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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5414

Chapter 5414 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Saruyama H.; Nierhaus K.H., 1986:
Evidence that the three site model for the ribosomal elongation cycle is also valid in the archaebacterium halobacterium halobium

Van Hardeveld C.; Kassenaar A.A.H., 1981:
Evidence that the thyroid state influences calcium mediated metabolic processes in perfused skeletal muscle

Kimberlin, R.H.; Walker, C.A., 1978:
Evidence that the transmission of 1 source of scrapie agent to hamsters involves separation of agent strains from a mixture

Grossman A.; Richardson S.B.; Altszuler N.; Lane B., 1985:
Evidence that the tritiated estradiol binding protein in pancreas is localized in exocrine cells

Wiencke J.K.; Afzal V.; Olivieri G.; Wolff S., 1986:
Evidence that the tritiated thymidine induced adaptive response of human lymphocytes to subsequent doses of x rays involves the induction of a chromosomal repair mechanism

Tarr, M.; Trank, J.W.; Leiffer, P.; Shepherd, N., 1981:
Evidence that the velocity of sarcomere shortening in single frog atrial cardiac cells is load dependent

Beale, D.; Ketterer, B.; Carne, T.; Meyer, D.; Taylor, J.B., 1982:
Evidence that the y a and y c subunits of glutathione transferase b ec ligandin are the products of separate genes

Beale, D.; Meyer, D.J.; Taylor, J.B.; Ketterer, B., 1983:
Evidence that the y b subunits of hepatic glutathione transferases ec represent two different but related families of poly peptides

Volwerk, J.J.; Jost, P.C.; De-Haas, G.H.; Griffith, O.H., 1984:
Evidence that the zymogen of phospholipase a 2 ec binds to a negatively charged lipid water interface

Reeve, E.C.R., 1978:
Evidence that there are 2 types of determinant for tetracycline resistance among r factors

Simpson L.L., 1980:
Evidence that there are sub cellular pools of norepinephrine and the there is flux of norepinephrine between these pools

Parish C.R.; Hogarth P.M.; Mckenzie I.F.C., 1988:
Evidence that thy 1 and ly 5 t 200 antigens interact with sulfated carbohydrates

Beller D.I.; Unanue E.R., 1979:
Evidence that thymocytes require at least 2 distinct signals to proliferate

Ljungberg T., 1979:
Evidence that time related changes in apo morphine stimulation determines the behavioral response

Czarnetzki, B.M.; Sterry, W.; Bazin, H.; Kalveram, K.J., 1982:
Evidence that tissue mast cells derive from mononuclear phagocytes

Yamauchi, A.; Imoto, M.; Hibi, T.; Komuro, Y., 1976:
Evidence that tobacco leaf curl virus is not transmitted by the greenhouse whitefly trialeurodes vaporariorum

Benwell M.E.M.; Balfour D.J.K.; Anderson J.M., 1988:
Evidence that tobacco smoking increases the density of levo tritiated nicotine binding sites in human brain

Verkleij F.N.; D.V.ies P.; Peters D., 1982:
Evidence that tomato spotted wilt virus rna is a positive strand

Hill, B.T.; Whelan, R.D.H.; Whatley, S., 1978:
Evidence that transcription changes in aging cultures are terminal events occurring after the expression of a reduced replicative potential

Brock, J.H.; Mainou-Fowler, T.; Webster, L.M., 1986:
Evidence that transferrin may function exclusively as an iron donor in promoting lymphocyte proliferation

Parodi A.J.; Mendelzon D.H.; Lederkremer G.Z.; Martin Barrientos J., 1984:
Evidence that transient glucosylation of protein linked nona mannosyldiacetyl glucosamine octa mannosyldiacetyl glucosamine and hepta mannosyldiacetyl glucosamine occurs in rat liver and phaseolus vulgaris cells

Kono, T.; Robinson, F.W.; Blevins, T.L.; Ezaki, O., 1982:
Evidence that translocation of the glucose transport activity is the major mechanism of insulin action on glucose transport in fat cells

Tapley P.M.; Murray A.W., 1985:
Evidence that treatment of platelets with phorbol ester causes proteolytic activation of calcium activated phospholipid dependent protein kinase

Hersey, P.; Edwards, A.; Coates, A.; Shaw, H.; McCarthy, W.; Milton, G., 1987:
Evidence that treatment with vaccinia melanoma cell lysates (VMCL) may improve survival of patients with stage II melanoma. Treatment of stage II melanoma with viral lysates

Wojcikiewicz R.J.H.; Kent P.A.; Fain J.N., 1986:
Evidence that trh induced increases in gtpase activity and phosphoinositide metabolism in gh 3 cells are mediated by a guanine nucleotide binding protein other than g s or g 1

Riskind P.N.; Millard W.J.; Martin J.B., 1984:
Evidence that trh is not a major prolactin releasing factor during suckling in the rat

Geras E.J.; Gershengorn M.C., 1982:
Evidence that trh stimulates secretion of tsh by 2 calcium mediated mechanisms

Gershengorn M.C.; Geras E.; Rebecchi M.J.; Rubin B.G., 1981:
Evidence that trh transiently decreases membrane potential in mouse pituitary thyrotropic tumor cells in culture as monitored by tri phenylmethyl phosphonium ion

Kelly E.; Jenner P.; Marsden C.D., 1985:
Evidence that tritiated dopamine is taken up and released from nondopaminergic nerve terminals in the rat substantia nigra in vitro

Gehlert D.R.; Dawson T.M.; Filloux F.M.; Sanna E.; Hanbauer I.; Wamsley J.K., 1987:
Evidence that tritiated forskolin binding in the substantia nigra is intrinsic to a striatal nigral projection an autoradiographic study of rat brain

Rosenbloom J.; Harsch M.; Cywinski A., 1980:
Evidence that tropo elastin is the primary precursor in elastin biosynthesis

Mosteller, R.D.; Yanofsky, C., 1970:
Evidence that tryptophanyl transfer rna is not the co repressor of the tryptophan operon of escherichia coli

Stephens, R.E.; Oleszko-Szuts, S.; Good, M.J., 1987:
Evidence that tubulin forms an integral membrane skeleton in molluscan gill cilia

Hochman, Y.; Zakim, D., 1983:
Evidence that udp glucuronyl transferase ec in liver microsomes at 37 celsius is in a gel phase lipid environment

Cohen, L.; Vereault, D.; Wasserstrom, J.A.; Retzinger, G.S.; Kezdy, F.J., 1987:
Evidence that uncharged verapamil inhibits myocardial contractility

Barbieri, B.; Balconi, G.; Dejana, E.; Donati, M.B., 1981:
Evidence that vascular endothelial cells can induce the retraction of fibrin clots

Brayden, J.E.; Bevan, J.A., 1986:
Evidence that vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) mediates neurogenic vasodilation of feline cerebral arteries

Erikson, E.; Shealy, D.J.; Erikson, R.L., 1981:
Evidence that viral transforming gene products and epidermal growth factor stimulate phosphorylation of the same cellular protein with similar specificity

Fasco M.J.; Hildebrandt E.F.; Suttie J.W., 1982:
Evidence that warfarin anti coagulant action involves 2 distinct reductase activities

Setlow, R.B.; Regan, J.D.; German, J.; Carrier, W.L., 1969:
Evidence that xeroderma pigmentosum cells do not perform the 1st step in the repair of uv damage to their dna

Wren M.R.; Issitt P.D., 1988:
Evidence the wr a and wr b are antithetical

Vodian, M.A.; Nicoll, C.S., 1979:
Evidence to suggest that rat growth hormone is modified when secreted by the pituitary gland

Wolf, B.C.; Luevano, E.; Neiman, R.S., 1983:
Evidence to suggest that the human fetal spleen is not a hematopoietic organ

Markham C.H.; Diamond S.G., 1981:
Evidence to support early l dopa therapy in parkinsons disease

Wray S.R.; Matthies B.K.; Murthy N.V.A.; Melville G.N.; Anderson P., 1986:
Evidence to support the influence of the nucleus accumbens on drug induced psychopathology

Cappuccio, F.P.; Sagnella, G.A.; Leathard, H.L.; Markandu, N.D.; MacGregor, G.A., 1986:
Evidence using human arterial tissue for a circulating vascular sensitizing agent in essential hypertension

Izquierdo, I., 1975:
Evidences for a correlation between hippocampal RNA and learning

Helfrich C.; Engelmann W., 1987:
Evidences for circadian rhythmicity in the per o mutant of drosophila melanogaster

Yoshino H., 1983:
Evidences for dissociation of human erythrocyte spectrin subunits at about 50 celsius

Tiscornia, O.M.; Sarles, H.; Voirol, M.; Levesque, D.; Dzieniszewski, J.; Palasciano, G.; Cavarzan, A.; Teixeira, A.; Bretholz, A.; Et-Al, 1976:
Evidences for duodeno pancreatic reflexes and an anti cholecystokinin factor with lidocaine infused intra venously and sprayed topically on pancreatic papilla in nonalcoholic and alcohol fed dogs

Kimm, S.W.; Kim, H.L., 1983:
Evidences for heterogenous nature of cytosolic guanine amino hydrolase ec correlated with sulfhydryl group content in rat tissues/

Zhou T C.; Zhou J Q., 1981:
Evidences for possible existence of a soman receptor in earthworm eisenia foetida dorsal muscle

Forterre, P.; Kohiyama, M., 1978:
Evidences for the existence of 2 steps in dna replication obtained in toluene treated escherichia coli

Kimm S W.; Park S C., 1982:
Evidences for the existence of anti mutagenic factors in edible plants

Ott T.; Malisch R.; Destrade C., 1983:
Evidences for the specific modulation of the hippocampal rhythmic slow activity by transmitters

Hutin M.; Foucher J.P.; Courtois D.; Petiard V., 1983:
Evidences for unusual forms of storage of morphinan in a papaver somniferum tissue culture

Valiachmedov, B., 1977:
Evidences of activity of soil living invertebrates as diagnostic characters of sierozem subtypes in tadjikistan ussr

Lore, C.; Martini, P., 1975:
Evidences of cell damage in acute carbon mon oxide poisoning

Brncic D.; Budnik M., 1982:
Evidences of competition in monophagous and polyphagous species of the genus drosophila

Ramesh N.R., 1987:
Evidences of stone age culture in pleistocene sediments of tripura india

Hoshino, T.; Matsumoto, U.; Goto, T., 1980:
Evidences of the self association of antho cyanins 1. circular dichroism of cyanin anhydro base

Kitazawa T., 1984:
Evidences that endogenous 5 hydroxytryptamine participates in the contractile response to morphine in the rat isolated colon

Nistor C.; Papadopol V.; Raileanu L.; Mancas D., 1987:
Evidencing of some aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons in the diet

Iffland R.; Staak M., 1981:
Evidentiary value of alcohol levels in blood clots

Bares I.; Odehnal V.; Honzik P.; Strban I., 1982:
Evigez the new national automated information system of genetic resources of cultural plants in czechoslovakia

Goren M., 1982:
Eviota nigriventris new record for new caledonia pisces gobiidae

Byrne M., 1985:
Evisceration behavior and the seasonal incidence of evisceration in the holothurian eupentacta quinquesemita

Quiroga H.D.; Chirino J.; Puebla J.L.; Perez J., 1984:

Doerner, G.; Rohde, W.; Schnorr, D., 1975:
Evocability of a slight positive estrogen feedback action on luteinizing hormone secretion in castrated and estrogen primed men

Sastry, G.R.K., 1976:
Evocation of instability at the pal locus in antirrhinum majus

Andriulli, A.; Masoero, G.; Fico, D.; Zago, P.; Marchetto, M., 1986:
Evocative test of serum pancreatic enzymes to bombesin in chronic pancreatitis

Lewis, A.E., 1976:
Evodinus lanhami new species from wyoming usa coleoptera cerambycidae

Elberling, C.; Parbo, J.; Johnsen, N.J.; Bagi, P., 1985:
Evoked acoustic emission: clinical application

Johnsen, N.J.; Elberling, C., 1982:
Evoked acoustic emissions for the human ear 2. normative date in young adults and influence of posture

Johnsen, N.J.; Elberling, C., 1982:
Evoked acoustic emissions from the human ear 1. equipment and response parameters

Johnsen, N.J.; Bagi, P.; Elberling, C., 1983:
Evoked acoustic emissions from the human ear 3. findings in neo nates

Johnsen, N.J.; Bagi, P.; Parbo, J.; Elberling, C., 1988:
Evoked acoustic emissions from the human ear. IV. Final results in 100 neonates

Concu, A.; Carcassi, A.M.; Piras, M.B.; Mallardi, V.; Puxeddu, P., 1976:
Evoked acoustic response and serotonin latency variation in early components in rats treated with p chlorophenyl alanine and after that with 5 hydroxy tryptophan

Suzuki H.; Tai K.; Itagaki T.; Katsumata N.; Kanamaru T.; Katoh J.; Awataguchi A., 1985:
Evoked action potentials from single muscle fiber in cats the fundamental problems

Joy, R.M.; Wong, D.L., 1978:
Evoked and spontaneous corticofugal multiple unit activity during different phases of metrazole infusion in cats

Molnar M.; Skinner J.E., 1983:
Evoked and spontaneous extracellular potassium shifts in the cerebral cortex of unanesthetized cats

Rappaport, M.; Hall, K.; Hopkins, K.; Belleza, T.; Berrol, S.; Reynolds, G., 1977:
Evoked brain potentials and disability in brain damage patients

Sumskii L.I., 1980:
Evoked brain stem auditory response in high intensity bi auricular stimulation

Kukimoto N.; Tomita H.; Ishikawa T., 1986 :
Evoked brain waves in rats produced by electrical taste stimulation and the response in human sensation

Bromm B.; Neitzel H.; Tecklenburg A.; Treede R D., 1983:
Evoked cerebral potential correlates of c fiber activity in man

Genkina O.A.; Shostakovich G.S., 1987:
Evoked cortical activity during the elaboration of a conditioned connection by means of a subconsciously significant word

Shchekut'ev G.A., 1980:
Evoked cortical potentials to light and sound stimuli before and after surgical intervention

Harter, M.R.; White, C.T., 1970:
Evoked cortical responses to checkerboard patterns effect of check size as a function of visual acuity

Deliconstantinos, G.; Ramantanis, G., 1982:
Evoked effects of estradiol on hepatic cholesterol 7 alpha hydroxylase ec and drug oxidase in castrated rats

Ross, S.B.; Kelder, D., 1977:
Evoked efflux of tritiated bretylium by sympathomimetic amines from the rat vas deferens in vitro

Yazulla S., 1985:
Evoked efflux of tritium gamma aminobutyric acid from goldfish carassius auratus retina in the dark

Sullivan S.G.; Eggleston D.W.; Martinoff J.T.; Kroening R.J., 1985:
Evoked electrical conductivity on the lung acupuncture points in healthy individuals and confirmed lung cancer patients

Kurosaka F., 1980:
Evoked electro myographical study on postural reflex of patients with cerebral palsy

Miyamoto Y.; Miyamoto H.; Mae O., 1979:
Evoked electro myography of the inferior orbicularis oris muscle in man

Kawai M.; Kinoshita H.; Inada S., 1983:
Evoked electro spinogram from the epidural space by the stimulation of saphenous nerve in dog

Ertekin, C., 1978:
Evoked electro spinogram in spinal cord and peripheral nerve disorders

Harper, N.J.; Bradshaw, E.G.; Healy, T.E., 1986:
Evoked electromyographic and mechanical responses of the adductor pollicis compared during the onset of neuromuscular blockade by atracurium or alcuronium, and during antagonism by neostigmine

Canter, R.J.; Nedzelski, J.M.; McLean, J.A., 1986:
Evoked electromyography in Bell's palsy: a clinically useful test?

Nowycky M.C.; Halasz N.; Shepherd G.M., 1983:
Evoked field potential analysis of dopaminergic mechanisms in the isolated turtle pseudemys scripta olfactory bulb

Church, M.W.; Johnson, L.C.; Seales, D.M., 1978:
Evoked k complexes and cardio vascular responses to spindle synchronous and spindle asynchronous stimulus clicks during nonrapid eye movement sleep

Berdashkevich, A.P., 1977:
Evoked loco motor movements in 3 to 7 day old kittens during mid brain stimulation

Gevorgyan, E.G.; Bogdanov, O.V.; Medvedeva, M.V., 1977:
Evoked motor activity and sequence of maturation of striatal structures in chicken embryogenesis

López-Estrada, E.; López, E., 1984 :
Evoked muscle action potentials in patients with muscular dystrophy

Cherkes V.A.; Gruzdev G.M.; Litvinova A.N.; Lukhanina E.P.; Velikaya R.R., 1983:
Evoked neuronal activity of cat neo striatum after destroying afferent pathways of acoustic stimuli conductance

Gregory, E.H., 1985:
Evoked olfactory responses in neonatal rats

Bonfils, P.; Uziel, A.; Pujol, R., 1988:
Evoked otoacoustic emissions: a fundamental and clinical survey

Sakashita T.; Minowa Y.; Uemura Y.; Hachikawa K.; Nakai Y., 1987:
Evoked otoacoustic emissions in normal hearing subjects

Bonfils, P.; Bertrand, Y.; Uziel, A., 1988:
Evoked otoacoustic emissions: normative data and presbycusis

D.Marco, P., 1980:
Evoked parietal spikes and childhood epilepsy

Limanskii-Yu, P.; Gura, E.V., 1977:
Evoked postsynaptic potential in masseter muscle moto neurons evoked by stimulation of low threshold infra orbital nerve afferents in the cat

Zelenkova T.P.; Ivanitskii A.M., 1979:
Evoked potential analysis in the process of human discrimination of complex structured images

Loiselle D.L.; Stamm J.S.; Maitinsky S.; Whipple S.C., 1980:
Evoked potential and behavioral signs of attentive dys functions in hyperactive boys

Strain, G.M.; Claxton, M.S.; Turnquist, S.E.; Kreeger, J.M., 1987:
Evoked potential and electroencephalographic assessment of central blindness due to brain abscesses in a steer

Ivanitskii, A.M.; Strelets, V.B., 1976:
Evoked potential and psycho physical characteristics of perception

Waldow U.; Nowycky M.C.; Shepherd G.M., 1981:
Evoked potential and single unit responses to olfactory nerve volleys in the isolated turtle pseudemys scripta olfactory bulb

Papanicolaou A.C.; Loring D.W.; Eisenberg H.M., 1985:
Evoked potential attenuation in the 2 tone paradigm

Haier R.J.; Robinson D.L.; Braden W.; Williams D., 1984:
Evoked potential augmenting reducing and personality differences

Bennett, M.H.; Albin, M.S.; Bunegin, L.; Dujovny, M.; Hellstrom, H.; Jannetta, P.J., 1977:
Evoked potential changes during brain retraction in dogs

Karmos, G.; Molnár, M.; Csépe, V.; Winkler, I., 1986:
Evoked potential components in the layers of the auditory cortex of the cat

Dzhavrishvili, T.D., 1978:
Evoked potential components of the somato sensory cortex in post natal ontogenesis

Thatcher, R.W., 1977:
Evoked potential correlates of delayed letter matching

Shagass, C.; Roemer, R.A.; Straumanis, J.J.; Amadeo, M., 1978:
Evoked potential correlates of psychosis

Papanicolaou, A.C.; Moore, B.D.; Levin, H.S.; Eisenberg, H.M., 1987:
Evoked potential correlates of right hemisphere involvement in language recovery following stroke

Harrison Read P.E., 1979:
Evoked potential correlates of stable inter individual differences in rat behavior

Mirsky, A.F.; Pragay, E.B.; Harris, S., 1977:
Evoked potential correlates of stimulation induced impairment of attention in macaca mulatta

Csepe V.; Karmos G.; Molnar M., 1987:
Evoked potential correlates of stimulus deviance during wakefulness and sleep in the cat animal model of mismatch negativity

Gomer, F.E.; Spicuzza, R.J.; O'donnell, R.D., 1976:
Evoked potential correlates of visual item recognition during memory scanning tasks

Westenberg, I.S.; Paige, G.; Golub, B.; Weinberger, N.M., 1976:
Evoked potential decrements in auditory cortex part 1 discrete trial and continual stimulation

Westenberg, I.S.; Weinberger, N.M., 1976:
Evoked potential decrements in auditory cortex part 2 critical test for habituation

Watson, R.T.; Miller, B.D.; Heilman, K.M., 1977:
Evoked potential in neglect

Sakai M.; Yagi F.; Ikeda Y., 1983:
Evoked potential in the visual cortex as modified by enucleation of 1 eye in the albino rat

Friedman, W.A.; Kaplan, B.L.; Day, A.L.; Sypert, G.W.; Curran, M.T., 1987:
Evoked potential monitoring during aneurysm operation: observations after fifty cases

Peresleni L.I.; Mikhalevskaya M.B.; Gusev A.N., 1987:
Evoked potential perception and cyclic processes

Hall, R.A.; Griffin, R.B.; Moyer, D.L.; Hopkins, K.H.; Rappaport, M., 1976:
Evoked potential stimulus intensity and drug treatment in hyper kinesis

Vanasse, M.; Garcia-Larrea, L.; Neuschwander, P.; Trouillas, P.; Mauguière, F., 1988:
Evoked potential studies in Friedreich's ataxia and progressive early onset cerebellar ataxia

Saltzberg, B.; Burton, W.D.; Burch, N.R.; Ewing, C.L.; Thomas, D.J.; Weiss, M.; Berger, M.D.; Jessop, E.; Sances, A.; Walsh, P.R., 1983:
Evoked potential studies of the effects of impact acceleration on the motor nervous system

Klimova Cherkasova V.I.; Kuzemkin V.A., 1985:
Evoked potentials and adaptive reactions to mental load under normal conditions and in disturbances of cerebral blood supply

Sedgwick, E.M.; Illis, L.S.; Tallis, R.C.; Thornton, A.R.; Abraham, P.; El-Negamy, E.; Docherty, T.B.; Soar, J.S.; Spencer, S.C.; Taylor, F.M., 1980:
Evoked potentials and contingent negative variation during treatment of multiple sclerosis with spinal cord stimulation

Payne K.; Wilson C.J.; Young S.; Fifkova E.; Groves P.M., 1982:
Evoked potentials and long term potentiation in the mouse dentate gyrus after stimulation of the entorhinal cortex

Kolomaznik M.; Kamzak F.; Khaloupkova L.; Seidl I.; Gronek I.; Shefrna F., 1988:
Evoked potentials and prediction of the efficacy of psychotropic drugs

Moyanova S.; Popivanov D.; Itsev D., 1983:
Evoked potentials and rhythmic afterpotentials in relation to pre stimulus electro encephalographic activity during quiet waking state

Shul'gina, G.I., 1976:
Evoked potentials and spike activity of cortical units during achievement of a conditioned reflex

Grall, Y.; Rigaudiere, F.; Delthil, S.; Legargasson, J.F.; Sourdille, J., 1976:
Evoked potentials and visual acuity

Thiel A.; Russ W.; Hempelmann G., 1988:
Evoked potentials and volatile anesthetics

Adrianov, O.S.; Popova, N.S., 1982:
Evoked potentials as an index of shaping of avoidance behavior mechanisms

Eggermont, J.J., 1985:
Evoked potentials as indicators of auditory maturation

Mecacci, L.; Salmaso, D., 1984:
Evoked potentials by letters in printed and script forms

Godukhin O.V.; Petukhov V.V., 1979:
Evoked potentials characteristics during elaboration of precise differentiation

Maiorova I.V.; Samoilovich L.A., 1981:
Evoked potentials during identification of de focused visual stimuli

Nau H E.; Hess W.; Pohlen G.; Marggraf G.; Rimpel J., 1987:
Evoked potentials during intracranial operations update and own experiences

Sebel P.S.; Ingram D.A.; Flynn P.J.; Rutherfoord C.F.; Rogers H., 1986:
Evoked potentials during isoflurane anesthesia

Tolstova, V.A., 1978:
Evoked potentials during perception of light stimuli of different intensity in the normal state and with atrophy of the optic nerve in man

Grigor'ian, G.A.; Grastyán, E.; Károdi, Z.; Kellényi, L., 1986:
Evoked potentials during the elaboration of a conditioned reflex to hippocampal stimulation in rats

Hari R., 1980:
Evoked potentials elicited by long vibro tactile stimuli in the human electro encephalogram

Sonnet M L.; Floret D.; Guillaume C.; Fournet A.; Motin J., 1987:
Evoked potentials ep in comatose children

Giedke, H.; Bolz, J.; Heimann, H., 1980:
Evoked potentials, expectancy wave, and skin resistance in depressed patients and healthy controls

Kriss, A.; Halliday, A.M.; Halliday, E.; Pratt, R.T.C., 1980:
Evoked potentials following unilateral electro convulsive therapy 1. the somato sensory evoked potential

Kriss, A.; Halliday, A.M.; Halliday, E.; Pratt, R.T.C., 1980:
Evoked potentials following unilateral electro convulsive therapy 2. the flash evoked potential

Kurzina N.P., 1981:
Evoked potentials in carp cyprinus carpio cerebellum in response to electrical stimulation of the facial nerve

Gonchar Y.A., 1983:
Evoked potentials in cat amygdaloid complex in response to certain afferent stimulations

Pakalnis, A.; Drake, M.E.; Barohn, R.J.; Chakeres, D.W.; Mendell, J.R., 1988:
Evoked potentials in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy

Orlov V.P., 1979:
Evoked potentials in deiters nucleus as a result of stimulating neural elements in bone cutaneous and muscular nerves in de cerebrated and de cerebellated animals

Larson, S.J.; Walsh, P.R.; Sances, A.; Cusick, J.F.; Hemmy, D.C.; Mahler, H., 1980:
Evoked potentials in experimental myelopathy

Ehle, A.L.; Stewart, R.M.; Lellelid, N.A.; Leventhal, N.A., 1984:
Evoked potentials in Huntington's disease. A comparative and longitudinal study

Prichep, L.S.; Sutton, S.; Hakerem, G., 1976:
Evoked potentials in hyper kinetic and normal children under certainty and uncertainty a placebo and methylphenidate study

Fishman, M.N., 1981:
Evoked potentials in mentally retarded children

Cascino, G.D.; Ring, S.R.; King, P.J.; Brown, R.H.; Chiappa, K.H., 1988:
Evoked potentials in motor system diseases

Zlatin R.S.; Il'in V.N., 1983:
Evoked potentials in neo cortex projection areas caused by tooth pulp stimulation in the rabbit

Tackmann, W.; Kuhlendahl, D., 1979:
Evoked potentials in neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis

Tagiev S.K.; Ibragimova N.D., 1981:
Evoked potentials in orbital cerebral cortex in response to electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve in new born kittens

Noth, J.; Engel, L.; Friedemann, H.H.; Lange, H.W., 1984:
Evoked potentials in patients with huntingtons disease and their offspring 1. somato sensory evoked potentials

Hennerici, M.; Homberg, V.; Lange, H.W., 1985:
Evoked potentials in patients with huntingtons disease and their offspring 2. visual evoked potentials

Tambiev A.E.; Ermakov P.N.; Shcherbatykh Y.V., 1979:
Evoked potentials in rat visual cortex under different conditions of light stimulation

Shandurina A.N.; Lyskov E.B., 1986:
Evoked potentials in response to contact electrical stimulation of visual nerves

Fil'chikova L.I.; Novikova L.A.; Yunusova F.V.; Kruglova T.B., 1988:
Evoked potentials in response to spatially structured stimuli in early ontogeny

Newlon, P.G.; Greenberg, R.P., 1984:
Evoked potentials in severe head injury

Varga M.E., 1979:
Evoked potentials in the auditory cortex in response to standard series of stimulations of the medial geniculate body

Agayan, A.L., 1976:
Evoked potentials in the brain of the frog rana temporaria during abdominal nerve stimulation

Vasilevskaya, N.E.; Stankevich, L.N., 1976:
Evoked potentials in the carp tectum mesencephali in response to electrical stimulation of the facial nerve

Kurzina N.P., 1987:
Evoked potentials in the carp valvula cerebelli in response to the electrical stimulation of the facial nerve

Greenberg, R.P.; Ducker, T.B., 1982:
Evoked potentials in the clinical neurosciences

Postnikova, N.N.; Nachkebiya, A.Y. ; Lordkipanidze, S.O., 1977:
Evoked potentials in the cortical and subcortical structures of the visual system to light and sound stimuli in early light deprivation

Matthews, W.B.; Wattam-Bell, J.R.; Pountney, E., 1982:
Evoked potentials in the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis: a follow up study

Dolbakyan, E.E., 1976:
Evoked potentials in the dog sensori motor cortex in the avoidance reaction

Maitland, C.G.; Aminoff, M.J.; Kennard, C.; Hoyt, W.F., 1982:
Evoked potentials in the evaluation of visual field defects due to chiasmal or retrochiasmal lesions

Baklavadzhyan O.G.; Avetisyan I.N.; Bagdasaryan K.G.; Sarukhanyan R.V., 1985:
Evoked potentials in the hypothalamus in response to stimulation of the pelvic nerve

Kulikov G.A.; Vasil'eva L.A.; Mokh V.P., 1980:
Evoked potentials in the inferior colliculus of a cat brain and in the auditory and sensori motor areas of the cortex in response to tonal stimuli

Bondar' G.G., 1979:
Evoked potentials in the mid brain reticular formation of the guinea pig in response to light flashes

Chernova V.L.; Chepurnova N.E.; Chepurnov S.A., 1983:
Evoked potentials in the rabbit amygdala after partial chronic de afferentation

Grechushnikova L.S., 1986:
Evoked potentials in the rabbit midbrain reticular formation during the development of its dominant focus

Merzhanova, G.K. ; Serdyuchenko, V.M., 1975:
Evoked potentials in the sensori motor cortex during classical and instrumental conditioned reflexes in cats

Pressman-Ya, M., 1978:
Evoked potentials in the sensori motor cortical area of the brain of dogs during systematic application of a series of electro cutaneous stimuli

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Evoked transient intra cellular free calcium changes and secretion in isolated bovine adrenal medullary cells

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Evoking of social behavior by demonstrators in the red wood ant formica rufa

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Evolution of a copepod population in the pacific ocean equatorial currents system zoo geography ecology and specific diversity

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Evolution of a dental character in the beaver castor fiber mammalia rodentia

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Evolution of a detritic and carbonated sequence in the turonian cassis la ciotat application of mapping factorial analysis

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Evolution of a firefly flash code

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Evolution of a geriatric evaluation clinic

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Evolution of a group of 103 new patients with pulmonary tuberculosis following strictly supervised treatment 1975 1978

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Evolution of a group of patients with cystic fibrosis according to the time of diagnosis

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Evolution of a hereditary cardiac conduction and muscle disorder: a study involving a family with six generations affected

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Evolution of a high protein genetic stock of bread wheat triticum aestivum

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Evolution of a human cell line persistently infected with measles virus

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Evolution of a hydrology model an exercise in modeling strategy

D.V.rnal A.; Lortie G.; Larouche A.; Scott D.B.; Richard P.J.H., 1985:
Evolution of a littoral environment and rise in the relative sea level during the upper holocene in northern cape breton island nova scotia canada

Guillemin G.; Fournie J.; Patat J L.; Chetail M., 1981:
Evolution of a madrepore coral fragment implanted in the long bone diaphysis of the dog

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Evolution of a management strategy for the walleye in oneida lake new york usa

Nishioka, Y.; Lamothe, E., 1987:
Evolution of a mouse Y chromosomal sequence flanked by highly repetitive elements

Shephard M.D.S.; Penberthy L.A.; Fraser C.G., 1984:
Evolution of a national urine quality assurance program the australasian experience 1981 1983

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Evolution of a new gene substituting for the leuD gene of Salmonella typhimurium: origin and nature of supQ and newD mutations

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Evolution of a new outbreak of diprion pini in the south of the bassin parisien france 1. development of the outbreak until 1982 and relation with environmental factors

Alper, M.G.; Bray, M., 1984:
Evolution of a primary lymphoma of the orbit

Hall, B.G., 1982:
Evolution of a regulated operon in the laboratory

Rio B.; Couturier G.; Lemeunier F.; Lachaise D., 1983:
Evolution of a seasonal specialization in drosophila erecta diptera drosophilidae

Kahn, P.L., 1969:
Evolution of a site of specific genetic homology on the chromosome of Escherichia coli

Salen Picard C., 1981:
Evolution of a terrigenous coastal mud biocenosis subject to dredged materials in the gulf of fos france

Jouvin-Marche, E.; Rudikoff, S., 1986:
Evolution of a V kappa gene family

Colliard M.; Boucherie J.C.; Tcherdakoff P., 1980:
Evolution of a visceral response in treated essential arterial hypertension

Poissonet, P.; Romane, F.; Thiault, M.; Trabaud, L., 1978:
Evolution of a wasteland moor of quercus coccifera subjected to various treatments some results obtained in the 1st 5 years

Gobat, J.M., 1978:
Evolution of abandoned grazing lands of the jorat valley orvin commune switzerland

Gobat, J.M., 1979:
Evolution of abandoned pastures of the jorat valley orvin commune switzerland 2. dynamics of vegetation on the northern slope and conclusions

Hulsebosch C.E.; Bittner G.D., 1980:
Evolution of abilities to regenerate neurons in central nervous systems

Joyeux, A.; Lafon-Lafourcade, S.; Ribéreau-Gayon, P., 1984:
Evolution of acetic Acid bacteria during fermentation and storage of wine

Vdovychenko, V.I.; Nyan'kovs'kyi, S.L., 1977:
Evolution of acid digestion

Mac-Intyre, R.J., 1971:
Evolution of acid phosphatase 1 in the genus drosophila as estimated by subunit hybridization part 1 methodology

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Evolution of acquired severe aplastic anemia to myelodysplasia and subsequent leukemia in adults

Lai D.Y.; Bryant G.M.; Myers S.C.; Woo Y T.; Argus M.F.; Arcos J.C., 1982:
Evolution of activation de toxification enzyme patterns during pre carcinogenesis in synergism 3 methyl cholanthrene and di methyl nitrosamine

Vieras, F., 1986:
Evolution of acute epididymitis to testicular infarction. Scintigraphic demonstration

Shah, N.; Ostrow, D.; Altman, N.; Baker, A.L., 1985:
Evolution of acute hepatitis B in homosexual men to chronic hepatitis B. Prospective study of placebo recipients in a hepatitis B vaccine trial

Brustis J J.; Galante M.; Peyret D., 1982:
Evolution of adenylate cyclase activity in the cordomesoderm and the endoderm during primordial germ cells migration in xenopus laevis embryo

Gisselbrecht, C.; Lepage, E.; Sebban, C.; Coiffier, B., 1987:
Evolution of adult low grade non hodgkin's lymphoma new therapeutic approaches

Peck S.B., 1986:
Evolution of adult morphology and life history characters in cavernicolous ptomaphagus beetles

Kirkwood, T.B.L., 1977:
Evolution of aging

Hirth, D.H.; Mccullough, D.R., 1977:
Evolution of alarm signals in ungulates with special reference to white tailed deer

Serov V.V.; Lebedev S.P.; Mukhin A.S.; Vinogradova L.G., 1980:
Evolution of alcohol induced hepatitis

Moulin Traffort J., 1982:
Evolution of aleurone grains distorted during the dehydration of seed maturation and vacuole participation to the lipid droplets degradation in radish leaf buttress raphanus sativus during germination hydration

Dessery S.; Dulac C.; Laurenceau J.M.; Meybeck M., 1984:
Evolution of algal and detrital components in the particulate organic carbon of 3 rivers from the bassin parisien

Lee, R.E., 1977:
Evolution of algal flagellates with chloroplast endoplasmic reticulum from the ciliates

Mester, R.; Scripcariu, D., 1976:
Evolution of alkaline and acid inorganic pyro phosphatase in the 1st developing stages in ha ploid and di ploid embryos of rana ridibunda

Woolkalis, M.J.; Baumann, P., 1981:
Evolution of alkaline phosphatase ec in marine species of vibrio

Goldstein, D.J.; Rogers, C.; Harris, H., 1982:
Evolution of alkaline phosphatases ec in primates

Shmidt G.A., 1979:
Evolution of allantoic placenta in placental mammals

Noguchi, T.; Fujiwara, S.; Hayashi, S., 1986:
Evolution of allantoinase and allantoicase involved in urate degradation in liver peroxisomes. A rapid purification of amphibian allantoinase and allantoicase complex, its subunit locations of the two enzymes, and its comparison with fish allantoinase and allantoicase

Aref'eva, Z.N., 1977:
Evolution of alluvial soils in the taiga zone as exemplified by the kul yegan floodplain russian sfsr ussr

Starkey P.M.; Fletcher T.C.; Barrett A.J., 1982:
Evolution of alpha 2 macro globulin the purification and characterization of a protein homologous with human alpha 2 macro globulin from plaice pleuronectes platessa plasma

Starkey P.M.; Barrett A.J., 1982:
Evolution of alpha 2 macro globulin the structure of a protein homologous with human alpha 2 macro globulin from plaice pleuronectes platessa plasma

Macgregor A.W.; Daussant J., 1979:
Evolution of alpha amylase components during initial stages of barley hordeum vulgare cultivar conquest germination with and without prior steeping

Gorin, M.B.; Cooper, D.L.; Eiferman, F.; Van-De-Rijn, P.; Tilghman, S.M., 1981:
Evolution of alpha feto protein and albumin 1. a comparison of the primary amino acid sequences of mammalian alpha feto protein and albumin

Kioussis, D.; Eiferman, F.; Van-De-Rijn, P.; Gorin, M.B.; Ingram, R.S.; Tilghman, S.M., 1981:
Evolution of alpha feto protein and albumin 2. the structures of the alpha feto protein and albumin genes in the mouse

Fix A.G., 1985:
Evolution of altruism in kin structured and random subdivided populations

Regalado Morera R., 1985:
Evolution of altruism in two species of cuban bats

Miguel C.; Mesias J.L.; Maynar J.I., 1985:
Evolution of amino acids during the maturation of grapes of the cultivars cayetana and macabeo vitis vinifera

Castela P.M.; Mesias J.L.; Maynar J.I., 1985:
Evolution of amounts of total neutral and polar lipids in cultivar macabeo grapes vitis vinifera throughout their vegetative cycle

Poupon, H., 1977:
Evolution of an acacia senegal population in a sahel savanna in senegal from 1972 to 1976

Echelle A.A.; Echelle A.F.; Croier C.D., 1983:
Evolution of an all female fish menidia clarkhubbsi atherinidae

Eshel I., 1984:
Evolution of an inner conflict

Hipp, L.L.; Jirak, P.D.; Golonka, E.J., 1977:
Evolution of an occupational health examination program

Hawkey P.M.; Bennett P.M.; Hawkey C.A., 1985:
Evolution of an r plasmid from a cryptic plasmid by transposition of 2 copies of transposon tn 1 in providencia stuartii

Tseng Crank J.; Schonfeld C.; Berger F.G., 1988:
Evolution of androgen regulated messenger rna expression in mouse kidney

Hiroshige, T., 1975:
Evolution of anterior pituitary hormone molecules

Lascombes G.; Morali A., 1988:
Evolution of anti cow milk ige during weaning allergy

Van Opdenbosch E.; Wellemans G.; Strobbe R., 1981:
Evolution of anti rotavirus antibodies in the milk of cows treated in the last month of pregnancy either by adjuvanted rotavirus vaccine or by the adjuvant fraction of the vaccine

Elcombe B.M.; Chang R.J.; Taves C.J.; Winkelhake J.L., 1985:
Evolution of antibody structure and effector functions comparative hemolytic activities of monomeric and tetrameric immunoglobulin m from rainbow trout salmo gairdnerii

Reddy, P.S., 1977:
Evolution of apomictic mechanisms in gramineae a concept

Mikhailova I.A., 1979:
Evolution of aptian ammonoids

Jacquet C.; Amoros C.; Auda Y., 1984:
Evolution of aquatic ecosystems abandoned by rivers methodological investigations on the use of cladoceran remains in retrospective ecology

Byng G.S.; Berry A.; Jensen R.A., 1986:
Evolution of aromatic biosynthesis and fine tuned phylogenetic positioning of azomonas azotobacter and ribosomal rna group i pseudomonads

Calmet D.; Daburon M.L.; Willemot J.M., 1985:
Evolution of artificial radioactivity of the mediterranean northwestern littoral and evaluation of the sanitary consequences

Holm I.; Ollo R.; Panthier J J.; Rougeon F., 1984:
Evolution of aspartyl proteases by gene duplication the mouse renin gene is organized in 2 homologous clusters of 4 exons

Grant W.S.; Stahl G., 1988:
Evolution of atlantic and pacific cod loss of genetic variation and gene expression in pacific cod

Van Hecke, E.; Leys, G., 1981:
Evolution of atopic dermatitis

Steer, M.W.; Thomas, H., 1976:
Evolution of avena sativa origin of the cytoplasmic genome

Cavanagh, D.; Davis, P.J., 1988:
Evolution of avian coronavirus IBV: sequence of the matrix glycoprotein gene and intergenic region of several serotypes

Delio, D.A.; Fiori, M.G.; Sharer, L.R.; Lowndes, H.E., 1985:
Evolution of axonal swellings in cats intoxicated with beta beta' iminodipropionitrile

Vacelet E.; Mille G.; L.C.mpion Alsumard T.; Plante Cuny M R., 1985:
Evolution of bacterial populations in salt marsh sediments of ile grande france polluted by amoco cadiz

Redfield, R.J., 1988:
Evolution of bacterial transformation: is sex with dead cells ever better than no sex at all?

Grindley, J.N.; Godson, G.N., 1978:
Evolution of bacterio phage phi x 174 part 4 restriction enzyme cleavage map of phage st 1

Grindley, J.N.; Godson, G.N., 1978:
Evolution of bacterio phage phi x 174 part 5 alignment of the phage phi x 174 phage g 4 and phage st 1 restriction enzyme cleavage maps

Faure J M., 1980:
Evolution of behavior during a long open field test in chick

Sawyer S.; Hartl D., 1981:
Evolution of behavioral reproductive isolation the wallace effect

Antony C.; Jallon J M., 1981:
Evolution of behaviorally active hydro carbons of drosophila melanogaster in the course of sexual maturation

Feistel, R., 1983:
Evolution of biological macro molecules 3. pre cellular organization

Feistel, R., 1983:
Evolution of biological macro molecules 4. holobiotic competition

Mazurenko M.T.; Khokhryakov A.P., 1987:
Evolution of biomorphs and taxa formation in far eastern ledums

Gonzalez Gonzalez N.L.; Garcia Hernandez J.A.; Hernandez Amaya F.; Hurtado R.; Santisimo J.L., 1986:
Evolution of birth in pregnant women with a previous cesarean

Cooper, E.L., 1976:
Evolution of blood cells

Girard, H.; Muffat-Joly, M., 1971:
Evolution of blood partial pressure of oxygen and ph in the chicken embryo during growth

Ryden L.; Lundgren J O., 1979:
Evolution of blue proteins

Rao C.D.; Sugiyama K.; Roy P., 1983:
Evolution of bluetongue virus serotype 17

Robelin, J.; Geay, Y.; Beranger, C., 1978:
Evolution of body composition in young limousin bulls between 9 and 19 months of age part 1 anatomic composition

Kulikova, G.G., 1975:
Evolution of bogs in the vasyugan river basin

Wasserman M.; Richardson R.H., 1987:
Evolution of brazilian drosophila mulleri complex species

Reichholf J., 1982:
Evolution of brood parasitism in the cuckoo cuculus canorus

Pilet, C.; Person, J.M., 1985:
Evolution of brucella antibodies in alfort france veterinary students 1. 1969 1977

Person J M.; Pilet C., 1985:
Evolution of brucella antibodies in alfort france veterinary students 2 years 1978 1982

Beaty, B.J.; Sundin, D.R.; Chandler, L.J.; Bishop, D.H., 1985:
Evolution of bunyaviruses by genome reassortment in dually infected mosquitoes (Aedes triseriatus)

Mintz, K.P.; Weinshilboum, R.M.; Brimijoin, W.S., 1984:
Evolution of butyrylcholinesterase ec in higher primates an immunochemical study

Schweizer D.; Ehrendorfer F., 1983:
Evolution of c band patterns in asteraceae anthemideae

Reed J.; Stenseth N.C., 1984:
Evolution of cannibalism in an age structured population

Briand J.; Calvayrac R.; Laval Martin D.; Farineau J., 1981:
Evolution of carboxylating enzymes involved in paramylon synthesis phosphoenol pyruvate carboxylase and phosphoenol pyruvate carboxy kinase in heterotrophically grown euglena gracilis

Cabibel M.; Ferry P., 1980:
Evolution of carotenoids in tomatoes as a function of ripeness levels and cultural conditions

Rose, K.D., 1977:
Evolution of carpolestid primates and chronology of the north american middle paleocene and late paleocene

Matokot L.; Mapangou Divassa S.; Delobel A., 1987:
Evolution of caryedon serratus coleoptera bruchidae populations in stored groundnuts in congo

Sukacheva I.D., 1980:
Evolution of case construction behavior of caddis worms trichoptera

Kacser H.; Beeby R., 1984:
Evolution of catalytic proteins the origin of enzyme species by means of natural selection

Gordon E.A.; Bridge J.S., 1987:
Evolution of catskill upper devonian river systems new york usa intrabasinal and extrabasinal controls

Allen B.W.; Goodenough P.W.; Lee J.S.C.; Rutherford P.P., 1986:
Evolution of cauliflower types grown in great britain as indicated by the isoenzyme composition of the cauliflower brassica oleracea var botrytis curds

Ducluzeau R.; Ladire M.; Laplace J.P., 1986:
Evolution of cecal microbial flora after surgical isolation of the large intestine in the pig

Chakraborti, R.N.; Sarkar, R.K.; Patra, G., 1977:
Evolution of cell mediated immunity in mice bearing solid sarcoma 180

Zimmerman, R.A.; Bilaniuk, L.T.; Shipkin, P.M.; Gilden, D.H.; Murtagh, F., 1977:
Evolution of cerebral abscess: correlation of clinical features with computed tomography. A case report

Vandvik, I.H.; Seltzer, W.J., 1984:
Evolution of child psychiatric teamwork in a somatic hospital

Gonzalez Arraez J.I., 1985:
Evolution of childhood and adolescent leukemia mortality in spain

Betz, H.; Bourgeois, J.P.; Changeux, J.P., 1980:
Evolution of cholinergic proteins in developing slow and fast skeletal muscles in chick embryo

Robinson, T.J.; Elder, F.F.B.; Chapman, J.A., 1984:
Evolution of chromosomal variation in cottontails genus sylvilagus mammalia lagomorpha 2. sylvilagus audubonii sylvilagus idahoensis sylvilagus nuttallii and sylvilagus palustris

Robinson T.J.; Elder F.F.B.; Chapman J.A., 1983:
Evolution of chromosomal variation in cottontails genus sylvilagus mammalia lagomorpha sylvilagus aquaticus sylvilagus floridanus sylvilagus transitionalis

Monti G.F.; Ginanneschi U.; Dell'antonio A.; Smrekar V., 1986:
Evolution of chronic pancreatitis after pancreaticojejunostomy

Blum, C.; Brisson-Lougarre, A.; De-Nayer, P., 1976:
Evolution of circulating thyroid hormones in thyroidectomized insulin administered dogs

Moinereau, J.; Robert, M., 1976:
Evolution of clay minerals in a soil profile developed on siliceous marne rich in palygorskite silex clay formation after dissolution of palygorskite

Ochman H.; Stille B.; Niklasson M.; Selander R.K.; Templeton A.R., 1980:
Evolution of clonal diversity in the parthenogenetic fly lonchoptera dubia

Högstedt, G., 1980:
Evolution of clutch size in birds: adaptive variation in relation to territory quality

Roberts H.H.; Rouse L.J.Jr; Walker N.D., 1983:
Evolution of cold water stress conditions in high latitude reef systems florida usa reef tract and the bahama banks west indies

Chen M C.; Chuang C Y.; Chang P Y.; H.C.H., 1980:
Evolution of colo rectal cancer in schistosomiasis transitional mucosal changes adjacent to large intestinal carcinoma in colectomy specimens

Stiles, E.W., 1979:
Evolution of color pattern and pubescence characteristics in male bumble bees auto mimicry vs. thermo regulation

Baxi, L.; Bierman, F.; Ursell, P., 1987:
Evolution of complete heart block in a fetus and its perinatal management

Tanaka, M.; Yamamoto, T.; Sawai, T., 1983 :
Evolution of complex resistance transposons from an ancestral mercury transposon

Savolaine E.R.; Grecos G.P.; Howard J.; White P., 1985:
Evolution of computed tomographic findings in hepatic hematoma

Andelman S.J., 1987:
Evolution of concealed ovulation in vervet monkeys cercopithecus aethiops

Shabad, L.M., 1977:
Evolution of concepts of chemical carcinogens

Andersson M., 1986:
Evolution of condition dependent sex ornaments and mating preferences sexual selection based on viability differences

Theodossiadis, G., 1977:
Evolution of congenital pit of the optic disc with macular detachment in photo coagulated and nonphotocoagulated eyes

Exner M.E.; Spalding R.F., 1979:
Evolution of contaminated ground water in holt county nebraska

Cavalli-Sforza, L.L.; Feldman, M.W., 1976:
Evolution of continuous variation: direct approach through joint distribution of genotypes and phenotypes

Herve Y., 1987:
Evolution of cruciferous crops and their genetic conservation in france

Buleon, A.; Hizot, H.; Delage, M.M.; Multon, J.L., 1982:
Evolution of crystallinity and specific gravity of potato starch vs. water and sorption adsorption

Grippari J L.; Roussel B.; Dittmar A., 1985 :
Evolution of cutaneous blood flow during sleep in man

Vallet Strouve C.; Breuiller M.; Ferre F., 1984:
Evolution of cyclic amp phosphodiesterase activity in cultured myometrial cells effects of steroids and of successive subcultures

Cabau, N.; Martins, D.; Olland, P.L.; Boue, A., 1977:
Evolution of cytomegalovirus antibodies of maternal origin and acquired throughout the 1st year of life

Grun, P.; Ochoa, C.; Capage, D., 1977:
Evolution of cytoplasmic factors in tetra ploid cultivated potatoes solanaceae

Hernandez Tejeda T.; D.L.urdes D.B.uer M., 1984:
Evolution of damage from oxidizing gases in pinus hartwegii and pinus montezumae var lindleyi on ajusco mountain federal district mexico

Predescu, V.; Niţurad, A.; Alexandrescu, L., 1984:
Evolution of depressive disorders in old age under active assistance

Pratte M.; Gervet J.; Semenoff S.T.C., 1984:
Evolution of descent production in the nest of polistes polistes gallicus

Goodall D.W., 1976:
Evolution of desert biota

Folkers K.; Humphries J.; Bowers C.Y., 1982:
Evolution of design and achievement of inhibitors of the lhrh as inhibitors of ovulation

Mulvaney R.L.; Kurtz L.T., 1984:
Evolution of di nitrogen and nitrous oxide from nitrogen 15 fertilized soil cores subjected to wetting and drying cycles

Davletova, L.V., 1976:
Evolution of digestive organs in domestic sheep

Muona O.; Allard R.W.; Webster R.K., 1984:
Evolution of disease resistance and quantitative characters of barley hordeum vulgare composites cross ii independent or correlated

Asmussen M.A., 1983:
Evolution of dispersal in density regulated populations a ha ploid model

Esnault, C.; Nicolle, J.C., 1976:
Evolution of dna and basic nuclear proteins during maturation of germinal cells of the ram micro spectrophotometric study

Wagner, G.P.; Buerger, R., 1985:
Evolution of dominance modifiers 2. a nonequilibrium approach to the evolution of genetic systems

Bradshaw, W.E.; Lounibos, L.P., 1977:
Evolution of dormancy and its photoperiodic control in pitcher plant mosquitoes

Hosbach H.A.; Silberklag M.; Mccarthy B.J., 1980:
Evolution of drosophila melanogaster glutamate transfer rna gene cluster

Zakour R.A.; Bultmann H., 1979:
Evolution of drosophila mitochondrial dna analysis of hetero duplex molecules

Bailey, G.S.; Lim, S.T., 1977:
Evolution of duplicated lactate dehydrogenase ec isozymes in salmon abortive ternary complex formation and breakdown

Giosue S.; Parola D.; Cafaggi R.; Astengo D.; Greco G.; D'onofrio V., 1987:
Evolution of dyspnea in patients treated with a theophylline derivative bamiphylline vs controlled absorption theophylline

Grotzinger J.P., 1986:
Evolution of early proterozoic passive margin carbonate platform rocknest formation wopmay oregon northwest territories canada

Oldani, N.O., 1978:
Evolution of ecto somatic characters of cyrtocharax squamosus and taxonomic situation of cyrtocharax caliurus pisces characidae

Cadet, P., 1986:
Evolution of ectoparasitic nematodes in the sugarcane root area in burkina faso

Gallego A.; Garcia Dorado A., 1986:
Evolution of effective population size in artificially selected lines of drosophila melanogaster

Glasser J.W., 1984:
Evolution of efficiencies and strategies of resource exploitation

Lyoussoufi, A.; Rieux, R.; D'archer, F.F., 1988:
Evolution of egg laying potentialities and number of eggs of pear psylla psylla pyri l. homoptera psyllidae during winter and spring periods in the lower rhone valley france

Belk, D., 1977:
Evolution of egg size strategies in fairy shrimps

Sage, H.; Gray, W.R., 1981:
Evolution of elastin 3. the ancestral protein

Casper B.B., 1984:
Evolution of embryo abortion in the herbaceous perennial cryptantha flava

Webster, A.C., 1977:
Evolution of emergency cardiac care in Canada

Negoescu I.; Simescu M.; Ciovirnache M.; Vaida E.; Georgescu C.; Buzica G.; Gheorghita N.; Ghiea D., 1979:
Evolution of endemic goiter in the valea jiului area france after 30 years of iodine prophylaxis

De-Ricqles, A.J., 1974:
Evolution of endo thermy histological evidence

Voroshilova, M.K., 1977:
Evolution of enteroviral infections

Lenk R.; Crespi P.; Greppin H., 1987:
Evolution of entropy and negentropy in biology

Brocklehurst, K., 1977:
Evolution of enzyme catalytic power. Characteristics of optimal catalysis evaluated for the simplest plausible kinetic model

Sanchez, J.A.; Rubio, J., 1986:
Evolution of enzyme polymorphism in experimental populations of drosophila melanogaster iii. linkage disequilibrium between alleles of the adh and alpha gpdh loci

Laval-Martin, D.; Farineau, J.; Pineau, B.; Calvayrac, R., 1981:
Evolution of enzymes involved in carbon metabolism phosphoenol pyruvate carboxylase ec and ribulose bis phosphate carboxylase ec phosphoenol pyruvate carboxy kinase ec during the light induced greening of euglena gracilis strains z and zr

Beaussart, M.; Faou, R., 1978:
Evolution of epilepsy with rolandic paroxysmal foci: a study of 324 cases

Pasynkov A.S.; Sharirov Z.R.; Kopvillem U.H., 1984:
Evolution of epr fine structure of gadolinium iii in zooplankton as the nonequilibrium self organization media

Waisel Y., 1987:
Evolution of erect growth forms in domesticated wheats possible effects of grazing

Mckinney F.K., 1986:
Evolution of erect marine bryozoan faunas repeated success of unilaminate species

Helling, R.B.; Vargas, C.N.; Adams, J., 1987:
Evolution of Escherichia coli during growth in a constant environment

Staves M.P.; Bloch D.P.; Lacey J.C.Jr, 1987:
Evolution of escherichia coli isoleucine transfer rna evidence of derivation from other transfer rna species

Thomas, K.C.; Spencer, M., 1978:
Evolution of ethylene by Saccharomyces cerevisiae as influenced by the carbon source for growth and the presence of air

Charnov, E.L., 1978:
Evolution of eu social behavior offspring choice or parental parasitism

Craig R., 1982:
Evolution of eu sociality by kin selection the effect of inbreeding between siblings

Gagnon M.; Roy D.; Lortie M.; Roy R., 1988:
Evolution of execution parameters for a patient handling task

Dupont, H.; Sartor, P.; Dupont, M.A.; Duluc, A.J.; Mayer, G., 1978:
Evolution of experimental deciduomata in the rat cellular filiation and morphogenesis

Vasquez G.; Oberti C.; Boeckx W.; Winston R.M.L.; Brosens I.A., 1981:
Evolution of experimentally induced hydro salpinges in rabbits

Alcalde Leal J.L.; Mata Moreno C., 1986:
Evolution of farming in pedroche spain

Lavaud J J., 1987:
Evolution of fat reserves in grape seeds during root growth

Ovsyannikov L.L.; Svirezhev Y.M., 1983:
Evolution of fecundity and the fischer criterion

Weaver J.S.IIi; Morse J.C., 1986:
Evolution of feeding and case making behavior in trichoptera

Kirkpatrick M., 1985:
Evolution of female choice and male parental investment in polygynous species the demise of the sexy son

Bezard J.; Mauleon P., 1984:
Evolution of female germ cells during the meiotic prophase in the rat criteria for cytoplasmic and nuclear identification of the different stages by thin histology

Brandle R., 1983:
Evolution of fermentation capacity in flooding and anoxia tolerant rhizomes of phalaris arundinacea phragmites communis schoenoplectus lacustris and typha latifolia

Iwatsuki, K.; Kato, M., 1976:
Evolution of fern leaves through fusion

Rabasa S.L.; Oyarzabal M.I.; Font M.T.; Bergmann F., 1981:
Evolution of fertility in rats under the effect of selection and inbreeding

Legrèle, C.; Félix, J.M.; Droulle-Bertignon, C.; Potron, G.; Jacquot, R., 1978:
Evolution of fibrinogen levels in rat fetal and maternal blood during gestation

Ayala, F.J., 1967:
Evolution of fitness part 3 improvement of fitness in irradiation populations of drosophila serrata

Ayala, F.J., 1969:
Evolution of fitness part 4 genetic evolution of interspecific competitive ability in drosophila

Ayala, F.J., 1969:
Evolution of fitness part 5 rate of evolution of irradiated populations of drosophila

Kumari D.S., 1986:
Evolution of floral nectary in lamiaceae

Fan, F.; Andreev, V.S.; Melkonova, E.F., 1976:
Evolution of flower parts in nigella damascena ranunculaceae

Lamboy W.F., 1984:
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