Evolution in alpine populations of euphrasia scrophulariaceae discovery of small flowered di ploid taxa

Ehrendorfer, F.; Vitek, E.

Plant Systematics and Evolution 144(1): 25-44


ISSN/ISBN: 0378-2697
Accession: 005413556

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Within the holarctic ser. Parviflorae of Euphrasia so far only tetraploid taxa (2n = 44) have been recorded. Now, from the European alpine E. minima group, 2 diploid representatives (2n = 22) were discovered in the Tyrolean Alps [Austria] (Upper Otztal and Sonnwendgebirge [Rofan Mts.]). The study of large populations of these 2 diploids in comparison with the tetraploid E. minima and other partly sympatric taxa of Euphrasia revealed sufficient morphological and ecological differences, so that their description as 2 new species: E. inopinata and E. sinuata, appears justified. From their morphology, habitats and accompanying flora it is possible to interpret theses 2 diploids as pre-Wurm nunatak relics which apparently participated in the origin of Euphrasia ser. Parviflorae (and subsect. Angustifoliae) tetraploids.