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Evidence of a state of initial stress in osteonic lamellae

, : Evidence of a state of initial stress in osteonic lamellae. Journal of Biomechanics 10(8): 447-454

By applying the technique described by Ascenzi, lamellar samples whose fiber bundles had a transverse spiral course were prepared from osteons with alternating lamellae isolated from human femoral shafts. Especially when their diameter is large with respect to their height, lamellar samples lose the cylindrical shape they normally possess in whole osteons, undergoing spontaneous deformations which suggest a state of initial stress. These deformations are more complex than those contemplated by Volterra's theory of dislocations. Even so, the main features of this theory allow analysis of the state of initial stress. This stress was eliminated by cutting each lamellar sample along a line parallel to its axis. The new shape of the sample was then studied. Two conclusions were drawn: the capacity of lamellae whose fiber bundles have a transverse spiral course to support a tensile load oriented parallel to the osteon axis depends essentially on a state of initial stress, and calcification plays no basic role in producing this state of initial stress.

Accession: 005411169

PMID: 893478

DOI: 10.1016/0021-9290(77)90098-7

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