J.; Igoe F.; Hojnacki J., 1986:
Ethanol induced alterations in erythrocyte membrane lipids due to enhanced cholesterol influx

Mulligan J.J.; Cluette Brown J.E.; Igoe F.D.; Noring R.; Osmolski T.V.; Hojnacki J.L., 1986:
Ethanol induced alterations in lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase activity in vitro

Horwitz L.D.; Myers J.H., 1982:
Ethanol induced alterations in pancreatic blood flow in conscious dogs

Kim H Y.; Kim D G.; Hong S.S., 1987:
Ethanol induced back diffusion of protons in rat stomach

Bucher U.; Fischer H D.; Andreas K., 1981:
Ethanol induced behavior in mice treated with haloperidol

Baruah J.K.; Kinder D., 1988:
Ethanol induced cardiomyopathy role of periodic fasting

Eliasson S.G.; Kiessling L.A.; Scarpellini J.D., 1981:
Ethanol induced changes in cyclic gmp metabolism in mouse vestibular region

Ylikahri, R.H., 1970:
Ethanol induced changes in hepatic alpha glycero phosphate and tri glyceride concentrations in normal and thyroxine treated rats

Kera, Y.; Komura, S.; Ohbora, Y.; Kiriyama, T.; Inoue, K., 1985:
Ethanol induced changes in lipid peroxidation and nonprotein sulfhydryl content. Different sensitivities in rat liver and kidney

Tewari S.; Sweeny F.M.; Fleming E.W., 1980:
Ethanol induced changes in properties of rat brain ribosomes

Kuznetsov S.A.; Kuznetsov S.S., 1985:
Ethanol induced changes in the insulin containing red cell count in blood of animals and humans

Grupp L.A.; Perlanski E., 1979:
Ethanol induced changes in the spontaneous activity of single units in the hippocampus of the awake rat a dose response study

Tewari S.; Stewart R.; Fleming E.W., 1981:
Ethanol induced changes in the trans peptidation reaction on brain ribosomes

Romert P.; Matthiessen M.E., 1983:
Ethanol induced changes of granular endoplasmic reticulum in hepatocytes of mini pig fetuses

Greenberg D.A.; Carpenter C.L.; Messing R.O., 1987:
Ethanol induced component of calcium 45 uptake in pc12 cells is sensitive to calcium channel modulating drugs

Sinclair J.D., 1984:
Ethanol induced conditioned tast aversion to ethanol

Dudek B.C., 1982:
Ethanol induced conditioned taste aversions in mice that differ in neural sensitivity to ethanol

Gruber, B.; Dinovo, E.C.; Noble, E.P.; Tewari, S., 1977:
Ethanol induced conformational changes in rat brain microsomal membranes

Rapaka R.S.; Renugopalakrishnan V.; Goehl T.J.; Collins B.J., 1986:
Ethanol induced conformational changes of the peptide ligands for the opioid receptors and their relevance to receptor interaction

Redos, J.D.; Catravas, G.N.; Hunt, W.A., 1976 :
Ethanol induced depletion of cerebellar cyclic gmp

Lehtinen I.; Lang A.H.; Jantti V.; Pakkanen A.; Keskinen E.; Nyrke T.; Lempiainen M., 1981:
Ethanol induced disturbance in human arousal mechanism

Macphail, R.C.; Elsmore, T.F., 1980:
Ethanol induced flavor aversions in mice a behavior genetic analysis

Kiefer S.W.; Cabral R.J.; Rusiniak K.W.; Garcia J., 1980:
Ethanol induced flavor aversions in rats with subdiaphragmatic vagotomies

Johnson D.A.; Lee N.M.; Cooke R.; Loh H.H., 1979:
Ethanol induced fluidization of brain lipid bi layers required presence of cholesterol in membranes for the expression of tolerance

Griffiths P.J.; Murad C.A.; Littleton J.M., 1979:
Ethanol induced hepatic tri glyceride accumulation in mice and genetic differences in the ethanol physical withdrawal syndrome

Salaspuro, M.P.; Pikkarainen, P.; Lindros, K., 1977:
Ethanol induced hypo glycemia in man its suppression by the alcohol dehydrogenase inhibitor 4 methyl pyrazole

Ylikahri, R.H., 1970:
Ethanol induced hypo glycemia in thyroxine treated rats

Moore, J.A.; Kakihana, R., 1978:
Ethanol induced hypo thermia in mice influence of genotype on development of tolerance

Zaleski J.; Bryla J., 1980:
Ethanol induced impairment of gluconeogenesis from lactate in rabbit hepatocytes correlation with and increased reduction of mitochondrial nad pool

Stowell, L.; Morland, J., 1984:
Ethanol induced increase in liver tryptophan oxygenase ec activity in the starved rat evidence against tryptophan mediation

Howerton T.C.; Collins A.C., 1984:
Ethanol induced inhibition of gamma aminobutyric acid release from ls and ss mouse brain slices

Syapin P.J.; Alkana R.L., 1986:
Ethanol induced inhibition of mouse brain atpase activities lack of interaction with norepinephrine in vitro

Cicero T.J.; Newman K.S.; Meyer E.R., 1981:
Ethanol induced inhibitions of testicular steroidogenesis in the male rat mechanisms of action

Breese G.R.; Coyle S.; Towle A.C.; Mueller R.A.; Mccown T.J.; Frye G.D., 1984:
Ethanol induced loco motor stimulation in rats after trh

Fuller G.N.; Chentanez T.; Wiggins R.C.; Dafny N., 1981:
Ethanol induced modification of sensory evoked potentials recorded from the caudate nucleus substantia nigra hypothalamus and pineal

Salo J.A., 1983:
Ethanol induced mucosal injury in rabbit esophagus

Dyban A.P.; Khozhai L.I., 1980:
Ethanol induced parthenogenetic development of ovulated mouse egg cells

Chakrabarti S.; Yamaguchi S., 1986:
Ethanol induced protection against acute nephrotoxicity due to aspirin

Bauer-Moffett, C.; Altman, J., 1975:
Ethanol induced reductions in cerebellar growth of infant rats

Cicero T.J.; Bell R.D., 1982:
Ethanol induced reductions in testicular steroidogenesis major differences between in vivo and in vitro approaches

Rajan V.P.; Powell M.M.; Burgett A.C.; Bhalla V.K., 1982:
Ethanol induced release of cyclic amp into the medium by rat testis in vitro

Crow L.T., 1982:
Ethanol induced response stereotypy simple alternation fixed interval rates of response and response location

Murty C.N.; Hornseth R.; Verney E.; Sidransky H., 1982:
Ethanol induced stimulation of hepatic ornithine decarboxylase activity in the rat

Marfaing Jalla P.; L.M.gnen J., 1979:
Ethanol induced taste aversion in ethanol dependent and normal rats

Rommelspacher H.; Damm H.; Straub S.; Schmidt G., 1984:
Ethanol induces an increase of harman in the brain and urine of rats

Pentreath, V.W.; Berry, M.S., 1978:
Ethanol induces bursting among electrically coupled snail neurons

Souza M.L.O.; Masur J., 1984:
Ethanol induces hyper glycemia and hypo glycemia in both fasted and nonfasted rats dependent on the ambient temperature

Diez E.; Balsinde J.; Aracil M.; Schueller A., 1987:
Ethanol induces release of arachidonic acid but not synthesis of eicosanoids in mouse peritoneal macrophages

Peterson F.J.; Holloway D.E.; Erickson R.R.; Duquette P.H.; Mcclain C.J.; Holtzman J.L., 1980 :
Ethanol induction of acetaminophen toxicity and metabolism

Pullen, G.L.; Singh, S.P.; Snyder, A.K.; Sethi, R.; Wahby, V., 1987:
Ethanol influence on calcium uptake and insulin release by rat islets

Manova Todorova K.; Bakalska Nesheva M.; Tsarvulkova Denkova R.; Boyadzhieva Mikhailova A.; Khristov I., 1987:
Ethanol influence on fine morphology of ovaries of rats

Singh S.P.; Patel D.G.; Snyder A.K.; Pullen G.L., 1986:
Ethanol influence on insulin secretion from isolated rat islets

Wang D.L.; Reitz R.C., 1983:
Ethanol ingestion and poly unsaturated fatty acids effects on the acyl coenzyme a desaturases

Schuckit, M.A.; Rayses, V., 1979:
Ethanol ingestion: differences in blood acetaldehyde concentrations in relatives of alcoholics and controls

Sigh, S.P.; Snyder, A.K., 1982:
Ethanol ingestion during pregnancy: effects on pregnant rats and their offspring

Bajpai P.; Margaritis A., 1982:
Ethanol inhibition kinetics of kluyveromyces marxianus grown on jerusalem artichoke helianthus tuberosus juice

Schmidt M.J.; Truex L.L.; Hooker C.S.; Spaethe S.M.; Fleisch J.H., 1979:
Ethanol inhibition of antigen induced histamine release from guinea pig lung correlation with intra cellular levels of cyclic nucleotides

Bodd, E.; Drevon, C.A.; Kveseth, N.; Olsen, H.; Mørland, J., 1986:
Ethanol inhibition of codeine and morphine metabolism in isolated rat hepatocytes

Rudeen, P.K.; Bo, W.J.; Krueger, W.A., 1984:
Ethanol inhibition of compensatory ovarian hypertrophy in unilaterally ovariectomized rats

Hoppe G.K.; Hansford G.S., 1982:
Ethanol inhibition of continuous anaerobic yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae atcc 4126 growth

Roman G.N.; Jansen N.B.; Tsao G.T., 1984:
Ethanol inhibition of d xylulose fermentation by schizosaccharomyces pombe

Malfait M H.; Moulin G.; Galzy P., 1986:
Ethanol inhibition of growth fermentation and starch hydrolysis in schwanniomyces castellii

Whitehouse L.W.; Templeton D.; Paul C.J., 1979:
Ethanol inhibition of hepatic uptake of dl 2 carbon 14 methadone in the rat and its consequence

Singh, S.P.; Patel, D.G.; Snyder, A.K., 1980:
Ethanol inhibition of insulin secretion by perifused rat islets

Dulloo R.M.; Mahmood A.; Thind S.K.; Nath R., 1979:
Ethanol inhibition of oxalate transport in rat intestine

Ibrahim N.G.; Spieler P.J.; Freedman M.L., 1979:
Ethanol inhibition of rabbit reticulocyte heme synthesis at the level of delta amino levulinic acid synthetase

Dorio, R.J.; Forman, H.J., 1988:
Ethanol inhibition of signal transduction in superoxide production by rat alveolar macrophages. A proposed mechanism for ethanol related pneumonia

Shapero, M.; Nelson, D.A.; Labuza, T.P., 1978:
Ethanol inhibition of staphylococcus aureus at limited water activity

Hultmark, D.; Sundh, K.; Johansson, L.; Arrhenius, E., 1979:
Ethanol inhibition of vinyl chloride metabolism in isolated rat hepatocytes

Chik C.L.; H.A.K.; Klein D.C., 1987:
Ethanol inhibits dual receptor stimulation of pineal cyclic amp and cyclic gmp by vasoactive intestinal peptide and phenylephrine

Rogers, B.J.; Cash, M.K.; Vaughn, W.K., 1987:
Ethanol inhibits human and hamster sperm penetration of eggs

Beesley R.C., 1986:
Ethanol inhibits sodium gradient dependent uptake of l amino acids into intestinal brush border membrane vesicles

Gerhart, M.J.; Reed, B.Y.; Veech, R.L., 1988:
Ethanol inhibits some of the early effects of epidermal growth factor in vivo

Ellingboe, J.; Varanelli, C.C., 1979:
Ethanol inhibits testosterone biosynthesis by direct action on Leydig cells

Cicero T.J.; Newman K.S.; Gerrity M.; Schmoeker P.F.; Bell R.D., 1982:
Ethanol inhibits the naloxone induced release of lhrh from the hypothalamus of the male rat

Bartness T.J.; Alferink L.A., 1979:
Ethanol intake during scheduled and nonscheduled food presentations

Potthoff A.D.; Ellison G.; Nelson L., 1983:
Ethanol intake increases during continuous administration of amphetamine and nicotine but not several other drugs

Hillbom, M.; Kaste, M., 1983:
Ethanol intoxication: a risk factor for ischemic brain infarction

Hillbom, M.; Kaste, M., 1981:
Ethanol intoxication: a risk factor for ischemic brain infarction in adolescents and young adults

Hakkinen, H.M.; Kulonen, E., 1976:
Ethanol intoxication and gamma amino butyric acid

Wood W.G.; Armbrecht H.J.; Wise R.W., 1982:
Ethanol intoxication and withdrawal among 3 age groups of c 57bl 6nnia mice

Cassel J.C.; Pacteau C.; Will B.E., 1987:
Ethanol intoxication fails to affect sprouting induced by entorhinal cortex lesions

Biegański, T.; Fogel, W.A.; Korsak, Z.; Maśliński, C.; Osińska, Z.; Ulatowska, M.A., 1984:
Ethanol involvement in putrescine and histamine oxidation by guinea pig liver

Freedman M.L.; Cohen H.S.; Ibrahim N.G.; Gruenspecht N., 1979:
Ethanol lead and benzene inhibition of rabbit reticulocyte heme and protein synthesis increased in vitro toxicity in iron deficient cells

Dodd H.; Shorey Kutschke R.L., 1987:
Ethanol lowers heart carnitine in the methionine and choline deficient rat

Videla, L.; Flattery, K.V.; Sellers, E.A.; Israel, Y., 1975:
Ethanol metabolism and liver oxidative capacity in cold acclimation

Farris, J.J.; Jones, B.M., 1978:
Ethanol metabolism and memory impairment in American Indian and white women social drinkers

Barbaccia M.L.; Bosio A.; Spano P.F.; Trabucchi M., 1982:
Ethanol metabolism and striatal dopamine turnover

Soffia F.; Penna M., 1987:
Ethanol metabolism by rat heart homogenates

Clemente, F.; Durand, S.; Laval, J.; Thouvenot, J.P.; Ribet, A., 1977:
Ethanol metabolism by rat pancreas part 1 presence and level modifications of ethanol oxidizing systems

Forsyth, G.W.; Nagasawa, H.T.; Alexander, C.S., 1976:
Ethanol metabolism by the rat heart and alcohol dehydrogenase ec activity

Zahlten, R.N.; Nejtek, M.E.; Jacobson, J.C., 1981:
Ethanol metabolism in guinea pig in vivo ethanol elimination alcohol dehydrogenase ec distribution and sub cellular localization of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase ec in liver

Ginestal da Cruz, A.; Correia, J.P.; Menezes, L., 1975:
Ethanol metabolism in liver cirrhosis and chronic alcoholism

Cole-Harding, S.; Wilson, J.R., 1987:
Ethanol metabolism in men and women

Thurman, R.G.; Scholz, R., 1976:
Ethanol metabolism in perfused rat liver at low ethanol concentrations involvement of alcohol dehydrogenase in the adaptive increase in ethanol metabolism due to chronic pre treatment with ethanol/

Burnett, K.G.; Felder, M.R., 1980:
Ethanol metabolism in peromyscus maniculatus genetically deficient in alcohol dehydrogenase ec

Yamazaki H.; Okumura K.; Nakaniashi S.; Shiohara E.; Tsukada M., 1979:
Ethanol metabolism in rats treated with chloral hydrate or tri chloro ethanol

Crossley, I.R.; Neuberger, J.; Davis, M.; Williams, R.; Eddleston, A.L., 1986:
Ethanol metabolism in the generation of new antigenic determinants on liver cells

Shigeta Y.; Nomura F.; IIda S.; Leo M.A.; Felder M.R.; Lieber C.S., 1984:
Ethanol metabolism in vivo by the microsomal ethanol oxidizing system in deer mice peromyscus maniculatus lacking alcohol dehydrogenase

Jones, M.K.; Jones, B.M., 1984:
Ethanol metabolism in women taking oral contraceptives

Tombaugh, T.N.; Tombaugh, J.W., 1981:
Ethanol metrecal diets 1. effects of different levels of ethanol derived kilocalories on consumption of diet body weight and grams of ethanol ingested

Tombaugh, T.N., 1981:
Ethanol metrecal diets 2. failure to obtain impaired performance on a series of appetitively and aversively motivated tasks

Erickson, C.K.; Tyler, T.D.; Harris, R.A., 1978:
Ethanol modification of acute intoxication by divalent cations

Newsome, H.H., 1988:
Ethanol modulation of plasma norepinephrine response to trauma and hemorrhage

Kelley, D.S.; Kletzien, R.F., 1984:
Ethanol modulation of the hormonal and nutritional regulation of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase ec activity in primary cultures or rat hepatocytes

Hahn, R.G., 1988:
Ethanol monitoring of irrigating fluid absorption in transurethral prostatic surgery

Giknis M.L.; Damjanov I.; Rubin E., 1981 :
Ethanol narcophylaxis prolongation of ethanol induced sleeping time by pre conditioning

Kennedy, L.A.; Mukerji, S., 1986:
Ethanol neurotoxicity. 1. Direct effects on replicating astrocytes

Kennedy, L.A.; Mukerji, S., 1986:
Ethanol neurotoxicity. 2. Direct effects on differentiating astrocytes

Dow, K.E.; Riopelle, R.J., 1985:
Ethanol neurotoxicity: effects on neurite formation and neurotrophic factor production in vitro

Demaster E.G.; Stevens J.M.; Redfern B., 1988:
Ethanol oxidation by cumene hydroperoxide and hydrogen peroxide supported peroxidatic activities of catalase

Feierman, D.E.; Winston, G.W.; Cederbaum, A.I., 1985:
Ethanol oxidation by hydroxyl radicals: role of iron chelates, superoxide, and hydrogen peroxide

Seitz H.K.; Korsten M.A.; Lieber C.S., 1979:
Ethanol oxidation by intestinal microsomes increased activity after chronic ethanol administration

Cederbaum, A.I.; Dicker, E.; Lieber, C.S.; Rubin, E., 1978:
Ethanol oxidation by isolated hepatocytes from ethanol treated and control rats factors contributing to the metabolic adaptation after chronic ethanol consumption

Berry M.N.; Fanning D.C.; Grivell A.R.; Wallace P.G., 1980:
Ethanol oxidation by isolated hepatocytes from fed and starved rats and from rats exposed to ethanol pheno barbitone or 3 amino triazole no evidence for a physiological role of a microsomal ethanol oxidation system

Dawson A.G., 1983:
Ethanol oxidation in systems containing soluble and mitochondrial fractions rat liver regulation by acetaldehyde

Dumont, M.; Thoulon, J.M.; Guibaud, S.; Broussard, P.; Glehen, D., 1977:
Ethanol perfusions in threatened premature labor a special study of the oxytocinase effect

Merivuori, H.; Montenecourt, B.S.; Sands, J.A., 1987:
Ethanol Perturbs Glycosylation and Inhibits Hypersecretion in Trichoderma reesei

Andronova L.M.; Ushakova M.M.; Kudryavtsev R.V.; Barkov N.K., 1982:
Ethanol pharmaco kinetics after administration of a narcotic dose and endogenous ethanol in female rats

Takeuchi I.K., 1986:
Ethanol phosphotungstic acid staining of basic proteins in the nucleolar condensation occurring in growing mouse oocytes

Tang M.; Falk J.L., 1986:
Ethanol polydipsic choice effects of alternative fluid polydipsic history

Trujillo E.E.; Cavin C.A.; Aragaki M.; Yoshimura M.A., 1987:
Ethanol potassium nitrate medium for enumerating rhizoctonia solani like fungi from soil

Kenel M.F.; Kulkarni A.P., 1985:
Ethanol potentiation of carbon tetrachloride hepatotoxicity possible role for the in vivo inhibition of aldehyde dehydrogenase

Turner, C.J.; Bhatnagar, M.K.; Yamashiro, S., 1981:
Ethanol potentiation of methyl mercury toxicity: a preliminary report

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Ethanol preference and stereotypy behavior of rats

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Ethnomedicine in the maroantsetra region of madagascar

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Ethnomedicobotanical investigations in kerala india 1. some primitive tribals of western ghats and their herbal medicine

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Ethnomycological collection in three locations of the municipality of acambay mexico

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Ethnomycology and mycological explorations in northern mountain range of the state of puebla mexico

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Ethnopharmacobotanical aspects of the wormwood species of popular argentine medicine morphological data for their recognition

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Ethnopharmacological conservation a key to progress in medicine

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Ethnopharmacology of some Buddleja species

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Ethnopsychology and psychopathology an exploratory content analysis of country and western song lyrics

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Etho ecological observations on burrow construction with larvae of the central european tiger beetle species cicindela silvicola coleoptera cicindelidae

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Etho ecology of 17 barbus species pisces cyprinidae

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Etho ecology of neotenic alpine newt triturus alpestris montenegrinus in lake bukumir montenegro yugoslavia examination of lake communities features and proposal of an ecological determination for neoteny

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Ethogram of celebes monkeys macaca nigra in 2 captive habitats

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Ethogram of cleaning behavior in the chilopod scutigera coleoptrata in maintenance activity and in conflict situations

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Ethogram of the adult and young wild boar (Sus scrofa L.)

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Ethologic indications on the biology of the java sparrow padda oryzivora estrildidae

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Ethologic regime of fattening bulls in various stabling buildings

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Ethologic study of the gamma amino butyric acid ergic mechanisms of diazepam tolerance

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Ethological analyses of the effects of naloxone and the opiate antagonist ici 154129 n n di 2 propenyl l tyrosyl n 2 2 1 carboxy 3 methylbutylamino 2 oxo 1 phenylmethylethylthioethylglycinamide on social interactions in male house mice

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Ethological analysis of neuro peptides and psychotropic drugs effects on intraspecies aggression and sociability of isolated mice

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Ethological analysis of predator avoidance by the paradise fish macropodus opercularis 1. recognition and learning of predators

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Ethological analysis of predator avoidance by the paradise fish macropodus opercularis ii. key stimuli in avoidance learning

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Ethological analysis of social and environmental effects on the distribution of the behavioral elements of the paradise fish macropodus opercularis l

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Ethological analysis of the behavior of primates in medicobiological studies

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Ethological analysis of the effect of enkephalins on interspecies behavior

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Ethological and biological modifications induced in dolichoderus quadripunctatus worker ants by gamma irradiations

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Ethological and ecological analysis of animal behavior during an eclipse of the sun

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Ethological and physiological anomalies in honeybees caused by the action of high voltage line electrical fields

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Ethological and physiological changes occurring in workers of myrmica rubra maintained without queens

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Ethological and physiological components of the parasite host specificity of the braconid alysia manducator panz. hymenoptera braconidae

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Ethological and toxicological studies on the effect of condensed insecticides on the house fly musca domestica

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Ethological anomalies in bees and wasps caused by the effect of electric fields

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Ethological aspects of interrelations between closely related animal species

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Ethological aspects of porasilus barbiellinii curran 1934 diptera asilidae in brachiaria decumbens stapf grasslands

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Ethological assessment of stable and labile social behaviors during acute psychiatric disorders clinical applications

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Ethological bio acoustics in poland

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Ethological categories of behavior and some consequences of their conflation

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Ethological considerations on the cleaning activity in some arthropods with particular reference to the chilopod scutigera coleoptrata

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Ethological criteria of chemical sensitivity of the aquatic forms of newts

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Ethological divergence in allopatry and asymmetrical isolation in the south pacific aedes scutellaris subgroup

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Ethological ecological study of the avifauna of the nature reserve salzwiesen von muenzenberg west germany

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Ethological evaluation of technological variants for raising lactating cows untied in stalls

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Ethological evaluation of the effects of intubation of toxocara canis infective larvae in mice

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Ethological features of insects

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Ethological function of components of a sex attractant system for oriental fruit moth males grapholitha molesta lepidoptera tortricidae

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Ethological function of the parr marks in a japanese trout oncorhynchus masou f ishikawai

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Ethological interpretation of bioglyphs and determination of the principle concepts in ichnology

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Ethological interpretation of the ichnogenus zoophycos

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Ethological investigations on a herd of plains zebra in a safari park time budgets reproduction and food competition

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Ethological isolating mechanisms in goodeid fishes of the genus xenotoca cyprinodontiformes osteichthyes

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Ethological isolation among 3 species of the drosophila planitibia subgroup of hawaiian usa drosophila

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Ethological isolation and competition of allo species in secondary contact

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Ethological isolation and phylogeny in the drosophila grimshawi species complex of hawaiian drosophila

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