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Evidence of a thromboxane a 2 calcium complex a conformational approach

Research Communications in Chemical Pathology & Pharmacology 46(2): 175-186

Evidence of a thromboxane a 2 calcium complex a conformational approach

Thromboxane A2 has been proposed as an ionophore capable to transport Ca from the platelet dense tubular system to the cytoplasm to activate the contractile proteins. However, the half-life (30 s) of this compound limits considerably the experimental approach. The conformational analysis is proposed here as a possible way to identify such transient conformations. There is evidence of the existence of 2 Ca2+-thromboxane A2 isomeric complexes: one structure responsible for the complexation-decomplexation process at the interface and one lipophilic structure able to cross the lipid membrane.

Accession: 005411174

Related references

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