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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5407

Chapter 5407 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Burzio, L.O.; Riquelme, P.T.; Ohtsuka, E.; Koide, S.S., 1976:
Evidence for 2 variants of poly adp ribose glyco hydrolase in rat testis

Bennett R.A., 1980:
Evidence for 2 virulence determinants in the fire blight pathogen erwinia amylovora

Deitmer J.W., 1984:
Evidence for 2 voltage dependent calcium currents in the membrane of the ciliate stylonychia mytilus

Somjen D.; Somjen G.J.; Weisman Y.; Binderman I., 1982:
Evidence for 24 25 di hydroxy cholecalciferol receptors in bones of new born rats

Kimball E.S.; Maloy W.L.; Coligan J.E., 1981:
Evidence for 3 carbohydrate prosthetic groups on mouse histo compatibility antigens h 2k d and h 2d b

Neil J.C.; Delamarter J.F.; Vogt P.K., 1981:
Evidence for 3 classes of avian sarcoma viruses comparison of the transformation specific proteins of prc ii y 73 and fujinami viruses

Eichenlaub Ritter U.; Ruthmann A., 1982:
Evidence for 3 classes of micro tubules in the inter polar space of the mitotic micro nucleus of a ciliate and the participation of the nuclear envelope in conferring stability to micro tubules

Rosa, R.; Audit, I.; Rosa, J., 1975:
Evidence for 3 enzymatic activities in 1 electrophoretic band of 3 phospho glycerate mutase from red cells

Kawamura, Y.; Dyck, P.J., 1978:
Evidence for 3 populations by size in l 5 lumbar spinal ganglion in man

Carneiro M.; Caldas R.A., 1982:
Evidence for 3 respiratory terminals in trypanosoma cruzi epimastigotes

Gold, N.I.; Crigler, J.F.J., 1970:
Evidence for 3alpha 17 21 tri hydroxy 5alpha pregnane 11 20 dione a metabolite of cortisol in urine of infants

Nutbeam, A.R.; Duffus, C.M., 1976:
Evidence for 4 carbon photosynthesis in barley pericarp tissue

Powell, J.W.; Wachsman, J.T., 1973:
Evidence for 4 deoxy nucleoside kinase activities in extracts of lactobacillus leichmannii

Olexa, S.A.; Budzynski, A.Z., 1980:
Evidence for 4 different polymerization sites involved in human fibrin formation

Watanabe K.; Kimura R.; Yoshizawa I., 1984:
Evidence for 4 hydroxylation of estradiol 17 sulfate by rat liver microsomes clinical analysis on steroids 29

Huisman, T.H.J.; Schroeder, W.A.; Bannister, W.H.; Grech, J.L., 1972:
Evidence for 4 nonallelic structural genes for the gamma chain of human fetal hemo globin

O'flaherty J.T.; Hammett M.J.; Shewmake T.B.; Wykle R.L.; Love S.H.; Mccall C.E.; Thomas M.J., 1981:
Evidence for 5 12 di hydroxy 6 8 10 14 eicosatetraenoate as a mediator of human neutrophil aggregation

Cohen M.L.; Fuller R.W.; Wiley K.S., 1981:
Evidence for 5 hydroxy tryptamine receptors mediating contraction in vascular smooth muscle

Anderson C.; Campbell G., 1984:
Evidence for 5 hydroxytryptamine in neurons in the gut of the toad bufo marinus

Glennon R.A.; Titeler M.; Mckenney J.D., 1984:
Evidence for 5 hydroxytryptamine involvement in the mechanism of action of hallucinogenic agents

Iwakiri M., 1985:
Evidence for 5 hydroxytryptamine receptors mediating pigment dispersion in leucophores of the medaka oryzias latipes

Sciurba, M.; Agnisola, C.; Foti, L.; Genoino, I.T., 1985:
Evidence for 5' nucleotidase ec activity in the heart of octopus vulgaris

Quadfasel D.R.; Swallow J.C., 1986:
Evidence for 50 day period planetary waves in south equatorial current of the indian ocean

Laychock S.G.; Walker L., 1979:
Evidence for 6 keto prostaglandin f 1 alpha in adrenal cortex of the rat and effects of 6 keto prostaglandin f 1 alpha and prostaglandin i 2 on adrenal cyclic amp levels and steroidogenesis

Mezzetti G.; Moruzzi M.S.; Barbiroli B., 1981:
Evidence for a 1 25 di hydroxy cholecalciferol dependent spermine binding protein in chick duodenal mucosa

Boyd J.A.; Eling T.E., 1984:
Evidence for a 1 electron mechanism of 2 aminofluorene oxidation by prostaglandin h synthase and horseradish peroxidase

Inoue, K.; Akiyama, Y.; Kinoshita, T.; Higashi, Y.; Amano, T., 1976:
Evidence for a 1 hit theory in the immune bactericidal reaction and demonstration of multi hit response for hemolysis by strepto lysin o and clostridium perfringens theta toxin

Zeller, F.J., 1977:
Evidence for a 1r 3r translocation in the kharkov dakold wheat rye addition set

Bhakdi S.; Tranum Jensen J., 1979:
Evidence for a 2 domain structure of the terminal membrane complement c 5b through complement c 9 complex of human complement

Evans R.C.; Stempen H.; Frasca P., 1982:
Evidence for a 2 layered sheath on germ tubes of 3 species of bipolaris

Deves R.; Krupka R.M., 1981:
Evidence for a 2 state mobile carrier mechanism in erythrocyte choline transport effects of substrate analogs on inactivation of the carrier by n ethyl maleimide

Brocklehurst, K.; Malthouse, J.P.G., 1980:
Evidence for a 2 state transition in papain ec that may have no close analog in ficin ec differences in the disposition of cationic sites and hydrophobic binding areas in the active centers of papain and ficin

Lonski, J., 1977:
Evidence for a 2nd chemo tactic system in the cellular slime mold polysphondylium pallidum

Bonner, J.T.; Hall, E.M.; Sachsenmaier, W.; Walker, B.K., 1970:
Evidence for a 2nd chemotactic system in the cellular slime mold dictyostelium discoideum

Giudicelli Y.; Lacasa D.; Agli B., 1979:
Evidence for a 2nd de sensitized state of beta adrenergic receptor with low affinity for beta antagonists and normal reactivity towards beta agonists in adipocyte membranes previously exposed to beta antagonists

Poletti C.E.; Sujatanond M., 1980:
Evidence for a 2nd hippocampal efferent pathway to hypothalamus and basal fore brain comparable to fornix system a unit study in the awake monkey saimiri sciureus

Collier, G.E.; Nishimura, J.S., 1979:
Evidence for a 2nd histidine at the active site of succinyl coenzyme a synthetase ec from escherichia coli

Barrett E.L.; Riggs D.L., 1982:
Evidence for a 2nd nitrate reductase activity that is distinct from the respiratory enzyme in salmonella typhimurium

Gentner, N.E., 1977:
Evidence for a 2nd pre replicative g 2 repair mechanism specific for gamma induced damage in wild type schizosaccharomyces pombe

Selander R.B., 1981:
Evidence for a 3rd type of larval prey in blister beetles coleoptera meloidae

Taylor, J.H.; Hozier, J.C., 1976:
Evidence for a 4 micron replication unit in chinese hamster ovary cells

Stevens A., 1979:
Evidence for a 5 prime to 3 prime direction of hydrolysis by a 5 mon nucleotide producing exo rnase from saccharomyces cerevisiae

Lamb, R.A.; Etkind, P.R.; Choppin, P.W., 1978:
Evidence for a 9th influenza viral poly peptide

Bernard J.; Guillet J.C.; Coillot J.P., 1980:
Evidence for a barrier between blood and sensory terminal in an insect periplaneta americana mechano receptor

Dent V.E.; Marsh P.D., 1981:
Evidence for a basic plaque microbial community of the tooth surface in animals

Dahl, D.; Krischer, C.C., 1976:
Evidence for a bi stable photo pigment contained in barnacle median photo receptor

Poirier G.R.; Robinson R.; Richardson R.; Hinds K.; Clayton D., 1986:
Evidence for a binding site on the sperm plasma membrane which recognizes the murine zona pellucida a binding site on the sperm plasma membrane

Cornell H.J.; Herington A.C., 1983:
Evidence for a biologically active carrier bound form of nonsuppressible insulin like activity in human serum

Pereira, G., 1978:
Evidence for a blood splenic white pulp barrier using a biologically inert electron opaque tracer

Dyminski, J.W.; Smith, R.T., 1975:
Evidence for a bone marrow derived cell like helper function in mixed lymphocyte culture between immuno competent thymus cells

Deheer, D.H.; Edgington, T.S., 1977:
Evidence for a bone marrow derived lymphocyte defect underlying the anti x anti erythrocyte auto antibody response of nzb mice

Parry J.V.; Lucas M.H.; Richmond J.E.; Gardner S.D., 1983:
Evidence for a bovine origin of the polyoma virus detected in fetal rhesus monkey kidney cells frhk 4 and frhk 6

Oglesby, T.J.; Accavitti, M.A.; Volanakis, J.E., 1988:
Evidence for a C4b binding site on the C2b domain of C2

Ireland, M.; Maisel, H., 1984:
Evidence for a calcium activated protease specific for lens intermediate filaments

Hansma H.G., 1981:
Evidence for a calcium channel mutation in the potassium resistant mutants of paramecium tetraurelia

Lai, F.A.; Anderson, K.; Rousseau, E.; Liu, Q.Y.; Meissner, G., 1988:
Evidence for a calcium channel within the ryanodine receptor complex from cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum

White C.J.B.; Hipkiss J.B.; Peters T.J., 1984:
Evidence for a calcium ii dependent activator protein in the rat tapeworm hymenolepis diminuta

Akerman K.E.O.; Proudlove M.O.; Moore A.L., 1983:
Evidence for a calcium ion gradient across the plasma membrane of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar maris huntsman

Hinds T.R.; Vincenzi F.F., 1986:
Evidence for a calmodulin activated calcium pump atpase in dog erythrocytes

Mueller S.M.; Cohen M.L., 1985:
Evidence for a captopril sensitive angiotensin converting enzyme in the hindquarter vasculature of spontaneously hypertensive and wistar kyoto rats

Bhagwat, A.S.; Mcfadden, B.A., 1983:
Evidence for a carbanion intermediate in catalysis by spinach ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase oxygenase ec

Edwards A.; Bowling D.J.F., 1985:
Evidence for a carbon dioxide inhibited proton extrusion pump in the stomatal cells of tradescantia virginiana

Forster, A.; Stone, T.W., 1976:
Evidence for a cardio vascular modulation of central neuronal activity in man

Schrader, J.; Nees, S.; Gerlach, E., 1977:
Evidence for a cell surface adenosine receptor on coronary myocytes and atrial muscle cells. Studies with an adenosine derivative of high molecular weight

Sebert P., 1979:
Evidence for a central action of carbon di oxide ventilatory stimulus in pekin ducks

Domino, E.F.; Krutak-Krol, H.; Lal, J., 1985:
Evidence for a central site of action for the antitussive effects of caramiphen

Ohtsuki M.; Crewe A.V., 1983:
Evidence for a central substructure in a lumbricus terrestris hemo globin obtained with scanning transmission electron microscope low dose and digital processing techniques

Marsden J.R.; Bsata N.; Cain H., 1981:
Evidence for a cerebral cholinergic system and suggested pharmacological patterns of neural organization in the prostomium of the polychaete nereis virens

Coomber, B.L.; Scadding, S.R., 1983:
Evidence for a chalone control mechanism in the limb regeneration blastema of the newt, Notophthalmus viridescens

Wright P.J.; Geytenbeek P.E.; Clarke I.J.; Findlay J.K., 1981:
Evidence for a change in estradiol negative feedback and luteinizing hormone pulse frequency in post partum ewes

Bramble, M.G.; Cunliffe, J.; Dellipiani, A.W., 1978:
Evidence for a change in neuro transmitter affecting esophageal motility in parkinsons disease

Plesner, T.; Karle, H.; Rubin, B.; Thomsen, M., 1978:
Evidence for a change in the expression of beta 2 micro globulin associated membrane structures on leukemic human cells

Johnson, R.E.; Andree, P.J.; Fisher, H.F., 1981:
Evidence for a change in the structure of glutamate dehydrogenase during its catalytic cycle under cryogenic conditions

Melcer, M.E.; Zalewski, M.S.; Brisk, M.A.; Hassett, J.P., 1987:
Evidence for a charge transfer interaction between dissolved humic materials and organic molecules i. study of the binding interaction between humic materials and chloranil

Stout R.G.; Cleland R.E., 1982:
Evidence for a chloride stimulated magnesium atpase proton pump in oat avena sativa cultivar victory root membranes

Locy, R.D.; Cherry, J.H., 1976:
Evidence for a chloroplast specific tyrosyl transfer rna degrading activity

Cunningham, J.R.; Dawson, C.; Neal, M.J., 1983:
Evidence for a cholinergic inhibitory feed-back mechanism in the rabbit retina

Mozell, M.M., 1970:
Evidence for a chromatographic model of olfaction

Ahmed, Z.U.; Vining, L.C., 1983:
Evidence for a chromosomal location of the genes coding for chloramphenicol production in Streptomyces venezuelae

Claret J.; Dumortier B.; Brunnarius J., 1981:
Evidence for a circadian component in the photoperiodic clock of pieris brassicae lepidoptera

Boissin Agasse L.; Ravault J P.; Boissin J., 1983:
Evidence for a circadian rhythm in photo sensitivity involved in the photoperiodic control of an annual cycle in plasma prolactin in the male mink

Haulica I.; Petrescu G.; Stratone A.; Rosca V.; Lazar G.; Slatineanu S., 1979:
Evidence for a circadian rhythm of the renin like activity in the pineal gland of the rat

Nishizawa, Y.; Bray, G.A., 1980:
Evidence for a circulating ergostatic factor: studies on parabiotic rats

Poston, L.; Sewell, R.B.; Wilkinson, S.P.; Richardson, P.J.; Williams, R.; Clarkson, E.M.; MacGregor, G.A.; de Wardener, H.E., 1981 :
Evidence for a circulating sodium transport inhibitor in essential hypertension

Kubota, E.; Ishikawa, H.; Saito, K., 1981:
Evidence for a cloned hybridoma ho 13 4 9 producing 2 kinds of antibody molecules different in specificity 1 directed to thy 1.2 gene products and the other to antigen on a sub population of thy 1.1 thymocytes

Brocklehurst, K.; Mushiri, S.M.; Patel, G.; Willenbrock, F., 1982:
Evidence for a close similarity in the catalytic sites of papain ec and ficin ec in near neutral media despite differences in acidic and alkaline media kinetics of the reactions of papain and ficin with chloro acetate

Khanna R.; Pfister K.; Keresztes A.; Van Rensen J.J.S.; Govindjee, 1981:
Evidence for a close spatial location of the binding sites for carbon di oxide and for photosystem ii inhibitors

Brakenridge, G.R., 1978:
Evidence for a cold dry full glacial climate in the american southwest

Houck, J.C.; Kangalingam, K.; Kaufman, S.L.; Sunshine, G., 1976:
Evidence for a colon chalone

Vigna, S.R.; Thorndyke, M.C.; Williams, J.A., 1986:
Evidence for a common evolutionary origin of brain and pancreas cholecystokinin receptors

Fawley M.W.; Morton S.J.; Stewart K.D.; Mattox K.R., 1987:
Evidence for a common evolutionary origin of light harvesting fucoxanthin chlorophyll a c protein complexes of pavlova gyrans prymnesiophyceae and phaeodactylum tricornutum bacillariophyceae

Schwartz, C.C.; Reno-Vlahcevic, Z.; Halloran, L.G.; Nisman, R.; Swell, L., 1977:
Evidence for a common hepatic cholesterol precursor site for cholic acid and cheno deoxy cholic acid synthesis in man

Mcdermott, M.R.; Clark, D.A.; Bienenstock, J., 1980:
Evidence for a common mucosal immunologic system 2. influence of the estrous cycle on bone marrow derived immuno blast migration into genital and intestinal tissues

Mcdermott M.R.; Bienenstock J., 1979:
Evidence for a common mucosal immunologic system part 1 migration of bone marrow derived immuno blasts into intestinal respiratory and genital tissues

Musoke, A.J.; Nantulya, V.M.; Rurangirwa, F.R.; Buscher, G., 1984:
Evidence for a common protective antigenic determinant on sporozoites of several Theileria parva strains

Huschka, H.; Naegeli, H.U.; Leuenberger-Ryf, H.; Keller-Schierlein, W.; Winkelmann, G., 1985:
Evidence for a common siderophore transport system but different siderophore receptors in Neurospora crassa

Kelly, B.; Levy, J.G., 1977:
Evidence for a common tumor associated antigen in extracts of human bronchogenic carcinoma

Nikolis J.; Kekic V., 1988:
Evidence for a compensatory mechanism regulating silver stained nor activity in families with de novo 21 21 translocation down syndrome

Kumar V.; Woode K.A.; Bryan R.F.; Averill B.A., 1986:
Evidence for a competing condensation reaction in the alloxan synthesis of flavins synthesis and crystal and molecular structures of 7 chloro 8 methylalloxazine and 7 10 dimethyl 8 2 hydroxyethylthioisoalloxazine

Zimmerman J.L.; Fouts D.L.; Manning J.E., 1980:
Evidence for a complex class of nonadenylated messenger rna in drosophila melanogaster

O'brien, W.J.; Frerman, F.E., 1977:
Evidence for a complex of 3 beta oxidation enzymes in escherichia coli induction and localization

Wiegers, K.; Uhlig, H.; Dernick, R., 1988:
Evidence for a complex structure of neutralization antigenic site I of poliovirus type 1 Mahoney

Oliver, D.R.; Manis, J.J.; Whitfield, H.J., 1974:
Evidence for a composite state of an f prime his gnd element and a cryptic plasmid in a derivative of salmonella typhimurium lt 2

Johnston, P.A.; Battilana, C.A.; Lacy, F.B.; Jamison, R.L., 1977:
Evidence for a concentration gradient favoring outward movement of sodium from the thin loop of Henle

Cooper, M.S., 1978:
Evidence for a condensed phonon state in malignant cells

Brown E.J.; Bohnsack J.F.; O'shea J.J.; Mcgarr J., 1987:
Evidence for a conformational change in human fibronectin which occurs between 4 and 37 c

Caron, M.; Brisson, N.; Dugas, H., 1976:
Evidence for a conformational change in phenyl alanyl transfer rna upon amino acylation

Harris, W.H.; Foster, D.O.; Nadeau, B.E., 1985:
Evidence for a contribution by brown adipose tissue to the development of fever in the young rabbit

Jeannoda V.L.; Creppy E.; Beck G.; Dirheimer G., 1983:
Evidence for a convulsive compound from cnestis glabra connaraceae partial purification and effect on cell culture

Bonnefille, R., 1983:
Evidence for a cooler and drier climate in the ethiopian uplands towards 2.5 million years ago

Fee, J.A.; Ward, R.L., 1976:
Evidence for a coordination position available to solute molecules on 1 of the metals at the active center of reduced bovine super oxide dis mutase

Rabinovitz M.; Fisher J.M., 1988:
Evidence for a copper s methylthio l homocysteine complex as a glutamine antagonists of ctp synthesis in l1210 murine leukemia cells

Couturier J.; Dutrillaux B.; Garber P.; Raoul O.; Croquette M F.; Fourlinnie J.C.; Maillard E., 1979:
Evidence for a correlation between late replication and autosomal gene inactivation in a familial translocation x 21

Goniakowska-Witalinska, L.; Witalinski, W., 1976:
Evidence for a correlation between the number of marginal band micro tubules and the size of vertebrate erythrocytes

Hall, M.N.; Gabay, J.; Schwartz, M., 1983:
Evidence for a coupling of synthesis and export of an outer membrane protein in Escherichia coli

Lydiard, R.B.; Sparber, S.B., 1974:
Evidence for a critical period for post natal elevation of brain tyrosine hydroxylase activity resulting from reserpine administration during embryonic development

S.L.uis-Cormier, E.A.; Osterland, C.K.; Anderson, P.D., 1984:
Evidence for a cutaneous secretory immune system in rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri)

Lee C.Q.; Miller H.A.; Schlichter D.; Dong J.N.; Wicks W.D., 1988:
Evidence for a cyclic amp dependent nuclear factor capable of interacting with a specific region of a eukaryotic gene

Mende D., 1980:
Evidence for a cyclic photosystem ii electron transport in vivo

Reigh D.L.; Floyd R.A., 1981:
Evidence for a cytochrome p 420 catalyzed mechanism of activation of n hydroxy 2 acetylamino fluorene

Kubicek, C.P.; Schreferl-Kunar, G.; Wöhrer, W.; Röhr, M., 1988:
Evidence for a cytoplasmic pathway of oxalate biosynthesis in Aspergillus niger

Coates D.; Rayner A.D.M., 1985:
Evidence for a cytoplasmically transmissible factor affecting recognition and somato sexual differentiation in the basidiomycete stereum hirsutum

Hirel, B.; Vidal, J.; Gadal, P., 1982:
Evidence for a cytosolic dependent light induction of chloroplastic glutamine synthetase ec during greening of etiolated rice oryza sativa cultivar delta g 2 leaves

Iuvone P.M., 1986:
Evidence for a d 2 dopamine receptor in frog xenopus laevis retina that decreases cyclic amp accumulation and serotonin n acetyltransferase activity

Mayer, L.; Kwan, S.P.; Thompson, C.; Ko, H.S.; Chiorazzi, N.; Waldmann, T.; Rosen, F., 1986:
Evidence for a defect in "switch" T cells in patients with immunodeficiency and hyperimmunoglobulinemia M

Thotakura N.R.; D.M.zancourt P.; Giudicelli Y., 1982:
Evidence for a defect in the number of beta adrenergic receptors and in the adenylate cyclase responsiveness to guanine nucleotides in fat cells after adrenalectomy

Nakada, T.; Koike, H.; Katayama, T., 1987:
Evidence for a defect in urinary concentrating ability in primary aldosteronism and its reversal by adrenal surgery

Baran, D.T.; Marcy, T.W., 1984:
Evidence for a defect in vitamin D metabolism in a patient with incomplete Fanconi syndrome

Fritz, I.B.; Lyon, M.F.; Setchell, B.P., 1983:
Evidence for a defective seminiferous tubule barrier in testes of Tfm and Sxr mice

Rigoni F.; Dell'antone P.; Deana R., 1987:
Evidence for a delta ph driven calcium uptake in egta treated bovine spermatozoa

Pyszczynski T.; Greenberg J., 1986:
Evidence for a depressive self focusing style

Graf, H.; Leach, W.; Arieff, A.I., 1985:
Evidence for a detrimental effect of bicarbonate therapy in hypoxic lactic acidosis

Meinertz, T.; Nawrath, H.; Scholz, H.; Weliek, S., 1975:
Evidence for a di butyryl cyclic amp increased calcium 45 release from cardiac muscle

Bank N.; Aynedjian H.S.; Mutz B.F., 1985:
Evidence for a dicyclohexylcarbodiimide sensitive component of proximal bicarbonate reabsorption

Paroni R.; Cighetti G.; Del Puppo M.; Galli Kienle M., 1985:
Evidence for a different metabolic behavior of cdp choline after oral and intravenous administration to rats

Janssen, J.W.; van Hardeveld, C.; Kassenaar, A.A., 1978:
Evidence for a different response of red and white skeletal muscle of the rat in different thyroid states

Seizinger B.R.; Grimm C.; Herz A., 1984:
Evidence for a differential postnatal development of proenkephalin b equals prodynorphin derived opioid peptides in the rat hypothalamus

Gordon C.; Yates A.P.; Davies D., 1985:
Evidence for a direct action of exogenous insulin on the pancreatic islets of diabetes mice islet response to insulin pre incubation

Chabot, J.G.; Enjalbert, A.; Pelletier, G.; Dubois, P.M.; Morel, G., 1988 :
Evidence for a direct action of neuropeptide Y in the rat pituitary gland

Nwoye, L.; Mommaerts, W.F.; Simpson, D.R.; Seraydarian, K.; Marusich, M., 1982:
Evidence for a direct action of thyroid hormone in specifying muscle properties

Strettle R.J.; Bates R.F.L.; Buckley G.A., 1980:
Evidence for a direct anti inflammatory action of calcitonin inhibition of histamine induced mouse pinnal edema by porcine calcitonin

Bartus, R.T., 1978:
Evidence for a direct cholinergic involvement in the scopolamine induced amnesia in monkeys effects of concurrent administration of physostigmine and methylphenidate with scopolamine

Puddey, I.B.; Beilin, L.J.; Vandongen, R.; Rouse, I.L.; Rogers, P., 1985:
Evidence for a direct effect of alcohol consumption on blood pressure in normotensive men. A randomized controlled trial

Bar A.; Maoz A.; Hurwitz S., 1981:
Evidence for a direct effect of parathyroid on the metabolism of 25 hydroxy cholecalciferol by chick kidney cells in vitro

Malluche H.H.; Meyer Sabellek W.; Singer F.R.; Massry S.G., 1980:
Evidence for a direct effect of thiazides on bone

Nunn, W.D.; Cronan, J.E.J., 1976:
Evidence for a direct effect on fatty acid synthesis in rela gene control of membrane phospho lipid synthesis

Corvol, M.T.; Carrascosa, A.; Tsagris, L.; Blanchard, O.; Rappaport, R., 1987:
Evidence for a direct in vitro action of sex steroids on rabbit cartilage cells during skeletal growth: influence of age and sex

Schade R.R.; Bonner G.; Gay V.C.; Van Thiel D.H., 1983:
Evidence for a direct inhibitory effect of ethanol on gonadotropin secretion at the pituitary level

Sofroniew M.V.; Schrell U., 1981:
Evidence for a direct projection from oxytocin and vasopressin neurons in the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus to the medulla oblongata immuno histochemical visualization of horseradish peroxidase transported and peptide produced by the same neurons

Amaral D.G.; Insausti R.; Cowan W.M., 1983:
Evidence for a direct projection from the superior temporal gyrus to the entorhinal cortex in the monkey macaca fascicularis

O'hare P.; Hayward G.S., 1985:
Evidence for a direct role for both the 175000 molecular weight and 110000 molecular weight immediate early proteins of herpes simplex virus in the transactivation of delayed early promoters

Yoo S.H.; Pratt M.L.; Shive W., 1979:
Evidence for a direct role of transfer rna in an amino acid transport system

Patrono, C.; Pugliese, F.; Ciabattoni, G.; Patrignani, P.; Maseri, A.; Chierchia, S.; Peskar, B.A.; Cinotti, G.A.; Simonetti, B.M.; Pierucci, A., 1982:
Evidence for a direct stimulatory effect of prostacyclin on renin release in man

Harris, J.; Gorski, J., 1978:
Evidence for a discontinuous requirement for estrogen in stimulation of dna synthesis in the immature rat uterus

Wiman, B.; Lindahl, T.; Almqvist, A., 1988:
Evidence for a discrete binding protein of plasminogen activator inhibitor in plasma

Bruneau, C.; Bonin, H., 1983:
Evidence for a disease specific antigen in circulating immune complexes in ankylosing spondylitis

Schotte A.; Leysen J.E.; Laduron P.M., 1986:
Evidence for a displaceable non specific tritiated neurotensin binding site in rat brain

Rollins L.D.; Lee L.N.; Leblanc D.J., 1985:
Evidence for a disseminated erythromycin resistance determinant mediated by transposon tn 917 like sequences among group d streptococci isolated from pigs chickens and humans

Macrina, F.L.; Scott, C.L., 1978:
Evidence for a disseminated plasmid in Streptococcus mutans

Niemela A.O.; Elo H.A., 1986:
Evidence for a dissimilarity of chicken oviducts differentiated by diethylstilbestrol and estradiol 17 beta a study of progesterone induced egg white protein avidin synthesis

Klein, I.; Fletcher, M.A.; Levey, G.S., 1973:
Evidence for a dissociable glucagon binding site in a solubilized preparation of myo cardial adenylate cyclase

Lowe, G.; Sproat, B.S., 1978:
Evidence for a dissociative s n 1 p mechanism of phosphoryl transfer by rabbit muscle pyruvate kinase

Striessnig J.; Meusburger E.; Grabner M.; Knaus H G.; Glossmann H.; Kaiser J.; Schoelkens B.; Becker R.; Linz W.; Henning R., 1988:
Evidence for a distinct calcium antagonist receptor for the novel benzothiazinone compound hoe 166

Davies J., 1985:
Evidence for a diurnal horizontal migration in daphnia hyalina lacustris

Haber S.; Ikegami M.; Bajet N.B.; Goodman R.M., 1981:
Evidence for a divided genome in bean golden mosaic virus a geminivirus

David J C.; Vinson D.; Lefresne J.; Signoret J., 1979:
Evidence for a dna ligase change related to early cleavage in axolotl ambystoma mexicanum egg

Murakami, W.; Shibata, S., 1976:
Evidence for a dopamine sensitive receptor in the young rat aorta

Clemens, J.A.; Tinsley, F.C.; Fuller, R.W., 1977:
Evidence for a dopaminergic component in the series of neural events that lead to the pro estrus surge of luteinizing hormone

Ruedeberg, C., 1978:
Evidence for a dopaminergic dominance in the 4 alpha di methyl m tyramine induced hyper motility in mice

Zauli C.; Bonura M.L.; Giovale M.; D.M.ria A.; Masturzo P.; Murialdo G.; Polleri A.; Toffano G., 1984:
Evidence for a dopaminergic inhibitory effect of orally administered phosphatidyl serine on prolactin secretion in humans

Chance, P.F.; Gartler, S.M., 1983:
Evidence for a dosage effect at the x linked steroid sulfatase ec locus in human tissues

Oakley B.R.; Dodge J.D., 1979:
Evidence for a double helically coiled toroidal chromonema in the dinoflagellate chromosome

Berkin K.E.; Walker G.; Thomson N.C., 1988:
Evidence for a dual effect by beta adrenoceptor antagonists on post exercise airway caliber

Tapia Arancibia L.; Roussel J.P.; Astier H., 1987:
Evidence for a dual effect gamma aminobutyric acid on trh induced tsh release from perifused rat pituitaries

Noguchi, T.; Diesterhaft, M.; Granner, D., 1982:
Evidence for a dual effect of di butyryl cyclic amp on the synthesis of tyrosine amino transferase ec in rat liver

Dodson, B.A.; Miller, K.W., 1985 :
Evidence for a dual mechanism in the anesthetic action of an opioid peptide

Wise, L.S.; Jungas, R.L., 1978:
Evidence for a dual mechanism of lipolysis activation by epinephrine in rat adipose tissue

Moodley I.; Stuttle A., 1987:
Evidence for a dual pathway in platelet activating factor induced aggregation of rat polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Fasth, S.; Hultén, L.; Nordgren, S., 1980:
Evidence for a dual pelvic nerve influence on large bowel motility in the cat

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Evidence for a dual role of cytochrome c 553 and plasto cyanin in photosynthesis and respiration of the cyanobacterium anabaena variabilis

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Evidence for a factor in liver cytosol which controls the competition between progesterone and triamcinolone acetonide for the gluco corticoid receptor

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Evidence for a family of 4 immunochemically related isozymes of cytochrome p 450 purified from untreated rats

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Evidence for a fast major and slow minor pathway in the schumm de vinylation reaction of vinyl porphyrins

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Evidence for a fast repair of apurinic sites induced by n nitroso methylamine in rat liver dna

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Evidence for a female sex pheromone in the house longhorn beetle hylotrupes bajulus

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Evidence for a female sex pheromone in the sweet potato leaf folder brachmia macroscopa lepidoptera gelechiidae

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Evidence for a ferryl iron a 3 in oxygenated cytochrome c oxidase

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Evidence for a folded conformation of methionine enkephalin and leucine enkephalin in a membrane environment

Zetta L.; D.M.rco A.; Zannoni G.; Cestaro B., 1986:
Evidence for a folded structure of met enkephalin in membrane mimetic systems proton nmr studies in sds lysophosphatidylcholine and mixed lysophosphatidylcholine sulfatide micelles

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Evidence for a folic acid binding protein in human cell membrane

Borkman, R.F.; Lerman, S., 1977:
Evidence for a free radical mechanism in aging and uv irradiated ocular lenses

Griffin, B.W., 1978:
Evidence for a free radical mechanism of n demethylation of n n di methyl aniline and an analog by heme protein hydrogen per oxide systems

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Evidence for a free running pituitary adrenal circadian rhythm in constant light treated adult rats

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Evidence for a function of the adenovirus dna binding protein in initiation of dna synthesis as well as in elongation of nascent dna chains

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Evidence for a functional change in the plasma membrane of murine sarcoma virus infected mouse embryo cells transport and transport associated phosphorylation of carbon 14 2 deoxy d glucose

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Evidence for a functional cholinergic deficit in human colonic tissue resected for constipation

Duckles, S.P., 1981:
Evidence for a functional cholinergic innervation of cerebral arteries

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Evidence for a functional glyoxylate cycle in the leishmaniae

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Evidence for a functional role of the cytoskeleton in determination of the dorsoventral axis in Xenopus laevis eggs

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Evidence for a fusicoccin stimulated potassium ion pump in cell membranes of dwarf maize coleoptiles

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Evidence for a gamma amino butyric acid 5 methionine mediation in the benzodiazepine inhibition of the release of 5 methionine enkephalin elicited by de polarization

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Evidence for a gamma amino butyric acid ergic inhibitory nigro tectal pathway in the rat

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Evidence for a gamma amino butyric acid ergic nigro thalamic pathway in the rat 1. behavioral and biochemical studies

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Evidence for a gamma amino butyric acid ergic nigro thalamic pathway in the rat 2. electro physiological studies

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Evidence for a gamma amino butyric acid ergic projection from the substantia nigra to the ventromedial thalamus and to the superior colliculus of the rat

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Evidence for a gamma aminobutyric acid ergic control of the exercise induced rise in growth hormone in man

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Evidence for a gene extinguishing cell surface expression of the thy 1 antigen

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Evidence for a gene in rats affecting lymphocyte responsiveness to phyto hem agglutinin

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Evidence for a general template in central optimal processing for pitch of complex tones

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Evidence for a genetic basis for the class a thy 1 minus defect

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Evidence for a genetic duplication involving alcohol dehydrogenase gene in drosophila buzzatii and related species

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Evidence for a gluco corticoid receptor in human leukocytes

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Evidence for a glucose dependent renal phosphorus leak in normo calciuric and hyper calciuric stone formers

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Evidence for a glutamine synthetase ec chromatophore association in the phototroph rhodospirillum rubrum purification properties and regulation of the enzyme

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Evidence for a glyco protein in reovirus

Fitting T.; Kabat D., 1982:
Evidence for a glyco protein signal involved in transport between sub cellular organelles 2 membrane glyco proteins encoded by murine leukemia virus reach the cell surface at different rates

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Evidence for a glycosidic linkage between chitin and glucan in the cell wall of Candida albicans

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Evidence for a gravity regulated level of endogenous auxin controlling cell elongation and ethylene production during geo tropic bending in grass nodes

Ling E.A., 1979:
Evidence for a hematogenous origin of some of the macrophages appearing in the spinal cord of the rat after dorsal rhizotomy

Pennathur Das R.; Alpen E.; Vichinsky E.; Lubin B., 1984:
Evidence for a heterogeneous response to erythropoietin in the erythroid colony forming units pool of human bone marrow

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Evidence for a hierarchical mating system operating via pheromones in Dictyostelium giganteum

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Evidence for a high and specific concentration of sodium potassium atpase in the plasma membrane of the osteoclast

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Evidence for a high molecular weight factors in serum which increases alkaline phosphatase ec specific activity in hela

Dias J.A.; Reichert L.E.Jr, 1984:
Evidence for a high molecular weight fsh binding inhibitor in bovine testis

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Evidence for a higher molecular weight precursor of cholesterol side chain cleavage cytochrome p 450 and induction of mitochondrial and cytosolic proteins by acth in adult bovine adrenal cells

Record M.; E.T.mer A.; Chap H.; Douste Blazy L., 1984:
Evidence for a highly asymmetric arrangement of ether subclass and diacyl phospholipid subclass in the plasma membrane of krebs ii ascites cells

Sessions, S.K., 1980:
Evidence for a highly differentiated sex chromosome heteromorphism in the salamander necturus maculosus

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Evidence for a highly specific protein kinase ec phosphorylating 2 strongly acidic proteins of yeast 60s saccharomyces cerevisiae ribosomal subunit

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Evidence for a hippocampal septal glutamatergic pathway in the rat

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Evidence for a histamine component of the heart rate response to stellate ganglion stimulation

Zengil, H., 1981:
Evidence for a histaminergic mechanism on the effects of angiotensin II in the rabbit aorta and rat lung

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Evidence for a homogeneous pool of acetyl coenzyme a in rat liver mitochondria

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Evidence for a human ovarian progesterone receptor

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Evidence for a humoral factor in unilaterally nephrectomized dogs stimulating renal growth in isolated canine kidneys

Kaloyanides, G.J.; Azer, M., 1971:
Evidence for a humoral mechanism in volume expansion natriuresis

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Evidence for a hybrid hexosaminidase ec iso enzyme in hetero zygotes for sandhoff disease

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Evidence for a hydroperoxyl radical from hypochlorite modified adenosine 5' monophosphate amp

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Evidence for a hypophyseal factor that stimulates insulin secretion by the pancreas (insulotrophine?)

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Evidence for a hypothalamic disturbance in cyclical edema

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Evidence for a hypothalamic site of action of clomiphene citrate in women

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Evidence for a hypothalamic site of action of inhibin to suppress follicle stimulating hormone release

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Evidence for a junctional epithelial attachment to ceramic dental implants. A transmission electron microscopic study

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Evidence for a kinetic heterogeneity in ligand binding to r state hemoglobin kempsey

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Evidence for a lack of phospholipid transfer protein in the stroma of spinach spinacia oleracea chloroplasts

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Evidence for a lactate transporter in the plasma membrane of the rat hepatocyte

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Evidence for a lactic streptococcal role in nigerian acidic cassava manihot esculenta fermentations

Kragh-Hansen, U., 1988:
Evidence for a large and flexible region of human serum albumin possessing high affinity binding sites for salicylate, warfarin, and other ligands

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Evidence for a laryngeal chemo reflex in some human preterm infants

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Evidence for a latent form of collagenase extracted from rabbit tumor cells

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Evidence for a latent virus like agent in cassava

Sherry B.; Rueckert R., 1985:
Evidence for a least 2 dominant neutralization antigens on human rhinovirus 14

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Evidence for a less high acceptor substrate specificity of gastric histamine methyl transferase ec methylation of imidazole compounds

Pino, A.M.; Valladares, L.E., 1988:
Evidence for a Leydig cell progesterone receptor in the rat

Hunt S.; Smith A.M.; Woolhouse H.W., 1987:
Evidence for a light dependent system for reassimilation of photorespiratory carbon dioxide which does not include a 4 carbon cycle in the 3 carbon 4 carbon intermediate species moricandia arvensis

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Evidence for a limited growth hormone releasing hormone releasable quantity of growth hormone effects of 6 hour infusions of growth hormone releasing hormone on growth hormone secretion in normal man

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Evidence for a limited role of nadph in the nutritional regulation of glucagon release studies with menadione and ammonium chloride

Maas R.L.; Brash A.R., 1983:
Evidence for a lip oxygenase mechanism in the biosynthesis of epoxide and di hydroxy leukotrienes from 15s hydro per oxy eicosatetraenoic acid by human platelets and porcine leukocytes

Letellier, L.; Shechter, E., 1976:
Evidence for a lipid and protein segregation of cytoplasmic membranes isolated from an escherichia coli fatty acid auxotroph a chemical and morphological study of the different cytoplasmic membrane fractions

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Evidence for a lipo soluble ciguateric toxin carried by a poisonous fish caranx bartholomaei in the french west indies

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Evidence for a lithium stimulated sodium efflux in rat erythrocyte

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Evidence for a long range conformational change induced by antigen binding to immuno globulin m antibody

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Evidence for a longitudinal pathway in rat hypothalamus that controls free fatty acid mobilization

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Evidence for a low affinity but high velocity aspartate transport system needed for rapid growth of bacillus subtilis on aspartate as sole carbon source

Bekhor, I.; Bavetta, L.A., 1967:
Evidence for a low molecular weight collagen precursor rabbit embryo

Brown A.M., 1979:
Evidence for a magnesium dependent and atp dependent calcium extrusion pump in dog erythrocytes

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Evidence for a magnesium ii induced conformational change at the atp binding site of sodium potassium atpase ec demonstrated with a photo reactive atp analog

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Evidence for a magnesium insensitive membrane resistance increase during nmda induced depolarization in rat neocortical neurons in vitro

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Evidence for a magnesium pump in bacillus cereus t

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Evidence for a major dominance component in the variation of serum pepsinogen I levels

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Evidence for a major gene effect in the distributions of digital ridge counts

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Evidence for a major locus as well as a multi factorial component in the regulation of human red blood cell catechol o methyl transferase ec activity

Ganapathy, R., 1982:
Evidence for a major meteorite impact on the Earth 34 million years ago: implication for eocene extinctions

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Evidence for a major strong binding site for tetra chloro salicylanilide on human serum albumin

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Evidence for a male produced pheromone in allomyces macrogynus

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Evidence for a malignant proliferation of immuno globulin e class specific helper t cells in a patient with sezary syndrome exhibiting massive hyper immuno globulinemia e

Riches, D.W.; Stanworth, D.R., 1982:
Evidence for a mechanism for the initiation of acid hydrolase secretion by macrophages that is functionally independent of alternative pathway complement activation

Wombacher H., 1980:
Evidence for a membrane bound multi enzyme sequence degrading cyclic amp

Godde D., 1982:
Evidence for a membrane bound nadh plasto quinone oxido reductase in chlamydomonas reinhardii cw 15

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Evidence for a mendelian factor controlling the cyto kinin requirement of cultured tobacco cells

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Evidence for a messenger function of cyclic gmp during phospho di esterase ec induction in dictyostelium discoideum

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Evidence for a metameric pattern in the development of the chick humerus

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Evidence for a methionine controlled enz homo serine dehydrogenase in salmonella typhimurium

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Evidence for a micrococcus luteus gene homologous to uvr beta of escherichia coli

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Evidence for a mixed function oxidase in the biosynthesis of ethanolamine plasmalogens from 1 alkyl 2 acyl sn glycero 3 phosphoryl ethanolamine

Mcewen B.; Edelstein S.J., 1980:
Evidence for a mixed lattice in micro tubules reassembled in vitro

Giovannini P.; Seydoux J.; Girardier L., 1988:
Evidence for a modulating effect of sodium proton exchange on the metabolic response of rat brown adipose tissue

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Evidence for a modulatory role of catecholamines on hypothalamic somatostatin in the rat

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Evidence for a monosynaptic connection between slowly adapting pulmonary stretch receptor afferents and inspiratory beta neurons

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Evidence for a mu oxo bridged binuclear iron cluster in the hydroxylase component of methane monooxygenase moessbauer and epr studies

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Evidence for a multi component sex pheromone in the yellow headed spruce sawfly pikonema alaskensis

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Evidence for a multiple random coupling mechanism in the alpha keto glutarate dehydrogenase ec multi enzyme complex of escherichia coli a computer model analysis

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Evidence for a multiple sex chromosome system with female hetero gamety in apareiodon affinis pisces parodontidae

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Evidence for a multiple subunit composition of plant NAD malic enzyme

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Evidence for a multiplicity of capsular types among staphylococcus aureus strains mouse

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Evidence for a multistep pathogenesis in the generation of tumorigenic cell lines from hemopoietic colonies exposed to Abelson virus in vitro

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Evidence for a multistep pathogenesis of a myelodysplastic syndrome

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Evidence for a multistep pathogenesis of chronic myelogenous leukemia

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Evidence for a mute catalytic subunit of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase ec from rat muscle and its mode of activation

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Evidence for a nad linked 6 phosphogluconate dehydrogenase in pseudomonas syringae pathovar phaseolicola

Martin J.P.Jr; Fridovich I., 1981:
Evidence for a natural gene transfer from the ponyfish leiognathus splendens to its bio luminescent bacterial symbiont photobacter leiognathi the close relationship between bacterio cuprein and the copper zinc super oxide dis mutase of teleost fishes

Gabriac B.; Boisard J., 1981:
Evidence for a natural inhibitor of phytochrome pelletability in squash cucurbita pepo cultivar black beauty roots

Woods A.M.; Gay J.L., 1983:
Evidence for a neckband delimiting structural and physiological regions of the host plasma membrane associated with haustoria of albugo candida

Weststeijn E.A., 1984:
Evidence for a necrosis inducing factor in tobacco mosaic virus infected nicotiana tabacum cultivar xanthi nc grown at 22 celsius but not at 32 celsius

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Evidence for a negative membrane potential and for movement of chloride ion against its electrochemical gradient in the ascomycete neocosmospora vasinfecta

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Evidence for a negative ultrashort loop feedback mechanism operating on the lhrh neuronal system

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Evidence for a nerve impulse dependent gamma amino butyric acid accumulation in the substantia nigra after treatment with gamma glutamyl hydrazide

Bousquet P.; Feldman J.; Bloch R.; Schwartz J., 1982:
Evidence for a neuro modulatory role of gamma amino butyric acid at the 1st synapse of the baro receptor reflex pathway effects of gamma amino butyric acid derivatives injected into the nucleus tractus solitarii

Walles, B.; Edvinsson, L.; Falck, B.; Owman, C.; Sjoberg, N.O.; Svensson, K.G., 1975:
Evidence for a neuro muscular mechanism involved in the contractility of the ovarian follicular wall fluorescence and electron microscopy and effects of tyramine on follicle strips

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Evidence for a neuro toxic effect of ascorbic acid after an intra nigral injection in the cat

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Evidence for a neurotransmitter role of aspartate and or glutamate in the projection from the torus longitudinalis to the optic tectum of the goldfish carassius auratus

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Evidence for a neurotrophic role of noradrenaline neurons in the post natal development of rat cerebral cortex

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Evidence for a new activator of rat liver phospho fructo kinase

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Evidence for a new allele at the phosphoglycolate phosphatase ec locus

Fiala V.; Jolivet E., 1984:
Evidence for a new carbohydrate fraction in chicory cichorium intybus cultivar witloof root and its variation in relation to storage

Wickner, R.B.; Boutelet, F.; Hilger, F., 1983:
Evidence for a new chromosome in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Evidence for a new enz endo nuclease synthesized by lambda bacterio phage escherichia coli chloramphenicol metab

Boccara, M.; Souyri, M.; Magarian, C.; Stavnezer, E.; Fleissner, E., 1983:
Evidence for a new form of retroviral env transcript in leukemic and normal mouse lymphoid cells

Eckels D.D.; Hartzman R.J., 1981:
Evidence for a new hla region determinant detected by human t lymphocyte clones

Opalka B.; Koelsch E., 1983:
Evidence for a new lymphocyte stimulating determinant detected by allo reactive t cell lines

Lilien, O.M.; Krauss, D.J.; Hammond, W.S.; Schoonmaker, J.E., 1980:
Evidence for a new mammalian organ 4. stone formation

Lilien, O.M., 1976:
Evidence for a new mammalian organ: a preliminary report

Lilien, O.M.; Krauss, D.J.; Manke, C.G.; Euser, B.A.; Subramanian, G.M., 1978:
Evidence for a new mammalian organ part 2 calcium kinetics

Barlow T., 1988:
Evidence for a new ribonucleotide reductase in anaerobic escherichia coli

Shaw S.; Johnson A.H.; Shearer G.M., 1980 :
Evidence for a new segregant series of b cell antigens that are encoded in the hla d region and that stimulate secondary allogeneic proliferative and cyto toxic responses

Ojeda, J.L.; Ros, M.A.; García-Porrero, J.A., 1986:
Evidence for a new type of juxtamedullary nephron in the rabbit kidney

Soares D.Silva P., 1986:
Evidence for a non precursor dopamine pool in noradrenergic neurons of the dog mesenteric artery

Part P.; Tuurala H.; Nikinmaa M.; Kiessling A., 1984:
Evidence for a non respiratory intralamellar shunt in perfused rainbow trout salmo gairdneri gills

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Evidence for a noncatalytic carrier protein in cholesterol biosynthesis

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Evidence for a noncholinergic site for nicotine action in brain psycho pharmacological electro physiological and receptor binding studies

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Evidence for a nonintestinal nutritional mechanism in the rhynchocoelan lineus ruber

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Evidence for a nonoxidative mechanism of human natural killer cell cyto toxicity by using mononuclear effector cells from healthy donors and from patients with chronic granulomatous disease

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Evidence for a nonpituitary source of amniotic fluid prolactin

Zweig, M.; Snyder, S.H.; Axelrod, J., 1966:
Evidence for a nonretinal pathway of light to the pineal gland of new born rats

Lassen, J.B., 1977:
Evidence for a noradrenergic mechanism in the grooming produced by dextro amphetamine and 4 alpha di methyl m tyramine h 77 77 in rats

Iqbal M.J.; Valyani S.H., 1988:
Evidence for a novel binding site for the synthetic progestogen gestodene on estrogen receptor in human malignant tissue

Herve F.; Urios P.; Grigorova A M.; Cittanova N.; Rondeau Y.; Engler R.; Broadhead G.; Neish W., 1982:
Evidence for a novel circulating alpha 1 protein in tumor bearing rats differentiation from acute phase alpha 1 proteins and from alpha 1 feto protein

Steeg, P.S.; Bevilacqua, G.; Kopper, L.; Thorgeirsson, U.P.; Talmadge, J.E.; Liotta, L.A.; Sobel, M.E., 1988:
Evidence for a novel gene associated with low tumor metastatic potential

Webb K.S.; Ware J.L.; Parks S.F.; Walther P.J.; Paulson D.F., 1985:
Evidence for a novel hybrid immunotoxin recognizing ricin a chain by 1 antigen combining site and a prostate restricted antigen by the remaining antigen combining site potential for immunotherapy

Dembinski, T.C.; Leung, C.K.; Shiu, R.P., 1985:
Evidence for a novel pituitary factor that potentiates the mitogenic effect of estrogen in human breast cancer cells

Iguchi, H.; Chan, J.S.D.; Seidah, N.G.; Chretien, M., 1987:
Evidence for a novel pituitary protein 7b2 in human brain brain concentrations in controls and patients with alzheimer's disease

Claustres M.; Sultan C., 1985:
Evidence for a nuclear androgen binding component in erythroblasts derived from human bone marrow in culture

Sixl F.; Galla H J., 1980:
Evidence for a nucleation step in a lipid protein interaction kinetics of the incorporation of polymyxin into phosphatidic acid bi layer vesicles

Jaeger, P.; Burckhardt, P.; Wauters, J.P.; Trechsel, U.; Bonjour, J.P., 1985:
Evidence for a particularly severe secondary hyperparathyroidism in analgesic abuse nephropathy

Bertagna, X.; Girard, F.; Seurin, D.; Luton, J.P.; Bricaire, H.; Mains, R.E.; Eipper, B.A., 1980:
Evidence for a peptide similar to 16K fragment in man. Its relationship to ACTH

Scott O.T.; Castenholz R.W.; Bonnett H.T., 1984:
Evidence for a peptidoglycan envelope in the cyanelles of glaucocystis nostochinearum

Schneider, E.G.; Mclane, L.A., 1977:
Evidence for a peri tubular to luminal flux of phosphate in the dog kidney

Bansinath M.; Bhargava H.N., 1988:
Evidence for a peripheral action of trh on gastrointestinal transit in mice

Murphy M.B.; Brown M.J.; Dollery C.T., 1984:
Evidence for a peripheral component in the sympatholytic actions of clonidine and guanfacin in man

Sved A.F.; Fernstrom J.D., 1980:
Evidence for a peripheral dopaminergic mechanism in the anti hypertensive action of lergotrile

Carter R.B.; Leander J.D., 1980:
Evidence for a peripheral effect of serotonin or metabolites in 5 hydroxy tryptophan induced hypo thermia

Gottschall, P.E.; Meites, J., 1986:
Evidence for a permanent decline in tuberoinfundibular dopaminergic neuronal function after chronic estrogen treatment is terminated in Fischer 344 rats

Mcrae A.C.; Kennedy T.G., 1979:
Evidence for a permeability barrier between blood and uterine luminal fluid in estrogen treated immature rats

Rudd, S.; Warren, F.L., 1976:
Evidence for a pheromone in the south african rock lobster jasus lalandii

Van-Demark, P.J.; Plackett, P., 1972:
Evidence for a phosphoenol pyruvate dependent sugar phospho transferase in mycoplasma strain y

Plancke, Y.D.; Lazarides, E., 1983:
Evidence for a phosphorylated form of calmodulin in chicken brain and muscle

Schrott, E.L.; Rau, W., 1977:
Evidence for a photo induced synthesis of poly adenylic acid containing messenger rna in fusarium aquaeductuum

D.Burgh M.E., 1986:
Evidence for a physiological gradient in the vestimentiferan trophosome size frequency analysis of bacterial populations and trophosome chemistry

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Evidence for a sexual cycle in the florida usa red tide dinoflagellate ptychodiscus brevis equals gymnodinium breve

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Evidence for a shallow highly permeable zone in the chalk of hampshire uk

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Evidence for a silent allele glo o at the glyoxalase i ec locus

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Evidence for a single enzyme in rat liver catalyzing the deiodination of the tyrosyl and the phenolic ring of iodo thyronines

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Evidence for a single forskolin binding site in rat adipocyte membrane studies of tritium labeled dihydroforskolin binding and adenylate cyclase activation

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Evidence for a single rat thyrotropin beta subunit gene thyroidectomy increases its messenger rna

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Evidence for a single transition state in the transfer of the phosphoryl group to nitrogen nucleophiles from pyridino n phosphonates

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Evidence for a slowly exchangeable pool of calcium in the pancreatic beta cell plasma membrane