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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5413

Chapter 5413 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Schmidt M.; Gloeggler K.; Wirth T.; Horak I., 1984:
Evidence that a major class of mouse endogenous long terminal repeats resulted from recombination between exogenous retroviral long terminal repeats and similar long terminal repeat like elements

Schmidt R.; Mohr H., 1982:
Evidence that a mustard seedling sinapis alba responds to the amount of far red absorbing form of phytochrome and not the far red absorbing form of phytochrome to total phytochrome ratio

Green B.A.; Neill R.J.; Ruyechan W.T.; Holmes R.K., 1983:
Evidence that a new entero toxin of escherichia coli which activates adenylate cyclase in eukaryotic target cells is not plasmid mediated

Demontis G.M.; Olianas M.C.; Serra G.; Tagliamonte A.; Scheel Kruger J., 1979:
Evidence that a nigral gabanergic cholinergic balance controls posture

Arneric S.P.; Long J.P., 1984:
Evidence that a novel dopamine receptor agonist rds 127 2 di n propylamino 4 7 dimethoxy indan has some centrally mediated cardio vascular actions

Leinhos V.; Krauss G J.; Glund K., 1986:
Evidence that a part of cellular uridine of a tomato lycopersicon esculentum cell suspension culture is located in the vacuoles

Hughes B.P.; Crofts J.N.; Auld A.M.; Read L.C.; Barritt G.J., 1987:
Evidence that a pertussis toxin sensitive substrate is involved in the stimulation by epidermal growth factor and vasopressin of plasma membrane calcium inflow in hepatocytes

Rao V.B.; Black L.W., 1985:
Evidence that a phage t 4 dna packaging enzyme is a processed form of a major capsid gene product

Colpaert F.C.; Niemegeers C.J.E.; Janssen P.A.J., 1980:
Evidence that a preferred substrate for type b mono amine oxidase mediates stimulus properties of mono amine oxidase inhibitors a possible role for beta phenethylamine in the cocaine cue

Bauer D.W.; Beer S.V., 1985:
Evidence that a putative necrotoxin of erwinia amylovora is an artifact caused by the activity of inorganic salts

Crawford D.R.; Schneider D.L., 1981:
Evidence that a quinone may be required for the production of super oxide and hydrogen per oxide in neutrophils

Zachar, Z.; Chou, T.B.; Bingham, P.M., 1987:
Evidence that a regulatory gene autoregulates splicing of its transcript

Fabre F.; Roman H., 1979:
Evidence that a single dna ligase is involved in replication and recombination in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Walther R.; Wald K.; Glund K.; Tewes A., 1984:
Evidence that a single polypeptide catalyzes the 2 step conversion of orotate to ump in cells from a tomato lycopersicon esculentum suspension culture

Morris, R.J.; Fischer, S.M.; Slaga, T.J., 1986:
Evidence that a slowly cycling subpopulation of adult murine epidermal cells retains carcinogen

Smith R.L.; Macara I.G.; Levenson R.; Housman D.; Cantley L., 1982:
Evidence that a sodium calcium antiport system regulates murine erythro leukemia cell differentiation

Rendu F.; Breton Gorius J.; Lebret M.; Klebanoff C.; Buriot D.; Griscelli C.; Levy Toledano S.; Caen J.P., 1983:
Evidence that abnormal platelet functions in human chediak higashi syndrome are the result of a lack of dense bodies

Corcoran G.B.; Mitchell J.R.; Vaishnav Y.N.; Horning E.C., 1980:
Evidence that acetaminophen and n hydroxy acetaminophen form a common arylating intermediate n acetyl p benzoquinonimine

Criado M.; Sarin V.; Fox J.L.; Lindstrom J., 1986:
Evidence that acetylcholine binding site is not formed by the sequence alpha 127 143 of the acetylcholine receptor

MacDonald, T.T.; Spencer, J., 1988:
Evidence that activated mucosal T cells play a role in the pathogenesis of enteropathy in human small intestine

Haystead T.A.J.; Hardie D.G., 1986:
Evidence that activation of acetyl coenzyme a carboxylase by insulin in adipocytes is mediated by a low molecular weight effector and not by increased phosphorylation

Konopacki J.; Bland B.H.; Roth S.H., 1988:
Evidence that activation of in vitro hippocampal lambda rhythm only involves muscarinic receptors

Henriksen, R.A.; Brotherton, A.F.A., 1983:
Evidence that activation of platelets and endothelium by thrombin ec involves distinct sites of interaction studies with the dys thrombin thrombin quick i

Kamiryo, T.; Parthasarathy, S.; Numa, S., 1976:
Evidence that acyl coenzyme a synthetase ec activity is required for repression of yeast acetyl coenzyme a carboxylase ec by exogenous fatty acids

Hawkey, C.J.; Kemp, R.T.; Walt, R.P.; Bhaskar, N.K.; Davies, J.; Filipowicz, B., 1988:
Evidence that adaptive cytoprotection in rats is not mediated by prostaglandins

Chandler C.J.; Large D.M.; Anderson D.C.; Sellwood R.A., 1985:
Evidence that adrenal estrogens are not involved in benign breast disease

Carli M.; Samanin R., 1982:
Evidence that agents increasing water consumption do not generate false positives in conflict procedures using water as a reinforcer

Wold W.S.M.; Deutscher S.L.; Takemori N.; Bhat B.M.; Magie S.C., 1986:
Evidence that aguauauga and ccaagauga initiate translation in the same messenger rna in region e 3 of adenovirus

Hirsch, D.; Pace, P.; Binder, H.J.; Hayslett, J.P., 1985:
Evidence that aldosterone influences transport in target tissues by dissimilar mechanisms

Smit C.H.; Roosien J.; Van Vloten Doting L.; Jaspars E.M.J., 1981:
Evidence that alfalfa mosaic virus infection starts with 3 rna protein complexes

Hammerschlag R.; Stone G.C.; Bolen F.A.; Lindsey J.D.; Ellisman M.H., 1982:
Evidence that all newly synthesized proteins destined for fast axonal pass through the golgi apparatus

Nakada J.; Yamada H.; Endou H., 1986:
Evidence that alpha 1 adrenergic stimuli specifically increases gluconeogenesis of the isolated proximal convoluted tubule in the rat

Kamaryt J.; Stejskal J.; Muchova M.; Kolcova V., 1986:
Evidence that alpha amylase from human salivary glands is the same gene product as the mammary gland enzyme

Hsu, Y.P.; Kohlhaw, G.B.; Niederberger, P., 1982:
Evidence that alpha iso propyl malate synthase ec of saccharomyces cerevisiae is under the general control of amino acid biosynthesis

Dougan D.F.H.; Labrie S.L.; Paull P.D.; Duffield P.H.; Wade D.N., 1986:
Evidence that alpha methyl p tyramine is implicated in behavioral augmentation to amphetamine

Smithline, N.; Meeks, L.A., 1977:
Evidence that alterations in distal sodium delivery and distal sodium avidity affect the rate of excretion of an acute hydro chloric acid load

Jorieux S.; Magallon T.; Mazurier C., 1987:
Evidence that amino terminal but not carboxyl terminal moiety of plasma von willebrand factor binds to factor viii

Connor C.E.; Kuczenski R., 1986:
Evidence that amphetamine and sodium gradient reversal increase striatal synaptosomal dopamine synthesis through carrier mediated efflux of dopamine

Beaudoin A.R.; Vachereau A.; P., 1983:
Evidence that amylase is released from 2 distinct pools of secretory proteins in the pancreas

Mogenson G.J.; Nielsen M.A., 1983:
Evidence that an accumbens to subpallidal gamma amino butyric acid ergic projection contributes to loco motor activity

Birch R.G.; Patil S.S., 1987:
Evidence that an albicidin like phytotoxin induces chlorosis in sugarcane leaf scald disease by blocking plastid dna replication

Working, P.K.; Meizel, S., 1981:
Evidence that an ATPase functions in the maintenance of the acidic pH of the hamster sperm acrosome

Moroney J.V.; Togasaki R.K.; Husic H.D.; Tolbert N.E., 1987:
Evidence that an internal carbonic anhydrase is present in 5 percent carbon dioxide grown and air grown chlamydomonas

Ragsdale S.W.; Wood H.G.; Antholine W.E., 1985:
Evidence that an iron nickel carbon complex is formed by reaction of carbon monoxide with the carbon monoxide dehydrogenase from clostridium thermoaceticum

Jones T.H.; Brown B.L.; Dobson P.R.M., 1988:
Evidence that angiotensin ii is a paracrine agent mediating gonadotropin releasing hormone stimulated inositol phosphate production and prolactin secretion in the rat

Falke J.J.; Chan S.I., 1985:
Evidence that anion transport by band 3 proceeds via ping pong mechanism involving a single transport site chlorine 35 nmr study

Allan R.D.; Dickenson H.W., 1986:
Evidence that antagonism by delta aminovaleric acid of gamma aminobutyric acid b receptors in the guinea pig ileum may be due to an interaction between gamma aminobutyric acid a and gamma aminobutyric acid b receptors

Opgenorth D.C.; Endo R.M., 1983:
Evidence that antagonistic bacteria suppress fusarium wilt of celery apium graveolens var dulce in neutral and alkaline soils

Muller J.; Kachadorian W.A.; Discala V.A., 1980:
Evidence that anti diuretic hormone stimulated intra membrane particle aggregates are transferred from cytoplasmic to luminal membranes in toad bladder epithelial cells

Tsukamura, M., 1988:
Evidence that antituberculosis drugs are really effective in the treatment of pulmonary infection caused by Mycobacterium avium complex

Whitfield, C.D.; Mayhew, S.G., 1974:
Evidence that apo nadh dehydrogenase and apo electron transferring flavo protein from peptostreptococcus elsdenii are identical

Brown, J.L.; Roberts, W.K., 1976:
Evidence that approximately 80 percent of the soluble proteins from ehrlich ascites cells are n alpha acetylated

Yoshioka, T.; Inoue, H.; Kasama, T.; Seyama, Y.; Nakashima, S.; Nozawa, Y.; Hotta, Y., 1985:
Evidence that arachidonic acid is deficient in phosphatidylinositol of Drosophila heads

Kahn J.K.; Menon K.M.J., 1981:
Evidence that arginine vasotocin inhibits human chorionic gonadotropin and cyclic amp stimulated ovarian steroidogenesis

Glowinski, I.B.; Weber, W.W.; Fysh, J.M.; Vaught, J.B.; King, C.M., 1980:
Evidence that aryl hydroxamic acid n o acyl transferase and the genetically polymorphic n acetyl transferase ec are properties of the same enzyme in rabbit liver

Patterson, R.; Rosenberg, M.; Roberts, M., 1977:
Evidence that aspergillus fumigatus growing in the airway of man can be a potent stimulus of specific and nonspecific immuno globulin e formation

Knowlton, S.; Berry, A.; Torrey, J.G., 1980:
Evidence that associated soil bacteria may influence root hair infection of actinorhizal plants by Frankia

Baum B.J.; Ambudkar I.S.; Horn V.J., 1988:
Evidence that atp dependent calcium transport in rat parotid microsomal membranes requires charge compensation

Bias, W.B.; Reveille, J.D.; Beaty, T.H.; Meyers, D.A.; Arnett, F.C., 1986:
Evidence that autoimmunity in man is a Mendelian dominant trait

Rayle D.L.; Cleland R.E., 1980:
Evidence that auxin induced growth of soybean glycine max cultivar hawkeye hypocotyls involves proton excretion

Roberts L.W.; Baba S., 1987:
Evidence that auxin induced xylogenesis in lactuca explants requires calmodulin

Obuekwe C.O.; Westlake D.W.S.; Plambeck J.A., 1987:
Evidence that available energy is a limiting factor in the bacterial corrosion of mild steel by a pseudomonas sp

Aguilar, C.E.; Bisby, M.A.; Cooper, E.; Diamond, J., 1973:
Evidence that axoplasmic transport of trophic factors is involved in the regulation of peripheral nerve fields in salamanders

Mizukami Y.; Hirokawa H., 1985:
Evidence that bacillus phage m 2 is derived from nf by deletion in a particular region of the genome

Boice, L., 1969:
Evidence that bacillus subtilis bacterio phage spo 2 is temperate and hetero immune to bacterio phage phi 105

Ochi, K.; Kandala, J.; Freese, E., 1982:
Evidence that Bacillus subtilis sporulation induced by the stringent response is caused by the decrease in GTP or GDP

Dimmick, R.L.; Wolochow, H.; Chatigny, M.A., 1979:
Evidence that bacteria can form new cells in airborne particles

Stall R.E.; Cook A.A., 1979:
Evidence that bacterial contact with the plant cell is necessary for the hyper sensitive reaction but not the susceptible reaction

Bonora, E.; Capretti, L.; Coscelli, C.; Butturini, U., 1983:
Evidence that basal beta cell activity may play a role in determining insulin sensitivity in healthy man

Dave J.R.; Rubinstein N.; Eskay R.L., 1985:
Evidence that beta endorphin binds to specific receptors in rat peripheral tissues and stimulates the adenylate cyclase amp system

Simmonds M.A., 1980:
Evidence that bicuculline and picro toxin act at separate sites to antagonize gamma amino butyric acid in rat cuneate nucleus

Brocklehurst, K.; Malthouse, J.P.G.; Shipton, M., 1979:
Evidence that binding to the s 2 subsite of papain ec may be coupled with catalytically relevant structural change involving the cysteine 25 histidine 159 diad kinetics of the reaction of papain with a 2 protonic state reactivity probe containing a hydrophobic side chain

Dalley, N.E.; Sonneborn, D.R., 1982:
Evidence that blastocladiella emersonii zoo spore chitin synthetase ec is located at the plasma membrane

Bushinsky D.A.; Riera G.S.; Favus M.J.; Coe F.L., 1985:
Evidence that blood ionized calcium can regulate serum 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 independently of parathyroid hormone and phosphorus in the rat

Rajala, G.M.; Kalbfleisch, J.H.; Kaplan, S., 1976:
Evidence that blood pressure controls heart rate in the chick embryo prior to neural control

Cohen, M.L.; Fuller, R.W.; Kurz, K.D., 1983:
Evidence that blood pressure reduction by serotonin antagonists is related to alpha receptor blockade in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Pomeroy, K.A.; Paul, P.S.; Weber, A.F.; Sorensen, D.K.; Johnson, D.W., 1977:
Evidence that bone marrow derived lymphocytes carry the nuclear pocket abnormality associated with bovine leukemia virus infection

Iwasaki M.; Ohishi I.; Sakaguchi G., 1980:
Evidence that botulinum c 2 toxin has 2 dissimilar components

Linscott, W.D.; Ranken, R.; Triglia, R.P., 1978:
Evidence that bovine conglutinin reacts with an early product of complement c 3b degradation and an improved conglutination assay

Cooper, C.L.; Malik, K.U., 1987:
Evidence that bradykinin stimulates renal prostaglandin synthesis by a mechanism distinct from that of other vasoactive substances

Worgul T.J.; Santen R.J.; Samojlik E.; Irwin G.; Falvo R.E., 1981:
Evidence that brain aromatization regulates luteinizing hormone secretion in the male dog

Cranston, W.I.; Duff, G.W.; Hellon, R.F.; Mitchell, D.; Townsend, Y., 1976:
Evidence that brain prostaglandin synthesis is not essential in fever

Schlagnhaufer C.; Arteca R.N.; Yopp J.H., 1984:
Evidence that brassinosteroid stimulates auxin induced ethylene synthesis in mung bean vigna radiata hypocotyls between s adenosylmethionine and 1 aminocyclopropane 1 carboxylic acid

Robinson D.J.; Harrison B.D., 1985:
Evidence that broad bean yellow band virus is a new serotype of pea early browning virus

Stewart, J.L.; Kolb, W.P.; Sodetz, J.M., 1987:
Evidence that C5b recognizes and mediates C8 incorporation into the cytolytic complex of complement

Altin J.G.; Dieter P.; Bygrave F.L., 1987:
Evidence that calcium fluxes and respiratory glycogenolytic and vasoconstrictive effects induced by the action of platelet activating factor and l alpha lysophosphatidylcholine in the perfused rat liver are mediated by products of the cyclooxygenase pathway

Jarrett, H.W.; Brown, C.J.; Black, C.C.; Cormier, M.J., 1982:
Evidence that calmodulin is in the chloroplast of peas and serves a regulatory role in photosynthesis

Macneil S.; Walker S.W.; Brown B.L.; Tomlinson S., 1982:
Evidence that calmodulin may be involved in phyto hem agglutinin stimulated lymphocyte division

Berkowitz, S.D.; Nozaki, H.; Titani, K.; Murachi, T.; Plow, E.F.; Zimmerman, T.S., 1988:
Evidence that calpains and elastase do not produce the von Willebrand factor fragments present in normal plasma and IIA von Willebrand disease

Damon, D.H.; Duling, B.R., 1985:
Evidence that capillary perfusion heterogeneity is not controlled in striated muscle

Wimmer M.J.; Rose I.A.; Powers S.G.; Meister A.; Litwin S., 1979:
Evidence that carboxy phosphate is a kinetically competent intermediate in the carbamyl phosphate synthetase reaction

Tosi R.; Vismara D.; Tanigaki N.; Ferrara G.B.; Cicimarra F.; Buffolano W.; Follo D.; Auricchio S., 1983:
Evidence that celiac disease in primarily associated with a dc locus allelic specificity

Rodriguez-Sierra, J.F.; Morley, B.J., 1985:
Evidence that cell bodies in the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus are not cholinergic

Bowser, S.S.; Rieder, C.L., 1985:
Evidence that cell surface motility in Allogromia is mediated by cytoplasmic microtubules

Curatolo L.; Colucci M.; Cambini A.L.; Poggi A.; Morasca L.; Donati M.B.; Semeraro N., 1979:
Evidence that cells from experimental tumors can activate coagulation factor x

Cammack R.; Patil D.S.; Weiner J.H., 1986:
Evidence that center 2 in escherichia coli fumarate reductase is a 4 iron 4 sulfur cluster

Morley B.J.; Dwyer D.S.; Strang Brown P.F.; Bradley R.J.; Kemp G.E., 1983:
Evidence that certain peripheral anti acetyl choline receptor antibodies do not interact with brain alpha bungaro toxin binding sites

Hollingsworth, M.; Gallimore, S., 1981:
Evidence that cervical softening in the pregnant rat is independent of increasing uterine contractility

Holm B.; Godal H.C., 1985:
Evidence that changes in fibrinogen quality during acute phase reactions are of major importance for the amount of heparin precipitable fraction

Fitzgerald B.P.; I'anson H.; Loy R.G.; Legan S.J., 1983:
Evidence that changes in luteinizing hormone pulse frequency may regulate the seasonal modulation of luteinizing hormone secretion in ovariectomized mares

Graber, S.E.; Hawiger, J., 1982:
Evidence that changes in platelet cyclic AMP levels regulate the fibrinogen receptor on human platelets

Miyamoto K.; Hasegawa Y.; Igarashi M.; Chino N.; Sakakibara S.; Kangawa K.; Matsuo H., 1983:
Evidence that chicken hypothalamic lhrh is 8 glutamine lhrh

Taylor-Robinson, D.; Thomas, B.J.; Dixey, J.; Osborn, M.F.; Furr, P.M.; Keat, A.C., 1988:
Evidence that Chlamydia trachomatis causes seronegative arthritis in women

Lotti V.J.; Chang R.S.L.; Kling P.J.; Cerino D.J., 1986:
Evidence that cholecystokinin octapeptide acts as a potent full agonist on gastrin receptors for acid secretion in the isolated mouse stomach lack of antagonism by the specific cholecystokinin antagonist asperlicin

Polokoff, M.A.; Coleman, R.A.; Bell, R.M., 1979:
Evidence that cholic acid coenzyme a ligase ec is located asymmetrically on the cytoplasmic surface of hepatic microsomal vesicles

Fitzgerald, P.H., 1976:
Evidence that chromosome band 22q 12 is concerned with cell proliferation in chronic myeloid leukemia

Simpkins, J.W.; Taylor, S.T.; Gabriel, S.M.; Katovich, M.J.; Millard, W.J., 1984:
Evidence that chronic hyperprolactinemia effects skin temperature regulation through an opioid mechanism

Ellsworth J.L.; Cooper A.D.; Kraemer F.B., 1986:
Evidence that chylomicron remnants and beta very low density lipoprotein are transported by the same receptor pathway in j 774 murine macrophage derived cells

Gregory, R.P.F., 1975:
Evidence that circularly dichroic chlorophyll forms a 682 and a 710 are oriented at right angles to the thylakoid membrane of whole chloroplasts and that the circular dichroism is light dependent

Thaw, C.N.; Raaka, E.G.; Gershengorn, M.C., 1984:
Evidence that cobalt ion inhibition of prolactin secretion occurs at an intracellular locus

San Millán, J.L.; Kolter, R.; Moreno, F., 1987:
Evidence that colicin X is microcin B17

Huzoor-Akbar ; Ardlie, N.G., 1976:
Evidence that collagen releases human platelet constituents by 2 different mechanisms

Painter, R.H., 1977:
Evidence that complement c 1t amyloid p component is not a subcomponent of complement c 1

Wilson A.B.; Prichard Thomas S.; Coombs R.R.A., 1981:
Evidence that complement c 4 is carried on a high proportion of normal guinea pig b lymphocytes

Falkoff, R.M.; Dutton, R.W., 1977:
Evidence that concanavalin a induces cyto toxicity in the same subclass of thymus derived cells as does allo immunization

Maitland P.C.; Lamont S.V.; Barritt G.J., 1982:
Evidence that concentrations of ouabain which induce positive inotropic effects on the perfused guinea pig heart increase the amount of calcium in a rapidly exchangeable cellular compartment

Tonooka, N.; Greer, M.A., 1978:
Evidence that control of fetal thyrotropin secretion is independent of both the fetal and maternal hypothalamus

Barnea A.; Cho G., 1984:
Evidence that copper amino acid complexes are potent stimulators of the release of lhrh from isolated hypothalamic granules

Alzein M.; Jeandel L.; Lutz Bucher B.; Koch B., 1984:
Evidence that corticotropin releasing factor stimulates vasopressin secretion from isolated neuro intermediate pituitary

Rose, J.C.; Turner, C.S.; Ray, D.; Rawashdeh, N., 1988:
Evidence that cortisol inhibits basal acth secretion in the sheep fetus by 0.70

Wallin H.; Melin P.; Schelin C.; Jergil B., 1985:
Evidence that covalent binding of metabolically activated phenol to microsomal proteins is caused by oxidized products of hydroquinone and catechol

Ishiguro K.; Murofushi H.; Sakai H., 1982:
Evidence that cyclic amp dependent protein kinase and a protein factor are involved in reactivation of triton x 100 models of sea urchin and starfish asterias amurensis spermatozoa

Hoch H.C.; Staples R.C., 1984:
Evidence that cyclic amp initiates nuclear division and infection structure formation in the bean rust fungus uromyces phaseoli

Clark, C.M., 1976:
Evidence that cyclic AMP is not involved in the chronotropic action of glucagon in the adult mouse heart

Imai A.; Hattori H.; Takahashi M.; Nozawa Y., 1983 :
Evidence that cyclic amp may regulate calcium mobilization and phospho lipases in thrombin stimulated human platelets

Jin S.; Hornicek F.J.; Neylan D.; Zakarija M.; Mckenzie J.M., 1986:
Evidence that cyclic amp mediates stimulation of thyroid growth in frtl 5 cells

Leckie, M.P.; Porter, S.E.; Roth, W.G.; Tieber, V.L.; Dietzler, D.N., 1984:
Evidence that cyclic amp stimulates bacterial glycogen synthesis by relieving amp inhibition of and by increasing the cellular level of adp glucose synthetase ec

Macleod K.M.; N.D.D.W.; Harris K.H.; Diamond J., 1987:
Evidence that cyclic gmp is the mediator of endothelium dependent inhibition of contractile responses of rat arteries to alpha adrenoceptor stimulation

Flitney F.W.; Singh J., 1981:
Evidence that cyclic gmp may regulate cyclic amp metabolism in the isolated frog rana temporaria ventricle

Griffith T.M.; Edwards D.H.; Lewis M.J.; Henderson A.H., 1985:
Evidence that cyclic gmp mediates endothelium dependent relaxation

Liu, G.; Newell, P.C., 1988:
Evidence that cyclic GMP regulates myosin interaction with the cytoskeleton during chemotaxis of Dictyostelium

Ogreid D.; Doskeland S.O.; Miller J.P., 1983:
Evidence that cyclic nucleotides activating rabbit muscle protein kinase i interact with both types of cyclic amp binding sites associated with the enzyme

Ennis, F.A.; Wells, M.A.; Butchko, G.M.; Albrecht, P., 1978:
Evidence that cyto toxic thymus derived cells are part of the hosts response to influenza pneumonia

Roberts H.; Smith S.C.; Marzuki S.; Linnane A.W., 1980:
Evidence that cytochrome b is the antimycin binding component of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae mitochondrial cytochrome b cytochrome c 1 complex

Breese G.R.; Baumeister A.; Napier T.C.; Frye G.D.; Mueller R.A., 1985:
Evidence that d 1 dopamine receptors contribute to the supersensitive behavioral responses induced by l dopa in rats treated neonatally with 6 hydroxydopamine

Menhenett R., 1980:
Evidence that daminozide but not 2 other growth retardants modifies the fate of applied gibberellin a 9 in chrysanthemum morifolium cultivar bright golden anne

Menon M.; Azhar S.; Menon K.M.J., 1980:
Evidence that danazol inhibits gonadotropin induced ovarian steroidogenesis at a point distal to gonadotropin receptor interaction and cyclic amp formation

Clark A.G.; Shamaan N.A., 1984:
Evidence that ddt dehydrochlorinase from the house fly is a glutathione s transferase

Migdal, S.; Alexander, E.A.; Levinsky, N.G., 1977:
Evidence that decreased cardiac output is not the stimulus to sodium retention during acute constriction of the vena cava

Paganelli, R.; Capobianchi, M.R.; Ensoli, B.; D'Offizi, G.P.; Facchini, J.; Dianzani, F.; Aiuti, F., 1988:
Evidence that defective gamma interferon production in patients with primary immunodeficiencies is due to intrinsic incompetence of lymphocytes

Haarr, L.; Flatmark, T., 1987:
Evidence that deletion of coding sequences in the 5' end of the thymidine kinase gene of herpes simplex virus type 1 affects the stability of the gene products

Doecke F.; Rohde W.; Gerber P.; Doerner G., 1984:
Evidence that desensitization to negative estrogen feedback is a prepubertal and not a postpubertal event in female rats

Crucefix D.N.; Mansfield J.W.; Wade M., 1984:
Evidence that determinants of race specificity in lettuce lactuca sativa downy mildew disease are highly localized

Gardiner, E.M.; Tattersall, P., 1988:
Evidence that developmentally regulated control of gene expression by a parvoviral allotropic determinant is particle mediated

Waechter W.; Muench U.; Lemoine H.; Kaumann A.J., 1980:
Evidence that dextro bupranolol interacts directly with myo cardial beta adrenoceptors control of optical purity with differential thermal analysis

Villanueva L.; Cadden S.W.; D., 1984:
Evidence that diffuse noxious inhibitory controls are mediated by a final postsynaptic inhibitory mechanism

Sedliakova M.; Brozmanova J.; Masek F.; Kleibl K., 1981:
Evidence that dimers remaining in pre induced escherichia coli b r hcr plus become insensitive after dna replication to the extract from micrococcus luteus

Richardson, S.B.; Twente, S., 1988:
Evidence that diminished pituitary responsivity to GHRF is secondary to intracellular GH pool depletion

Kitani T.; Yoda K Y.; Ogawa T.; Okazaki T., 1985:
Evidence that discontinuous dna replication in escherichia coli is primed by approximately 10 12 residues of rna starting with a purine

Hoy D.A.; Ramberg C.F.Jr; Horst R.L., 1988:
Evidence that discrimination against ergocalciferol by the chick is the result of enhanced metabolic clearance rates for its monohydroxylated and dihydroxylated metabolites

Rajan V.P.; Menon K.M.J., 1985:
Evidence that dissociation not intracellular degradation is the major pathway for removal of receptor bound iodine 125 human chorionic gonadotropin in cultured rat luteal cells

Narang, H.K.; Asher, D.M.; Gajdusek, D.C., 1988:
Evidence that DNA is present in abnormal tubulofilamentous structures found in scrapie

Iwatsuki, N.; Joe, C.O.; Werbin, H., 1980:
Evidence that dna photo lyase from bakers yeast is a flavo protein

Miller M.R.; Chinault D.N., 1982:
Evidence that dna polymerase alpha and dna polymerase beta participate differentially in dna repair synthesis induced by different agents

Holmes, A.M.; Hesslewood, I.P.; Johnston, I.R., 1976:
Evidence that dna polymerase alpha ec of calf thymus contains a subunit of molecular weight 155000

Tsai S.Y.; Roop D.R.; Stumph W.E.; Tsai M J.; O'malley B.W., 1980:
Evidence that dna sequences flanking the ov albumin gene are not transcribed

Fukuda, S.; Kopple, J.D., 1979:
Evidence that dog kidney is an endogenous source of histidine

Sandrini M.; Benelli A.; Baraldi M., 1986:
Evidence that dopamine receptors identified by tritiated dopamine in the ventricles of guinea pig heart are of da 2 type

Caswell A.M.; Russell R.G.G., 1988:
Evidence that ecto nucleoside triphosphate pyrophosphatase serves in the generation of extracellular inorganic pyrophopshate in human bone and articular cartilage

Millar, D.B.; Christopher, J.P.; Burrough, D.O., 1978:
Evidence that eel acetyl cholin esterase ec is not an integral membrane protein

Fantin, G.P.; Bottecchia, D.; Nassuato, G.; Gruppo, P.; Zatti, P., 1976:
Evidence that electrical and mechanical stimulation can induce reptilase clot retraction

Wirtshafter D.; Asin K.E., 1982:
Evidence that electrolytic median raphe lesions increase loco motion but not exploration

Hart D.A., 1986:
Evidence that elevated levels of proteinase activity in the plasma of melanoma bearing mice may be of host origin

Graber S.E.; Bomboy J.D.Jr; Krantz S.B., 1979:
Evidence that endo toxin is the cyclic gmp promoting factor in erythropoietin preparations

Diamond, J.; Coughlin, M.; Macintyre, L.; Holmes, M.; Visheau, B., 1987:
Evidence that endogenous beta nerve growth factor is responsible for the collateral sprouting, but not the regeneration, of nociceptive axons in adult rats

Blank, K.J.; Pincus, T., 1980:
Evidence that endogenous ecotropic virus is not expressed in AKR thymic lymphoid cells of chimeric hosts

Dickenson, A.H.; Sullivan, A.F.; Roques, B.P., 1988:
Evidence that endogenous enkephalins and a delta opioid receptor agonist have a common site of action in spinal antinociception

Tonoue T.; Somiya H.; Matsumoto H.; Ogawa N.; Leppaluoto J., 1982:
Evidence that endogenous trh may control vagal efferents to thyroid gland neural inhibition by central administration of trh anti serum

Altura B.M., 1980:
Evidence that endogenous vasopressin plays a protective role in circulatory shock role for res using brattleboro rats

Holst J.J., 1982:
Evidence that entero glucagon ii is identical with the carboxyl terminal sequence residues 33 69 of glicentin

Keegstra, K.; Cline, K., 1982:
Evidence that envelope and thylakoid membranes from pea pisum sativum cultivar laxtons progress no.9 chloroplasts lack glyco proteins

Berlan M.; Lafontan M., 1985:
Evidence that epinephrine acts preferentially as an antilipolytic agent in abdominal human subcutaneous fat cells assessment by analysis of beta adrenoceptor and alpha 2 adrenoceptor properties

Fialkow, P.J.; Faguet, G.B.; Jacobson, R.J.; Vaidya, K.; Murphy, S., 1981:
Evidence that essential thrombocythemia is a clonal disorder with origin in a multipotent stem cell

Kesner J.S.; Convey E.M.; Anderson C.R., 1981:
Evidence that estradiol induces the pre ovulatory luteinizing hormone surge in cattle by increasing pituitary sensitivity to luteinizing hormone releasing hormone and then increasing luteinizing hormone releasing hormone release

Sanford, L.M., 1985:
Evidence that estrogen regulation of testosterone secretion in adult rams is mediated by both indirect (gonadotropin dependent) and direct (gonadotropin independent) means

Melis G.B.; Paoletti A.M.; Gambacciani M.; Mais V.; Fioretti P., 1984:
Evidence that estrogens inhibit luteinizing hormone secretion through opioids in post menopausal women using naloxone

Dei M., 1981:
Evidence that ethylene is not involved in red light induced stimulation of chlorophyll formation in etiolated cucumber cucumis sativus cultivar aonagajibai cotyledons

Kerr D.I.B.; Ong J., 1984:
Evidence that ethylenediamine acts in the isolated ileum of the guinea pig by releasing endogenous gamma aminobutyric acid

Galzin A.M.; Moret C.; Langer S.Z., 1984:
Evidence that exogenous but not endogenous norepinephrine activates tha presynaptic alpha 2 adrenoceptors on serotonergic nerve endings in the rat hypothalamus

Stout R.D.; Schwarting G.A.; Suttles J., 1987:
Evidence that expression of asialo g m 1 may be associated with cell activation correlation of asialo g m 1 expression with increased total cellular rna and protein content in normal thymocyte and spleen cell populations

Hembry, R.M.; Knight, C.G.; Dingle, J.T.; Barrett, A.J., 1982:
Evidence that extracellular cathepsin d ec is not responsible for the resorption of cartilage matrix in culture

Merchant Larios H.; Mena F., 1982:
Evidence that extracellular glyco conjugates interact with prolactin granules during exocytosis in lactating rat adeno hypophyses

Andresdottir, V.; Masters, M., 1978:
Evidence that f prime lac replicates asynchronously during the cell cycle of escherichia coli b r

Hougie, C.; Sargeant, R.B.; Brown, J.E.; Baugh, R.F., 1974:
Evidence that factor viii and the ristocetin aggregating factor are separate molecular entities

Godal H.C.; Hamborg T., 1984:
Evidence that fibrin and or fibrinogen degradation products are adequately quantified in citrated plasma de fibrinated at low ph

Chamberlain C.G.; Mcavoy J.W., 1987:
Evidence that fibroblast growth factor promotes lens fiber differentiation

Geramita J.M.; Cooke F., 1982:
Evidence that fidelity to natal breeding colony is not absolute in female snow geese anser caerulescens caerulescens

Ratnoff, O.D.; Saito, H., 1976:
Evidence that Fitzgerald factor counteracts inhibition by kaolin or ellagic acid of the amidolytic properties of a plasma kallikrein

Solman, R.T., 1977:
Evidence that focal processing involves a build-up of a visual object

Lavis V.R.; Lee D.P.; Shenolikar S., 1987:
Evidence that forskolin binds to the glucose transport of human erythrocytes

Brezden B.L.; Gardner D.R., 1983:
Evidence that frescon induced contractures in lymnaea stagnalis muscles do not depend on intra cellular calcium stores a comparison with caffeine action

Blessing W.W.; Reis D.J., 1983:
Evidence that gamma amino butyric acid and glycine like inputs inhibit vaso depressor neurons in the caudal ventrolateral medulla of the rabbit

Prezwlocka B.; Stala L.; Scheel Krueger J., 1979:
Evidence that gamma amino butyric acid in the nucleus dorsalis raphe induces stimulation of loco motor activity and eating behavior in rats

Klinke, R.; Oertel, W., 1977:
Evidence that gamma amino butyric acid is not the afferent transmitter in the cochlea

Lal H.; Shearman G.T.; Fielding S.; Dunn R.; Kruse H.; Theurer K., 1980:
Evidence that gamma amino butyric acid mechanisms mediate the anxiolytic action of benzodiazepines a study with valproic acid

Maggi C.A.; Manzini S.; Meli A., 1984:
Evidence that gamma aminobutyric acid a receptors mediated relaxation of rat duodenum by activating intramural nonadrenergic noncholinergic neurons

Lamers, C.B.; Walsh, J.H.; Jansen, J.B.; Harrison, A.R.; Ippoliti, A.F.; van Tongere, J.H., 1982:
Evidence that gastrin 34 is preferentially released from the human duodenum

Koen, A.L.; Goodman, M., 1969:
Evidence that genes at 2 loci code for lactate dehydrogenase subunit b in nycticebus coucang

Holst, J.J., 1980:
Evidence that glicentin contains the entire sequence of glucagon

Baddams, H.M.; Chang, L.B.; Barritt, G.J., 1983:
Evidence that glucagon acts on the liver to decrease mitochondrial calcium stores

Holland, R.; Hardie, D.G.; Clegg, R.A.; Zammit, V.A., 1985:
Evidence that glucagon mediated inhibition of acetylcoenzyme a carboxylase ec in isolated adipocytes involves increased phosphorylation of the enzyme by cyclic amp dependent protein kinase

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Evidence that glucagon stabilizes rather than activates mitochondrial functions in rat liver

Malbon, C.C.; Hadcock, J.R., 1988:
Evidence that glucocorticoid response elements in the 5' noncoding region of the hamster beta 2 adrenergic receptor gene are obligate for glucocorticoid regulation of receptor messenger rna levels

Ernst, V.; Levin, D.H.; London, I.M., 1978:
Evidence that glucose 6 phosphate regulates protein synthesis initiation in reticulocyte lysates

Gold G.; Gishizky M.L.; Grodsky G.M., 1982:
Evidence that glucose marks beta cells resulting in preferential release of newly synthesized insulin

Miles E.W.; Mcphie P.; Yutani K., 1988:
Evidence that glutamic acid 49 of tryptophan synthase alpha subunit is a catalytic residue inactive mutant proteins substituted at position 49 blind ligands and transmit ligand dependent effects to the beta subunit

Reitzer, L.J.; Wice, B.M.; Kennell, D., 1979:
Evidence that glutamine, not sugar, is the major energy source for cultured HeLa cells

Coller, B.S.; Kalomiris, E.; Steinberg, M.; Scudder, L.E., 1984:
Evidence that glycocalicin circulates in normal plasma

Hillier S.G.; F.A., 1981:
Evidence that granulosa cell aromatase induction activation by fsh is an androgen receptor regulated process in vitro

Lacy R.C., 1985:
Evidence that group selection counters the evolution of sexual dimorphism

Collawn J.F.Jr; Donato H.Jr; Fish W.W., 1986:
Evidence that h type enriched human placental ferritin is structurally similar to l type enriched ferritins of other tissues

Rorie, D.K.; Tyce, G.M.; Mackenzie, R.A., 1984:
Evidence that halothane inhibits norepinephrine release from sympathetic nerve endings in dog saphenous vein by stimulation of presynaptic inhibitory muscarinic receptors

Perez Rodriguez R.; Franchi A.; Deys B.F.; Pouyssegur J., 1982:
Evidence that hamster fibroblast tumors emerge in nude mice through the process of 2 in vivo selections leading to growth factor relaxation and immune resistance

Escriva F.; Decaux J.F.; Ferre P.; Girard J.R., 1984:
Evidence that hepatic mitochondrial mass decreases during the first 16 hours following birth in starved new born rats

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Evidence that herpes simplex virus DNA is transcribed by cellular RNA polymerase B

Chelala, C.A.; Margolin, P., 1976:
Evidence that high transducing ability mutant strains of bacterio phage p 22 retain an altered form of substrate specificity in the formation of transducing particles in salmonella typhimurium

Orthner, C.L.; Kosow, D.P., 1980:
Evidence that human alpha thrombin ec is a monovalent cation activated enzyme

Rocklin, R.E.; Rosenthal, A.S., 1977:
Evidence that human leukocyte inhibitory factor is an esterase

Sagone A.L.Jr; Wells R.M.; Democko C., 1980:
Evidence that hydroxyl radical production by human granulocytes is related to prostaglandin metabolism

Madubunyi, L.C.; Koehler, C.S., 1977:
Evidence that hypera brunneipennis may reenter diapause

Sahu, A.; Kalra, P.S.; Crowley, W.R.; Kalra, S.P., 1988:
Evidence that hypothalamic neuropeptide Y secretion decreases in aged male rats: implications for reproductive aging

Atkinson, J.E.; Olson, J.W.; Altiere, R.J.; Gillespie, M.N., 1987:
Evidence that hypoxic pulmonary vascular remodeling in rats is polyamine dependent

Mowat, A.M., 1986:
Evidence that ia positive bone marrow derived cells are the stimulus for the intestinal phase of the murine graft vs. host reaction

Jacobs, W.P.; Aloni, R., 1978:
Evidence that iaa does not move basipetally against a concentration gradient in coleus blumei internodes

O'donnell S.R.; Wanstall J.C., 1980 :
Evidence that ici 118551 erythro d l 1 7 methylindan 4 yloxy 3 isopropylamino butan 2 ol is a potent highly beta 2 selective adrenoceptor antagonist and can be used to characterize beta adrenoceptor populations in tissues

Sorg, C.; Geczy, C.L.; Geczy, A.F.; Haemmerling, G.J.; Gately, M., 1978:
Evidence that immune response associated antigens are not secreted by antigen or mitogen stimulated mouse or guinea pig lymphocytes

Gamble, J.; Milner, J., 1988:
Evidence that immunological variants of p53 represent alternative protein conformations

Lim, L.K.; Srivastava, G.; Brooker, J.D.; May, B.K.; Elliott, W.H., 1980:
Evidence that in chick embryos destruction hepatic microsomal cytochrome p 450 heme is a general mechanism of induction of delta amino levulinate synthase ec by porphyria causing drugs

Hemleben, V.; Grierson, D., 1978:
Evidence that in higher plants the 25s and 18s ribosomal rna genes are not interspersed with genes for 5s ribosomal rna

Groppetti, A.; Misher, A.; Naimzada, M.; Revuelta, A.; Costa, E., 1972:
Evidence that in rats 1 benzyl beta methoxy 3 trifluoromethyl phenethylamine skf 1 39728 dissociates anorexia from central stimulation and actions on brain mono amine stores

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Evidence that 'inactive' renin is produced outside the kidney of the rat

Kizer D.E.; Howell B.A., 1979:
Evidence that incorporation of inorganic phosphorus 32 phosphate into genetic and or metabolic dna of regenerating rat liver is stimulated 6 hours earlier than similar incorporation of labeled thymidine

Kotze H.F.; Heyns A.D.P.; Wessels P.; Pieters H.; Badenhorst P.N.; Lotter M.G., 1986:
Evidence that indium 111 labeled platelets pool in the spleen but not in the liver of normal humans and baboons

Bayer B.M.; Beaven M.A., 1979:
Evidence that indomethacin reversibly inhibits cell growth in the g 1 phase of the cell

Fahrig R., 1979:
Evidence that induction and suppression of mutations and recombinations by chemical mutagens in saccharomyces cerevisiae during mitosis are jointly correlated

Wallner, S.F.; Vautrin, R.M., 1981:
Evidence that inhibition of erythropoiesis is important in the anemia of chronic renal failure

Dean D.M.; Lemaire S.; Livett B.G., 1982:
Evidence that inhibition of nicotine mediated catecholamine secretion from adrenal chromaffin cells by enkephalin beta endorphin dynorphin 1 13 and opiates is not mediated via specific opiate receptors

Seals, J.R.; Czech, M.P., 1980:
Evidence that insulin activates an intrinsic plasma membrane protease in generating a secondary chemical mediator

Brownsey, R.W.; Denton, R.M., 1982:
Evidence that insulin activates fat cell acetyl coenzyme a carboxylase ec by increased phosphorylation at a specific site

Horn R.S.; Lystad E.; Adler A.; Walass O., 1986:
Evidence that insulin and gtp regulate dephosphorylation of the beta subunit of the insulin receptor in sarcolemma membranes isolated from skeletal muscle

Pang D.T.; Shafer J.A., 1984:
Evidence that insulin receptor from human placenta has a high affinity for only 1 molecule of insulin

Mochan E.; Uhl J.; Newton R., 1986:
Evidence that interleukin 1 induction of synovial cell plasminogen activator is mediated via prostaglandin e 2 and cyclic amp

Gallagher, G.; Willdridge, J., 1988:
Evidence that interleukin 2 actively promotes both cell division and immunoglobulin secretion in human B cells

Lappano S.; Coukell M.B., 1982:
Evidence that intra cellular cyclic gmp is involved in regulating the extracellular cyclic amp phospho di esterase and its specific inhibitor in dictyostelium discoideum

Shani J.; Danenberg P.V., 1984:
Evidence that intracellular synthesis of 5 fluoro ump from 5 fluorouracil and 5 fluorouridine is compartmentalized

Fidler, I.J.; Talmadge, J.E., 1986:
Evidence that intravenously derived murine pulmonary melanoma metastases can originate from the expansion of a single tumor cell

Lam D.C.C.; Lindsay R.H., 1980:
Evidence that iodide transport into human polymorphonuclear leukocytes in not an active process

Banks W.A.; Kastin A.J.; Coy D.H., 1984:
Evidence that iodine 125 labeled n tyrosine delta sleep inducing peptide crosses the blood brain barrier by a noncompetitive mechanism

Mills C.E.; Vogt R.G., 1984:
Evidence that ion regulation in hydromedusae and ctenophores does not facilitate vertical migration

Andersson, P.; Kvassman, J.; Lindstrom, A.; Olden, B.; Pettersson, G., 1980:
Evidence that ionization of zinc bound water regulates the anion binding capacity of the coenzyme binding site in liver alcohol dehydrogenase ec

Siegel, L.S., 1988:
Evidence that IQ scores are irrelevant to the definition and analysis of reading disability

Macdonald, M.J., 1979:
Evidence that iron ii complexes of 3 amino picolinate and 3 mercapto picolinate activate and inhibit phosphoenol pyruvate carboxy kinase ec

Driessen F.M.; Kingma F.; Stadhouders J., 1982:
Evidence that lactobacillus bulgaricus in yoghurt is stimulated by carbon di oxide produced by streptococcus thermophilus

Parker, J.C.; Barritt, G.J., 1981:
Evidence that lanthanum ions stimulate calcium inflow to isolated hepatocytes

Lawrence J.C.Jr; Salsgiver W.J., 1984:
Evidence that levels of malate dehydrogenase and fumarase are increased by cyclic amp in rat myotubes

Collinge D.B.; Hughes M.B., 1984:
Evidence that linamarin and lotaustralin the 2 cyanogenic glucosides of trifolium repens are synthesized by a single set of microsomal enzymes controlled by the ac ac locus

Weiss, B.A.; Hewett, T.T.; Mentzer, J.R., 1979:
Evidence that line illusions originate in the central nervous system

Dixit R.; Mukhtar H.; Bickers D.R., 1982:
Evidence that lipid per oxidation in microsomal membranes of epidermis is associated with generation of hydrogen per oxide and singlet oxygen

Takahashi K.; Mayumi T.; Kishi T., 1987:
Evidence that lipid peroxidation by doxorubicin does not initiate the beat inhibition of culture mouse myocardial cells

Loren I.; Schwandt P.; Alumets J.; Hakanson R.; Neureuther G.; Richter W.; Sundler F., 1980:
Evidence that lipolytic peptide b occurs in the acth melanocyte stimulating hormone cells of the pituitary and brain an immuno cytochemical study of its distribution in correlation to the distribution of neurophysin

Hart D.A., 1982:
Evidence that lithium and ammonium ions enhance lipo poly saccharide stimulation of lymphoid cells by different mechanisms

Malmgren K.; Pierrot Deseilligny E., 1987:
Evidence that low threshold afferents both evoke and depress polysynaptic excitation of wrist flexor motoneurons in man

Lowell, B.B.; Ruderman, N.B.; Goodman, M.N., 1986:
Evidence that lysosomes are not involved in the degradation of myofibrillar proteins in rat skeletal muscle

Glinski R.L.; Gainey P.C.; Mawhinney T.P.; Hilderman R.H., 1979:
Evidence that lysyl transfer rna synthetase and or arginyl transfer rna synthetase from rat liver contain carbohydrate

Claassen E.; Van Rooijen N., 1985:
Evidence that macrophages in the marginal zone have no role in the migration of lymphocytes into the periarteriolar lymphocyte sheaths

Hamlyn J.M.; Senior A.E., 1983:
Evidence that magnesium calcium atpase in rat pancreas is a plasma membrane ecto enzyme

Ofori F.A.; Francki R.I.B., 1983:
Evidence that maize zea mays wallaby ear disease is caused by an insect toxin

Kennett G.A.; Curzon G., 1988:
Evidence that mcpp may have behavioral effects mediated by central 5 ht 1c receptors

Williams R.R.; Hasstedt S.J.; Wilson D.E.; Ash K.O.; Yanowitz F.F.; Reiber G.E.; Kuida H., 1986:
Evidence that men with familial hypercholesterolemia can avoid early coronary death an analysis of 77 gene carriers in four utah usa pedigrees

Clarke, P.B.; Fu, D.S.; Jakubovic, A.; Fibiger, H.C., 1988:
Evidence that mesolimbic dopaminergic activation underlies the locomotor stimulant action of nicotine in rats

Cook R.J.; Wilkinson H.T.; Alldredge J.R., 1986:
Evidence that microorganisms in suppressive soil associated with wheat take all decline do not limit the number of lesions produced by gaeumannomyces graminis var tritici

Ward, R.D.; Skibinski, D.O., 1988:
Evidence that mitochondrial isozymes are genetically less variable than cytoplasmic isozymes

Aist J.R.; Gold R.E.; Bayles C.J.; Morrison G.H.; Chandra S.; Israel H.W., 1988:
Evidence that molecular components of papillae may be involved in ml o resistance to barley powdery mildew

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Evidence that most of the dopamine beta hydroxylase is not membrane bound in purified large dense cored noradrenergic vesicles

Adams, D.D.; Kennedy, T.H.; Stewart, R.D., 1976:
Evidence that mouse thyroid stimulator does not stimulate the human thyroid gland

Baird, S.; Raschke, W.; Weissman, I.L., 1977:
Evidence that murine leukemia virus induced thymic lymphoma cells possess specific cell membrane binding sites for murine leukemia virus

Kerrick W.G.L.; Bolles L.L., 1982:
Evidence that myosin light chain phosphorylation regulates contraction in the body wall muscles of the sea cucumber parastichopus californicus

Deviche P.; Melmer G.; Schepers G., 1984:
Evidence that naloxone attenuates the consumption of food by domestic pigeons columba livia through a central influence

Langeland, N.; Holmsen, H.; Lillehaug, J.R.; Haarr, L., 1987:
Evidence that neomycin inhibits binding of herpes simplex virus type 1 to the cellular receptor

Hughes B.P.; Auld A.M.; Barritt G.J., 1988:
Evidence that neomycin inhibits plasma membrane calcium inflow in isolated hepatocytes

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Evidence that neural mechanisms do not have important effects on cerebral blood flow

Di-Chiara, G.; Morelli, M.; Porceddu, M.L.; Gessa, G.L., 1978:
Evidence that nigral gamma amino butyric acid mediates behavioral responses elicited by striatal dopamine receptor stimulation

Larsson, E.L.; Blomgren, H., 1978:
Evidence that nonspecific inhibitors are induced by soluble products of activated human lymphocytes

Gibbins J.M.; Denton R.M.; Mccormack J.G., 1985:
Evidence that noradrenaline increases pyruvate dehydrogenase activity and decreases acetyl coenzyme a carboxylase activity in rat interscapular brown adipose tissue in vivo

Soja P.J.; Sinclair J.G., 1983:
Evidence that noradrenaline reduces tonic descending inhibition of cat spinal cord nociceptor driven neurons

Alder B.A.; Johnson M.D.; Lynch C.O.; Crowley W.R., 1983:
Evidence that norepinephrine and epinephrine systems mediate the stimulatory effects of ovarian hormones on luteinizing hormone and lhrh

Messenger, J.B., 1977:
Evidence that octopus is color blind

Undem B.J.; Buckner C.K., 1984 :
Evidence that only 1 type of beta adrenergic receptor mediates inhibition of antigen induced histamine release from guinea pig minced lung

Brown, D.R.; Holtzman, S.G., 1980:
Evidence that opiate receptors mediate suppression of hypertonic saline induced drinking in the mouse by narcotic antagonists

Filetti S.; Rapoport B., 1983:
Evidence that organic iodine attenuates the cyclic amp response to thyrotropin stimulation in thyroid tissue by an action at or near the adenylate cyclase catalytic unit

Forbush B.IIi; Hoffman J.F., 1979:
Evidence that ouabain binds to the same large poly peptide chain of dimeric sodium potassium atpase that is phosphorylated from inorganic phosphorus

Brown, A.J.; Kolattukudy, P.E., 1978:
Evidence that pancreatic lipase is responsible for the hydrolysis of cutin a bio poly ester present in mammalian diet and the role of bile salt and colipase in this hydrolysis

Toskes, P.P.; Smith, G.W.; Francis, G.M.; Sander, E.G., 1977:
Evidence that pancreatic proteases enhance vitamin b 12 absorption by acting on crude preparations of hog gastric intrinsic factor and human gastric juice

Baum M., 1987:
Evidence that parallel sodium proton and chloride bicarbonate hydroxyl antiporters transport sodium chloride in the proximal tubule

Fraser C.L.; Sarnacki P.; Budayr A., 1988:
Evidence that parathyroid hormone mediated calcium transport in rat brain synaptosomes is independent of cyclic amp

Hoermann, R.; Amir, S.M.; Ingbar, S.H., 1988:
Evidence that partially desialylated variants of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) are the factors in crude hCG that inhibit the response to thyrotropin in human thyroid membranes

Catanzaro, P.J.; Agniel, L.D.J. ; Hogrefe, W.R.; Phillips, S.M., 1978:
Evidence that peritoneal lymphocytes are not related to the re circulating pool of lymphocytes

Mannaerts G.P.; Van Veldhoven P.; Van Broekhoven A.; Vandebroek G.; Debeer L.J., 1982:
Evidence that peroxisomal acyl coenzyme a synthetase is located at the cytoplasmic side of the peroxisomal membrane

Rickard J.E.; Sheterline P., 1985:
Evidence that phorbol ester interferes with stimulated calcium redistribution by activating calcium efflux in neutrophil leukocytes

Yaari A.M.; Shapiro I.M.; Brown C.E., 1982:
Evidence that phosphatidyl serine and inorganic phosphate may mediate calcium transport during calcification

Purchio A.F., 1982:
Evidence that phospho protein p 60 s r c the product of the rous sarcoma virus src gene undergoes auto phosphorylation

Canaani O.; Barber J.; Malkin S., 1984:
Evidence that phosphorylation and dephosphorylation regulate the distribution of excitation energy between the 2 photosystems of photosynthesis in vivo photo acoustic and fluorometric study of an intact leaf

Gross M.; Wing M.; Rundquist C.; Rubino M.S., 1987:
Evidence that phosphorylation of eif 2 alpha prevents the eif 2b mediated dissociation of eif 2 gdp from the 60 s subunit of complete initiation complexes

Carlson, S.E.; Mitchell, A.D.; Carter, M.L.; Goldfarb, S., 1980:
Evidence that physiologic levels of circulating estrogens and neo natal sex imprinting modify post pubertal hepatic microsomal 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase ec activity

Denef C., 1979:
Evidence that pituitary 5 alpha di hydro testosterone formation is regulated through changes in the proportional number and size of the gonadotropic cells

Kondo S.; Kisiel W., 1987:
Evidence that plasma lipoproteins inhibit the factor viia tissue factor complex by a different mechanism than extrinsic pathway inhibitor

Fischer T.H.; Campbell K.P.; White G.C., 1985:
Evidence that platelet and skeletal sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase are structurally distinct

Lei, S.P.; Lin, H.C.; Heffernan, L.; Wilcox, G., 1985:
Evidence that polygalacturonase is a virulence determinant in Erwinia carotovora

McCarthy, R.E.; Salyers, A.A., 1986:
Evidence that polygalacturonic acid may not be a major source of carbon and energy for some colonic Bacteroides species

Pic P.; Ellory J.C.; Lucu C., 1979:
Evidence that potassium dependent transport components in addition to sodium ion potassium activated atpase are involved in sodium ion excretion and chloride ion excretion in marine teleost gills

Mayo M.A.; Barker H.; Robinson D.J.; Tamada T.; Harrison B.D., 1982:
Evidence that potato leaf roll virus rna is positive stranded is linked to a small protein and does not contain poly adenylate

Ruiz, P.; Coffman, T.M.; Howell, D.N.; Straznickas, J.; Scroggs, M.W.; Baldwin, W.M.; Klotman, P.E.; Sanfilippo, F., 1988:
Evidence that pretransplant donor blood transfusion prevents rat renal allograft dysfunction but not the in situ cellular alloimmune or morphologic manifestations of rejection

Ross, E.L.; Komisaruk, B.R.; O'Donnell, D., 1979:
Evidence that probing the vaginal cervix is analgesic in rats, using an operant paradigm

Iliakis G.; Nuesse M., 1982 :
Evidence that progression of cells into s phase is not a prerequisite for recovery between split doses of uv light in synchronized and plateau phase cultures of ehrlich ascites tumor cells

Horan K.L.; Adamski S.W.; Ayele W.; Langone J.J.; Grega G.J., 1986:
Evidence that prolonged histamine suffusions produce transient increases in vascular permeability subsequent to the formation of venular macromolecular leakage sites proof of the majno palade hypothesis

Nadler, J.L.; Goodson, S.; Rude, R.K., 1987:
Evidence that prostacyclin mediates the vascular action of magnesium in humans

Nadler, J.L.; McKay, M.; Campese, V.; Vrbanac, J.; Horton, R., 1986:
Evidence that prostacyclin modulates the vascular actions of calcium in man

Sanders, K.M., 1984:
Evidence that prostaglandins are local regulatory agents in canine ileal circular muscle

D.M.llo M.C.F.; Bayer B.M.; Beaven M.A., 1980:
Evidence that prostaglandins do not have a role in the cytostatic action of anti inflammatory drugs

Foca A.; Matera G.; Mastroeni P.; Caputi A.P., 1985:
Evidence that prostaglandins within preoptic area may mediate the antidipsogenic effect of escherichia coli endotoxin in the rat

Freeman, S.J.; Lloyd, J.B., 1983:
Evidence that protein ingested by the rat visceral yolk sac yields amino acids for synthesis of embryonic protein

Bown A.W.; Crawford L.A., 1988:
Evidence that proton efflux stimulated by redox activity is independent of plasma membrane atpase activity

Tournier J M.; Jacquot J.; Puchelle E.; Bieth J.G., 1985:
Evidence that pseudomonas aeruginosa elastase does not inactivate the bronchial inhibitor in the presence of leukocyte elastase studies with cystic fibrosis serum and with pure proteins

Culler M.D.; Negro Vilar A., 1986:
Evidence that pulsatile fsh secretion is independent of endogenous lhrh

Peterson, J.A.; White, R.E.; Yasukochi, Y.; Coomes, M.L.; O'keeffe, D.H.; Ebel, R.E.; Masters, B.S.S.; Ballou, D.P.; Coon, M.J., 1977:
Evidence that purified liver microsomal cytochrome p 450 is a 1 electron acceptor

Hatton M.W.C.; Moar S.L.; Richardson M., 1988:
Evidence that rabbit iodine 125 antithrombin iii binds to proteoheparan sulfate at the subendothelium of the rabbit aorta in vitro

Fields, H.L.; Anderson, S.D., 1978:
Evidence that raphe spinal neurons mediate opiate and mid brain stimulation produced analgesia

Homandberg, G.A.; Williams, J.E.; Evans, D.B.; Mosesson, M.W., 1985:
Evidence that rat platelet fibrinogen molecules lack the gamma' chain variant found in plasma fibrinogen molecules

Bradley, J.A.; Mason, D.W.; Morris, P.J., 1985:
Evidence that rat renal allografts are rejected by cytotoxic T cells and not by nonspecific effectors

Aulinskas T.H.; Coetzee G.A.; Van Der Westhuyzen D.R.; Gevers W., 1982:
Evidence that re cycling of low density lipo protein receptors does not depend on delivery of receptors to lysosomes

Ignarro, L.J.; Kadowitz, P.J.; Baricos, W.H., 1981:
Evidence that regulation of hepatic guanylate cyclase ec activity involves interactions between catalytic site sulfhydryl groups and both substrate and activator

Thompson M.E.; Greer M.A.; Braverman L.E.; Vagenakis A.G., 1981 :
Evidence that regulation of thyrotropin secretion by the heterotopic pituitary is independent of endogenous thyrotropin releasing hormone from any source

Kimura M.; Kobayashi S.; Kimura I., 1983:
Evidence that relaxation of hog biliary muscle is mediated by the interaction between the protein inhibitor of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase and cholecystokinin carboxyl terminal peptides

Alberto, B.P.; Callahan, L.F.; Pincus, T., 1982:
Evidence that retrovirus expression in mouse spleen cells results from B cell differentiation

Davis, R.A.; Helgerud, P.; Dueland, S.; Drevon, C.A., 1982:
Evidence that reverse cholesterol transport occurs in vivo and requires lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase ec

Kiessling, A.A., 1984:
Evidence that reverse transcriptase is a component of murine epididymal fluid

Acocella, G.; Brumfitt, W.; Hamilton-Miller, J.M., 1980:
Evidence that rifampicin can be used safely for non-tuberculous diseases

Smit, C.H.; Jaspars, E.M., 1982:
Evidence that RNA 4 of alfalfa mosaic virus does not replicate autonomously

Gergerich R.C.; Scott H.C.; Fulton J.P., 1986:
Evidence that rnase in beetle regurgitant determines the transmission of plant viruses

Karp F.; Croteau R., 1982:
Evidence that sabinene is an essential precursor of carbon 3 oxygenated thujane mono terpenes

Simpson A.J.; Singer D.; Mccutchan T.F.; Sacks D.L.; Sher A., 1983:
Evidence that schistosome major histo compatibility complex antigens are not synthesized by the parasite but are acquired from the host as intact glyco proteins

Hanto, D.W.; Harty, J.T.; Hoffman, R.A.; Simmons, R.L., 1986:
Evidence that secondary mixed leukocyte culture supernatant mediates changes in cellular recruitment, blood flow, and vascular permeability

Calvin H.I.; Cooper G.W.; Wallace E., 1981:
Evidence that selenium in rat sperm is associated with a cysteine rich structural protein of the mitochondrial capsules

Pavasuthipaisit K.; Norman R.L.; Spies H.G., 1980:
Evidence that serotonin is involved in prolactin release by electrical stimulation of the medial basal hypothalamus in the rhesus monkey macaca mulatta

Sloviter, R.S.; Drust, E.G.; Connor, J.D., 1978:
Evidence that serotonin mediates some behavioral effects of amphetamine

Worcester, E.M.; Nakagawa, Y.; Bushinsky, D.A.; Coe, F.L., 1986:
Evidence that serum calcium oxalate supersaturation is a consequence of oxalate retention in patients with chronic renal failure

Lin M.S.; Wertelecki W., 1982:
Evidence that sister chromatid exchanges and chromatid breaks are 2 independent events

Cline T.W., 1988:
Evidence that sisterless a and sisterless b are two of several discrete numerator elements of the x a sex determination signal in drosophila that switch sxl between two alternative stable expression states

Bowery N.G.; Hill D.R.; Hudson A.L., 1982:
Evidence that sl 75102 2 4 chlorophenyl 5 fluoro 2 hydroxybenzilideneamino 4 butanoate sodium is an agonist at gamma amino butyric acid b as well as gamma amino butyric acid a receptors

Ling G.N.; Zhang Z.L., 1983:
Evidence that sodium in a sulfonate ion exchange resin exists in an adsorbed state its significance for the interpretation of nmr data in resins and cells

Griendling K.K.; Berk B.C.; Alexander R.W., 1988:
Evidence that sodium proton exchange regulates angiotensin ii stimulated diacylglycerol accumulation in vascular smooth muscle cells

Sweatt J.D.; Connolly T.M.; Cragoe E.J.; Limbird L.E., 1986:
Evidence that sodium proton exchange regulates receptor mediated phospholipase a 2 activation in human platelets

Larsson E L.; Blomgren H., 1979:
Evidence that soluble products released by phyto hem agglutinin stimulated human lymphoid cells activate immuno suppressive monocytes

Grossman A.; Richardson S.B.; Moloschok T.; Frangione B., 1984:
Evidence that somatostatin is the primary coligand in pancreas required for specific binding of tritium labeled estradiol in pancreatic tissue demonstration that tritium labeled estradiol and iodine 125 labeled somatostatin form complexes of varying size with a specific binding protein

Vizi, E.S.; Horváth, T.; Somogyi, G.T., 1984:
Evidence that somatostatin releases endogenous substance(s) responsible for its presynaptic inhibitory effect on rat vas deferens and guinea pig ileum

Lamb A.H., 1979:
Evidence that some developing limb moto neurons die for reasons other than peripheral competition

Jinga, V.V.; Badea, M.G.; Hörer, O., 1986:
Evidence that some membrane ligands modulate the plasmalemma fluidity of endothelial cells in culture

Crepeau, M.A.; Croy, B.A., 1988:
Evidence that specific cellular immunity cannot account for death of Mus caroli embryos transferred to Mus musculus with severe combined immune deficiency disease

Lechan R.M.; Snapper S.B.; Jackson I.M.D., 1983:
Evidence that spinal cord trh is independent of the paraventricular nucleus

Esposito, M.S., 1978:
Evidence that spontaneous mitotic recombination occurs at the 2 strand stage

Trowsdale, J.; Chen, S.M.H.; Hoch, J.A., 1978:
Evidence that spooa mutations are recessive in spooa minus spooa plus mero di ploid strains of bacillus subtilis

Leturque, A.; Satabin, P.; Ferré, P.; Girard, J.R., 1981:
Evidence that stimulation of glucose metabolism by insulin is not altered in isolated soleus muscle of pregnant rats

Geras E.; Rebecchi M.J.; Gershengorn M.C., 1982:
Evidence that stimulation of thyrotropin and prolactin secretion by trh occur via different calcium mediated mechanisms studies with verapamil

Sekimizu K.; Yokoi H.; Natori S., 1982:
Evidence that stimulatory factors of rna polymerase ii participate in accurate transcription in a hela cell lysate

Tsien, H.; Panos, C.; Shockman, G.D.; Higgins, M.L., 1980:
Evidence that Streptococcus mutans constructs its membrane with excess fluidity for survival at suboptimal temperatures

Molnar-Kimber, K.L.; Sprent, J., 1981:
Evidence that strong Mls determinants are nonpolymorphic

Sweeney, M.I.; Sawynok, J., 1986:
Evidence that substance P may be a modulator rather than a transmitter of noxious mechanical stimulation

Szepesi B., 1982 :
Evidence that sucrose alters food efficiency in the rat interaction of dietary sucrose and fat

Parish C.R.; Coombe D.R.; Jakobsen K.B.; Bennett F.A.; Underwood P.A., 1987:
Evidence that sulfated polysaccharides inhibit tumor metastasis by blocking tumor cell derived heparanases

Yatvin, M.B., 1976:
Evidence that survival of gamma irradiated escherichia coli is influenced by membrane fluidity

Foa R.; Lauria F.; Catovsky D., 1980:
Evidence that t colony formation is a property of chain receptor bearing t helper lymphocytes

Marynick, S.P.; Loriaux, D.L.; Sherins, R.J.; Pita, J.C.; Lipsett, M.B., 1979:
Evidence that testosterone can suppress pituitary gonadotropin secretion independently of peripheral aromatization

Hickman, R.K.; Levy, S.B., 1988:
Evidence that TET protein functions as a multimer in the inner membrane of Escherichia coli

Zahnley, J.C., 1974:
Evidence that the 2 binding sites for trypsin on chicken ovo inhibitor are not equivalent dissociation of the complexes with porcine trypsin

Tilly K.; Georgopoulos C., 1982:
Evidence that the 2 escherichia coli gro e morphogenetic gene products interact in vivo

Mccormick S.; Mauvais J.; Fedoroff N., 1982:
Evidence that the 2 sucrose synthetase genes in maize are related

Browning M.; Bennett W.F.; Kelly P.; Lynch G., 1981:
Evidence that the 40000 molecular weight phospho protein influenced by high frequency synaptic stimulation is the alpha subunit of pyruvate dehydrogenase

Browning, K.S.; Lax, S.R.; Humphreys, J.; Ravel, J.M.; Jobling, S.A.; Gehrke, L., 1988:
Evidence that the 5' untranslated leader of messenger rna affects the requirement for wheat germ initiation factors 4a 4f and 4g

Sanchez E.R.; Toft D.O.; Schlesinger M.J.; Pratt W.B., 1985:
Evidence that the 90 kilodalton phosphoprotein associated with the untransformed l cell glucocorticoid receptor is a murine heat shock protein

Endo Y., 1985:
Evidence that the accumulation of 5 hydroxytryptamine in the liver but not in the brain may cause the hypoglycemia induced by 5 hydroxytryptophan

Pemrick S.M., 1981:
Evidence that the actin site is impaired by calcium activated degradation of the heavy chain of dystrophic myosin

Ramsay, R.R., 1982:
Evidence that the activation of aconitase ec involves a conformational change

Brocklehurst, K.; Baines, B.S.; Mushiri, M.S., 1980:
Evidence that the active center of chymopapain a ec is different from the active centers of some other cysteine proteinases and that the bronsted coefficient beta nuc for the reactions of thiolate anions with 2 2' di pyridyl di sulfide may be decreased by reagent protonation

Anderson G.H.Jr, 1979:
Evidence that the acute cardio vascular response to isoprenaline is partly mediated via renin release

Coca Prados M.; Lopez Briones L.G., 1987:
Evidence that the alpha and alpha dextro isoforms of the catalytic subunit of sodium potassium atpase reside in distinct ciliary epithelial cells of the mammalian eye

Fauquet, C.; Dejardin, J.; Thouvenel, J.C., 1986:
Evidence that the amino acid composition of the particle proteins of plant viruses is characteristic of the virus group. I. Multidimensional classification of plant viruses

Fauquet, C.; Dejardin, J.; Thouvenel, J.C., 1986:
Evidence that the amino acid composition of the particle proteins of plant viruses is characteristic of the virus group. II. Discriminant analysis according to structural biological and classification properties of plant viruses

Trayer I.P.; Trayer H.R.; Levine B.A., 1987:
Evidence that the amino terminal region of a1 light chain of myosin interacts directly with the carboxyl terminal region of actin a pmr study

Truppo R.M.; Goodman R.L., 1985:
Evidence that the anterior hypothalamus contributes to the control of tonic secretion of fsh in the female rat

Makker S.P., 1980:
Evidence that the antigen of autologous immune complex glomerulo nephritis of rats is a mannose or glucose containing glyco protein

Highsmith S., 1984:
Evidence that the atp binding site of sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase has a magnesium ion binding sub site

Shah J.H., 1982:
Evidence that the beta cell micro tubules are not involved in arginine induced insulin release

Kaloyanides, G.J.; Balabanian, M.B.; Bowman, R.L., 1978:
Evidence that the brain participates in the humoral natriuretic mechanism of blood volume expansion in the dog

Johanson R.A.; Shaw A.R.; Schlamowitz M., 1981:
Evidence that the c h2 domain of immuno globulin g contains the recognition unit for binding by the fetal rabbit yolk sac membrane receptor

Morris R.J.; Fischer S.M.; Slaga T.J., 1985:
Evidence that the centrally and peripherally located cells in the murine epidermal proliferative unit are 2 distinct cell populations

Herzberg, V.; Calvert, L.; Bowman, B.H., 1973:
Evidence that the ciliary inhibitor of cystic fibrosis is not an antibody

Poulose, A.J.; Kolattukudy, P.E., 1982:
Evidence that the coenzyme A requirement for avian fatty acid synthase is not for the termination reaction

Weiss, B.A.; Hewett, T.T.; Mentzer, J.R., 1979:
Evidence that the colored shadow effect is retinal

Elder, G.H.; Evans, J.O., 1978:
Evidence that the copro porphyrinogen oxidase ec activity of rat liver is situated in the inter membrane space of mitochondria

Stein, G.; Stein, J.; Shephard, E.; Park, W.; Phillips, I., 1977:
Evidence that the coupling of histone gene expression and dna synthesis in hela s 3 cells is not mediated at the transcriptional level

Simpson, E.R.; Mccarthy, J.L.; Peterson, J.A., 1978:
Evidence that the cyclo heximide sensitive site of acth action is in the mitochondrion changes in pregnenolone formation cholesterol content and the epr spectra of cytochrome p 450

Motion R.L.; Buckley P.D.; Bennett A.F.; Blackwell L.F., 1988:
Evidence that the cytoplasmic aldehyde dehydrogenase catalyzed oxidation of aldehydes involves a different active site group from that which catalyses the hydrolysis of 4 nitrophenyl acetate

Herzberg, G.R.; Gad, M., 1984:
Evidence that the cytosolic activity of 3 hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase ec in chicken liver is l 3 hydroxyacid dehydrogenase ec

Hoesli L.; Hoesli E.; Andres P.F.; Landolt H., 1981:
Evidence that the de polarization of glial cells by inhibitory amino acids is caused by an efflux of potassium from neurons

W.W.; Chen Y C.; Sabry I.; Reiter R.J., 1988:
Evidence that the deep pineal gland of the rat responds to isoproterenol and to swimming stress

Escriva F.; Ferre P.; Robin D.; Robin P.; Decaux J F.; Girard J., 1986:
Evidence that the development of hepatic fatty acid oxidation at birth in the rat is concomitant with an increased intramitochondrial coenzyme a concentration

Lagaaij E.L.; Persijn G.G.; Termijtelen A.; Hendricks G.F.J.; D.L.nge P.; Van Rood J.J., 1987:
Evidence that the difference in kidney graft survival in drw6 positive and drw6 negative recipients may be explained by a blood transfusion policy that is disadvantageous for drw6 positive recipients

Ljungberg T.; Ungerstedt U., 1979:
Evidence that the different properties of haloperidol and clozapine are not explained by differences in anti cholinergic potency

Shearman G.T.; Herz A., 1982:
Evidence that the discriminative stimulus properties of fentanyl and ethylketo cyclazocine are mediated by an interaction with different opiate receptors

Antoni F.A.; Holmes M.C.; Makara G.B.; Karteszi M.; Laszlo F.A., 1984:
Evidence that the effects of 8 arginine vasopressin on pituitary acth release are mediated by a novel type of receptor

Ramsay, D.J.; Reid, I.A.; Keil, L.C.; Ganong, W.F., 1978:
Evidence that the effects of isoproterenol on water intake and vasopressin secretion are mediated by angiotensin

Purohit, V.; Singh, H.H.; Ahluwalia, B.S., 1979:
Evidence that the effects of methadone and marihuana on male reproductive organs are mediated at different sites in rats

Lollar, P.; Owen, W.G., 1980:
Evidence that the effects of thrombin on arachidonate metabolism in cultured human endothelial cells are not mediated by a high affinity receptor

Beranek, A.P.; Oppenoorth, F.J., 1977:
Evidence that the elevated carboxyl esterase esterase 2 in organo phosphorus resistant myzus persicae is identical with the organo phosphate hydrolyzing enzyme

Smallwood J.I.; Waisman D.M.; Lafreniere D.; Rasmussen H., 1983:
Evidence that the erythrocyte calcium pump catalyzes a calcium n proton exchange

Yang S Y.; L.J.; H.X.Y.; Cosloy S.D.; Schulz H., 1988:
Evidence that the fad b gene of the fad ab operon of escherichia coli encodes 3 hydroxyacyl coenzyme a epimerase delta 3 cis delta 2 trans enoyl coenzyme isomerase and enoyl coenzyme a hydratase in addition to 3 hydroxyacyl coenzyme a dehydrogenase

Dunn C.D.R.; Lange R.D.; Jones J.B., 1979:
Evidence that the fetal mouse liver cell assay detects erythroid regulatory factors not measured with a standard in vivo assay

Wasserman G.F.; Mueller W.T.; Benkovic S.J.; Liao W.S.L.; Taylor J., 1984:
Evidence that the folate requiring enzymes of de novo purine biosynthesis are encoded by individual messenger rna species

Frazier L.W.; Vanatta J.C., 1980:
Evidence that the frog rana pipiens skin excretes ammonia

Hausner T P.; Atmadja J.; Nierhaus K.H., 1987:
Evidence that the g 2661 region of 23s ribosomal rna is located at the ribosomal binding sites of both elongation factors

Deschepper, C.F.; Crumrine, D.A.; Ganong, W.F., 1986:
Evidence that the gonadotrophs are the likely site of production of angiotensin II in the anterior pituitary of the rat

Williamson, G.; Engel, P.C.; Mizzer, J.P.; Thorpe, C.; Massey, V., 1982:
Evidence that the greening ligand in native butyryl coenzyme a dehydrogenase ec is a coenzyme a per sulfide

Franki N.; Ding G.; Quintana N.; Hays R.M., 1986:
Evidence that the heads of antidiuretic hormone sensitive aggrephores are clathrin coated vesicles implications for aggrephore structure and function

Weigel P.H., 1981:
Evidence that the hepatic asialo glyco protein receptor is internalized during endocytosis and that receptor re cycling can be uncoupled from endocytosis at low temperature

Cooker, H.S.; Larson, C.R.; Luschei, E.S., 1980:
Evidence that the human jaw stretch reflex increases the resistance of the mandible to small displacements

Hutson P.H.; Dourish C.T.; Curzon G., 1988:
Evidence that the hyperphagic response to 8 hydroxy dpat is mediated by 5 ht 1a receptors

Alaghband Zadeh J.; Fenton S.; Hancock K.; Millett J.; D.W.rdener H.E., 1983:
Evidence that the hypothalamus may be a source of a circulating sodium potassium atpase inhibitor

Leonard J.N.; Haffenden G.P.; Unsworth D.J.; Ring N.P.; Holborow E.J.; Fry L., 1984:
Evidence that the immuno globulin a in patients with linear immuno globulin a disease is qualitatively different from that of patients with dermatitis herpetiformis

Li, J.B.; Fulks, R.M.; Goldberg, A.L., 1973:
Evidence that the intra cellular pool of tyrosine serves as precursor for protein synthesis in muscle

Brocklehurst K.; Malthouse J.P.G., 1981:
Evidence that the lack of high catalytic activity of thio subtilisin towards specific substrates may be due to an inappropriately located proton distribution system demonstration of highly nucleophilic character of the thiol group of thio subtilisin in the catalytically relevant ionization state of the active center by use of a 2 protonic state reactivity probe

Piazzolla P.; Rubino L., 1984:
Evidence that the low molecular weight rna associated with chicory yellow mottle virus is a satellite

Bonnerjea J.R.; Evans M.C.W., 1984:
Evidence that the low potential less than 700 millivolts electron acceptor x in photosystem i has 2 iron sulfur centers

Parsons S.F.; Mallinson G.; Judson P.A.; Anstee D.J.; Tanner M.J.A.; Daniels G.L., 1987:
Evidence that the lu b blood group antigen is located on red cell membrane glycoproteins of 85 kd and 78 kd

Khananshvili, D.; Gromet-Elhanan, Z., 1985:
Evidence that the magnesium dependent low affinity binding site for atp and inorganic phosphate demonstrated on the isolated beta subunit of the f 0.f 1 atp synthase is a catalytic site

Kelly P.T.; Mcguinnes T.L.; Greengard P., 1984:
Evidence that the major postsynaptic density protein is a component of a calcium calmodulin dependent protein kinase

Etges R.J.; Bouvier J.; Hoffman R.; Bordier C., 1985:
Evidence that the major surface proteins of 3 leishmania species are structurally related

Freundlich, M.; Trela, J.; Peng, W., 1971:
Evidence that the majority of leucine transfer rna is not involved in repression in salmonella typhimurium

Zulman, J.; Jaffe, R.; Talal, N., 1978:
Evidence that the malignant lymphoma of sjogrens syndrome is a mono clonal bone marrow derived cell neoplasm

Golos, T.G.; Sherwood, O.D., 1984:
Evidence that the maternal pituitary suppresses the secretion of relaxin in the pregnant rat

Yamashita M.; Krystal M.; Palese P., 1988:
Evidence that the matrix protein of influenza c virus is coded for by a spliced messenger rna

Karteszi, M.; Van de Kar, L.D.; Makara, G.B.; Stark, E.; Ganong, W.F., 1982:
Evidence that the mediobasal hypothalamus is involved in serotonergic stimulation of renin secretion

Jarry B.P.; Pardo D.; Larval M., 1983:
Evidence that the messenger rna for the multi functional protein which initiates pyrimidine biosynthesis is encoded by cyto genetic region 15a in drosophila melanogaster

Roberts, P.P.; Dockrell, H.M.; McAdam, K.P., 1988:
Evidence that the Mitsuda reaction to Mycobacterium leprae can be mediated by lymphocytes responsive to Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Carefoot, W.C., 1987:
Evidence that the mottled (mo) and pied (pi) plumage genes of the domestic fowl are identical

Moore, D., 1981:
Evidence that the nadp linked glutamate dehydrogenase ec of coprinus cinereus is regulated by acetyl coenzyme a and ammonium levels

Fekete, D.M.; Brockes, J.P., 1988:
Evidence that the nerve controls molecular identity of progenitor cells for limb regeneration

Onifer, S.M.; Durkovic, R.G., 1988:
Evidence that the neural pathways involved in backward conditioning are different from those involved in forward conditioning

Wassenaar J.S.; Korf J.; Schrage C., 1985:
Evidence that the neuroleptic fluphenazine replaces calcium and adjusts the noradrenaline induced cyclic amp synthesis in the rat retina

Edwards P.M.; Van Der Zee C.E.E.M.; Verhaagen J.; Schotman P.; Jennekens F.G.I.; Gispen W.H., 1984:
Evidence that the neurotrophic actions of alpha msh may derive from its ability to mimic the actions of peptide formed in degenerating nerve stumps

Childs J.A.; Gale K., 1983:
Evidence that the nigro tegmental gamma amino butyric acid ergic projection mediates stereotypy induced by apo morphine and intra nigral muscimol

Katze J.R.; Gunduz U.; Smith D.L.; Cheng C.S.; Mccloskey J.A., 1984:
Evidence that the nucleic acid base queuine is incorporated intact into transfer rna by animal cells

Underbrink A.G.; Woch B., 1980:
Evidence that the oxygen enhancement ratio for pink somatic mutations in tradescantia stamen hairs may approach unity at very low x ray doses

Burnstock G.; Hills J.M.; Hoyle C.H.V., 1984:
Evidence that the p purinoceptor in the guinea pig tenia coli is an a subtype

Bender, M.A.; Palmer, T.D.; Gelinas, R.E.; Miller, A.D., 1987:
Evidence that the packaging signal of Moloney murine leukemia virus extends into the gag region

Seth, P.; Fitzgerald, D.; Ginsberg, H.; Willingham, M.; Pastan, I., 1984:
Evidence that the penton base of adenovirus is involved in potentiation of toxicity of Pseudomonas exotoxin conjugated to epidermal growth factor

Londesborough, J., 1985:
Evidence that the peripheral cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase of rat liver plasma membranes is a metalloenzyme

Weigle, D.S.; Goodner, C.J., 1986:
Evidence that the physiological pulse frequency of glucagon secretion optimizes glucose production by perifused rat hepatocytes

Steiner B.; Luscher E.F., 1985:
Evidence that the platelet plasma membrane does not contain a calcium plus magnesium dependent atpase

Holmsen H.; Dangelmaier C.A., 1981:
Evidence that the platelet plasma membrane is impermeable to calcium and magnesium complexes of a 23187 a 23187 induced secretion is inhibited by magnesium and calcium and requires aggregation and active cyclo oxygenase

Ginsberg J.; Smith B.R.; Hall R., 1982:
Evidence that the porcine tsh receptor contains an essential di sulfide bridge

de Groot, P.G.; Ottenhof-Rovers, M.; van Mourik, J.A.; Sixma, J.J., 1988:
Evidence that the primary binding site of von Willebrand factor that mediates platelet adhesion on subendothelium is not collagen

Gross M.; Redman R.; Kaplansky D.A., 1985:
Evidence that the primary effect of phosphorylation of eukaryotic initiation factor 2 alpha in rabbit reticulocyte lysate is inhibition of the release of eukaryotic initiation factor 2 gdp from 60s ribosomal subunits

Price, J.E.; Aukerman, S.L.; Fidler, I.J., 1986:
Evidence that the process of murine melanoma metastasis is sequential and selective and contains stochastic elements

Holz R.W.; Senter R.A.; Sharp R.B., 1983:
Evidence that the proton electrochemical gradient across membranes of chromaffin granules is not involved in exocytosis

Van Oene J.C.; Houwing H.A.; Horn A.S., 1982:
Evidence that the purported dopaminergic agonist 3 4 di hydroxyphenyl imino 2 imidazolidine may reduce rat striatal dopamine turnover by an alpha 2 adrenergic mechanism

Ramage A.G.; Fozard J.R., 1987:
Evidence that the putative 5 ht 1a receptor agonists 8 hydroxy 2 di n propylaminotetralin and ipsapirone have a central hypotensive action that differs from that of clonidine in anesthetized cats

Hart G.J.; Miller A.D.; Battersby A.R., 1988:
Evidence that the pyrromethane cofactor of hydroxymethylbilane synthase porphobilinogen deaminase is bound through the sulfur atom of a cysteine residue

Miller A.D.; Hart G.J.; Packman L.C.; Battersby A.R., 1988:
Evidence that the pyrromethane cofactor of hydroxymethylbilane synthase porphobilinogen deaminase is bound to the protein through the sulfur atom of cysteine 242

Van-Haastert, P.J.M.; Van-Der-Meer, R.C.; Konijn, T.M., 1981:
Evidence that the rate of association of cyclic amp to its chemo tactic receptor induces phospho di esterase ec activity in dictyostelium discoideum

Papadopulos-Eleopulos, E.; Knuckey, N.; Dufty, A.; Fox, R.A., 1985:
Evidence that the redox state has a role in muscular contraction and relaxation

Murphy, J.R.; Michel, J.L.; Teng, M., 1978:
Evidence that the regulation of diphtheria toxin production is directed at the level of transcription

Browning, K.S.; Fletcher, L.; Ravel, J.M., 1988:
Evidence that the requirements for ATP and wheat germ initiation factors 4A and 4F are affected by a region of satellite tobacco necrosis virus RNA that is 3' to the ribosomal binding site

Burn Murdoch R.A., 1981:
Evidence that the response to applied forces of continuously erupting rat incisors contains more than 1 component

Fried A.H., 1979:
Evidence that the rna polymerase usually does not make complete transcript of the late strand of sv 40 dna

Proctor R.W.; Rao K.V., 1983:
Evidence that the same different disparity in letter matching is not attributable to response bias

Matthews, P.B., 1969:
Evidence that the secondary as well as the primary endings of the muscle spindles may be responsible for the tonic stretch reflex of the decerebrate cat

Alpern H.P.; Mcintyre T.D., 1985:
Evidence that the selectively bred long sleep and short sleep mouse lines display common narcotic reactions to many depressants

Bassel-Duby, R.; Nibert, M.L.; Homcy, C.J.; Fields, B.N.; Sawutz, D.G., 1987:
Evidence that the sigma 1 protein of reovirus serotype 3 is a multimer

Williamson D.H.; Ilic V.; Jones R.G., 1985:
Evidence that the stimulation of lipogenesis in the mammary glands of starved lactating rats refed with a chow diet is dependent on continued hepatic gluconeogenesis during the absorptive period effects of gluconeogenic inhibitor mercaptopicolinic acid in vivo

Kerrick W.G.L.; Zot H.G.; Hoar P.E.; Potter J.D., 1985:
Evidence that the strontium activation properties of cardiac troponin c are altered when substituted into skinned skeletal muscle fibers