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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5408

Chapter 5408 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Leib, T.K.; Gerlt, J.A., 1983:
Evidence for a small catalytic domain in the adenylate cyclase ec from salmonella typhimurium

Pannabecker T.; Orchard I., 1988:
Evidence for a sodium calcium exchange mechanism in the neuroendocrine cells of the locust corpus cardiacum

Souhrada, M.; Souhrada, J.F.; Cherniack, R.M., 1981:
Evidence for a sodium electrogenic pump in airway smooth muscle

Ehrenfeld J.; Cragoe E.J.Jr; Harvey B.J., 1987:
Evidence for a sodium hydrogen exchanger at the basolateral membranes of the isolated frog skin epithelium effect of amiloride analogues

Waeber B.; Gavras H.; Gavras I.; Chao P.; Kohlman O.; Bresnahan M.R.; Brunner H.R.; Vaughan D., 1982:
Evidence for a sodium induced activation of central neurogenic mechanisms in 1 kidney 1 clip renal hypertensive rats

Uglem, G.L., 1976:
Evidence for a sodium ion exchange carrier linked with glucose transport across the brush border of a flatworm (Hymenolepis diminuta, Cestoda)

Walter U.; Mueller S., 1985:
Evidence for a sodium potassium atpase inhibitor in erythrocytes of patients with essential hypertension

Turner R.J.; George J.N.; Baum B.J., 1986:
Evidence for a sodium potassium chloride cotransport system in basolateral membrane vesicles from the rabbit parotid

Finkle, T.J.; Grover, A.K., 1988:
Evidence for a sodium proton antiport in stomach smooth muscle cells

Braun Y.; Hassidim M.; Lerner H.R.; Reinhold L., 1988:
Evidence for a sodium proton antiporter in membrane vesicles isolated from roots of the halophyte atriplex nummularia

Waaland, S.D., 1975:
Evidence for a species specific cell fusion hormone in red algae

Depigny C.; Lupo B.; Kervran A.; Bataille D., 1984:
Evidence for a specific binding site for glucagon 37 oxyntomodulin bioactive enteroglucagon in rat oxyntic glands

Mccutcheon S.L.; Bown A.W., 1987:
Evidence for a specific glutamate proton cotransport in isolated mesophyll cells

Ashkar, S.; Muniyappa, K.; Leibach, F.; Mendicino, J., 1984:
Evidence for a specific phosphoryl binding site in swine kidney phospho fructo kinase ec

Morel, N.; Manaranche, R.; Israël, M., 1982:
Evidence for a specific protein associated to the plasma membrane of cholinergic synaptosomes

Clarkson, C.W.; Hondeghem, L.M., 1985:
Evidence for a specific receptor site for lidocaine, quinidine, and bupivacaine associated with cardiac sodium channels in guinea pig ventricular myocardium

Porter, R.H.; Czaplicki, J.A., 1977:
Evidence for a specific searching image in hunting water snakes natrix sipedon reptilia serpentes colubridae

Downie, J.W.; Bialik, G.J., 1988 :
Evidence for a spinal site of action of clonidine on somatic and viscerosomatic reflex activity evoked on the pudendal nerve in cats

Buckman T.; Eiduson S., 1980:
Evidence for a stable free radical formed on the addition of a mono amine oxidase inhibitor to flavine

Ihle, J.N.; Kenney, F.T.; Tennant, R.W., 1974:
Evidence for a stable intermediate in leukemia virus activation in AKR mouse embryo cells

A.H.mood M.H.; Gilmore D.P.; Wilson C.A., 1985:
Evidence for a stimulatory beta adrenergic component in the release of the ovulatory luteinizing hormone surge in proestrous rats

Jenkins M.B.; Bottomley P.J., 1985:
Evidence for a strain of rhizobium meliloti dominating the nodules of alfalfa medicago sativa cultivar anchor

Adebanjo, A.O.; Ambache, N., 1979:
Evidence for a strong non-adrenergic component in the motor transmission to the rabbit vas deferens

Bostrom K.; Wettesten M.; Wiklund O.; Bondjers G.; Lundholm K.; Elias P.; Norfeldt P I.; Olofsson S O., 1984:
Evidence for a structural relationship between apolipoprotein b 75 kilodalton and human plasma apolipoprotein b 100 from translation of human liver messenger rna in vitro and immunochemical studies with monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies

Jaffe, R.; Deykin, D., 1974:
Evidence for a structural requirement for the aggregation of platelets by collagen

Gaugas J.M.; Chu A.M., 1980:
Evidence for a sub population of rat t lymphocytes highly resistant to methyl glyoxal bis guanyl hydrazone activity

Helber A.; Wambach G.; Hummerich W.; Boenner G.; Meurer K.A.; Kaufmann W., 1980 :
Evidence for a subgroup of essential hypertensives with nonsuppressible excretion of aldo sterone during sodium loading

Limaiem J.; Henaut A., 1984:
Evidence for a sudden variation in the codon use in the area where transcription stop

Schirch, L.; Slagel, S.; Barra, D.; Martini, F.; Bossa, F., 1980:
Evidence for a sulfhydryl group at the active site of serine trans hydroxy methylase ec

Domich L.; Delhaye Bouchaud N., 1981:
Evidence for a supernormal period in the cerebellar parallel fibers of the rat and the mouse

Mcleod, T.F.; Cordiero, P.G.; Meltz, S.K.; Glade, P.R., 1978:
Evidence for a surface receptor for human migration inhibitory factor on a bone marrow derived lymphoid cell line

Gulati, O.D.; Gokhale, S.D.; Parikh, H.M.; Udwadia, B.P.; Krishnamurty, V.S.R., 1969:
Evidence for a sympathetic alpha receptor blocking action of blocking agents pronethalol di chloro isoproterenol n iso propyl p nitrophenyl ethanolamine epinephrine norepinephrine 5 hydroxy tryptamine propranolol methoxamine angiotensin acetyl choline histamine autonomic rabbit

Michalkiewicz M.; Suzuki M.; Kato M., 1987:
Evidence for a synergistic effect of somatostatin on vasoactive intestinal polypeptide induced prolactin release in the rat comparison with its effect on tsh releasing hormone stimulated tsh release

Pauls E.; Bertollo L.A.C., 1983:
Evidence for a system of supernumerary chromosomes in prochilodus scrofa pisces prochilodontidae

Okada M.; Boyle M.D.P.; Borsos T., 1980:
Evidence for a temperature dependent and temperature independent pathway in the generation of complement mediated trans membrane channels

Clarke, J.T.R.; Wolfe, L.S.; Perlin, A.S., 1971:
Evidence for a terminal alpha d galacto pyranosyl residue in galactosylgalactosylglucosyl ceramide from human kidney

Barile G.; Giani S.; Montemurro A.; Mango D.; Scirpa P., 1979:
Evidence for a testosterone binding macro molecule in human placental cytosol

Fournier Delpech S.; Pisselet C.; Garnier D H.; Dubois M.; Courot M., 1981:
Evidence for a testosterone induced prealbumin secretion in the epididymis of ram

Jones, J.V.; Cumming, R.H.; Bacon, P.A.; Evers, J.; Fraser, I.D.; Bothamley, J.; Tribe, C.R.; Davis, P.; Hughes, G.R., 1979:
Evidence for a therapeutic effect of plasmapheresis in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Popoff M.R.; Sebald M., 1981:
Evidence for a thermostable pathogenic factor in clostridium butyricum

Kenney, W.C.; Singer, T.P., 1977:
Evidence for a thio ether linkage between the flavine and poly peptide chain of chromatium cytochrome c 552

Nagase, H.; Harris, E.D.; Brew, K., 1986:
Evidence for a thiol ester in duck ovostatin (ovomacroglobulin)

Currier, S.F.; Mautner, H.G., 1976:
Evidence for a thiol reagent inhibiting choline acetyl transferase ec by reacting with the thiol group of coenzyme a forming a potent inhibitor

Alario, A.; Viac, J.; Thivolet, J., 1977:
Evidence for a thymus derived cell reaction in the cutaneous sarcoid granuloma

Davidson, B.; Neary, J.T.; Strout, H.V.; Maloof, F.; Soodak, M., 1978:
Evidence for a thyroid peroxidase ec associated active iodine species/

Forchetti C.M.; Meek J.L., 1981:
Evidence for a tonic gamma amino butyric acid ergic control of serotonin neurons in the median raphe nucleus

Pan D.; Tan K.H., 1981:
Evidence for a trans carboxylase reaction in maize zea mays cultivar earliking chloroplast extracts

Hoffee, P.A.; Hunt, S.W.Iii ; Chiang, J.; Labant, M.C.; Clarke, M.; Jargiello, P., 1983:
Evidence for a trans dominant regulator of purine nucleoside phosphorylase ec expression in rat hepatoma cells

Jones M.L.; Gardiner S.L., 1988:
Evidence for a transient digestive tract in vestimentifera

Bentricia L., 1984:
Evidence for a transient structural order in the growing cell walls of vicia faba epicotyl

Letz, R.; Burdette, D.R.; Gregg, B.; Kittrell, E.M.W.; Amsel, A., 1978:
Evidence for a transitional period for development of persistence in infant rats

Emmerich, W.; Goldman, K.S.; Kirsh, B.; Sharabany, R., 1977:
Evidence for a transitional phase in the development of gender constancy

Donnelly, B.J.; Delaney, P.V.; Healy, T.M., 1977:
Evidence for a transmissible factor in Crohn's disease

Emmons, S.W.; Yesner, L.; Ruan, K.S.; Katzenberg, D., 1983:
Evidence for a transposon in Caenorhabditis elegans

Versaux Botteri C.; Nguyen Legros J., 1984:
Evidence for a tritium labeled l proline effect on the number of dendritic spines on stellate neurons of the visual cortex in macaca during the critical period

Goicoechea O.; Garrido O.; Jorquera B., 1986:
Evidence for a trophic paternal larval relationship in the frog rhinoderma darwinii

Layne, P.P.; Najjar, V.A., 1979:
Evidence for a tyrosine residue at the active site of phospho gluco mutase ec and its interaction with vanadate

Delrot S.; Thom M.; Maretzki A., 1986:
Evidence for a udp glucose protected p chloromercuribenzenesulfonic acid binding site in sugarcane vacuoles

Walker, B.R., 1986:
Evidence for a vasodilatory effect of vasopressin in the conscious rat

Sekiya T.; Nozawa Y., 1983:
Evidence for a vertical displacement of intra membranous particles on the plasma membrane of tetrahymena pyriformis cells by a local anesthetic

Dvorak, A.M.; Hammond, M.E.; Morgan, E.; Orenstein, N.S.; Galli, S.J.; Dvorak, H.F., 1980:
Evidence for a vesicular transport mechanism in guinea pig basophilic leukocytes

Farmer E.W.; Berman J.V.F.; Fletcher Y.L., 1986:
Evidence for a visuo spatial scratch pad in working memory

Koske R.E., 1982:
Evidence for a volatile attractant from plant roots affecting germ tubes of a vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus

Nowak, T.V.; Harrington, B.; Kalbfleisch, J.H.; Amatruda, J.M., 1986 :
Evidence for abnormal cholinergic neuromuscular transmission in diabetic rat small intestine

Virkkunen, M.; Huttunen, M.O., 1982:
Evidence for abnormal glucose tolerance test among violent offenders

Taurog, J.D.; Smathers, P.A.; Steinberg, A.D., 1980:
Evidence for abnormalities in separate lymphocyte populations in NZB mice

Vas, M.; Batke, J., 1981:
Evidence for absence of an interaction between purified 3 phospho glycerate kinase ec and glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase ec

Stuart V.; Field J.G.; Newell R.C., 1982:
Evidence for absorption of kelp detritus by the ribbed mussel aulacomya ater using a new chromium 51 labeled microsphere technique

Hammond, N.; Barber, P., 1978:
Evidence for abstract response codes ear hand correspondence effects in a 3 choice reaction time task

Wallmark B.; Brandstrom A.; Larsson H., 1984:
Evidence for acid induced transformation of omeprazole into an active inhibitor of hydrogen plus potassium atpase within the parietal cell

Sawada H.; Yokosawa H.; Hoshi M.; Ishii S I., 1982:
Evidence for acrosin like enzyme in sperm extract and its involvement in fertilization of the ascidian halocynthia roretzi

Depasquale J.A.; Izzard C.S., 1987:
Evidence for actin containing cytoplasmic precursor of the focal contact and the timing of incorporation of vinculin at the focal contact

Dazy A C.; Hoursiangou Neubrun D.; Sauron M E., 1981:
Evidence for actin in the marine alga acetabularia mediterranea

Onaya, T.; Akasu, F.; Takazawa, K.; Hashizume, K., 1978:
Evidence for activation by beta 2 adrenergic receptors of cyclic amp formation in ehrlich ascites tumor cells

Derkx, F.H.; Wenting, G.J.; Man In 'T Veld, A.J.; Verhoeven, R.P.; Schalekamp, M.A., 1979:
Evidence for activation of circulating inactive renin by the human kidney

Perricone R.; Fontana L.; D.C.rolis C.; Carini C.; Sirianni M.C.; Aiuti F., 1987:
Evidence for activation of complement in patients with aids related complex arc and or lymphadenopathy syndrome las

Weinman, E.J.; Senekjian, H.O.; Sansom, S.C.; Steplock, D.; Sheth, A.; Knight, T.F., 1981:
Evidence for active and passive urate transport in the rat proximal tubule

Harris, G.L.; Betz, W.J., 1987:
Evidence for active chloride accumulation in normal and denervated rat lumbrical muscle

Barfuss, D.W.; Ganapathy, V.; Leibach, F.H., 1988:
Evidence for active dipeptide transport in isolated proximal straight tubules

Schuit, K.E., 1979:
Evidence for active protein synthesis in phagocytosis by human monocytes

Barankiewicz, J.; Gelfand, E.W.; Issekutz, A.; Cohen, A., 1982:
Evidence for active purine nucleoside cycles in human mononuclear cells and cultured fibroblasts

Goodman, B.E.; Kim, K.J.; Crandall, E.D., 1987:
Evidence for active sodium transport across alveolar epithelium of isolated rat lung

Goodman B.E.; Fleischer R.S.; Crandall E.D., 1983:
Evidence for active sodium transport by cultured mono layers of pulmonary alveolar epithelial cells

Schoenberg, L.M.; Wolf, B., 1976:
Evidence for active synthesis of 2 allelic b locus markers by single lymphocytes from hetero zygous rabbits

Begleiter A.; Lam H Y.P.; Grover J.; Froese E.; Goldenberg G.J., 1979:
Evidence for active transport of melphalan by 2 amino acid carriers in l 5178y lympho blasts in vitro

Sindelar, W.F.; Tralka, T.S.; Gibbs, P.S., 1982:
Evidence for acute cellular changes in human hepatocytes during anesthesia with halogenated agents: an electron microscopic study

Adams, A.J.; Brown, B.; Haegerstrom-Portnoy, G.; Flom, M.C.; Jones, R.T., 1976:
Evidence for acute effects of alcohol and marihuana on color discrimination

Boehm, M.; Brueckner, R.; Meyer, W.; Nose, M.; Schmitz, W.; Scholz, H.; Starbatty, J., 1985:
Evidence for adenosine receptor mediated isoprenaline antagonistic effects of the adenosine analogs levo n 6 phenylisopropyladenosine and 5' n ethylcarboxamidoadenosine on force of contraction in guinea pig atrial and ventricular cardiac preparations

Masters R.A.; Madigan M.T., 1985:
Evidence for adenylylation deadenylylation control of the glutamine synthetases of rhodospirillum tenue and rhodocyclus purpureus

Nozue M.; Tomiyama K.; Doke N., 1979:
Evidence for adherence of host plasmalemma to infecting hyphae of both compatible and incompatible races of phytophthora infestans

Yoshihara, K.; Tanigawa, Y.; Koide, S.S., 1975:
Evidence for adp ribosylation of calcium ion magnesium ion dependent endo nuclease

Greeley, G.H.; Kizer, J.S., 1979:
Evidence for adrenal involvement in the modulatory role of prolactin in luteinizing hormone secretion in the male rat

Porta S.; Englmayer G.; Kubat R.; Egger G.; Sadjak T., 1979:
Evidence for adrenaline secretion regardless of high extraglandular levels

Hill, C.E.; Dawson, A.P.; Pryor, J.S., 1985:
Evidence for adrenergic control of transcellular calcium distribution in liver

Parker, L.N.; Levin, E.R.; Lifrak, E.T., 1985:
Evidence for adrenocortical adaptation to severe illness

Kushnir U.; Halloran G.M., 1981:
Evidence for aegilops sharonensis as the donor of the b genome of wheat

Hickman S., 1981:
Evidence for aerodynamic advantages of tail keeling in the common grackle quiscalus quiscula

Dvorackova I.; Stora C.; Ayraud N., 1981:
Evidence for afla toxin b 1 in 2 cases of lung cancer in man

Miller R.L.; Staub G., 1982:
Evidence for age related changes in hydromedusae sarsia tubulosa sperm chemo taxis

De-Silva, P.K., 1978:
Evidence for aggregation from a field study of a flatworm population

Benedetti A.; Esterbauer H.; Ferrali M.; Fulceri R.; Comporti M., 1982:
Evidence for aldehydes bound to liver microsomal protein following carbon tetra chloride or bromotrichloro methane poisoning

Vincent W.F.; Goldman C.R., 1980:
Evidence for algal heterotrophy in lake tahoe california nevada usa

Yoo S.H., 1985:
Evidence for alkaline phosphatase involvement in transfer rna stimulated amino acid transport systems

Hall, E.R.; Weitzman, P.D.J., 1977:
Evidence for allo steric nadh regulation of acinetobacter lwoffi alpha oxo glutarate dehydrogenase from multiple inhibition studies

Nicollet I.; Lebreton J P.; Fontaine M.; Hiron M., 1981:
Evidence for alpha 1 acid glyco protein populations of different iso electric point values after concanavalin a affinity chromatography study of their development during inflammation in man

Tapia Arancibia L.; Arancibia S.; Astier H., 1985:
Evidence for alpha 1 adrenergic stimulatory control of in vitro release of immunoreactive trh from rat median eminence in vivo corroboration

Mcmahon K.K.; Schimmel R.J., 1981:
Evidence for alpha adrenergic activation and inactivation of phosphorylase in hamster adipocytes

Lawrence, J.C.J. ; Larner, J., 1977:
Evidence for alpha adrenergic activation of phosphorylase and inactivation of glycogen synthase in rat adipocytes

Zgliczynski S.; Kaniewski M., 1980:
Evidence for alpha adrenergic receptors mediated thyrotropin release in men

Bevan, J.A.; Duckles, S.P., 1975:
Evidence for alpha adrenergic receptors on intimal endothelium

Goldbeck R.A.; Loew G.H., 1986:
Evidence for alpha keto enol tautomerism in reduced acetylisoalloxazines

Gomazkova, V.S.; Kologrivova, O.A.; Severin, S.E., 1985:
Evidence for alpha ketoglutarate dehydrogenase ec monomer activity with the aid of enzyme immobilization

Hamilton D.W., 1981:
Evidence for alpha lact albumin like activity in reproductive tract fluids of the male rat

Mueller B.C.; Raphael A.L.; Barton J.K., 1987:
Evidence for altered dna conformations in the sv 40 genome site specific dna cleavage by the chiral complex lambda tris 4 7 diphenyl 1 10 phenanthrolinecobalt iii

Ichikawa, I., 1982:
Evidence for altered glomerular hemodynamics during acute nephron obstruction

Lissoni, P.; Barni, S.; Paolorossi, F.; Crispino, S.; Rovelli, F.; Ferri, L.; Delitala, G.; Tancini, G., 1987:
Evidence for altered opioid activity in patients with cancer

Recker, R.R.; Blotcky, A.J.; Leffler, J.A.; Rack, E.P., 1977:
Evidence for aluminum absorption from the gastro intestinal tract and bone deposition by aluminum carbonate ingestion with normal renal function

Cooper, P.D.; Summers, D.F.; Maizel, J.V., 1970:
Evidence for ambiguity in the post translational cleavage of poliovirus proteins

Luettge U.; Jung K D.; Ullrich Eberius C.I., 1981:
Evidence for amino acid proton co transport in lemna gibba given by effects of fusicoccin

Etherton, B.; Rubinstein, B., 1978:
Evidence for amino acid proton co transport in oat coleoptiles

Robinson S.P.; Beevers H., 1981 :
Evidence for amino acid proton co transport in ricinus communis cotyledons

Draganic, Z.; Draganic, I.; Shimoyama, A.; Ponnamperuma, C., 1977:
Evidence for amino acids in hydrolysates of compounds formed by ionizing radiations part 1 aqueous solutions of hydrogen cyanide ammonium cyanide and sodium cyanide

Judd R.C., 1986:
Evidence for amino terminal exposure of the protein ia subclass of neisseria gonorrhoeae protein i

Freedman, M.H.; Grossberg, A.L.; Pressman, D., 1968:
Evidence for ammonium and guanidinium groups in the combining sites of anti p azo benzene arsonate antibodies separation of 2 different populations of antibody molecules rabbit

Yoch D.C.; Whiting G.J., 1986:
Evidence for ammonium ion switch off regulation of nitrogenase activity by bacteria in salt marsh sediments and roots of the grass spartina alterniflora

Colle, A.; Tonnelle, C.; Manuel, Y.; Rivat, L.; Ropartz, C., 1976:
Evidence for an absence of cross reactivity between human beta 2 micro globulin and human immuno globulin g allotypes and subclasses

Eichholz R.; Harper J.; Felix G.; Meins F.Jr, 1983:
Evidence for an abundant 33000 dalton poly peptide regulated by cyto kinins in cultured tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar havana 425 tissues

Kurkdjian A.; Mathieu Y.; Guern J., 1982:
Evidence for an action of 2 4 d on the vacuolar ph of acer pseudoplatanus cells in suspension culture

Caille J.; IIdefonse M.; Rougier O., 1979:
Evidence for an action of sodium ions in the activation of contraction of twitch muscle fiber

Staples, S.J.; Reithel, F.J., 1976:
Evidence for an active inactive subunit complex in jack bean urease ec

Stewart, G.J.; Carlson, C.A.; Ingraham, J.L., 1983:
Evidence for an active role of donor cells in natural transformation of Pseudomonas stutzeri

Branzoli, U.; Massey, V., 1974:
Evidence for an active site per sulfide residue in rabbit liver aldehyde oxidase ec

Halpern J.; Hinkle P.M., 1982:
Evidence for an active step in thyroid hormone transport to nuclei drug inhibition of iodine 125 labeled l tri iodo thyronine binding to nuclear receptors in rat pituitary tumor cells

De-Michelis, M.I.; Radice, M.; Colombo, R.; Lado, P., 1978:
Evidence for an active transport of methyl alpha d gluco pyranoside in pea stem segments

Samson L.; Schwartz J.L., 1980:
Evidence for an adaptive dna repair pathway in cho chinese hamster ovary and human skin fibroblast cell lines

Murray T., 1979:
Evidence for an additional littorina spp and a summary of the reproductive biology of littorina from california usa

Ahuja, R.C.; Saran, R.K.; Hasan, M.; Gupta, N.N.; Bhargava, K.P., 1980:
Evidence for an additional spinal locus of action of clonidine in man

Olsson, R.A.; Davis, C.J.; Khouri, E.M.; Patterson, R.E., 1976:
Evidence for an adenosine receptor on the surface of dog coronary myocytes

Herman, W.S.; Carlsen, J.B.; Christensen, M.; Josefsson, L., 1977:
Evidence for an adipo kinetic function of the red pigment concentrating hormone activity present in the desert locust neuro endocrine system

Milligan R.H.; Osborne G.O.; Ytsma G., 1988:
Evidence for an aggregation pheromone in platypus gracilis broun coleoptera platypodidae

Rushton, J.P.; Erdle, S., 1987:
Evidence for an aggressive (and delinquent) personality

Jeanne R.L., 1982:
Evidence for an alarm substance in polistes canadensis

Killen J.D.; Taylor C.B.; Telch M.J.; Saylor K.E.; Maron D.J.; Robinson T.N., 1987:
Evidence for an alcohol stress link among normal weight adolescents reporting purging behavior

Gomez Moreno C.; Edmondson D.E., 1985:
Evidence for an aldehyde intermediate in the catalytic mechanism of thiamin oxidase

Shiosaka S.; Tohyama M., 1984:
Evidence for an alpha melanocyte stimulating msh ergic hippocampal commissural connection in the rat revealed by a double labeling technique

Friedman, S.B.; Margolin, P., 1968:
Evidence for an altered operator specificity: catabolite repression control of the leucine operon in Salmonella typhimurium

Camougrand N.M.; Caubet R.B.; Guerin M.G., 1983:
Evidence for an alternative and nonphosphorylating pathway for nadh re oxidation in a yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae strain resistant to glucose repression

Broertjes J.J.S.; Posthuma G.; Den Breejen P.; Voogt P.A., 1980:
Evidence for an alternative transport route for the use of vitellogenesis in the sea star asterias rubens

Oberleithner H.; Wang W.; Messner G.; Deetjen P.; Lang F., 1983 :
Evidence for an amiloride sensitive sodium pathway in the amphibian diluting segment induced by potassium adaptation

Rai A.N.; Rowell P.; Stewart W.D.P., 1984:
Evidence for an ammonium transport system in free living and symbiotic cyanobacteria

Alef K.; Kleiner D., 1982:
Evidence for an ammonium transport system in the nitrogen fixing phototrophic bacterium rhodospirillum rubrum

Sullivan, J.N.; Strott, C.A., 1973:
Evidence for an androgen independent mechanism regulating the levels of receptor in target tissue

Isomaa, V.; Orava, M.; Vihko, R., 1987:
Evidence for an androgen receptor in porcine Leydig cells

Simonnet G.; Carayon A.; Alard M.; Cesselin F.; Lagoguey A., 1984:
Evidence for an angiotensin ii like material and for rapid metabolism of angiotensin ii in the rat brain

Mukhopadhyay, A.K.; Leavitt, L., 1978:
Evidence for an angiotensin receptor in esophageal smooth muscle of the opossum

Dalakos, T.G.; Elias, A.N.; Anderson, G.H.; Streeten, D.H.; Schroeder, E.T., 1978:
Evidence for an angiotensinogenic mechanism of the hypertension of Cushing's syndrome

Gast P.; D.G.oot A.; Hoff A.J., 1983:
Evidence for an anisotropic magnetic interaction between the bacterio pheophytin intermediary acceptor and the 1st quinone acceptor in bacterial photosynthesis

Van Prat M.; Duchateau G., 1984:
Evidence for an annual cycle of reproduction in the deep sea sea anemone paracalliactis stephensoni

Smits, P.; Boekema, P.; D.A.reu, R.; Thien, T.; van 't Laar, A., 1987:
Evidence for an antagonism between caffeine and adenosine in the human cardiovascular system

Taylor, J.; Green, R.D., 1970:
Evidence for an antagonistic action of diazoxide at alpha adrenergic receptors in rabbit aorta

Ferrer A.; D.M.rtino Ferrer M.; D.R.go P.; Setondji J., 1980:
Evidence for an anti tryptic activity in the nongerminated seed of bambara groundnut voandzeia subterranea

Kikuk P., 1985:
Evidence for an antiaphrodisiac in the sweat bee lasioglossum zephyrum

Gee, A.P.; Bruce, K.M.; Morris, T.D.; Boyle, M.D., 1985:
Evidence for an anticomplementary factor associated with human bone marrow cells

Scott, S.; Caird, F.I.; Williams, B.O., 1984:
Evidence for an apparent sensory speech disorder in Parkinson's disease

Najid A.; Beneytout J L.; Leblanc J P.; Tixier M.; Rigaud M., 1988:
Evidence for an arachidonic acid 5 8 and 15 lipoxygenase in lupinus albus seeds

Moustafa M.A.A.; Claesen M.; Adline J.; Vandervorst D.; Poupaert J.H., 1983:
Evidence for an arene 3 4 oxide as a metabolic intermediate in the meta hydroxylation and para hydroxylation of phenytoin in the dog

Nelson, W.L.; Powell, M.L., 1979:
Evidence for an arene oxide heavy isotope shift pathway in the metabolic conversion of propranolol to 4' hydroxy propranolol in the rat and man

Reeve, D.H.; Berry, R.E., 1976 :
Evidence for an arrestant causing aggregation in the garden symphylan

Beers, M.F.; Johnson, R.G.; Scarpa, A., 1986:
Evidence for an ascorbate shuttle for the transfer of reducing equivalents across chromaffin granule membranes

Post, R.L.; Kume, S., 1973:
Evidence for an aspartyl phosphate residue at the active site of sodium and potassium ion transport atpase

Hunziker, D.; Abramowicz, D.A.; Damoder, R.; Dismukes, G.C., 1987:
Evidence for an association between a 33 kda extrinsic membrane protein manganese and photosynthetic oxygen evolution i. correlation with the s 2 multiline epr signal

Harrison, G.A.; Boyce, A.J.; Hornabrook, R.W.; Serjeantson, S.; Craig, W.J., 1976:
Evidence for an association between abo blood group and goiter

Takada, S.; Engleman, E.G., 1987:
Evidence for an association between CD8 molecules and the T cell receptor complex on cytotoxic T cells

Capron, J.P.; Payenneville, H.; Dumont, M.; Dupas, J.L.; Lorriaux, A., 1978:
Evidence for an association between chole lithiasis and hiatal hernia

Ruzdijic S.; Pederson T., 1987:
Evidence for an association between u1 rna and interspersed repeat single copy rna species in the cytoplasm of sea urchin eggs

Burgoyne P.S., 1979:
Evidence for an association between univalent y chromosomes and spermatocyte loss in xyy mice and men

Van Telgen H.J.; Van Der Zaal E.J.; Van Loon L.C., 1985:
Evidence for an association between viral coat protein and host chromatin in mosaic diseased tobacco nicotiana tabacum leaves

Manicardi, V.; Camellini, L.; Bellodi, G.; Coscelli, C.; Ferrannini, E., 1986:
Evidence for an association of high blood pressure and hyperinsulinemia in obese man

Webb M.L.; Schmidt T.J.; Robertson N.M.; Litwack G., 1986:
Evidence for an association of rna with the purified unactivated glucocorticoid receptor

Lowe, G.; Sproat, B.S., 1980:
Evidence for an associative mechanism in the phosphoryl transfer step catalyzed by rabbit muscle creatine kinase ec

Chanson A.; Taiz L., 1985:
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Evidence for an auto protease activity of sindbis virus capsid protein

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Evidence for an electrogenic potassium pump as the origin of the positive component of the endo cochlear potential

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Evidence for an essential arginine residue at the active site of escherichia coli acetate kinase ec

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Evidence for an essential hydrophobic domain in the maintenance of phosphoenol pyruvate carboxy kinase ec activity site specific binding and inactivation of 1 anilino naphthalene 8 sulfonate

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Evidence for an essential lysine at the active site of l histidinol nad oxido reductase ec a bi functional dehydrogenase

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Evidence for an ester linkage between the labile binding site of complement c 3b and receptive surfaces

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Evidence for an excess of ribosomal dna in the testis of drosophila melanogaster during ribosomal dna magnification

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Evidence for an extranuclear coding site for a heat shock protein in acetabularia

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Evidence for an extrarenal source of inactive renin in rats

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Evidence for an h 2 linked ir gene regulating the immune response to a ti 2 antigen di nitro phenyl ficoll

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Evidence for an imidazolate bridged iron ii copper ii complex in solution

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Evidence for an iminium cation intermediate and its nonoxidative decarboxylation in a cerium iv mediated oxidative decarboxylation

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Evidence for an increase in presumed somatic mutation during the aging of human cells in culture

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Evidence for an inhibitory dopaminergic and stimulatory noradrenergic hypothalamic influence on pregnant mare serum gonadotropin induced ovulation in the immature rat part 2 a pharmacological analysis

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Evidence for an inhibitory influence of the pineal on prolactin in the female rat

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Evidence for an inhibitory root factor on the flowering of cichorium intybus and for its disappearance through chilling

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Evidence for an initial thymus independent and a chronic thymus dependent phase of deoxy cortico sterone acetate and salt hypertension in mice

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Evidence for an internal promoter preceding tufA in the str operon of Escherichia coli

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Evidence for an intra cellular calcium store releasable by surface stimuli in fibroblasts l cells

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Evidence for an intra cellular somatostatin receptor in pancreas a comparative study with reference to gastric mucosa

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Evidence for an intra striatal gamma amino butyric acid influence on dopamine neurons of the cat

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Evidence for an intron contained sequence required for the splicing of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae rna polymerase ii transcripts

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Evidence for an octameric structure of phospho ribulo kinase ec from alcaligenes eutrophus/

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Evidence for anionic cation transport of lithium, sodium and potassium across the human erythrocyte membrane induced by divalent anions

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Evidence for antennal chemosensitivity in a cavernicolous mysidacean and its role in the detection of a food extract

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Evidence for antibody dependent binding of the terminal complement component to alveolar basement membrane

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Evidence for asparagusate and asparagusate dehydrogenase localized near the apices of asparagus shoots

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Evidence for auditory localization ability in the turtle

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Evidence for autapses in vitro a combined horseradish peroxidase and electron microscopic study of intra cellularly injected purkinje cells

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Evidence for baco receptor involvement in the immobility reflex in the rabbit blood pressure changes during induction and termination

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Evidence for bactericidal activity of polymorphonuclear leukocytes without phagocytosis

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Evidence for balancing selection at HLA

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Evidence for barium sulfate in the crystals of cultivated cells of micrasterias denticulata by the means of energy dispersive x ray analysis

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Evidence for beneficial effect of chymosin casein clots in abomasum on calf performance

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Evidence for beta adrenergic activation of sodium dependent efflux of calcium from isolated liver mitochondria

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Evidence for beta adrenoceptors in the epithelial isolated cells of the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri adapted to sea water

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Evidence for beta ketoester formation during the sizing of paper with alkylketene dimers

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Evidence for bi carbonate ion transport by the blue green alga cyanobacterium coccochloris peniocystis

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Evidence for bi cyclic oxonium ions in the nitrous acid deamination of benzyl 2 amino 4 6 o benzylidene 2 deoxy d glyco pyranosides

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Evidence for bicarbonate accumulation by anacystis nidulans

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Evidence for bicarbonate conductance pathways in nutrient membrane of bullfrog rana catesbeiana antrum

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Evidence for bicarbonate ion conductance pathways in nutrient membrane of resting frog rana pipiens fundus

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Evidence for bicarbonate transport in species of red and brown macrophytic marine algae

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Evidence for binding protein independent substrate translocation by the methyl galactoside transport system of escherichia coli strain k 12

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Evidence for biosynthesis and differential post translational proteolytic processing of different pre pro somatostatins in pancreatic islets

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Evidence for bivoltine populations of the mediterranean black scale saissetia oleae citrus in israel

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Evidence for blocked 5 prime termini in human adenovirus dna

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Evidence for bone remodeling but lack of calcium mobilization response to parathyroid hormone in pseudohypoparathyroidism

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Evidence for both histamine h 1 receptor and h 2 receptor in rabbit atria

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Evidence for both local and central regulation of rat rod outer segment disc shedding

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Evidence for both luminal and systemic factors in the control of rat intestinal epithelial replacement

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Evidence for bound phytochrome in oat m seedlings pigment inst centrifugation

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Evidence for boundary lipid in membranes

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Evidence for bovine lymphocyte antigen linked resistance and susceptibility to subclinical progression of bovine leukemia virus infection

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Evidence for bracken fern pteridium aquilinum as a food for aboriginal peoples of western washington usa

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Evidence for bursting pacemaker neurons in cultured spinal cord cells

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Evidence for calcium binding protein associated to nonactin microfilamentous systems in two ciliated protozoans

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Evidence for calcium calmodulin control of transplasmalemma electron transport in carrot cells

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Evidence for calcium ion control of the transducer mechanism in crayfish stretch receptor

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Evidence for calcium ion gated proton fluxes in chloroplast thylakoid membranes calcium ion controls a localized to delocalized proton gradient switch

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Evidence for calcium mediated regulation of heterocyst frequency and nitrogenase activity in nostoc 6720

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Evidence for capping of Fc gamma receptors on osteoclasts

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Evidence for carbon mon oxide insensitive respiration in the aerobic nitrogen fixing bacteria azotobacter vinelandii op and xanthobacter autotrophicus gz 29

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Evidence for carbon tetra chloride and ethanol induced lipid per oxidation in vivo demonstrated by ethane production in mice and rats

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Evidence for carbon uptake and storage in the dark with subsequent photosynthetic fixation by cultures of mixed chlorophyceae

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Evidence for carboxyl group in the vicinity of the retinal chromophore of bacterio rhod opsin

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Evidence for cardiovascular autonomic nerve dysfunction in multiple sclerosis

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Evidence for carriage of silver by sulfadimidine hemolysis of human erythrocytes

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Evidence for carrier mediated chloride sulfate exchange in rabbit ileal basolateral membrane vesicles

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Evidence for carrier mediated efflux of dopamine from corpus striatum

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Evidence for carrier mediated energy dependent uptake of urea in some bacteria

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Evidence for catecholamine stimulated adenylate cyclase activity in frog rana catesbeiana and rabbit corneal epithelium and cyclic amp dependent protein kinase and its protein substrates in frog corneal epithelium

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Evidence for celestial and magnetic compass orientation in lake migrating sockeye salmon oncorhynchus nerka fry

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Evidence for cell death in the vascular endothelium in vivo and in vitro

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