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Evaluation of symbiotic nitrogen fixation by legume pasture in acid soils in the extremadura region spain by isotopic dilution method using nitrogen 15 effect of molybdenum calcium and superphosphate

Bigeriego, M.; Delgado, M.J.; Jimenez, J.

Anales del Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agrarias Serie Agricola 27: 109-118


Accession: 005402077

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The study made with 15N in pastures of the Extremadura region allowed establishment of the role that P, Mo and Ca play in the pastures of this region. For the soil characteristic of Extremadura region, the P was limiting in the pastures the assimilation capacity of soil N, and therefore, their potential productivity. Mo benefits N2 fixation of the legumes pastures, and for the soil tested with pH = 5.9, Ca application did not produce a clear effect either on N availablility of the soil or on N2 fixation by legumes. Mo application, together with P fertilizer, is recommended in legume pastures.

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