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Evidence of a role for glucagon in regulating glucose and beta hydroxy butyrate metabolism in sheep

Canadian Journal of Animal Science 57(1): 177-180
Evidence of a role for glucagon in regulating glucose and beta hydroxy butyrate metabolism in sheep
To evaluate the effect of glucagon on glucose and .beta.-hydroxybutyrate metabolism, glucagon deficiency was induced by infusion of somatostatin. Glucose production rate and glucose and .beta.-hydroxybutyrate concentrations were determined before, during and after somatostatin infusion. In order to minimize changes in insulin concentrations during somatostatin infusion, insulin-treated alloxanized sheep were used. Lowered glucagon concentrations after somatostatin infusion were associated with reduced glucose production and decreased blood glucose and .beta.-hydroxybutyrate concentrations. This suggests that glucagon participates in maintaining the basal rate of gluconeogenesis in sheep and can influence hepatic ketogenesis.

Accession: 005411151

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