Evolution in alpine populations of euphrasia scrophulariaceae chromosome counts on di ploid and poly ploid taxa from the east alps austria

Greilhuber, J.; Vitek, E.; Ehrendorfer, F.

Plant Systematics and Evolution 144(1): 45-52


ISSN/ISBN: 0378-2697
Accession: 005413555

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Chromosome counts are repoted for several alpine taxa of Euphrasia sect. Euphrasia. First records of diploidy for small-flowered taxa are 2n = 22 for E. inopinata and E. sinuata, related to E. minima (4 x). Aberrant east Alps E. hirtella is 2x, jjust as the typical west Alp populations of this species. Tetraploidy, 2n = 44, was found in E. pumila, close to E. stricta (also 4x). The limitation of ploidy levels within sect. Euphrasia to 2x and 4x on the chromosome base number x = 11 is confirmed.