Evaluation of dried poultry manure and urea molasses mixture as replacers to concentrate feed mixture in sheep rations 1. effect on some ruminal parameters

Gihad, E.A.; Mehrez, A.Z.; Shalaby, A.S.; Allam, S.M.; Abd-El-Gawad, A.M.

Ain Shams University Faculty of Agriculture Research Bulletin 1347: 1-23


Accession: 005397854

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Two rumen cannulated sheep were used to study the effect on rumen fermentation of replacing concentrate feed mixture (CFM) by dried poultry manure (DPM) or by urea-molasses mixture (UM). Four isonitrogenous (13% CP) rations were formulated. Wheat straw was used as a basal roughage in all rations. The CFM was used as a sole supplement in the 1st ration (control). Dried poultry manure replaced either 50 or 75% of the N of CFM in the 2nd and 3rd treatments. UM (8% wt/wt) replaced 50% of CFM-N in the 4th treatment. UM diet resulted in high NH3 peaks and produced high levels of VFA than the other 3 treatments because of the molasses. Ruminal pH and NH3-N at different intervals after feeding any experimental ration were within the normal levels which would allow maximal rate of rumen fermentation. This was further confirmed by VFA levels and similar extents of dry matter disappearance of wheat straw from dacron bags incubated in the rumen of sheep fed the 4 experimental rations. The rate of disappearance with ration 75% DPM was significantly (P < 0.01) lower than the other 3 treatments. Fermentation in the rumen was not altered, suggesting the possibility of replacing up to 50% of CFM-N by either DPM or UM.