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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5410

Chapter 5410 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Raghavan K.V., 1981:
Evidence for myosin heterogeneity in drosophila melanogaster

Barclay, R.; Yount, R.G., 1972:
Evidence for myosin like intermediates in the hydrolysis of atp by sperm tail flagella

Hazlett L.D.; Moon M.M.; Strejc M.; Berk R.S., 1987:
Evidence for n acetylmannosamine as an ocular receptor for pseudomonas aeruginosa adherence to scarified cornea

Walter, R.D.; Ebert, F., 1979:
Evidence for nadh linked glutamate dehydrogenase ec and nadph linked glutamate dehydrogenase ec in trypanosoma cruzi epimastigotes

Talley, D.J.; White, L.H.; Schmidt, R.R., 1972:
Evidence for nadh specific and nadph specific isozymes of glutamate dehydrogenase and the continuous inducibility of the nadph specific isozyme throughout the cell cycle of the eukaryote chlorella

Fujimoto D., 1980:
Evidence for natural existence of pyridinoline cross link in collagen

Deschaux P.; Perroy Cordier L.; Peres G., 1983:
Evidence for natural killer cells in dicentrarchus labrax action of breeding temperature

D'Souza, M.; Datta, K., 1985:
Evidence for naturally occurring hyaluronic acid binding protein in rat liver

Takeno K.; Furuya M.; Yamane H.; Takahashi N., 1979:
Evidence for naturally occurring inhibitors of archegonial differentiation in lygodium japonicum

Bartell R.J.; Bellas T.E., 1981:
Evidence for naturally occurring secondary compounds of the codling moth cydia pomonella female sex pheromone

Mori K.; Aiba H., 1985:
Evidence for negative control of cya transcription by cyclic amp and cyclic amp receptor protein in intact escherichia coli cells

Knudsen T.B.; Elmer W.A., 1987:
Evidence for negative control of growth by adenosine in the mammalian embryo induction of hm x positive mutant limb outgrowth by adenosine deaminase

Krawietz W.; Weinsteiger M.; Pruchniewski M.; Erdmann E., 1979:
Evidence for negative cooperativity among beta adrenergic receptors in cardiac and lung tissue of guinea pig

Holman G.D.; Busza A.L.; Pierce E.J.; Rees W.D., 1981:
Evidence for negative cooperativity in human erythrocyte sugar transport

Jennissen, H.P., 1976:
Evidence for negative cooperativity in the adsorption of phosphorylase b on hydrophobic agaroses

Sable-Amplis, R.; Sicart, R., 1982:
Evidence for negative feedback control of cholesterogenesis from mevalonate in liver absence in the intestine of guinea pigs fed a 0.5 percent cholesterol diet

Figueroa H.R.; Yurgens P.B.; Newton D.K.; Hall T.R., 1985:
Evidence for negative feedback control of the release of tritiated serotonin from superfused mouse cerebellum slices induced electrical field stimulation

Schauf, C.L., 1983:
Evidence for negative gating charges in Myxicola axons

Kumar, A.; Moreau, J.L.; Baran, D.; Thèze, J., 1987:
Evidence for negative regulation of T cell growth by low affinity interleukin 2 receptors

Kesner R.P.; Dimattia B.V.; Crutcher K.A., 1987:
Evidence for neocortical involvement in reference memory

Hertz, L.; Wu, P.H.; Schousboe, A., 1978:
Evidence for net uptake of gamma amino butyric acid into mouse astrocytes in primary cultures its sodium dependence and potassium independence

Linnoila R.I.; Tsokos M.; Triche T.J.; Marangos P.; Chandra R.S., 1986:
Evidence for neural origin and periodic acid schiff positive variants of the malignant small cell tumor of thoracopulmonary region askin tumor

Norman, R.L.; Blake, C.A.; Sawyer, C.H., 1973:
Evidence for neural sites of action of pheno barbital and progesterone on luteinizing hormone release in the hamster

Bourbouze R.; Akiki C.; Chardon Loriaux I.; Percheron F., 1982:
Evidence for neuraminic acid derivatives in plant glyco proteins

Langner G., 1983:
Evidence for neuronal periodicity detection in the auditory system of the guinea fowl numida meleagris implications for pitch analysis in the time domain

Takeda N.; Ohtake S I.; Sugiyama K., 1987:
Evidence for neurosecretory control of the optic gland in terrestrial pulmonates

Landis, S.C.; Siegel, R.E.; Schwab, M., 1988 :
Evidence for neurotransmitter plasticity in vivo ii. immunocytochemical studies of rat sweat gland innervation during development

Baum M.; Berry C.A., 1984:
Evidence for neutral trans cellular sodium chloride transport and neutral basolateral chloride exit in the rabbit proximal convoluted tubule

Elofsson, R.; Falck, B.; Lindvall, O.; Myhrberg, H., 1977:
Evidence for new catecholamines or related amino acids in some invertebrate sensory neurons

Dietzler D.N.; Leckie M.P.; Lewis J.W.; Porter S.E.; Taxman T.L.; Lais C.J., 1979:
Evidence for new factors in the coordinated regulation of energy metabolism in escherichia coli effects of hypoxia chloramphenicol succinate and 2 4 di nitro phenol on glucose utilization glycogen synthesis adenylate energy charge and hexose phosphates during the 1st 2 periods of nitrogen starvation

Klotz C.; Swyghedauw B.; Mendes H.; Marotte F.; Leger J.J., 1981:
Evidence for new forms of cardiac myosin heavy chains in mechanical heart overloading and in aging

Slatko, B.E., 1978:
Evidence for Newly Induced Genetic Activity Responsible for Male Recombination Induction in DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTER

Brock V., 1980:
Evidence for niche differences in sympatric populations of cerastoderma edule and cerastoderma lamarcki

Kruger H J.; Huynh B.H.; Ljungdahl P.O.; Xavier A.V.; Dervartanian D.V.; Moura I.; Peck H.D.Jr; Teixiera M.; Moura J.J.G.; Legall J., 1982:
Evidence for nickel and a 3 iron center in the hydrogenase of desulfovibrio desulfuricans

Bolden, T.D.; Mueller, D.D., 1983:
Evidence for non active site binding of 3 phospho d glycerate to ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase ec

Yablonsky F.; Riffaud J.P.; Lacolle J.Y.; Dausse J.P., 1988:
Evidence for non adrenergic binding sites for tritiated idazoxan in the smooth muscle of rabbit urethra

Brann W.M.; Mccann F.V., 1979:
Evidence for nonbinding of alpha bungaro toxin in asynchronous fibrillar flight muscle

Raghu, P.K.; Taborsky, G.J.; Paquette, T.L.; Halter, J.B.; Palmer, J.P., 1984:
Evidence for noncholinergic ganglionic neural stimulation of B cell secretion

Ruwart, M.J.; Klepper, M.S.; Rush, B.D., 1979:
Evidence for noncholinergic mediation of small intestinal transit in the rat

Peatfield, A.C.; Richardson, P.S., 1983:
Evidence for non-cholinergic, non-adrenergic nervous control of mucus secretion into the cat trachea

Marquardt O.; Zaslavsky V.; Hofschneider P.H., 1982:
Evidence for nonchromosomal hepatitis b virus surface antigen specific and hepatitis b core antigen specific dna sequences in a hepatoma cell line

Purdy R.E.; Krueger C.G.; Young S., 1980:
Evidence for nonclassical alpha adrenoceptor blockade by prazosin in isolated rabbit blood vessels

Meserve P.L.; Klatt B.J., 1985:
Evidence for noncycling populations and the importance of immigration in voles microtus pennsylvanicus inhabiting an illinois usa tallgrass prairie

Uchida, H.; Heystek, J.; Klapper, M.H., 1971:
Evidence for nonequivalent binding sites in human met hemo globin

Mir, M.A., 1978 :
Evidence for noninfiltrative cardio myopathy in acute leukemia and lymphoma a clinical and echo cardiographic study

Scheufler E., 1982:
Evidence for nonlinear pharmaco kinetics of methotrexate in the rat

Jackson, C.E.; Sweet, L.C.; Hayashi, H.; Paul, T.D., 1978:
Evidence for nonlinkage of genes for hl a and hereditary angio edema

Kuo P F.; Iwai Y.; Mizutani T.; Mizutani A., 1979:
Evidence for nonmediation of calcitonin in the action of hypo calcemic protein from bovine parotid gland

Sing, C.F.; Brewer, G.J., 1971:
Evidence for nonrandom multiplicity of gene products in 22 plant genera

Schmid M.; Solleder E.; Gerlach B.; Haucke M.; Harms H.; Aus H.M., 1983:
Evidence for nonrandom sequence of centromere separation in muntjak muntiacus muntjak chromosomes by high resolution television microscopy

Gupta J.; Harris S.D.; Cotter D.A., 1987:
Evidence for nonregulatory trehalase activity in dictyostelium discoideum

Case, M.E.; Giles, N.H., 1968:
Evidence for nonsense mutations in the arom gene cluster of Neurospora crassa

Wesenberg, F.; Tonder, O., 1978:
Evidence for nonspecifically bound immuno globulin g in human tumors

Scarascia Mugnozza G.; Hinckley T.M.; Stettler R.F., 1986:
Evidence for nonstomatal inhibition of net photosynthesis in rapidly dehydrated shoots of populus

Alkon, D.L.; Grossman, Y., 1978:
Evidence for nonsynaptic neuronal interaction

Shafritz, D.A., 1974:
Evidence for nontranslated messenger rna in membrane bound and free polysomes of rabbit liver

Kalra, S.P.; Simpkins, J.W., 1981:
Evidence for noradrenergic mediation of opioid effects on luteinizing hormone secretion

Chaurasia, B.D.; Runwal, P.M.; Dharker, R.S., 1975:
Evidence for normal cum accessory neurenteric canals in a human fetus

Kergoat M.; Giroix M.H.; Portha B.B., 1986:
Evidence for normal in vitro calcium stimulated insulin release in rats with non insulin dependent diabetes

Ellis S.A.; Sargent I.L.; Redman C.W.G.; Mcmichael A.J., 1986:
Evidence for novel hla antigen found on human extravillous trophoblast and a choriocarcinoma cell line

Lin, T.S.; Kolattukudy, P.E., 1976:
Evidence for novel linkages in a glyco protein involving beta hydroxyphenyl alanine and beta hydroxy tyrosine

Bedard, D.L.; Haberl, M.L.; May, R.J.; Brennan, M.J., 1987:
Evidence for novel mechanisms of polychlorinated biphenyl metabolism in Alcaligenes eutrophus H850

Troyer D.; Schwager P., 1982:
Evidence for nuclear membrane fluidity pro acrosome migration and nuclear pore re distribution during grasshopper locusta migratoria spermiogenesis

Ogle T.F., 1986:
Evidence for nuclear processing of progesterone receptors in rat placenta

Panzeter P.L.; Etheredge J.L.; Kizer D.E.; Ringer D.P., 1987:
Evidence for nucleoside channeling in vivo deoxythymidine incorporation into rat liver deoxy ttp and nuclear matrix dba

Moustacchi, E., 1972:
Evidence for nucleus independent steps in control of repair of mitochondrial damage part 1 uv induction of the cytoplasmic petite mutation in uv sensitive nuclear mutants of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Wynne Edwards K.E., 1987:
Evidence for obligate monogamy in the djungarian hamster phodopus campbelli pup survival under different parenting conditions

Shapiro, A.M., 1977:
Evidence for obligate monophenism in reliquia santamarta a neotropical alpine pierine butterfly lepidoptera pieridae

Gibbs, K.E., 1977:
Evidence for obligatory parthenogenesis and its possible effect on the emergence period of cloeon triangulifer ephemeroptera baetidae

Orchard I.; Lange A.B., 1985:
Evidence for octopaminergic modulation of an insect locusta migratoria visceral muscle

Pedersen, P.E.; Stewart, W.B.; Greer, C.A.; Shepherd, G.M., 1983:
Evidence for olfactory function in utero

Vayssettes Courchay C.; Clugnet M C., 1982:
Evidence for olfactory projections and olfactory responses in rat entorhinal cortex

Fox D.A.; Smith B.R., 1986:
Evidence for oligoclonal b cell expansion in the peripheral blood patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Tepper M.A.; Roberts J.L., 1984:
Evidence for only 1 beta luteinizing hormone and no beta chorionic gonadotropin gene in the rat

Brettel K.; Schlodder E.; Witt H.T., 1985:
Evidence for only one stable electron acceptor in the reaction center of photosystem ii in spinach chloroplasts analysis of double flash experiments with nanosecond time resolution

Epstein, M.; Hoffman, D.; DeNunzio, A.G., 1983:
Evidence for operation of the magnification phenomenon in patients with chronic renal insufficiency

Bhargava H.; Das S., 1986:
Evidence for opiate action at the brain receptors for trh

Monferini E.; Strada D.; Manara L., 1981:
Evidence for opiate receptor binding in rat small intestine

Corrigall W.A.; Herling S.; Coen K.M., 1988:
Evidence for opioid mechanisms in the behavioral effects of nicotine

Coburn R.F., 1980:
Evidence for oscillation of prostaglandin release from spontaneously contracting guinea pig tenia coli

Sambo E.Y.; Aston M.J., 1985:
Evidence for osmotic adjustment in phalaris tuberosa cultivars australian and sirosa

Marshall M.J.; Nisbet N.W.; Green P.M., 1986:
Evidence for osteoclast production in mixed bone cell culture

Schwartz, N.B.; Channing, C.P., 1977:
Evidence for ovarian inhibin suppression of the secondary rise in serum follicle stimulating hormone levels in proestrous rats by injection of porcine follicular fluid

Klassen D.K.; Sagone A.L.Jr, 1980:
Evidence for oxygen dependent and non oxygen dependent mechanisms of antibody sensitized target cell lysis by human monocytes

Romine M.T.; Anderson G.F., 1985:
Evidence for oxytocin receptors in the urinary bladder of the rabbit

Weinstein S.W.; Klose R.; Kumar A.M., 1983:
Evidence for p amino hippurate extraction from superficial cortical efferent vessel plasma

Sagen J.; Proudfit H.K., 1985:
Evidence for pain modulation by presynaptic and postsynaptic noradrenergic receptors in the medulla oblongata

Nicod, L.; Leuenberger, P.; Seydoux, C.; Rey, F.; Van Melle, G.; Perret, C., 1985:
Evidence for pancreas injury in adult respiratory distress syndrome

Henson, I.E.; Mahalakshmi, V., 1985:
Evidence for panicle control of stomatal behavior in water stressed plants of pearl millet

Denef, C.; Andries, M., 1983:
Evidence for paracrine interaction between gonadotrophs and lactotrophs in pituitary cell aggregates

Hunt, G.P.; Overstreet, D.H., 1977:
Evidence for parallel development of tolerance to the hyperactivating and discoordinating effects of ethanol

Hall, J.C.; Feng, A.S., 1987:
Evidence for parallel processing in the frog's auditory thalamus

Volf D.; Hauptfeld V.; Kastelan A., 1979:
Evidence for partial defect in stem cell function induced in mice by neo natal thymectomy

Lee, G.F.; Hughes, R.A.; Veith, G.D., 1977:
Evidence for partial degradation of toxaphene in the aquatic environment

Jazwinski S.M.; Edelman G.M., 1984:
Evidence for participation of a multiprotein complex in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae dna replication in vitro

Pistorius, E.K.; Axelrod, B.; Palmer, G., 1976:
Evidence for participation of iron in lip oxygenase ec reaction from optical and esr studies

Keston A.S.; Meeuwisse G.W.; Fredrikzon B., 1982:
Evidence for participation of mutarotase in sugar transport absence of the enzyme in a case of glucose galactose mal absorption

Kharlukhi L.; Agrawal P.K., 1984:
Evidence for participation of pentose phosphate pathway during seed deterioration on storage

Ono H.; Ito A., 1982:
Evidence for participation of the inner membrane in the import of sulfite oxidase into the inter membrane space of liver mitochondria

Dunning B.E.; Verbalis J.G.; Fawcett C.P., 1985:
Evidence for participation of the neurohypophyseal hormones in the hyperglucagonemic response to hemorrhage in the rat

Levitzki, A.; Willingham, M.; Pastan, I., 1980:
Evidence for participation of trans glutaminase ec in receptor mediated endocytosis

Andrews J.H.; Hecht E.P., 1981 :
Evidence for pathogenicity of fusarium sporotrichioides to eurasian water milfoil myriophyllum spicatum

Evans R.C.; Stempen H., 1980:
Evidence for pellicle bound excrescences on hyphal walls of bipolaris maydis

Laneelle G.; Tocanne J F., 1980:
Evidence for penetration in liposomes and in mitochondrial membranes of a fluorescent analog of cord factor

Kastin A.J.; Castellanos P.F.; Fischman A.J.; Proffitt J.K.; Graf M.V., 1984:
Evidence for peptide aggregation

Johansson O., 1986:
Evidence for peptide histidine isoleucine amide immunoreactive nerve fibers in the human skin coexistence with vasoactive intestinal polypeptide?

Snow R.W., 1982:
Evidence for peptide mediated neuro transmission in a molluscan tritonia brain

Hebeler, B.H.; Morse, S.A.; Wong, W.; Young, F.E., 1978:
Evidence for peptido glycan associated protein in neisseria gonorrhoeae

Williams, L.J.; Evans, J.R., 1980:
Evidence for perceptual defense using a lexical decision task

Abravanel E.; Gingold H., 1982:
Evidence for perceptual influences in understanding liquid level invariance

Lopez H.S.; Carrer H.F., 1985:
Evidence for peripeduncular neurons having a role in the control of feminine sexual behavior in the rat

Gillan D.J., 1984 :
Evidence for peripheral and central processes in taste adaptation

Berenson, J.; Wong, R.; Kim, K.; Brown, N.; Lichtenstein, A., 1987:
Evidence for peripheral blood B lymphocyte but not T lymphocyte involvement in multiple myeloma

Davies S.N., 1984:
Evidence for peripheral but not central modulation of trigeminal cold receptive cells in the rat

Feldman, R.G.; Mayer, R.M.; Taub, A., 1970:
Evidence for peripheral neuro toxic effect of tri chloro ethylene

Korcáková, L.; Paluska, E., 1981:
Evidence for peripheral release of a lymphokine following transplantation in mice

Fletcher G.L.; Smith J.C., 1980:
Evidence for permanent population differences in the annual cycle of plasma antifreeze levels of winter flounder pseudopleuronectes americanus

Connock M.J.; Ward R.D.; Shaw N., 1982:
Evidence for peroxisomal fatty acid oxidation in beetle fat body detection and sub cellular localization of acyl coenzyme a oxidase in fat body of the cockchafer melolontha melolontha

Thompson S.L.; Kirsans S.K., 1985:
Evidence for peroxisomal hydroxylase activity in rat liver

Des Rochers B.; Garcia R., 1984:
Evidence for persistence and re cycling of bacillus sphaericus

Ixart G.; Szafarczyk A.; Malaval F.; Nouguier Soule J.; Assenmacher I., 1983:
Evidence for persisting phase locked circadian rhythms of anterior pituitary hormones in free running female rats

Akutsu H.; Akamatsu Y.; Shinbo T.; Uehara K.; Takahashi K.; Kyogoku Y., 1980:
Evidence for phase separation in the membrane of an osmotically stabilized fatty acid auxotroph of escherichia coli and its biological significance

Gudat, F.; Bianchi, L., 1977:
Evidence for phasic sequences in nuclear hepatitis b core antigen formation and cell membrane directed flow of core particles in chronic hepatitis b

Porter R.H.; Matochik J.A.; Makin J.W., 1983:
Evidence for phenotype matching in spiny mice acomys cahirinus

Archibald A.L.; Bradley J.S.; Spooner R.L., 1979:
Evidence for phenotypic change at the amylase i locus in cattle an explanation of the apparent hetero zygote excess

Sato, M.; Urade, M.; Yoshida, H.; Maeda, N.; Yura, Y.; Shirasuna, K.; Miyazaki, T., 1978:
Evidence for phenotypic mixing between newcastle disease virus and a latent virus of bhk 21 wi 2 cells in the early passaged bhk 21 wi 2 cells persistently infected with newcastle disease virus brief report

Giaquinta, R., 1976:
Evidence for Phloem loading from the apoplast: chemical modification of membrane sulfhydryl groups

Carden G.; Levitt A.; Jusczyk P.W.; Walley A., 1981:
Evidence for phonetic processing of cues to place of articulation perceived manner affects perceived place

Mansuy, D.; Beaune, P.; Cresteil, T.; Lange, M.; Leroux, J.P., 1977:
Evidence for phosgene formation during liver microsomal oxidation of chloroform

Hilton, S.M., 1977:
Evidence for phosphate as a mediator of functional hyperemia in skeletal muscles

Weinman, E.J.; Suki, W.N., 1978:
Evidence for phosphate secretion in the rat kidney

Short F.T.; Davis M.W.; Gibson R.A.; Zimmermann C.F., 1985:
Evidence for phosphorus limitation in carbonate sediments of the seagrass syringodium filiforme

Gavey, K.L.; Trujillo, D.L.; Scallen, T.J., 1983:
Evidence for phosphorylation dephosphorylation of rat liver acyl coenzyme a cholesterol acyl transferase ec

Yamauchi, T.; Fujisawa, H., 1978:
Evidence for phosphorylation of bovine adrenal tyrosine hydroxylase ec by cyclic amp dependent protein kinase/

Macdonald M.J.; Kowluru A.; Chang C M., 1985:
Evidence for phosphorylation of pancreatic islet pyruvate kinase

Zwiller, J.; Revel, M.O.; Basset, P., 1981:
Evidence for phosphorylation of rat brain guanylate cyclase ec by cyclic amp dependent protein kinase

Harm, W., 1978:
Evidence for photo enzymatically repairable lethal nondimer photoproducts formed in escherichia coli cells by 365 nanometer radiation or by sun light greater than 360 nanometer

Barltrop J.; Martin D.F., 1983:
Evidence for photodynamic action by a naturally occurring hydrilla growth inhibitor

Barenton B.; Pelletier J.; Ortavant R., 1983:
Evidence for photoperiodic influence on plasma growth hormone concentrations in the ram

Wioland N.; Bonaventure N., 1984:
Evidence for photopic and scotopic characteristics in the c wave of chicken and frog rana temporaria electro retinograms

Bertrand M.; Bereza B.; Dujardin E., 1988:
Evidence for photoreduction of nadp in a suspension of lysed plastids from etiolated bean leaves

Reus V.I.; Miner C., 1985:
Evidence for physiological effects of hypercortisolemia in psychiatric patients

Cole, W.C.; Garfield, R.E., 1986:
Evidence for physiological regulation of myometrial gap junction permeability

Strong, W.L., 1978:
Evidence for picea pungens new record in north central montana usa and its significance

May R.; Mead R.A., 1986:
Evidence for pineal involvement in timing implantation in the western spotted skunk spilogale putorius latifrons

Voogt J.L.; Pakrasi P.L.; Johnson D.C.; Dey S.K., 1985:
Evidence for pituitary regulation of placental lactogen

Ballarin, L.; Galleni, L., 1987:
Evidence for planktonic feeding in the gotte's larva of stylochus mediterraneus turbellaria polycladida

Cobb B.G.; Vanderzee D.; Loescher W.H.; Kennedy R.A., 1985:
Evidence for plantlet regeneration via somatic embryogenesis in the grasses echinochloa muricata and echinochloa crus galli var oryzicola

Lee M.A.; Storey B.T., 1985:
Evidence for plasma membrane impermeability to small ions in acrosome intact mouse spermatozoa bound to mouse zonae pellucidae using an aminoacridine fluorescent ph probe time course of the zona induced acrosome reaction monitored by both chlortetracycline and ph probe fluorescence

Barbour W.M.; Mathis J.N.; Elkan G.H., 1985:
Evidence for plasmid borne and chromosome borne multiple nif genes in rhizobium fredii

Sanders, M.E.; Klaenhammer, T.R., 1981:
Evidence for Plasmid Linkage of Restriction and Modification in Streptococcus cremoris KH

Candal F.J.; Eagon R.G., 1984:
Evidence for plasmid mediated bacterial resistance to industrial biocides

Hall E.; Eagon R.G., 1985:
Evidence for plasmid mediated resistance of pseudomonas putida to hexahydro 1 3 5 triethyl s triazine

Boness D.J.; Bowen W.D.; Oftedal O.T., 1988:
Evidence for polygyny from spatial patterns of hooded seals cystophora cristata

Ikeda H.; Kasahara M.; Ogasawara K.; Takenouchi T.; Okuyama T.; Ishikawa N.; Wakisaka A.; Kikuchi Y.; Aizawa M., 1984:
Evidence for polymorphism of mb 3 antigens among 3 hla d clusters associated with hla dr 4

Sandy J.D.; Sriratana A.; Brown H.L.G.; Lowther D.A., 1981:
Evidence for polymorphonuclear leukocyte derived proteinases in arthritic cartilage

Zervos S., 1988:
Evidence for population self regulation reproductive competition and arrhenotoky in a thelastomatid nematode of cockroaches

Brandriss, M.C., 1987:
Evidence for positive regulation of the proline utilization pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Mulcahy D.L.; Mulcahy G.B.; Robinson R.W., 1979:
Evidence for post meiotic genetic activity in pollen of cucurbita spp

Crocker A.D.; Cameron D.L., 1988:
Evidence for post synaptic changes mediating increased behavioral sensitivity to dopamine receptor agonists in hypothyroid rats

Jump, D.B.; Mariash, C.N.; Oppenheimer, J.H.; Conlon-Hollingshead, C.; Munro, H., 1982:
Evidence for post transcriptional effects of 3 5 3' tri iodo thyronine on hepatic ferritin synthesis

Krone W.; Greten H., 1984:
Evidence for post transcriptional regulation by insulin of 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase and sterol synthesis in human mononuclear leukocytes

Godaux, E.; Demaret, P.; Desmedt, J.E., 1975:
Evidence for post-synaptic mechanism in exteroceptive suppression elicited in the human masseter muscle

Tyner, A.L.; Fuchs, E., 1986:
Evidence for posttranscriptional regulation of the keratins expressed during hyperproliferation and malignant transformation in human epidermis

Mazel A.D., 1982:
Evidence for pre later stone age occupation of the natal drakensberg south africa

Storrie B.; Pool R.R.Jr; Sachdeva M.; Maurey K.M.; Oliver C., 1984:
Evidence for pre lysosomal and lysosomal intermediates in endocytic pathways

Hughes J.M.; Mather P.B., 1986:
Evidence for predation as a factor in determining shell color frequencies in a mangrove snail littorina sp prosobranchia littorinidae

Haswell-Elkins, M.R.; Elkins, D.B.; Anderson, R.M., 1987:
Evidence for predisposition in humans to infection with Ascaris, hookworm, Enterobius and Trichuris in a South Indian fishing community

Imai A.; Yano K.; Kameyama Y.; Nozawa Y., 1982:
Evidence for predominance of phospho lipase a 2 in release of arachidonic acid in thrombin activated platelets phosphatidyl inositol specific phospho lipase c may play a minor role in arachidonate liberation

Meijer C.J.L.M.; Bosman F.T.; Lindeman J., 1979:
Evidence for predominant involvement of the bone marrow derived cell system in the inflammatory process in crohns disease

Peck, W.A.; Burks, J.K.; Wilkins, J.; Rodan, S.B.; Rodan, G.A., 1977:
Evidence for preferential effects of parathyroid hormone, calcitonin and adenosine on bone and periosteum

Benn P.A.; Hsu L.Y.F., 1986:
Evidence for preferential involvement of chromosome bands 6p21 and 13q14 in amniotic fluid cell balanced translocation pseudomosaicism

Kitada, K.; Hishinuma, F., 1988:
Evidence for preferential multiplication of the internal unit in tandem repeats of the mating factor alpha genes in Saccharomyces yeasts

Vartio T.; Barlati S.; D.P.tro G.; Miggiano V.; Stahli C.; Takacs B.; Vaheri A., 1983:
Evidence for preferential proteolytic cleavage of 1 of the 2 fibronectin subunits and for immunological localization of a site distinguishing them

Sykes S.; Morgan L.M.; English J.; Marks V., 1980:
Evidence for preferential stimulation of gastric inhibitory poly peptide secretion in the rat by actively transported carbohydrates and their analogs

Ropers, H.H.; Wienker, T.F.; Grimm, T.; Schroetter, K.; Bender, K., 1977:
Evidence for preferential x chromosome inactivation in a family with fabrys disease

Dickens, M.S.; Lucas-Lenard, J.; Roth, J.S., 1977:
Evidence for preformed messenger rna in the induction of tmp synthetase in tetrahymena pyriformis

Jensen P.M.; Gustafsson T.O., 1984:
Evidence for pregnancy failure in young female lemmus lemmus and microtus oeconomus

Walker E.G., 1983:
Evidence for prehistoric cardio vascular disease of syphilitic origin on the northern plains canada

Kannisto P.; Owman C.; Schmidt G.; Walles B., 1986:
Evidence for prejunctional gamma aminobutyric acid b receptors mediating inhibition of ovarian follicle contraction induced by nerve stimulation

Antonaccio M.J.; Kerwin L., 1980:
Evidence for prejunctional inhibition of norepinephrine release by captopril in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Mautner, H.G.; Pakula, A.A.; Merrill, R.E., 1981:
Evidence for presence of an arginine residue in the coenzyme a binding site of choline acetyl transferase ec

Tack B.F.; Harrison R.A.; Janatova J.; Thomas M.L.; Prahl J.W., 1980:
Evidence for presence of an internal thiol ester bond in human complement c 3

Verspohl, E.J.; Ammon, H.P., 1980:
Evidence for presence of insulin receptors in rat islets of Langerhans

Keith I.M.; Brownfield M.S., 1985:
Evidence for presence of kynurenine in lung and brain of neonate hamsters

Menon, M.K.; Vivonia, C.A.; Haddox, V.G., 1984:
Evidence for presynaptic antagonism by amantadine of indirectly acting central stimulants

Siegel J.H.; Relkin E.M., 1987:
Evidence for presynaptic facilitation in primary cochlear afferent neurons

Wu, C.H.; Donovan, C.B.; Wu, G.Y., 1986:
Evidence for pretranslational regulation of collagen synthesis by procollagen propeptides

Barnetson, R.S.; Pearson, J.M.H.; Rees, R.J.W., 1976:
Evidence for prevention of borderline leprosy reactions by dapsone

Bremer M.L.; Lohmann G.P., 1982:
Evidence for primary control of the distribution of certain atlantic ocean benthonic foraminifera by degree of carbonate saturation

Chuat J C.; Blouquit Y.; Cohen Solal M.; Pilon C., 1979:
Evidence for primary structure differences between 2 friend virus p 30 variants purified by iso electric focusing

Greenberg S.N.; Vellutino F.R., 1988:
Evidence for processing of constituent single letter and multiletter codes support for multilevel coding in word perception

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Evidence for processing of maize zea mays catalase 2 and purification of its messenger rna aided by translation of antibody bound polysomes

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Evidence for proctolin and a 2nd myotropic peptide in the cockroach leucophaea maderae determined by bioassay and high pressure liquid chromatography analysis

Binoux M.; Hardouin S.; Lassarre C.; Hossenlopp P., 1982:
Evidence for production by the liver of 2 insulin like growth factor binding proteins with similar molecular weights but different affinities for insulin like growth factor i and insulin like growth factor ii their relations with serum and cerebro spinal fluid insulin like growth factor binding proteins

Watrud, L.S.; Heithaus, J.J.Iii ; Jaworski, E.G., 1978:
Evidence for production of inhibitor by the vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus gigaspora margarita

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Evidence for production of oxidizing radicals by the particulate super oxide radical o 2 forming system from human neutrophils

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Evidence for progression from mild to severe mitral regurgitation in mitral valve prolapse

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Evidence for proliferation of erythroid progenitor cells in the absence of added erythropoietin

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Evidence for proteic water pathways in the luminal membrane of kidney proximal tubule

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Evidence for protein associated lipids from deuterium nmr studies of rhod opsin di myristoylphosphatidyl choline recombinants

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Evidence for protein kinase activities in the prokaryote Salmonella typhimurium

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Evidence for protein kinase C as a regulator of intestinal electrolyte transport

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Evidence for protein phosphorylation as a regulatory mechanism for hepatic microsomal glucose 6 phosphatase ec

Gilbert, J.M., 1972 :
Evidence for protein synthesis in synaptosomal membranes

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Evidence for proteolytic degradation of histidinol phosphate phosphatase specified by nonsense mutants of the hisB gene of Salmonella typhimurium

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Evidence for protogynous hermaphroditism in some lethrinid fishes

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Evidence for proximal tubular cell origin of a sarcomatoid variant of human renal cell carcinoma

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Evidence for psychopathology in patients with rhythmic midtemporal discharges

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Evidence for pulmonary carbon di oxide chemo sensitivity effects on ventilation

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Evidence for pulsatile release of thyrotropin in the preterm infant

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Evidence for pulse radiolysis and flash photolysis of the environment of tryptophan and tyrosine in the coat protein of fd phage

Malmgren B.A.; Berggren W.A.; Lohmann G.P., 1983:
Evidence for punctuated gradualism in the late neogene globorotalia tumida lineage of planktonic foraminifera

Chapal J.; Loubatieres Mariani M M., 1983:
Evidence for purinergic receptors on vascular smooth muscle in rat pancreas

Ofengand J.; Liou R., 1980:
Evidence for pyrimidine pyrimidine cyclo butane dimer formation in the covalent cross linking between transfer rna and 16s rna at the ribosomal p site

Williamson, P.R.; Moog, R.S.; Dooley, D.M.; Kagan, H.M., 1986:
Evidence for pyrroloquinolinequinone as the carbonyl cofactor in lysyl oxidase by absorption and resonance Raman spectroscopy

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Evidence for quantitative variability of bacterial opsonic requirements

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Evidence for raised antibody dependent killer cell levels in type 1 diabetes

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Evidence for random genetic drift in laboratory populations of Drosophila ananassae

Converse R.H.; Seely J.; Martin L.W., 1979:
Evidence for random local spread of aphid borne mild yellow edge virus in strawberries

Ritz K.; Newman E.I., 1985:
Evidence for rapid cycling of phosphorus from dying roots to living plants

Wolde Mussie E.; Aiken D.; Beaven M.A., 1986:
Evidence for rapid histamine turnover and loss of histamine from immature rat mast cells

Keller-Wood, M.; Bell, M.E., 1988:
Evidence for rapid inhibition of ACTH by corticosteroids in dogs

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Evidence for rapid limitation of the i element copy number in a genome submitted to several generations of i r hybrid dysgenesis in drosophila melanogaster

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Evidence for rapid loss of newly synthesized hemo globin s molecules in sickle cell anemia and sickle cell trait

Kim I.; Greenwald G.S., 1985:
Evidence for rapid loss of spare human chorionic gonadotropin receptors in the corpora lutea of the hypophysectomized rat

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Evidence for rapid metabolic turnover of hyaluronate synthetase in Swarm rat chondrosarcoma chondrocytes

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Evidence for rapid mobilization of platelets from the spleen during intensive plateletpheresis

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Evidence for rapid turnover of hepatic endoplasmic reticulum and its possible relationship to secretion

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Evidence for raw starch affinity site on aspergillus awamori var kawachi gluco amylase i

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Evidence for re cycling of insulin receptors in isolated rat adipocytes

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Evidence for re distribution of filtrate among nephrons after beta adrenergic stimulation and blockade

Kaplan J., 1980:
Evidence for re utilization of surface receptors for alpha macro globulin and protease complexes in rabbit alveolar macrophages

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Evidence for reaction at two binding sites in the oxidation of parsley plastocyanin by tris 1 10 phenanthrolinecobalt iii

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Evidence for reactive oxygen species inducing mutations in mammalian cells

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Evidence for reactive synaptogenesis in the ventrolateral thalamus and red nucleus of the rat changes in high affinity glutamate uptake and numbers of corticofugal fiber terminals

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Evidence for recent duplications among certain gamma globulin heavy chain genes

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Evidence for receptor function of auxin binding sites in maize zea mays red light inhibition of mesocotyl elongation and auxin binding

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Evidence for receptor nerve endings in tendons and related tissues of an teleost gnathonemus petersii

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Evidence for receptors of the specific thymus derived suppressor cells immune to the h 2 antigens and enrichment of these cells by fractionation on target cell mono layers

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Evidence for recessive and against dominant inheritance at the hla linked locus in celiac disease

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Evidence for recombination between 2 different immunological types of foot and mouth disease virus

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Evidence for recombination between n tropic and b tropic murine leukemia viruses

Schindler, J.; Hynes, R.; Hopkins, N., 1977:
Evidence for recombination between n tropic and b tropic murine leukemia viruses analysis of 3 virion proteins by sodium dodecyl sulfate poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

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Evidence for recovery of spatial pattern vision by cats with visual cortex damage

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Evidence for recurrent infection and intra familial spread of enterovirus 70 conjunctivitis during post epidemic period

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Evidence for reduced catabolism by the antiglucocorticoid RU 38486 in acutely uremic rats

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Evidence for reduced color vision in carriers of congenital color vision deficiencies

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Evidence for reduced erythroid burst promoting function of t lymphocytes in the pure red cell aplasia of chronic lymphocytic leukemia

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Evidence for reduced recombination on the nondisjoined chromosomes 21 in Down syndrome

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Evidence for reduced thermic effect of insulin and glucose infusions in Pima Indians

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Evidence for reduced uptake of asialo alpha 1 acid glyco protein during the acute phase response to inflammation

Sheil J.M.; Walker R.T., 1979:
Evidence for reduction of the leukocyte chemo tactic response to endo toxin by human platelets

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Evidence for reflux in patients with achalasia a preoperative and postoperative study

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Evidence for regional differences in the emergence pattern of the european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae in quebec canada

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Evidence for regulation in vivo of the atp synthase in intact cells of the photosynthetic bacterium rhodopseudomonas capsulata

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Evidence for regulation of 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase ec activity and cholesterol synthesis in nonhepatic tissues of rat

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Evidence for regulation of a trh degradation pathway in gh 3 cells

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Evidence for regulation of aerobacter aerogenes ph 6 acetol acetate forming enzyme by acetate ion

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Evidence for regulation of cholesterol and fatty acid synthesis in liver by cyclic amp

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Evidence for regulation of gluconeogenesis by the fructose phosphotransferase system in Salmonella typhimurium

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Evidence for regulation of lamellipodial and tail contraction of glycerinated chicken embryonic fibroblasts by myosin light chain kinase

Barofsky A L.; Grier H.C.; Pradhan T.K., 1980:
Evidence for regulation of water intake by median raphe serotonergic neurons

Brandt, P., 1979:
Evidence for regulative transactions between cytoplasmic and plastidial translation by euglena gracilis 1. quantitative changes of the spectrum of plastidial proteins by chloramphenicol or cyclo heximide treatment

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Evidence for regulatory control of canine platelet phosphodiesterase

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Evidence for regulatory trehalase ec activity in candida utilis

Maruyama, Y., 1976:
Evidence for reinitiation of proliferative activity following alkylation or radiation

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Evidence for reinstatement of infants 12 to 14 months of age into routine measles immunization programs

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Evidence for related functions of the RNA genes of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Evidence for related virulence sequences in plasmids of Salmonella dublin and Salmonella typhimurium

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Evidence for relatedness between puccinia graminis f sp secalis and puccinia graminis f sp tritici from two dimensional polypeptide mapping

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Evidence for relationships between anti peri nuclear and immuno globulin g rheumatoid factor

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Evidence for reliable badges of status in territorial yellow warblers dendroica petechia

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Evidence for renotropic activity in ovine pituitaries

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Evidence for repair of ozone induced membrane injury: alteration in sugar uptake

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Evidence for repair of uv light damaged herpesvirus in human fibroblasts by a recombination mechanism

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Evidence for repair processes in onion allium cepa seeds during storage at high seed moisture contents

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Evidence for repetitive structure of the large acyl carrier protein subunit of escherichia coli citrate lyase ec

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Evidence for replication of cauliflower mosaic virus DNA in plant nuclei

Hudson A., 1982:
Evidence for reproductive isolation between xestia adela and xestia dolosa lepidoptera noctuidae

Penrose L., 1985:
Evidence for resistance in wheat cultivars grown in sand culture to the take all pathogen gaeumannomyces graminis var tritici

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Evidence for resistance to metalaxyl in isolates of peronospora hyoscyami

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Evidence for resource based communal roosting by european starlings

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Evidence for restoration of hepatic glucose processing in type I diabetes mellitus

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Evidence for restricted oligo saccharide mobility at the erythrocyte membrane surface a fluorescence study

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Evidence for restriction of the ability of complement to lyse homologous erythrocytes

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Evidence for resuspension of rebound particles from near bottom sediment traps

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Evidence for rheogenic sodium bicarbonate cotransport in the basolateral membrane of oxyntic cells of frog gastric fundus

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Evidence for rhodopsin refolding during the decay of Meta II

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Evidence for ribosomal rna synthesis in pollen tubes in culture

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Evidence for rna synthesis dependent and rna synthesis independent pathways in stimulation of neurite outgrowth by nerve growth factor

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Evidence for role of 7 methyl gmp group in recognition of eukaryotic messenger rna by initiation factor m 3

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Evidence for root iron nutrition in hydrilla verticillata

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Evidence for salt glands in the triassic reptile diademodon therapsida cynodontia

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Evidence for sarcolemmal abnormalities in the dystrophic mouse skeletal muscle

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Evidence for sarcosine 1 alanine 8 angiotensin crossing the blood cerebro spinal fluid barrier to antagonize central effects of angiotensin ii

Gillingham J.C.; Baker R.E., 1981:
Evidence for scavenging behavior in the western diamondback rattlesnake crotalus atrox

Lawrence E.S., 1985:
Evidence for search image in blackbirds turdus merula long term learning

Lawrence E.S., 1985:
Evidence for search image in blackbirds turdus merula short term learning

Malicky H., 1980:
Evidence for seasonal migrations of larvae of 2 species of philopotamid caddis flies trichoptera in a mountain stream in lower austria

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Evidence for sedative effects of low doses of morphine in mice involving receptors insensitive to naloxone

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Evidence for selection against hybrids in the family cyprinidae genus notropis

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Evidence for selection in cultured di ploid fibroblast strains

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Evidence for selective expression of angiotensin II receptors on atretic follicles in the rat ovary: an autoradiographic study

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Evidence for selective fruit production in asclepias

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Evidence for selective loss of brain dopamine stimulated and histamine stimulated adenylate cyclase activities in rabbits with aging

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Evidence for selective mortality in chlamys varia l. transplant experiments

Siegel G., 1979:
Evidence for selective proliferation and histological localization of bone marrow derived lymphocytes in the human tonsil

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Evidence for selective susceptibility of hippocampus to spreading depression induced by vasopressin

Rogers T.B., 1987:
Evidence for sensation seeking behavior during assessment of the trait a note on the construct validity of the measurement operation

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Evidence for sensory awareness in death feigning opossums didelphis marsupialis

Vayssettes-Courchay, C.; Sessler, F.M., 1983:
Evidence for sensory convergences in rat entorhinal cortex

Paul, J.H.; Jeffrey, W.H., 1985:
Evidence for Separate Adhesion Mechanisms for Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Surfaces in Vibrio proteolytica

Gaston K.E., 1980:
Evidence for separate and concurrent avoidance learning in the 2 hemispheres of the normal chick brain

Durham J.H.; Nagel W., 1986:
Evidence for separate cellular origins of sodium and acid base transport in the turtle pseudemys scripta elegans bladder

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Evidence for separate enz mono glyceride hydrolase and enz tri glyceride lipase in post heparin human plasma

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Evidence for separate enzymes of pyruvate decarboxylation and pyruvate synthesis in soluble extracts of Clostridium pasteurianum

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Evidence for separate intermediates in the biosynthesis of 24 alpha and 24 beta alkyl sterols in tracheophytes

Alonso A.; Kohler C., 1982:
Evidence for separate projections of hippocampal pyramidal and nonpyramidal neurons to different parts of the septum in the rat brain

Feigen L.P.; Chapnick B.M., 1979:
Evidence for separate prostaglandin d 2 and prostaglandin f 2 alpha receptors in the canine mesenteric vascular bed

Satchell D.G.; Maguire M.H., 1982:
Evidence for separate receptors for atp and adenosine in the guinea pig tenia coli

Ocorr K.A.; Byrne J.B., 1986:
Evidence for separate receptors that mediate parallel effects of serotonin and small cardioactive peptide b on adenylate cyclase in aplysia californica

Jennings, J.J.; Rittenberg, M.B., 1976:
Evidence for separate sub populations of bone marrow derived cells responding to thymus derived cell independent and thymus derived cell dependent immunogens

Sjövall, H., 1984:
Evidence for separate sympathetic regulation of fluid absorption and blood flow in the feline jejunum

Dallai R.; Talluri M.V., 1988:
Evidence for septate junctions in the syzygy of the protozoon gregarina polymorpha protozoa apicomplexa

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Evidence for sequential action of amphotericin b and 5 fluoro cytosine on candida albicans atcc 11651

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Evidence for sequential appearance of cartilage matrix proteins in developing mouse limbs and in cultures of mouse mesenchymal cells

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Evidence for sequential gene action within the cell cycle of Paramecium

Kuszak J.R.; Alcala J.; Maisel H., 1982:
Evidence for sequential replacement of gap junctions in chick lens development

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Evidence for sequential signals in the induction of the arachidonic acid cascade in macrophages

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Evidence for serotonin in the pathogenesis of ulcer formation

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Evidence for serotonin synthesis, uptake, and release in dissociated rat sympathetic neurons in culture

Foresta C.; Mioni R.; Scandellari C., 1986:
Evidence for serotoninergic system involvement in opioid control of luteinizing hormone secretion in man

Kallio, A., 1978:
Evidence for several mechanisms involved in the regulation of ornithine decarboxylase ec by di amines during rat liver regeneration

Aramaki T.; Okumura H.; Katsuta Y.; Kikuchi K.; Sato M., 1981:
Evidence for sex and age difference in human aspirin metabolism

Van Der Meer J.P.; Chen L.C M., 1979:
Evidence for sexual reproduction in the red algae palmaria palmata and halosaccion ramentaceum

Simon P.L.; Lee J.C., 1986:
Evidence for shared antigenic determinants on rabbit and human interleukin 1

Hopper J.E.; Haren J.M.; Kmiecik T.E., 1979:
Evidence for shared idiotypy expressed by the immuno globulin m immuno globulin g and immuno globulin a serum proteins of a patient with a complex multiple para protein disorder

Colbath G.K., 1987:
Evidence for shedding of maxillary jaws in eunicoid polychaetes

McLoon, S.C., 1985:
Evidence for shifting connections during development of the chick retinotectal projection

Thayer G.W.; Engel D.W.; Bjorndal K.A., 1982:
Evidence for short circuiting of the detritus cycle of seagrass beds by the green turtle chelonia mydas

Junkermann W.; Roedel W., 1983:
Evidence for short sulfur di oxide lifetimes in the atmosphere an in situ measurement of atmospheric sulfur di oxide lifetime using cosmic ray produced sulfur 38

Ishikawa, H.; Isayama, Y., 1987:
Evidence for sialyl glycoconjugates as receptors for Bordetella bronchiseptica on swine nasal mucosa

Picard, J.K.; Loveday, D.; Feizi, T., 1985:
Evidence for sialylated type 1 blood group chains on human erythrocyte membranes revealed by agglutination of neuraminidase treated erythrocytes with waldenstroms macroglobulin immunoglobulin m woo and hybridoma antibody fc 10.2

S.T P., 1982:
Evidence for sigma opioid receptor binding of tritium labeled skf 10047 n allyl normetazocine to etorphine inaccessible sites in guinea pig brain

Motta J.J., 1985:
Evidence for significant differences in nuclear dna content between two geographically isolated clones of armillaria mellea

Lindsey, G.G.; Diamond, E.M., 1978:
Evidence for significant quantities of creatine kinase mm iso enzyme ec in human brain/

Iliakis G.; Ngo F.Q.H.; Roberts W.K.; Youngman K., 1985:
Evidence for similarities between radiation damage expressed by beta arabinofuranosyladenine and damage involved in the interaction effect observed after exposure of v 79 cells to mixed neutrons and gamma radiation

Spector, T.D.; Ollier, W.E.; Perry, L.A.; Silman, A.J., 1988:
Evidence for similarity in testosterone levels in haplotype identical brothers

Freeman R.E.; Simon P.W., 1983:
Evidence for simple genetic control of sugar type in carrot daucus carota

Kim, J.J.P.; Chakraburtty, K.; Mehler, A.H., 1977:
Evidence for single mechanism for aminoacyl transfer rna synthetases including aminoacyl adenylates as intermediates

Slawson, V.; Adamson, A.W.; Stein, R.A., 1978:
Evidence for singlet oxygen in the air oxidation of surface adsorbed 2 5 di phenyl furan/

Franzl S.; Nahrstedt A.; Naumann C.M., 1986:
Evidence for site of biosynthesis and transport of the cyanoglucosides linamarin and lotaustralin in larvae of zygaena trifolii insecta lepidoptera

Kathpalia, S.C.; Favus, M.J.; Coe, F.L., 1984:
Evidence for size and charge permselectivity of rat ascending colon. Effects of ricinoleate and bile salts on oxalic acid and neutral sugar transport

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Evidence for skeletal resistance to parathyroid hormone in magnesium deficiency. Studies in isolated perfused bone

Gainer H.; Fink D.J., 1982:
Evidence for slow retrograde transport of serum albumin in rat sciatic nerve

Chylla R.A.; Garab G.; Whitmarsh J., 1987:
Evidence for slow turnover in a fraction of photosystem ii complexes in thylakoid membranes

Anderson B.W.; Ohmart R.D.; Fretwell S.D., 1982:
Evidence for social regulation in some riparian bird populations

Pritchard K.; Ashley C.C., 1987:
Evidence for sodium calcium exchange in isolated smooth muscle cells a fura 2 study

Wang W.; Dietl P.; Oberleithner H., 1987:
Evidence for sodium dependent rheogenic bicarbonate ion transport in fused cells of frog distal tubules

Korbmacher C.; Helbig H.; Foerster C.; Wiederholt M., 1988:
Evidence for sodium hydrogen exchange and ph sensitive membrane voltage in cultured bovine corneal epithelial cells

Rindler M.J.; Saier M.H.Jr, 1981:
Evidence for sodium hydrogen ion antiport in cultured dog kidney cells mdck

Espie G.S.; Canvin D.T., 1987:
Evidence for sodium independent carbonate ion uptake by the cyanobacterium synechococcus leopoliensis

Knauf, H.; Luebcke, R., 1975:
Evidence for sodium ion independent active secretion of potassium ion and bi carbonate ion by rat salivary duct epithelium

Korbmacher C.; Helbig H.; Stahl F.; Wiederholt M., 1988:
Evidence for sodium proton exchange and chloride bicarbonate exchange in a10 vascular smooth muscle cells

Tobian L., 1979:
Evidence for sodium retaining humoral agents and vaso constrictor humoral agents in hypertension prone dahl s rats prevention of sodium chloride induced hypertension in dahl s rats with thiazide

Lynch M.P.; Nawaz S.; Gerschenson L.E., 1986:
Evidence for soluble factors regulating cell death and cell proliferation in primary cultures of rabbit endometrial cells grown on collagen

Grange, R.I.; Peel, A.J., 1978:
Evidence for solution flow in the phloem of willow

Roca B.; Arilla E.; Prieto J.C., 1986:
Evidence for somatostatin binding sites in rabbit kidney

Noaillac Depeyre J.; Hollande E., 1981:
Evidence for somatostatin gastrin and pancreatic poly peptide like substances in the mucosa cells of the gut in fishes with and without stomachs

Fitz-Patrick, D.; Patel, Y.C., 1981:
Evidence for somatostatin precursors in human stomach, placenta, and amniotic fluid

Donovan M.K.; Wyss J.M., 1983:
Evidence for some collateralization between cortical and diencephalic efferent axons of the rat subicular cortex

Bleeker, J.D.; Wit, H.P.; Segenhout, J.H., 1980:
Evidence for sound perception with the labyrinth

Marrocco R.T.; Mcclurkin J.W., 1985:
Evidence for spatial structure in the cortical input to the monkey lateral geniculate nucleus

Hess R.F.; Pointer J.S., 1987:
Evidence for spatially local computations underlying discrimination of periodic patterns in fovea and periphery

Upchurch M., 1985:
Evidence for species differences between rats and gerbils in striatal dopamine content and dopamine metabolism

Cymerman U.; Pazos A.; Palacios J.M., 1986:
Evidence for species differences in peripheral benzodiazepine receptors an autoradiographic study

Hampton, A.; Slotin, L.A.; Chawla, R.R., 1976:
Evidence for species specific substrate site directed inactivation of rabbit adenylate kinase by n 6 6 iodoacetamido n hexyl atp

Ogawa, K.; Nakayama, T.; Tsubura, E., 1983:
Evidence for specific binding carrier of levamisole in lymphocytes and granulocytes

Rabier M.; D.P.ulet A.C.; Damon M., 1988:
Evidence for specific binding of 15 hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid to pituitary rat cells

Peterson, R.N.; Russell, L.D.; Hunt, W.P., 1984:
Evidence for specific binding of uncapacitated boar spermatozoa to porcine zonae pellucidae in vitro

Vedernikov Y.P.; Inatenko A.S., 1981:
Evidence for specific brady kinin receptors in smooth muscles of the arteries and veins

Cooke, J., 1983:
Evidence for specific feedback signals underlying pattern control during vertebrate embryogenesis

Docherty M.; Bradford H.F.; W.J.Y.; Joh T.H.; Reis D.J., 1985:
Evidence for specific immunolysis of nerve terminals using antisera against choline acetyltransferase glutamate decarboxylase and tyrosine hydroxylase

Ranu, R.S.; Kaji, A., 1972:
Evidence for specific inhibition of translocation of aminoacyl transfer rna by the pre treatment of ribosomes of bacillus subtilis with p chloromercuri benzoate

Baxter C.S.; Wey H.F.; Cardin A.D., 1979:
Evidence for specific lead delta amino levulinate complex formation by carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy

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Evidence for specific progesterone receptors in rat brain cytosol

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Evidence for specific sequences in the satellite rna 3 of tomato black ring virus

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Evidence for specific suppression in the maintenance of immunologic tolerance

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Evidence for specificity at an early step in protein export in Escherichia coli

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Evidence for spirochetal origin of circumscribed scleroderma (morphea)

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Evidence for splenic suppressor cells in c 3h he thymus derived cell derived c 3h he and nude mice bearing a 3 methyl cholanthrene induced fibro sarcoma

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Evidence for splicing of avian sarcoma virus 5 prime terminal genomic sequences onto viral specific rna in infected cells

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Evidence for spontaneous hyper calciuria in the rat

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Evidence for sprouting of the associational fibers to the dentate gyrus following removal of the commissural afferents in adult rats

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Evidence for sprouting specificity following medial septal lesions in the rat

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Evidence for stable messenger rna during sporulation and entero toxin synthesis by clostridium perfringens type a

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Evidence for stereoselective lipolysis in a termite toxicity of enantiomeric omega fluorinated alkyldiacyl glycerols to reticulitermes flavipes

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Evidence for steric enhancement of resonance

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Evidence for stimulation of 5 hydroxy tryptamine receptors in canine saphenous arteries by ergotamine

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Evidence for stimulation of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase synthesis during initiation of periodic fruitbody growth in agaricus bisporus

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Evidence for stimulation of renal gluconeogenesis by catecholamines

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Evidence for stimulatory and inhibitory effects of cadmium on the tritiated thymidine incorporation into various organs of the mouse

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Evidence for stimulatory noradrenergic and inhibitory dopaminergic regulation of oxytocin release in the lactating rat

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Evidence for strains of phytophthora cinnamomi

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Evidence for strictly sodium ion dependent accumulation of serine and threonine in brain cortical synaptosomes from new born rats

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Evidence for strong currents and turbulence in a deep coral reef groove

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Evidence for structural changes in erythrocyte membranes of spontaneously hypertensive rats a fluorescence polarization study

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Evidence for structural differences between human glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase ec purified from leukocytes and erythrocytes

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Evidence for structural dissimilarity in the neurotransmitter binding region of purified acetylcholine receptors from human muscle and torpedo californica electric organ

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Evidence for structural heterogeneities of a study of exchange coupling moessbauer studies of cytochrome c 1aa 3 from thermus thermophilus

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Evidence for structural homology between human red cell phospho glycerate mutase ec and 2 3 bis phospho glycerate synthase ec

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Evidence for structural homology between murine and human ia antigens

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Evidence for structural homology between the subunits from allo steric and nonallosteric citrate synthase

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Evidence for structural plasticity in the supraoptic nucleus of the rat hypothalamus in relation to gestation and lactation

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Evidence for structural similarities in the multiple forms of aortic and cartilage lysyl oxidase and a catalytically quiescent aortic protein

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Evidence for structuring of water in growing oocytes an x ray microanalysis and nmr study

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Evidence for subacute fat embolism as the cause of multiple sclerosis

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Evidence for subclasses of sulfhydryl groups in sodium potassium atpase

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Evidence for subfamilies of actin genes in dictyostelium discoideum as determined by comparisons of 3' end sequences

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Evidence for substantial separation of the catalytic and allo steric sites of amp nucleosidase

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Evidence for succinate production by reduction of fumarate during hypoxia in isolated adult rat heart cells

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Evidence for suggested mechanism of goat carboxypeptidase A catalyzed hydrolysis of acylpeptides

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Evidence for suitability of glutathione peroxidase ec as a protective enzyme studies of oxidative damage renaturation and proteolysis

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Evidence for super coiled hepatitis b virus dna in chimpanzee liver and serum dane particles possible implications in persistent hepatitis b virus infection

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Evidence for super oxide participation in ethylene formation super oxide generation from insoluble copper i

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Evidence for suppressor cell activity associated with depression of contact sensitivity in Pseudomonas aeruginosa infected mice

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Evidence for sustained residence of macrocrustacean fecal pellets in surface waters off southern california usa

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Evidence for sv 40 coding of sv 40 tumor antigen and the sv 40 specific proteins in hela cells infected with nondefective adenovirus type 2 sv 40 hybrid viruses

Alwine J.C., 1982:
Evidence for sv 40 late transcriptional control mixed infections of wild type sv 40 and a late leader deletion mutant exhibit trans effects on late viral rna synthesis

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Evidence for sympathetic neural influence on human corneal epithelial function

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Evidence for sympathetic purinergic transmission in the mesenteric artery of the dog

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Evidence for synaptic potentiation in a cortical network during learning

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Evidence for synchronous cleavage of nitrogen hydrogen and carbon carbon bonds potassium bromate oxidation of cobalt iii bound and unbound glycine

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Evidence for synergism between copper and prostaglandin e 2 in stimulating the release of gonadotropin releasing hormone from median eminence explants sodium chloride requirements

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Evidence for synonymizing zostera americana with zostera japonica

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Evidence for synthesis absorption and transfer of substances by the roots of sacculinidae rhizocephalans loxothylacus panopei 1st biochemical and cytochemical data

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Evidence for synthesis in vitro of neutral lipids by isolated oocytes of perinereis cultrifera annelida polychaeta a biochemical and autoradiographic study

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Evidence for T cell activation in the tonsil

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Evidence for t cell nature and heterogeneity within natural killer and antibody dependent cellular cyto toxicity effectors a comparison with cytolytic t lymphocytes

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Evidence for tail marking in bombus terrestris workers hymenoptera apidae

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Evidence for taste persistence of sweeteners in baboon monkeys papio anubis a proposed experimental model

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Evidence for taxonomic utility of per iodic acid thio carbo hydrazide silver proteinate cytochemical staining for electron microscopy

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Evidence for tektins in centrioles and axonemal microtubules

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Evidence for tertiary structure in natural single stranded RNAs in solution

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Evidence for the 2 step binding of atp to myosin subfragment 1 by the rapid flow quench method

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Evidence for the absence of chromosome differentiation in populations of silene maritima growing on heavy metal contaminated sites

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Evidence for the absence of complex formation between oxygen and olefins or fluoro carbons

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Evidence for the absence of DNA proofreading in HeLa cell nuclei

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Evidence for the absence of the guanidine thymidine pseudo uridine cytidine sequence from 2 mammalian initiator transfer rna

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Evidence for the absence of the terminal adenine nucleotide at the amino acid acceptor end of transfer rna in nonlactating bovine mammary gland and its inhibitory effect on the aminoacylation of rat liver transfer rna

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Evidence for the accelerated micromorphological degradation of epistomatal waxes in norway spruce by motor vehicle emissions

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Evidence for the action of lsd mescaline and bufotenine on 5 hydroxy tryptamine receptors in umbilical vasculature

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Evidence for the activation of an electrogenic sodium pump in leech hirudo medicinalis retzius neurons following kainate depolarization

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Evidence for the activation of the endogenous opiate system in hamsters infected with human blood flukes, Schistosoma mansoni

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Evidence for the activation of the multifunctional calcium calmodulin dependent protein kinase in response to hormones that increase intracellular calcium

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Evidence for the actual increase of reversion frequency in haploid yeasts auxotrophic for adenine with a decrease of adenine in the medium

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Evidence for the adaptive significance of enzyme activity levels interspecific variation in alpha glycero phosphate dehydrogenase and alcohol dehydrogenase in drosophila

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Evidence for the adrenal source of androgens in precocious adrenarche

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Evidence for the appearance of nonspecific inhibitor cells in the blood after radiation therapy for breast carcinoma

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Evidence for the appearance of novel gene products during amphibian blastulation

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Evidence for the assignment of dolichopteryx brachyrhynchus parr to the genus bathylychnops new record cohen pisces opisthoproctidae

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Evidence for the assignment of the loci adenylate kinase 1 adenylate kinase 3 and cytoplasmic aconitase ec to chromosome 9 in man

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Evidence for the association between blood prolactin and androgen receptors in benign prostatic hyperplasia

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Evidence for the association of 2 cell surface glyco proteins of 13762 mammary ascites tumor cells concanavalin a induced re distribution of peanut agglutinin binding proteins

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Evidence for the association of core histones with poly uridine to nucleosome like complexes

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Evidence for the association of cytomegalovirus with carcinoma of the prostate

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Evidence for the association of dystrophin with the transverse tubular system in skeletal muscle

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Evidence for the association of prolyl hydroxylase ec from chick embryos with membranes through membrane bound pro collagen

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Evidence for the assumption of independence between gastric emptying rate and swimming activity using atlantic cod gadus morhua

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Evidence for the asymmetrical binding of p chloromercuriphenylsulfonate to the human erythrocyte nucleoside transporter

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Evidence for the beta adrenergic receptor regulation of membrane bound catechol o methyl transferase ec activity in myo cardium

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Evidence for the beta oxidation of orally administered 4 hydroxy butyrate in humans

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Evidence for the binding of human serum amyloid p component to c 1q and fab

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Evidence for the biochemical role of an internal sequence in yeast nuclear messenger rna introns implications for u 1 rna and metazoan messenger rna splicing

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Evidence for the biogenesis of 1 alpha hydroxy trans eudesmanolides

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Evidence for the biologically active form of cholecalciferol in the intestine

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Evidence for the biosynthesis of seleno biotin

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Evidence for the carriage of silver by sulfadimidine inhibition of proteolytic enzymes

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Evidence for the Carter effect in atopy

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Evidence for the cell surface locus of presynaptic purine nucleotide receptors in the guinea pig ileum

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Evidence for the cellular origin of gross virus induced leukemia in the rat description of a unique lactate dehydrogenase isozyme subband in leukemic lymphoid cells and lympho hemopoietic precursor cells

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Evidence for the cerebral uptake in vivo from 2 pools of glucose and the role of glucose 6 phosphatase in removing excess substrate from brain

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Evidence for the cholinergic nature of cockroach giant fibers use of specific degeneration

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Evidence for the chylomicron origin of lipids accumulating in diabetic eruptive xanthomas: a correlative lipid biochemical, histochemical, and electron microscopic study

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Evidence for the clonal nature of hypereosinophilic syndrome

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Evidence for the clonal origin of spontaneous metastases

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Evidence for the close linkage between lymphocyte cytosol polypeptide with molecular weight of 64000 and esterase d

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Evidence for the coexistence of acetylcholine and enkephalin in the sympathetic preganglionic neurons of rats

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Evidence for the common identity of rabbit ovarian 20 alpha hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase and 17 beta hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase

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Evidence for the compartmentation of pyruvate metabolism in perfused rat skeletal muscle

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Evidence for the complexed plasto cyanin as the immediate electron donor of p 700

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Evidence for the concentration of alpha 2u globulin by salivary glands

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Evidence for the conformation about the 5 prime carbon oxygen bond of amp complexed to amp kinase substrate properties of a vinyl phosphonate analog of amp

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Evidence for the connections between a clutch cell and a corticotectal neuron in area 17 of the cat visual cortex

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Evidence for the continuation of meiosis and spermiogenesis in in vitro cultures of spermatogenic cells from xenopus laevis

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Evidence for the contribution by the cerebral cortex to 5 hydroxy iaa found in the cerebro spinal fluid of cats

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Evidence for the control by exra and pola genes of 2 branches of the uvr gene dependent excision repair pathway in escherichia coli strain k 12

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Evidence for the control of a mutation in lysine catabolism by the mating type in Yarrowia lipolytica

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Evidence for the control of the action of phospholipases a by the physical state of the substrate

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Evidence for the coordinate control of activity of liver glycogen synthase ec and phosphorylase ec by a single protein phosphatase

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Evidence for the coordinate control of glycogen synthesis glucose utilization and glycolysis in escherichia coli part 1 quantitative covariance of the rate of glucose utilization and the cellular level of fructose 1 6 di phosphate during exponential growth and nutrient limitation

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Evidence for the coordinate control of glycogen synthesis glucose utilization and glycolysis in escherichia coli part 2 quantitative correlation of the inhibition of glycogen synthesis and the stimulation of glucose utilization by 2 4 di nitro phenol with the effects on the cellular levels of glucose 6 phosphate fructose 1 6 di phosphate and total adenylates

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Evidence for the coupling of biosynthesis and secretion of serum albumin in the rat. The effect of colchicine on albumin production

Galivan J., 1980:
Evidence for the cyto toxic activity of poly glutamate derivatives of methotrexate

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Evidence for the cytoplasmic localization of betaine in leaf cells of Suaeda maritima

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Evidence for the decoupling of dissolved particulate and surface micro layer hydro carbons in northwestern atlantic continental shelf waters

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Evidence for the deficiency of beta glucosidase ec activating factor in fibroblasts of patients with i cell disease

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Evidence for the degradation of nadp dependent glutamate dehydrogenase of candida utilis during rapid enzyme inactivation

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Evidence for the delayed photoactivation of electrogenic electron transport in chloroplast membranes

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Evidence for the delivery of narcotic antagonists to the colon as their glucuronide conjugates

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Evidence for the derivation of mammalian somatic hybrids from polykaryocytes

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Evidence for the detrimental effect of adrenaline infused to healthy dogs in doses imitating spontaneous secretion after coronary occlusion

Kusuyama Y., 1982:
Evidence for the development of masugi nephritis in athymic mice

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Evidence for the differences in the mechanisms of killing in di ploid yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cells exposed to hyper thermia and gamma radiation

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Evidence for the different responses of delta 9 delta 6 delta 5 fatty acyl coenzyme a desaturases to cytoplasmic proteins

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Evidence for the direct action of colicin k on aerobic phosphorus 32 labeled ortho phosphate uptake in escherichia coli in vivo and in vitro

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Evidence for the direct effect of vasopressin on human and goat cerebral arteries

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Evidence for the direct intervention of angiotensin II in the release of cortisol in teleost fishes

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Evidence for the direct involvement of beta hemolysin in aeromonas hydrophila enteropathogenicity

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Evidence for the direct involvement of the rhinovirus canyon in receptor binding

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Evidence for the discrete synthesis of polyadenylated rna and new polypeptides in gamma irradiated potato bud tissue in comparison with wounding induced synthesis

Allen, G.J., 1977:
Evidence for the dissimilarity of acrosin and pancreatic trypsin as revealed by a sensitive immunoassay

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Evidence for the distribution of apo lipo protein e between lipo protein classes in human normo cholesterolemic plasma and for the origin of unassociated apo lipo protein e

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Evidence for the double sieve editing mechanism in protein synthesis steric exclusion of iso leucine by valyl transfer rna synthetases

Bonin G.; Aubert G.; Barbero M.; Gamisans J.; Gruber M.; Loisel R.; Quezel P.; Sandoz H.; Thinon M.; Vedrenne G., 1983:
Evidence for the dynamic nature of some forestal and preforestal ecosystems of provence france with mediterranean stages using indicator taxa

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Evidence for the early prenatal development of cortical cholinergic afferents from the nucleus of meynert in the human fetus

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Evidence for the effectiveness of the blood cerebro spinal fluid barrier in the fetal rat choroid plexus a freeze fracture and peroxidase diffusion study

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Evidence for the endogenous production of thymus derived cell receptors bearing the idiotypic determinants

Nakashima I.; Clark E.A.; Lake P.; Kato N.; Nagase F.; Mizoguchi K.; Isobe K I.; Saito M., 1983:
Evidence for the erythrocyte as the principal antigenic cell type that triggers primary immuno globulin m antibody responses to h 2d allo antigens

Nicander B.; Reichard P., 1985:
Evidence for the evaluation of substrate cycles in the regulation of deoxyribonucleoside triphosphate pools in 3t6 cells

Martin M.M.; Harding J., 1981:
Evidence for the evolution of competition between 2 species of annual plants

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Evidence for the exchangeability of acidic ribosomal proteins on cytoplasmic ribosomes in regenerating rat liver

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Evidence for the existence in the nuclei of Friend cells of a new type of ribonucleoprotein network

Yem, D.W.; Williams, L.S., 1973:
Evidence for the existence of 2 arginyl transfer rna synthetase ec activities in escherichia coli

Grumbach K.H., 1979:
Evidence for the existence of 2 beta carotene pools and 2 biosynthetic beta carotene pathways in the chloroplast

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Evidence for the existence of 2 catabolic plasmids coding for the degradation of naphthalene

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Evidence for the existence of 2 classes of sulfhydryl groups essential for membrane bound succinate dehydrogenase ec activity

Heaslip R.J.; Rahwan R.G., 1982:
Evidence for the existence of 2 distinct pools of intra cellular calcium in the rat aorta accessible to mobilization by norepinephrine

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Evidence for the existence of 2 forms of rna polymerases i and ii in insect wing epidermis

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Evidence for the existence of 2 high molecular weight precursor forms of dog kidney renin

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Evidence for the existence of 2 homo serine dehydrogenases ec in serratia marcescens

Golbeck J.H.; Mcdermott A.E.; Jones W.K.; Kurtz D.M., 1987:
Evidence for the existence of 2 iron 2 sulfur as well as 4 iron 4 sulfur clusters among f a f b and f x implications for the structure of the photosystem i reaction center

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Evidence for the existence of 2 iso co lipases in horse pancreas

Bhavnani B.R.; Wong T., 1983:
Evidence for the existence of 25 carbon sester terpene pathway of steroidogenesis not involving cholesterol as an obligatory intermediate

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Evidence for the existence of 3 primary strategies in plants and its relevance to ecological and evolutionary theory

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Evidence for the existence of 3 promoters for the deo operon of escherichia coli k 12 in vitro

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Evidence for the existence of 3 types of potassium channels in the frog ranvier node membrane

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Evidence for the existence of 5 hydroxytryptamine receptors which are not of the 5 hydroxytryptamine 2 type mediating contraction of rabbit isolated basilar artery

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Evidence for the existence of 9 glutamine beta lipotropin in human pituitary glands

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Evidence for the existence of a 3rd ecologically distinct morph of the anemone actinia equina

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Evidence for the existence of a biosynthetic precursor for somatostatin

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Evidence for the existence of a channel in the glucose specific carrier glucose specific enzyme ii of the salmonella typhimurium phosphoenolpyruvate dependent phosphotransferase system

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Evidence for the existence of a countercurrent exchanger in the small intestine in man

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Evidence for the existence of a large molecular weight protein in human pituitary tissue having follicle stimulating hormone activity

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Evidence for the existence of a lateral cervical nucleus in mice, guinea pigs, and rabbits

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Evidence for the existence of a luteal cell type that is steroidogenic and releases relaxin

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Evidence for the existence of a monovalent cation stimulated magnesium dependent atpase activity in the isolated plasma membranes of amoebae of the slime mold dictyostelium discoideum

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Evidence for the existence of a neurotensin containing pathway from the endopiriform in nucleus and the adjacent prepiriform cortex to the anterior olfactory nucleus and nucleus of diagonal band broca of the rat

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Evidence for the existence of a phospho inositol kinase in chicken erythrocytes

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Evidence for the existence of a raphe projection to the substantia nigra in rat

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Evidence for the existence of a single enzyme catalyzing the phosphorylation of choline and ethanolamine in primate lung

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Evidence for the existence of a specific binding site for indomethacin on bovine vesicular gland microsomes

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Evidence for the existence of a sulfhydryl group in the adenylate cyclase ec active site

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Evidence for the existence of a sulfur oxygenase in sulfolobus brierleyi

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Evidence for the existence of a thermolabile element in adenovirus type 5 that plays a role during an early stage of infection

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Evidence for the existence of a tyrosyl residue in the nad binding site of chicken liver xanthine dehydrogenase

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Evidence for the existence of a ubi quinone protein and its radical in the cytochromes b and c 1 region in the mitochondrial electron transport chain

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Evidence for the existence of an expressed minor variant phenylalanine transfer rna in yeast

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Evidence for the existence of an interleukin 2 like lymphocyte growth promoting factor in a bony fish cyprinus carpio

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Evidence for the existence of an intra mycelial morphogenetic factor controlling the development of coremia of doratomyces purpureofuscus

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Evidence for the existence of des 1 aspartic acid angiotensin ii in human uterine and adrenal tissues

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Evidence for the existence of discrete activator and substrate sites for carbon di oxide on ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase

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Evidence for the existence of distinct alligatorweed alternanthera philoxeroides biotypes/

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Evidence for the existence of dopaminergic auto receptors in helix pomatia

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Evidence for the existence of endosperm balance number in the true clovers trifolium spp

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Evidence for the existence of enzymatic variants of beta hydroxy butyrate dehydrogenase ec from rat liver and brain mitochondria

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Evidence for the existence of ergosterol in the red tide organism ptychodiscus brevis

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Evidence for the existence of gonadotropin receptors in the nuclei isolated from rat ovary

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Evidence for the existence of high affinity binding sites for indomethacin on human blood platelets

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Evidence for the existence of hydrogen bonded cyclic tetramers in aqueous solutions of tetramethylammonium gmp

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Evidence for the existence of inactive arterial renin in the rat

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Evidence for the existence of inactive brain renin in the rat 1. activating mechanisms and regional distribution of inactive renin in the brain of normotensive rats

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Evidence for the existence of inactive renin in the rat brain. Part II. Distribution of inactive renin in the brain of spontaneously hypertensive rats

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Evidence for the existence of inhibitory postsynaptic potentials in dendrites and their functional significance in hippocampal pyramidal cells of adult rabbits

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Evidence for the existence of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone binding protein

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Evidence for the existence of microtubule protein in the extracellular space of marine sponges

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Evidence for the existence of multiple forms of choline ethanolamine kinase ec in rat tissues

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Evidence for the existence of neural mechanisms selectively sensitive to the direction of movement in space

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Evidence for the existence of only 1 tri acyl glycerol lipase of rat liver active at alkaline ph

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Evidence for the existence of peptide hydrolase activity associated with chloroplasts isolated from barley hordeum vulgare cultivar numar mesophyll protoplasts

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Evidence for the existence of phosphoenol pyruvate carboxy kinase ec ferro activator activity in adult and fetal guinea pigs

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Evidence for the existence of protomers in the assembly of encephalomyocarditis virus

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Evidence for the existence of putative dopamine containing adrenaline containing and noradrenaline containing vagal motor neurons in the brainstem of the rat

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Evidence for the existence of self reactive human bone marrow derived lymphocytes

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Evidence for the existence of several molecular species in the 45s fraction of mammalian ribosomal precursor rna

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Evidence for the existence of small nuclear rna species u 4 and u 6 in a single ribo nucleo protein complex and their association by inter molecular base pairing

Dees, W.L.; Kozlowski, G.P.; Dey, R.; Ojeda, S.R., 1985:
Evidence for the existence of substance P in the prepubertal rat ovary. II. Immunocytochemical localization

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