Evaluation of known and new sources of cytoplasmic male sterility restorer systems in cultivated rice oryza sativa

Parmar, K.S.; Siddiq, E.A.; Swaminathan, M.S.

Zeitschrift fuer Pflanzenzuechtung 86(1): 1-10


Accession: 005399264

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Three reported sources of cytoplasmic male sterility factors, i.e., 'Bir-Co', 'IR 8' and 'Sakotira 55' and 2 suspected sources, i.e., AC 5636 and AC 5901-2, were studied in reciprocal and different backcross combinations. Male sterility observed in crosses involving 'Sakotira 55' was largely attributable to nuclear genes. While AC 5636 and AC 5901-2 did not seem to be promising, 'Bir-Co' and 'IR 8', in specific combinations were relatively strong sources of cytoplasmic male sterility-fertility restorer systems. To identify new sources of cytoplasmic male sterility, 1294 crosses were studied. Selected parents were evaluated for their relative performance as male and female parents over a number of combinations. Varieties IR 22, T(N) 1, Pusa 2-21, DGWG and CO 13 manifested a tendency to enhance male sterility when used as male parent, while Tadukan, Jaya, Early Prolific, IR 8 and CI 5309 proved effective as maternal parent. Reciprocal differences in sterility observed in 74 combinations suggested the desirability of studying varieties like IARI 10061, IARI 10560 and Jeeragasamba for cytoplasmic male sterility factors.