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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5397

Chapter 5397 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Krupinsky J.M.; Berdahl J.D., 1984: Evaluation of agropyron intermedium for reactions to various leaf spot diseases

Samiei A.; Singh B., 1987: Evaluation of air dry and submerged soil samples for measuring critical available phosphorus levels in alkaline wetland rice soils

Yoon, M.C.; Kwan, S.P.; Park, K.T.; Park, C.C.; Chung, D.J.; Lim, S.K.; Kim, G.S., 1975: Evaluation of air monitoring system for environmental conservation in seoul

Grigor'eva K.V.; Goryacheva I.G., 1981: Evaluation of air pollution levels with respect to studies on the health status of the population

Tjade, O.H.; Gabor, I., 1980: Evaluation of airborne operating room bacteria with a Biap slit sampler

Hyman, W.A., 1982: Evaluation of alarm systems for medical equipment

Benedetti, M.S.; Strolin, P.; Roncucci, R.; Simon, M.J.; Lambelin, G.; De-Deuxchaisnes, C.N., 1973: Evaluation of alclofenac treatment regimes in man

Ishiguri T., 1986: Evaluation of alfalfa for its nutritive value and voluntary intake by neutral detergent analysis

Hardarson G.; Heichel G.H.; Vance C.P.; Barnes D.K., 1981: Evaluation of alfalfa medicago sativa and rhizobium meliloti for compatibility in nodulation and nodule effectiveness

Rowe D.E.; Gurgis R.Y., 1982: Evaluation of alfalfa medicago sativa synthetic varieties prediction of yield in advanced generations and average clone effects

Pailhe L.A.; Popolizio E.R.; Fernandez E.; Ricci H.R., 1980: Evaluation of alfalfa protein concentrate in laying rations

Zalov M.K.; Gammadova B.M Kh, 1979: Evaluation of alfalfa samples under irrigated conditions

Soliman K.M.; Qualset C.O., 1984: Evaluation of alien chromosome addition and recombinant isolines of wheat triticum aestivum

Jelen P.; Lawrence R.A.; Cerrone M., 1982: Evaluation of alkali extracted chicken protein for use in luncheon meats

Hedley M.; Tsunoda K.; Nishimoto K., 1982: Evaluation of alkyl ammonium compounds for use as low toxicity wood preservatives in japan

Nash A.F.; Gardner R.G.; Henderson W.R., 1985: Evaluation of allelism and seed set of 8 stamenless tomato lycopersicon esculentum mutants

Lockerman R.H.; Putnam A.R., 1979: Evaluation of allelopathic cucumbers cucumis sativus as an aid to weed control

Pastorello, E.; Ortolani, C.; Luraghi, M.T.; Pravettoni, V.; Sillano, V.; Froldi, M.; Amabile, G.; Zanussi, C., 1985: Evaluation of allergic etiology in perennial rhinitis

Morgan, D.H., 1988: Evaluation of alloplastic TMJ implants

Koshioka M.; Koshioka M.; Takino Y.; Suzuki M., 1982: Evaluation of aloe arborescens var natalensis and aloe extract

Parmar N.S.; Tario M.; A.Y.hya M.A.; Ageel A.M.; M.S., 1986: Evaluation of aloe vera leaf exudate and gel for gastric and duodenal anti ulcer activity

Shebuski R.J.; Fujita T.; Ruffolo R.R.Jr, 1986: Evaluation of alpha 1 adrenoceptor and alpha 2 adrenoceptor mediated vasoconstriction in the in situ autoperfused pulmonary circulation of the anesthetized dog

Lorentz, K., 1983: Evaluation of alpha amylase ec assays with 4 nitrophenyl alpha oligo saccharides as substrates

Vessella R.L.; Santrach M.A.; Bronson D.; Smith C.J.P.; Klicka M.J.; Lange P.H., 1984: Evaluation of alpha fetoprotein glycosylation heterogeneity in cancer patients with alpha fetoprotein producing tumors

Walker H.L.; Riley J.A., 1982: Evaluation of alternaria cassiae for the bio control of sicklepod cassia obtusifolia

Boyette C.D., 1986: Evaluation of alternaria crassa for biological control of jimsonweed datura stramonium host range and virulence

Walker H.L.; Sciumbato G.L., 1979: Evaluation of alternaria macrospora as a potential bio control agent for spurred anoda anoda cristata host range studies

Reddy M.S.; Willey R.W., 1985: Evaluation of alternate cropping systems for alfisols of the indian semi arid tropics

Bell, B.A.; Zaferatos, T.M., 1977: Evaluation of alternate solids handling methods for advanced waste treatment

Conover R.A., 1979: Evaluation of alternative methods for planting papayas carica papaya

Aguado M.T.; Perrin L.H.; Ramirez R.; Miescher P.A.; Lambert P H., 1980: Evaluation of alternative pathway and factor b hemolytic activities in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus correlations with the alternative pathway regulatory proteins

Lee S E.; Koopman B.; Bode H.; Jenkins D., 1983: Evaluation of alternative sludge settleability indices

Karathanasis A.D.; Hajek B.F., 1984: Evaluation of aluminum smectite stability equilibria in naturally acid soils

Luijendijk, S.C.; Zwart, A.; van der Kooij, A.M.; de Vries, W.R., 1981: Evaluation of alveolar amplitude response technique for determination of lung perfusion in exercise

Dewar M.J.S.; Dieter K.M., 1986: Evaluation of am1 calculated proton affinities and deprotonation enthalpies

Papagiannoulis, L.; Patelarou, N.; Vougiouklakis, G., 1985: Evaluation of amalgam restorations in deciduous teeth

Ebersole, J.S.; Leroy, R.F., 1983: Evaluation of ambulatory cassette electro encephalographic monitoring 3. diagnostic accuracy compared to intensive in patient electro encephalographic monitoring

Brinkerhoff, L.A.; Hussain, T., 1978: Evaluation of american and african bacterial blight resistant upland cotton lines in pakistan in 1977

Van Every B., 1983: Evaluation of amerscan technetium tin colloid agent for liver scintigraphy

Sittampalam, G.S.; Ellis, R.M.; Miner, D.J.; Rickard, E.C.; Clodfelter, D.K., 1988: Evaluation of amino acid analysis as reference method to quantitate highly purified proteins

Kothary P.C.; Fabri P.J.; Gower W.; O'dorisio T.M.; Ellis J.; Vinik A.I., 1986: Evaluation of amino terminus gastrins in gastrinoma syndrome

Fujii, T.; Kubota, A.; Togawa, K.; Mizushima, N., 1982: Evaluation of aminophylline suppositories prepared in a hospital pharmacy

Tasset, J.J.; Singh, S.; Pesce, A.J., 1985: Evaluation of amitriptyline pharmacokinetics during peritoneal dialysis

Lenhard U.; Gravenhorst G., 1980: Evaluation of ammonia fluxes into the free atmosphere over western germany

Yadav V.B.; Mistry K.B., 1985: Evaluation of ammonium orthophosphate and polyphosphate as carriers of zinc for maize zea mays cultivar golden bantam bean phaseolus vulgaris sequence

Stanford, G., 1978: Evaluation of ammonium release by alkaline per manganate extraction as an index of soil nitrogen availability

Rousseaux M.; Cabaret M.; Lesoin F.; Devos P.; Dubois F.; Petit H., 1986: Evaluation of amnesia associated with infarction restricted to the thalamic region 6 cases

Lewis, J.F.; Johnson, P.; Miller, P., 1976: Evaluation of amniotic fluid for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria

Weible, D.R.; Randall, H.W., 1985: Evaluation of amniotic fluid in preterm labor with intact membranes

Sharma B.D.; Katyal J.C., 1986: Evaluation of amounts methods and sources of zinc application to wheat in floodplain soils

Marks, M.I.; Vose, A.D., 1978: Evaluation of amoxicillin therapy in ill children

Rosano, T.G.; Clayson, K.J.; Strandjord, P.E., 1976: Evaluation of amp and fluoride as adenylate kinase ec inhibitors in the creatine kinase ec assay

Maas, A.H.J.; Veefkind, A.H.; Van-Den-Camp, R.A.M.; Teunissen, A.J.; Winckers, E.K.A.; Jansen, A.P., 1977: Evaluation of ampouled tonometered buffer solutions as a quality control system for ph partial pressure of carbon di oxide and partial pressure of oxygen measurement

Weiffenbach S.T.; Johnson D.D.; West R.L., 1988: Evaluation of an accelerated processing system for precooked beef products

Elliott G.C.; Lauchli A., 1986: Evaluation of an acid phosphatase assay for detection of phosphorus deficiency in leaves of maize zea mays

Buttery J.E.; Milner C.R.; Chamberlain B.R., 1987: Evaluation of an acid phosphatase kit using the alpha naphthylphosphate substrate with pentanediol

Stamper D.A.; Sterner R.T.; Robinson S.M., 1980: Evaluation of an acute mountain sickness questionnaire effects of intermediate altitude staging upon subjective symptomatology

Aberg, J., 1984: Evaluation of an advanced back pain rehabilitation program

Labonte, R.N., 1982: Evaluation of an advertising program on sexually transmitted diseases

Hii J.L.K., 1979: Evaluation of an aedes control trial using the 1 larva per container method in labuan island sabah malaysia

Estes, J.A.; Gilbert, J.R., 1978: Evaluation of an aerial survey of pacific walruses odobenus rosmarus divergens

Glinsmann, P.W.; Rosenthal, F.S., 1985: Evaluation of an aerosol photometer for monitoring welding fume levels in a shipyard

Yatscoff R.W.; Tevaarwerk G.J.M.; Clarson C.L.; Warnock L.M., 1983: Evaluation of an affinity chromatographic procedure for the determination of glycosylated hemo globin a 1

Lieberman, J.T.; Muessig, P.H., 1978: Evaluation of an air bubbler to mitigate fish impingement at an electric generating plant

Brant, L.J.; Bender, T.R.; Bross, D.S., 1986: Evaluation of an alaskan usa streptococcal control program importance of the program's intensity and duration

Atwal A.S.; Batra T.R., 1987: Evaluation of an alfalfa silage corn silage feeding program for dairy heifers from 200 to 300 kg body weight

Mahnken C.V.W.; Spinelli J.; Waknitz F.W., 1980: Evaluation of an alkane yeast candida sp as a substitute for fish meal in oregon moist pellet feeding trials with coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch and rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Brady, P.S.; Ku, P.K.; Ullrey, D.E.; Miller, E.R., 1978: Evaluation of an amino acid iron chelate hematinic for the baby pig

Bais, R., 1982: Evaluation of an amylase ec method utilizing p nitro phenyl glucosides as substrates

Ray, A.C.; Post, L.O.; Hurst, J.M.; Edwards, W.C.; Reagor, J.C., 1980: Evaluation of an analytical method for the diagnosis of cantharidin toxicosis due to ingestion of blister beetles (Epicauta lemniscata) by horses and sheep

Manninen, H.; Rytkönen, H.; Soimakallio, S.; Terho, E.O.; Hentunen, J., 1986: Evaluation of an anatomical compensation filter for chest radiography

Boxenbaum, H.G.; Dairman, W., 1977: Evaluation of an animal model for the screening of compounds potentially useful in human ulcerative colitis effect of salicylazosulfapyridine and prednisolone on carrageenan induced ulceration of the large intestine of the guinea pig

Henricsson A., 1979: Evaluation of an anti platelet globulin

Tanaka, H.; Umemoto, M.; Miichi, H.; Hayashi, S., 1987: Evaluation of an antiallergic agent (disodium cromoglycate) in rat conjunctiva using monoclonal IgE antibody

Henson A.R.; Zuber M.S.; Darrah L.L.; Barry D.; Rabin L.B.; Waiss A.C., 1984: Evaluation of an antibiotic factor in maize zea mays silks as a means of corn earworm heliothis zea lepidoptera noctuidae suppression

Hilborne, L.H.; Cheng, L.; Nieberg, R.K.; Lewin, K.J., 1986: Evaluation of an antibody to human milk fat globule antigen in the detection of metastatic carcinoma in pleural, pericardial and peritoneal fluids

Abad Esteve A.; Rosell R.; Moreno I.; Monras P.; Fernandez C.; Serichol M.; Clotet M.; Ribas Mundo M., 1986: Evaluation of an antiemetic regimen with high dosage methochlopramide dexamethasone and diphenhydramine in patients on chemotherapy with cisplatinum

Haddad N., 1987: Evaluation of an antirabies vaccine in field dogs in tunisia by serological technics

D.L.Hoz Gomez F., 1988: Evaluation of an antirubella vaccine by an epidemiological study on the outbreak of the disease in a junior high school in the countryside

Garvey Williams J., 1985: Evaluation of an antithrombin iii assay using the multistat microcentrifugal analyzer

Verma S.R.; Tonk I.P.; Gupta A.K.; Saxena M., 1984: Evaluation of an application factor for determining the safe concentration of agricultural and industrial chemicals

Sutton R.J.; Sutton H.E., 1983: Evaluation of an aquarium with external bio filtration

Rohm C.M.; Giese J.W.; Bennett C.C., 1987: Evaluation of an aquatic ecoregion classification of streams in arkansas usa

Campbell C.L.; Nelson L.A., 1986: Evaluation of an assay for quantifying populations of sclerotia of macrophomina phaseolina from soil

Silva M.B.D.Jr; Mori J.C., 1987: Evaluation of an astemizole suspension in the treatment of persistent allergic rhinitis in pediatrics

Anania V.; Bartoli E.; Desole M.S.; Faedda R.; Miele E.; Olmeo N.A.; Satta A.; Soggia G.; Vacca R., 1981: Evaluation of an atenolol indapamide combination in the management of hypertension with data concerning the toxicity and tolerability in experimental animals

Alexander, D.N.; Ederer, G.M.; Matsen, J.M., 1976: Evaluation of an atp assay as a screening method to detect significant bacteriuria

Nassi H.; Pointier J P.; Golvan Y J., 1979: Evaluation of an attempt to control biomphalaria glabrata in guadeloupe by using a sterilizing trematode

Bowell P.J.; Abdalla S.; Snape T.J.; Gunson H.H., 1980: Evaluation of an autoanalyzer method for quantitating anti a and anti b hem agglutinins in factor viii preparations

Tilton, R.C.; Ryan, R.W., 1978: Evaluation of an automated agar plate streaker

Nyhan J.W.; Drennon B.J.; Crowell J.M., 1983: Evaluation of an automated assay system to measure soil radio nuclides by l x ray and gamma ray spectrometry

Anderson, M.; Huff, H.; Naumann, H.; Marshall, R.; Damare, J.; Pratt, M.J.hnston, R., 1987: Evaluation of an automated beef carcass washing and sanitizing system under production conditions

Schoentag, R.A.; Pedersen, J.T., 1979: Evaluation of an automated blood smear analyzer

Burdash, N.M.; Teti, G.; West, M.E.; Bannister, E.R.; Manos, J.P., 1981: Evaluation of an automated, computerized system (automicrobic system) for Enterobacteriaceae identification

McLean, M.H.; Gallwas, J.; Hendrixson, M., 1973: Evaluation of an automated creatininase creatinine procedure

Tadano, J.; Niwa, M., 1978: Evaluation of an automated differential leukocyte counting system hematrak

Filburn, B.H.; Shull, V.H.; Tempera, Y.M.; Dick, J.D., 1983: Evaluation of an automated fluorescence polarization immunoassay for vancomycin

Hopper, M.L.; Griffitt, K.R., 1987: Evaluation of an automated gel permeation cleanup and evaporation systems for determining pesticide residues in fatty samples

Rodriguez-Castellon, J.A.; Robinson, C.A.; Frye, J.H., 1975: Evaluation of an automated glucose oxidase ec peroxidase ec procedure

Salmon, S.E.; Young, L.; Lebowitz, J.; Thomson, S.; Einsphar, J.; Tong, T.; Moon, T.E., 1984: Evaluation of an automated image analysis system for counting human tumor colonies

Nazir, D.J.; Brown, P.L.; Mcqueen, M.J., 1978: Evaluation of an automated immunoassay procedure for apo low density lipo protein for phenotyping type ii hyper lipo proteinemia

Sun, C.F.; Teng, J.T., 1988: Evaluation of an automated method for leukocyte differential counts based on electronic volume analysis

Conkie, J.A.; McCall, F.; Walker, I.D.; Davidson, J.F., 1984: Evaluation of an automated prothrombin assay using a chromogenic substrate

Lustgarten, J.A.; Wenk, R.E.; Byrd, C.; Hall, B., 1974: Evaluation of an automated selective ion electrolyte analyzer for measuring sodium potassium and chloride in serum

Odlaug, T.E.; Jarzynski, V.; Caputo, R.A.; Mascoli, C.C., 1982: Evaluation of an automated system for rapid identification of Bacillus biological indicators and other Bacillus species

Yoshida K.S.; Haruta M.; Kitada T.; Morichi T., 1985: Evaluation of an automatic colony counter for the determination of viable bacterial counts in foods

Goss, W.A.; Cimijotti, E.B., 1968: Evaluation of an automatic diluting device for microbiological applications staphylococcus aureus escherichia coli

Honda S.; Iwase S.; Fujiwara S., 1987: Evaluation of an automatic siphonic sampler for capillary zone electrophoresis

Delhalle E.; Carpentier M.; Boddin M., 1980: Evaluation of an automatic system for rapidly determining bacteriuria in daily practice

Vardapetjan R.R.; Letnansky K.; Vardevanjan P.O.; Panosjan G.H., 1983: Evaluation of an average nucleotide composition from melting curves

Mclaughlin R.J.; Sequeira L., 1988: Evaluation of an avirulent strain of pseudomonas solanacearum for biological control of bacterial wilt of potato

Brown G.C.; Nordin G.L., 1986: Evaluation of an early harvest approach for induction of erynia epizootics in alfalfa weevil populations

Thurston N.E.; Dundas J.B., 1985: Evaluation of an early postpartum discharge program

Felkel, H.L.Jr ; Pardue, H.L., 1978: Evaluation of an echelle spectrometer image dissector system for simultaneous multi element determinations by atomic absorption spectroscopy/

Elizabeth V.K.; Ramakrishnan A.; Nair G.R., 1982: Evaluation of an economic layer ration evolved at central institute of fisheries technology india

Maksimov, V.N.; Lifshits, A.V.; Korsak, M.N., 1985: Evaluation of an ecosystem's capacity for self regulation

Stross, J.K.; Banwell, B.F.; Wolf, F.M.; Becker, M.C., 1986: Evaluation of an education program on the management of rheumatic diseases for physical therapists

Beck D.E.; Fennell R.S.; Yost R.L.; Robinson J.D.; Geary D.; Richards G.A., 1980: Evaluation of an educational program on compliance with medication regimens in pediatric patients with renal transplants

Kaczmarski W.; Jakoniuk P.; Borowski J., 1986: Evaluation of an effect of immunization with protein fraction with immunosuppressive activity on resistance of mice to candida albicans infection

Lamontanara G.; Accettura D.; Accettura V., 1987: Evaluation of an electroencephalographic activation test in the fitness examination of boxers

Binder, P.S.; Kohler, J.A.; Rorabaugh, D.A., 1977: Evaluation of an electronic corneal pachometer

Halliday G.M.; Salaman M.R.; Seifert M.H.; Johnson K.J.; Malcolm A.D.B., 1985: Evaluation of an elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay system for determination of class specific antibodies to native and denatured dna in man

Garcia Franco S.; Ambrosio A.M.; Feuillade M.R.; Maiztegui J.I., 1988: Evaluation of an elisa for quantitation of antibodies to junin virus in human sera

Oosterom J.; Den Uyl C.H.; Banfer J.R.J.; Lauwers S.; Huisman J.; Busschbach A.E.; Poelma F.G.J.; Bellemans R., 1985: Evaluation of an elisa for the detection of campylobacter jejuni antibodies and comparison with a complement fixation test

Sutherland S.S.; Ellis T.M.; Mercy A.R.; Paton M.; Middleton H., 1987: Evaluation of an elisa for the detection of corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis infection in sheep

Hohdatsu T.; Eiguchi Y.; Ide S.; Baba K.; Yamagishi H.; Kume T.; Matumoto M., 1987: Evaluation of an elisa for the detection of transmissible gastroenteritis virus antibodies

Miller, A.; Sikorska, H.; Salvi, M.; Wall, J.R., 1986: Evaluation of an elisa for the measurement of autoantibodies against eye muscle membrane antigens in graves' ophthalmopathy

Barclay W.S.; Callow K.A.; Sergeant M.; A.N.kib W., 1988: Evaluation of an elisa that measures rhinovirus specific antibodies in human sera and nasal secretions

Goldberg, S.J.; Dickinson, D.F.; Wilson, N., 1985: Evaluation of an elliptical area technique for calculating mitral blood flow by Doppler echocardiography

Gore J.M.; Haffajee C.I.; Goldberg R.J.; Ostroff M.; Shustak C.L.; Cahill N.M.; Howe J.P.IIi; Dalen J.E., 1983: Evaluation of an emergency cardiac transport system

Overman A.R.; Angley E.A.; Wilkinson S.R., 1988: Evaluation of an empirical model of coastal bermudagrass production

Adamson, G.W.; Bush, J.A., 1976: Evaluation of an empirical structure activity relationship for property prediction in a structurally diverse group of local anesthetics

Nadolski, J.N.; Sandonato, C.E., 1987: Evaluation of an employee assistance program

Acuff G.R.; Vanderzant C.; Gardner F.A.; Golan F.A., 1982: Evaluation of an enrichment plating procedure for the recovery of campylobacter jejuni from turkey eggs and meat

Hardy J.G.; Evans D.F.; Zaki I.; Clark A.G.; Tonnesen H.H.; Gamst O.N., 1987: Evaluation of an enteric coated naproxen tablet using gamma scintigraphy and ph monitoring

Stevens R.J., 1979: Evaluation of an enzymatic method for ortho phosphate determination in fresh waters

van Ulsen, J.; Dumas, A.M.; Wagenvoort, J.H.; van Zuuren, A.; van Joost, T.; Stolz, E., 1987: Evaluation of an enzyme immunoassay for detection of herpes simplex virus antigen in genital lesions

Demetriou, E.; Sackett, R.; Welch, D.F.; Kaplan, D.W., 1984: Evaluation of an enzyme immunoassay for detection of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in an adolescent population

Wallace, J.E.; Harris, S.C.; Shimek, E.L., 1980: Evaluation of an enzyme immunoassay for determining diazepam and nordiazepam in serum and urine

Mueller F.; Moskophidis M., 1984: Evaluation of an enzyme immunoassay for immunoglobulin m antibodies to treponema pallidum in syphilis in man

Gray M.A.; Luckins A.G.; Rae P.F.; Brown C.G.D., 1980: Evaluation of an enzyme immunoassay for sero diagnosis of infections with theileria parva and theileria annulata

O'Leary, T.D.; Ratcliff, R.M.; Geary, T.D., 1980: Evaluation of an enzyme immunoassay for serum gentamicin

Shi, L.Z.; Zhao, H.Y., 1987: Evaluation of an enzyme immunoassay for the detection of antibodies against Sarcocystis spp. in naturally infected cattle in China

Tjiam, K.H.; van Heijst, B.Y.; van Zuuren, A.; Wagenvoort, J.H.; van Joost, T.; Stolz, E.; Michel, M.F., 1986: Evaluation of an enzyme immunoassay for the diagnosis of chlamydial infections in urogenital specimens

Stokes R.P.; Thompson R.A., 1988: Evaluation of an enzyme immunoassay for total ige on a semi automated analyzer a multicenter study

Raam, S.; Vrabel, D.M., 1986: Evaluation of an enzyme immunoassay kit for estrogen receptor measurements

Stemshorn B.W.; Nielsen K.H.; Samagh B.S.; Forbes L.B.; Ingram D.G., 1980: Evaluation of an enzyme labeled anti globulin test for anti brucella abortus immuno globulin g among 3 cattle populations

De-Vries, G.P.; Stout, J.P.J.; Sanders, G.T.B., 1984: Evaluation of an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa for prostatic acid phosphatase ec

Buller R.M.L.; Bhatt P.N.; Wallace G.D., 1983: Evaluation of an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa for the detection of ectromelia mouse pox antibody

Morgan M.A.; Smith T.F., 1984: Evaluation of an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa for the detection of herpes simplex virus antigen

Griffiths N.M.; Billington M.J., 1984: Evaluation of an enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for elisa beef blood serum to determine indirectly the apparent beef content of beef joints and model mixtures

Masunaga A.; Tagawa M.; Ejima H.; Kurokawa K.; Matsuda H.; Nogami S.; Tanaka H., 1984: Evaluation of an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa for diagnosis of dirofilariasis

Stevens R.W.; Schmitt M.E., 1985: Evaluation of an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa for treponemal antibody

Jeroch H.; Aboud M.; Engerer K H.; Gebhardt G., 1988: Evaluation of an enzyme preparation containing beta glucanase in broiler fattening rations based on barley

Wilson, D.W.; John, B.M.; Groom, G.V.; Pierrepoint, C.G.; Griffiths, K., 1977: Evaluation of an estradiol radio immunoassay by high resolution mass fragmentography

Rosenthal, W.D.; Kanemasu, E.T.; Raney, R.J.; Stone, L.R., 1977: Evaluation of an evapo transpiration model for corn

Hanson W.D.; Johnson E.C., 1981: Evaluation of an exotic maize zea mays cultivar tuxpeno population adapted to locality

S.W.J.; Bourlioux P.; Bournaud M.; Besnier M.O.; Fourniat J., 1986: Evaluation of an experimental animal model allowing the study of hamster anti clostridium difficile cecal microflora

Nasu M.; Goto J.; Goto Y.; Tashiro T.; Itoga T., 1985: Evaluation of an experimental animal model for estimating the pathogenicity and the efficacy of antibiotic treatment in bacterial infection

Wheale, J.L., 1983: Evaluation of an experimental central warning system with a synthesized voice component

Ogborne, A.C.; Wilmot, R., 1979: Evaluation of an experimental counseling service for male skid row alcoholics

Pepper V.A.; Oliver N.P.; Blundon R., 1985: Evaluation of an experimental in lacustrine rearing of juvenile anadromous atlantic salmon salmo salar

Rao S.G.; Hrishikeshavan H.J.; Prasad K.V.R.S.G.; Guruswami M.N., 1985: Evaluation of an experimental model for studying urolithiasis effect of aerva lanata on urinary stones

Zaleska M.; Bulanda M.; Heczko P.B., 1988: Evaluation of an experimental model in rabbits for a study of toxic shock syndrome

Law B.; Moffat A.C., 1981: Evaluation of an homogeneous enzyme immunoassay and radio immunoassay for barbiturates

A.S.eikh W.; Heal A.V.; Pefkaros K.C.; Pina I.L.; Serafini A.N.; Ihmedian I.H.; Ashkar F.S., 1984: Evaluation of an immuno radiometric assay specific for the creatine kinase mb iso enzyme for detection of acute myo cardial infarction

Williams J.A.R.; Hunter R.; Thomas D.W.; Coles M.E.; Leong A.S.Y.; Walsh R.; Hoffmann D.C.; Huber T.W.; Sen A., 1987: Evaluation of an immunochemical test for fecal occult blood in screening for colorectal neoplasia in a high risk group

Rummens J.L.; Hidajat M.; Van Hoof A.; Louwagie A.; Criel A., 1986: Evaluation of an immunoenzymatic method for staining hematological cell populations using monoclonal antibodies

Calabro G.; Brunetti B.; Marino C.; Scalvenzi M., 1985: Evaluation of an immunoenzymatic method in the diagnosis of gonorrhea

Catalan F.; Khoury B.; Doule D.; Margeray M., 1984: Evaluation of an immunoenzymatic technique for the study of serum antichlamydial antibodies

Smikle M.F.; Moodie K.; Prabhakar P.; James O.; Sharma A.P.; Brathwaite A.R., 1985: Evaluation of an immunofluorescence test for the diagnosis of gonorrhea

Shelley M.D.; Fish R.G., 1986: Evaluation of an immunoradiometric assay for the detection of an ovarian tumor marker ca 125 in serum

Paloheimo, L.; Pajari-Backas, M.; Pitkänen, E.; Melamies, L.; Rissanen, R., 1987: Evaluation of an immunoturbidimetric microalbuminuria assay

Moss, P.L.; Dmytrus, K.C.; Roux, J.F., 1977: Evaluation of an impedance measurement technique for uterine contraction recording

Vo-Dinh, T., 1987: Evaluation of an improved fiberoptics luminescence skin monitor with background correction

Lancette G.A.; Peeler J.T.; Lanier J.M., 1986: Evaluation of an improved most probable number medium for recovery of stressed and nonstressed staphylococcus aureus

Pragay, D.A.; Edwards, L.; Toppin, M.; Palmer, R.R.; Chilcote, M.E., 1974: Evaluation of an improved pneumatic tube system suitable for transportation of blood specimens

Gurka D.F.; Titus R.; Griffiths P.R.; Henry D.; Giorgetti A., 1987: Evaluation of an improved single beam gas chromatography fourier transform ir interface for environmental analysis

Castle D.; Kessock Philip S.; Easmon C.S.F., 1982: Evaluation of an improved streptex kit for the grouping of beta hemolytic streptococci by agglutination

Sherman, S.E., 1979: Evaluation of an improved suture for cataract surgery

Yeh H.C.; Cheng Y.S.; Carpenter R.L., 1983: Evaluation of an in line dilutor for submicron aerosols

Smith D.I., 1983: Evaluation of an in patient alcohol rehabilitation program

Childs, G.E.; Wimonwattrawatee, T.; Pooyindee, N., 1988: Evaluation of an in vitro assay system for drug susceptibility of field isolates of Plasmodium falciparum from southern Thailand

Fornander, J.; Bergmark, J.; Jagenburg, R.; Hasselgren, P.O., 1985: Evaluation of an in vitro method for the study of hepatic protein synthesis in liver ischemia

Segre, G.V.; Rosenblatt, M.; Tully, G.L.; Laugharn, J.; Reit, B.; Potts, J.T., 1985: Evaluation of an in vitro parathyroid hormone antagonist in vivo in dogs

Bracher, M.; Faller, C.; Noser, F.K., 1987: Evaluation of an in vitro percutaneous permeation model with two oxidative hair dyes

Sabchareon, A.; Chongsuphajaisiddhi, T.; Attanath, P.; Meemanee, B.; Wernsdorfer, W., 1987: Evaluation of an in vitro test method for the assessment of sensitivity of Plasmodium falciparum to pyrimethamine and sulfadoxine

Beddoe A.H.; Streat S.J.; Hill G.L., 1984: Evaluation of an in vivo prompt gamma neutron activation facility for body composition studies in critically ill intensive care patients results on 41 normals

Valenzuela, H.P.; Lepe, L.R.; Barrios, L.J.; Ponce-De-Leon, H.L.elasco, M., 1975: Evaluation of an indirect bacteriological supervision procedure for tuberculosis

Taylor P., 1979: Evaluation of an indirect hem agglutination kit for the rapid serological diagnosis of mycoplasma pneumoniae infections

Kroeze J.; Ruiken R.; Van't Hof M., 1988: Evaluation of an indirect method for assessing the quality of amalgam restorations in epidemiological studies

Bentley, O.E.; Farrington, D.O., 1980: Evaluation of an induced Pasteurella multocida swine pneumonia model

Linhares W.I.; Sartori J.F., 1987: Evaluation of an inoculation method of wheat scab

Spiegel T.M.; Knutzen K.L.; Spiegel J.S., 1987: Evaluation of an inpatient rheumatoid arthritis patient education program

Miltenberger R.G.; Veltum L.G., 1988: Evaluation of an instructions and modeling procedure for training behavioral assessment interviewing

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Sahu, S.P.; Olson, N.O., 1976: Evaluation of broiler breeder flocks for nonspecific Mycoplasma synoviae reaction

Lillard, H.S., 1978: Evaluation of broiler necks flumed with diatomaceous earth filtered chiller water

Kayongo S.B.; Irungu K.R.G., 1986: Evaluation of broiler waste in formulation of concentrate for lactating friesian heifers grazing irrigated pasture

Ahmad N.; Sheikher C.; Guraya S.S., 1987: Evaluation of bromadiolone against the house rat rattus rattus gangutrianus hinton

Vogel K.P., 1983: Evaluation of bromegrass bromus inermis introductions for forage yield and quality

Moerlein S.M.; Laufer P.; Stoecklin G.; Pawlik G.; Wienhard K.; Heiss W D., 1986: Evaluation of bromine 75 labeled butyrophenone neuroleptics for imaging cerebral dopaminergic receptor areas using positron emission tomography

Gurgan T., 1982: Evaluation of bromocriptine treatment in hyper prolactinemia

Mochizuki, H.; Mitsuhashi, M.; Tokuyama, K.; Tajima, K.; Morikawa, A.; Kuroume, T., 1985: Evaluation of bronchial hyperresponsiveness in asthmatic children measuring by methacholine inhalation challenge

Rozniecki, J.; Gondorowicz, K.; Szmidt, M.; Grabski, W., 1978: Evaluation of broncho dilator and extrabronchial action of salbutamol aerosol in comparison with ventolin berotec and astmopent in patients with chronic obstructive bronchitis

Gay, P.C.; Rodarte, J.R.; Tayyab, M.; Hubmayr, R.D., 1987: Evaluation of bronchodilator responsiveness in mechanically ventilated patients

Maldonado Torres L.; Gonzalez Zepeda A.; Mendez Vargas M.M., 1987: Evaluation of bronchopulmonary diseases related to work and their social repercussion

Reinhold, C.E.; Nickolai, D.J.; Piccinini, T.E.; Byford, B.A.; York, M.K.; Brooks, G.F., 1988: Evaluation of broth media for routine culture of cerebrospinal and joint fluid specimens

Dowlatshahi, K.; Skinner, D.B.; DeMeester, T.R.; Zachary, L.; Bibbo, M.; Wied, G.L., 1985: Evaluation of brush cytology as an independent technique for detection of esophageal carcinoma

Aikat M., 1980: Evaluation of brush cytology in the diagnosis of esophageal malignancy

Amanullah; Nazrul Islam, K.M., 1980: Evaluation of buccal smear as an indicator of nutritional status

Anderson D.M.; Bowland J.P., 1984: Evaluation of buckwheat fagopyrum esculentum in diets of growing pigs

Vakshasya R.K.; Rawat M.S., 1985: Evaluation of budding and field planting periods for teak tectona grandis seed orchard establishment

Ahmed I.; Chaudhuri B., 1988: Evaluation of buffer systems in ophthalmic product development

Coppen M.J.; Noble C.J.; Aubrey C., 1981: Evaluation of buffy coat microscopy for the early diagnosis of bacteremia

Gupta, S.; Aggarwal, K.C.; Bhakoo, O.N., 1987: Evaluation of buffy coat smear examination in septicemia during infancy

Demichelis Genesio, M.A.; Sanz, M.C., 1981: Evaluation of buflomedil in geriatric patients suffering from vascular cerebral insufficiency

Makarechian M.; Farid A.; Berg R.T., 1985: Evaluation of bull and cow fertility at pasture in single sire mating

Makarechian M.; Farid A.; Berg R.T., 1987: Evaluation of bull fertility in multiple sire mating at pasture

Orlov A.V.; Kiyamov V.V., 1983: Evaluation of bull sires of the main simmental breed lines according to meat productivity of the progeny/

Yonekawa, Y., 1977: Evaluation of bullet train vibration for residents near railways

Woltering E.A.; Flye M.W.; Huntley S.; Kapp P.; Dwyer A.; Mclees B., 1980: Evaluation of bupivacaine nerve blocks in the modification of pain and pulmonary function changes after thoracotomy

Lindsay R.C.; Stuiber D.A.; Stewart B.; Carlson V.L., 1981: Evaluation of burbot lota lota acceptability for processing

Linn, B.S.; Stephenson, S.E.J. ; Smith, J., 1976: Evaluation of burn care in florida usa

Clark, M.L.; Paredes, A.; Costiloe, J.P.; Wood, F., 1977: Evaluation of butaclamol in chronic schizophrenic patients

Hall L.W.Jr; Lenkevich M.J.; Hall W.S.; Pinkney A.E.; Bushong S.J., 1987: Evaluation of butyltin compounds in maryland usa waters of chesapeake bay

Schomer, P.D., 1977: Evaluation of c weighted day night level for assessment of impulse noise

Moebus V.; Kreienberg R.; Crombach G.; Wuerz H.; Caffier H.; Kaesemann H.; Hoffmann F.J.; Schmidt Rhode P.; Sturm G.; Kaufmann M., 1988: Evaluation of ca 125 as a prognostic and predictive factor in ovarian cancer

Chen, D.X.; Schwartz, P.E.; Li, X.G.; Yang, Z., 1988: Evaluation of CA 125 levels in differentiating malignant from benign tumors in patients with pelvic masses

Haglund C.; Roberts P.J.; Kuusela P.; Scheinin T.M.; Makela O.; Jalanko H., 1986: Evaluation of ca 19 9 as a serum tumor marker in pancreatic cancer

Kryuchkov A.V.; Avdeeva O.V., 1979: Evaluation of cabbage hybrids by yield and keeping quality

Zauke G.P.; Dirks W.; Gieseke U.; Hartleb M.; Krause S.; Kunze S.; Von Lemm R.; Raschke H.P.; Schulz F.; E.A., 1985: Evaluation of cadmium and zinc immissions around a zinc coating plant

Eaton D.L.; Toal B.F., 1982: Evaluation of cadmium hemo globin affinity assay for the rapid determination of metallo thionein in biological tissues

Jewett, D.A.; Dukelow, W.R., 1978: Evaluation of caged mating behavior in Macaca fascicularis

E.N.nnah M.; E.K.bbia T., 1983: Evaluation of cairo egypt sewage effluents for irrigation purposes

Pande, U.; Pant, H.C., 1985: Evaluation of calcium arsenazo iii stoichiometry in the presence and absence of egta at various ph

Wheeler A.P.; Rusenko K.W.; George J.W.; Sikes C.S., 1987: Evaluation of calcium binding by molluscan shell organic matrix and its relevance to biomineralization

Bradley, J.G.; Huang, H.K.; Ledley, R.S., 1978: Evaluation of calcium concentration in bones from computed tomography scans

Dias L.E.; Carvalho L.J.C.B.; Ritchey K.D., 1985: Evaluation of calcium deficiency in different cerrado soils by means of wheat root growth

D.D.menico P.; Musolino R.; Serra S.; Gallitto G.; Bonanzinga M.; Puglisi R.M.; Padolfo I.; Baviera G.; D.P.rri R., 1987: Evaluation of calcium metabolism during anticonvulsant long term therapy

Ryzko J.; Lorenc R.S.; Socha J.; Ruszaczak A.; Kozlowski K., 1987: Evaluation of calcium phosphate metabolism in chronic liver diseases in children

Pak, C.Y.C.; Fetner, C.; Townsend, J.; Brinkley, L.; Northcutt, C.; Barilla, D.E.; Kadesky, M.; Peters, P., 1978: Evaluation of calcium uro lithiasis in ambulatory patients comparison of results with those of in patient evaluation

Visser, A.G.; Van Rhoon, G.C.; van den Berg, P.M.; Reinhold, H.S., 1987: Evaluation of calculated temperature distributions for a 27 MHz ridged waveguide used in localized deep hyperthermia

Franzini C.; Pagani A., 1984: Evaluation of calibration and control materials for the determination of hemoglobin in blood

Sheen, A.; Sly, R.M., 1980: Evaluation of calibration of spirometers

Muzika K.; Kovar J., 1987: Evaluation of calibration table and calibration averaging routines for quantitative determination of sucrose glucose and fructose using high performance liquid chromatography

Ohkubo T.; Noble A.C.; Ough C.S., 1987: Evaluation of california usa chardonnay wines by sensory and chemical analyses

Holder, I.A.; Kozinn, P.J.; Law, E.J., 1977: Evaluation of candida precipitin and agglutinin tests for the diagnosis of systemic candidiasis in burn patients

Emms, S.G.; Wortman, J.A.; Johnston, D.E.; Goldschmidt, M.H., 1986: Evaluation of canine hyperadrenocorticism, using computed tomography

Hatfield J.L.; Reginato R.J.; Idso S.B., 1984: Evaluation of canopy temperature evapotranspiration models over various crops

Herman D.M.; Hegg D.E., 1986: Evaluation of capacity and expansion requirements at a wastewater treatment plant

O.I.H.; Heege H.J., 1987: Evaluation of capacity in the ensiling of cereals in tower silos

Thompson, D.W., 1986: Evaluation of capillary gas chromatography for multicomponent drug analysis

Fehringer, N.V.; Walters, S.M., 1986: Evaluation of capillary gas chromatography for pesticide and industrial chemical residue analysis. II. Comparison of quantitative results obtained on capillary and packed columns

Pedersen W.L.; Perkins J.M.; White D.G., 1986: Evaluation of captan as a seed treatment for corn zea mays

Edmiston C.E.Jr; Goheen M.; Malaney G.W.; Mills W.L., 1985: Evaluation of carbamate toxicity acute toxicity in a culture of paramecium multimicronucleatum upon exposure to aldicarb carbaryl and mexacarbate as measured by warburg respirometry and acute plate assay

Simon J.; Zamora I.; Mendizabal S.; Bartolome V., 1979: Evaluation of carbamazepine and clofibrate anti diuretic effect by mannitol osmolar clearance

O'Donnell, V.; Mandal, A.K.; Lou, S.M.; Thadepalli, H., 1978: Evaluation of carbenicillin and a comparison of clindamycin and gentamicin combined therapy in penetrating abdominal trauma

Nagy, G.S., 1978: Evaluation of carbenoxolone sodium in the treatment of duodenal ulcer

Shannon W.M.; Arnett G.; Westbrook L.; Shealy Y.F.; O'dell C.A.; Brockman R.W., 1981: Evaluation of carbodine the carboxylic analog of cytidine and related carbo cyclic analogs of pyrimidine nucleosides for anti viral activity against human influenza type a viruses

Meredith J.A.; Rivas D., 1982: Evaluation of carbofuran and aldicarb for control of paratylenchus in commercial chrysanthemum chrysanthemum morifolium plantations in venezuela

Wretlind, A., 1975: Evaluation of carbohydrates in parenteral nutrition

Pruthi H.S.; Mehta S.K.; Pathak C.M.; Mehta S.; Nanda V.; Ayyagari A.; Sharma R.R.; Nain C.K., 1984: Evaluation of carbon 14 d xylose breath test in the diagnosis of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth

Venkatram A.; Louch R., 1979: Evaluation of carbon di oxide air quality criteria using a carboxy hemo globin model

O.H., 1984: Evaluation of carbon dioxide laser surgery to malignant tumor

Koizumi A.; Hirayama T.; Shiojima S.; Ikeda M., 1980: Evaluation of carbon felt dosimetry in comparison with 1 shot air sampling method and biological monitoring a field survey

Malloy C.R.; Sherry A.D.; Jeffrey F.M.H., 1988: Evaluation of carbon flux and substrate selection through alternate pathways involving the citric acid cycle of the heart by carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy

Gupta Y.K.; Doval D.C.; Nath C.; Saimbi C.S.; Saxena R.C., 1982: Evaluation of carbonated solution of xylocaine as local anesthetic

French J.V.; Gage E.V., 1983: Evaluation of carbosulfan for rust mite phyllocoptruta oleivora suppression on texas usa citrus

Meinel L., 1980: Evaluation of carcass inspection findings in a veterinary hygiene center

Manni A.; Santen R.J.; Boucher A.E.; Lipton A.; Harvey H.; Drago J.; Rohner T.; Haagensen D.; Glode M.; Santner S.J., 1984: Evaluation of carcino embryonic antigen and gross cystic disease fluid protein plasma level during hormonally induced cancer stimulation

Bulfoni A., 1981: Evaluation of carcino embryonic antigen in onco hematologic cases

Hayashi, M.; Kamiya, T.; Hamada, H.; Okabe, K.; Sasaki, Y.; Tsuzino, D.; Suzuki, H., 1976: Evaluation of carcino embryonic proteins and enzyme in obstetrics

Pai S.B.; Krishnabhargava M.; Vasantharajan V.N., 1983: Evaluation of carcinogenicity of fenaminosulf p di methylamino benzene di azo sodium sulfonate and di methyl p phenylenediamine in rats

Litvinov N.N.; Voronin V.M.; Kazachkov V.I., 1986: Evaluation of carcinogenicity of nitrosodimethylamine used in combination with benzene cadmium boron or ethanol

Kruglikov B.P.; Ipatova A.G.; Ul'yanenko L.N., 1983: Evaluation of cardiac activity in sheep by some electro cardiographic and biochemical parameters under experimental radiation stress

Rosenberger L.B.; Jacobs L.W.; Stanton H.C., 1984: Evaluation of cardiac anoxia and ischemia models in the rat using calcium antagonists

Tomoda, H.; Hoshiai, M.; Furuya, H.; Matsumoto, S.; Tanabe, T.; Tamachi, H.; Sasamoto, H.; Matsuyama, S., 1980: Evaluation of cardiac diseases with computed tomography

Strauss, H.W.; Pitt, B., 1978: Evaluation of cardiac function and structure with radioactive tracer techniques

Yagyu K.; Matsumoto H.; Asano K I., 1985: Evaluation of cardiac functions and atrial emptying index in mitral stenosis before and after open mitral commissurotomy or mitral value replacement using echocardiography

Watanabe, K.; Yamada, M.; Nishio, T.; Mori, C., 1984: Evaluation of cardiac hypertrophy in rats by vectorcardiography 1. relationship between cardiac mass and maximal spatial qrs vector

Gogin E.E.; Martynov I.V.; Konyaev B.V.; Nesterenko Y.B.; Zabrodskii V.V.; Petrov I.G.; Seleznev Y.K., 1980: Evaluation of cardiac insufficiency in the acute period of myo cardial infarction

Numao Y.; Sekiguchi M.; Hirosawa K.; Furuie T.; Watanabe K.; Izumi T.; Mikami R.; Mastui Y.; Oritsu M.; E.A., 1981: Evaluation of cardiac involvement through electro cardiogram in patients with sarcoidosis

Barlow, C.H.; Harken, A.H.; Chance, B., 1977: Evaluation of cardiac ischemia by nadh fluorescence photography

Frantsev V.I.; Vinogradova T.S.; Novoderezhkina L.B.; Baklykova S.N.; Fedorovich Y.N.; Shanin N.I.; Pokidkin V.A., 1980: Evaluation of cardiac output in abnormal arterio venous blood shunt

Brackett, D.J.; Schaefer, C.F.; Tompkins, P.; Fagraeus, L.; Peters, L.J.; Wilson, M.F., 1985: Evaluation of cardiac output, total peripheral vascular resistance, and plasma concentrations of vasopressin in the conscious, unrestrained rat during endotoxemia

Hayashida K.; Nishimura T.; Uehara T.; Kozuka T.; Sumiyoshi T.; Saito M.; Hiramori K., 1984: Evaluation of cardiac performance and infarct size in acute myocardial infarction assessment by combination of 1st pass method of technetium 99m pyrophosphate and its myocardial scintigraphy

Kurihara T.; Narita M.; Murano K.; Usami M.; Kanao K.; Honda M., 1983: Evaluation of cardiac performance reserve in patients with old myo cardial infarction by exercise stress gated cardiac blood pool imaging

Mizutani Y., 1984: Evaluation of cardiac response to exercise in coronary heart disease with echocardiography

Umezawa S.; Fujiwara H.; Hirai M.; Seki N.; Hiroe M.; Taniguchi K., 1987: Evaluation of cardiac response to exercise in patients with impaired cardiac function

Murphy, M.L.; Boger, J.; Adamson, J.S.; Rubin, S., 1977: Evaluation of cardiac size in chronic bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema

Stewart J.M.; Lankin D.L.; Gewitz M.H., 1984: Evaluation of cardiac volume by 2 dimensional echocardiography theory and in vitro testing of a model independent method

Nakajima K.; Bunko H.; Maeda T.; Yamada M.; Kojima K.; Tonami N.; Hisada K., 1981: Evaluation of cardio pulmonary circulation time with functional images

Lyubchenko L.N.; Tal'pis B.L.; Barg V.A.; Strongina E.I.; Kharina E.N., 1980: Evaluation of cardio respiratory function in children with chronic pneumonia using graded physical loads

Skorobogatova A.M.; Tarasova G.M.; Chumakov G.F., 1981: Evaluation of cardio vascular functional state in those working under various conditions of aero ionization

Bonnardeux, J.L.; Bonneau, J., 1977: Evaluation of cardio vascular mechanical efficiency during physical work

Jinnouchi S.; Asai J.; Inoue K.; Hoshi H.; Watanabe K., 1985: Evaluation of cardiomyopathy in duchenne muscular dystrophy by thallium 201 myocardial single photon emission computed tomography

Okita, K., 1984: Evaluation of cardio-pulmonary function on maximal exercise test in normal school children

Morishita, T.; Kawamura, Y.; Muto, T.; Yamazaki, J.; Okuzumi, I.; Wakakura, M.; Aoki, R.; Uchi, T.; Iida, M., 1988: Evaluation of cardiovascular responses to handgrip tests in patients with ischemic heart disease by radionuclide method

Philipson J.D.; Carpenter B.J.; Itzkoff J.; Hakala T.R.; Rosenthal J.T.; Taylor R.J.; Puschett J.B., 1986: Evaluation of cardiovascular risk for renal transplantation in diabetic patients

Krajevitch, A.; Laisney, S., 1984: Evaluation of care in the intensive care unit of a general hospital

Morimoto H., 1980: Evaluation of caries producing potentialities of japanese foodstuffs

Hutton J.; Koulourides T.; Borden L., 1982: Evaluation of cariostatic disciplines for post radiation caries

Fey M.; Meyers S.P., 1980: Evaluation of carotenoid fortified flake diets with the pearl gourami trichogaster leeri

Bernardi D.; Ferreri A.; Moretti P.; Antonio D.; Bonechi I., 1985: Evaluation of carotid artery atherosclerotic disease in middle aged uremic normotensive patients on long term hemodialysis by doppler flow velocity waveform analysis

Breslau, P.J.; Fell, G.; Phillips, D.J.; Thiele, B.L.; Strandness, D.E., 1982: Evaluation of carotid bifurcation disease: the role of common carotid artery velocity patterns

Illum L.; Khan M.A.; Mak E.; Davis S.S., 1986: Evaluation of carrier capacity and release characteristics for polybutyl 2 cyanoacrylate nanoparticles

Heath, R.; Carter, N.D.; Jeffery, S.; Edwards, R.J.; Watts, D.C.; Watts, R.L., 1985: Evaluation of carrier detection of Duchenne muscular dystrophy using carbonic anhydrase III and creatine kinase

Zatz M.; Otto P.A., 1986: Evaluation of carrier detection rates for duchenne and becker muscular dystrophies using serum creatine kinase and pyruvate kinase through discriminant analysis

Ascenzi, J.M.; Ezzell, R.J.; Wendt, T.M., 1986: Evaluation of carriers used in the test methods of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists

Cook, P.M.; Glass, G.E.; Marklund, D.R.; Tucker, J.H., 1978: Evaluation of cartridge filters for removal of small fibers from drinking water

Pinto A.C.D.; Genu P.J.D.; Ferreira F.R., 1986: Evaluation of cashew in the cerrados region of federal district of brazil

Kawano, K.; Daza, P.; Amaya, A.; Rios, M.; Goncalves, W.M.F., 1978: Evaluation of cassava germ plasm for productivity

Gomez G.; Valdivieso M.; Santos J.; Hoyos C., 1983: Evaluation of cassava manihot esculenta root meal prepared from low cyanide or high cyanide containing cultivars in pig and broiler diets

Schmidt, R.A.; Chan, H.P.; Kodera, Y.; Doi, K.; Chen, C.T., 1983: Evaluation of cassette performance: physical factors affecting patient exposure and image contrast

Leidi E.O.; Gomez M.; D.L.G.ardia M.D., 1986: Evaluation of catalase and peroxidase activity as indicators of iron and manganese nutrition for soybean glycine max cultivar williams

Chermat, R.; Simon, P., 1975: Evaluation of catalepsy in the rat

Wasfi, A.K.; Mathur, G.P.; Pierre, C.C.S.; Gnyp, A.W., 1978: Evaluation of catalysts for vapor phase oxidation of odorous organic compounds

Warshel A.; Sussman F.; Hwang J K., 1988: Evaluation of catalytic free energies in genetically modified proteins

Lipton M.J.; Doherty P.W.; Goodwin D.A.; Bushberg G.T.; Prager R.; Meares C.F., 1980: Evaluation of catheter thrombogenicity in vivo with indium 111 labeled platelets

Hakamata, T., 1980: Evaluation of cattle excreta on pasture fertility 2. simulation studies on uneven excretal dispersion caused by a grazing equipment

Hakamata, T.; Hirashima, T., 1978: Evaluation of cattle excreta on pasture fertility part 1 the excretal dispersion models and their applicable conditions

Tejada R.; Mcdowell L.R.; Martin F.G.; Conrad J.H., 1987: Evaluation of cattle trace mineral status in specific regions of guatemala

Georgescu A.; Mihailov C.; Iulier W.; Bereczki L.; Lintu O.; Kulcsar E.; Maxin M.; Radaut M., 1986: Evaluation of causes of risk in the multi modality treatment of cancer of the uterine cervix

Anagnost, J.; Bennett, J.M.; Sutherland, R.M.; Boros, L.; Siemann, D.W.; Mulcahy, R.T., 1987: Evaluation of CCNU and misonidazole in the treatment of advanced colorectal cancer

Hemsell, D.L.; Cunningham, F.G.; Nobles, B., 1983: Evaluation of cefamandole nafate for the treatment of acute gonococcal salpingitis

D.G.rolami P.C.; Maher L.A.; Booth M.T.; S.G.orge D.M., 1980: Evaluation of cefamandole susceptibility testing of enterobacteriaceae by the autobac 1 system

Reller, L.B.; Karney, W.W.; Beaty, H.N.; Holmes, K.K.; Turck, M., 1973: Evaluation of cefazolin, a new cephalosporin antibiotic

Nagao, T.; Komatsuda, M.; Yamauchi, K.; Nozaki, H.; Arimori, S., 1981: Evaluation of cefmetazole and piperacillin with or without tobramycin for infections in patients with hematological disorders

File T.M.Jr; Tan J.S.; Baird I.; Simon J.W.; Summers J.L., 1982: Evaluation of cefoperazone in the therapy of urinary tract infections

Ichimaru, M.; Takatsuki, K.; Niho, Y.; Sawae, Y., 1984: Evaluation of cefoperazone in the treatment of bacterial infections in patients with hematological diseases

Pizzimenti, F.C.; Naccari, F.; Alonzo, V.; Rotiroti, D., 1987: Evaluation of cefotaxime concentrations in rat cerebral areas and serum by microbiological method and HPLC

Nakanishi, Y.; Kasai, Y.; Maeda, A.; Hasegawa, N.; Hasegawa, M.; Gotoh, Y.; Higa, T.; Takamura, M.; Yagi, Y.; Nakamura, T., 1984: Evaluation of cefotaxime for postoperative infection in surgery

Tan, R.J.S.; Sng, E.H.; Rajan, V.S.; Lim, A.L.; Yeo, K.L.; Lim, E.W., 1978: Evaluation of cefotaxime hr 756 a new cephalosporin against penicillinase producing strains of neisseria gonorrhoeae

Korting, H.C.; Abeck, D.; Neubert, U., 1986: Evaluation of cefotetan in uncomplicated gonorrhea

Dillon W.P.; Seigel M.S.; Lele A.S.; O'leary J.A., 1981: Evaluation of cefoxitin prophylaxis for cesarean section

Thadepalli, H.; Webb, D.; Roy, I.; Bach, V., 1978: Evaluation of cefoxitin sodium therapy in anaerobic infections

McColm, A.A.; Sowa, M.A.; Ryan, D.M., 1984: Evaluation of ceftazidime, ampicillin and chloramphenicol in experimental Haemophilus influenzae type b meningitis

McColm, A.A.; Shelley, E.; Ryan, D.M.; Acred, P., 1986: Evaluation of ceftazidime in experimental Klebsiella pneumoniae pneumonia: comparison with other antibiotics and measurement of its penetration into respiratory tissues and secretions

Viscoli, C.; Gargani, G.; Facco, F.; Mantero, E.; Tuo, P.; Giacchino, R.; Campelli, A.; Nantron, M.; Perlino, G., 1985: Evaluation of ceftazidime in the treatment of 80 infectious episodes in compromised children

Shimokata, K.; Kawachi, H.; Yamamoto, M.; Torii, Y.; Sakai, S.; Nomura, F.; Senda, Y.; Suzuki, T.; Yasuda, Y.; Yoshii, S., 1985: Evaluation of ceftizoxime in the treatment of respiratory tract infections

Satta, G.; Cornaglia, G.; Foddis, G.; Pompei, R., 1988: Evaluation of ceftriaxone and other antibiotics against Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Streptococcus pneumoniae under in vitro conditions simulating those of serious infections

Cox C.E.; Sherrill J.M.; Cocchetto D.M., 1987: Evaluation of cefuroxime axetil cefaclor and cephalexin in the treatment of urinary tract infections in adults

Piquet J.J.; Crinquette Gamot V., 1987: Evaluation of cefuroxime effectiveness in preventing infection after ent surgery for cancer

Croton R.S.; Treanor J.; Green H.T.; Sykes D.; Wake P.; Eilon L.A.; Knowles M.A., 1981: Evaluation of cefuroxime in the prevention of post operative infection

Elmer W.H.; Lacy M.L.; Honma S., 1986: Evaluation of celery apium graveolens var dulce germ plasm for resistance to fusarium oxysporum f sp apii race 2 in michigan usa

Honda, N.; Matsuo, N.; Sakaguchi, H.; Kitamura, K.; Ohishi, H.; Uchida, H.; Nakai, T.; Yamashita, H., 1987: Evaluation of celiac plexus block by transaortic approach

Brown, M.; Petric, M., 1986: Evaluation of cell line 293 for virus isolation in routine viral diagnosis

Doutlik S.; Vacek Z.; Pekarek J.; Veprekova A.; Cech K., 1984: Evaluation of cell mediated immunity by a skin test using a set of recall antigens immunoskintest sevac

Nazarenko S.A.; Burmakina Y.E., 1986: Evaluation of cell proliferative kinetics with sister chromatid differential staining using two different points of cell fixation

Carvalho Filho E.T.; Papaleo Netto M.; Pasini U.; Oliveira R.M.; Bueno C.; Okumura Y.; Carvalho M.R.C.D.; Croce J., 1987: Evaluation of cellular and humoral immunity in the elderly

Pipy B.; D.M.roussem D.; Beraud M.; Berache P., 1983: Evaluation of cellular and humoral mechanisms of carbaryl induced res phagocytic depression

Sakamoto S.; Maeda H.; Yamasaki K.; Aikawa S.; Hinuma Y., 1981: Evaluation of cellular fluidity of peripheral blood lymphocytes from patients with uro genital cancers by a fluorescence polarization technique phyto hem agglutinin response and prognosis

Shochat S.J.; Miller C.A.; Snyder P., 1979: Evaluation of cellular immunity and adreno cortical activity in surgical patients

Anguiano Benito A.; Serrando D.B.rgos E.; Garrido D.C.ntreras A.; Uceda Gaitan A., 1986: Evaluation of cellular immunity in goats with brucellosis

Ablin, R.J.; Bruns, G.R.; Guinan, P.D.; Bush, I.M., 1976: Evaluation of cellular immunologic responsiveness in the clinical management of patients with prostatic cancer part 1 thymic dependent lymphocytic blastogenesis

Ablin, R.J.; Guinan, P.D.; Bruns, G.R.; Al-Sheik, H.I.; Sadoughi, N.; Bush, I.M., 1976: Evaluation of cellular immunologic responsiveness in the clinical management of patients with prostatic cancer part 2 effect of estrogen cryo surgery and trans urethral resection on thymic dependent lymphocytic blastogenesis

Ablin, R.J.; Marrow, C.; Guinan, P.D.; Bruns, G.R.; Sadoughi, N.; John, T.; Bush, I.M., 1976: Evaluation of cellular immunologic responsiveness in the clinical management of patients with prostatic cancer part 3 inhibition of leukocyte migration

Ablin, R.J.; Bhatti, R.A.; Guinan, P.D.; Bruns, G.R., 1976: Evaluation of cellular immunologic responsiveness in the clinical management of patients with prostatic cancer part 4 leukocyte adherence inhibition

Middleton M.C., 1980: Evaluation of cellular injury in skin utilizing enzyme activities in suction blister fluid

Suri Y.V.; Patnaik G.K.; Nayak B.C.; Gupta P.P.; Singh D.; Dhawan B.N., 1983: Evaluation of centbucridine for intra venous regional anesthesia

Sivachenko T.P.; Belous A.K.; Zozulya A.A., 1980: Evaluation of central circulation according to radio cardiographic data

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