Evaluation of Coomassie dye binding method for microprotein assay in diabetic proteinuria

Pun, K.K.; Varghese, Z.; Farrington, K.; Persaud, J.W.; Miller, P.; Beckett, A.G.; Moorhead, J.F.

Annals of Clinical Research 18(2): 103-105


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-4762
PMID: 3717876
Accession: 005397403

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A simple and relatively cheap method for quantitating diabetic microproteinuria with Coomassie brilliant blue dye binding method was evaluated. It provides a proportional reactivity to urinary albumin as measured by the more expensive immunoassay. The significant correlation between haemoglobin A1 and microproteinuria shows that the quantity of urinary protein is affected by metabolic control of diabetes.