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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5400

Chapter 5400 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Yamaguchi R.; Ushida S.; Wakikawa E.; Hirata A.; Okami T.; Asai M.; Tanaka M.; Nakata E.; Kameyama J., 1985: Evaluation of incidence and treatment of retinopathy of prematurity in kurashiki central hospital japan in the past ten years

Miller R.W.; Degraff W.; Kinsella T.J.; Mitchell J.B., 1987: Evaluation of incorporated iododeoxyuridine cellular radiosensitization by photon activation therapy

Hjelms, E.; Hansen, B.F.; Waldorff, S.; Steiness, E., 1987: Evaluation of increased serum creatine kinase as an indicator of irreversible myocardial damage in dogs

Sneshko L.I.; Simonov N.N.; Bernshtein M.I.; Mel'nikov R.A., 1979: Evaluation of indications and radicalness of hartmann operations for rectal cancer

Prepas E.E.; Trimbee A.M., 1988: Evaluation of indicators of nitrogen limitation in deep prairie lakes with laboratory bioassays and limnocorrals

Delgado Perez E.; Vega Cruz O.; Magrans Buch C.; Martinez Fuentes A.; Laferte Serrano J.; Nieto Misas S., 1986: Evaluation of indicators of nutritional status mose used in patients with chronic renal insufficiency proposition of a simplified evaluative method

Mishra, D.N.; Verma, B.L.; Singh, T., 1984: Evaluation of indices for assessment of therapeutic response in rheumatoid arthritis

Rao, C.U.M.; Shinde, J.E., 1977: Evaluation of indigenous sources of slow release nitrogen for flooded rice using nitrogen 15

Manek S.P.; Kamat V.S., 1981: Evaluation of indion crp 244 and indion crp 254 as sustained release and taste masking agents

Lommel S.A.; Mccain A.H.; Morris T.J., 1982: Evaluation of indirect enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for the detection of plant viruses

Maslanka K.; Walewska I., 1985: Evaluation of indirect fluorescent antiglobulin test in detection of antiplatelet alloantibodies

Prakash S.S.; Seth P., 1979: Evaluation of indirect hem agglutination and its inhibition in the differentiation between antibodies to herpes simplex virus type 1 and herpes simplex virus 2 for sero epidemiologic studies use of a ii i index threshold of 85 and an assay of type specific antibodies

Jones J.B.; Gitaitis R.D.; Mccarter S.M., 1983: Evaluation of indirect immuno fluorescence and ice nucleation activity as rapid tests for identifying foliar diseases of tomato lycopersicon esculentum transplants incited by fluorescent pseudomonads

Van Santen E.; Casler M.D., 1986: Evaluation of indirect ploidy indicators in dactylis subspecies

Sarda, R.K.; Minjas, J.N.; Mahikwano, L.F., 1985: Evaluation of indirect screening techniques for the detection of Schistosoma haematobium infection in an urban area, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Schauwecker D.S.; Leapman S.B.; Siddiqui A.R.; Filo R.S.; Smith P.G.; Forney M.N., 1983: Evaluation of indium 111 labeled lymphocytes in an acute rejection model

Mortelmans L.; Verbruggen A.; Malbrain S.; Heynen M.J.; D.B.kker C.; Boogaerts M.; D.R.o M., 1988: Evaluation of indium 111 labelled white blood cells by in vitro functional tests and electron microscopy comparison of three labelling methods

Nagashima J I.; Yamada H.; Nishino H.; Yamagata A.; Tanno M.; Chiba K., 1987: Evaluation of indium 111 tropolone labeled platelet scintigraphy in the aged

Buxton-Thomas, M.S.; Dickinson, R.J.; Maltby, P.; Hunter, J.O.; Wraight, E.P., 1984: Evaluation of indium scintigraphy in patients with active inflammatory bowel disease

Blumberg N.; Shah I.; Hoagland J.; Shrirer L.; Katz A.J., 1982: Evaluation of individuals deferred from blood donation for medical reasons

Ohshika Y.; Umesaki N.; Kawabata M.; Sako H.; Sugawa T., 1986: Evaluation of indomethacin in the non specific immunotherapy

Ohnishi N.; Yokoyama T.; Kiyohara Y.; Okumura K.; Kuroda K., 1988: Evaluation of indomethacin sustained release suppositories prepared with a methacrylic acid methacrylic acid methyl ester copolymer polyethylene glycol 2000 solid matrix

Ohnishi N.; Kiyohara Y.; Kita Y.; Kuroda K.; Yokoyama T., 1987: Evaluation of indomethacin sustained released suppositories using a hydroxypropylmethylcellulose acetate succinate polyethylene glycol 2000 solid matrix

Neal, A.D.; Wadden, R.A.; Rosenberg, S.H., 1978: Evaluation of indoor particulate concentrations for an urban hospital

Dwivedi A.K.; Pandey M.P., 1981: Evaluation of induced quantitative mutants in soybean glycine max

Douglas, J.T.; Wu, Q.X.; Agustin, G.P.; Madarang, M.G., 1988: Evaluation of inexpensive blocking agents for ELISA in the detection of antibody in leprosy

Wood A.B.; Kanagasabapathy L., 1983: Evaluation of inexpensive thin layer chromatographic procedures for the estimation of some organo phosphorus and carbamate insecticide residues in fruit and vegetables

Harris, D.A.; Burns, R.A.; Ali, R., 1988: Evaluation of infant formula protein quality: comparison of in vitro with in vivo methods

Ogawa T.; Suruga K.; Nagase K.; IIda S.; Arakawa Y., 1985: Evaluation of infantile liver cirrhosis by ri hepatogram using technetium 99m pertechnetate

Goldsmith, D.I.; Spitzer, A., 1979: Evaluation of infants and children for kidney disease

Yamamoto Y.; Sugiyama K.; Ishigami H.; Takimoto I., 1985: Evaluation of infants and young children with hearing loss not diagnosed in its early stages

O'Callaghan, C.; Chapman, B.; Coxon, R.; Howseman, A.; Jaroszkiewicz, G.; Stehling, M.; Mansfield, P.; Milner, A.D.; Swarbrick, A.; Small, P., 1988: Evaluation of infants by echo planar imaging after repair of diaphragmatic hernia

Balanescu I.; Maior E.; Dutu R.; Georgescu T.; Blidaru A., 1986: Evaluation of inferior aortocaval ganglional biopsy in cancer of the female genitalia

Skandhan, K.P., 1979: Evaluation of infertility due to semen antigenicity and certain techniques adapted for its detection

Clemmens A.J., 1981: Evaluation of infiltration measurements for border irrigation

Kadir S.; Strauss H.W., 1979: Evaluation of inflammatory bowel disease with technetium 99m di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid

Murphy B.R.; Chanock R.M.; Clements M.L.; Anthony W.C.; Sear A.J.; Cisneros L.A.; Rennels M.B.; Miller E.H., 1981: Evaluation of influenza a alaska 6 77 h 3n 2 cold adapted recombinant viruses derived from influenza a ann arbor 6 60 cold adapted donor virus in adult sero negative volunteers

Czeizel A.; Metneki J.; Osztovics M., 1981: Evaluation of information guidance genetic counseling

Weatherall, J.A.; de Wals, P.; Lechat, M.F., 1984: Evaluation of information systems for the surveillance of congenital malformations

Furedy, J.J.; Murray, H.G., 1976: Evaluation of informational control and preparatory response factors in classical aversive conditioning

Snider A.R.; Silverman N.H.; Turley K.; Ebert P.A., 1982: Evaluation of infradiaphragmatic total anomalous pulmonary venous connection with 2 dimensional echo cardiography

Claus, D.; Aschoff, J.C., 1982: Evaluation of infratentorial atrophy by computed tomography

Anon, 1984: Evaluation of infusion pumps 3. volumetric pumps

Crankshaw D.P.; Edwards N.E.; Blackman G.L.; Boyd M.D.; Chan H.N.J.; Morgan D.J., 1985: Evaluation of infusion regimens for thiopentone as a primary anesthetic agent

Cifkova I.; Puza V.; Drobnik J.; Josifko M.; Kucera J., 1983: Evaluation of infusion sets by biological and chemical testing

Lee, H.; Evans, H.E., 1987: Evaluation of inhalation aids of metered dose inhalers in asthmatic children

Walker, B.; Wikstrom, P.; Shaw, E., 1985: Evaluation of inhibitor constants and alkylation rates for a series of thrombin affinity labels

Salmon, J.A.; Tilling, L.C.; Moncada, S., 1985: Evaluation of inhibitors of eicosanoid synthesis in leukocytes possible pitfall of using the calcium ionophore a 23187 calcimycin to stimulate 5' lipoxygenase

E.A.eem S.A.; Schulz H., 1987: Evaluation of inhibitors of fatty acid oxidation in rat myocytes

Malinovskii B.N.; Chuprinina E.V.; Durneva G.N., 1984: Evaluation of initial sorghum forms in breeding for salt tolerance

Watanabe Y.; Tonooka I.; Kanaya T.; Tsuiki K.; Yasui S.; Komatani A.; Yamaguchi K., 1984: Evaluation of initial uptake and re distribution on stress thallium 201 myo cardial perfusion images in patients with myo cardial infarction

Fitzpatrick, T.J.; Mcdermott, J.A.; Osman, S.F., 1978: Evaluation of injured commercial potato samples for total glyco alkaloid content

Marzella, L.; Brotman, S.; Mayer, J.; Cowley, R.A., 1984: Evaluation of injured intestine with the aid of fluorescein

Tellnes G., 1984: Evaluation of injury prevention in general practice

Olszyk D.M.; Tibbitts T.W., 1982: Evaluation of injury to expanded and expanding leaves of peas pisum sativum cultivar alsweet exposed to sulfur di oxide and ozone

Zinner, N.R.; Sterling, A.M.; Ritter, R.C., 1983: Evaluation of inner urethral softness 2. clinical study using new grooved probe device

Masar M., 1982: Evaluation of innovated czechoslovak milking equipment dzok from the point of view labor productivity and functional reliability

Smith J.L.; Goos S.M., 1984: Evaluation of innovative supplemental iron source bio availability in the guinea pig

Gulya T.J.Jr; Martinson C.A.; Loesch P.J.Jr, 1980: Evaluation of inoculation techniques and rating dates for fusarium moniliforme ear rot of opaque 2 maize

Goszczynski W.; Cimanowski J., 1985: Evaluation of inoculation techniques of apple leaves with conidia of the fungus podosphaera leucotricha under laboratory conditions

Neirinckx, R.D.; Kronauge, J.F.; Gennaro, G.P.; Loberg, M.D., 1982: Evaluation of inorganic adsorbents for the rubidium 82 generator 1. hydrous tin di oxide

Neirinckx R.D.; Kronauge J.F.; Loberg M.D., 1983: Evaluation of inorganic materials as adsorbents for the strontium 82 rubidium 82 generator

Sinha R.P., 1986: Evaluation of inorganic phosphate on growth and lactose metabolism of lactic streptococci in batch and continuous culture

Miller M.L.; Koburger J.A., 1986: Evaluation of inositol brilliant green bile salts and plesiomonas agars for recovery of plesiomonas shigelloides from aquatic samples in a seasonal survey of the suwannee river estuary florida usa

Dufault C.P.; Sears M.K., 1982: Evaluation of insecticidal baits for control of the cabbage maggot delia brassicae diptera anthomyiidae on rutabagas

Shorland, F.B.; Mason, C.G.W., 1977: Evaluation of insecticidal smoke against the cockroach periplaneta americana

Wilson A.G.L.; Harper L.A.; Baker H., 1986: Evaluation of insecticide residues and droplet drift following aerial application to cotton in new south wales australia

Mukerji M.K.; Ewen A.B.; Craig C.H.; Ford R.J., 1981: Evaluation of insecticide treated bran baits for grasshopper control in saskatchewan canada orthoptera acrididae

Jagadish, A., 1978: Evaluation of insecticides against aphids myzus persicae and caterpillars spodoptera litura on tobacco in karnataka state india

Shriram; Shivankar V.J.; Patil B.D., 1985: Evaluation of insecticides against lipaphis erysimi infesting fodder mustard

Verma S., 1980: Evaluation of insecticides against pests and predators of the mustard crop

Prakash A.; Pasalu I.C., 1981: Evaluation of insecticides against sitotroga cerealella in stored paddy

Reagan T.E.; Gooding G.V.Jr; Kennedy G.G., 1979: Evaluation of insecticides and oil for suppression of aphid borne viruses in tobacco

Raemisch D.R.; Walgenbach D.D., 1983: Evaluation of insecticides for control of 1st brood european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae and effect on silage yield in south dakota usa

Atu U.G.; Okeke J.E., 1981: Evaluation of insecticides for control of cassava mealybug phenacoccus manihoti

Nowakowski Z.; Rejman S.; Dawydko B.; Dadej J., 1986: Evaluation of insecticides for control of codling moth

Sams R.L.; Smith J.W.Jr, 1980: Evaluation of insecticides for control of foliage feeding lepidoptera larvae on texas usa peanuts arachis hypogaea 1975 1977 and 1978

Mizell R.F.IIi; Schiffhauer D.E., 1987: Evaluation of insecticides for control of glyphidocera juniperella lepidoptera blastobasidae in container grown juniper

Halliday W.R.; Morgan N.O.; Kirkpatrick R.L., 1987: Evaluation of insecticides for control of stored product pests in transport vehicles

Elliott R.H., 1988: Evaluation of insecticides for protection of wheat against damage by the wheat midge sitodiplosis mosellana gehin diptera cecidomyiidae

Gandhale D.N.; Patil A.S.; Awate B.G.; Jadhav D.B.; Naik L.M., 1986: Evaluation of insecticides for the control of aphids and delphacids on jowar

Srivastava R.P.; Tandon P.L.; Verghese A., 1982: Evaluation of insecticides for the control of mango shoot gall psylla apsylla cistellata psyllidae homoptera

Sears M.K.; Mcewen F.L.; Ritcey G.; Mcgraw R.R., 1980: Evaluation of insecticides for the control of the hairy chinch bug blissus leucopterus hirtus hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae in ontario canada lawns

Mahto, D.N.; Sinha, D.C., 1978: Evaluation of insecticides for the control of whitefly bemisia tabaci in relation to the incidence of mosaic of cassava

Mayer D.F.; Lunden J.D.; Rathbone L., 1987: Evaluation of insecticides for thrips tabaci thysanoptera thripidae and effects of thrips on bulb onions

Tashiro, H.; Murdoch, C.L.; Straub, R.W.; Vittum, P.J., 1977: Evaluation of insecticides on hyperodes sp a pest of annual blue grass turf

Staat, R.H.; Beakley, J.W., 1968: Evaluation of inst laminar flow microbiological safety cabinets bacillus subtilis

House R.A.; Boehne P.L., 1985: Evaluation of instream enhancement structures for salmonid spawning and rearing in a coastal oregon usa stream

Schweingruber P.J.; Carroad P.A.; Leonard S.J.; Heil J.R.; Wolcott T.K.; O'mahony M.; Wilson A., 1981: Evaluation of instrumental methods for firmness measurement of fresh and canned clingstone peaches

Korttila, K.; Ghoneim, M.M.; Jacobs, L.; Lakes, R.S., 1981: Evaluation of instrumented force platform as a test to measure residual effects of anesthetics

Stephenson J.P.; Luxon E.G.; Monaghan B.A.; Gillespie R.G., 1981: Evaluation of instruments for continuous activated sludge monitoring

Solgaard S.; Kristiansen B.; Jensen J.S., 1984: Evaluation of instruments for measuring grip strength

Sapru R.P.; Mehra C.M.; Sialy R.; Chaku C.; Rastogi G.K., 1981: Evaluation of insulin and growth hormone secretion in patients with congenital and chronic rheumatic heart disease

Ronn B.; Mathiesen E.R.; Vang L.; Lorup B.; Deckert T., 1987: Evaluation of insulin pump treatment under routine conditions

Cederholm J.; Wibell L., 1985: Evaluation of insulin release and relative peripheral resistance with use of the oral glucose tolerance test a study in subjects with normoglycemia glucose intolerance and non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Ratzmann K.P.; Besch W.; Witt S.; Schulz B., 1981: Evaluation of insulin resistance during inhibition of endogenous insulin and glucagon secretion by somatostatin in nonobese subjects with impaired glucose tolerance

Ratzmann, K.P.; Witt, S.; Schulz, B., 1982: Evaluation of insulin resistance in non-obese subjects with impaired glucose tolerance

Calhoun, P.; Brown, K.S.; Krusch, D.A.; Barido, E.; Farris, A.H.; Schenk, W.G.; Rudolf, L.E.; Andersen, D.K.; Hanks, J.B., 1986: Evaluation of insulin secretion after pancreas autotransplantation by oral or intravenous glucose challenge

Kapolka D., 1986: Evaluation of insulinemia in subjects with peptic ulcer and obesity

Anderson K.; Koopman B.; Bitton G., 1988: Evaluation of int dehydrogenase assay for heavy metal inhibition of activated sludge

Vorob'ev A.M.; Korotkov V.T.; Simakov A.V.; Tsov'yanov A.G.; Starodonova N.P., 1982: Evaluation of intake by inhalation and accumulation of radioactive substances in the maintenance personnel of nuclear power stations

Inozemtsev A.A.; Ezhova S.A.; Pereshkol'nik S.L.; Frenkina G.I., 1980: Evaluation of integral effect of insectivorous birds on invertebrates in a hornbeam oak forest

Ibrahim M.E.; Aboulroos S.A.; Wasif M.; E.S.all A.M., 1980: Evaluation of intensity quantity and capacity parameters of soil phosphorus as factors controlling phosphorus availability to plants

Atanda, O.A.; Sanwo, J.O.; Jacob, V.J., 1975: Evaluation of inter nanay and inter parinari cacao progenies in nigeria preliminary assessment of growth precocity and black pod incidence

Slabbert J.L.; Maree J.P., 1986: Evaluation of interactive toxic effects of chemicals in water using a tetrahymena pyriformis toxicity screening test

E.K.ssaby Y.A.; Mclean J.A.; Fashler A.M.K., 1986: Evaluation of interclonal elemental profile variation in sitka spruce picea sitchensis seed

Nishiki M.; Yamane M.; Amano K.; Okumichi T.; Kataoka T.; Ezaki H., 1984: Evaluation of intercostobrachial nerve preservation in modified radical mastectomy for breast cancer preliminary report on sensory disturbance test results

Nozaki, J.; Atanasiu, P., 1975: Evaluation of interferon induced by rabies vaccines

Atanasiu P.; Yokota Y.; Gamet A., 1979: Evaluation of interferon production in humans after cell culture vaccination

Fojtik, A.; Vacek, V., 1983: Evaluation of intergeneric hybrids lolium multiflorum x festuca sp and their parental generations 1. yield characteristics

Premi S.C.; Oswal M.C.; Nagpal K.K., 1988: Evaluation of interlayer impedance to capillary rise of water in two layer soil systems

Naitoh A.; Tarumi T.; Nakase A., 1986: Evaluation of intermittent hepatic arterial occlusion with infusion chemotherapy for unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma

Goldin, A.S., 1984: Evaluation of internal control measurements in radioassay

Burns D.W.; Murphy M.P.; Jones K.L.; Parsons M.L.; Farnsworth P.; Ozaki E.T.; Staten R.T., 1983: Evaluation of internal elemental markers for mediterranean fruit fly ceratitis capitata diptera tephritidae reared on tagged artificial diets

Gagne M.; Talbot J., 1984: Evaluation of internal quality control material of the quebec society for clinical biochemistry after 21 months of use

Terlizzi N.; Storelli C.; Aresta M.; D'amore M.; Muratore M.; Martiradonna A.; Carrozzo M., 1980: Evaluation of intestinal absorption of calcium in rats treated and not treated with 25 hydroxy vitamin d 3 new study techniques

Mazzuoli G.F.; D'erasmo E.; Scarda A.; Spallone L.; Mancini D., 1979: Evaluation of intestinal calcium absorption by double isotope methods and oral administration of the tracer

Sanguigni S.; Cifarelli F.; Paparo B.S.; Settimi G., 1980: Evaluation of intestinal immuno globulin a in subjects with colon or rectum tumors

Sullins K.E.; Stashak T.S.; Mero K.N., 1985: Evaluation of intestinal staples for end to end anastomosis of the small intestine in the horse

Rosenhall, L., 1982: Evaluation of intolerance to analgesics, preservatives and food colorants with challenge tests

Nakamura K.; Lin M.; Tamaoka K.; Hashimoto H.; Kaminou T.; Tsubakimoto M.; Manabe T.; Yamada T.; Matsuoka T.; E.A., 1987: Evaluation of intra arterial digital subtraction angiography using carbon dioxide for liver tumor

Suma, K.; Tsuji, T.; Takeuchi, Y.; Inoue, K.; Shiroma, K.; Koyama, Y.; Yoshikawa, T.; Narumi, J.; Ochi, M.; Nakajima, K., 1980: Evaluation of intra cardiac repair of tetralogy of fallot from the viewpoint of right ventricular performance residual stenosis and collateral bronchial return

Aldrete, J.A.; Johnson, D.A., 1970: Evaluation of intra cutaneous testing for investigation of allergy to local anesthetic agents

Fujiseki N., 1981: Evaluation of intra lesional injection of triamcinolone acetonide in chalazia

Wan D.; E.A., 1983: Evaluation of intra luminal fluoro uracil chemo therapy as an adjuvant to radical resection for colo rectal cancers

Nesbit, M.; Chard, R.; Evans, A.; Karon, M.; Hammond, G.D.; Child-Cancer-Study-Group-(Usa), 1979: Evaluation of intra muscular vs. intra venous administration of l asparaginase in childhood leukemia

Rigoli M.; Palmarini A.; Giudice G., 1982: Evaluation of intra operative bleeding with different anesthesiologic techniques

Freiman, I.; Geefhuysen, J., 1970: Evaluation of intra thecal therapy with streptomycin and hydrocortisone in tuberculous meningitis

Willmott N.; Austin E.B.; Pimm M.V.; Baldwin R.W., 1981: Evaluation of intra tumoral immuno stimulants in the treatment of a transplantable rat mammary carcinoma

Matsuura H., 1980: Evaluation of intra vaginal inoculation for the study of mouse typhoid infection and its immunity

Bar Andziak E.; Filipecki S.; Wocial B.; Malanowska S., 1979: Evaluation of intra venous furosemide on plasma renin activity index in renal vein blood of patients with reno vascular hypertension

Iwanami H.; Yamaguchi S.; Nakajima M.; Aida H.; Sakamoto S.; Anzai Y.; Watanabe K., 1982: Evaluation of intra venous nitro glycerin in the management of pulmonary hypertension in complete transposition of great vessels late after operation

Haning R.V.Jr; Peckham B.M., 1985: Evaluation of intraamniotic administration of 120 grams of urea with 5 milligrams of prostaglandin f 2 alpha for midtrimester termination of pregnancy between 20 and 24 weeks gestation

Puvaneswary M.; Singham K.T.; Yap S., 1987: Evaluation of intracardiac and pericardial tumors with computed tomography

Navarro-Lopez, F.; Heras, M.; Serra, A.; Basaganas, J.; Roig, E.; Magrina, J.; Sanz, G.; Betriu, A., 1986: Evaluation of intracoronary thrombolytic therapy by left ventricular regional wall motion analysis

Gaab M.R.; Ungersboeck K.; Hufenbeck B., 1986: Evaluation of intracranial pressure by computerized bedside monitoring methods and clinical significance

Park C.H.; Suh J.H.; Yoo H.S.; Lee J.T.; Kim D.I., 1986: Evaluation of intrahepatic iodine 131 ethiodol on a patients with hepatocellular carcinoma therapeutic feasibility study

Prasad S.; Kinra G.; Hingorani V., 1985: Evaluation of intramuscular sulprostone and vacuum aspiration for termination of early pregnancy

Ishizuka Y., 1987: Evaluation of intranasal operation by rhinomanometry

Okamoto K., 1986: Evaluation of intrarectal ultrasonography for assessment of invasion and lymph node metastasis of rectal carcinoma

Yamashita, Y.; Shirouzu, K.; Isomoto, H.; Morotomi, T.; Kurohiji, T.; Machi, J.; Kakegawa, T., 1987: Evaluation of intrarectal ultrasonography for assessment of invasion of rectal cancer

Chugh, K.; Sehgal, H., 1985: Evaluation of intrathecal human tetanus immunoglobulins in tetanus neonatorum

Batra, P.; Brown, K.; Collins, J.D.; Ovenfors, C.O.; Steckel, R.J., 1988: Evaluation of intrathoracic extent of lung cancer by plain chest radiography, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging

Croy, B.A.; Wood, W.; King, G.J., 1987: Evaluation of intrauterine immune suppression during pregnancy in a species with epitheliochorial placentation

Bartlett P.A.; Marlowe C.K., 1987: Evaluation of intrinsic binding energy from a hydrogen bonding group in an enzyme inhibitor

Anning P., 1982: Evaluation of introduced grass species for pastures in the dry tropics on north queensland australia

Anning P., 1982: Evaluation of introduced legumes for pastures in the dry tropics of north queensland australia

Ham, R.; Regan, J.M.; Roberts, V.C., 1987: Evaluation of introducing the team approach to the care of the amputee: the Dulwich study

Rajendren, G.; Dominic, C.J., 1986: Evaluation of involvement of accessory olfactory (vomeronasal) system in estrous cyclicity and mating in female mice

Lear J.L.; Ackermann R.F.; Kameyama M.; Kuhl D.E., 1982: Evaluation of iodine 123 labeled iso propyliodo amphetamine as a tracer for local cerebral blood flow using direct auto radiographic comparison

Kondoh Y.; Murakami M.; Takahashi K.; Itoh I.; Mizusawa S.; Nakamichi H.; Sasaki H.; Watanabe K.; Tagawa K.; Uemura K., 1986: Evaluation of iodine 125 labeled n isopropyl p iodoamphetamine affinity sites in rat brain by autoradiography

Slosman, D.O.; Brill, A.B.; Polla, B.S.; Alderson, P.O., 1987: Evaluation of iodine 125 n n n' trimethyl n' 2 hydroxy 2 methyl 5 iodobenzyl 1 3 propanediamine lung uptake using an isolated perfused lung model

Masson J.M.; Baron P.; Michelot D.; Labia R., 1983: Evaluation of iodine 135 radio labeled penicillin x in penicillin binding protein studies

Ellefson W.C.; Richter E.; Adams M.; Baillies N.T., 1981: Evaluation of ion exchange resins and various enzymes in thiamin analysis

Montrose M.H.; Bebernitz G.; Kimmich G.A., 1985: Evaluation of ion gradient dependent hydrogen ion transport systems in isolated enterocytes from the chick

Bernius M.T.; Ling Y C.; Morrison G.H., 1986: Evaluation of ion microscopic spatial resolution and image quality

Weinstein A.M.; Cook S.D.; Klawitter J.J.; Weinberg L.A.; Zide M., 1981: Evaluation of ion textured aluminum oxide dental implants

Casaleggio A.; Marconi L.; Morgavi G.; Ridella S.; Rolando C., 1984: Evaluation of ionic fluxes in a cell with nonlinear membrane stimulated by an electric field

Polemio, M.; Bufo, S.; Paoletti, S., 1980: Evaluation of ionic strength and salinity of ground waters effect of the ionic composition

Ilsley A.H.; Crea J.; Cousins M.J., 1980: Evaluation of ir analyzers used for monitoring waste anesthetic gas levels in operating theaters

Floyd, B.W.; Noble, R.D., 1976: Evaluation of ir sensitive film for determination of spectral quality within a forest canopy

Sciortino C.V.; Byers B.R.; Cox P., 1980: Evaluation of iron cheating agents in cultured heart muscle cells identification of a potential drug for chelation therapy

Hershko, C.; Grady, R.W.; Link, G., 1982: Evaluation of iron chelating agents in an in vivo system potential usefulness of ethylenediamine n n' bis o hydroxyphenyl glycine a powerful iron chelating drug

Tiwari K.N.; Dwivedi B.S.; Pathak A.N., 1984: Evaluation of iron pyrites of sulfur fertilizer

Prual A.; Galan P.; D.B.rnis L.; Hercberg S., 1988: Evaluation of iron status in chadian pregnant women consequences of maternal iron deficiency on the hematopoietic status of newborns

Moreb J.; Popowizer M.M.; Friedlaender M.M.; Konijn A.M.; Hershko C., 1983: Evaluation of iron status in patients on chronic hemo dialysis relative usefulness of bone marrow hemosiderin serum ferritin transferrin saturation mean corpuscular volume and red cell proto porphyrin

Morse E.E.; Cable R.; Kakaiya P.P.R.; Kiraly T., 1987: Evaluation of iron status in women identified by copper sulfate screening as ineligible to donate blood

Li, G.H.; Zhu, S.L.; Li, J.Q.; Zhan, Y.Q., 1987: Evaluation of irregular hepatectomy for primary liver carcinoma

Raghuwanshi R.K.S.; Paradkar V.K.; Gupta R.K.; Jain S.C., 1987: Evaluation of irrigation and nitrogen fertilization requirement for linseed grown on a sodic clay soil

Stark J.C.; Jarrell W.M.; Letey J., 1983: Evaluation of irrigation nitrogen management practices for celery apium graveolens cultivar tall utah 52 70r using continuous variable irrigation

Braunworth W.S.Jr; Mack H.J., 1987: Evaluation of irrigation scheduling methods for sweet corn

Marsh J.L., 1984: Evaluation of irritant smoke qualitative fitting test for respirators

Naccarella F.F.; Weintraub W.S.; Agarwal J.B.; Helfant R.H.; Perrella A.M.; Lepich G., 1984: Evaluation of ischemia at a distance effects of coronary occlusion on a remote area of left ventricle

Cantelli I.; Lombardi G.; Patroncini A.; Bracchetti D., 1980: Evaluation of ischemic damage during acute myo cardial infarction with franks orthogonal leads

Katsuki T.; IIno T.; Toyosaki N.; Natsume T.; Yaginuma T.; Hosoda S.; Kawamura Y.; Misawa I.; Furuse M., 1987: Evaluation of ischemic myocardium with regional time activity curve of thallium 201

Duncan R.; Hershey J.W.B., 1984: Evaluation of iso electric focusing running conditions during 2 dimensional iso electric focusing sodium dodecyl sulfate poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis variation of gel patterns with changing conditions and optimized iso electric focusing conditions

Houssin D.; Capron M.; Celier C.; Cresteil T.; Demaugre F.; Beaune P., 1983: Evaluation of isolated human hepatocytes

Matsuyama K.; Yamashita C.; Noda A.; Goto S.; Noda H.; Ichimaru Y.; Gomita Y., 1984: Evaluation of isonicotinoyl gamma aminobutyric acid and nicotinoyl gamma aminobutyric acid as prodrugs of gamma aminobutyric acid

Reid B.L.; Galaviz Moreno S.; Maiorino P.M., 1987: Evaluation of isopropanol extracted cottonseed meal for laying hens

Mayans J.D.; Cachaza A.N., 1983: Evaluation of isotonic and isometric contractions of the metathoracic tibial extensor muscle of schistocerca gregaria and their variation with temperature/

Ben-Hayyim, G.; Shani, A.; Vardi, A., 1982: Evaluation of isozyme systems in Citrus to facilitate identification of fusion products

Slocombe J.O.D.; Mccraw B.M., 1984: Evaluation of ivermectin against later 4th stage strongylus vulgaris in ponies at 2 and 5 weeks after treatment

DiPietro, J.A.; Lock, T.F.; Todd, K.S.; Reuter, V.E., 1987: Evaluation of ivermectin paste in the treatment of ponies for Parascaris equorum infections

Zaugg J.L.; Newman B.A., 1985: Evaluation of jackrabbits lepus californicus as nonruminant hosts for anaplasma marginale

Scott, W.E.; Werner, D.B.; Lennarson, L., 1979: Evaluation of Jensen procedures by saccades and diplopic fields

Newman S.P.; Pellow P.G.D.; Clay M.M.; Clarke S.W., 1985: Evaluation of jet nebulizers for use with gentamicin solution

Lantz, R.K.; Eisenberg, R.B., 1978: Evaluation of jet technique for extracting drugs from urine

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