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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5394

Chapter 5394 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hess G.; Arnold W.; Hopf U.; Witt D.; Bueschenfelde K H.M.Z., 1979:
Etiology of hepatitis b surface antigen negative chronic hepatitis

Lehmann, F.G.; Wegener, T., 1979:
Etiology of human liver cancer: controlled prospective study in liver cirrhosis

Kris Etherton P.M.; Cooper A.D., 1980:
Etiology of hyper lipemia in rats fed an atherogenic diet

Fournier, A.E.; Johnson, W.J.; Taves, D.R.; Beabout, J.W.; Arnaud, C.D.; Goldsmith, R.S., 1971:
Etiology of hyper parathyroidism and bone disease during chronic hemo dialysis part 1 association of bone disease with potentially etiologic factors

Fournier, A.E.; Arnaud, C.D.; Johnson, W.J.; Taylor, W.F.; Goldsmith, R.S., 1971:
Etiology of hyper parathyroidism and bone disease during chronic hemo dialysis part 2 factors affecting serum immunoreactive parathyroid hormone

Goldsmith, R.S.; Furszyfer, J.; Johnson, W.J.; Fournier, A.E.; Sizemore, G.W.; Arnaud, C.D., 1973:
Etiology of hyper parathyroidism and bone disease during chronic hemo dialysis part 3 evaluation of parathyroid suppressibility

Rona, R.J.; Tanner, J.M., 1977:
Etiology of idiopathic growth hormone deficiency in england and wales

Valon F., 1987:
Etiology of infectious endometritis in mares

Schenken R.S.; Asch R.H.; Williams R.F.; Hodgen G.D., 1984:
Etiology of infertility in monkeys macaca fascicularis with endometriosis measurement of peritoneal fluid prostaglandins

Verma, I.C.; Mathews, A.R.; Rohatgi, M.; Menon, P.S., 1987:
Etiology of isolated congenital micropenis

Cudworth, A.G.; Gamble, D.R.; White, G.B.B.; Lendrum, R.; Woodrow, J.C.; Bloom, A., 1977:
Etiology of juvenile onset diabetes a prospective study

L'vov D.K.; Skvortsova T.M.; Kondrashina N.G.; Vershinskii B.V.; Lesnikov A.L.; Derevyanskii V.S.; Berezina L.K.; Gromashevskii V.L.; Andrianova D.P.; Yakovlev V.I., 1982:
Etiology of karelian fever a new arbovirus infection

H.G., 1979:
Etiology of keshan disease 2 hypotheses

Lopez-Camacho, J.A.; Romero-Cova, S., 1987:
Etiology of leaf blight in the safflower carthamus tinctorius l. and the search for sources of resistance

Okoth F.A.; Bowry T.R.; Shah M.V.; Gatei D.G., 1986:
Etiology of liver cirrhosis in kenya

Kano T.; Nishikawa K.; Kurobe Y.; Ishii K., 1984:
Etiology of luteal insufficiency hyposecretion of progesterone in relation with basal body temperature patterns

Leonforte J F., 1987:
Etiology of macular amyloidosis 160 cases

Todorov D.; Ikonomov L.; Slavchev G.; Aleksieva V.; Mladenov M.; Gabrovski T.; Kolevska S.; Ivanova S.; Andreev A., 1981:
Etiology of mastitis in cows

Takekoshi, Y., 1979:
Etiology of membranous nephropathy in children: Association between membranous nephropathy and hepatitis B virus infection

Lamont M.A.; Dennis N.R., 1988:
Etiology of mild mental retardation

Poskanzer D.C.; Walker A.M.; Prenney L.B.; Sheridan J.L., 1981:
Etiology of multiple sclerosis temporal spatial clustering indicating 2 environmental exposures before onset

Sweeny P.R.; Brown R.G., 1981:
Etiology of muscular dystrophy in mammals a new perspective and hypothesis

Sarno J.E., 1981:
Etiology of neck and back pain an autonomic myo neuralgia

Uchida J.Y.; Aragaki M., 1979:
Etiology of necrotic flecks on dendrobium blossoms

Otesile E.B.; Oduye O.O., 1983:
Etiology of neo natal mortality in west african dwarf sheep

Blyumina M.G.; Moskovkina A.G., 1982:
Etiology of neuro sensory hypoacusis in children having parents with normal hearing

Dejonckere P.; Hamoir M., 1980:
Etiology of neurogenic lesions of larynx diagnosed by electro myography

Allan L.D.; Crawford D.C.; Sheridan R.; Chapman M.G., 1986:
Etiology of non immune hydrops the value of echocardiography

Serra Batlles J.; Xaubet A.; Picado C.; Agusti Vidal A., 1986:
Etiology of non traumatic chylothorax

Bowie, W.R.; Wang, S.P.; Alexander, E.R.; Floyd, J.; Forsyth, P.S.; Pollock, H.M.; Lin, J.S.; Buchanan, T.M.; Holmes, K.K., 1977:
Etiology of nongonococcal urethritis. Evidence for Chlamydia trachomatis and Ureaplasma urealyticum

Isdale, I.C., 1975:
Etiology of osteo arthritis

Sakurai T., 1982:
Etiology of otitis media with effusion based on clinical observation of acute otitis media in children

Hershman D.E.; Varney E.H.; Johnston S.A., 1986:
Etiology of parsley petroselinum crispum damping off and influence of temperature on disease development

Keller, M.A.; Aftandelians, R.; Connor, J.D., 1980:
Etiology of pertussis syndrome

Leech, R.W.; Goodkin, D.; Obert, G.; Scheithauer, B., 1987:
Etiology of pituitary apoplexy: review and case presentation

Galindo A.J.; Smith D.R.; Diener T.O., 1982:
Etiology of planta macho a viroid disease of tomato lycopersicon esculentum

Shann F.; Germer S.; Hazlett D.; Gratten M.; Linnemann V.; Payne R., 1984:
Etiology of pneumonia in children in goroka hospital papua new guinea

Valla, D.; Casadevall, N.; Huisse, M.G.; Tulliez, M.; Grange, J.D.; Muller, O.; Binda, T.; Varet, B.; Rueff, B.; Benhamou, J.P., 1988:
Etiology of portal vein thrombosis in adults. A prospective evaluation of primary myeloproliferative disorders

Williams, R.D.; Fanestil, D.D.; Blackard, C.E., 1976:
Etiology of post obstructive diuresis ouabain sensitive atpase deficit and elevated solute excretion in the post obstructed dog kidney

Luiz D.A.; Moodley J.; Richards A., 1986:
Etiology of postmenopausal bleeding in black women in durban south africa

Thiyagarajan C.; Silver J.R., 1984:
Etiology of pressure sores in patients with spinal cord injury

Ross R.K.; Paganini Hill A.; Henderson B.E., 1983:
Etiology of prostate cancer what does the epidemiology suggest?

Lange K P.; Holzheidt G., 1982:
Etiology of prosthetic stomatitis

Coello Ramirez P.; Medina Huerta L.A.; Diaz Bensussen S.; Zuniga V.; Larrosa Haro A., 1984:
Etiology of protracted diarrhea in infants

Kay, J.M.; Heath, D.; Hasleton, P.S.; Littler, W.A., 1970:
Etiology of pulmonary cholesterol ester granulomas H.J.; Macfarlane C.M.; Taljaard J.J.F.; King J.B.; Cooper R.C., 1987:
Etiology of pulmonary dysfunction in total hip replacement operations the influence of nifedipine on the factors involved

Demina A.A.; Pokrovskii V.I.; Il'ina T.V.; Larina L.I.; Devyatkina N.P.; Markova A.I., 1984:
Etiology of purulent bacterial meningitis

Koide, T.; Ozeki, K.; Kaihara, S.; Kato, A.; Murao, S.; Kono, H., 1981:
Etiology of QT prolongation and T wave changes in chronic alcoholism

Harger, J.H.; Archer, D.F.; Marchese, S.G.; Muracca-Clemens, M.; Garver, K.L., 1983:
Etiology of recurrent pregnancy losses and outcome of subsequent pregnancies

Voiculescu M.; Brailoiu M.; Perederi S.; Angelescu M., 1986:
Etiology of respiratory viral infections of the adult clinical considerations and therapeutic orientations a study of 100 cases

Anikhin V.N.; Novikov Y.I.; Stulova M.A.; Aksenova A.V.; Mityaeva V.V., 1980:
Etiology of rheumatic fever and nonrheumatic myo carditis

Mackay J.M.K.; Sim A.K.; Mccormick J.N.; Marmion B.P.; Mccraw A.P.; Duthie J.J.R.; Gardner D.L., 1983:
Etiology of rheumatoid arthritis an attempt to transmit an infective agent from patients with rheumatoid arthritis to baboons

Lipps P.E.; Herr L.J., 1982:
Etiology of rhizoctonia cerealis in sharp eyespot of wheat triticum aestivum

Benson D.M.; Jones R.K., 1980:
Etiology of rhododendron maximum dieback caused by 4 species of phytophthora

Lawson, D.E.; Cole, T.J.; Salem, S.I.; Galal, O.M.; el-Meligy, R.; Abdel-Azim, S.; Paul, A.A.; el-Husseini, S., 1987:
Etiology of rickets in Egyptian children

Raghuramulu, N., 1987:
Etiology of rickets in India

Caprilli, F.; Mercantini, R.; Marsella, R.; Farotti, E., 1980:
Etiology of ringworm of the scalp, beard and body in Rome, Italy

Andersson B.; Andersson M., 1982:
Etiology of scotty cramp and splay 2 motoring disorders common in the scottish terrier breed

Ogura Y.; Masuda Yu; Nishioka K.; Fujimoto A.; Akagi S.; Fujita A.; Suganami T.; Matsubara K.; Matsumoto N.; E.A., 1983:
Etiology of sensori neural hearing impairment in children in an auditory training nursery

Klisiewicz J.M., 1983:
Etiology of severe mosaic and its effect on safflower carthamus tinctorius

Lane, P.L.; McLellan, B.A.; Johns, P.D., 1985:
Etiology of shock in blunt trauma

Schnell, G.; Mueller, E.; Kern, H., 1985:
Etiology of shoot dieback of young larches in the subalpine zone 2. abiotic causes

Schnell, G.; Kern, H.; Mueller, E., 1985:
Etiology of shoot dieback of young larches larix decidua in the subalpine zone 1. studies on possible fungal infections

Newsome C.S.; Piron R.D., 1982:
Etiology of skeletal deformities in the zebra danio fish brachydanio rerio

O'neill N.R.; Rush M.C., 1982:
Etiology of sorghum sorghum bicolor sheath blight and pathogen virulence on rice

Sobiczewski P., 1984:
Etiology of sour cherry bacterial canker in poland

Johnson G.J., 1981:
Etiology of spheroidal degeneration of the cornea in labrador canada

Lauritsen, J.G., 1976:
Etiology of spontaneous abortion a cyto genetic and epidemiological study of 288 abortuses and their parents

Hanzawa T., 1983:
Etiology of spontaneous pneumo thorax a scanning electron microscopic observation

Sandler B.B., 1981:
Etiology of spring pollinosis

Liu, J.C.; Qiu, F.X.; Xu, A.Y., 1984:
Etiology of summer infant gastroenteritis

Prasada Rao G.L.N.; Rodrigues F.M.; Nambiapan M.; Nagarajan M.; Ghalsasi G.R.; Rodrigues J.J.; Pinto B.D.; Mohan Rao C.V.R.; Gupta N.P., 1982:
Etiology of the 1978 outbreak of encephalitis in tirunelveli and other districts of tamil nadu india

Burki F.; Nowotny N.; Hinaidy B.; Pallan C., 1984:
Etiology of the 1983 enzootic at the piber lipizzaner stud equine herpesvirus 1

Chernyshov V.I.; Isuev A.R., 1980:
Etiology of the free radical pathology in the sturgeons acipenser guldenstadti acipenser stellatus and huso huso during embryogenesis

Souza F.B.F.; Santos F.H.P.; Robbs C.F., 1979:
Etiology of the leaf blight of coconut

Nienhaus F.; Schuiling M.; Gliem G.; Schinzer U.; Spittel A., 1982:
Etiology of the lethal disease of coconut palm cultivar east africa tall in tanzania

Alter, W.A.; Hawkins, R.N.; Evans, D.E., 1978:
Etiology of the negative chronotropic responses to transient coronary artery occlusion in the anesthetized rhesus monkey

Trembovlya S.I.; Koroleva L.B.; Sukhareva M.E.; Vasil'eva V.I.; Alekseenkova L.I.; Sipacheva N.B.; Mit'kin A.B.; Khokhlova G.A., 1981:
Etiology of the respiratory syndrome in children with salmonellosis

Heusermann, U.; Stutte, H.J., 1977:
Etiology of the thrombocytopenia in vinyl chloride disease

Marius Jestin V.; Thibault E.; M.; Lagadic M.; Bennejean G., 1987:
Etiology of the venereal disease of the gander complementary data

Seshagiri Rao Y.; Rao J., 1979:
Etiology of the white tip nematode aphelenchoides besseyi disease in rice

Bethun Int Peace Hosp (China).; Chin People's Liberation Army, 1980:
Etiology of type A hepatitis

Bulmer, S.R.; Lamb, D.; Mccormack, R.J.M.; Walbaum, P.R., 1978:
Etiology of unresolved pneumonia

Jorgensen P.E.; Weis N.; Bruun E., 1986:
Etiology of urethral stricture following transurethral prostatectomy

Lemon, S.M.; Lednar, W.M.; Bancroft, W.H.; Cannon, H.G.; Benenson, M.; Park, J.H.; Churchill, F.E.; Tezak, R.W.; Erdtmann, F.J.; Kirchdoerfer, R.G.; Lewis, P.G.; James, J.J.; Miller, R.N., 1982:
Etiology of viral hepatitis in American soldiers

Qiu, F.; Li, G.; Suo, Y.; Wang, X.; Zhang, H.; Shao, L., 1977:
Etiology of virus pneumonia among children in beijing china 1973 1975

Chiu, F.H.; Li, K.Y.; Suo, Y.C.; Wang, H.Y.; Chang, H.Y.; Lan, S., 1977:
Etiology of virus pneumonia among children in peking china 1973 1975

Nath K.R.; Kostak B.J., 1986:
Etiology of white spot defect in swiss cheese made from pasteurized milk

Tereshchenko A.V.; Nosov A.T., 1981:
Etiology pathogenesis and clinical picture of obstructions in the vesico urethral segment in children

Nattermann H.; Horsch F.; Dietz O.; Froehlich G., 1986:
Etiology pathogenesis and control of pyogenic infections of domestic animals

Wildhirt, E., 1981:
Etiology, pathogenesis and sequelae of chronic hepatitis

Rubtsov, I.S., 1985:
Etiology, pathogenesis and treatment of acute pyelonephritis in urolithiasis patients

Kanios, K., 1986:
Etiology pathogenesis and treatment of alzheimer's disease

Kistler, B.R.; Merrill, W., 1978:
Etiology symptomology epidemiology and control of naemacyclus minor needlecast of scotch pine

Ammann, R.W., 1985:
Etiology, therapy and prognosis of chronic hepatitis

Keren, A.; Tzivoni, D.; Gavish, D.; Levi, J.; Gottlieb, S.; Benhorin, J.; Stern, S., 1981:
Etiology, warning signs and therapy of torsade de pointes. A study of 10 patients

Sherkov, S.N.; Khalacheva, M.; Kostova, T.; Malchevski, M.; Arnaudov, D., 1986 :
Etiopathogenesis and epizootiology of coccidiosis in rabbits

Jankowski M.; Gut W.; Litwinska B.; Slowinska I., 1986:
Etiopathogenesis and sequelae of viral neuroinfections in children diagnosis of neuroinfections caused by herpes simplex virus

Imbs, D.; Kantoch, M.; Jankowski, M.; Jarzabek, Z.; Gut, W.; Litwinska, B.; Sadowski, W.; Stempien, R.; Slowinska, I.; Et-Al, 1986:
Etiopathogenesis and sequelae of viral neuroinfections in children iv. etiology and clinical picture of severe neuroinfections

Berta V.; Russo R.; Pellegrino R., 1985:
Etiopathogenesis and therapy of leg ulcers

Tomaszewski L., 1987:
Etiopathogenesis of celiac disease facts and hypotheses

Migliorini S.; Volpi P.; Merlo M., 1986:
Etiopathogenesis of dislocation of the peroneal tendon in athletic activities

Borghese M.; Anelli L.; Galati G.; Ercolani E.G.; Rengo M.; Croce R.; Sappone G., 1984:
Etiopathogenesis of infiltrating cholecystopathy experimental research preliminary note on technique and basic principles

Neumann P.; Wendt K., 1985:
Etiopathogenesis of klebsiella mastitis

Yoo, T.J., 1984:
Etiopathogenesis of Meniere's disease: a hypothesis

Lanzetta A.; Volpi P., 1985:
Etiopathogenesis of meniscal lesions in sports

Zenoni S.; Vinciguerra P.; D.M.lfetta V., 1988:
Etiopathogenesis of the retinal detachment with macular hole in a myopic patient

O'sullivan, F.X.; Fassbender, H.G.; Gay, S.; Koopman, W.J., 1985:
Etiopathogenesis of the rheumatoid arthritis like disease in mrl 1 mice 1. histomorphologic basis of joint destruction

Slusarczyk, J.; Hansson, B.G.; Nordenfelt, E.; Krawczynski, K.; Karwowska, S.; Knap, J., 1985:
Etiopathogenetic aspects of hepatitis a 1. excretion of hepatitis a virus biochemistry of liver function and humoral immune response in patients with hepatitis a on admission to hospital

Slusarczyk, J.; Hansson, B.G.; Nordenfelt, E.; Krawczynski, K.; Karwowska, S.; Knap, J., 1984:
Etiopathogenetic aspects of hepatitis a 2. specific and nonspecific humoral immune response during the course of infection

Migneco G.; Chiarini A.; Tripi S.; Arista S.; L.C.scia C.; Mascarella A.; D.T.apani A., 1984:
Etiopathogenetic considerations on a case list of cirrhotic patients from western sicily italy

Giordano N.; Fioravanti A.; Calabria A.A.; Frati E.; Castagna M.L.; Contu L.; Menegale G.; Marcolongo R., 1983:
Etiopathogenetic interrelationship between hla b 27 and klebsiella aerogenes in ankylosing spondylitis

Wilhelmi G.; Ochsner K.; Witzemann E., 1986:
Etiopathogenetic significance of osseous changes in spontaneous osteo arthritis of the mouse knee joint

Halperin B.S.; Cervino J.G.F.; Dabul E.S.D.; Sanfilippo S.; Raffa J., 1985:
Etiopathogenic and clinical classification of the diabetic foot devoted to program its management

Feier V.; Wohlrapp E.; Stanciu N.; Dop I., 1987:
Etiopathogenic and therapeutic aspects in conglobated acne

Busu I.; Mogos D.; Nemes R.; Frujina V.; Vasile I.; Vilcea V., 1984:
Etiopathogenic and therapeutic considerations on tardily admitted peritonitis cases

Ghelase F.; Frujina V.; Paitici P.; Nemes R.; Guglia I.; Mogos D.; Manescu N., 1988:
Etiopathogenic and therapeutical considerations in colorectal traumatic lesions

Tardea A., 1985:
Etiopathogenic aspects in infantile bronchial asthma mechanisms and mediators part i

Pallares R.; Sitges Serra A.; Fuentes J.; Jaurrieta E.; Guardia J.; Fernandez Nogues F.; Sitges Creus A., 1984:
Etiopathogenic factors possibly implicated in the hepatic dysfunction associated with parenteral nutrition prospective study of 104 patients

Stasi C.; Errico F.; Stroffolino R.A.P.; Mazzeo T.; Albano L.; Gentile C., 1985:
Etiopathogeny and clinics of mammary dysplasia

Sandhu K.S.; Kumar N.; Joshi D.V.; Sidhu S.S., 1987:
Etiopathological studies on bovine aborted fetuses

Krishna L.; Kulshrestha S.B.; Kumar R.; Paliwal O.P., 1987:
Etiopathological studies on spontaneous cases of pneumonia in neonatal lambs and kids

Rascio N.; Mariani P.; Casadoro G., 1984:
Etioplast chloroplast transformation in maize zea mays leaves effects of tissue age and light intensity

Rascio N.; Casadoro G.; L., 1979:
Etioplast chloroplast transformation in sunflower cotyledons

Crosnier A., 1987:
Etisus bargibanti new species of new caledonia pacific decapoda brachyura xanthidae

Burtt B.L.; Smith R.M., 1985:
Etlingera the inclusive name for achasma geanthus and nicolaia zingiberaceae

Andelman S.Y., 1983:
Etodolac aspirin and placebo in patients with degenerative joint disease a 12 week study

Lanza, F.; Panagides, J.; Salom, I.L., 1986:
Etodolac compared with aspirin: an endoscopic study of the gastrointestinal tracts of normal volunteers

Cogliandro A., 1987:
Etodolac for rectal administration in clinical practice controlled clinical trial versus ibuprofen

Sanda M.; Zuchero D.; Shand D., 1985:
Etodolac safety profile in 992 patients

Coletta, R.; Maggiolo, F.; D.T.zio, S., 1988:
Etofenamate and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation treatment of painful spinal syndromes

Dell H D.; Fiedler J.; Kamp R.; Gau W.; Kurz J.; Weber B.; Wuensche C., 1982:
Etofenamate fatty acid esters an example of a new route of drug metabolism

Buzzi, F.; Tamborini, A.; Penotti, M.; Nencioni, T., 1987:
Etofenamate treatment of mastalgia

Karliczek, G.F.; Brenken, U.; Schokkenbroek, R.; Van-Der-Broeke, J.J.W.; Richardson, F.J.; Van-Der-Heide, J.N.H., 1982:
Etomidate analgesic combinations for the induction of anesthesia in cardiac patients 1. studies in patients with coronary artery disease

Karlicek, G.F.; Brenken, U.; Schokkenbroek, R.; Van-Der-Broeke, J.J.W.; Richardson, F.J.; Van-Der-Heide, J.N.H., 1982:
Etomidate analgesic combinations for the induction of anesthesia in cardiac patients 2. studies in patients with severe valvular heart disease

Lees N.W.; Glasser J.; Mcgroarty F.J.; Miller B.M., 1981:
Etomidate and fentanyl for maintenance of anesthesia

Calvo, R.; Carlos, R.; Erill, S., 1979:
Etomidate and plasma esterase activity in man and experimental animals

D.W.ldt D.J.; Hillen F.C.; Rauws A.G.; Sangster B., 1983:
Etomidate anesthesia with and without fentanyl compared with urethane anesthesia in the rat

Limsuwan C.; Grizzle J.M.; Plumb J.A., 1983:
Etomidate as a anesthetic for fish its toxicity and efficacy

Gin A M.; Bidabe A M.; Marchetti F.; Madras M.; Dartigues J F.; Floras P.; Sabathie M.; Caille J M., 1986:
Etomidate as an anesthetic agent in neuroradiological procedures two hundred thirty cases

Meyer B.H.; Hugo J.M., 1980:
Etomidate as anesthetic induction agent in open heart surgery

Amend D.F.; Goven B.A.; Elliot D.G., 1982:
Etomidate effective dosages for a new fish anesthetic

Lemaitre J L.; Ronchi L.; Ganansia M F.; Daaboul M.; Ronchi C.; Guillet J C., 1987:
Etomidate for emergency surgery in the elderly

Downing J.W.; Buley R.J.R.; Brock Utne J.G.; Houlton P.C., 1979:
Etomidate for induction of anesthesia at cesarean section comparison with thiopentone

Hoffmann, P.; Schockenhoff, B., 1982:
Etomidate for long term administration

Wanscher M.; Tonnesen E.; Huettel M.; Larsen K., 1985:
Etomidate infusion and adrenocortical function elective surgery

Hoffmann, P.; Schockenhoff, B., 1981:
Etomidate infusion anesthesia 1. hemodynamics and blood gas analysis in the early post operative period

Ewalenko, P.; Deloof, T.; Landreau, M.H.; Vandesteene, A.; Reinhold, H., 1981:
Etomidate infusion for laryngoscopy

Wagner, R.L.; White, P.F., 1984:
Etomidate inhibits adrenocortical function in surgical patients

Gelb, A.W.; Lok, P., 1987:
Etomidate reversibly depresses human neutrophil chemiluminescence

Ashton D.; Geerts R.; Waterkeyn C.; Leysen J.E., 1981:
Etomidate stereospecifically stimulates fore brain but not cerebellar tritium labeled diazepam binding

Sold, M.; Papst-Baierl, D.; Weis, K.H., 1985:
Etomidate vs. methohexitone in intravenous anesthesia with alfentanil and nitrous oxide oxygen a randomized double blind study of intraoperative hemodynamics and postoperative recovery

Giese, J.L.; Stockham, R.J.; Stanley, T.H.; Pace, N.L.; Nelissen, R.H., 1985:
Etomidate vs. thiopental for induction of anesthesia

Esumi, N.; Todo, S.; Arakawa, S.; Imashuku, S., 1986:
Etoposide and cytosine arabinoside combination chemotherapy for refractory acute lymphocytic leukemia in childhood

Trump, D.L.; Hortvet, L., 1985:
Etoposide and very high dose cisplatin: salvage therapy for patients with advanced germ cell neoplasms

Ciobanu, N.; Paietta, E.; Andreeff, M.; Papenhausen, P.; Wiernik, P.H., 1986:
Etoposide as an in vitro purging agent for the treatment of acute leukemias and lymphomas in conjunction with autologous bone marrow transplantation

Lazzarino M.; Morra E.; Alessandrino E.P.; Inverardi D.; Bernasconi P.; Castagnola C.; Bernasconi C., 1987:
Etoposide cytarabine therapy for acute leukemia following myelodysplastic syndrome or secondary to treatment for malignant diseases

Arbuck, S.G.; Douglass, H.O.; Crom, W.R.; Goodwin, P.; Silk, Y.; Cooper, C.; Evans, W.E., 1986:
Etoposide pharmacokinetics in patients with normal and abnormal organ function

Richards, M.A.; Waxman, J.H.; Man, T.; Ganesan, T.S.; Barnett, M.J.; Wrigley, P.F.M.; Lister, T.A., 1986:
Etoposide vincristine adriamycin treatment for recurrent or unresponsive hodgkin's disease

Barlow J.J.; Lele S.B., 1986:
Etoposide vp 16 plus cisplatin a new active chemotherapeutic combination in patients with stage iii iv ovarian adenocarcinoma

Tolkovsky, A.M., 1982:
Etorphine binds to multiple opiate receptors of the caudate nucleus with equal affinity but with different kinetics

Thorn B.E.; Levitt R.A., 1980:
Etorphine induction of analgesia and catatonia in the rat systemic or intra cranial injection

Kingston, T.P.; Matt, L.H.; Lowe, N.J., 1987:
Etretin therapy for severe psoriasis. Evaluation of initial clinical responses

DiGiovanna, J.J.; Gross, E.G.; McClean, S.W.; Ruddel, M.E.; Gantt, G.; Peck, G.L., 1984:
Etretinate: effect of milk intake on absorption

Schewach-Millet, M.; Shifer, O.; Ziv, R., 1986:
Etretinate in familial pustular psoriasis

White, S.I.; Marks, J.M.; Shuster, S., 1985:
Etretinate in pustular psoriasis of palms and soles

Charbit L.; Mangin P.; Rognin C.; Cukier J., 1983:
Etretinate in the prevention of recurrences of superficial bladder tumors

Schnitzler L., 1987:
Etretinate in the prevention of skin carcinomas

Vahlquist, A., 1987:
Etretinate pharmacokinetics in chronic renal failure. A preliminary study in psoriasis patients

Weber, W.; Arnold, H.; Drings, P.; Germano, G.; Mueller, K.M.; Queisser, W.; Westerhausen, M.; Obrecht, J.P., 1983:
Etretinate ro 10 9359 tigason 1 2 chloroethyl 3 cyclohexyl 1 nitroso urea and bleomycin vs. 1 2 chloroethyl 3 cyclohexyl 1 nitroso urea and bleomycin in advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the lung

Shelnitz, L.S.; Esterly, N.B.; Honig, P.J., 1987:
Etretinate therapy for generalized pustular psoriasis in children

Halkier-Sørensen, L.; Andresen, J.H., 1988:
Etretinate (Tigason) and bone changes

Riczo Z.; Berta M.; Szabo M.; Nagy G., 1987:
Etretinate treatment of arsenic induced keratosis and basalioma

Daldrup T.; Heller C.; Matthiesen U.; Honus S.; Bresges A.; Haarhoff K., 1986:
Etryptamine a new designer drug with fatal effects

Schwartz S.L.; Balter N.J., 1988:
Ets lung cancer epidemiology supportability of misclassification and risk assumptions

Gruia, M., 1977:
Eu edaphic collembola of the motru sec valley romania

Falk, R.J., 1977:
Eu estrogenic ovarian failure

Hartmann-Schroeder, G., 1980:
Eu littorals of the australian coast with particular attention to polychaetes and ostracods 4. polychaetes of the tropical northwestern coast of australia between port samson in the north and exmouth in the south

Hartmann, G., 1980:
Eu littorals of the australian coast with particular attention to polychaetes and ostracods 5. ostracods of the order podocopida of the warm temperate and subtropical tropical coastal sections of the southern and southeastern coast of australia between ceduna in the west and lakes entrance in the east

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Eu sociality in a mammal cooperative breeding in naked mole rat heterocephalus glaber colonies

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Euastrum ampullaceum f triquetrum new form chlorophyta

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Eubacterium fossor new species an agar corroding organism from normal pharynx and oral and respiratory tract lesions of horses

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Eubacterium plautii new combination

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Eubranchus tricolor new record in the western atlantic

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Eucalyptus dilemma a clarification thereof

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Eucalyptus in reclamation of saline and alkaline soils in india

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Eucalyptus oils in the defensive oral discharge of australian sawfly larvae hymenoptera pergidae

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Eucalyptus saxatilis new species from eastern victoria australia

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Eucalyptus stoatei as a subspecies of eucalyptus forrestiana

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Eucalyptus synandra new species myrtaceae of mallee from western australia

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Eucarpias 15 years of activities in genetic resources

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Eucelatoria sp females factors influencing response to cotton gossypium hirsutum and okra abelmoschus esculentus plants

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Euchalcidia yamamotoi new species from the ogasawaras japan with the description of a new genus hymenoptera chalcididae

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Euchirella paulinae new species family aetideidae from the dana collections copepoda calanoida

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Euchromius ocelleus new record for the netherlands lepidoptera pyralidae crambinae

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Euclidean distance as a measure of the degree of differentiation of the uterine body carcinomas

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Eucosma womonana lepidoptera olethreutidae a new pest of sunflower in the southern plains texas usa

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Eucreadium thapari new species from the intestine of a fresh water fish chela bacaila from gorakhpur india

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Eucrenonaspides oinotheke new genus new species psammaspididae from tasmania australia and a new taxonomic scheme for anaspidacea crustacea syncarida

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Eucricetodon asiaticus new combination an oligocene rodent cricetidae from mongolia/

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Eucryphycus new genus of california usa eelpout teleostei zoarcidae based on maynea californica starks and mann 1911

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Eudesmanolides trichomatolides b to e and a heliangolide from calea trichomata

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Eudiaptomus gracilis copepoda calanoida diel vertical migration in the field and diel oxygen consumption rhythm in the laboratory

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Eudistomin derivatives, novel phosphodiesterase inhibitors: synthesis and relative activity

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Eudistylia vancouveri a new sentinel organism for vanadium and titanium

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Eudrilid earthworms from ile ife western nigeria

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Eudrilin earthworms including a new genus from eastern nigeria

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Eudusbabekia artibei new species synoecomyobia new subgenus acarina prostigmata myobiidae infesting the phyllostomid bat artibeus phaeotis in panama

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Euf extractable nitrogen and its relation to nitrogen uptake and yield of wheat

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Eufilaria hibleri new species nematoda filarioidea from the common grackle quiscalus quiscula versicolor

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Eufolliculina uhligi new species a new member of the folliculinidae ciliophora with some comments on the genus eufolliculina

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Eugene penard 1855 1954 and his hypothesis on the origin of the autochthonous alpine flora 1908 with a brief chronological survey of the main concepts in botanical geography

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Eugenia verdoorniae new species myrtaceae from southern natal and transkei

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Eugenol a new attractant for the northern corn rootworm diabrotica virgifera coleoptera chrysomelidae

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Eugenol related attractants for the northern corn rootworm diabrotica barberi coleoptera chrysomelidae

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Eugenylglucoside, a New Natural Phenylpropanoid Heteroside from Melissa officinalis

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Euglena gracilis var bacillaris the photo receptor system for photo taxis

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Euglenophyta taxa new and rare for the ukrainian ssr ussr

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Euglossine bee pollination of the orchid cochleanthes lipscombiae a food source mimic

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Euglossine pollination of spathiphyllum araceae

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Eugregarine parasites of coleoptera from northeast region of karnataka india 1. cystocephalus devdharii new species found in the gut of rhytinota impolita

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Eugregarine parasites of coleoptera from northeast region of karnataka india 5. stylocephalus spp found in tenebrionid beetles

Patil, C.C.; Amoji, S.D., 1985:
Eugregarine parasites of coleoptera from northeast region of karnataka india 6. xiphocephalus spp found in tenebrionid beetles

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Eugregarine parasites of coleoptera from northeast region of karnataka india iv. steinina rodgii new species found in the gut of scleron reitteri

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Eugregarine parasites of coleoptera from northeast region of karnataka india vii. gregarina spp found in tenebrionid beetles

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Eugregarines from Caraboidea Coleoptera. New data and species.

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Eugregarines infesting the digestive tract of trichopteran larvae from some italian regions

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Euhadra tokarainsula new species from tokara islands kagoshima ken japan

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Euhemerobic calciphilous pine forests in little carpathian mountains eastern europe

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Euhypnos Forte (temazepam) for resistant insomnia: a clinical trial

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Euhystrichoceras and algericeras the last mortoniceratine ammonites

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Eukaryote prokaryote ratio as an indicator of stability for closed ecological systems

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Eukaryote ribosomes possess a binding site for concanavalin A

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Eukaryote thermophily role of lipids in the growth of talaromyces thermophilus

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Eukaryotic DNA polymerase alpha. Structural analysis of the enzyme from regenerating rat liver

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Eukaryotic dna polymerases isolation from zajdela ascites hepatoma

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Eukaryotic genome organization

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Eukaryotic initiation factor 4b of wheat germ binds to the translation initiation region of a messenger rna

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Eukaryotic initiation factor 4D. Purification from human red blood cells and the sequence of amino acids around its single hypusine residue

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Eukaryotic initiation factor 5 from calf liver is a single polypeptide chain protein of 62000 molecular weight

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Eukaryotic messenger rna 5' leader sequences have dual regions of complementarity to the 3' terminus of 18s ribosomal rna

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Eukaryotic messenger rna biogenesis in cell free systems

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Eukaryotic messenger rna cap binding protein purification by affinity chromatography on sepharose coupled 7 methyl gdp

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Eukaryotic messenger rna capping enzyme guanylate covalent intermediate

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Eukaryotic pre transfer rna 5' processing nuclease copurification with a complex cylindrical particle

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Eukaryotic ribosomal proteins stimulate escherichia coli stringent factor to synthesize guanosine 5 di phosphate 3 di phosphate and guanosine 5 tri phosphate 3 di phosphate

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Eukaryotic ribosomes can recognize pre pro insulin initiation codons irrespective of their position relative to the 5' end of messenger rna

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Eukaryotic vs procaryotic metabolic response to a low amplitude swept frequency magnetic field

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Eukiefferiella bedmari new species with a mediterranean distribution diptera chironomidae

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Eukiefferiella szczensnyi new species diptera chironomidae

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Eulaelaps stabularis and eulaelaps oudemansi mesostigmata haemogamasidae

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Eulaema bombiformis eulaema meriana and muellerian mimicry in related species hymenoptera apidae

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Eulalites obscurus new genus new species body fossil of the eocene flysch of slovakia czechoslovakia

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Eulepidinic lepidocyclinids from the zunini river sassello italy

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Eulerian sampling of zooplankton from marseilles vieux port france over a 24 hour period

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Eulima bonifaciae a synonym of eulima piriformis

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Eulimnadia texana packard conchostraca limnadiidae in rice fields in southwestern louisiana usa

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Eulimnichus expeditus new species from central america dryopoidea limnichidae limnichinae

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Eulittoral embankments of the lower weser west germany

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Eulophidae from mongolia hymenoptera chalcidoidea

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Eulophidae hymenoptera from korea with description of 2 new species

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Eumartii wilt of potato in alberta canada

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Eumecotarsus milidius new species from eastern anatolia asiatic turkey heteroptera miridae

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Eumedonia eumedon montriensis new subspecies lycaenidae

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Eumelanins as free radicals trap and superoxide dismutase ec activities in amphibia

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Eumenids collected by professor b. bonelli in ethiopia

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Eumenids collected in southern arabia by k. guichard hymenoptera note ii

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Eumerus compertus diptera syrphidae larva and puparium

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Eumetabolotoechia new genus of the rhynchonellidae brachiopoda from the givetian devonian of north america

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Eumetula striata new species a new shelf gastropod from the commander islands bering sea

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Eumida ockelmanni new species polychaeta phyllodocidae from the northern part of the oresund scandinavia

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Eumigus punctatus templadoi new subspecies from spain orthoptera pamphagidae

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Eumonocentrus villiersi new species of membracid homoptera auchenorrhyncha from ivory coast/

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Eumonopyta mintenna new species and teinoptila antistatica from java lepidoptera yponomeutidae

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Eumorpha intermedia new status sphingidae

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Eumyarion candeloni new species rodentia mammalia from the miocene of bezian near la romieu gers france

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Eumycetic mycetoma of the foot (maduromycosis)

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Eumycetoma in a british cat

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Eunicid polychaete annelids from japan part 2

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Eunicid polychaetous annelids from japan 3

Miura, T., 1977:
Eunicid polychaetous annelids from japan part 1

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Eunicites phoenicius new species a new fossil polychaete annelid from the cenomanian of hakel lebanon

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Eunoe laetmogonensis new species of polynoid worm commensal with the bathyal holothurian laetmogone violacea in the northeast atlantic

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Eunotia catillifera new species of diatom

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Eunotia flexuosa var rilensis new variety bacillariophyceae in the maljovica stream rila bulgaria

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Euodia costata new combination rutaceae from the eocene of southern england uk

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Euodynerus australensis new species from australia

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Euonthophagus rapillyi new species from israel coleoptera scarabaeoidea

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Euonymus europaeus agglutinin as a marker of endothelial cells in the human

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Euonymus japonica var microphylla stems immunity from an experimental inoculation by rhabdovirus like particles

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Euonymus latifolius naturalized in belgium and neighboring countries

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Eupalopsis vandergeesti new species of eupalopsellid mite from the netherlands prostigmata eupalopsellidae

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Euparal and its use in measurement of asbestos

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Eupatolitin 3 o rhamnoside in rudbeckia mollis compositae

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Eupatorin, a constituent of Merrillia caloxylon

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Eupatorium arachnoideum new species of compositae

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Eupatorium cannabinum found in flekkefjord vest agder county norway

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Eupatorium coelestinum its adaptability damage and control

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Eupatorium godfreyanum new species asteraceae a new species from eastern usa

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Eupelmidae hymenoptera parasites of inhabitants of cynipid nut galls produced in species of the genus quercus in the province of salamanca spain

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Eupenicillium cryptum new species a fungus with self limiting growth and restricted carbon nutrition

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Eupenicillium lineolatum new species from japanese soil

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Eupenicillium osmophilum new species

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Euphaseolin the predominant reserve globulin of phaseolus vulgaris cultivar hawkesbury wonder cotyledons

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Euphausia gibba new record and euphausia sibogae new record euphausiacea from the western part of the tropical and subtropical north pacific ocean

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Euphausiacean crustaceans from the indian river region of florida usa 1. systematics of the stylocheiron longicorne species group with emphasis on reproductive morphology

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Euphausiid distribution and biomass determined acoustically at 102 kilohertz

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Euphausiid larvae in the scotia sea antarctica and adjacent waters in summer 1977 1978

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Euphausiids in the coral and tasman seas australia during may 1972 1. horizontal and vertical distribution

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Euphausiids in the diet of some subantarctic eudyptes penguins

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Euphausiids of cook strait a transitional fauna

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Euphausiids of somalian waters and gulf of aden collected in the southwest during monsoon season

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Euphausiids of the continental shelf and slope of the pacific coast of canada

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Euphausiids of the sulu sea and adjacent waters

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Euphilomedes nipponica new species from hokkaido japan with a re description of euphilomedes sordida ostracoda myodocopina

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Euphorbia bruynsii new species from the karoo south africa

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Euphorbia cuneata in east and northeast tropical africa

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Euphorbia escula l. root and root bud iaa levels at three phenologic stages

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Euphorbia glauca is not a pachyclad

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Euphorbia gymnoclada boiss. isolation and characterization of triterpenoids and polymers from latex

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Euphorbia heterochroma euphorbia stapfii and related taxa

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Euphorbia indica hitherto little known name of a common indian weed

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Euphorbia lathyris as a potential crop plant an outline

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Euphorbia lathyris as an energy source

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Euphorbia lavrani new species from south west africa

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Euphorbia louwii new species section tetracanthae from the transvaal south africa

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Euphorbia maculata new record for the ukrainian flora ussr

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Euphorbia neriifolia a secondary indicator of marble deposits of ambaji northern gujarat india

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Euphorbia palustris new record in bromary finland

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Euphorbia subgenus chamaesyce in canada

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Euphorboid inflorescences from the middle eocene claiborne formation

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Euphrasia in sweden hybridization parallelism and species concept

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Eupithecia immundata new record new for brandenburg east germany

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Eupithecia innotata and its danish forms

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Eupithecia orphnata new information on nomenclature morphology bionomy and distribution lepidoptera geometridae

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Eupithecia silenicolata zengoensis new subspecies lepidoptera geometridae

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Eupithecini from korea and china lepidoptera

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Euplectrus puttleri established on the velvetbean caterpillar anticarsia gemmatalis in southern florida usa

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